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  • MichaelFocia

    This is the truth, it needs to be exposed to everyone!!!

    Does this stick as bad to anyone else?? LINK ONE — “For over three years, Kirchick worked at The New Republic, covering domestic politics, intelligence, and American foreign policy. While he remains a contributing editor for TNR, Mr. Kirchick’s reportage has appeared in The Weekly Standard, The American Interest, The Virginia Quarterly Review, The Columbia Journalism Review, Prospect, Commentary and World Affairs Journal. He writes frequently for newspapers including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and Ha’aretz. Kirchick has previously worked for The New York Sun, the New York Daily News, The Hill, and the Washington Examiner. A leading voice on American gay politics and international gay rights, he is a contributing writer to the Advocate, the nation’s largest gay publication. Mr Kirchick is a recipient of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Journalist of the Year Award.” LINK TWO — Project on National Security Reform The last paragraph states: “Gingrich serves on the Terrorism Task Force for the Council on Foreign Relations. He is an editorial board member of the Johns Hopkins University Journal, Biosecurity and Bioterrorism, and is an advisory board member of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. [etc]” This is clear evidence that this is nothing more than a vicious political “game” to smear the honorable Dr. Ron Paul – to better position Newton Leroy Gingrich for the nomination. Repugnant thought that is


    • Vyda


      Gingrich will never win in California. Romney will NEVER win California or Texas – this is where RON PAUL WINS THE PRESIDENCY.

  • SteveSmith2

    Radio Talk Show Host Michael Savage aka Michael Allen Weiner refered to Dr Ron Paul as Dr Mengele. Savage/Weiner is trying to frighten people from voting for Ron. Michael Savage’s family owns Rock Star Energy drink which is sold to the type of working man/woman that supports Ron Paul. I ask that all Ron Paul supporters stop buying rock star drink, ask stores to stop carrying rock star drink and ask all our friends to stop buying rock star energy drink.

    Send savage/weiner a message boycot us and we will boycot you!

  • sweasel_vienna

    Hey, can anyone tell me where Ron’s idea of liberty ends? What I’ve heard up to now I am a bit concerned for his views to be extreme and not negotiable, because liberty is his strict principle. So, in his view: 1. should children/young people be free in their own decision to consume alcohol? 2. Should everybody be allowed to eat, be on the phone, drink, smoke, while driving, so me and my children could end up in an accident and get injured, just because some idiot feels free to do whatever he thinks is right for him? This is not an attack on Ron, rather than my concern for Ron’s idea of freedom. I think some intervention from government is necessary to have a healthy and secure(d) society. Thanks for any comments on this.

    • MrKittyBites


      I’ll try to answer your questions. Ques 1) There are laws on the books. They should be enforced. That goes for polluting water (EPA) Contamination, etc. Why do we need an agency filled with people that do nothing anyway, when the laws already exist, if enforced.2) Careless driving is ONE LAW. It doesn’t matter what the hell your doing. You should be paying attention. We don’t need micro-laws that all say the same thing. Changing the channel on your radio should be ILLEGAL if you get distracted??? No. That’s careless driving. Period.What the good Doctor is trying to say is we don’t need laws on top of laws on top of laws. Personal responsibility is common sense. As far as legalizing drugs, A) Alcohol is far more common & dangerous in society. Unless you make that illegal, then the Govt is picking the TYPES of people they want to imprison. (ie racism)

      b) Decriminalize & you can replace prisons with rehab facilities.c) Criminalization has only escalated crime because of a criminal record for posession, now no job opportunities, equals a life of crime to survive.

      d) Almost every family has a hopeless drunk in their family. If a drug addict needs help, why can’t we try to help them instead of hook them up with gang members in the prison system.

      I drive a train for a living. I get drug tested regularly. That wouldn’t change. If drugs were decriminalized tomorrow,There is NO WAY I could or would want to. I would be fired.

      Again personal responsibility. Does that help at all?

