Health Care

In these United States of America, many people cannot afford even basic health insurance. They suffer severely under the present system and have to live under the constant fear of not knowing what they will do if they or their loved ones ever fall seriously ill.

But in many cases, insured individuals aren’t much better off either. In comparison to the exorbitant insurance premiums they pay, the medical care they receive is often very poor.

Additionally, due to the government-enforced monopolies of HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) and pharmaceutical companies, many patients will never even hear about some of the most effective and non-invasive treatment methods. These natural and inexpensive ways of regaining one’s health are being suppressed by the FDA and the medical establishment not because of safety concerns (they’ve been around for hundreds of years), but because they cannot be patented and would therefore cut into the pharmaceutical industry’s profits.

The current system is most definitely broken, and it must eventually be abolished if we want to regain both our health and our freedom.

But Obamacare is the worst possible answer. All it does is perpetuate a flawed system by forcing everyone to become a client of insurance companies, even those who don’t want to or need to participate.

Why should anyone be forced to subsidize the medical care of others? Very few individuals would personally assault their neighbors at gunpoint and steal thousands of dollars to pay for their own medical needs. How could any freedom loving person agree to delegate such criminal acts to the government by supporting a compulsory health insurance system?

There is only one solution that will lead to true health and true freedom: making health care more affordable. Ron Paul believes that only true free market competition will put pressure on the providers and force them to lower their costs to remain in business. Additionally, Ron Paul wants to change the tax code to allow individual Americans to fully deduct all health care costs from their taxes.

Through these measures and the elimination of government-sponsored health care monopolies a much larger number of people will be able to finally access affordable health care, either by paying for medical insurance or by covering their medical expenses, which are now much lower, out of their own pocket.

As for the poor and the severely ill who can neither obtain insurance nor pay for the medical care they need, Ron Paul offers the following solution in his bookThe Revolution: A Manifesto“:

In the days before Medicare and Medicaid, the poor and elderly were admitted to hospitals at the same rate they are now, and received good care. Before those programs came into existence, every physician understood that he or she had a responsibility towards the less fortunate and free medical care was the norm. Hardly anyone is aware of this today, since it doesn’t fit into the typical, by the script story of government rescuing us from a predatory private sector.

Illegal aliens already receive de-facto free health care. Why can’t poor Americans have the same… not as a right, but as a charitable benefit provided by doctors who feel a personal responsibility for their fellow citizens?

Unfortunately, the current medical monopoly corrupts many doctors by rewarding practices that are not in the patients’ best interest. Pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in not curing people, but getting them permanently addicted to expensive drugs that have many side effects, thereby requiring additional drugs to suppress those side effects. Many doctors are afraid to speak up and question the system for fear of being ostracized by their peers or even losing their license.

Under a liberated health care system prices would come down and additional options would become available, thereby making health care much more affordable. Moral corruption would give way to true compassion, and many doctors would remember their implicit obligation to provide free medical care to those in need, just like they did in the past.

As a medical doctor, Ron Paul swore the Hippocratic Oath many decades ago. His entire person and career is a monument to the beauty and sanctity of human life. Ron Paul knows that life without health can be very difficult and is not what it was meant to be. He has personally cared for the poor for many years, without asking anything in return.

The government’s original role is to protect our freedoms and restrain itself from causing too much harm. Ron Paul is working to prevent greedy bureaucrats, opportunist politicians and corrupt pharmaceutical companies from having any sort of unhealthy influence over our bodies and minds.

Join the Ron Paul Revolution and help us put the federal government back where it belongs: to Washington DC and out of our daily lives.


Government has been mismanaging medical care for more than 45 years; for every problem it has created it has responded by exponentially expanding the role of government.

