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  • Cj

    You libertarian nuts gonna whip out the Ron Paul Blimp again this cycle?


    • Ralph St. Germain

      what are you a communist? It’s because of stupid and lazy american’s like you that we are in this mess. Go ahead and vote for another bribed, bought and paid for democrat or republican. I’m enjoying watching this disaster because all the dumb asses like you deserve everything that is coming. I am a survivor with very little need for stupid and wasteful luxuries and am enjoying the show.

  • danial

    This is a call for re-affirmation oath of your office. This is a call for re-affirmation oath of your office.

    Security agreement notice of felonies, malpractice insurance and rights.
    You solemnly swear (affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights, of the USA. I will faithfully discharge the Duties of My public service office according to country and god so help me God (under pains and penalties of perjury, forgery & theft by deception) Challenging your jurisdiction, rule of law family law is interest that take from our kids. for the victim not a self serving political laws state pay attorneys for victim not for political special interest that take from our kids.

    We should support peace officer not political law officer not political attorneys that do not support the united states constitution, an victimless law is unconstitutional that is a forgery on the USA people is an theft by deception, on the tax payer and the victim, jails and prisons cost $100 to $1,100 a day and all the health care, and education when the victim gets no help but to state gets taxes aid why would you pay for the Political, Roman, Jewish, Christian belief of the old world that killed the son of God for their gold and deception of the past our founder father knew of this I reserve all family, friends and My Constitutional Rights that you interest that take from our kids. You have wrongfully stopped us doing our life, duties AND FAMIMILY.

    I Bill at $250.00 per hour plus all cost and expense with an daily fine of $10,000 for violating our rights until proven, compliant or an victim it is an act of treason to proceed fine don’t attorneys law officer, taxerpayer the poor or help the Victim at all just political Roman special tax dealing deceiving counterfeiter writing that schemes to defraud harms another person of money or property for there old world ways that is a violation of God and this county and has proven to bankrupt this country and deceives gods, country and my family, can you help me now ?
    A(American) E(European) : I.O.U. YOU FORGOT “Y” (Y is for Yahweh & Yeshua)
    Danial Ray Curtis 9/11 when all the world markets fell but one still stand tall Judas Iscariot forsake us all, the judiciary is for the people and supports the Vitim to keep family pride and country under rules of God to do No Harm to help them Grow, now is the time to grow up and stand up and repent to God & Country taxpayer & educator that want help not to be a slave to an idea or an old world way of deception of an bifeves in one self not a ruler or an judge but of this country and GOD to have paradise on earth and heaven. Danial, not denial nor Daniel of the the wicked of the past shall open the book life, and give new knowledge and pride of the new world order of self worth and victims rights and put an end unholy polices of the political roman that deceives the hardworking god fearing, human people of the country and of the world to help each other too grow to pay the victim first not auditory of the fine the fee self-serving of Judas Iscariot betrayal of Gods peoples, and oath of this country, and family laws and victims right, pubic service oath and god’s trust and Danial’s contract for peaces and civil rights for self worth and family trust in the father so help me god let me stand up an win for all are good but we are dumb and not see (Nazis) Judas Iscariot truly has forsake all of us, it a terrible to live in terror and fear when we try to be good! Who’s law are you following, God’s Law or Judas’s Law?

    Pass this contract to the people you work for. The people should get paid for their time to pay you for your time and good business. HELP US ALL!
    G: God
    O: Obama
    D: Danial
    [email protected]
    Danial Curtis 32814
    924 5th st s Fargo ND 58102 PH 701-2980623

  • Steven Yoder

    I do not deserve to be in a country that is so upside down poitically or financially—-nor do you—-so quit voting stupid and ignorant. Ron paul has so much more knowledge and spirit—-this man is adament about his belief and has been for all his life! So vote for your self—and not the people whom are politicians——vote for a prophet for america—–someone you know you can believe in. period.

