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1,855 responses to “Contact”

  1. Kevin

    I have suppoirted some of your good ideas, but anyone that works with barney franks on anything is a loser. That apparently is you. Please go away now.

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  2. Rozanna

    I completely support you and if you run for President will help campaign. I believe in you and feel you are one powerful leader that I have not seen in quite a LONG time. America needs you…the world needs you and we-the-people need you.

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  3. Virgil T. Smith

    My eMail to Bicceri (OH)
    WHY, in the midst of the current financial crisis that has MANY 1000′s of Ohio families suffering from unreasonable taxes, & government spending money like drunken sailors, WOULD YOU VOTE AGAINST THE BILL TO AUDIT THE FED ! It’s obvious you’re afraid, and on the side of O’Bama, Pelosi, & all the rest who have twisted your arm to get their way.

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  4. Lordrobot

    Ron, I know you want to be Senator but you need to scrap that and work on the Presidency now so you can build the kind of war chest that can prevent another rino attack on the Republican party.

    I would like to see you and Ms. Bachmann as our 2012 ticket. Playing coy with the media about this and delays will prevent a massive grass roots organization from becoming a Reagan styled weather system. Most Conservatives hold your values especially on Afghanistan. The big gov rinos on the other hand seem to want giant government and long distant protracted wars. Sun Tzu stated very clearly that the nation that engages in long distance protracted wars bankrupts their treasury.

    Bush I triggered a recession and Bush II triggered a beauty and Obama has lost his mind entirely in Afghanistan and everywhere else. What do you expect; he’s bipolar. The senate is a waste of time. We have to mobilize the Tea Party movement into a single clear unified movement. You need to be set up to win before the first primary debate takes place. You need to mobilize all those young supporters of yours into a real force to bring this nation back to its roots. If you let it cool off, you will lose momentum. You have to show the nation that you are really smart and know how to put a powerful organization together. We have to get this ball moving. NOW!


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  5. Lynn

    I just saw, and recommend, a movie called “Burzynski”, about a doctor in Texas who discovered a cure for cancer, and his 30 year struggle to get patents for a cure the National Cancer Institue and FDA don’t wish to see occur: cuts into all the donations and drug company dollars. He’s spent over $2 million defending himself while the feds have spent over $60 million in tax payer dollars to protect their interests, not ours. A sign of things to come with governement run health care.

    Check out the web site, and consider supporting this independant filmmaker, Eric Merola, with a purchase of a DVD, and show it to your friends.

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  6. J R

    Unpublicized 9/11 discoveries are relevant to all Americans.

    Several whistleblowers report the use of mini hydrogen bombs in NYC WTC 1 and 2 which connect a lot of dots on 9/11. The best reports are found under “Finnish military expert—hydrogen bomb” or an American M.D., Dr. Ed Ward, and another report at

    No uranium or plutonium—not detectable, ten million degrees for fraction of a second, turns concrete to dust (evaporates all water), vaporizes steel and humans, and can be directed (like straight up to fit an area). It explains the concrete and everything to dust, the unusually small debris fields for WTC 1 and 2 (missing 2000 massive steel supports, cavity, not pile), the videos of residual vertical steel beams vaporizing or turning to dust, and the pools of molten steel in their basement for months –despite constant water on it. When one looks at the photos of our atomic explosions from the past, there are two- different from most others — that match the appearance of WTC 1 and 2, “Sedan” (shallow underground) and “Swordfish” (at sea, presumably under somewhat), both from the summer of 1962. See “Sedan” at:

    This is supplementary to prior discoveries of controlled demolition explosives, thermite and nanothermite, in the dust (not to mention photos of squibs and molten metal, plus building 7 which collapsed like perfect demolition). Of course, many had already known that a Boeing did not crash at Pentagon or Pa (both sites: fiber, not metal, insufficient debris, at Pentagon: hole too small, plus more, including staged evidence: undamaged light poles blown from base on wrong course; at Pa: ravine pre-existing per prior geological aerial photos); that our new “beam” weapon had been employed to melt hundreds of cars in unusual ways (including away from the NY crash site on FDR Highway—see Star Wars weapon 7 at; that the deadly anthrax came from our military/intelligence labs at Fort Dietrich, Md.; that the attackers did not have the capability to have penetrated all of the computers of our intelligence agencies, including NSA and military intelligence, and had secret codes to Air Force One and were using them as announced by White House and others on 9/11, (but dropped thereafter to match “dumb” Arab story), and for hundreds of other reasons, including witnesses and photos.

