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  • Lefteris

    1. Keynes said in his original 1930’s work that stimulus works mostly in “centralized command economies” (such as China today), and not in open economies. It’s not Keynes who is totally wrong, it’s just that his theories are used in a wrong way by socialists.

    2. What Obama is doing right now is NOT Keynesian stimulus. It’s just “increasing government expenses”. It’s actually the OPPOSITE of Keynesian politics. Instead of “throwing money in the market”, Obama actually “deprives money from the market”.

    3. We tried stimulus in Greece in the 80’s and we buried our future. The resulting inflation and debasement of the currency gave us a very low position in the Euro that followed, sealing our grim fate (that is, due to the debased drachma, we “bought” very small Euro positions when it was established, which made us poor for the long run).

    4. I worked for AIG (Alico) in Greece for 7 years. The top product in the market was “hospital coverage programs”. Because the public insurance and health system is failed. Same applies in most European countries, just ask local insurance companies and check out their programs.

    Thank you very much

    Philadelphia, PA


  • Paul

    Ron what can we do to stop them from taking over the internet.Everyday i here them talking more about threats of cyberterrorism.I think ther just getting us use to hering about it intil thay finily take control of the internet.Just more scare tactics,they never let up.

  • Paul

    When i watch Ron Paul try to ge some of his points across,it’s almost like he’s the only one with common sense.When he was exspressing that we are creating more terrorist by having our military forces in other contries,thats causing hostility towards America,people could not comprehend that simple idea so they turned it aroud on him by saying,you think America asked to be atacked.Our poloticitans have been lying to us so long thay lost there basic common sense to undstand that when you force your issues on contries,you might gain a few enimies.

  • Paul

    Just curius,would like to know what Ron Paul thinks of the PAY AS YOU GO bill.Don’t know to much about it but would really like his opinion.

  • Jason Brodsky of California

    Ron, is this True? Is Tungsten the New Gold?!

    “This October, bankers in Hong Kong were in for a rude shock when they discovered some gold bars from the US to be actually gold plated tungsten i.e., fake gold bars. Acting fast, the Chinese officials found the perpetrators within hours. It seems that fake Tungsten blanks, between 1.3 and 1.5 million 400 oz, were manufactured in the US about fifteen years ago during the Clinton administration. Said to have been done by a very sophisticated refiner, 640,000 of these tungsten planks were gold plated and shifted to Fort Knox. The remaining also gold plated, but sold into the international market.”

    • Forest

      Absolutely true. You need to believe everything you read on the internet. Stare into the light, no, don’t turn away, don’t think, just absorb…

  • Wayne B

    Anyone want a copy of the IRS’s corporate papers to prove they are not gov’t agents? just send me an email address and I’ll send you a free copy…

    [email protected]

  • Steven Mailman

    I am from Canada and I plead for Ron to run in 2012. I realize the US affects Canada more than any country on Earth, and hope he runs because we have the same Central banking problem as the US.