  • Steven Yoder

    Ron Paul is a prophet—-speaks so far above the average American, that it is no wonder America’s citizens are scared–confused–and upset. Well. america just keep voting the same ole path and remarkably every year —-you wonder; why you are always scared–upset–confused. Ron Paul speaks a change from politics as usual to a man who will be a considered a STATESMAN —-something no kennedy, no bush, no politician in my life has ever been. Just keep voting the party system and expect the same ole results—-politics; nothing else!

  • Steve M.

    Can someone please explain why Ron Paul doesn’t just run as a third party candidate this time? Our country is just as damned with Romney as it is with B.O. I believe he would take away an equal number of votes from both parties. If Ron Paul is not our next POTUS we are doomed.

    • tmajor


      I read an article that described Paul as “way out there, would rather shut down the gov’t.” As long as we the people don’t have a govt representing us, I’d prefer no gov’t at all. He’s my man!

      American’s have been brainwashed through the gov’t school system to do as they are instructed and don’t know how to think or from opinions for themselves. The 2 1/2 party system is designed to keep American’s focussed on the imbeciles placed in spot light. Perhaps Paul believes he doesn’t stand a chance running in the 1/2 a party. If our population wasn’t brainwashed they wouldn’t even be thinking about what these other puppets were saying.

      America is in for more of the same unless the next president:
      1) Outlaws US govt ever working for or in unison with wall street, financial institutions, and corporations
      2) Works for We The People, minus corporate elitists, first and foremost
      3) The first time the US gov’t breaks above laws, and/or attempts to legally change physical descriptions of above mentioned cartels to enable gov’t to work in unison with them, President must resign and turn himself into out proper authorities immediately for treason

      We have another huge obstacle to clear, we the people don’t elect our president. That is done by the 538 member Electoral college.

      The only way to insure we end this transition to a totalitarian state is for We The People to gain 100% control of our US govt. Unfortunately 98% of the population is to brainwashed and weak to break free and learn how to think and form an opinion on their own, and they will never again fight for anything!

      • Ralph St. Germain

        we need to call lobbying what it is. It is bribery and treason and we need to write an amendment to the constitution outlawing this bribery like Raddigan Show is doing.

  • Steve

    RON PAUL???? Very Scary…..This guy is way out there…..Terrorists should be Mirandized and tried in civilian court….DUDE, move to Berkley, CA and get a job at the university, your crazy!

    • Jeremy

      Yes Steve.
      That would be very scary indeed !
      Just think about it America could be like ! like Netherlands or Sweden or Norway.
      With low crime rates ! and good social infrastructure !
      Prisons not full anymore with 18 year old’s who smoked some pot !

      That would be a awefull place ! Living so peaceful. A place where people a threated equal. scary stuff

    • Jeremy

      Oh just to make you more scared !
      i suggest you watch it… might some sleepless nights because of the horror…

      • Tmajor

        Bill O’Reilly is the mouth piece for the saatan worshipping corporate elitists who are selling us out. He is a stinky piece of SH#T!

        • Korey mateer

          Between the little devil and angel on my shoulders the little devil says ‘well said!’
          I use to watch O’Reilly (and Fox) fervently but I don’t anymore. Now I figure, we can’t destroy that which is evil. We can only build that which is good.
          So let’s elect Ron Paul who will lead us to build that which is good, a goodness that is greater than the MSM.

  • Mitchell McAleer

    The assertion RP is hypocritical about earmarks with respect to his libertarian ideals is making the rounds in the liberal democrat smear machine. The specific story is attributed to the Wall Street Journal, and featured on Fox news, the Fox story is regurgitated on scores of blogs. The story asserts RP has asked for $8 million for marketing gulf shrimp, and other multi million $$ earmarks totaling $400 million for research into gulf shrimp fisheries.
    Any help in the background and details of RP policy on this story is appreciated.

