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  • Franklin Likethis

    If you can’t find mainstream America, you might as well move to Mexico.

  • Franklin Likeness

    A vote for Ron Paul is like pissing in the ocean…a waste of time and energy.


  • Franklin Likeness

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for…………………..insanity?

  • cec critch

    hey ron,
    newt is going on another long vacation cruise again now!
    this time, he is going to the coast of italy!
    and gloria borger has her soiled panties for you, she already gave some to mitt and newt!

  • Min. enemies
    Max. friends
    Equals low cost republic

    No to expensive empire
    Yes to low cost republic

    empires are expensive
    republic are cheap

  • mark marciano

    I am looking to help in getting mr Paul elected I am more convinced hes far=
    better than Romney I am a victim of Romneys healthcare law in Mass I lost =
    a good paying job because my employer couldnt afford the mandate I also see=
    n where Romney turned his back on laws that forbid foodstamp bearers the ri=
    ght to purchase alcohol in liquor stores using the foodstamp cards I watche=
    d the clerk convert the dollar amount in food stamps to the dollar amount i=
    n cash. I also watched where 400+ people lost thier jobs in a hospitol caus=
    e Mass couldnt pay for the state share of the medicaid cause it didnt have =
    the funds. I also want you to know that Romney awarded Blue Cross the contr=
    act to mann the states heath insurance connector phone system the way it wo=
    rked if you couldnt afford the health insurance blue cross offered you were=
    nt given the option of another provider you were given a waiver so you were=
    not fined you were not provided wih the insurance the whole reason
    the insurance law was passed was to provide coverage for the indigent. Tha=
    t was a lie. Then they turn around and list the ones with waivers as being =
    covered Lie lie lie so the rue number to mass residents being covered is no=
    t 93% ask for the waiver amout from the DOR its more like 68 -=A0 73% as to=
    Newt Ginrich=A0 he was not as well off as he laims when he was in gov anyh=
    ow I could go for hours but seriously send someone to mass have them get th=
    e true issues caused by the Romney care laws and let the naion see them and=
    he wont have a chance. on the other hand get me some voter info of people =
    in the upcomming states where your looking to win caucases “hope I spelled =
    that right ” and I will call them and let them know your the true Patriot

    and we need you now we cant wait till jan 2013=20

    YOu can reach me at [email protected]
    I have some info that will help as to Romney creating jobs ask him about th=
    e laws he passed to infringe on the employers ability to hire people caue o=
    f his mandated policies that favored his cronies in Business. He was no Wel=
    d. He only won cause Mass residents didnt want another Dukakis but after he=
    won we ended up with a dam Jimmy Carter. Actually I would have preferred J=
    immy Carter At least he knew what Civil rights meant

  • is there a doctor in the house??? help prevent the spread of “LIBERALITIS” and visit and download your FREE audio audio vaccination!!!

  • Surfisher

    2012 — “The End of the World”…not because the Mayans predicted an apocalyptic event.

    But if Ron Paul does not get elected as President. If this is to transpire — America will end as a Free Nation. Liberty will be finally extinguished by the next occupier of the White House, regardless if the current Democrook stays in power, or the other version gets it — Republicon Mitt.

    Once the flame of ‘Liberty and Justice for All’ has died here — the rest of the world will follow (by extrapolation) into the New Dark Age. Big Brother will dictate to all — the subjects (no longer Citizens, since such status is non applicable by the removal of nearly all freedoms) — the things you HAVE to do…for your “own good”!

    Hey, the Mayans might have gotten it partially right — The World, as we know it, won’t end by a Meteorite, but by the Money-Men controlling the Media and the ballot counting machines….

    • Surfisher

      Now that “the more he talks the less you like him” Newt has shot his wad by incessantly opening his perfidious mouth, thus clearly becoming unelectable; and wacky Santorum is nearing his inevitable end — with whom will you place your trust?

      1) Ron Paul — whose Principles over 30 years have never changed (respect the POSITIVE Constitutional Laws, which GIVE the Citizens FREEDOM, and progress from this base ONLY). Ron Paul will make Obama look silly on Constitutional Law (the basis of our Nation’s Creation!) when confronting this Occupier of the White House on his many transgressions against Our Constitution!