    Many feel this points to Israel, neocons in our government and our media. They certainly create issues that make it inappropriate for us to be initiating more wars in advance of the full truth and disclosure of these very incriminating facts to the American people.

    Thanks for reading.

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  7. Nelson Edward Montz

    Congressman Paul:
    Do not think for a “New York Minute” that old-school American patriots are waiting for solutions from Washington!
    When we remember how America was in the 1950′s through today, we mourn for her!
    As a kid, I remember Premier Nikita Krushchef pounding his shoe on the table at the United Nations exclaiming something to the effect: “We won’t have to bury you. The United States will bury itself!’
    The bulk of our citizens have lost their way from their immigrant roots. Selfish Citizens and a Selfish, Deceitful Government Entity! Republican, Democrat, Libertarians….you name it; All HAVE DESTROYED THIS COUNTRY, EITHER BY DOING SOMETHING OR DOING NOTHING!
    We need a Government Holiday- a long vacation. The wheels need to be stopped. Every Congressman, Senator, every member of the Executive Branch, every Supreme Court Judge, Every Bureaucrat…EVERYONE SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY FIRED!
    Every suckling Citizen deserves to stop receiving “The Check” and start learning again how to stand firmly and proudly on their OWN TWO FEET!

    In God We Trust,
    Nelson E. Montz
    Moscow, Idaho………………….”LET FREEDOM RING!’

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  8. Ken Weissman

    A few days ago there was a rebroadcast of Ed Koch on The Leon Charney Show telling about his 6 week hospitalization at Col-P, 5 weeks of which was in ICU. Ed claims that the cost of saving his life was over one
    million dollars, and he had gold plated medical insurance that he paid for out of his own pocket. Ed said that under the new Obama health insurance plan he would not be able to have purchased this type of health insurance that paid for saving his life, and opposed the new health care bill because it limits the use of your own funds to do what you wish. Basically saying it is unAmerican, or that he would have died without the insurance. You probably could use YouTube to find the TV rebroadcast.

    In checking this out on, after you scroll down to “Origins” I find that the statement by Ed Koch is accurate. While snopes claims this section is blown out of proprtion, since it applies to just a small percentage of the population…Ed Koch was correct and snopes confirms the fact.

    GO TO: W-2 Tax Forms and HR3590 to read the analysis, scroll down to “origins”

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  9. Mexico Gulf Oil Spill

    Dear Dr. Paul and All Tea Party guys,

    The oil spill is a great disaster. According to Kerry of Project Camelot / Duncan O’Finioan, the consequence is much worse than expected.( on 1 June)

    .. “He said picture the earth with the crust and the inner core. Some people believe the earth is hollow, some not, but he thinks it is more honeycombed. Then he said, all that molten nickel and stuff is rotating in a different direction to help balance the earth. What if the layer of oil is like the oil an a ball bearing? This is what he saw. The oil itself acts as a lubricant to protect the surface from all the molten stuff getting out and allowing the rotation to happen smoothly.

    If the oil gets sucked out, you lose that lubrication and buffer. Just like if you are trying to run a car with no oil what happens is the engine locks up, but also two other things: tremendous heat from the friction and lots of shaking, also from the friction.”

    Some people even think that the earth will cover the whole Atlanic Ocean about 15 Aug.

    A consiparcy researcher even suggested people to leave America at 7 May.

    I don’t trust BP and Obama Administration.

    I understand Dr. Paul and tea party guys are mainly focus on polictical and finanaical issues, but please spare some time to investiage oil spill issue as I trust you all are honest and kind people.

    Although I’m not an American, oil spill is a whole world issue. I do not want the situation become unrecoverable.

    Of course, I cannot verify all the above information as they come from internet and I wish they are wrong.

    Thank you very much.