Points to consider:

  1. No one has a right to medical care. If one assumes such a right, it endorses the notion that some individuals have a right to someone else’s life and property. This totally contradicts the principles of liberty.
  2. If medical care is provided by government, this can only be achieved by an authoritarian government unconcerned about the rights of the individual.
  3. Economic fallacies accepted for more than 100 years in the United States has deceived policy makers into believing that quality medical care can only be achieved by government force, taxation, regulations, and bowing to a system of special interests that creates a system of corporatism.
  4. More dollars into any monopoly run by government never increases quality but it always results in higher costs and prices.
  5. Government does have an important role to play in facilitating the delivery of all goods and services in an ethical and efficient manner.
  6. First, government should do no harm. It should get out of the way and repeal all the laws that have contributed to the mess we have.
  7. The costs are obviously too high but in solving this problem one cannot ignore the debasement of the currency as a major factor.
  8. Bureaucrats and other third parties must never be allowed to interfere in the doctor/patient relationship.
  9. The tax code, including the ERISA laws, must be changed to give everyone equal treatment by allowing a 100% tax credit for all medical expenses.
    Laws dealing with bad outcomes and prohibiting doctors from entering into voluntary agreements with their patients must be repealed. Tort laws play a significant role in pushing costs higher, prompting unnecessary treatment and excessive testing. Patients deserve the compensation; the attorneys do not.
  10. Insurance sales should be legalized nationally across state lines to increase competition among the insurance companies.
  11. Long-term insurance policies should be available to young people similar to term-life insurances that offer fixed prices for long periods of time.
  12. The principle of insurance should be remembered. Its purpose in a free market is to measure risk, not to be used synonymously with social welfare programs. Any program that provides for first-dollar payment is no longer insurance. This would be similar to giving coverage for gasoline and repair bills to those who buy car insurance or providing food insurance for people to go to the grocery store. Obviously, that could not work.
  13. The cozy relationship between organized medicine and government must be reversed.
    Early on medical insurance was promoted by the medical community in order to boost re-imbursements to doctors and hospitals. That partnership has morphed into the government/insurance industry still being promoted by the current administration.
  14. Threatening individuals with huge fines by forcing them to buy insurance is a boon to the insurance companies.
  15. There must be more competition for individuals entering into the medical field. Licensing strictly limits the number of individuals who can provide patient care. A lot of problems were created in 20th century as a consequence the Flexner Report (1910), which was financed by the Carnegie Foundation and strongly supported by the AMA. Many medical schools were closed and the number of doctors was drastically reduced. The motivation was to close down medical schools that catered to women, minorities and especially homeopathy. We continue to suffer from these changes which were designed to protect physician’s income and promote allopathic medicine over the more natural cures and prevention of homeopathic medicine.
  16. We must remove any obstacles for people seeking holistic and nutritional alternatives to current medical care. We must remove the threat of further regulations pushed by the drug companies now working worldwide to limit these alternatives.

True competition in the delivery of medical care is what is needed, not more government meddling.


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  • National campaign to include mental health checkups as part of America’s total health care practice. Regular mental health checkups for everybody will remove the social stigma from mental health checkups. Each citizen has the responsibility to help reduce all acts of violence in our nation. It is time for the American people to take action now!

  • jhon
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  • Jt

    If you are uninsured, stay uninsured. This will hasten the end of Obamacare, it won’t work unless they can sucker in the millions of uninsured. Also, cheaper to pay the fine, which the IRS can’t forcibly collect anyway. Can only take it out of your refund, can’t use liens, sieze accounts. Also, they can’t even take it out of your refund if you adjust your withholdings so you don’t get a refund, but break even or close to it. If they don’t defund Obamacare, we can.

    • Deb

      People honestly earn their tax refund and should be refund for their hard work and why should people pay health insurance when they are healthy and it’s the immigrant need medical.

  • Over a year ago I came across the “Private Sector’s” answer to our healthcare system. I learned there is a company that allows for you to use pre-tax dollars on alternatives. I learned that it’s the credit union of the healthcare industry where health insurance is the bank of the healthcare industry.

    I don’t know about you but I left banks years ago even though bankers were warning me about cu’s and trying to squash them. Well it’s time the general public awakes. We educate our members how to save their healthcare dollars and stretch them further. We educate our members about alternative, holistic, homeopathic and more ways to treat the conditions not just medicate the symptoms.

    Come on over to our facebook page and post comments and questions. We are here to actually HELP people be well. /ActiveLifeSystems See you there.

    Affiliates welcome!

  • Nancy Sterk

    What size shoe do you wear Mr. Presisident? I would like you to try on my size 5 and live my life and I will wear your shoes and live yours. This is not Canada and we should have every right to choose the insurance company WE choose to. I thought, and correct me if I’m wrong, that this was AMERICA LAND OF THE FREE.