      • MrKittyBites

        @sweasel_vienna PS… Liberty does not equal anarchy

        • TaunaGrinager

          @[email protected]_vienna

          We just came back from a week in Puerto Vallarta. It was my first time in Mexico, so I was keen to observe cultural differences. I never believed that the US is a “free” country, and now I really don’t. In Mexico they have many more, genuine freedoms – with a heaping dose of personal responsibility. Pedestrians don’t have the right of way, which keeps traffic flowing smoothly. Everyone had to take care of themselves and cross the streets with common sense. We’re so dumbed down here that jaywalking is a crime. No one panhandled us either. No one seemed to expect something for nothing. Granted, they’d ask if I’d buy their crappy jewelry or some other item, but no one wanted to take my money just because they felt they had less than me. We were able to buy local raw honey from an old man in front of the grocery store – here he’d be hauled off for such a thing. It seems to me that if our country doesn’t get back on track soon, more people will immigrate to Mexico. Actually, I have been hearing that their economy is improving at such a rate that many are returning home and corporate-owned farms are struggling to earn their insane profits. That’s one way to fix the immigration “problem” – ruin our country & economy so much no one wants to come here anymore!

    • Bethsimmons5245

      @sweasel_vienna Good question. No, Dr Paul is not advocating unsafe practices. First, most people think the government is set up to help protect you and in theory that is a good thing but in reality the fact of the matter is government has morphed into an grossly obese, gluttoness, corrupt machine that is taking your money and using in ways to make others richer and you with less social services, as being evidence every day lately. Dr. Paul says to knock down big government and make it more manageable and smaller and give the states more say in how people are governed. This is better for the people because it is a whole lot more manageable at a state level than on a federal level. He sees that incarcerating people for long periods of time that haven’t committed a violent crime puts a strain on economy in some ways but also enriches others such as the entire cost to manage a huge penal system. Some companies are making a fortune building all these prisons, providing food and services, etc. He believes that people should be free to do what they want as long as they don’t violate another’s rights. So, if you want to drink alcohol in your home some federal agent shouldn’t be allowed to bust down your door and take you away (FDAA-if you don’t know) and with this premise you can substitute any drug for the word alcohol. Because it is proven one cannot legislate morality. Although I don’t imbibe there is very little difference between pot and alcohol. One is legal one is not. In fact, many people will argue that pot is a lot less lethal than alcohol. I personally believe alcohol is legal because first prohibition obviously didn’t work, people were still making alcohol in the woods and bathtubs. The government lost revenue. Well, if they legalized pot they wouldn’t have the revenue stream because anyone can grow a weed and how are they going to get money if it is legal. So, there are a lot more dollars generated by throwing the poor into prison. The rich do not do as much time because they can afford lawyers who can work the system. Unfortunately, most of the people in prison are minorities. So, if I were a minority I would be voting for Paul. He wants to release all those incarcerated for non-violent crimes. If a person gets sloppy drunk and then goes out of his home and gets behind a wheel and kills someone then the laws would make sure that person was punished. (as far as appropriately enough is up to the states) Most states are getting tougher on drunk drivers. He advocates appropriate punishment via the state’s laws.

    • Vyda


      You sound like the typical media guru trying to spin Ron Paul’s message into something completely outrageous and completely ignorant. Before you post something stupid like this, please visit his website – RON PAUL and read his message and watch his videos. Then, please stop taking everything you hear and spinning your own deranged message into it…

  • Welsh_Ian

    Hey there. I am from the UK and myself and many of my friends are rooting for Ron Paul. Let him lead America to be the shining light it was intended to be!

  • MrKittyBites

    @gregvanproyen This might help. It very clear and detailed. Hope it helps…

  • gregvanproyen

    Hi, I wanted to know if you would think Ron Paul would go to war with any country which is capable of destroying Isreal and/or use weapons of mass destruction against it ? He says that Isreal is are closest friend,but is unclear about helping Isreal if it could really get destroyed. Please Respond!!!

    • LauraEsposito

      @gregvanproyen from what I have read and seen of Ron Paul, his main focus, as far as foreign policy goes, is to avoid war. Unless that is we are being literally attacked- not going to war upon the notion of trying to police the world and say who should or should not have nuclear weapons or what kind of government a country should be run by. Yes Israel is our ally, but we can’t afford to not take care of our own country anymore and then go and try to help others with their problems. It sounds cold, but it’s called self preservation and we aren’t a good ally to anyone bankrupt, uneducated, sick and dead.

