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Current Co-Sponsors:

Rep Alexander, Rodney [LA-5] – 4/21/2010
Rep Boozman, John [AR-3] – 5/11/2010
Rep Broun, Paul C. [GA-10] – 6/8/2010
Rep Carter, John R. [TX-31] – 5/6/2010
Rep Cassidy, Bill [LA-6] – 7/1/2010
Rep Duncan, John J., Jr. [TN-2] – 4/26/2010
Rep Hall, Ralph M. [TX-4] – 4/21/2010
Rep Hoekstra, Peter [MI-2] – 4/21/2010
Rep Jenkins, Lynn [KS-2] – 4/20/2010
Rep Jones, Walter B., Jr. [NC-3] – 4/20/2010
Rep Kline, John [MN-2] – 6/17/2010
Rep Lamborn, Doug [CO-5] – 4/26/2010
Rep Marchant, Kenny [TX-24] – 6/17/2010
Rep McCaul, Michael T. [TX-10] – 6/10/2010
Rep McClintock, Tom [CA-4] – 4/21/2010
Rep McMorris Rodgers, Cathy [WA-5] – 6/8/2010
Rep Miller, Gary G. [CA-42] – 6/14/2010
Rep Myrick, Sue Wilkins [NC-9] – 5/11/2010
Rep Pitts, Joseph R. [PA-16] – 6/21/2010
Rep Posey, Bill [FL-15] – 4/21/2010
Rep Simpson, Michael K. [ID-2] – 5/5/2010
Rep Souder, Mark E. [IN-3] – 4/22/2010
Rep Tiahrt, Todd [KS-4] – 4/14/2010
Rep Young, Don [AK] – 5/18/2010

Congressman Paul has officially introduced his legislation to repeal the federal health insurance mandate. The bill is titled “End the Mandate” and the bill number is HR 4995. The bill’s text is as follows:

H.R. 4995
“End the Mandate”

To restore the American people’s freedom to choose the health insurance that best meets their individual needs by repealing the mandate that all Americans obtain government-approved health insurance.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the “End the Mandate Act of 2010.”


(a) PATIENT PROTECTION AND AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.-Effective as of the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, subtitle F of title I of such Act, as amended by title X of such Act, is hereby repealed.

(b) HEALTH CARE AND EDUCATION RECONCILIATION ACT OF 2010.-Effective as of the enactment of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, sections 1002 and 1003 of such Act are hereby repealed.

That’s it! It’s a short bill but a huge step towards regaining our freedoms.

Click here to get a PDF of the Campaign for Liberty’s H.R. 4995End the Mandate” flier and spread the word! Two half sheet fliers will print per page. There’s also an “I share the mission!” form you can put on the reverse side to sign up new members for Campaign for Liberty.

More about “End the Mandate”

In a recent Fox News interview Ron Paul described his bill as follows

Ron Paul: “I want to get rid of one item to concentrate on, because I think it’s the worst part. And that is the mandate saying that you don’t have a choice anymore. They’re driving everybody into the system. [...] I want to key in on the one issue, to legalize freedom of choice, legalize the private option without taking on the whole mess that’s been created. [...] In a free society you have to at least allow people the freedom to opt out of a compulsory system that is imposed on you by government.”

On April 13, 2010, Ron Paul released the following statement:

Statement of Congressman Ron Paul
United States House of Representatives
Statement on Introduction of End the Mandate Act
April 13, 2010

Madam Speaker, today I am introducing the End the Mandate Act. This legislation repeals the sections of the recently-passed health reform bill that force all Americans to purchase federally-approved health insurance plans.

Forcing every American to obtain health insurance is a blatant violation of the Constitution. Defenders of this provision claim the Congress’s constitutional authority to regulate “interstate commerce” gives Congress the power to mandate every American obtain a federally-approved health insurance plan. However, as Judge Andrew Napolitano and other distinguished legal scholars and commentators have pointed out, even the broadest definition of “regulating interstate commerce” cannot reasonably encompass forcing Americans to engage in commerce by purchasing health insurance.

Forcing every American to obtain a congressionally-approved health insurance plan is not just unconstitutional; it is a violation of the basic freedom to make our own decisions regarding how best to meet the health care needs of ourselves and our families.

Madam Speaker, the new law requires Americans to have what is defined as “minimum essential coverage.” Some people may claim that the requirement to have “minimal essential coverage” does not impose an unreasonable burden on Americans. There are two problems with this claim.

First, the very imposition of a health insurance mandate, no matter how “minimal,” violates the principles of individual liberty upon which this country was founded.

