Ron Paul works towards the elimination of the inefficient Department of Education, leaving education decisions to be made at the state, local or personal level. Parents should have the right to spend their money on the school or method of schooling they deem appropriate for their children.

On November 14, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times interview:

“First, the Constitution does not authorize the Department of Education, and the founders never envisioned the federal government dictating those education policies.

Second, it is a huge bureaucracy that squanders our money. We send billions of dollars to Washington and get back less than we sent. The money would be much better off left in states and local communities rather than being squandered in Washington.

Finally, I think that the smallest level of government possible best performs education. Teachers, parents, and local community leaders should be making decisions about exactly how our children should be taught, not Washington bureaucrats.

The Department of Education has given us No Child Left Behind, massive unfunded mandates, indoctrination, and in some cases, forced medication of our children with psychotropic drugs. We should get rid of all of that and get those choices back in the hands of the people.”

Note: This summary of Ron Paul’s position has been determined to be incomplete! Contact us to join as a voluntary editor. Help us set the record straight and keep this page up-to-date.

  • avis

    I think the school system really sucks. I have three children who go to school and the majority of the teachers think they can talk to your kids any way they want. now if you go and talk to them the way they talk to your child they would be upset. they feed your kids half the amount of food they need .i want to home school but i do not know how to get started since my kids are in three different grades.

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    • Sally

      Homeschooling is a great option and it is very possible to do it with three kids in 3 different grades. If you would like tips on how to get started, please contact me.

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  • jhon
  • Brad

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  • Brad

    Educate yourselves!

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  • http://ronpaul Mark Anthony Edgette

    Statics prove America is the second dumbest nation in the world duck the doe and their false teaching

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  • Brad

    Here’s the evidence of why your not so smart!

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    • Brad

      Another example of the corrupt system!

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    • Estefan San Martin

      Isn’t the word you’re as in you’re not too literate. I noted all the misrepresentations here. The No Child Left Behind program was the brainchild of former President Bush II not a program initiated by the Department of Education. Dr. Paul is not an economist, his doctorate is in medicine, its like me with my PhD writing on quantum physics, a topic I am not qualified to write on, Ron Paul is much like Don Quixote, who often brings up the “Founding Fathers” in his arguments about which course we should take, consider this, they were slaveholders, women had no right to vote and it wasn’t granted until the 1920 by constitutional amendment. The constitution was never intended on being a static instrument, and the United States began as a agrarian nation with hostile attacks, hence the need for militias and the constitutional provision for the right to bear arms (for the purpose of a standing militia) with the exception of extreme terrror organizations, skin heads etc, militias are a dated institution unless there are bands of barbary pirates planning to loot Tampa Bay, or red coats invading Maine. The man can do little harm with the books no educated person takes seriously, and the bigoted homophobic viewpoints he carries are those of an aging Jurassic mindset of a man who actually voted for Eisenhower for president nearly 65 years ago. IF a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it or if nobody reads these meaningless books, and the mindblowingly idiotic actions of the Tea Partyers who only served to fractionalize themselves as out there and unrealistic whack jobs who’s solutions are greater than the peril they wish to solve. The stock market is triple what it was when G. Bush left office, unemployment is vastly improved, the changes in tax laws that made exporting US jobs profitable were a legacy of the Bush era, the Reign of Error. Signs of stability while the chicken littles are saying the sky is falling is the drop in gold prices. it has dropped 40% from its highs, and at a time of crises it is bought as a hedge. More learned people than Ron Paul are selling gold and anticipate more stability in the dollar not less, our education is what it is because we spend more on national defense than education, with the end of two wars, another Bush blunder, we will have a huge savings, but the Bush programs were to Spend more on defense, to finance his wars cut taxes and dump federal expenses on the states. The result, a damaged infrastructure, loss of teachers, road repair, etc as the states were broke, and no way to pay for what is needed. Also the attack on science doesn’t help. Ron Paul’s buddies, the Koch brothers are behind the misinformation programs, the US is the only country where a majority of its citizens dont see global warming as a real issue, despite the multi year west coast drought the record heat every year, the weather changes, by promoting ignorance you have a more malliable society. Immeditate profits are not made by planning for a future but the cost will be borne by our children and grandchildren living in an arrid country with a lack of water, and the ultimate cost of fracking to the environment, the increase in seismic activity might be the result, so we have cheap domestic fuel, the result may be losing the west coast into the Pacific. Education isn’t the problem, the problem is ignorance.