  • Pure One

    The Calling By Max Igan

    Things they don’t want you to know, that keep you disempowered. Global Cabal 101 here.

    • tmajor

      Good stuff, I just watched it!

  • Jerome

    I support RON PAUL to raise your magnificent Country. I am French and we love Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the only one must to be able to restore ur place of number 1! VIVE RON PAUL

    • Steve

      First off, if you want to score points with your support, dont tell us you are French, that really deminishes your credibility!!!!
      But being “French” I clearly understand your supporing Ron Paul, makes perfect sense.

      • Jerome

        My credibility? Because you believe to have a credibility? In the first place I reminder that my country is always economically viable ( AAA) then ca made 1600 years that our borders are the same! That we have the largest number of military victories of everything time (600 victories registered on the Arc de Triomphe which you can find easily on the most beautiful avenue of the world of the most beautiful city of the world) And you come to speak to me about credibility??? I yes I am French and really proud of the being and I say but if you want not to hear him too bad for you that RON PAUL is the best candidate to be a president in 2012, he has the best ideas! Now if you prefer to vote for your Nobel prize of the economy for Obama lol why not mwahaha

      • Jerome

        My credibility ? France as for her, cannot be compared in US or has no other country. France in 2000 years of history at least, people who possesses the gold reserves deprived the most important for the world (gold louis and company) and the heritage which could acquire him only a good part of the planet if it was necessary to exchange him for sorts sharp and trébuchantes!! Yes sir … your credibility Now be worth nothing more since your current president is a loser and that your economy is not viable, the investors do not buy any more in a not viable country, continue with Obama or a democrat of the same kind and you will soon have no more credibility in any domain…i so sorry for u.

      • Ralph St. Germain

        you are such a loser. I am an american who understands that the people of other countries (France) are people just like us with the same fears, love of family etc…. it is governments that suck like you moron.

        • Jerome

          The truth is whom you are even more capable of winning wars. you stay in countries during years by losing billions of dollars… Ageing army because more money… NASA is worth nothing more because more throwers which is space shuttle! France always has space throwers in French Guiana. France has win and knock down in a few days the black government of Ivory Coast in Africa of a surface of twice Iraq last year with the approval of united nations… France is the biggest taxpayer of the NATO maintaining since 2011. France has the most powerful particular gold reserve of the world… France is 2000 years old of existence and has the largest number of military victory of the world (wikipedia and google sources) And we see your country becoming a country of Africa lol African family erfffff

  • Where is my comment about suggesting we save $2 trillion over 10 years by simply cutting the federal workforce by 20% and reduce the remaining to the compensation of the private sector?

