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  • siftthru

    Just an addition on today’s tax-bill questions as the Senate tries to work out a passable solution: Someone should ask the Senators if they know the definition of insanity. The corporations haven’t used their saved tax dollars to invest in industry/jobs in the US before? Why should it be assumed they will start now with big tax cuts? Just like bailing out WallStreet — the CEOs just lined their own pockets. INSANITY! Oh, I forgot; they are just making sure their own seats in the Senate are safe!

  • siftthru

    Thank you for the discussion on cash. I understand Russia and China are working on forming another international reserve currency — something other than the US dollar. Also, I understand that the Yuan is backed by gold (not sure of that). If the USA money and banking goes belly-up, what good will our paper dollar currency do us? or gold, or silver? How will it work? How will it be valued? Will bartering work better? Secondly, how does one go about purchasing gold and silver? What is the best way to store it and retain access?

  • Luis

    the american dream doesn’t exist no more, if you are a millionaire you won’t see the difference but for the average person in america is the end to achieve the american dream, the democratic and the republican party are the same, whatever obama did in his presidential term can’t be undone, ” obama care is here to stay and the illegal immigrant are staying hhere for free, obama is like Pablo Escobar, giving free stuff to the villages so they can protect it; and the republican party are hiding under their desks doing nothing to stop it or control it, obama has ruin this country to the point that pther countries are laughing at us, i don’t understand something, since obama been in power he broke almost every law and rule anytime he wanted and nobody did anything to stop it, why? why nobody in the republican party are doing anything to show to the people that they can make a difference, i don’t see a good future for America, you just can’t see it, so i decided to quit working, for 33 years i had a small business that i sold recently, i moved to a southern state and planing live out of the government, that way i can have the same benefit that the illegal immigrants have for free, now in this country you can break the law and get good benefits, better than the law abiding citizen, the collapse of this country can’t be stop it, it can be delayed but not stop it, we don’t have good politicians that wanted to work for the people, i don’t like Donald Trump, but i like the way he talk, even do he’s not a good candidate i will vote for him; you love to scare people the way you talk about the collapse of the economy but nothing is done to prevent it, people are talking about the collapse for years and nothing happens, people live every day in fear that they are going to loose everything, that we lost the will and hope for success in our life, like me ,i’m becoming a doomsday junkie, i don’t know what to do to help my America, all i know is that i’m almost ready for any disaster, if any. sorry for my writing i’m hispanic, thanks

  • Thomas

    To All thinking and worring Americans ! Do not let that puppet B. Obama take Your guns and Your law to self-defence. If You lost this cause its will be game over. Fight Americans you still have the power to stop this Us Gov tyrany. God bless You.
    Thomas , an European slave.

  • Gail M

    I don’t get it. i really could not care less if the NSA has access to the telephone networks because I have nothing to hide. If I did I would object….so what is your problem.