  • Mr. Joseph E. Monte

    Dear “Honorable” Congressman Paul,
    My family and I live in Pennsylvania, and both of the U.S. Senators are Democrats. The Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate may still have a chance to do something favorable to halt America’s demise.
    We are living in unprecedented times as we view our nation at this moment. Jesus said in Matthew 13: 25, “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way”.
    America is in a moral “free fall” at this time, and has been for many decades. The Bible leads us to believe that we Americans are victims of spiritual warfare as we live within the perimeters of our once great land, and face issues and dilemmas that will soon destroy us as a sovereign nation. I believe the diagnosis of the present state of America finds us “void of life”, and totally unable to assess the seriousness of our impending collapse. We wait and observe as America falls into a “grave” alongside other nations that have become extinct in history. Where are the American leaders that have overseen the trends of the past 30 to 50 years in our nation? Where were the leaders in June, 1980, when a newly appointed vice-president went to Canada, and signed America into a declaration of interdependence with other nations of the world. I suppose that the Congress just didn’t read the writing that this unelected vice president, illegally proposed to other countries, while he betrayed America as it was formerly endorsed. Of course, this has happened multitudes of times over, and over again. Where were our leaders that were elected (supposedly) to serve the best interests of Americans, while upholding their vows of defending the “Constitution of the United States”?
    What’s worse, (I.) America has a national “media” that takes pride in not presenting the news “as-it-is”, but ventures to (presume upon itself) great lengths at twisting the truth, and misconstruing the presentation of the news, while calling their “lies” “freedom of speech”! How preposterous; how could they get away with blatant lies as this? (II.) Even America’s courts join in to this charade of liberty, by “perverting justice”! Many of America’s Judges are corrupt, believing “half-truths” while speaking ambiguously! (III.) But the grass-roots of Americans are also accountable. American schools and teachers are deliberately “dumbing-down our youth” while replacing our American Heritage teaching with “multiculturalism”, “revisionism” and “values relativism”! Even “traditional patriotism” has been replaced with the importance of being “politically correct”! Yes, the “life of our once great America”, along with “conscience”, has died directly in front of us, as honest freedom loving people!
    We have witnessed the collapse of the “housing bubble”, the collapse of “Fannie Mae”, “Freddy Mac”, “AIG”, “Lehman Brothers”, “GM” and others, and horrid acts of fraud, dishonesty, and flagrant extortion of wealth from the citizens of America (since the new administration took office), and where was the leadership of our (elected) public servants in Congress? In 2008, I wrote to Rep. Steny Hoyer when the first $370 billion dollar vote came up, (under Paulson-Bush leadership). I mentioned to Mr. Hoyer, “you need counsel from “free-market economists” before engaging in economic discussions during the week-end of meetings. But Mr. Steny Hoyer (as most of Congress is) a lawyer himself, wouldn’t consider taking counsel from another professional. Over time, we learned that legislation for “political change” was coming so-fast that our elected officials didn’t have “time to read” through all of the volumes, and had to vote in favor of “written documents” that were supplied to congress, by “someone else” (maybe the Federal Reserve). A majority of (Nancy Palosi’s) Congress had to pass these documents in order that they could be signed by the President (first Bush, then Obama). This was “criminal” just as such voting (by Congress some) 95 years earlier in December 1913, when Congress rushed, to pass the Federal Reserve Act, so Woodrow Wilson could sign that “unlawful” piece of legislation into law! America was “high jacked” at that signed piece of legislation, and non other than Woodrow Wilson said so (himself), later as he approached death!
    The next collapse in American Government will be the greatest upheaval yet! The U.S. Treasury’s collapse brought on by the demise in value of the dollar, will wreak more “havoc” on the economy and deliver more agony and pain to average Americans than the “subprime Mortgage disaster”, “the housing bust”, “the banking crisis”, and the “collapse of GM”, put together. The Peoples Bank of China is now calling on the world to replace the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and for the I.M.F. to issue a new single, Super Sovereign Currency. What will the new currency be called, the Amero? “Debt” is the major cause of our country’s demise, and could lead to America’s ultimate extinction, as a nation! U.S. banks now hold obligations that exceed $200,000,000,000,000.00 (trillion), and combined with derivatives, may be as high as $1,100,000,000,000,000.00 (1.1 quadrillion dollars), according to the (U.S.) Office of the Controllers of the Currency!
    The Australians call the present group of Democrats in American Government, the “watermelon politicians”! They are “green” on the exterior, but “RED” on the interior (communist)! It is “a change”, but it is not traditional Americanism! If most Americans were asked, “Is it ignorance or apathy that Americans are most guilty of”, by permitting all of this foolishness? Sadly, most would respond: “I don’t know, and I don’t care”!
    Congressman Pitts, between 1920 and 1923 in Germany, the price of a loaf of bread went from 1 Mark per loaf, to 726,000,000 Marks per loaf. Value had rapidly disappeared from the German Currency of that time. Inflation of the currency (in America) has vacuumed America’s wealth out of the pockets of traditional American citizens possession! Families cannot afford to retire because they have lost trillions of dollars from their IRA’s and 401K’s. This “crime” is called EXTORTION, for the money went to someone else’s accounts! If such action was carried out by a bank employee, it would result in that employee being dismissed, and prosecuted by law. Yet the same crime is “overlooked”,(even) condoned when this same action, this same thievery is perpetrated against a citizen of America today, WHY??
    I hope that you and many other leaders will rise to oppose this “gross immorality” that is going on today within American leadership. So much more could be shared, and should be, but space (and time) is limited.
    Thank you.
    Joseph E. Monte

