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  1. bill

    Why isnt anyone talking ?about this rifd chip

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  2. Paul Poshusta

    Dear Senator
    Below is a letter I hope someone actually reads, In my home State of Washington, I do not have Republican Federal representation, so thank you for your consideration.

    A Valuable Introspective View of a Reformed (informed) Republican:
    (CC: Other Republican leadership officers and elected officials)

    Senator McCain,
    I have been a lifelong Republican, but in the last few years, I have become increasingly independently inclined. I think defense is, and should be, a top tier concern for every American. I believe our greatest threat of security and liberties is more at threat from the federal government than other sources.

    How could this be? Many United States citizens, like myself, are connecting the dots of unanswered questions and government actions that bring to the forefront of discussion – where are our individual constitutional rights going? Talk of gun control, 1.5 billion rounds of ammo for “training”, drone bases for domestic use, the Patriot Act and on and on.

    I am convinced that the Republican leadership is quickly loosing base support and could crumble completely in the coming midterm election. I say this because a significant subset of Republicans with constitutional awareness (those that have actually read and understand the constitution – and refer to it frequently) did not show up to vote in the last election. I did show up to vote for Mitt Romney, but at my convention in Spokane as a delegate, I was made to literally profess my support for Mitt when, in fact, my personal decision and precinct delegate duties was for another candidate which I executed in vain due to revised convention rules. That was a big eye opener, and shocking to say the least.

    Here is the thing – many voters decided it was more politically engaging to remain home than to vote. That is a very hard and very sad decision to make.

    Please listen to the younger leadership. The Republican party is splintering, and if a third party emerges it will be the fault of Senior leadership. I am middle aged and I see the clear erosion of our liberties. WE have galvanized concern and expectations of our leadership. The party platform has to become more focused and concerned with basic constitutional fidelity.

    This is the main concern of us “WAKOS” and we are MANY. I am aligned with our local, approved republican platform 100%. The disconnect is the actual priority given to platform elements in word and deed by those elected, and we are keeping score more closely than sports fanatics.

    Grassroots meeting topic this Tuesday: “The 100 mile constitutional free Zone” -I’ll be there!
    Electrical Engineering Professional (and father if 5 girls and a boy).

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  3. Wil

    I got 2 computers with IE (internet explorer) on them and they displays as if it was from a mobile? It look fine with Chrome, any idea on how to fix this?

    thanks for your help

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  4. Mark P

    Hey Ron and co,

    I just want to thank you for voicing your logic and understanding of what is currently going on not just in the USA alone, but the world. I’d like to think of your journey as one filled with hope and that it has made a bigger impact on a growing number of people than it may seem to prove right now. I have done quite a bit of research over the past year on global economics, personal history and so forth and I believe I have something of interest to you. I know it’s going to take some effort in order to reach you personally, but I would like to speak with someone who represents your site and share my story.


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  5. heidi peterson`

    jan brewer and arizona are under attack from the federal government. they are running illegal murderous gangs. they are very evil also they attacked me i was almost killed and they won’t let me prosecute those involved in wayne county they are bullying me too i am thinking we need to ban together any state which see problems with using crimes against american people to gain power please see shocking news

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  6. Drew Diehl

    Hello all,

    I’m a student at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. I’m writing a piece on the divide created by bipartisan politics and the parties’ complete inability to get anything done. I plan on interviewing countless party members, radical party members, moderates, and those who refuse to even vote. I many of you have very strong opinions that would positively impact my writing, and believe that interviewing some of you would provide necessary insight and legitimacy to my work. For those interested, I can provide you the first page of my prologue in order to better inform you about my project. I hope you are willing to help.

    Drew Diehl

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  7. Joe Sills

    I understand everything you have gone though and i like to say Great work but now after all that he has gone down hill and i am here to ask if you like to help me run for President in 2016. I plan on running and would love to have someone like you all who are so dedicated to someone like RP was.

    www .joesills. com

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  8. Chad

    How do i remove myself from your mailing list????

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  9. Jack

    Calling any and all Patriots of good-will to assist fight against ongoing infringements on our Constitutional rights and protections, rule of law, due process etc., regarding federal oversight and mandates to protect our citizens from wrongful foreclosure and comply with the Protecting Homeowners/Tenants at Foreclosure Act.

    Especially in Georgia, which is 6th highest in foreclosures, 6th most impoverished state, and 6th highest for no protection or assistance for its citizens.

    FNMA, bailed out and now bought out with our taxes continues to abuse fed mandates, law and its own written policies. Their servicers and leasing companies force people into foreclosure and then do not allow them to be priority buyer or provide the term of lease according to law.

