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  • Surfisher

    Another blatant attempt by the main media in last debate — CNN this time — to act as if Ron Paul does not exist. Took the booing of the audience to “alert” the “mediator” that Ron Paul was ignored in answering the abortion question.

    Afterwards, the main media devoted about 90% of their time covering the dog-and-pony show btw Romney and Newt, allotting another 9% on Santorum’s dares. Only 1% of airtime was given as: “Ron Paul did participate in the debate….”

    The transparency of this “black-out” by the main media (that can only be initiated by those controlling their respective news media networks, instructing their underling reporters NOT to mention Ron Paul’s name in any way) — has to have been noticed by now by the American people (since it has been in effect since day one)!

    Americans should be outraged by this inequity in media coverage — and ask these purveyors of partial coverage by sending tons of e-mails and millions of phone calls, asking them : “Give us the names of the people in charge that send you memos telling you NOT to mention Ron Paul in any way,…or look for another job!” So we know who actually controls the media in this country.

    One positive thing can be taken from this enforced main media “black-out”. Ron Paul’s Message of obeying the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the silky demagoguery offered by the rest — must be scaring the hell out of the puppet-masters — God forbid that the American People hear the Truth!

    Then, they may actually do something about it!


    • stantana


      Good observation.It’s sad but in some ways,good. The other three are beating each other up and the people ARE noticing Paul’s limited time. It is imperative that he let’s the others implode and stay out of it. When he does get his time , he has to hit home runs by being direct,articulate and to his agenda and let the others sink their own ship. Intelligent people will notice and respect his collected demure, while the others rant.

  • Jenasus

    Dr Ronald Ernest Paul, You should have access to as much time as any other candidate during the debates.

    If main stream media won’t give you equal time than they are dicriminating against we the people that support you.

  • Jenasus

    Na…na…na…, Na…na….na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…, Lets get high…,

    Na…na…na…na…, Na….na…na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…, It’s do or die…,

    Na…na…na…na…, Na…na…na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…, We will survive…,

    Na…na…na…na.., Na…na…na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…., We have arrived…,

  • DanPlesse

    New World Order Message for 2012 with George W. Bush

  • Jenasus

    DanPlease, Some people in our government are working on the New World Order. In the NWO we the people will lose all of rights of freedom as citizens and become subjects (SLAVES) in the New World Order.

  • Jenasus

    “The Patriot Act” “The National Defense Authorization Act” and “The Enemy Expatriation Act” are nails in the coffin of our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

    We the people need to call our Representatives and express our concern for our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that these Acts threaten.

    A petition to repeal these Acts would be helpful to gain more support for Dr Ron Paul.

  • PagansForRonPaul

    Ron Paul has a HUGE Pagan following in South Carolina. I’m asking All my Pagan friends to support Ron Paul 2012.

  • DanPlesse

    The IMPEACHMENT of Barack Obama for Murder

    Dear Obama clones (Mitt romney, Newt gingrich and Rick the double dick Santorum) ,

    We have always defended people in court and these bills AUMF, NDAA go on and on. What is the next bill to hit the fan? Death to all of us? Where is the line today and where is your patriotism? Where did all go? Did AIPAC write these bills to implode America?

  • DanPlesse

    The IMPEACHMENT of Barack Obama for Murder

    Dear Obama clones (Mitt romney, Newt gingrich and Rick the dick Santorum) ,

    We have always defended people in court and these bills AUMF, NDAA go on and on. What is the next bill to hit the fan? Death to all of us? Where is the line today and where are our patriotism? Where did all go? Did APCC write these bills to implode America?

  • flyingeagle

    Its not a puppy ,its a human made in the image of God , 2 wrongs don’t make a right , abortion is murder of the most innocent babys, shedding of innocent blood and God will hold people accountable for this sickening deception called abortion. Prolife is the only choice there is when you side with Gods views on this .