  • Can Hemp Save the Planet? Or at least Reinvigorate the American Economy…..

    By Coral Rose

    The story of Hemp reads like a juicy novel; from ancient civilizations to our founding fathers, to World War II. It is a tale of intrigue, greed and fierce competition for markets.

    Hemp is an economically and commercially viable raw material source for honestly, just about everything including food and fiber. Hemp is also an environmentally sound renewable energy source. Yet, hemp continues to be one of the most misunderstood plants on the planet.

    Hemp is an incredible natural resource, it is one of the most versatile and diversified plants in the world. Hemp is cultivated with three main purposes; Hemp Fiber, Seeds and Seed Oil.

    It is time to clear up the misconceptions about hemp and clear the way for sustainable economically viable opportunities for American farmers and American businesses. Because hemp is erroneously confused-yes confused to the point that it is officially classified as marijuana, our farmers and our economy are essentially left out of this multi-billion dollar industry while other countries, as close as Canada have successfully re-introduced hemp farming……………………………………………

    To continue reading, link here to Sustainable Life Media “Can Hemp Save the Planet? Or at Least Reinvigorate the American Economy….

    Original post: Sustainable Life Media

  • Money must be emitted as gift. Money as gift is only real money. Without inflation and economic crisis. Real money is the necessary additional quantity of money in circulation (dM) determined as percentage (k) of existing quantity of money in circulation (M).
    dM = kM ; k = (supply – demand)/demand ;
    If real money is emitted according to the cited formula, inflation cannot exist. Real money is noncredit money. Real money is not credit, nor loans, nor debt. It is gift. It diminishes taxes, credits and interest.

  • Thisis an email sent out earlier today. It has a link in it which will explain some of the questions I have read on this site.

    Okay, Ted, the following paragraph describes what I saw:

    “Those nations and banks to whom we owe money have been very patient indeed with us. They know that our economies are so tightly entwined that what hurts America will hurt them. But sooner or later, possibly after a market crash, someone, in order to pay their own debts, will demand their loans to the United States be paid. Rather than get caught with “bad paper”, there will be a run on the United States government.”

