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  • stantana

    Hey Ron Paul Fans:

    As promised, my bud and I posted the “Unofficial Ron Paul Revolution Fight Song” on you tube.Gratitude goes out to the creative genious of Matthew Bellamy and MUSE for the UPRISING!

    We hope they will forgive us, and find this to be a good cause, by maybe getting the Youth of America more active in changing the world; by voting.(Otherwise I will probably end up in jail for plagerism).I’m computer illiterate, so I’m not sure about the URL??, but look under Stantana69. You will know better than I will.Anyways, we hope you like it and maybe Ron himself might hear it and use it!

    And again, please forgive us, Matt!

    • stantana


      Uprising -Ron Paul Revolution lyrics

      Our economy is in demise and the voter apathy is on the rise we need a

      Honest man to lead our revolution by simply following the constitution

      The Fed and Congress are out of control and the politicians have lost their soles

      We need to vote for Paul to get our country back cuz our life and liberty are under attack

      Ron Paul Can Lead Us

      He will bring back common sense

      Ron Paul will restore us

      We will be victorious!

  • quisnosonoftherepublic

    Ok kiddies most of you wont believe this if i tell you, but agent provacatuers. from the FBI Batf and CIA are trained in this. learn to determine your enemy

    learn the reasons and the values of hegelian dielectic as well as the damage it can do to groups and discussions.

  • Jenasus

    Get back, get back, get back to where we once belonged…the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence…Get Back America…

    Nominate Dr Ron Paul for President of the United States of America 2012


  • Jenasus

    If RoSe’S are ReD and ViOLeTTe”S are BLuE than I will give my LOVE to YOU.

    Jenasus Trinity Hawkins

  • Jenasus

    We are living in the time of Revalations. The scales of time are being in the hand of one of the Four Horseman. In his other hand is a rope that is tied into a noose.

    On one side of the scales of time is the “Age of Enlightenment” where the truth shall live and the lies will die.

    On the other side of the scales of time is the “Age of Enslavement” where the lies will live and the truth shall die.

    Jenasus Trinity Hawkins

  • The Enemy Expatriation Act, also known as HR 3166 and S. 1698

    EVEN NOW that the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act has been passed, there is yet another “Act” on its way-The Enemy Expatriation Act, also known as HR 3166 and S. 1698

    Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Charles Dent (R-PA) sponsored this bill! With this Enemy Expatriation Act, our leaders would have the power to take away your citizenship if you are considered “hostile” against the United States. Basically, your nationality would be ripped away if it is assumed that you have been “engaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States.”

    The Enemy Expatriation Act has been introduced in the House, and again, the media refuses to cover it. The American public have the right to know about a bill that could revoke their United States citizenship, and the continuing media blackout poses a serious threat to the freedoms this country pledges to provide its citizens.

    The Enemy Expatriation Act is a short, yet dangerous bill. The purpose of the bill is “to add engaging in or supporting hostilities against the United States to the list of acts for which United States nationals would lose their nationality” []. Put simply, this bill gives the U.S. government the power to revoke your citizenship, thereby nullifying your RIGHTS as an American citizen, if they believe you are even merely SUPPORTING acts against the United States. The Obama administration has pledged not to use the NDAA against American citizens [THIS IS NOT CORRECT: SEE P.S. BELOW]. However, if this bill passes, you could be stripped of your citizenship, and subjected to the full, treacherous acts of the NDAA. You will no longer have your rights as a citizen to protect you.

    There’s more than SOPA-NDAA Dox of Rep. Charlie Dent, Sponsor of Enemy Expatriation Act

  • zam
  • flyingeagle

    In case you didn’t see this at the top of this sight it says

    South Carolina Primary The South Carolina Presidential Primary takes place on Saturday, Jan. 21. It is open to all registered S.C. voters as S.C. does not have registration by party. Mainstream media reports to the extent that S.C. is a “closed primary” are false and should be ignored. passss this on , this is a big deal and should not be ignored.

    • quisnosonoftherepublic


      your calling our mainstream media Presstitutes? how dare you.