      • gregvanproyen

        thank you @LauraEsposito @gregvanproyen

    • MrKittyBites

      @gregvanproyen Explains ALL about his stance on Isreal

    • Bethsimmons5245

      @gregvanproyen Israels, Netanyahu said not too long ago they had the capability to protect themselves. They did not need the U.S. to help them. He said it, it is on You Tube. Look it up. The U.S. wants to interfere and tell Israel what to do. I think it has been proven Israel can take care of itself. The U.S. has used the boogie man technique to scare Americans into thinking we are the target of a lot of terrorism from outside the country. The fact is a lot of the hostilities from other countries has occurred because of blow back. We have been interfering with other countries because of our need for oil and other resources. We have been bullying other countries. Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons and the intelligence says it will be at least a year before they have such a thing. Iran says they are not interested in developing such. Remember WMD. It was a lie. We cannot trust our government at the moment. And while your at it check out NDAA and what the current Congress and Obama did to remove your Constitutional Freedoms.

  • MrKittyBites

    Hey. Has anyone actually even SEEN these News Letters? I scoured the internet & can’t find an actual image of them. There was no such thing as websites back then, so you’d need an actual old copy of one in your hand. It’s making more sense now why RP claims he never saw them or read them. Maybe they never said those horrible things & this is a “Rove” style attack. All the media outlets have the same quotes, but have never had the letters in their hands. Maybe the Ron Paul campaign can turn the tables on the media and request them to produce an original in their hand since there were no website’s back then. Maybe they’d shut up about it.

    • MrKittyBites

      Finally found them. yeaaayyy?

    • any gaul

      Mmm….legitimacy of the articles written…again, nice try. Problem is ronnie got caught in another lie. Now he’s saying he was unaware, but last time he ran for presidency, he admitted to it, of course uncomfortably justifying the words. @MrKittyBites

  • Bookends

    stantana – Don’t worry Ron Paul is being recognized by good people that incudes Republicans, Democrats, Independents, & Libertarian – the message of Ron Paul is coming through everyone in the USA that is truly looking for GOOD to this nation

  • Bookends

    CS – here is a poll where you can vote see

    This link is one of Ron Paul – check it out.

  • RobertHauser

    Yes, as long as it doesn’t include the casino of Wall Street and as long as the gambling is not with your and my money.

  • Bahram

    I have worked in the construction industry for many years and have documented the waste of resources on government financed projects. I have made a full length documantry that I would like to dedicate to Ron Paul.

    The subject of my documentry, filmed in 2010-2011, is erosion control which took over twenty acres of Indian land in the city of Yucaipa, CA and wasted over four million dollars financed by different government agencies.

    In this documentry you will see removal of protected oak trees, distruction of scared Indian land and ultimately a failed system of erosion which only benefited the bankers, oil companies etc. When Ron Paul talks about wasted public project funding, this documentry completely supports his position.

    I would be honored to send a short version of my film to supporters of Ron Paul, to get this message out. Please contact me with any questions. [email protected]

    • RobertHauser

      @Bahram You’re on…you want my PO Box or do you want to send a DL to my email?

  • stantana

    I would like to post as a guest.

    Ron Paul should disassociate himself from the Republican party circus. He has gained recognition and would better attract the disenchanted Republicans,Democrats , Independents and apathetic non voters

    • RobertHauser

      @stantana I would flatly concur….that in fact is what I said back during the ’08 primaries when, in order to vote for him, everybody in the State would have had to register as a gopster….I drew the line. The Gay Old Perverts is the party of George the Dubya who trashed this country irreparably and tore up the Constitution for Ovomit to chew on….I mean Geo. W. Bush as in “quit throwing the Constitution in my face…the Constitution is just a goddam piece of paper”. The so called two-party system in this country is no more than a long snake with two ugly rat’s faces, one at each end. And you are right….DISENCHANTMENT R US.