    Even if you can only direct me and others in who to contact. I have tried any state agency that should be able and have the obligation to help. That includes agencies up to the atty. general, which referred me to the DOJ; still nothing.

    “I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government”
    Henry David Thoreau

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  10. Austin



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    1. Ter ber

      You have got to be kidding. Dr. Paul and his son are millionaires. Its over folks. The bread crumbs the Paul’s are throwing to us are not going to help us. He is retiring. Gone. End. He is a traitor for going to the UN. And his son is a traitor also. Gary Johnson is not the answer. Where are the Paul Reveres.

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  11. Mike Reith

    Those who attack Ron Paul over his comments on twitter truly do not know Ron Paul. Dr. Paul properly applied the teachings of Jesus. Train killers and do not show surprise when they do what they are trained to do. If you pretend to be a Ron Paul supporter yet still harbor praise and worship for trained military snipers, you were ne’r one of us, Bro.

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  12. A. Brodie

    As an Australian and not familiar with the way your Government works, I was wondering whether Congress is voted in by the people. Seems they have thrown the towel in and sitting on their backsides waiting to collect a fat pension. Do they have any power left and what are they afraid of? It’s so obvious your voting system is rigged. I was so hoping that Ron Paul would win then you wouldn’t have the police states you have now. How can your Gov. fund a war in Mali if it’s near bankrupt.
    It’s so sad that your once great nations biggest export is ‘waste paper’.
    Don’t give up your guns – I can see martial law being declared after something big affects a major city (black ops). Maybe Congress knows whats coming.

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  13. Jonathan from Maryland

    Good Morning Congressman Paul, I among the rest of the United States of this country are deeply concerned that Barack O’Bama or Barry Sawarto witch ever the gentleman’s name is, has broken the law in the highest form. The American people still has not confirmed that he is eligible to be the president of this great land. I am petitioning for a military investigation that Barack O’Bama was indeed born in the United States and or if at all he was even born on the main land of the United States. I am requesting also that the Supreme Court steps in this election and stops this emedietly as of 01/19/2013 . If Barack O’Bama or Barry Saworto is eligible and proven to the American people ,We the people will bring this matter up again. Donald Trump said if he shows proof he would donate 5 million dollars to any charity of his choice so why on earth wouldn’t he do this? Mr Congressman Paul is it so obvious ? Also how can this Government count all those votes before all of the ballots were cast ? This is a petition !

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  14. john busciglio

    Does Ron Paul even have a website anymore. I think it’s great that the guy that runs this web had enough sense to scoop up the domain names like I am so glad that he is a Ron Paul activist and kept this American Icon out of evil hands that would bury a site like this.

    Keep in the hands of supporters. Don’t let anyone buy it, take it over, or claim ownership over this work here.

    I am sure the owner of this domain has backups in case there is a take over attempt, BUT, I would sad to see this domain go into the hands of someone who let expire! What a waste of authority!

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  15. Brett

    Dear Sir or M’am,

    I recently heard Dr. Paul mention in a radio interview his starting a new website. His words were, “…unfortunately, I do not have so it will be something along the lines of Ron Paul’s Homepage…”

    My question to you is, would you consider selling it, or giving it to Ron Paul? If so what would be your conditions/price? I’m sure we can pitch in money to buy it if necessary. But to think about it, think what a great thing you would be doing for the Liberty movement.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Kind Regards,

    Brett Lindell

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  16. JB

    Sir we are dangerously walking a thin line between freedom, and tyranny. With the Obama and Biden push along with others to limit restrict regulate firearms along with the now growing talk of Obama getting a third term is outrageous. So all in all they are talking about going against the constitution against our guns they are talking about going against our constitution and doing away with term limits. This is treason against the American people to go against try to change or throw out our constitution is out right treason. The constitution was put in place to limit the amount of power a government can have not give them more power. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE should be making the decisions when it comes to our constitution. I don’t understand sir the American people have been writing their representatives, writing the white house and they act like WE THE PEOPLE have no voice. They are not listening to us. They are in office to represent us and if they do not listen to us then they are not doing their jobs. We need to change this country change needs to come but Obama and his agenda are not the way. For 4 years we have seen what his plan is for our country we need to change this country back to where the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Also any rights granted under the constitution should not be under attack or limited. Is this America sir? Is this America that you grew up in? Where like the song says at least I know I’m FREE? No it is not we have to start standing up to Obama and limiting his power NOW.

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    1. John

      I couldn’t agree more. I feel like my whole life lead up to this point to help my people regain their Civil rights as human beings. I feell like i rather spend my whole life fighting for freedom then wasting it working for a system that does the contrary. I dont know what to do or where to start? I have the up most passion to help but i simply cant find anyone with my same ideas. Everyone thinks im crazy and shuns me for it. Im 20 years old. Im thinking of attending college to spread awareness! This is my first attempt on contacting someone online about this truth i have discovered. Maybe someone will see this and reply to let me know im not alone? Maybe point me in the right direction. Thank you.