  • DanPlesse
  • The Incompetent

    Ron Paul, you are probably the first political Candidate that I have seen that is actually trying to make changes for the better of our Country and your not even in office yet! Your consistancy on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is more than impressive. Your the first political figure that has been making sense since 2000. You stick with the true values of our Country, you understand that its the people and not the Government that which makes this a wonderful Country. Keep fighting Ron Paul. I’m behind you and so are many others! DO NOT STOP. DO NOT HESITATE. WIN RON…WIN!

    • I am a registered democrat but will vote for Ron Pau and I have been trying to spread his word. Even though there maybe areas of disagreement with what he states is his belief, he gets my vote because he is the only one who stands by the constitution of this great country. It was built on that very same constitution and because all who have gone before did their own thing instead of adhering to that constitution is what has brought america to its knees. Ron Paul can make the real CHANGE that america needs to get back to, the principals of the constitution make his job very easy, getting through the thick skulls of the american people who claim they want change, now they need to put proof where the pudding is, in their vote for Ron Paul. I will cast my vote for Ron Paul and should he not win, america will lose except my vote will then be cast in the election for me, I count and so does my vote, I will not let it be cast aside, I will then vote for me.

  • Grac Stewart

    WTF… why is Sarah Palin even showing as a VP posibility on Ron Pauls ticket? WTF!?

    Jesse Ventura is a better option. He is sane, consistent, track record similar to Ron Paul, not a lunatic, was liked in MN and is coherent.

  • John

    Perry announced he is dropping out, the race is narrowing but it does not look like Dr.Paul is gaining any support in SC. beyond his core group. This poll states 20% would vote 3rd party but Paul does not plan on running as 3rd party nor is he likely to win. (I want him to win)

    I totally support the Ron Paul campaign but I feel it is up against a major headwind and feel it could use some sort of non conventional tactic to gain some steam.
    The Ron Paul campaign needs a push, having his supporters declare support for Obama if he does not get the nomination could be just it. If FoxNews covered it could you imagine the headline.. “Ron Paul supporters vow to vote for Obama if he does not get the GOP nomination”
    This would put the fear of god into the GOP, they know that without the Ron Paul supporters (voting as republicans) they will lose to Obama.
    From the numbers I see, Ron Paul does not have enough voters to win a nomination, but has enough votes to create a landslide victory for whoever his supporters vote for in the presidential election.
    The idea of a write in or deciding not to vote is noble but it will not get Dr.Paul elected.
    Trust me, I dont want Obama or anyone besides Dr.Paul as president, but I am sick of the way the ‘establishment’ chooses it winners.

  • Terra Acox

    I believe in you ron! You are our country’s last hope. It honestly makes me sick to even watch the debates between the rest of the war mongers while you are the only candidate that would end our uninvited nation building. And for you to be the only sane option and be called unelectable by the mainstream media makes me fear for the future of this country. Citizens should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to choose leaders with no morals or ethics whose main goal is to avoid rocking the boat, maintain the current policies term after term seven though our policies are failing and morally bankrupt, out of fear of scrutiny for implementing real change and their overwhelming greed. If you don’t get the gop nomination, please consider running as an independent, I know you said you won’t, but I wish you would reconsider, I have heard that you have more merchandise salutes than any other gop candidate and I really think you have enough support to beat romney and obama as a third option on the ballot in november.

    • Mark Russell

      I like this idea, I’ll sign a petition that says that I will vote for Obama bin Laden if Ron is not elected. And we can send it to Fox and CNN brain washers.

  • JamesHancock

    Please change the way you communicate your foreign policy before it’s too late!

    I love Ron Paul’s ideas. I 100% agree with Ron Paul on his foreign policy. But guess what? Most people have never been to the middle east and have been drinking the coolaid for far too long to accept his message (especially when the message isn’t polished enough as was evident during the debate)

    Here’s how I suggest you phrase this for Republican voters so that they get it and will get behind it:

    The United States needs to stop funding socialism in Europe, Korea and Japan! We have > 300,000 troupes in Europe, ~100,000 in Korea, tens of thousands in Japan.