    In Liberty, Love and Truth
    Steve Wong

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    1. steven

      In 2005 President Bush signed the Energy Policy Act, which retained the focus of Cheney’s report, into law. It included what has become known as “the Halliburton loophole,” which removed authority from the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate a potentially dangerous gas-drilling process invented by Halliburton.

      it also turns out that Halliburton was working on oil rig at the time of the expliosions

      heres the full artical

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  10. Chris

    Hello Mr.Paul
    I’m not use if you actually read these messages, but if you do,thats cool.Well for the past several years now I have been reading lot of your work and watching you on the television, I am not that big on the government in the first place because I believe in a stateless society also known as the anarchism philosophy theory plus I am a anarchist,anyways… of couse you know how the americian political system is and how it truely needs a huge change before americian people are going to revolt against the system if there is no change.

    Even thow I am not that big on the government, I truely believe you are the only one that will truely help the americian people and actually bring the americian political system back together just like the founding fathers wanted it to be but ten times better.Mr.Paul it would be best if you ran for the next presidential election, because you are the only one in the last 30 years to have honest attentions when it comes to the americian people and the political system. You would help make your nation actually one of the best nations if you became president. You give the people hope,knowledge,respect and peace of mind, even when it comes to anti-americians also, I know alot of anti-americians that hoped you got the last presidential election. anyways.. I believe I might just be rambling on. Please Mr.Paul, run for the next presidential election,you give the people hope. I wish you the best of luck

    Chris The Anarchist

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  11. Nuray Gercek

    Dear Mr. Ron Paul,
    My name is Nuray Gercek. I am a registered Nurse and a double immigrant from Turkey and Germany. I live in San Francisco and USA for 5 years now and I will apply for US citizenship soon. Since summer 2008 I am interested in US politics because I was and still am very disappointed with “state run media”. I came to this country to find my American Dream and my American Dream is not USSA! On January 19, 2009 I discovered Rush Limbaugh. I didn’t know he existed before. Since then I listen to him and I think he would make a great President. I want to persuade him to run in 2012, and for that I decided to run as a first lady. US constitution doesn’t say anything about First Ladies, Dudes or Partners. I am also a member of Liebertarian Party. Please help me and show me some guidance. Thank you.
    Nuray Gercek, RN, San Francisco.

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  12. may

    111cb, I agree with you. All’s the media wants to do is make Rand Paul out to be some nut job in order for them to maintain power. For those of who think his comment was about somehow repealing the civil rights bill did not FULLY LISTEN to what he said. His point is to keep the Government OUT of our private businesses. That is ALL! Listen to All of what he has to say Before you Judge. Listen with an open heart and mind and move on! The media is twisting your mind. Don’t be sheep!

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  13. Rant

    Rand Paul has a right to remain silent.

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  14. Betty

    Dr. Ron Paul….please, please run for president in 2012!!!

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  15. Inland

    He does not approve of the civil rights act. He does not have my vote.

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  16. SS

    You can smell the fear as the statists invade these sites.

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  17. Peter Marr

    Ron Paul, you say you support lower taxes and civil liberties. Then why not start lowering our taxes and standing up for civil liberties by demanding that President Obama come clean and tell Americans why his Administration is sending our American tax dollars to a Central European government that is promoting, supporting and sponsoring communist totalitarian regimes, dictators, murderers and criminals.

    This is an outrageous SCANDAL, an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE and it MUST STOP NOW!!

    Here is the evidence that the Central European government of Slovenia is supporting and promoting communist totalitarianism:

    And more evidence here:

    The Central European government of Slovenia is a NATO member and therefore it receives financial assistance from the US.

    And guess who the suckers are footing the bill – American taxpayers!!

    Isn’t American taxpayers money supposed to be used to promote freedom and democracy??

    While American taxpayers are subsidising totalitarian communists in Central Europe, Obama and the White House say NOTHING and DO NOTHING!!

    Ron Paul, STOP American taxpayers money going to totalitarian communists in Central Europe by raising the issue in Congress!!

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    1. Inland

      America is in a big fix. We will get out soon I hope.

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    2. 1111cb

      actually we can start demanding they stop-

      do you know how the money is going out- is it Federal reserve, under treaties, fees paid to international groups or bills?

      with a list we can flood our Congressman’s office with complaints if we have specifics.

      It partially worked on the last Wall street reform- they tacked on amendments- one passed, one failed

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    3. may

      Check out on July 1st Someone is launching a site to sue the federal reserve. I swear this thing is going to go viral! Ok, I don’t like lawyers either. but as my dad use to say, “Fight fire with fire.”