    Without having the information to describe the circumstances underlying what I saw, the only way for me to state it was to state what I saw.
    So, once again,
    The men in the black cloth are on our soil. They trip over our garden rows. The President at the time (the one we have now) has a choice to make. He makes the wrong choice and the fighting gets worse. Then I was standing on a street corner watching a fight between the government and the people. The people were being accused of doing something wrong by the government. Then the soldiers just stop fighting. It’s like they lost their will to fight. So the soldiers stopped hurting the people. The President either dies, or loses all his power, I don’t know, I just remember I was very sad for him. Then foreign governments come in and take over the country.
    That paragraph, when it says there will be a run on the United States government, that part of the sentence made me feel the same way I felt in the vision when I was sad and scared for the President and foreign governments took over our country.
    The men in black cloth tripping over the field rows… one way to look at it is to realize that the real terrorists were the same people who lobbied the government for war with the ME; and the real ones behind 9/11; and the ones behind the real estate crash and the banking crashes. If you think about it, the American People started working harder and longer, and were keeping their homes until the banking crisis. The banking crisis and wal street crash was forced. People did it on purpose, in other words. This applies like this:
    Read this article:
    Now think: TARP caused the banks to get really proactive with foreclosures because the banks wanted that $8,000.00 pop every time they traded a bad loan. Look at that map: that is all the bad loans, along with the wetlands and nature preserves. All of that land is going to be owned by foreign countries because that is all the land in control of the corrupt federal government instead of the People, like the Founders intended. And the article tells me exactly what the Federal government is up to with that land.
    I see no way out of this except to bring our troops home and guard us from foreign countries while we spend the next 30 years repaying loans AFTER we go back to a currency standard and find something to manufacture. That is the only way we will keep what the Founders gave us. We need our military AT HOME to do this.
    And I don’t think I have gotten through to the President on this. So I think he has already made wrong decisions that he is not willing to backtrack on in order to fix the problem. For example, he is starting this huge, mega media blitz about getting back the TARP, even though most of the banks have already paid back the TARP, but he has said NOTHING about the funds from the bailout, the TLGP, or whatever, that happened right after the Lehman brothers “collapse,” which the banks have NOT paid back. It’s very suspicious, if you ask me.
    It is not like he didn’t know all of this in advance, Ted. So when he and Pryor read my copious mailings about that vision, they already knew what I was describing.
    I am sending this out to everyone on both lists. I am sending it to all of the news agencies. I am sending it to Ron Paul, if I can find a way to reach him. I suggest you send it to every military guy you know and get it to that radio station guy too. We have to do something or be ready to lose our Country because it is coming if we do not act. If the journalists, for example, don’t want to be told by a foreign government what to put in their newspapers, they have to start telling the truth and let the American People come up with the solutions. They have to stop trading insults and lies about the other party. They have to face the facts and stop trying to alienate people who are being honest about those facts. If the middle management of corporations do not want to be run by China, or Israel, then they have to come together and forget their petty squabbles long enough to push the government to turn around. Can they even think ahead, at the vitriol they will face and the starvation wages they will face, simply because of a few government backed NGOs history in foreign nations? If the people, working and not working, don’t want to face foreign soldiers with guns policing their lives, they have to organize and speak plainly to American soldiers. If the teachers and professors do not want to have to teach from the vantage point of despair and deprivation, then they have to push the government to turn around. If they think Annenberg is going to help them now, they should read up on Annenberg’s criminal history. If the whole nation does not forget its controlled opposition game between the republican “agenda” and the democratic “agenda,” (both of which are really one and the same) long enough to make sure there is a free nation in which to have an agenda, then we will lose this Nation to foreign countries as surely as we have experienced what I already expressed from the vision that already came true.
    We have a chance to save our Country, if we will. Otherwise, we deserve whatever comes, whether we knew about it in advance or not. It does not matter that the government broke the Constitution and lied to us… the Founders would say what matters is us. Do we want our free Country or not?
    The CIA already has, as does the Isreali government, what I have written in this email. So that means that I have done the best I can for this Country. So no matter what happens, you should pass this on to others. This is about this Country, this Nation that the Founders gave us.


    Where the hell does this go? It was borrowed from our children’s future, now where does this indulgence money go?

    This is the people’s money. Our children’s future.

    Ron Paul, demand that this money be return to it’s owners.

  • Michael

    To anyone who has a thorough answer:

    I fully agree that the Fed must end, but I’ve continuously been perplexed by two factors. If we get rid of the fed and return to the gold standard:

    #1 How do we go about creating a new dollar-value based on gold without literally creating a “New Dollar”? We can’t keep this new, pegged dollar at $1200 per ounce of gold for the same reason that companies can’t keep their stock prices at 40 cents per share. No one wants their currency to appear “cheap”. Hence we’ll need to do a ‘reverse split’ of the dollar in order to create a “New Dollar”. Not so easy. Thoughts?

