Ron Paul works towards the elimination of the inefficient Department of Education, leaving education decisions to be made at the state, local or personal level. Parents should have the right to spend their money on the school or method of schooling they deem appropriate for their children.

On November 14, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times interview:

“First, the Constitution does not authorize the Department of Education, and the founders never envisioned the federal government dictating those education policies.

Second, it is a huge bureaucracy that squanders our money. We send billions of dollars to Washington and get back less than we sent. The money would be much better off left in states and local communities rather than being squandered in Washington.

Finally, I think that the smallest level of government possible best performs education. Teachers, parents, and local community leaders should be making decisions about exactly how our children should be taught, not Washington bureaucrats.

The Department of Education has given us No Child Left Behind, massive unfunded mandates, indoctrination, and in some cases, forced medication of our children with psychotropic drugs. We should get rid of all of that and get those choices back in the hands of the people.”

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  • Lynn Elaine Reese

    The DOE has caused misery and poverty for hundreds of thousands of it’s victims. Any appeals fall on deaf ears and closed minds. DOE’s Ombudsman group has been stripped of any power it ever had to actually mediate.
    DOE creates debt that can never be repaid by dumping interest debt on the heads of impoverished students creating and unending cycle which only their death will free them from.
    Now this heartless agency wants to take the Social Security from the elderly before they die.
    DOE sells their debt to the most ruthless, underhanded, greedy bill collectors they could dredge out of the gutter.
    Disband the DOE.
    Do not automatically rehire every employee. Many have already done enough harm.

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