  • RobertHauser

    If you are new to the scatosphere of politics in this country then you haven’t really missed much that is creative or enlightening,,,,but the word is “polls” and all they are is more or less crudely and oft times not very honestly taken “surveys” of public sentiment toward this candidate or that. A poll can be conducted by anyone including yourself —- you can stand out in front of a grocery store and ask people how they feel about the economy, foreign aid…blahblahblah whatever and then go home and tabulate the results and send them to the local rag for publication. But such polls have no force of law. And given the level of sociopathy and outright bald faced LYING by the maggotry of the mainstream media in this country, many of these supposedly “official” polls by Roper, Gallup, etc. are untrustworthy at best. As regards the “polls” you see in the daily tripe sheets, they are probably not conducted very scientifically and should only be used in conjunction with more reliable data from more truthful sources. In the primaries which will be coming up shortly, those voters in the public who are registered to a certain party are given ballots to vote for a list of candidates for that party and that one alone and the results of that primary—at least in theory—-are what determines what candidate—again, of that party—appears on the ballot in the general election in Nov of next year.

  • 2012RP

    Read this atrocious story being run by Slate (and prominently featured on MSN). Do your part and contact MSN to get them to take this down immediately.

  • Bethsimmons5245

    @ Larinthian, I don’t know what you heard about Dr. Paul with regard to Israel. Israel’s Netanyahu said they didn’t need the U.S.s’ help. Why don’t we save the millions we send to them and turn those millions of dollars into ways to help our own. If their own leader is saying this why are we insisting to be there? We do not need to be the police of the world. We need to take care of our own, make peace with all that we can, keep our military strong (but not aggressive), improve intelligence but not overreact to propaganda like WMD.

    • Vyda



  • GG

    Hi friends, this is Ron Paul’s Canadian supporter, and not the only one I might add. Your may wonder why I would care about your upcoming elections and the candidates running. It’s because we trade 2/3 of our goods with the US of America. Our economies are interwoven like no other. And let’s face it both of our economies suck right now. Our government has been cutting back on everything, and it is expected to do so with revenues dwindling like they are today with no clear idea of when the bleeding will stop. Bailout money is not an option. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is willing to tell is like it is when it comes to money. The others carry on as if nothing needs to be done to cut spending. The deplorable state of the economy needs to be addressed in a most serious manner. I beg of you to stay focused on the economy and where all the money going. The interest alone is going to have such far reaching effect on everything that could be achieved but will end up being wasted on paying for bad debts. Your country is better than that and you and your next generations deserve better than that.

    What is love most about Ron Paul is that he comes from a place of egolessness. Listen to what he really says and you will see what I mean. I also love Ron Paul because he doesn’t kiss any rings. I wish all the best for you and continue to spread the word, Ron Paul for President.

  • Larinthian

    I must say I was quite dismayed to hear Mr. Paul’s true feelings about Israel. As a man who likes to consider himself a champion of the people, it’s scary to think we have someone running for president who carries around so much repulsive thoughts about the only true ally we have in the middle east, Israel. Although Mr. Paul was never a serious presidential candidate for me, the fact remains that those who run for public office must be accountable for their actions. I really don’t care much if a candidate had an affair, that’s his business. But, we can’t have people running for office who are consumed by hate, that’s what we have in the oval office now, and we see the horrid results.

    • RobertHauser

      @Larinthian And just what do the working people of this country owe Israel?….our so called “ally”?….yeah, call them that to the survivors of the USS LIBERTY… them that to those involved in the arrest of Jonathan Pollard and NO, those incidents were by no means anomalous. This country owes Israel NOTHING but a nice swift steel-toed boot right in the chops. The real tragedy here is that people like you vote….

      Voting for prez in America is a matter of CHOICE not CHANCE……Tel Aviv and Wall Street dictate our so called “choices” and the working people of America don’t stand the “CHANCES” of a gingerbread fairy in a rat hole.

    • MuhamedQira

      @Larinthian I dont know if you are a paid Newt, or Romney worker….but if you really look at what Dr. Ron Paul is saying….he does not hate Isreal….If you really are concerned about people running for office…you should take a look at Newts Bill HR4170…this would allow him to execute someone…he wants to kill our children. What about Perry???? His Strong ad….he openly complains about gay people…cant have that!!!! People are equal no matter who or where they are from! Newt calls Palestine and invented state…technically true…but so is the USA!!!!!

      Ron wants to cut the foreign policy, and help Isreal “stand” on their own…as they themselves wish! And by cutting the foreign policy, he would also cut the funding of weapons that we supply Israels enemies….so i think he is helping Isreal!!! What a great guy this Ron Paul is …..We need more people like Ron….dont you agree, Larinthian?