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  18. Kevin

    In moderation… Everything about life is about balance, EVERYTHING. The weather system for example… Highs and Lows, Highs go to the Lows to balance the pressure out. Electricity flows from negative to positive (electron flow) to balance potential out. Everything has a neutral state its trying to achieve. We should take the same thing life teaches us into politics. To assume a free market will fix everything is fundementally incorrect. To assume communism will solve everything is fundementally incorrect. The variables are so much more complex than the simplicity of one type of government or idea. Thats why we should all be open to “better” ideas because esentially, every political party needs the other.

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    1. Joan

      Kevin, you are right. I see some really good ideas from the Obama administration and some good ideas from the conservatives on the right. Neither side is right nor wrong about everything. It’s like when I see Glenn Beck and he is so right about the economy, he gives a lot of information about the unfunded liabilities we have, lots of things he says are true. On the other hand, he’s stuck on religion, he goes off on all of this god stuff in politics and lately he sounds a lot more like the 700 Club than an opinion news show. Obama is an idelog, and he can’t get it that social programs already tanked the country, while Beck gets its, but Beck thinks the false religions are the answer, they are no answer to anything, while Obama talks about young people taking science and humanities classes and understands gods were made up by men. Beck thinks education is evil socialism, while Obama knows education takes people out of welfare. Beck is in total denial about the founding fathers saying all men were created equal while they owned slaves and didn’t let women vote. He assumes his viewers would give up social security and Medicare, he assumes they are strict Libertarian. They are not. They want the social programs for themselves and he’s disconnected about what they really are and want. He did a good thing to mobilize people to get involved in politics, which scares the Dems, on the other hand the Dems are right about overpopulation and taking care of the Earth. If we could take half of what the left knows and half of what the right knows and use all of it, we would have some real solutions.

      I think Ron Paul has some great ideas and he can’t be bought by anyone. But, I see most people on entitlements in one form or another and they love it. I think this is why Ron Paul doesn’t get massive support. Too many people are simply thinking the Republicans will put that 500 billion taken out of Medicare back in it for them if they vote Republican. The masses are still not thinking about the future of the country and most are not willing to give up their entitlements and go fully Libertarian.

      Another problem I see is Rand Paul immediately went off on issues that were non-issues, not necessary to bring up and things that offend so many voters. It was very dissappointing to see.

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      1. longshotlouie

        Rand Paul didn’t bring up the subject. Someone in the MSM did.

        And he did a great job, overall.

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  19. John Lind

    Hey Rand Paul!

    I think you should defend your views on civil rights as follows:

    To receive a free market to operate in an honest way to you as a customer, requires that private companies have a legal right to be honest to you as a customer, and to stand up for what their philosophical values are. Because if you oppress the private companies’ right to be honest to you as a customer what their philosophical values are, will reduces the transparency for you as a customer, to choose which company you want to support with your money or boycott.

    It is essential that this transparency and honesty are able to exist in the free market, so you as a customer not get scammed and spend your money in a company whose values you do not share.

    If all the good forces united in standing up for good philosophical values, so is the free market and consumer power the most effective weapon to combat racism. The free market will remind you as an individual to actively fight against racism. For such is life we must always stand up for our values to sustain them. Instead of relying on the state bureaucracy to do the job for us.

    Trust the free market, the best tool for the good forces to create a good world. Let us develop what’s good about america.

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    1. Forest


      Right. So get rid of all anti-discrimination laws and let the ‘weapon’ that is free markets systemically quash racism?

      Do you understand how ludicrous of a concept that is in reality? So, why did it not happen that way for… 2-3 centuries?

      Well, looks like the RNC can tell Rand to STFU, but message boards sure cannot put a silencer on their followers!

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      1. longshotlouie

        Have you renewed your race card, Forest?

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  20. Dennis Schumann

    Let the Tea Party be the new party with Ron as the 2012 presidential candidate. Now is the time to begin momentum, not after the November elections. Let’s flush the commode in 2012. Where we erred as republicans was to not vote because to vote for McCain we would have to take Immodium to recover. There is simply no choice in the republican party and no leadership that isn’t trying to do again what they did before (read Gingrich). We have a new party, the Tea Party, let’s go with it.