Second, the mandate is unlikely to remain “minimal” for long. The experience of states that allow their legislatures to mandate what benefits health insurance plans must cover has shown that politicizing health insurance inevitably makes health insurance more expensive. As the cost of government-mandated health insurance rises, Congress will likely respond by increasingly subsidizing health insurance for an ever increasing number of Americans.

When the cost of government–mandated insurance proves to be an unsustainable burden on individuals, small employers, and the government, Congress will likely impose price controls on medical treatments, and even go so far as to limit what procedures and treatments mandatory insurance will reimburse.

Madam Speaker, Congress made a grave error by forcing all Americans to purchase health insurance. The mandate violates fundamental principles of individual liberty, and will lead to further government involvement in health care. I therefore ask all of my colleagues to join me in correcting this mistake by cosponsoring the End the Mandate Act.

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  • Jared Poyner

    csper.org. Renaissance 2.0. Watch it. There is a private agenda. Check out the Federal Reserve. Whats there Agenda? Is it possible the owners of the Federal (private) Reserve have so much money they can buy anything and any person they want? Wake up B! Why are you scared to see the facts. you are stuck on useless issues that will get us nowhere!


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  • Eric Knutson

    Ron Paul for Prez in 2012. I agree with completely repealing the bill. The
    U.S. Constitution has been turned inside out by the very government it was
    written to curtail, therefore any attempt by central government to tell us
    what it says is inherently unconstitutional. You would think that would be
    self-evident, but it’s what it’s come to, and has been going on since before I
    was born. Maybe we should do an amendment about that. And how about
    term limits for legislators? The problem with that is we need about a dozen
    consecutive Ron Paul’s instead of the cat-mouse game between the left and
    right halves of the Washington machine. I just joined up here. Eric

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  • Christy

    1. Americans/government officials have one basic responsibility: “Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”
    A. This Act is unconstitutional because it ‘dictates’ what we ‘will’ do and takes the ‘choice’ out of the equation. I have lost count as to how many times Obama has used the excuse “we don’t have a choice” since he has been in office. I think someone forgot to inform him that we live in a democracy and not a dictatorship, as there is ALWAYS a choice.
    B. This Act ‘forces’ us into a ‘contract’ with a ‘private’ business. Ethically, this is no different than saying you are forced to bank with Chase or you are forced to shop at Walmart (or you are forced to be a Christian). Furthermore, failure to do so will result in penalty. This takes away our constitutional right to make decisions for ourselves as to where we spend our money. I don’t understand how anyone who works could justify letting someone else ‘force’ them to spend their money at a particular company or on a particular product.
    C. The bottom line is simple, it does not matter who feels what. We live in a democracy, not a dictatorship; thus, passing such a bill is unconstitutional and this goes against the very thing Obama swore to protect when he was sworn into office. People should be wary of allowing our officials to ‘break the law.’ Before we know it, we will have no rights at all. We let Bush push the Patriot Act through without prior public knowledge that he was amending/destroying our Bill of Rights. One would have to be naive to believe they will not continue to take advantage of their position if the people sit back and do nothing to protect what is rightfully ours…our freedom. If you disagree with the constitution, there is an amendment process that you should follow (and the amendment should be passed prior to passing the bill that goes against our current policy).
    D. Congress should be given ample time to actually read the bill and debate amongst one another before they vote. Numerous members of congress have said they did not even read the bill (as they do not read most bills that come through). It is a mockery of our people and our country that they pass a law that has not been fully scrutinized over by those we put into office. Each member of congress should refuse to sign off until ALL information has been carefully decided upon.
    2. The Act could be completely avoided either way if the ‘root’ of the problem were taken care of…better management of our national budget.
    A. Abolish the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (an act that needed a majority vote from congress during a time when only 3 people served as congressmen). This would actually take care of almost ‘every’ debate going on in our nation today.
    B. US Constitution Article 1 Section 8 states that it is the responsibility of congress to “coin money and regulate the value thereof.” It does not state that it is the responsibility of a private bank that works entirely outside of the government to do so. Logically, this bank would have its best interests at mind and not that of the country in which it ‘does not’ represent. If the US took control of the monetary system then they would have full control over where the money goes, leaving them with the capability of fixing these problems. They do not have this capability at this time. (Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987-2006, stated, “There is no other agency of the government which can overrule actions we take.”) This is a company on American soil that is literally above the law, that creates our money with no collateral backing out of thin air, loans it to our government (and other governments) at interest, is exempt from federal audits, and is free to do as it wishes in secrecy based on the above act…a company that has single handedly created a strategic plan to bankrupt our government. Thus, it is our government’s own fault we are bankrupt and they should take responsibility and put our monetary system back in the hands of congress.