  • It’s funny how the news network say america has gone to pot yes it has any I support you on bill HR2306 heavily urge You and your Superior representatives To allow medical marijuana in texas 73 + years of research studies True true marijuana has medical value and positive effects on the brain in recent studies a non narcotic solution Prescription narcotics I can oxycotton methadone morphine are super dangerous Highly habit forming FDA renames drugs slightly change this molecule gives it harmless name And it’s approved Highly controled Nope it is so easy to find all those names of narcotic I listed on the street Shockingly It’s mostly people in middle school to high school And overdose from it There will always be crime black market licit street drugs we live in united states of america land of the free I believe and I preach to others to say to HR2306 Virtualy over power u s government dea I believe all state should be able to make reform ending marijuana probation I suffer for rheumatoid arthritis the only thing to help me was marijuana oh and be safe fda approved oxycotton 3omg yuk I was diagnosed with my disease at 5 years old juvenile onset when I was 21 I tried to receive ssi from deceased fathers social security have a denied me I can’t work I wake up in pain everyday I can I smoke marijuana because I am on probation for something stupid I did we all make mistakes so currently I was just drive synthetic thc mineral 2.5 milligram 60 quantity cost to me 800 hey ma plus probation fees cost of living I have read the guidelines for snap and tampa and I qualify I fill out the paperwork and wait and wait I’m not used to living like this today’s economy it is so hard the federal government should stay out the states and run the country and fema which is poorly barack obama I’m sure his family is very nice but he does not know how to run this country he only knows how to send us in a downward spiral
    Today I got over 289 signatures I just walked door to door and gave the speech smoker are non smoking people still benefit from this bill fair tax cuts less money taking from check how better shelter for the homeless I promote freedom I’m an american I live in the land of free and free all-american can but they are scared the of the federal government scare tactics when foreclosures were at all time high my house is foreclosed on irs at my house I told him to get the hell out of my property we were able to get it refinance at a lower rate and so the home I can go on I support you congressman and president of the united states have much waiting for you and support all your views physically a romodel to me war on drugs has been lost this is something the u s federal government needs to see states should be by the people of america control marijuana and have own laws distributing growing in cultivating. Is even more tax revenue average grover makes between 250,000 to 1,000,000 dollars per year I like those numbers it would be an honor to speak with you on the telephone I can tell you the price for hydro/ illegal marijuana $350 in austin gets u 30grams wouldn’t last a patient a long time possibly up to 2 months are longer I urge u the hole state of Texas please support HR2306 aka green gold the solution to get america back on track and have a booming economy once again I can’t thank you enough for bringing this to legislation it would be honored if you could call me and speak with me about my views I’ve been knocking on doors getting people to sign petition since day 1-25 days average 80 too 130 plus daily I am an entreprenuer at heart I won’t stop spreading the word till job is done I promote freedom liberty and justice even now I have broken the law smoke marijuana illegal does not make me a criminal I have severe lower back legs arms hands internal body pain daily I reap what I sow I am a leader not a follower together fellow americans congressman around the united states I want you to take a dollar out of your pocket it says in god we trust / do you if so god put marijuana on this earth for a reason I’m a christian and I firmly believe in this bill let me introduce myself my names Jason I am 22 I lived rich life and poor I’m poor as of now but welthly at heart I hope to here from u your biggest fan voted for you every time and I pray you will become the president of the united states have faith in you run this country right & honestly sincerely, JRC. ( I voted yes HR2306 )

    • You have a lot to say. Join us at We will be sponsoring radio interviews with political figures and have created a comment forum for our members to post questions they would like us to ask. Everything is free, just have to go through the registration process as any social networking site, so we can make sure real people are signing up. Have your voice be heard!

    • Phill

      Clearly marijuana inhibits your ability to use punctuation.

  • Pierre (In Canada)

    While lurking at a few documentaries in the Intenet, it’s been a few days that I’m thinking ’bout you guys, south of the borders…
    Even though we’re both live in a democracy, I’ve been wondering about the following: -When a congressman (Or woman, in now days) votes “Yes” or “No” to this of that law or decision to send troups (Read Army) anywhere or increase the budget of this or that US Agency, does the common USA citizen knows how his representative voted or does the votes are kept totally confidential?

    B-Coze, if kept totally comfidential, how could anyone could qualify this as “Democratic”? It ain’t “We the Peoples” anymore, it’s just ought to be “We The Very Few”.

    As you may have heard here & there, social science clerical often tells us that in a way, the Communist Party in China is taking attitudes and behavior of the typical occidental democracies… (Pay me & I’ll perform, giving you what you expect to get)…
    In short, what I now have in mind is; does the USA have these sort of behariors that are typical to the communist totalitariants?

    I’m gonna be back on this site to get the answer as to; does the US congresmen have any obligation to disclose how he or she did vote factually on a specific motion.

    Thank in advance.

  • Hi there Mr Pual,

    I seek advive? What do l do?.

    2003, l purchased some shares in
    National Detection Centre ,

    2004 bought shares in,
    IMC Sercurity,

    In 2005 l got real sick while working for
    Halliburton (Angola). Which Halliburton
    forgot to pay me Sickness Insurance.
    Unable to work. Your forgotten very

    Near on 3 years of recovery, having paid all
    bills, my pocket was empty. I have had to
    sign on Pension Credits Live on £322 a
    month due to other people Faults. Hard.
    Thus l would sell the SHAREs.