    #2 If we have a fixed amount of dollars based on a fixed amount of gold, then how do we fund future wars? In other words, how do we borrow money? Intuitively, it seems we’d have to literally borrow gold from other countries and print more money equal to that borrowed gold. As the gold (and interest) is repaid, we’d then have to destroy an equal amount of dollars. Is there an easier way??

    Much thanks….

    • sean

      You create a 2nd currency.

    • Matt

      Don’t ask questions! Don’t look behind the Ron Paul curtain! A commodity basket and/or private competing currencies is the solution to everything!

      End the Fed! Take our country back!

      • John Woodard

        Dr Paul when talking to Judge Napolitano Thurs referred to the powerful NY Special interests which will eventually succeed in blocking the vote to audit the Fed. Those Special Interests, not named is The Tri Lateral Commission. They believe in Globalism and use the Fed to promote their aims. Pres Obama is spending us into oblivion following the Clowers and Pivan model to collapse the economy leading to Globalism. Obama’s chief economist is Paul Volcer, the former Chrmn of the Tri Lateral Comm. The ties between the Fed, the WH, Acorn and the Tri Lateral Comm are many.Google “The Obama Deception” and see for yourselves.

        • lynnvsellers

          oh shutup, johnny.

    • Josh

      I don’t think it would matter what they decided to value the dollar just as long as it is stable. As far as how to do it I’m not totally sure. I think the biggest issue would be what we do with our foreign debt. A fixed dollar would force us to pay every dime back ligitimately or rip them off and default. However the initial problems of the conversion would be far less than the perpetual problem caused by a cental bank and paper money.

      If we had a sound currency, many wars would not be fought. Much more deliberation would occur before we decided to go to war and their would be less of the fruitless, pointless wars. However, if it was totally necessary, you could convert to a temporary paper currency for the war just as Lincoln did with the war of northern aggression. Shortly after the war they converted back to the gold standard with little controversy.

    • A % of GDP.

  • Isaac A.

    If Ron Paul received suggestions from the American people. I as one of them would love to suggest that education should be paid for by the government. Many many teenagers today don’t continue college degrees because they can’t afford it here in California. If there were some sort of Education Reform… I think more and more American people would Respect Ron Paul and for all that he is doing for the American people.

    • Chris

      Isaac, Yes I know education is very expensive but we don’t need government handouts or a education reform, we have the public school system indoctrinating us and the whole breakup of the American family, that combined with the silent war on the middle and lower class has destroyed allot of moral values and our economy, the answer is less government and more personal responsibility. Ron Paul, even though he is a good man is not the answer, we are the answer.

  • John

    LINDER V. UNITED STATES, 268 U. S. 5 (1925) (9-0)
    “Obviously, direct control of medical practice in the states is beyond the power of the federal government.” Even “Incidental regulation of such practice by Congress through a taxing act cannot extend to matters plainly inappropriate and unnecessary to reasonable enforcement of a revenue measure.”

  • Hi Everyone,

    I wish to share this post with you. It might initially seem totally bizarre, as though I had lost my way online and posted to the wrong planet. But I promise you that if you read through it you will see that it is absolutely related to Ron Paul and his work, referenced in an admittedly very unconventional manner:

  • Benjamin Fuller

    Ron Paul is not a God… Will American’s buy it?
    Will Americans buy a realistic, reasonable WASP who wants nothing more than a stable America in which the words of the Constitution are more important than anything else. Will American’s finally get off their a**es and realize that their fate is not in the hands of the man they elect, but that the fate of the man elected is in the hands of the people. When will Americans step out of their meek shells and realize that the government works for them; they do not work for the government. The Fed does not have a place in my country. My government does not have a place in my bank. My bank does not have a place in my government.

    It’s time to let self interest and the power of the invisible hand take a firm fist to those who oppose economic opportunity equality. Let those on welfare and medicare realize that it is their fellow man supporting them, not Barack Obama.