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  • http://www.silvercoinmarket.com/fortune4u/ Anthony San Filippo

    God Bless Ron Paul you are awesome.

    If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied.
    Thomas Jefferson-1789

    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.
    Thomas Jefferson(then President)-1811

    The man who trades Freedom for Security does not deserve
    nor will he ever receive either.
    Benjamin Franklin-

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    • David

      Good Anthony, its good to see some others bringing the banking problem to some of the other blogs on here as well as this is the root cause of each and every other problem we have, without which they simply wouldn’t exist.

      The apparent motivation behind this legislation was that 40 % of Americans don’t have health insurance, why ?. Because they cannot afford it, why ?. Because private banks have complete power and absolute control over our economy and political system, which they use to establish more power and progressively accumulate all of the wealth for themselves instead of leaving it in the hands of the population where it belongs. Why do they do this ?. Envy, they simply cannot stand to see anyone happy and successful other than themselves and it makes them “FEEL” powerful to take this from them. What do they do for us in return ?. Absolutely nothing, when has anyone ever seen a bank build anything, fix anything or feed anyone ?. Why do we need these parasites ?

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  • matt

    Ron, One word, bravo…

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  • Theresa Romano

    What sort of accusation is this?
    Please show us the youtube video or ANY video of an American citizen PREVENTING anyone from going to a doctor and receiving care.
    You are accusing Americans of what?????
    Are we standing in the entrance way of hospitals with shot guns and screaming ”away with you..there will be no medical care for you?”
    Oh wait….are you talking about the fact that we don’t want to be forced to pay the doctors who treated someone else???
    Are you saying that because we don’t want to pay the bill of the guy next door that we are now responsible for his health in some way?
    Health care clinics which operate on a sliding scale and charity hospitals have always existed.
    We don’t need some psuedo jesus representative to wrestle us down and steal our money under the guise of ”helping” anyone since help has always been available.
    But to go so far as to now say we are PREVENTING people from getting medical care….

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  • B


    This is you people, exactly. What’s wrong with you? Tyrants? Seriously? Do you know how insane you sound?

    What freedoms has Obama taken away from you? Name me one. This health insurance “mandate” is common sense, and it’s to prevent the following scenerio: Everyone not getting health insurance until they need it and are sick, because the law now prevents insurers from denying you coverage based on a pre-existing condition! If you can’t be denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition, what’s to stop you from not getting insurance until you get sick?

    Also, if you actually were to read the bill, you’d know that this “mandate” involves a pretty small tax if you don’t have coverage, which isn’t actually enforceable in any way. They can’t come arrest you. They’re not going to send swat teams to your house. You guys have to wake up and take off your tin foil hats.

    Edit: One more thing, do you REALLY think Jesus would be all about preventing people from having health care? Would Jesus take away peoples ability to get health care? That’s what you’re asking for. If you repeal this, then you can’t prevent companies from denying people due to pre-existing conditions and thereby are preventing people, people who might really need it, from getting healthcare. Read your bibles and tell me, what would Jesus do?

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    • Christine

      Answer me this…for the years and years…allllllll that time the medical corporations have been raking in the billions while able to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, why didn’t the federal govt step in and make that illegal?

      We don’t need medical insurance! What we need is lower health care and services costs, privacy between our doctors and ourselves to determine the best course of care (not govt controlled health care). These are not the same thing! Insurance is an additional household expense, is a scam, a billion dollar industry full of profit profits profits off sickness or the possibility of someone becoming sick.

      If the govt was so concerned about your health….why the chemtrails, why codex alimentarius, why taking over the food supply? There in it to have control over people and for the corporate profits bucko.

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      • B


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      • longshotlouie

        Poor B.


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        • B

          I’m not stumped, I just realized it really wasn’t worth it. You guys can continue to live in ignorance if you want, thinking that everything that’s wrong with the world is because of the government. Luckily, libertarianism is a small niche that’ll never meet the main stage. Look at what happened to Rand Paul. He did a really quick 180 on his beliefs, didn’t he?

          And to Warchild, wow. It’s just amazing when you have these rare people who purport to have all the facts of the secret hidden agenda of conspiratorial elites. Occams Razor. Look it up if you don’t know that term. If, like Glenn Beck, you have to constantly ask “Why isn’t anyone else talking about this?!!? Am I the only one who sees this madness?!?” then you’re probably on the wrong track and may possibly be quite insane.