    • Bethsimmons5245

      @Larinthian I didn’t mean to hit the like button. Where did you get the “true” feelings about Israel. There are many examples regarding Dr. Paul’s feeling about Israel. Four of his top aides are Jewish. There is an organization called Jews for Dr. Paul. Your unresearched statements are harmful and untrue.

    • Vyda


      Give me a break…we don’t need to baby Israel anymore or send them money – where in the Constitution does it say we need to babsit them and fund their military??? No it doesn’t so go get a clue….we are not Israeli slaves

  • Brick

    Dr. Ru will be finished by the end of February. Then he will run on a third party to help Obama win to get back at the GOP, the party he bares the name today. The party he resigned from yet came crawling back. Paul is a quitter. he runs from every situation he has ever been in. Look at his career. Just like he ran from that idiot CNN reporter.

    • RobertHauser

      @Brick I saw the video and no, RP did not “run”….he got sick and fed up with that fish-faced jewish cnn anchor twit, Gloria Border, pulled the mike out of his jacket and walked away in well-founded disgust….light years apart. You show us where in his congressional record prior to ’08 that he “ran” or “quit”….now after that is open to witticism & criticism.

      • RobertHauser

        @Brick Borger I meant….

      • any gaul

        roberthauser is a perfect ronpual/loontarian example of why not to vote for him or loontarians…bunch of racist, anti semites, homophobes,sexists @RobertHauser @Brick

        • BobHauser

          @any [email protected]@Brick Kindly define “anti semite”….I think we need to get such pathetic slurs and jerks like you who have nothing more creative to do with your lives dragged right out in the open and exposed for the sociopathic delirium they symbolize

        • any gaul

          yeah bobbie……I’m sure you have your own warped, conspiracy version of what anti-semite is…you seem a little sociopathic, along the lines of the guy in Arizona that went on a shooting spree…it’s typical behavior of reich wingers, and would be even more so under the rule of redneck ronnie pukepaul. Your rhetoric is delusional…typical born again pauler behavior

          @[email protected]@Brick

        • BobHauser

          @any [email protected]@[email protected] Yeah, see, right there….you don’t have the bowel tract to answer a question in a straight forward manner. You don’t have what it takes with your phony jive-assing pseudo-cultural bravo sierra. Well, let me tell you this, Mr. I-got-some-Gall ….I’ve got some very healthy reservations about Ron Paul and especially his antics during the primaries of ’08 and I am seeking the truth about his motivations in those particular circumstances but I sure as the cornbread Hell know better than to get the truth from some acid-head pseudo social wart like yourself. I wouldn’t trust any of the other candidates for prez any further than I could blow any one of their dead carcasses down a two inch fire hose and Ron Paul is the only excuse for honesty in the entire scatosphere of politics in this palsied country and I have healthy doubts about him long before you infested this thread with your mongoloidal flatulence.

        • BobHauser

          @any [email protected]@Brick Oh, by the way….the man’s name was Jared Loughner….you’d sound a little bit more authoritative if you would use names instead of “guy in Arizona”…and if you’d remember, the earliest news feeds said the authorities were looking for an accomplice in his forties. If that doesn’t stink from here to the far side of Hell of CIA drone op maybe you could supply a better explanation. Go on, wise guy jive-ass, explain your way through that one.

  • Brick

    You are a loud mouth jerk and the sooner we are shed of you the better off our country will be. Your goons claim you can change things in DC. No you can’t. Not as long as there is a Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Durbin………………

    • MuhamedQira


      First of all the loud mouth jerk on this blog is you….secondly, the fact that we have Pelosi, Ried, Schumer and Durbin is the very reason that we need someone like RP as president. It is brainwashed people like you who complain, and do nothing about it! If you are would like to change the way things are run in DC, then put your foot foward, and keep positive…..but until then, keep things respectful….just because you are not capable of thinking about the future and the benefits of minds like RP, you dont need to put people down who are not as low as you are!

  • Bookends

    RobertHauser – I really don’t care what you think, as for myself and my family personally Christ has never failed us – you can think whatever you wish it doesn’t effect our lives.