    It is 2011, every door was slammed in my face
    No one cares. They don’t have the decency
    to answer messages.
    l can not locate these Shares any where or there

    Please to which Gov dept do l forward this
    Fraud Problem l have.

    Thank you,

  • Pure One

    LaRouche: Jail Bernanke, Geithner And Obama Now For Massive Theft And Loan Fraud

    July 26, 2011 • 3:56PM

    Lyndon LaRouche today called for the immediate jailing of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and President Barack Obama for their role in a massive theft of taxpayers money, in the 2008 bailout of Wall Street and London, and the ongoing pledge to continue the bailout of the hopelessly bankrupt European Monetary Union and Wall Street.

    LaRouche made the demand after reviewing the July 2011 Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit of the Federal Reserve, which is the first installment of a larger audit to be completed by October of this year. The preliminary audit revealed a trail of criminal action on the part of Bernanke and Geithner. In March 2008, Fed Chairman Bernanke fraudulently invoked an emergency clause in the Federal Reserve Act, claiming that on the basis of “unusual and exigent circumstances,” the Fed could issue emergency loans to nondepository institutions for the first time since the Great Depression. As the result, the Fed issued more than $16 trillion in emergency loans to Wall Street and foreign banks. Furthermore, most of the fraudulent “emergency lending” was outsourced to private contractors, led by JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo, in no-bid contracts that totalled $660 million in fees. Numerous officials of the Fed and the outside contractors were given blanket waivers, allowing them to act despite clear conflicts of interest. The Fed audit cited the case of William Dudley, a former chief economist of Goldman Sachs, who is now the Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve, who was given a conflict-of-interest waiver to retain his stocks in AIG and General Electric at a time when he was authorizing hundreds of billions of dollars in fraudulent “emergency” loans to these firms. In another example of the rampant conflict of interest, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase was allowed to remain on the board of directors of the New York Federal Reserve Bank while his firm received $390 billion in loans, and functioned as a major clearinghouse for the entire Federal Reserve emergency loan program.

    The GAO audit was conducted under an amendment to the Dodd-Frank bill that was introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), over strenuous objections.

    Lyndon LaRouche today demanded that Bernanke, Geithner and President Obama be immediately sent to prison for their role in this fraudulent theft of taxpayer’s money. “There never was an emergency warranting $16 trillion in bailout to Wall Street and foreign banks,” LaRouche declared. “There was always an alternative, which I spelled out clearly in my 2007 Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA), an alternative thoroughly in keeping with the U.S. Constitution. I called for the immediate reinstatement of the Glass Steagall Act and a freeze on all home foreclosures for the duration of the bankruptcy reorganization of the entire Federal Reserve System. It was a high crime to bail out Wall Street and London’s gambling debts, and Bernanke’s declaration of emergency, unleashing $16 trillion in Fed funds to bailout gambling debts that can never be paid, was a criminal fraud. President Obama has furthered that criminal fraud, by pledging that the U.S. Federal Reserve and Treasury would be the lenders of last resort for the European Monetary Union. The President made that illegal promise as recently as last week, during a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

    LaRouche concluded: “There is only one appropriate course of action. Send Bernanke, Geithner and Obama to prison right now. The idea that the American people should be held responsible for bailing out tens of trillions of dollars in fraudulent, worthless, unpayable debt, is unforgivable, and must be punished by criminal prosecution and hard jail time. Public officials elected or appointed to high office in our Federal government must be held accountable for their crimes, or else our entire Constitutional system is worthless. I know the American people are with me, and that there can be no delay. The GAO is the official investigative arm of the U.S. Congress. They have provided their findings in a 239 page audit report. The facts speak for themselves.”