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  21. Hiranya

    Dr. Paul,
    I have been in awe of your fortitude since 2001. I am a fan of yours at many levels, especially for your principled stand against the Bush/Cheney/Neocon cabal. However, I am deeply disappointed by your son’s understanding of “Civil Liberty!” Has he been properly educated on our nation’s history?



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    1. WyoWill

      Dear Hiranya,

      I may be going out on a limb, but I wonder if you are listening to people talk ABOUT what Rand Paul said and not so much listening and thinking about what he is getting at.

      First, Rand is plainly and totally AGAINST racism, sexism, etc-ism… He repeated (ad nausium0 that he agreed with all state and federal actions to end segregation but has a problem with ANY government telling ANY PRIVATE PERSON what they can and cannot do. He was NOT defending segregation by saying that.

      An example to this is a Black couple owns a restaurant… they also happen to be Jewish. Is it their right to refuse service to the KKK? How about at their home? Do they have to let the KKK come over for tea? Can the govt tell them they have to manufacture goods at a set price to sell to the members of the KKK?

      Now reverse it.. I HATE the KKK… but if they owned a restaurant, is it really a great idea to tell them they HAVE to serve blacks, Jews, gays, Catholics, etc…. As far as I am concerned, I would rather have them display their hate and bigotry so I would know NOT to give them any of my business. What about making the KKK invite minorities over to their own homes for a BBQ?

      YES, segregation was wrong. But from a consistent Libertarian point of view, a person’s home, his private property and his business are all the same. The government cannot tell me who I have to invite into my home, who I have to serve in my business or what I must manufacture and sell at a set price.

      The discussion kept being forced back to segregation, but they refused to listen to the consistent thoughts behind it. And to be fair, Rand didn’t exactly dazzle anyone in the interview with Ms Maddow… but what a horrible interviewer she is.

      Be Blessed!

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      1. Forest

        Yes! Keep it up!

        Libertarianism rears its idiotic head once again, to be recognized for the farce it is.

        Wouldn’t it be ironic if Rand Paul were the reason Libertarianism was forced into it’s rabbit hole for another 60 years…

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        1. WyoWill

          How so? Please argue your point and elaborate. I know you think I am an idiot, please just explain why.

          I think it is intellectually honest to acknowledge the downside to viewpoints, even if they are my own.

          I think it is wrong for a government to mandate to you who you have to let in your home, or in your business or who you have to sell your product to and/or at what price.

          I think racists are morons. I would never knowingly give any racist, sexist, bigot or homophobe a dime of my money if I could help it.

          I happen to think free speech is an invaluable thing. Even if that allows bad people to say or preach bad things. And YES, I do think it is wrong to yell fire in a crowded theater… that is NOT protected speech.

          take care.

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      2. 1111cb

        unfortunately these interviews don’t dig for truth. I am increasingly intrigued that some of the Libertarian views that seem so counterintuitive- like legalizing marijuana- actually work.

        Instead of a gotcha media moment- I would like to hear a full explanation of what should have been the next question. “Since Mr Paul- you do not believe in the Civil Liberties Act, then how would you have solved this problem or do you think it should have been left unchecked?” Not as a gotcha- but maybe there is a real answer that is not racist.

        Instead I have no idea what Mr Rand Paul believes.

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  22. Thomas E. Doyle

    Good Americans: Many were displeased to hear Cheney fears Ron or Rand Paul. May I briefly explain why it is so obvious: Cheney and Bush were excited to enter war with Iraq. This is wrong in every way, however, it lines the pockets of the big corps. Realize that the profit on one helicopter is 2million and we pay for one each week. That is big bucks to the Corporations. Many Republicans want war and do not understand that folks like Ron and Rand do not like to start wars.
    Get this one: Iran can do all they wish with nukes -our only concern should be if they attack us. Who is the US to say any country cannot have Nukes? What arrogance!
    If I wrote a letter to you and said you may have one car, while I have three-you laugh at me, but this is precisely what we are trying to do when telling any country they cannot have nukes, or whatever they want. We need to stop wars and get out of about 100 countries and mind our own business. That is for starters. The Tea Party folks are generally on target, however, many of them are Republicans who still want to invade any country they don’t like. by Tom Doyle, Korea vet, age 74, conservative and love what America once was.

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  23. Jim Murray

    If you really want to appreciate exactly why we need people like Ron Paul, read the book Citizen to Citizen. You’ll also get an appreciation for the tried and true methods the governemt uses to control us.

