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  • Samo

    I hope everithing you are talking about (your views and ideas) is not just marketing campagin. I hope- If elected, you will be able to bring change. America needs changes, so the rest of the world could survive. All the best also from abroad.

  • TaunaGrinager

    I had to look up the ad you mentioned. I completely agree – it doesn’t present RP in a positive light. Makes him look as scary as the others in the Republican field, and just as asinine. The general public needs to hear him speak straight from his heart, on his ideas to save our country. We certainly don’t need any more dumbing down! I’m one of those life long liberals planning to register Republican for the primary to increase his odds of winning the ticket. If I actually watched tv and saw this ad, I’d be having major second-thoughts!

  • DavidHerbertSeawell

    How many of the millions of state employees are aware of Newt’s position earlier this yr.?

    Newt wanting to allow states to file bankruptcy, hurting pensioners, can be googled and found in many publications. Fortunately, Democrats and Republicans in congress said No. John Stossel did a piece on the the impact of Prichard, Alabama cutting off their city retirees pensions.

    If state employee and teachers associations disseminated this info, their members might take another look at Newt. Good Luck.

  • JamesCarlDavis

    to quote tom landury( x coach of the dallas cowboys) if you look for mirical plays…they seldom happen.

    this america is in a mess. . ron paul is a good man to try. study americanism 101 dvd


  • FreedomIsAbsolute

    Gotchya, also you should check out and spead the word.

  • There are basically only two things that any government at any level should do for its citizens: One, protect them physically; Two, protect them economically. If governments at all levels were to do that we would all have the opportunity to prosper and pursue happiness. please visit nationalactiongroup com thanks

  • I like a lot of the things Ron says and what he stands for. I would like to hear him say that he would require all car makers to make only electric vehicles with the exception of the transportation vehicles because of the long distances they must travel, but requiring vehicles to be all electric would sure help us all.

    • FreedomIsAbsolute


      Paul doesn’t want to tell people what to do, unless they break the law. I dunno if you understand this, but if the Gov’t stopped subsidizing the auto indistry(especially the electric auto manufacturers) prices would be cheaper, and more people would be able to afford them. Same with Education. The govt subsidizes EDU, creates massive cash flow which jacks up the cost of EDU(If a student can get $50k loan from the federal govt for schooling, you best believe the schools are going to charge darn near $50k for tuition.) The same goes for healthcare. Look at videogames(PS3, X-Box ect.) The govt is not involved with that indistry what so ever, but we have seen a boom in that type of technology. Same goes for cellphone/computers(I-phone, droid, ipad, mac book…all cheap and innovative because the govt doesn’t pump money/subsidize into those markets.) Once a majority of the American people realize/understand this we will have a better economy, and affordible goods/services/commodities.

      • FreedomIsAbsolute



      • @FreedomIsAbsolute I totally agree with you about subsidizing. I don’t believe the government should be subsidizing anything. Electric vehicles can be mandatory and they would be good for all of us and if you want to jump on the green bandwagon they are good for the environment also.

    • JamesCarlDavis


      first i thank you for posting.

      we must go to the constitution for direction. a federal government should be small.

      mandates of all types must stop. if electric cars were mandated, it would not put a dent in the use of oil,or the price. look around your room your cant find anything not made from oil in one way or takes more then 3 gallons of gass to make 1 tire.

      thanks agian for makeing your thoughts known,we need to all put our thinking caps on.

      ps. magnetics,and weight redistrabution may be revealed by some poor man in a garage someday.

      • FreedomIsAbsolute

        @[email protected]

        Have you ever seen “Oil now on Modern Marvels?” So much comes from it. Plastic, chapstic, Shampoo, conditioner, mineral oil, shoes ect ect. We need a competitive market so we have options to ween ourselves off, not madates. Great post.

    • Bethsimmons5245

      @losman14960 Have we given up on solar?

  • FreedomIsAbsolute

    New AD, not sure if it is from the PAUL 2012 CAMPAIGN, or from his grassroots support, but it is just as great as his “Serial Hypocracy” ad, if not better.

  • Ron Paul: The Movie

    Greetings, new 80 minute movie we posted on youtube.

  • HimanshuDohroo
  • Bookends


  • GG

    Ron Paul is your only choice to take on Obama. I’m a Canadian looking objectively at US politics and he’s the only one who makes any sense and tells it like it is. I hope that the American public is ready to hear the truth. A president who takes the hard road economically will hasten recovery. It’s going to hurt like hell but you will like the outcome.

    Best wishes to all, Mrs. A. Ridge, Canada

  • DanielP.Hoskins

    When America is strong then it is good for Americans of any origin. If any group wants prefferential treatment it hurts all the other groups. We must rebuild the structure of America again by regaining our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And we must audit and the abolish the federal reserve as it is a conflict of interest to have a seperate entity ruling our Government and our people. If we are to do these things we must do them as unified Americans. We should be proud of our origins but willing to lay aside any difference to build a stronger America, which will build all communities and groups in America stronger and more empowered to build a better life.

    • I Chowder Down


      You have a great… I mean an excellent summary. By not reaching out to give preferential treatment to a group, all should see theme selves as equal, Korean American, Dutch American, Irish American, African American, etc. I think if not already incorporate this as his platform?