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    • Christine

      and pleeeze take off that tin hat. You look silly!

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    • Kenny

      Wow… it is amazing how someone can reply to a posting with absolutely no basis of facts or even a decent idea of the facts. The bible says that God will provide for you. The bible says that church and state are seperate. Therefore, the state should not be providing healthcare to the people. The people should not be looking to the government for healthcare. The people have made the government thier “God” and instead of turning to God for what they need, they turn to Barack Obama because he promises them all this good stuff. If the leader of thise country is a christian man like he claims to be, he should be running this country based on the teachings of the bible and he should be doing God’s will… not his and Nancy Pelosi’s will.

      Like i said before, i’m not trying to get all deep in religion because I am not perfect, nor do I know everything about it. However, the one thing I do know, is that that man in the driving seat of this country is steering us down a bad road.

      So, Christine, to answer your question about “what would Jesus do?” He would tell you to turn to him for your needs. He would tell you to believe what he has promised. His promise to be your father and provide for you. He doesn’t say that he will promise everyone a long and prosperous life on earth where everything is equal and fair… because your time on earth is just a step to the ultimate goal, and that is to stand by God for eternity in Heaven. That’s his promise… everlasting life in Heaven. But while you’re on earth… and forgive my slang… you ain’t entitled to a dang thing!

      Healthcare is not a right… its a priveledge. Why are we saving those who cannot provide for themselves and who don’t have the mental capacity to have the same success level as someone else. It’s call evolution… its called natural selection… its called LIFE! The strong survive and the weak die off… it’s sad but it’s life. Why do we lower our standard of life so that the lazy people who dont have the drive to succeed get thier “fair” share? Am I saying that if I was poor, I wouldn’t want help? Or that if my kid was dying and I didn’t have healthcare that I wouldn’t want help? No… im not saying that. However, what I am saying is that i’m not going to ask Barack Obama for it. He isn’t god… he cant save me, he can’t get me into Heaven, and he can’t forgive me of my sins and lead me to eternal life. He’s a man… and man can do nothing without God.

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      • Joan

        God isn’t going to provide for you. It’s not going to give you health care, humans do that. Doctors give you health care, the law says they have to even if you have no health insurance. God can’t give you money or health insurance, there is no god. Health care is a necessity, you have to have medical care same as you need water and air and food to stay alive. When you are very sick, if you don’t get medical care, you will die. It’s obviously not a privilege. Everyone is entitled to it, that’s why 75 hospitals in New York went bankrupt over giving illegals free health care. It’s a necessity for life and a right by law. Unless people are forced to get insured, they won’t do it. Most people expect either free insurance through a job or free care when they show up to the hospital sick, or old people expect to pay 5,000 into Medicare and receive over a million in health care over 25-35 years after they retire. Everyone basically expects free health care, most people have never gone out and bought medical insurance themselves, nor have very many paid for their medical care. Everyone expects it for free. That’s the problem, someone has to pay for it.

        The insurance companies don’t make a lot of money. They make 3 percent. It’s not a good business since advanced medicine, multi hundred thousand dollars surgeries, expensive tests, that’s why they can’t make any money. Within two decades it went from a doctor making house calls, to 2,000 CAT scans and MRIs and 200,000 heart surgeries, hip replacements, knee replacements, organ transplants. How can anyone pay 1,000 a month for insurance and as soon as they need one major surgery, they’ve used up many times more than what they paid into it. It’s not a good business any longer also because of the obesity epidemic, because of overpopulation, more and more people have disabled children, the costs of all of these things are astronomical. Obese children have the same health problems that 80 year old people have. Disabled children get free health care many times, free money from SS, need money for round the clock care, special education, special day programs, for independent living programs when they become adults. It costs and costs in every way for humans to keep overpopulating. The projection is the next generation will get Alzheimer’s Disease in their 30s because of pollution and pesticides and hormones in our food, they will pass in their 40s, and the current generation will pass before their parents from obesity. So, overpopulation causing so many more illnesses at younger and younger ages, including the diabetes epidemic from obesity, and COPD from air pollution, which used to be a nothing disease, is now the 5th leading cause of death. So, the health care industry is in a mess. They would have to charge people 5,000 a month just to make a profit. God has nothing to do with any of this.

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      • longshotlouie

        The God haters cannot seem to help themselves.

        He gave us the beginning. Hence, He gives us everything.