    And guess what? Those countries that we have these bases in, that are under no threat (leave out Korea if you must but make the point that North Korea is no threat to the South Korean military) to any attack what-so-ever have the lowest per capita rate of military funding in the developed world!

    We’re not talking about the middle east here. We’re talking about the UK, Germany, France, Italy. In the illegal attack on Libya the French and the English couldn’t even muster a proper air force to bomb Libya! The US and Canada had to do the bulk of it.

    Why? Because both countries feel safe because the US IS THEIR MILITARY, so they’ve spent all of their money on social welfare programs. That’s right, their welfare budget is roughly equal to the amount that they would have to spend if the US wasn’t their military. They look down on us for having 40 hour work weeks and allowing businesses to fire people. Why? Because we’re their military and they have the luxury of being socialist states as a result. Japan and South Korea both are in the same boat.

    Eliminate all bases except one in Europe or better yet Cypris or some other island. Do the same to South Korea and Japan. We have multiple island bases on US soil in the Pacific Rim that are just as convenient. Force these countries that have been freeloading off of us for more than 60 years to defend themselves. It does three things:

    1. Balances the US budget.

    2. Eliminates socialism in the developed world.

    3. Brings our troupes home which is good for them, and excellent for our economy.

    Yes we’re talking about > 500,000 troupes that can be brought home in the developed world alone without touching even one in the middle east. We can do so without affecting the safety of the US and get the benefit of improving the economy AND fighting socialism. (and hey, who doesn’t want to wipe the smug look off of the French?)

  • Jenasus

    It takes two to make one because it took two whole people to make each one of us.

    We the people need to UNITE together as one to make it into the “Age of Enlightenment” and out of the “Age of Enslavement”

    1+1=1 All for one and one for PAUL

  • CharlesUpTop

    Almost everybody I know who doesn’t dig Ron Paul doesn’t really know his positions and his history. This helped me break the ice with my room mates:

    Use the toolbar on the top left to navigate through multiple articles, videos, and analysis that all together make a very persuasive argument.

  • Pietenpol

    @RP Fan I hate to agree with you. I felt sorry for him last night. He had a tough crowd. Common.. booing him for saying “Golden Rule?” What brand of Christianity to they practice in SC anyway?

  • RP Fan

    Note to Ron Paul from a fan: I love your message and intend to vote for you, but you stunk last night. My God, man please practice your debating skills! While you are an excellent orator (in speeches, in interviews, in conversations, in lectures) and a wonderful writer (bills, newsletters, books, articles)… you SIMPLY MUST learn to debate. It’s a different animal altogether. Debates require that you: (1) learn to speak in 30 second soundbites which can articulate a position, refute an argument, clarify a misconception, correct a lie, and instill confidence all at once (2) be prepared to defend, refute, articulate, and if need be deflect issues that you know they will confront you on (killing Bin Laden, being an isolationist, legalization of drugs, weakening the army, racist newsletters). We know what you stand for, but you will never win the American people, babbling about “being fair” and “do unto others” when talking about terrorists. That wasn’t thoughtful, and it didn’t instill confidence. (3) get a coach and REHEARSE comebacks to false attacks, lies and misrepresentations. Newt and Romney are pros at this. (4) Have a simple, catchy message (Cain had 9-9-9) that you repeat about freedom, liberty, and sound money. Give it a name. That’s all. I want so desperately for your ideas to be in place, but get disappointed and anxious (biting my nails) in debates because I never know which Ron Paul will show up. Brilliant, scholarly, lead-by-example conservative or babbling, rambling, unfocused nut-job. I will admit that debates are usually done best by those who “manufacture their stories, positions, and soundbites” not those who speak truth sincerely from the heart, as you do sir. But we all want more than your ideas being heard & spread; we actually want you to WIN!