    I live on disability and make less than $25,[email protected] year. Maybe I can move in with you? Heck, you’re a millionaire and still make $300,000 @ year! Plus you get free health insurance. Do you need a political assistant?

    This nation needs to get back to basics, morals and values. We are supposed to help our fellow man, not devastate them into a pile of ruin. There is no way this healthcare will work for me or any one else I know of. I think the only people it is working for is the government, do you know how sorry I am I voted for you!

    Nancy J. Sterk

    • SOS

      “Nancy on Disability” – as a disabled person, you don’t really have a right to say “Obamacare won’t work for you” since you’re already entitled to gov’t-funded health care in the form of Medicare. Furthermore, I assume you receive a monthly disability check from the gov’t, which is also against the core beliefs of Libertarians like Ron Paul. In a Libertarian world with no gov’t safety nets, you would’ve either had to have the foresight to buy private disability insurance (assuming you weren’t born with our disability) or you’d be begging for private charity.

    • SOS

      “Nancy on Disability” – as a disabled person, you don’t really have a right to say “Obamacare won’t work for you” since you’re already entitled to gov’t-funded health care in the form of Medicare. Furthermore, I assume you receive a monthly disability check from the gov’t, which is also against the core beliefs of Libertarians like Ron Paul. In a Libertarian world with no gov’t safety nets, you would’ve either had to have the foresight to buy private disability insurance (assuming you weren’t born with our disability) or you’d be begging for private charity.

      Dudeabiding – you are absolutely correct!!! give us some evidence, examples, etc. Mr. Paul. I lean Libertarian in many respects too, but I see zero evidence that doctors and hospitals would choose to treat millions of poor, extremely ill, elderly, etc. who can’t afford their care just because it’s the “right thing to do”. There are a lot of people in this country. How many people will the good doctors treat for “free”, esp if it eats up time with paying customers??? How many pregnant women, forced to carry a baby, will be given free pre-natal care, labor and deliver, etc.? What if their baby is born with issues, will there be enough doctors and hospitals to commit to life-long “free” care? Lord knows, private insurance won’t provide for the child. In the days before Medicaid and Medicare there were a lot more poor and elderly people suffering. Now it’s the middle class that suffers most with regards to health care.

      Mr. Ron Paul, with all due respect, you talk about nobody being forced to pay for others, but that’s exactly what happened with your former campaign manager who sadly passed away while uninsured? A bit hypocritical, no?

      • UtahERnurse

        I work in the emergency room so I can answer your question. We treat people EVERY SINGLE DAY that have no money or insurance, the get admitted to the hospital without money or insurance. Whoever put the idea out that hospitals “turn people away” are lying or have np clue how it works. While we may not treat your chronic back pain, or your runny nose, or anxiety attacks; we will always treat and if needed, admit patients who are actually sick. At the end of their hospital stay, you will most likely get a bill but for people with low income, the hospital will always work a payment schedule that’s as mutually beneficial to both parties involved. Often times, like Dr Paul stated, our doctors choose not to bill certain people because they are unable to pay.

  • Garm

    Healthcare as a product/service possesess extreme amounts of characteristics that lead to market failiure. Extreme information asymetry, third-party payments, totally inelastic prices, high barriers to entry, etc.

    Kenneth Arrow described how healthcare acts in a market in his work on uncertainties back in th 1960s. It eventually won the Nobel Prize in economics. It is why no-one else tries a free-market solution. Health Care Economics is an actual branch of economics folks.

  • dudeabiding

    While most of my thoughts about politics and how government should be run lean toward the libertarian, I find it hard to fathom a healthcare system based: “not as a right, but as a charitable benefit provided by doctors who feel a personal responsibility for their fellow citizens?”, as this article suggests.

    While I have some very definite opinions as to the need for healthcare industry reform, and on the federal governments unfortunate inability to, pretty much do anything efficiently, fairly, or cost effectively, I must say that I have supreme doubts that a healthcare system which relies on doctors “doing something just because it’s the right thing to do” in order to provide medical assistance to the poor, or anyone else, is ever going to “sell”, read: get a Libertarian elected.