    End The FED

    Mr. Paul I support you.

  • Thomas M

    Ron Paul is a great American and one this country desperately needs as president. I am a first generation American and saddened by the cancer it has been plagued with by the likes of the Democrats and Republicans. Both parties have undermined the core principles of our constitution and are destroying our great nation. Why are we footing the bill to support corrupt organizations such as the UN which is nothing more than a hate America debate club? Why are we footing the bill to defend wealthy nations such as Germany, Japan and S Korea? Why have our troops defend those nations when the Rio Grande needs defending. We need a strong 3rd party lead by a true leader such as Ron Paul to free us of the shackles of the 2 party dictatorship which is ruining America.

    Proud Veteran standing by in Illinois to support your efforts!

    • Benjamin Fuller

      Glad to hear Thomas in Illinois isn’t as corrupt-minded as it’s former Senator.

      It’s time to get back to the basics.

      It’s time to ask ourselves; Where does the constitution say that there must be a UN? Where does the constitution say that each American has a right to healthcare? Where does the Constitution say that anyone who crosses the border illegally can be a citizen? Where does the Constitution say the Fed has rule of my dollar and it’s value? Where does the Constitution give the President the power to tell people how to live their lives? How to spend their money? How to use their time?


      God Bless

      RP 2012

  • About a new book.

    Blog Archive

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    About Me

    United States
    I have been Republican and Conservative in all previous elections. Now with the performance of the Republicans during the last presidential term I feel they have lost their conservative principles. I now feel the need for a new perspective for Constitutional Independents.

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    Saturday, September 12, 2009

    Recurrence to constitutional principles for effective government in a free society.

    The Federal Government is on an exponential growth path with alarming, dangerous potentials regardless of Constitutional restraints such as US Constitution Amendment X:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    To reestablish a principled Federal Government a Constitutional Federal Limit Amendment is needed:


    The total annual expenditures of the government of the United States shall not exceed a limit established at the time of ratification of this amendment except as may be authorized at any time for periods of up to twelve months by at least fifty one percent of the State Legislatures. After ratification of this amendment, all income of the Government of the United States in excess of the established limit shall be disbursed to the States on the basis of population or shall be used to reduce the national debt.


    Basic disciplines would be created by such an amendment;

    1. Control of the size and growth of the Federal Government through contitutional budgetary restraints.

    2. Debt reduction or dispersion of excess federal funds in a manner that is nationally equitable and not subject to federal political influence.

    3. Federal competition for available funds will cause program rejustification and the elimination of unnecessary functions.

    4. The Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars would likely not have been authorized and funded with this amendment in effect.

    5. States rights and constitutional federalism would be reinforced.

    Freedom within limited government represents the most modern, vital concept of government yet known to man. American testing of this concept as defined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights represents a relatively limited evaluation in terms of longevity in society experiments. Today, we see the experiment changing to provide ever more limited liberties and exponentially expanding government. The history of the experiment, however, shows resultant evidence that must be considered and applied in further development of the original concepts. Hopefully, such development would gain a mass re-acceptance of freedom’s principles thereby returning all constitutional rights to the people and providing for a government that is constitutional, effective and responsive to the nation’s needs and restoring liberty to the individual, dignity to the legislature and purpose to the ballot box. This would be the goal of a Constitutional Independent voter.

    The Book “Too Big To Survive” details the critical need, benefits and effects of a Federal Limit Amendment. It also discusses problems with unconstitutional government and the current political parties and defines the role of a Constitutional Independent. It is available at LULU Publishing:

    For info, Email: [email protected]

  • Greetings m’noble friends,

    Are you familiar with

    Google is giving 10 million dollars to ideas that are voted upon to make the world a better place. Among the ideas is a more transparent and socially conscious tax policies.

    Please spread the word and let’s see if we can have people vote for this.