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      • HavocSquad

        In no way

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      • HavocSquad

        So politicians are not qualified to talk on anything that they did not study in school? That would mean that obama and almost all of the democrat leaders cant talk about economics becuz they r lawyers. That would mean most republicans would be able to because they graduated from business school?? It contradicts your point

        Followed by obama is the savoir despite the fact the economy goes through cycles and that anything a president enacts does not necessarily mean he caused the glory or failure. You talk about how much the stock market has risen and how much unemployment has dropped but neglect the fact the average american(median) wealth has dropped 40% since 2009. Im not saying that obamas fault but please dont act like we are in an economic boom. Blame it on bush sure, but dont u dare blame it on bill.

        Climate change is happening but how much man is causing is the real question

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  • Kylee

    woah, i dont think no child left behind should be gone but i believe that teachers, parents, and kids should at least get some say in how they should be taught…. teens are bored! kids are bored! who wants to sit and listen to the same boring stuff? no body! who wants to have mean or boring teachers that either have no emotion, love giving out pointless work when we could be pursuing our dreams, no enthusiasm, no excitement, they are brainwashed teachers, and they’re brain washing kids and teenagers! we arent prepared for the real world, i have no idea how to pay bills and im not fast with simple addition or subtraction, division, or mutiplication and thats what we need most in the world, not a bunch of X’s and Y’s or E’s or F’s. no no no no, schools arent teaching us jack….. so many of my friends want to drop out because school to them is boring, cruel, teachers love using their power over us, teens and kids are CRUEL and the assignments, projects, etc., SUCK! school sucks and we need some damn good teachers who can make education fun and worth while, not boring and not worth anything…………

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    • William Norman

      I’m teach Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus in a public school. I formerly taught AP Calculus as well. One of the folks commenting on this site said that he or she had trouble with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and we should keep the ‘x’ and ‘y’s out of it.

      In Algebra, the course that introduces variables and functions, arithmetic is used daily. In fact, I find that most of my students who are weak in arithmetic, especially negative numbers, gain strength in those basic skills while solving algebra problems. Well constructed math problems not only improve arithmetic efficiency in students, but also improve problem solving skills and logic.

      Also, there is a positive correlation (math term) between level of math achievement and salary in the real world. Adults who completed Pre-Cal earn more than those whose highest level of math was Algebra 2. Adults who completed Calculus earn even more.

      We should not rob our students of the opportunity to take upper level math courses at the high school level; however, we should offer vocational math opportunities when Trigonometry and Calculus are not a good fit.

      I applaud Dr. Paul’s effort to build a quality home school curriculum, but I am concerned that some parents who are not strong in Algebra and Geometry are not highly qualified to teach those subjects, even with curriculum materials. If you are home schooling your children, and you are weak in math, please consider hiring a professional tutor to fill in the gaps.

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  • Brad

    No one pays attention any more!

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  • Brad

    Same perspective!

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  • Brad

    A broader perspective that everyone missed!

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  • Brad

    What are the teachers teaching when thay are dumb downed and brain washed

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  • Matt

    Sign a petition to eliminate the DOE.

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  • Alex White

    You guys are missing the largest flaws in education there is. First off, the whole “The government wants to take our god away!” Stop it. Using religion as a basis for any argument will only cause you to lose credibility. Again, I am not saying that I’m atheist or whatever, I do believe in god. However, using god as an argumentive asset is never a good idea.


    Now, the problem with education is Standardized testing. Instead of creating an environment which allows students to grow into intelligent beings, schools instead drill facts into your head so you can pass a state mandated test. In Texas it is the Cscope and STAR/TAKS test. All we do is study that which the state mandates. Is there room for intelligent discussion? No. Because god forbid you try to converse about something other than what is on the state’s agenda. And that’s the problem. We don’t need more teachers, or more schools. We need better teachers and different schools.