      2) Mitt — who has no principles (by record)! Mitt flip-flopped on all valid issues to accommodate his perception (as electable opposite of Bama). But they both stand as a pair of Socialist-Comrades-in-Crime, separated only by Mitt’s accomplishment in accumulating wealth privately, while Obama was incompetent to even to that. Obama will rip Mitt apart with the usual Obama rhetoric on “Bain…and the consequences thereafter”!
      Aside from this obvious weak point — that Obama will exploit till the cows come home — Mitt is nearly step-in step with Bama:

      a) anti gun ownership — memorize this dictum: “A Government that does not trust its Citizens to own guns, is a Government not to be trusted!”

      b) The State MANDATES your Health Care Coverage (you must accept it or be penalized for refusal)!

      c) Wars without Constitutional approval are OK — as long as they distract the people and thus keep me in Power.

      d) the list goes on — Mitt’s trampling of the Citizens rights on all fronts (all for the benefit of wannabe President — what is different between him and Obama now?)!

  • Marcus

    New Ron Paul’s campaign meme:
    RON PAUL 2012-2016

    • Gary

      I SMELL THE SHELL/BAIT AND SWITCH GAME GOING ON HERE IN NEVADA! Anyone that can do any overseeing or even take cameras and phones to get any footage? Their also obviously playing the blame game as well to keep us confused!

  • Marcus

    Email flashmob for Liberty

    The coverage by Email is even wider than by the social networks (it involves more adult and “conservative” audience). Why not to include this means to the Ron Paul’s campaign? I would suggest to make am Email signature to all supporters of Ron Paul. Something like this:

    1. Haven’t you heard about Ron Paul?
    2. Do you want Ron Paul to win the republican nomination?
    3. Do you want Ron Paul to be the President?
    Attach this signature to your Email…

  • trevor

    Congressman ron paul,
    iv heard and read great things about you. I however see no chance of you winning the republican canidacy! My suggestion is for you to switch to the libritarian party! Not sure if thats possible but i think youd win by doing so! And it would be nice to have someone out of the rep and dem partys. Theyve had thier chance and have brought this nation to its knees! I hope this is helpful.

  • dan

    Currently right now only Obama is killing Americas. Ron Paul said so tonight. Its part of his new upgraded campaign for liberty.

    • dan

      Israel is Hijacked just like US by the new or old world order luceferian Zionist puppets of the devil. To support Israel now is to support the devil. Currently only Obama is killing Americas, not Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld , Ron Paul said so tonight. Its part of his new upgraded campaign for liberty. If you don’t stand against the killings via CIA drones you are supporting the devil on many levels.

  • Washington Post says Romney already won Nevada and everyone else conceded at 2:55 pm today? Can you say vote fraud? Google: Votescam The Stealing of America. Until we return to paper ballots you reap what you so people!! Wake up America!!!

  • shiva

    Mr. Paul was just on CNN with pierce Morgan and spoke about his views on preemptive strike against countries and Iran. I want to tell hi that although I am a liberal and don’t agree with him on a lot of issues, I think he is right on when it comes to war, and US acting as the policeman of the work. Thank you so much for your voice, your honestly, and your principles when it comes to war!

    I will campaign for you and vote for you so I can make sure your voice stays out there as long as possible.

  • Surfisher

    Just for fun (since getting too serious here). Movies that best describe the actions of each:

    Ron Paul — Mr. Smith goes to Washington

    Newt — The Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Mitt — The Incredible Mr. Limpet

    Obama — A Night to Remember

    Post your picks for fun.

  • Chuck Centers

    I saw a Video on Youtube today that was soo impressive. Made by a young lady nicknamed RonPaulGirl1776. I don’t know how to describe it. You just got to see it. It will open your eyes wide. And it will make you cry.

  • Chuck Centers

    I saw a Video on Youtube today that was soo impressive. Made by a young lady nicknamed RonPaulGirl1776. I don’t know how to describe it. You just got to see it. It will make you open your eyes wide. And it will make you cry.

  • Seth Green

    Ron Paul i live in East Tennessee and i was just asking how can i help to get the voters in my early to vote for you thanks

  • oldgeezer

    Supposing I could prove to any reasonable thinking person or guru of Constitution Law and YOUR complete satisfaction, that THERE IS NO Congressional enacted federal criminal statute that would PROHIBIT, FORBID, or make it UNLAWFUL for any person at random to buy, sell, use, or abuse, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, hallucinates, or “controlled substances”, whatever they are now or ever will be, exactly, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I can and I will for anybody interested! the old geezer

  • Surfisher

    Valid observation — someone said the more you listen to Newt, the less you like him.

    And since he’s been talking endlessly, he should lose big in FL today. Without Newt in the running, Ron Paul’s message will have to be accorded greater exposure (instead of the Newt-Mitt dog-and-pony show that preempts air-time).

    Floridians — it’s up to you to make a difference today!