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  • Surfisher

    The Myth that only Newt can successfully debate Obama — sounds good, if Americans are interested in which one can outdo the other in lies.

    Here is a reality check:

    Obama cannot make a logical conclusion even if hit on the head with a tome of Aristotle’s Organon.

    He is lost without the tele-prompter, and can hardly speak coherently without the use of worn out cliches. This small-minded, unaccomplished in any way, narcissist can only resort to parroting defunct socialist dogma when not fed questions he’s prepared for — thus, any logical high-schooler can make him look silly in a debate that is not pre-written!

    Ron Paul will destroy Obama in any unscripted one-on-one debate — a genuine person concerned about saving America (Ron Paul) vs a phoney narcissist (Obama) thinking only of staying in power!

    Contact Newt and Santorum — tell them to forgo their egotism — they need to withdraw now, so Ron Paul can bring down the Joker in the White House (once one-on-one vs money-man Mitt, Ron Paul will win)I

    Then Ron Paul’s message of Liberty and Prosperity will be heard — and little Hussein will be gone!

  • Newt doesn’t allow comments on most of his You Tube propaganda video’s. Says a lot about someone when they have to censor material they own.

  • Surfisher

    I was questioned as to why won’t Ron Paul compromise on some issues in order to be “more electable”.

    Here is my response:

    Principles are immutable — what you suggest are compromises. By my definition compromises are the bane that has poisoned our nation — since by nature they keep degrading into totalitarianism.

    If “A” is a principle and “C” is it’s anathema, when the politicians settle for “B” —which is the intermediate — then a compromise has been created which becomes the new “principle” accepted by law.

    Then when “B” is challenged by another idiocy — let’s say “I” for idiots — and a compromise is reached — for the middle of the two again, let’s say “F” (for failure), then the standard has been lowered once more.

    By extrapolation — one can see that all principles (the constitutional guarantees in this case, that allow for individual freedoms and pursuit of happiness) will eventually become non-existent.

    So, one has to make a choice now — do we compromise AGAIN, or stand by the Constitution, and hope that the people will not fall again for the Compromise Trap this time around?


  • Surfisher

    Newt displayed again he is the best of sophists. Newt’s meal consisted of some facts, partial truths, outright lies, and promises never intended to be kept — he chew it all up, swallowed this melange and then threw up what has to be the most appealing regurgitated dish any candidate can offer: sophistry, demagoguery and slick oratory.

    If you are looking for a more perfidious candidate that may out-lie Obama — than Newt is the choice for you.

    If, however, you want the restoration of true freedom and prosperity — look at the GENUINE message that Ron Paul has never deviated from for 30 years.

  • DanPlesse
  • bradshaw2130

    I believe If Ron insisted that banks refinace everyone’s mortgage at the % rates today, he would be elected to the White House. It could cut down on foreclousers and homes that have been devalued as much as $30-40,000 would be able to refinance at the present rate of the market, without having to prequalify for an existing loan.

  • Jenasus

    Ron Paul, We do believe in you…And we know you believe in us…And now we realize…Our government’s not what it’s suppose to be…And knowing that you will bring us back…To where we are suppose to be…We’re growing stronger everyday…yeah…yea…

  • Jenasus

    Ron Paul, We do believe in you…And we know we believe in us…And now we realize…Our government’s not what it’s suppose to be…And knowing that you will bring us back…To where we are suppose to be…We’re growing stronger everyday…yeah…yeah…

  • l0ukaz

    Total Deafening silence in ALL Greece Media, this two words – Ron Paul – are like forbidden for Greek citizens, God Bless you all

  • Jenasus

    If RoSe’S are ReD and ViOLLeTTe’S are BLuE than I will give my LOVE to YOU.

  • Jenasus

    Does anyone know the name of the Alien Invasion Bill that Congress is working on?

  • DanPlesse

    More proof that Americans are duped by the media

    Fox News in an attempt to to stop the mosque at ground zero published the “body parts map”

    It looks like body parts where picked up by heat and rained down like frogs.

  • Jenasus…na…na…, Na…na…na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…, Lets get high…,

    Na…na…na…na…, Na…na…na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…, It’s do or die…,

    Na…na…na…na…, Na…na,…na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…, We will survive…,

    Na…na…na…na…, Na…na…na…,na…, Hey…hey…hey…, We want to fly…,

    Na…na…na…na…, Na…na…na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…, We have arrived…,

    Na…na…na…na…, Na…na…na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…, GOD is my light…,

    Na…na…na…na…, Na…na…na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…, Our spirit’s alive…,

    Na…na…na…na…, Na…na…na…na…, Hey…hey…hey…,

  • Jenasus

    12/21/2012 is not about the end of the world. It is about the end of freedom in America or the renewal of our freedom.

    04/07/1776 Add the day and the month together and you get 11=01+01=02 which is 20 reversed. than add the numbers in the year together and you get 1+7+7+6=21 which is 12 reversed. Put them together and you get 12/21/2012.

    PS I am also really good with numbers and have a keen ability of a sixth sense.

  • Jenasus

    I was hoping we the people would at least have the power to nominate the candidate in the primaries but it is obvious that we don’t.

    Don’t give up and don’t give in people. The fight for our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has only begun.

  • Jenasus

    I have been working on a political puzzle and so far all of the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. By the way, I am really good at putting puzzles together and reading between the lines and reading the writing on the wall.

  • Jenasus

    Money talks and everyone else walks.

    We the people have no control in the elections. 2 out of 4 of the candidates that did not get enough signatures to be on the ballot in the Virginia primaries have already dropped out of the race.

    If you believe your vote counts that is good but unfortunately it does not.

    There are only a few ways that we the people will get our country back. It’s not at ballot box.

    To be honest with all of you, I believe we the people will not be able to vote in 2012.