    Students naturally WANT to learn. But the educational system places you in an environment in which it is unfavorable to learn. Let me tell you this, I am 17 and I learn more in one day of sailing or working with my father than I will in an entire semester in highschool. No, that’s not hyperbolic.

    Today teachers will continually tell us formulas and facts that frankly I could just google. A good example of what a proper school day should consist of: “Class, today we will build a turbine.” This way students will be able to apply things like arc length and tangents. It is this application of formulas that will truly allow us to learn. You want to know the number one question asked in Math Class? “When will we ever use this?” The answer the teacher gives us “It’ll help you in college if you want to be an engineer or a math major or something like that” Well, yes. But that doesn’t answer my question. However, if you build, or create a turbine then you will truly know when, how, and why you will use the previously mentioned formulas.

    That is only one of many examples. We could go through and analyze every flaw of each core class, but the principle is the same. We need to beocme more intelligent, not more knowledgable.

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    • Sean

      As a teacher, I really appreciate your insight and independent thinking, and I agree with most of your principles and even your complaints. However, I have one riddle for you. What do you call someone who says, “Today, we (myself and 25 teenagers) will build a turbine?” An engineer who makes at least 3 times as much as teachers do. Also, who is going to pay for the materials for assembling the turbine? The amount of spending on education is increasing almost exponentially, yet teachers are more and more limited in their supplies due to the fact that most of the money gets wasted on crap that is only designed to theoretically improve standardized test scores.
      We have the SAT and ACT. If students are scoring high enough on these tests to get them into college, and yet the professors are complaining that the students aren’t prepared for college once they get there, why is the department of education’s solution to create more and more standardized tests? Why aren’t we holding the SAT accountable for not reflecting the level of thinking required to be successful in college?
      I would love to do more hands-on things in my class, but I’d be lucky if half the students had the level of interest that you would, and lack of interest leads to destruction of property and liability. Since it’s all on the teacher, good luck to us.

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      • http://ronpaul Rachael

        To Sean
        You are missing the point. I feel that the “turbine” comment was in fact just an example to illustrate how “hands on” approach with math is so much more substantial. Math is able to make sense when it is put to the test. Kids will also remember a lesson much longer if they have the chance to engage. That is a major component missing in the classroom. The teachers generally talk “at” the student and expect student to memorize oodles of information that the students don’t feel is useful. The style of learning currently taught in the school systems are only for two types of learners, everyone else falls through the cracks.

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    • DonaldDriver

      The problem with your analysis – and I have to admit it’s more constructive than most conservative “thinkers'” – is that you are removed from the realities of the teenage mindset, as well as the local flavors to education. By local I don’t just mean that kids from Wisconsin get a better education than Texans, but that within a Wisconsin school there is a huge amount of variation within each department in terms of what is being taught (which is good). Kids absolutely need structure, if you don’t know that, you’ve never taught. In order for a teacher to pull of something like building a turbine, the kids needs to know some math, some materials science, some circuits, some torque equations, etc. Now every good physics teacher is going to hit those topics, and then may speak to the engineering as a way to assemble all of the ideas in one space. I’d say in order to get a few kids into engineering and get them jobs at GE or Northrop Grumman, you’re going to need to introduce them to heavy duty math, trig, calculus, problem solving.

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      • DonaldDriver

        Watching a turbine being constructed will get them absolutely nowhere in terms of college – and frankly it shouldn’t. Most kids who dominate mathematically could use that knowledge to construct your turbine. The converse is not true. A kid could be mechanically gifted, but have no idea how to find a derivative. I agree that the Dept of Education could be disbanded. The problem with conservatives is that they are so fixated on teachers as the enemy that they don’t realize that they have not even understood the problem. We have schools in inner cities that are failing. Inner cities have minorities in them. It is with these minorities that the problem exist. And when I say minorities, I mean blacks and to a lesser degree hispanics. I’m not talking about Indians, not talking about asians.

