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This website is private property and while we reserve the right to delete intentionally abusive comments at our discretion, we are in favor of promoting an open environment where all points of view are welcome. This means that almost anything goes – except personal attacks, name calling, intellectual dishonesty, blindly repeating the same arguments without being open to considering alternatives, whining, hysteria, spam, and any comments that are off-topic on the page where they are posted.

There are three options for our users to react to comments left by other users:

  1. Reply. To make your response appear right below the comment you are replying to, click the “Reply” link within that comment, then complete the comment submission form.
  2. Vote. You can vote a comment up or down by clicking the respective up or down symbol. You can vote down comments you disagree with even if they do not violate our comment policy.
  3. Report. If you see a comment that is intentionally abusive, please contact us to report it. Include the text of the comment, a link to the page where the comment appears, and tell us why it should be removed.

Some comments are automatically set aside for moderation if they contain certain abusive words or are duplicates of an earlier comment. In some cases our anti-spam system mistakes legitimate comments for spam. Inevitably, some users will believe that they have been intentionally “censored”. That is often not the case. All posts that are automatically set aside for moderation are reviewed by a moderator as soon as possible.



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