  • stantana

    I was appalled this morning while listening to one of the “liberal media”, ABC news. I know the Republicans have historically bashed the liberal media (exception of Fox ) for their biases.However this morning, while covering the S.C events, the headlines were only on Romney and Gingrich.There was absolutely no mention on their top stories of Santorum or Paul even existing and makes it look like a two man race! I am sure that neither Romney nor Gingrich will complain about the ‘biased coverage” this time as it was in their favor! With all the money that floats around campaigns (which should be free), that just about anyone can be bought…including the media. We must be very afraid and very careful about what we hear and on what information we base our opinions as it is blatantly obvious that the media can be bought and sold to the highest bidder! I have never been so worried about how money talks and controls people. Don’t let the media be your only source of info. Ron Paul’s platform is the only one that can get us back on track.But it looks like the rich and powerful will see that it will never happen! I feel sorry for Amerca’s future. I have never seen so much hypocrascy in my life, but it has probably always been there…just not as blatant.Tell your friends to watch the debates as live,direct information is our only chance at the truth.

    • ChrisSky

      @stantana you’re correct… but the single biggest issue the Ron Paul campaign (and America) must address, is the push for a “BROKERED CONVENTION” primary voting rule. Nothing is more important than making sure this does not happen.

    • DanPlesse

      @stantana the hypocrisy is 1.6 million Iraq dead the same people who love “war” just so happens to be “right to lifers” and bible believers. Paul does not point this hypocrisy out and he does not talk about NDAA or Obama bombing and killing citizens. It is also interesting that no one points this out. Ron Paul is pulling punches for votes because I don’t think “we the people” would understand what in the hell he is talking about. The people who voted for Obama the first time were duped and they should be mad as hell but the media covers this up. We call Iran a Theocracy while banning Atheists from office i.e hypocrisy. George H. W. Bush: “Atheists Neither Citizens Nor Patriots”. i.e No Atheists in Congress. examples go on and on.

  • ChrisSky

    Listen up people. The only way Ron Paul has a chance of winning is if as a NATION you address the NEW VOTING RULES they created specifically for this primary. It’s called “brokered convention” In every primary up until 2012 each state was a “winner take all” primary. Now under the “brokered convention” rules, each candidates gets delegates based upon the % of votes they obtain. Seems fair right?! WRONG…. first of alll… every state has the NEW rules… except one…. FLORIDA.. Florida petitioned to stay as a “winner take all” primary… and wouldn’t you know it.. Florida is the one State where Romney is the MOST favoured to win…. coincidence I’m sure! After ALL the primaries are finished the only way for a candidate to receive the nomination is by getting 50% of all the delegates…. This is almost IMPOSSIBLE for any 1 candidate to do (especially with 4 candidates in the race) The result is… After all the primaries, candidates must GIVE their delegates to whoever they want in order to get that guy 50% of the delegates and consequently the nomination. Therefore…. Even though Ron Paul could be in first place after all the primaries have been voted… All the establishment has to do, is get Newt Gingrich to give his delegates to Romney (thanks to the brand new rules) and Ron Paul LOSES. This election has been RIGGED from the get go. The people’s votes hold almost no weight under these new rules. This is designed to allow the Establishment to “hand pick” their candidate regardless of votes.

    Brokered Convention in the single biggest scam of the year. And it virtually guarantees a Ron Paul loss. You need to make noise about this, since the mainstream media has not reported on these “new rules”


    a concerned patriot.

    • If true and correct then registered hard lined republicans who don’t want Romney as their candidate should be livid about this too. It would mean that their choice was rigged to lose. I ask everyone to just listen to Ron Paul Does he have all our personal answers, no, but he has the overall answer for this country. As a registered democrat I choose to vote for Ron Paul this time and if he should not win the race, much because it has already been purchased by some others, then I will cast my vote for me and at least it will count to me. Thanks for your research and I hope you will continue to make the waves that are needed for change

  • GershomMontana2006


    One thing I noticed that did not come up was that businesses get incentives NOT to hire Americans, like big tax breaks. It is plainly insane to regulate a business to death and it is even worse to prevent Americans from competing for jobs in our own country! I believe “national suicide” is the term I am looking for. Sir, the tax breaks for hiring people from overseas needs to end and the suffocating local, state and Federal regulations need to end. In short, if we are to remain as an independent country, we need to eliminate the tax loopholes that prevent Americans from getting jobs. It’s not just the “lower wage” jobs either, it even the High End Tech Jobs that so many Americans want to get, most of them are either outsourced to another country or they are given to overseas citizens who are over here legally for that job. Can you expect an American who is trained and educated to work in the Tech sector to flip hamburgers his whole life? I think not! The problem with outsourcing is this: The tax base shrinks and dissapears entirely because the money is going overseas and not back into the US at all, except in limited cases. I could even make the case (and I will) that the “jobs Americans won’t do” are still being done by Americans in large part, but that is rapidly changing because of the tax breaks. Sir, lower income Americans flood the “lower income” employers with applications and it is a hard, month to month, year to year search because so many employers will automatically hire an overseas worker instead of the American. Not only that, people who cannot find jobs because of the jobs transfer that is going on usually wind up dependent on the Government and that actually increases the tax burden on the top income earners! Not to say that happens to the tax base on the local, State and Federal level. It is a disaster in the making and adopting a “hire Americans only please” policy on the local and State levels would really help bring the economy back to life. Yeah, High Tech Businesses like to whine that “oh they can’t find any Americans to do the jobs” what a load of crock. What do they think MIT and are other Tech colleges are for? Turning out burger flippers? I think not! By outsourcing everything overseas, and bringing people in to do jobs Americans have always done, we are literally playing right into the hands of our enemies, in the long run. Something to research and think about. The problem is very real and something needs to be done about it.