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  24. Wayne Meyer

    What we need from Ron Paul’s campaign is a list of people running for office in each state that is of his same political opinions. It’s gotten to a point that we can’t believe anyone running for office!

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  25. Pat Eubank

    We who come to this site are very few. We need to do more than just elect Ron Paul. We have a lot of weeding to do. I hope we can convince enough people to quit voting Republican or Democrat, we need to put America first. I also think we need to vote EVERY politician who is now serving out. I have been a staunch Republican for years, (was a staunch democrat before that) but now I would guess that 95% of all of them are bought by greed and corruption. Let’s get new blood, they must be moral, upstanding citizens that we can hold accountable. I would hope that the organization GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) would support Ron Paul. I hope everyone checks them out, they have a very good plan. Let’s get to work, and get every one we can convince to get to work on finding good people at the local level first. The absolute corruption in the government is working hard and fast, and we need every American who loves this country to do something. Find your spot. I am 77 years old and am going around to all the churches in my area trying to get them to start speaking out about our evil government. It is not just this administration, it was also the one before it, and the one before it, etc. etc.
    May God once again help us to win America back to the Republic He intended it to be. Free, with absolute laws, with equality for all and a just government running it.
    Heather, I do believe that Ron Paul has repeatedly said we need to control immigration, he wants to get back to the constitution, and that would automatically get back to following our laws, therefore eliminating the judges the ability to decide on issues depending on their personal beliefs. This country has to get back to what our Founding Fathers intended. Much of their thoughts were that this is a Godly nation, we have inalienable rights given by God, and if we follow these moral, we would have the protection we need, and were intended to have. For goodness sakes, I remember the first 25 or so years of my life, we didn’t even lock our doors. There was no need to we lived in a
    SAFE AMERICA. It is our duty to get it back.

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  26. Arthur C Edwards IV

    I’ve never voted in my 30 years of life, for which I am ashamed. But, this man has brought me out with his speeches and cries for the American way. I am willing, now more than ever to register, spread the word, and vote for someone who is truly American and undaunted by the corporate puppet strings. He inspires me, gives me hope that the American constitution still exists and is held dear to our hearts. Is he running for 2012? If not, what can I do? I feel our roots are fading. For this man, I will get off my couch, put down my tech devices, turn off the computer, rise up, and follow to the ends of the earth. Never before have I actually shed tears for my country, it’s CITIZENS, and our troops. If anyone knows how best to help, let me know. I am ready.

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  27. Bill Wyse

    I cant believe we are bailing out Greece now? Should nt there be some sorta vote before they just give our money away?

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    1. quinuclidinyl benzilate

      No Bill, there should be a series of federal arrests, investigations and trials. Don’t count on it happening though, the justice system has been overrun. We are on our own.

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  28. WyoWill

    Just an idea that certainly needs some work, but I think it has real potential:

    1) Announce that Ron Paul is running for Pres in 2012 or launching an exploratory committee, whichever.
    2) To raise money for Dr Paul’s campaign and raise awareness for Sound Money, Auditing the FED, Taxes, etc… this would also give Dr Paul plenty of educational opportunities with the MSM etc.

    Join with GOLDSILVER.COM or someone like them, in conjunction with your campaign or the Daily Paul or whomever… The main idea is that donations could take several different forms:

    1) I could donate cash (say $100)
    2) I could specify I wanted to donate silver bullion or silver eagles… say 5 ozs (cost me about $110)
    3) I could say I wanted 1/10 oz gold, about $135 or so.

    I can just imagine the media trying to figure out how Congressman Ron Paul raised 3000 oz of gold, a quarter million oz of silver and $3,000,000 in FRN (otherwise known as cash) for a rough total of $10.9 Million.

    Thank You!

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  29. Fed-Up

    Pat, you are so right anything else would be left. For the last 2 months I have been trying to implant his name into as many as I come in contact with. It is my strong personal belief that Ron Paul is our only hope to save what we know as the United States of America. He can’t fix everything, but he will absolutely put us in the direction we need to go. I think it would be wonderful if he got elected and abolished the executive order powers of the president. I only see more harm than good come of that (exec. order). Talk to people. You don’t even have to talk about politics, just when you are saying your goodbyes, yell, “Ron Paul in 2012!” We have to use his name. So many people depend on NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. and he is not one of the buzz-words on those networks, so we MUST do what we can and spread his name. We can even come up with our own flyers, if you have a printer, and it would be lower cost while keeping the information. People will throw them away, so there is not a huge neccessity to spend more than we need to. We can show the people that we are truely being conservative and that is how we feel the government needs to run right now so that we can bring our country back from the grave. Good Luck everyone and may peace be with you.