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      • Joan

        No one hates something that doesn’t exist, that early man made up to cope with disease and death and natural disasters. If people are sane enough to read books and take classes and study the origins of religions, and understand the reality that humans are doing everything, it doesn’t mean they hate anyone or hate a non-existent god. It means they got deprogrammed from false information and they are thinking straight. Every one of you religious people should ask your pastors or priests or whatever how many years of college do they have, do they have a degree, what was their major, or are they just mouthing off a bunch of non-sense to collect money from people and to make themselves feel important that they are leading people? How does god give you health care? Doctors give you health care, insurance companies pay or it if you pay them a premium, or the government pays for it for you, taxpayers pay for it for you through Medicare or Medicaid. That IS how you get health care. God gives out health care in other countries in different ways according to their governments??? Then again, other countries have different gods, 70 percent of the world is not Christian, so do their gods give them health care, or they all don’t get health care because they are not Christian, or their government gives them health care because their gods are not real, so people in other countries get health care from people, but Christianity is the only real religion, so only Christians get health care from god. Take about tin foil hats. The crazy train is loaded full.

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      • Christine

        Some people make the mistake of thinking that being intellectual gives you all the answers. It most certainly does not. Someone who listens to their intuition listens to a higher wisdom, a much higher intelligence than humans possess on their own. Some of us have an activated intuition while others operate at much lower levels of intelligence, with limited and confused thinking, confined only to what the mind can remember or be programmed into believing is true, but is in fact false.

        God is love. Some of us value and appreciate God, some of us obviously do not. Some of us are aligned with God, some of us most assuredly and positively are not. God is this higher intelligence. Those denouncing God have cut themselves off from this higher intelligence, leaving themselves to operate in this life on a very low level frequency of intelligence at the human level wherein the rational mind can talk yourself in and out of anything through human interpretation only. Someone totally intoxicated can do that. But will their thoughts be brilliant? David Icke calls them “repeaters”. They simple repeat what they have been programmed and convinced to believe is true, but is actually false.

        Some follow the belief that if they teach it in college, or if those with a college degree say it is true, it must therefore be true. They can’t be more wrong. I’ve seen some of the most conflicted minds, the worst cases of lack of compassion in those who have studied humanities and who work in govt social services. It’s a horrible thought to envision the govt in control of health care. I’ve seen what horrible character, practices and attitudes those who provide govt social services have towards those in need….and with the banks, FED, govt, shadow govt and corporations making more needy folks through their scams, lies, deceit, policies, war against our health with taking over the food supply, chemtrails, codex alimentarius, GMO food and seeds, now attempting to take away food labeling and supplements, the continued and expanding economic crisis they purposefully created, the treatment won’t get any better with them in charge OF ANYTHING. They are as un-American as it gets (with very few exceptions). I don’t even know how they are allowed to be on our soil, really. They are taking a wrecking ball to our country and spread it to the rest of the world.

        It will be up to the people to take back control over our lives, to live in accordance with the constitution and the universal law of God as our founding guidance, principles, morals and values. It will be a struggle, but one way presents a brighter future for us all. We’ve done it before, we can do it again.

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      • Christine

        The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

        We’ve got a system that does not work for the people. What kind of govt allows this to be the case for its people? ….and taxes, taxes, taxes, raises prices higher and higher on basic human needs. Getting less for more thought incrementalism. The people who design the new system, one that actually works and allows us the freedom to enjoy the abundance that is here cannot come from the same people who are breaking the system down on purpose. Guaranteed they have an un-American plan.

        Profit has replaced compassion and quality of care.

        Social Security – fraudulent program, broke
        Medicaid – broke
        States – going broke
        Postal System – going broke
        Govt loses trillions of dollars in defense budget and others, but never is made to be responsible in finding and recovering it.

        Bailouts for corporations, but not for homeowners in homes under water due to the devaluation of their property, no fault of the homeowner

        Govt promoted bad loans and lowering the qualifying standards that resulted in thousands and thousands of foreclosures still going on week after week. Where are these American families going? Most of the homes are going back to the banksters. Banks are in possession of much of America’s real estate.

        So, with all these items on their resume, would you hire them to provide oversight over your life and the qualify of your health? Are you willing to be taxed more to pay for more govt employee salaries for bigger govt and their benefits, the likes of which you do not have? No.

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    • Bastard Warchild

      Sheeit, talk about no facts. Your imaginary God – every one of them – left you here to work it out yourselves, with me, and I don’t put up with stupid. God doesn’t write books, con artists write books and say God wrote them.