  • honourable

    As an American with African origins, and a speaker in the African community, Ron Paul has not done enough to attract Africans. Especially after the wars in Africa (Cote d’Ivoire and Libya). I also understand Ron Paul’s model, which is treading everyone the same way. However, Africans have a large community here in the US and they have been the engine for exporting and importing from and to Africa. Africans are confused about the future of their businesses. Unfortunately, none of the candidates have addressed their concerns. Why should African vote in 2012? After supporting a president that destroyed their homes since 2009? Can Africans really believe that Ron Paul will make the difference? I believe that he will try. However, my vote is not enough. He needs to convince the African community. Please keep in mind that when I say the African community, I’m not talking about the Afro-American community. We have a different culture and we have families in Africa. We represent 30% of the minority here in the US. It would have been better for Ron Paul to speak to the African community after the wars in Africa just like Bobby Kennedy did to the Afro-Americans after the death of Martin L. King. It is not too late. Regards, Alexandre

  • HimanshuDohroo

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    • HimanshuDohroo

      share and spread the revolution video

  • Bookends

    To andrewlburton question – you can contact Ron Paul by his email – [email protected] – you can ask them where you can get tickets for the GOP debate on November 22 – hope that helps you.

  • andrewlburton

    Can someone tell me where I can buy tickets to a GOP debate. On november 22 I want to go to the dc debate that is close by to show support for Ron Paul. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • activeguardian

    This is my formal complaint. Other Ron Paul supporters can speak out against this censorship by writing to the President of the Board Of Regents at University of Wisconsin and by calling WPR at 1-800-747-7444 and leaving a message objecting to censorship aimed at Ron Paul. +++++++++++++++++++++++

    Frederick Milton Olsen III..

    Madison, WI 53701..

    University of Wisconsin

    Chancellor, President, Board of Regents

    Madison, WI 21 October 2011


    Wisconsin Public Radio staff and management are apparently engaged in a conspiracy to deprive presidential candidate Ron Paul of his rights to participate in a free and fair election, and to deprive listeners and voters of information about the candidate and issues.

    The evidence is clearly set down in archived Ideas Network programming, where hosts and producers work together to keep Ron Paul and especially issues surrounding this country’s wars from entering the electoral debate. I have recorded and downloaded plenty of Ideas Network programming as evidence. You know where to find it for yourselves. I suggest you begin with shows dedicated to the aftermath of republican party debates and straw polls, and also shows devoted to (as WPR hosts themselves say) “political gossip”.

    Candidates with less support and who have raised fewer dollars than Ron Paul are routinely given the lion’s share of coverage. Material facts have been intentionally concealed by hosts, producers and management. Management is aware of staff’s actions re: this censorship and political manipulation, and apparently do nothing to discourage or stop these egregious violations.

    Even Pew Research, a source frequently quoted by WPR, has data showing that Ron Paul has been snubbed by the Mainstream Media… but while NBC or FOX might legitimately claim the right to work against a candidate by censoring coverage, Wisconsin Public Radio has no such rights, and as a government entity has violated the rights of the citizens of Wisconsin and America. I expect those in authority to remedy this situation, and to do it in a very public way.

    I expect guilty parties to be dismissed from their employment, as these violations of Ron Paul’s constitutional rights and the rights of listener-voters are such an extreme betrayal of trust. I respectfully and urgently request that you will handle this in an expedient fashion, as the electoral process is in full swing, and WPR’s continued censorship only harms us all.

    In closing, let me say to you three little words… “color of law”.

    Sincerely, Frederick Milton Olsen

  • JamesCarlDavis

    John F. Kennedy held a dinner in the white House for a group of the brightest minds in the nation at that time. He made this statement: “This is perhaps the assembly of the most intelligence ever to gather at one time in the White House with the exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.” When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe . >>> Thomas Jefferson The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. >>> Thomas Jefferson It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world. >>> Thomas Jefferson I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.. >>> Thomas Jefferson/ ron paul

    • Beenthere

      @JamesCarlDavis I’m smiling regarding your reference to Thomas Jefferson. Although great in many ways, it is ironic that he was a big spender personally and spent more than he had in his private life. When he died he was in the red. Monticello fell into disrepair. It is a sad end to a great life. John Adams on the other-hand was much more constrained in his private economy. Adams and Jefferson often didn’t agree politically. I remember reading that Jefferson actually was thought to have spread some unflattering rumors about Adams but at the end of their lives the friendship survived. I liked the way they were able to put aside their differences in order to lay a great foundation for this country of ours. They both died on the same day, July 4th 1826, 50 years to the day from the birth of the country they helped found. Adams is quoted as saying “Thomas Jefferson Survives”. Adams didn’t know it but Jefferson had already died a few hours earlier.

      I like Ron Paul not because he reminds me of Jefferson. I like Ron Paul because he reminds me of Adams. But I will tip my hat to you and allow your Jeffersonian point-of-view as long as Ron Paul wins because, the way I see it, if he doesn’t you and I are both in a heap of trouble.

  • l2jcomputing

    The way to make your arguments more understandable to the common man would be to push for forcing banks to show an extra number on print and online statements.

    “Real Balance” accounting for the bank’s reserve ratio. As a result, you could throw your $100.00 in the bank, check your balance and see Available Balance: $100.00, Real Balance: $11.00. Include a little disclaimer about taxpayers being ultimately responsible if the bank loses the $89 they just “invested” for you and I think you’d have the start of a pretty strong push for serious reform.

    At least, this is how I’ve won a few arguments. Hearing abstracts about the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking doesn’t do justice to what really goes on. Hard numbers make a much more compelling case to something who never thinks past propaganda.

    • JamesCarlDavis


      i agree this may work. however we must understand there is a strong delision cast over the eyes of contented people. its hard to wake a person up from there sleep if they really want to sleep,and much harder to wake a person from a coma. paper money unbacked by gold, controled by elite crooks has sent the world into a coma. shock will wake some,but sweet talk will rarely help.