  • quisnosonoftherepublic

    Look heres the dope. your country loves you so much that they want jihadiststo warm you with fissle nuke material

  • DavidPlatt This video needs to be on your web site. A great one of many from the Judge.

  • DanPlesse

    I posted my idea on youtube “The Prosecution of Barack Obama for Murder” and youtube change its voting up policy to make it harder to find this post.

  • DanPlesse

    Dear Ron Paul,

    The Prosecution of Barack Obama for Murder

    I would like you to charge Barack Obama for complicity to murder, the conspiracy to murder and depraved indifference with regard to death of Anwar Awlaki who is an American Citizen. However I would also like to grant Col. Marris Davis or Vincent T Bugliosi or any US citizen these powers to file charges in local US courts all around the nation on my behalf and challenge NDAA directly. Vincent T Bugliosi Phone: (310) 273-9013

    The law does not have a popularity contest requirement for what rights you are entitled too however since 9/11 the magic terrorist wand everyone rights are now gone and those pesky trials disappear! This has to end now with a defining and epic trial of the century. One for the history books i.e The Prosecution of Barack Obama for murder. Laws define this nation, that’s all we have.

  • MitchDowney

    I think Ron Paul’s campaign should start advertising completely open Facebook groups in advance of each primary. For example, prior to the South Carolina primary, the Ron Paul campaign should be sure that as broad of a swatch of the SC politically active population is engaging in open debate with Facebook users. I don’t know how expensive advertising on Facebook is, but maybe you could target South Carolina users with GOP candidates in their interests or inspirational people.

    • MitchDowney

      The point of this is to get Conservative users who haven’t heard Paul’s arguments (who might other wise be a Romney or Santorum supporter) into a chat environment where they are exposed to new ideas from a community of people enthusiastic about the South Carolina (and whatever primary happens to be next). Ron Paul can trust that his Facebook supporters can overall convey his views accurately.

  • Pietenpol

    Dear Congressman Paul,

    I hear your a private pilot! What better way to display your freedom than to do it as pilot in command of an airplane. I hope you are Commander and Chief in about 12 months!!! I am so grateful that there is someone left on this planet that believes in personal freedom. If you ever happen to come to Toledo, you are more than welcome at EAA 582!!!

    We’ll even give you a freedom flight in our Pietenpol Camper!!!

    Big Supporter,

    Andy Abreu

  • Jenasus

    When some of the other candidates drop out of the primary Ron Paul will pick up those people to win the nominee for President of the United States of America 2012

  • dark_knight

    There’s enough support out there that I hope Paul will consider a 3rd party run if Romney gets the nomination.

  • European75

    @dave: and we call that democracy… can t vote becuase you didnt changed….and if you vote anyway for Ron Paul, you get prision or death penalty?

  • CesarFlores


    apparently Ron Paul Haters are going to try and dress up as KKK supporting Paul to make him look bad spread this every where it was on face book but i think they may have deleted the Post watch out

  • European75

    Nobody will stop Ron Paul…..he s going up and up…..he s kicking every candidates s butt like Rocky Balbao 1st round second round ……Here we come Liberty

    thats very good news for the world ( at least i hope so)…..Let start the clean up

    If he will be elected like President…….i will not be suprised…..that he will be killed or they will try to bomb the Statue of liberty or something similar trying to look like some Islam Terrorist did it ( of course the action did By the Fucking CIA, Mossad or other kind of organizacion) so they can say….you see we need to go to war….your way of thinking doesnt help……

    But at the moment lets concentrate on the winning road from the one and the only mister Ron Paul

  • Jenasus

    Romney and Obama are on different sides of the same Totem Pole. Obama gets his policies from the Romney camp. Most of the Democrats and Republicans are also on different sides of the same totem pole. In public they appear to be against each other but in private they are laughing thier a$$ off at us.

    Dr Ron Paul is the lone wolf and he stands for what he believes in. I can trust him with my life. Nominate Dr Ron Paul for President of the United States of America 2012.

    The road to PEACE is paved with FREEDOM. Get back, get back, get back to where we once belonged…the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence…Get Back America.