  • Jeremy

    Do the proceeds to t-shirts and stickers and other items from this site go to Ron Paul’s campaign fund? Or should I purchase a shirt from Thanks.

  • Doug

    I’m a Kiwi and live in Thailand. I think that Ron Paul is the only Politician in the U.S. with any credibility. Some of you might not like me saying anything, but those of us who live in the rest of the world are directly affected by what you do.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think that the rest of the Politician’s in the Republican Party will let him run for President, even if he does well.
    There are too many who like the status quo. They are happy to bail out their business buddies/lobbist’s, after all, who do think they are going to work for when they leave office. I would imagine their isn’t enough time in the day for Politician’s (Rep’s/Dem’s) in Washington to actually do the job they were elected to do.
    The best thing for Ron Paul is to form another Party. Get good honest hardworking people to run with him, people respected in their communities. Hopefully, there is enough people in the U.S. who want change?

  • Bill Casano

    I was a registered Democrat until about 10 years ago, then fed-up with the further slide to the left I registered as an independent and have been since. But, the reality is neither the republicans nor the democrats can or will fix this mess our beautiful country is in. I have never donated to any political party or politician. This year that will change, Ron Paul is the only candidate who even comes close to representing my feelings on our broken system. US military bases in Europe? I do believe the Soviet Union is gone, Russia has enough of its own problems then to be invading the rest of Europe. Lets tell all the Europeans (even our good friends the Brits) this- We can’t afford to stay here to protect your nation, it’s too costly. We’re here to protect your as*&%’s, not ours. We have B-2 bombers that can be anywhere in the world in 6 hours, we have submarines probably closer than you think. So, if it hits the fan we can help somewhat, but it’s your job to protect YOUR country. But, if you would like us to stay, for a nominal fee (like covering the cost of the base), we MAY stay.

    Why am I paying higher taxes than a multi-billion dollar corporation like GM or Exxon, and worse, why am I paying Exxon to exist. Other companies get by fine without it. Cut the subsidies!! Fair Taxes for ALL.

    Why is it legal for corporations and lobbyists to “donate” to campaigns? Call it what you will, it’s vote buying.

    We the people are totally screwed in this country, and I fear it will get worse. We need to let people and nations be and stop being the “Empire” and believing we know what is best for everyone. We’re not #1 in much these days as a nation (education, medical, life expectancy, etc) and we should learn that people of other nations can have very good ideas and implement them fairly and morally.

    I’m scared for my children and grandchildren, the future is not very bright for middle America anymore. And God help me, I don’t know how to fix it. Thus ends my diatribe, I hope we may figure it out soon, otherwise we’re all screwed. Ron Paul, you have my vote and soon I will donate for the first time to your candidancy. Best of luck, we need you..

    Bill C.

  • Ed Maranda

    I cannot find his schedule
    will ghe appear in NH during August?
    If so, when and where?

  • laszlo pohoczky

    I am a libertarian,but if coming a primary election for the republicans i hve to regirter for a republican to vote for Ron Paul and beat the liar Obama.I support the truth conservative america lover.

  • Unknown

    I tried click unsubscribe but it won’t work. So I inform you to unsubscribe.
    I have good reason to stop subscribe from Ron Paul. I am unhappy what Ron
    said “I am stand with Israel” I don’t like Israel that Federal feed Israel
    for million dollar. It total WASTE MONEY.

    My question is this. In 1798, did president Israel came here 13 states, to signed 3
    laws Bill The Right, We the People, Cong. I believe Israel did not signed
    it during 13 states long time. Therefore STOP payment to Israel. Start
    focus USA. Please!!! If Ron don’t rid of Israel then I won’t vote for Ron.

    • Scott M. Bisbee Sr.

      I’ve been a Dr. Paul supporter for 20 years.He supports Israels rights,but they should not get federal money ,just like alot of other nations.Just because you support a nation,dosen’t justify American money.Get your facts sraight.