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        • DonaldDriver

          SATs and ACTs will be useful as long as they have some predictive power about that student’s likelihood of success in college. If anything, they are probably more valuable now than ever, since grade inflation is rampant. Students graduating in 1958 almost never had 4.0 GPAs. Maybe the valedictorian, one other kid maybe. Now if you don’t have a 4.0 you’re in the bottom 70% of your class. It’s ridiculous. One last point: within every school there are teachers who have high standards, and work hard to have their kids succeed. Within a science dept, you will have teachers that push their kids, and some who don’t. Typically kids can gravitate towards the teacher that matches best with their desires. Kids who just want to pass chemistry take teacher A. Kids who will go on to take AP chem will take teacher B. No one needs to transfer to the charter school across the street. That’s a cop-out. That’s making excuses for your own mediocrity. That’s subterfuge to destabilize public education for political purposes most often linked to religious ed advocates, although I applaud you for steering clear of the topic.

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    • Julie steinhaus

      I see a lot of people here blaming the teachers for teaching facts and teaching to standardized, high stakes testing, and being angry at the teachers for it. Not only does this reveal a complete ignorance of how the school system works at the basic level, it exonerates the public for this situation. The majority of the people elected officials that created No Child Left Behind, which state and school administrators then had to comply with, by grsting the crap out of our kids and turning teachers into test proctors. Teachers did not want this. Teachers did not create this situation. Teachers cannot DO anything more about this situation than the average voter, because thier autonomy in the classroom has been taken away by the people YOU all put in power. Don’t like it? Vote at the FEDERAL AND LOCAL level, right down to dog catcher, agitate and run for office, sign petitions, march, raise the conciousness of thos around you.

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  • Mike

    We don’t need an educational system that teaches creation myths in science class. To borrow from Dawkins, should we teach the “stork theory” as an alternative to reproduction?

    Linking the teaching of established science in science class with a state of “slavery, where government is our master” is absurd and not worth rebuttal.

    The educational system need not “brainwash” us into blindly accepting things with no evidence to support them, religion does a fine job itself.

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    • DonaldDriver

      Exactly. Evolution is the single most important topic in biology. It is a unifying theory which allows us to integrate chemistry, molecular biology, geology, physics, genetics, behavioral science, etc. I have taught in a few districts where other teachers warned me that the community would not support the teaching of evolution. I did it anyway, because to avoid that topic would do too great an injustice to the kids. They can learn creationism in church. Faith is not science. It has no place in school.

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  • April

    We don’t need a Department of Education that mandates removal of the Bible from our schools and puts X-ray machines in instead. We don’t need a Department of Education that pushes evolutionism instead of teaching actual written history. We don’t need a Department of Education that tells us God is the enemy and it is our friend. What is the Department of Education going to educate us on? Is it going to teach us there is no God, only government? Is it going to brainwash us into slavery, where government is our master? I have no Master but the Lord. Yeah, kill the Department of Education. I need the Lord’s wisdom, not humans elevating themselves and strutting around arrogantly.

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    • Sean

      You also have the freedom to go to church. The government doesn’t tell you that God doesn’t exist, it tells you that science class is not an appropriate setting to discuss religion, art, philosophy, or music (things that are not falsifiable).

      If you want God in public education, it’s not because you want God in your life (you’re obviously getting a very healthy dose of that), it’s because you want to force God into the lives of those who choose not to accept him.

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      • DonaldDriver

        Perfect response

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    • DonaldDriver

      Poor April. You are very tormented and guilty. You can sit in class and ask questions still. I always invited kids to challenge the data presented about evolution. Unfortunately it is hard to refute, and it does not necessarily mean that there is no God. God and science can coexist – but it does mean that God did not create man in his present form. Now you do have a book which describes how all animals were created at the same time, and a story about an ark housing dinosaurs – but those are strories with no way of proving them. On the other hand there are millions of pages of data supporting evolution. I am confident that you will never understand the science behind evolution to understand it, so I won’t waste my typing energy – but suffice it say that if I do teach creation in high school it will be the Arapaho Indians’ depiction of the Earth being carried on a turtle’s back. How can you dispute that one. Or maybe the titans coming out of Zeus’ head. That is hard to disprove too.

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