      B, we wouldn’t have this healthcare issue if greedy white collar criminals in business and politics, domestic and foreign, hadn’t subsidized the health insurance industry for decades, to line their pockets and divert public moneys to their accomplices. All the competition was sucked out of that industry since DCI Bush and his Reagan puppet started wholesale looting America. You should really take a good look at Enron.

      Its only a little tax. Now go read about Social Security and the federal Minimum Wage Act. The consequence of these 2 programs was to destroy the extended family in America and fatally weakened the middle class and upward mobility of the poor in America. The last 50 years demonstrates the truth I am saying. I think this outcome was intentional, from the top.

      Within 3 years of the federal Minimum Wage Act all major corporations cancelled their apprenticeship programs, which as a direct result of stupid, meddling, self serving, do-goody-good politicians they could no longer afford. Not only did this block the upward mobility of the poor, it initiated the exodus of industry from America. To my horror political demons of the same ilk are now proposing that public money be spent to create technical schools to replace these apprenticeship programs… for a job market that no longer exists.

      How dumb do you think these people are? Think much, much bigger.

      The Minimum Wage Act also caused a small but constant inflationary. Raising the minimum wage provides short term relief, until prices catch up. This is the #1 reason we have higher wages for no skill jobs in America – the same reason we have illegal immigrants seeking work here. Because they can buy a big house in Mexico for the equivalent of 5 grand a year. Our standard of living is not that good, the only time this inflation pays is when the money is exported to an under inflated economy.

      Unless you are Mexican you can’t own property in Mexico, so don’t even think it.

      So, the political morons who propose raising the minimum wage are advocating an increase in illegal immigration and short term profits for their corporate masters, at the expense of the American economy and its strength in the international economy. Same assholes who diverted taxes to their friends, who used the money to destroy the competitiveness of the health insurance industry, resulting in the current disaster.

      If you like socialism so much, I suggest you find a socialist country to move to. I lost my father to the Viet Nam mercenary war for profit and crawled out of poverty without any help. I have no intention of going quietly into the night and I’m damn sure I’ll not carry you.

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      • Kenny

        So Bastard… since you know so much about what I was saying… since you can tell me that my God is imaginary… since you seem to know so much about the minimum wage act… then how about you tell me what or who helped found this country. Do you deny that the ideas of what this country SHOULD be like were originally founded from the bible?

        How do you know that con artists wrote the bible? How do you know what is right and what is wrong? How do you know that killing another person is wrong? Did Obama teach you that? Did the government teach you that you shouldn’t take something that another man worked for? No… the very teachings and morals that people SHOULD be living and governing a country by came from the bible.

        It sounds to me like youre holding a grudge for something that happened 30 years ago… and while the government has become no less corrupt that it was back then… there really aint a dang thing you can do about it. I’ve been to war… I lost my grandfather to war, lost some very good friends to war… its war… it happens. Someone has to do it. Have you done it? If not, then you really have no basis to comment on it because you really dont have a clue… and blaming the government is what we call a cop-out for not being able to deal with your own grief. It’s what the people on welfare do when they don’t want to get a job… they blame the government for keeping them down. It’s the easy way out…

        So yea… i have a hard time putting up with stupid as well… and your little rant was pretty much right there in the category of stupid. It had no value to any issue that is being discussed… but we all know where Bastard Warchild stands on the minimum wage act.

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      • Bastard Warchild

        Well Kenny, I was commenting to B not you and I didn’t specifically point out the Bible as the great work of embellished history that it is. You rant completely off point, my point was that the healthcare scam is going to blow up and I used prior bad legislation as an example.

        Have you actually read the Bible? You should really discuss the old Testament with a Rabbi and if possible read some of the Torah. Joshua was a Rabbi, its relevant. The old T is full of despotic tyrants and the new T describes the communal society of Joshua, so I don’t get what you are driving at, that our government should be in any way like those depicted in the Bible. If anything I would like this nation to be more like what the stories of Joshua illustrate, but obviously that precludes reality, so a working system of checks & balances will have to do. The history of Christianity is barbaric; you should study your own cult a bit more carefully.

        There is no legitimate mention of the Pope in your gospels. The Roman emperor pulled a fast one and enslaved Europe for another 2000 years, so yup, con artists authored and edited the content of the Bible to serve their agenda, which as the next 1700 years illustrates, had everything to do with living the high life, rape, theft, drunken debauchery and not paying taxes. The latest chapter of sheltering child molesters pales in comparison to the Inquisition. BTW, the Inquisition is still housed in the same building it was when they were torturing to death everyone who owned things they wanted, or who wouldn’t submit to their abuses. They are just waiting to reinstitute the Dark Ages.