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  17. Larry Henke

    I know that armed security in schools does not set well but Israel uses them and guess what no school shootings. Very easy to fund as all we would have to do is take the funds that we send as foreign aid to countries that dislike us and use it, which would be more than enough to employ and train military vets, retired police and security persons and it would boost our economy. We also need to go back in history to a time when we had shooting ranges in our schools and our youth were able to learn the safe and correct use of firearms. Maybe even require that each person serve this great nation for at least 2 years either in the peace corp or military.

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    1. Korri A.

      I think you are missing the point. More talk of attempting to remedy a symptom and not the root problem. Armed guards should not even need to be considered. Again, more government is not the answer. Why do these things continue to happen? Are there truly more shootings, or are the same number of shootings being televised and reported more? If there are more actual shootings, why do they continue to occur and rise? Simply, why are more and more people considering and acting on these impulses? That is the question that needs answered and remedied. We as a country have swayed too far from our roots. This is not surprise though, as it seems to be an every constant clock in human history.

      We look at the Nazi’s and the Jews, and we say to ourselves, “that couldn’t happen now, people wouldn’t allow it.” Well unfortunately that is not the case. The U.S. is currently waged in a blitzkrieg type preemptive attack on several of the middle east countries. Look at the numbers, seriously, look at the numbers. It’s staggering the number of people killed and even more staggering is the number of civilians and children that have been laid to waste. The U.S. is more often than not, creating more supposed terrorist than it is eliminating. I can go on, blah blah blah, but it comes down to the facts…we need less government, less control, and more liberty. Our chance to even get close to fixing something went out the door with Ron Paul. It is so amazing to listen to him address these “talk show” people, or Congress, or some other group, and listen to him simply recite documents written a couple hundred years ago…and the point just goes right over everyone’s head. The naivety of the majority of people could be considered “beyond believable” but, as I said, look at the history books and you see a well defined cycle of civilizations gorging in their own greed, power, and control until they are brought to their knees. It will be no different this time around.

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  18. alan owens

    Mr. Paul,
    I am a life long republican and constitutional conservative. I have heard of you for years but did not truely understand all that you have been standing up for. I have been unhappy with the RNC for decades and have not seen them as representative of the main body party. Why oh why did the rnc downplay you and not let us voice our choice for you? I missed my chance to choose a true conservative constitutionalist, but I am waking up.

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  19. Ron Paul Revolution is The Aquarius Freedom Era

    The Fist Ron Paul Christmas Ornament at Macy’s by a Paulista!

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  20. todd pierson

    God bless you, Ron Paul.

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    Keep the “3G’s out of the equation! Gays, God & Guns! If you want to be gay, fine, but don’t tell me I have to support your lifestyle. God, if you don’t believe, that’s up you you, but don’t tell me I can’t pray in public, school or any dam place I choose, I don’t force you to pray, so don’t tell me I can’t. Guns, you don’t want to own one, that’s your right, but don’t deny my constitutional right to own one. And to those who vote on one issue like say abortion just for an example, are single minded and selfish. I don’t agree, but the “Guy” upstairs never put me on this earth to judge anybody , but that’s my right and I frankly don’t give a dam what you do with your stupid body.
    Vote what’s good for the country and it’s freedoms and liberty.
    wake up!

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  22. Thomas E.

    Dear Mr. Paul,

    I’m 26 years old and from Germany. Please don’t stop raising your voice against those criminal, imperial actions that are taking place right now and have taken place ever since the past 100 years. It’s a shame how a criminal financial mob is undermining our democracies without having shame, without having any feeling of guilt or decency.

    Here in Europe it’s just the same desaster as it is in the US. We in Germany do not even have a constitution, never had one after the 2nd WW and right now, we don’t even have a valid electoral law.

    I won’t continue talking about how civil rights within the EU have been destroyed, in which way democracy in my country isn’t worth the paper it’s written on … seems we do have the same exact problems …

    Maybe fair solutions will break through some day and people are going to solve problems in a peaceful, communicative (not communist ;) ) way.

    Greetz from Black Forest

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  23. Ryan

    Mr. Paul, Please run for the Governors Office and free Texas from Rick Perry !

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  24. Chris

    Thank you so much, Ron for the best speech I have ever heard!
    Thank you for your service to Liberty for all these years, past and future !!!