    I feel that any Libertarian healthcare reform platform, no matter how ideologically sound or deeply felt should include real world examples, actual “here’s how it will work” scenarios, instead of statements that will always be considered “pie in the sky”, and continue to prevent Libertarian candidates from having a chance to make a difference. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

    • Daniel Campos

      It will probably work as it works everywhere: people will voluntarily pay for other people’s treatment. Christians oftenly set hospitals and even entire health centers to provide medical care for free to the unfortunate. That’s what happends here in Brazil, where we are also extremely regulated and the government also has a system of “free” “universal” “health care” that’s an utter failure. Christians set up hospitals so they could take care of the poor and you can donate if you want – and that’s how they keep going. I guess in America you guys have it too, and it would be expanded with deregulation.

  • fap

    all the vaccines are grown out of aborted fetuses so when you get a vaccine you get aborted fetal cells in you and abortion was legalized to sell more vaccines because vacciens are grown out of aborted fetuses and when it got legalized it was now cheaper to grow the vaccines out of aborted fetuses and that is the real reason abortion was legalized. Here is the documentary that talks about this and many other important things. It is called: Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination: The definitive look into the history of vaccination. From cancer, to autism, to the purposeful sterilization of innocent people around the globe, find out why all of these things are perfectly legal according to U.S. CODE – why the government considers you no different than cattle in their own law:

  • Brad
  • Brad
  • Brad

    Yes I am a broken record, I some one is paying attention?

  • Brad
  • Brad
  • Vrina

    We have healthcare thru union. Pay nearly 900.00 monthly for husband and self yet we cannot afford care. Deductibles are set so as a rule any testing will end up being paid in full by you anyway. Most Drs have a 10 minute time frame for you visit, so any hope of any decent diagnosis is non existent. I could receive better care if I had the 900. monthly to pay for my own care. When you go for med care you rarely see a physician anyway. Let me put it this way. When I had a tumour the size of a baseball, Emergency Room said I abused the eroom when I went. Seems tumour was turning and strangulating my organs causing me immense pain. Finally diagnosed w/emergency surgery after going thru hell.
    Had non viral hepatitis, no known reason as to why I had gotten it, not a drug user, yet emergency room was not able to diagnose me until I had turned completely yellow, was in hospital for 6 months. I now diagnose self and find my own medicines. I have no respect anymore for our current system or any of the politicians. Greed is the word of the day, truly sad!!!

    • Brad

      Try Vitamin B17!

      • Brad

        B 17’s in apple seeds, apricot seeds, cherry seeds, plumb seeds, avocado seeds (i think they might be the largest source), peach and necterine seeds, Crack them open like a nut everything in moderation. Jason Vale cured himself with seeds. Look it up on your own Laetril/Vitamin B17 had been discovered in the 1950’s but thanks to the medical mafia has been suppressed as has been many other cures. Look up all that I have been saying for the past many months here & under “Protect all human life!” The cure is also in the Bible.
        Vrina you have to know our medical system is not to keep us alive but to keep us comfortable before death or something like that?

  • Brad

    Even more explanation of the “Medical Mafia” and how they have done it!

  • Brad

    Just some more insight into our “Medical Mafia!”

    March 5, 2013 at 1:03 am | Permalink | Reply
    “Don’t donate 1 red cent to any cancer society it just helps keep the cures suppressed. Curing cancer is illegal!”
    Dr Lauraine Day beat cancer, found the cure in the Bible.
    Dr Burzinsky has FDA approval but now the FDA is trying to take that approval away!
    Jason Vale has been curing his own cancer for years by eating seed which contain vitamin B17/Laetril.
    Susanne Sumers beat cancer too?
    Sir Jason Winters found a cure and has shared it.
    Royal Raymond Rife found a cure for cancer confirmed after he cured 16 terminal cancer patients back in 1934. He was awarded by having his clinic ransacked, his asyscope frequency generator and microscopes destroyed. So he went into exile. He was not a doctor but a genius that should be awarded a Nobel Prize!
    Harry Hoxley’s family herbal cure 1924 10 herbs
    Nurse Caissie discover’s herbal formula that cured cancer from a native woman that had her breast cancer cured by an Indian medicine man 30 years before 1922
    Essiac herbal formula 1922 4 herbs
    Dr Maxamilion Gerson 1920′s
    “My ‘Educated’ cousin doen’t believe there is a cure for cancer even after showing him all of these at least 2 X, how smart is he?”
    Cancer cannot live in Alkilinity normal PH is 7+ stay Alkaline!

  • Brad