        Until the C of E broke from the Church of Rome there was no other Christian cult that was less frogged up, so whatever you believe, this is your common root. You christians can’t even agree with each other, stay the f* away from me.

        The framers were explicit about the separation of church and state; this is not debatable among sane people. I believe that religion has murdered exponentially more people than straight up politics and greed, so you should keep your divisive attitudes to yourself, as the framers unambiguously spelled out.

        It probably pisses you off to no end to know that the framers were mostly Freemasons. The Freemasons have 2 rules of note. First, members must believe in God, otherwise their oath is worthless. Second, members must never discuss religion in the lodge. Others who read this, if not yourself, will understand why they made this rule.

        My point about religion was this: don’t give the crooks any excuses. If I were a judge and Oliver North told me God made him do it I would enter a plea of guilty and prosecute him to the letter of the law. Your God isn’t part of this. You should research why judges wear those effeminate black robes, it matters…

        Beyond that, as with anything to do with any deity, the burden of proof is on you. Your intolerance is incredibly inconsistent with that of your professed Savior and role model.

        The separation of church and state has been hard won. There are many reasonable civil and moral codes pretexting as religious in origin, due to the con artistry of the ages. I much prefer our system than for example, the cruel tyrannies posing as Islamic. As a non-practitioner of magic I believe that Jainism is the only truly spiritual philosophy, but I’m a big fan of the Dalai Lama.

        Careful with your political masters posing as religious leaders, they will clean you out and maybe get you killed.

        My family served in every conflict from the Civil War to Viet Nam, lots of lost and damaged uncles and grandfathers. I also think affirmative action stinks and so does illegal immigration. I hold my politicians to a higher standard than they hold themselves, and apparently a higher standard than their wives hold them too. I see contracts violated while I am expected to hold my side of the deal; thats not happening.

        I am a Constitutional Libertarian. That means I want to take an axe to all Federal programs and simplify the hierarchies of the relevant ones by divesting them to the states. Diversity and free markets are essential to capitalism, the whole program of ‘too big to fail’ monolithic quasi-political corporate hierarchies reeks of fascism and the collapse of Germany 100 years ago. Hierarchies create centralized authority of a few over the many. This is not good, it ultimately leads to things like state mandated “health insurance” Whats really happening is that they are corralling healthy young people into paying the social security of the baby boomers, while taking a huge chunk of loot for themselves and their cronies in the process.

        Y’know, maybe burning at the stake wasn’t such a bad idea… I’ll get back to you on that. In the meantime unless the screws surrender voluntarily, the only alternative is forceable ouster.

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    • Carl

      “And Jesus went out from town to town with his 12 disciples taking money at knife point from everyone he met, because He wanted to help the poor.”

      As for freedoms… to keep the moneys I have earned by the sweat of my brow…

      I don’t understand why those who would promote something for the benifit of others, who strongly believe in it, don’t first take the moneys out of their own pockets and work to convince others to FREELY do the same.

      As I recall Jesus never charged anyone for healing the sick. (But maybe I missed something… What chapter and verse is it and I will look it up…)

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  • hanief

    go ahead man, God is with u
    after all u r the only hope in
    the tryant world of free masons

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  • Kenny

    It is so pathetic that our government thinks they know what is best for us. They have completely turned thier backs on the very document that founded this country based on the principles of the bible. I’m not trying to get all religious here but it seems our “leaders’ have completely lost thier way. How can a man claim to be a christian and not run a country based on the rules of god?

    I have one word for the organization we call our goverment T-Y-R-A-N-T-S.

    Keeping all the glory and giving all the burden. Our goverment should be taking on the burden and giving the glory to its people. Why is welfare given out like Halloween candy? Why do I have to buy healthcare insurance if I don’t want it? It’s my money… I go to work everyday for it… not you Barack… I work for it!

    Man it fires me up when I see these people who think they know whats best for me telling me what i have to do… where the F is my freedom? I am not free… i am bound to tyranous goverment that will soon make me buy health insurance, makes me pay taxes so people who don’t want to work get thier Lone Star card and welfare check very month… and heaven forbid i make a mistake on my taxes… theres gong to be an ARMED IRS agent knocking on my door to see what he can do screw me over.

    I can only imagine what the good lord is sitting up in heaven saying to himself about what these people running our country have done. It makes me sick and makes me fear for the future of my children.

    Ron Paul, I fully support your movement!