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  25. Tim R

    Please sign this petition to Abolish the IRS. We need 100 signatures and this will be published on the White House official website for others to see and sign also. If we reach 25,000 signatures the administration will respond to our petition. Please sign it:

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  26. soad

    hello! my regards to you all – soad from libya .

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  27. Linda Cari

    Congressman Paul:

    I am a registered Independent (previously a Democrat for 12 years, a Republican for 10) and am absolutely crushed at the election results. More importantly, I am so very saddened that you did NOT endorse Mitt Romney and encourage your supporters to do the same. By not endorsing him you shouted to the world that you believe Barack Obama is better for America. How could you do that to this country? You seem to be a principled man but your behavior would suggest otherwise. I recognize and respect that you have strong convictions but your lack of endorsement put this country in a very dangerous place both economically and militarily.

    I am very disappointed in you.

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  28. Paul

    I look at this as opportunity as we all should. There are decent right minded people in both parties.There are Republicans that are stuck to the hip with a religious sect that can’t see the issues past their bible and Democrats that are stuck to the hip with radical socialist. In between we have our party. Lets get off our ass and get going!

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  29. Andrew Bryan

    Now that we are a day beyond Election Day, I find myself in a mournful state. I grieve not only for what will surely be the continued destruction of our liberties, but I mourn the situation this country finds herself in by not having Ron Paul as Commander in Chief when he is so desperately needed. Thank you Dr. Paul for everything you do for this nation! Keep spreading your message, and admonish your supporters to do the same because it is one of a shrinking number of things that “make sense” these days. My hope is that, in the coming years, more and more Americans will WAKE UP and realize that we are heading down a path that will lead to our own undoing. God Bless you Ron Paul!

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  30. branla

    I like mister Ron Paul, hi is great mann…!
    With love…

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  31. David, Michigan

    Just wanted you to know Mr. Paul I wrote you in. :)

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  32. Mr. Feshamon

    I just thought i share with you all my music video of ROn Paul and my latest release music video of Obama & ROmney.

    Let mw know what you think.

    Thank you,

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  33. Daniel L Thompson

    I never gaveRon Paul serious support in his bids for president. His narcissism is on par with Obama’s. His arrogance eclipses his honor. After seeing this fanboy site and the prominent Obama ad at the top, I know I made the right choice. Paul will never get my support for anything. I just wanted to thank you for this clarification.

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    1. Paul

      …never gave…so why are you checking out his sight? did you hear him say something that you agreed with? or are you a programmed goon that thought you would sound intelligent on our site because if thats the case you failed just as you did on election day.

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  34. Steve

    Here in Missouri, like everywhere else in this once great country, we saw the manipulation and outright criminal action the GOP..gag… poured out against Ron Paul during the caucus (local/regional/state/national).

    Like It wasn’t bad enough to see our wonderful non-biased new media do a number on him. Enough with that…as anybody that has had their eyes open over the debated & caucus period is painfully aware of.

    However I am very disappointed to find out that Mr. Paul has not registered with the Missouri secretary of state to be “an official write-in candidate”.
    According to Missouri state requirements, any person desiring to have votes simply counted as a write-in candidate is required to file for that privilege.

    I have NO problem with Ron not supporting the white version of Husein, but as long as Ron had no intentions of pursuing state by state write-in status, why has he not given his nod to support Gary Johnson. Countless other folks are scratching their heads and wondering the same thing. I understand he prefers not to tell folks who to vote for, however I find that a bogus answer & doesn’t stand up to balance. He while in the running was telling us to vote for himself, so whats the problem with an endorsement for a like minded libertarian who is in fact on all the states ballots as a check box candidate (not just a write-in).

    Personally, I was committed to cast my “objection” vote as a write-in for Ron Paul, but after learning my vote for him in Missouri will not be recognized in any way shape or form, I must select Gary Johnson. He is registered as a party candidate for our state.
    Please dont get me wrong, I dearly love Ron and appreciate all he has done for this country and the people. My family & I have supported him both financially and as a warm body & mouthpieces through the caucus events. Yet I am a bit disillusioned with his unwillingness to continue keeping the collective body together with a simple endorsement.

    Maybe its the ol’ damned if ya do, damned if ya dont adage, as I wouldn’t be happy with a romney endorsement as other would be & vice versa. (however I cant imagine him being able to ever sleep again with giving romney the nod) Yet seems like less damage would be incurred with a Gary Johnson endorsement.
    Just sayin
    May God have mercy on this once great country and draw us back to him.

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  35. Todd York

    The things we create can and will be used against us! Learn from history; grow your knowledge into logic wisdom and true consciousness’.

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    1. joe the painter

      Please read obx voice .com and DO SOMETHING BEFORE THERE ARE MORE VICTIMS

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