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  30. Pat Eubank

    Oh if only Americans are ready for a truly moral, educated, and Constitutional man how blessed we would be. Ron Paul is maybe the only person who can truly get us out of this mess, because he is so for America, and not afraid to go against the establishment.
    Let’s all get out and do something to really help him if he runs, and not just sit around complaining about the way it is. I do think he could turn it around, and I would be proud to stand behind him completely.

    Scott Petrick asked how he could run for office. Go to GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House). The man who runs that has some tremendous ideas, and it would be worth your while to look into that. Also if you are a Christian and go to church, there is a great book “Enough is Enough” by Rick Scarborough that will tell you how your church can get involved in encouraging and educating their members to get involved politically.

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  31. Christopher Koplitz

    Meine Familie war die Templar Ritter von Köplitz Deutschland.


    “I am a Templar Knight from Koplitz Germany by which my family so ruled our Royal Blue Bloodline . My cousins, aunts, nephews and uncles are now the monarchs and presidents of England, Germany, Scotland, America and the list go’s on. A Templar Knight is truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for my soul is protected by the armor of faith, just as my body is protected by the armor of steel. I thus doubly-armed, and need fear neither demons nor men.”

    Message to the ones who run things you have a birthright ordained by god to run a smooth government that benefits the people not yourselves God gave you this right not to miss use it. Like I said before if you gave me a budget and man power I would and will root out all Un Americans and family members who are using this right for personal gain we already are rich in spirit and money why do you need more then you can ever use give not horde we are good people we at onetime fought for god on earth now it looks like some of us turned our backs on god and work for Satan if you know it or not. A drug addict has no idea he’s sick Your sick and the only bottom on this ride is hell so wake up before you fall in your own snares. Ron I’m no republican but I think your a good man and if you did become president I would be a person that would never be bribed or bought by anyone I want a clean and safe America and I know how to do it audit everyone in our government imprison the crooked and FED and give that money to build roads schools and other amenities we need in America. Just like what mosses did for the slaves in Egypt he opened the wheat silos and feed the people thats what we need to do Mr. Rom Paul God bless you bring the darkness to light.

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  32. Bruno Hanning

    I don´t like politicians. I definitely don´t like Republicans. But i love you.
    Levelheaded and intelligent, you reach the broad masses with a message of sanity and empathy. Had it not been for the slightly psychotic media in the US, you would be president by now. Seeing the effects of US foreign policies from “the outside” is truly frightening. I will wear my “Audit the FED” hat with pride on the streets of Gothenburg.
    Sweden has your back!

    Love, peace and understanding

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  33. Peter Green

    Dr. Paul, Our daughter was adopted from russia.She was 22 months old when she came home. That was in 1996, she is now 16. We are assuming President Clinton pass a bill that gave internationaly adopted children full citizenship. Can you help in any way.

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  34. Garry

    I’m Canadian even if i can’t Vote i Support Ron Paul, we the ppl are not stupid we see whats going on and were the ones that can save the rest of the sheeps from there own death, why is it so hard to work together, ppl need to leave this EGO crap behind and Material, were made to Explore our minds are more powerful then you think this planet should be running like a tribe stick together, build together and explore together!

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  35. heather morgan

    Dear Ron,

    I would vote for you (as would many others) if you were able to demonstrate a commitment to some things:

    1) National and Local Security: The American people do not mind paying for the luxury of knowing that if 09/11 were to occur again, or someone breaks into their home. car. place of work, etc… that they will be able to count on someone in addition to their neighbors.

    I live in an exclusive retirement community and most of us are vulnerable to attack; I promise you that we will not vote for anyone who will not prioritize protection of the vulnerable — which when we speak of nuclear weapons is all of us.

    2) An appreciation of the LEGAL MINORITIES that are citizens and assets in various forms to this country and always have been.

    Other than these issues, barring some blatant error on your part, you have my vote.

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