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  • 46703

    I love you man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go get em Ron

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  • elizabeth

    A lot of what is going on is part of plan by an elite group of people who belong to the cfr (council of foreign relations) and they are working to bring about a new world order, who’s main goal is to control the world, through taxes, and military style dictatorship, by replacing the monetary system with an electronic chip which will give them greater control over our lives. We will have to tow the line or our chip will be turned off. Climate change, is just a means to an end, a way of taxing us more, the medical bill is giving them unbelievable control over our lives, and raking in the dough. Fortunately we have people like Ron Paul who know exactly what they are up to, and are diplomatic and smart and able to counter their actions. Keep up the phenomenal work Dr Ron Paul. I wish I could do more.

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  • http://www.mediafire.com/?uon2iz4tzz3 steven jones

    The “Healthcare” scheme does not apply to everyone!!

    It is ONLY for people who ALREADY get their healthcare from Uncle Sam

    Stop “Healthcare reform” (and every other fraudulent Federal power-grab) in its tracks.

    All you need to read to “get it” is 10 measly pages !


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  • Sandy

    I wholeheartedly agree!!! Thank goodness there is someone in Congress looking out for us. Not only with words, but with actions. Thank you Mr. Paul.!!!!!

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  • Dennis Kazmierczak

    I support congressman Paul’s proposed bill to “End the Mandate”the healthcare insurance mandate. I strongly feel it violates my constitutional rights, forcing Americans to purchase a product or service.

    I also feel it violates American religious freedoms, disregarding a person’s faith. There are people who have faith in the healing powers of their God. Forcing them to buy into a system that conflicts with their faith is like forcing Americans to purchase Bibles. I find more business in our medical system than science, our medicine is more of faith in “Man’s” powers than any divine powers. Why should I buy a commercial product that forces a faith I do not ascribe to?

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  • Christine

    Cut the bills that provide control over our basic human needs and revenue streams to the federal government that empty the pockets of Americans who are already in financial ruin by job losses that are not returning, loss of homes ownership which has received no help from the federal government to stop… all the while the federal government has passed bailout bills for big corporations.

    Our financial system is in ruin. When this govt and corporations have control over our basic human needs (food, housing, air quality (chemtrails), water quality (fluoride and pharmaceuticals), our monetary system, jobs, our businesses, medical care) we no longer have any say-so over the quality of our lives, which is declining, not improving. If it were true that they wanted control to provide safety that would be an entirely different thing, but their intentions are far from honorable. They are devastating to our safety, health and well-being. What good is this government? It is no longer serving the purpose of a government by the people and for the people. It is operating, with every bill that passes, every piece of legislation, against the people.

    What has and will become of US?

    When deceit, lies and trickery are used, they have set themselves apart from the hearts and minds of the people. This is the meaning of transparency. We can now see what they are REALLY doing and their true intentions. Just look at the results. We’re living them.

    Logically, rationally, how can a government impose more financial responsibility upon the people after allowing grand theft of jobs, businesses, pensions, retirements, social security, medicaid while it grows other non-basic human need budgets like military spending? Bring the troops home and let’s take care of our own issues at home. A country in ruin can hardly be a beacon of light, an inspiration to others, an influence for good in the world.

    I thought leaders were given the role of doing what the people asked them to do, not invent bills and laws on their own accord that serve themselves and their schemes, their corp friends while not serving the interests of the people. Under the weight of such negativity, with the transparency that we now have (seeing through their scams and schemes, the results and who has been favored over the people) these plans will ultimately fail. We know absolutely they cannot be trusted to lead. This is what happens when you allow one corrupt mind to influence others with money….not good values, morals and principles….but the love of money.

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  • Alex Mayerson


    If you put up borders how do you expect us to get their sales tax money?

    It’s easy, repeal the income tax and replace it with a sales tax. All people benefit from commerce regardless of who engages in it and there’s no further way to skirt the tax system.

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  • Laurie

    Where do I sign up. to End the MandateThis bill was a total fiasco and not one I would have never agreed to this HCB the way it was set up and pray that Ron Paul will gain more support in congress and hopefully they will realize how important this really is to each American Citizen.

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  • 1111cb

    This is why I like Ron Paul. This bill is streamlined, gets to the heart of the UnConstitutional portion and retains what is good. Its about what is right for the Country, not the political party.

    Vs Republican plan- reverse all the bill, even the parts everyone agrees on just to make the Democrats look bad.

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  • http://mocospace.com chris

    i agree end the mandate but also agree we should beef our borders up put a fence there they cant cut thru as well also wanna say u been a big inspiration too me and i agree with u 99 %of what u say you are the real deal

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