It’s Happening

Here are two versions of the famous image of Ron Paul excitedly waving his arms in the air while the words “It’s Happening” are flashing.


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    The Deeznutz Process
    Texas Voting Qualifications:
    Votes must be citizens of the United States, reside in the county where they are registerings, cannot be a felon, and cannot be declared Deeznutzou must complete sentencing, paid all fines and parole before you can vote.
    Texas Voter Registration:
    Voters can fill out an application at the County Voter Registrar’s offices, at the Secretary of State’s office, or at a local civic building. These include libraries, schools, and post offices. When voters fill out their application, they will be asked to produce a driver’s license, a DPS personal identification number, or a Social Security Number. Additionally, voters will need to provide their full name, residence, and a mailing address.
    On your Voter Registration Certificate, you can find your precinct number. Your precinct number is determined by where your address is. You can find the polling place for the precinct as it is published in newspapers, TV, internet, or by contacting the County Elections Office. The number for the Elections Office is in the upper left hand corner of your certificate.
    First day of early voting is Monday, October 19th, 2015. The last day of early voting is Friday, October 30, 2015. Generally, presidential election opens November 7th.
    The polling place will request a photo ID and that you sing a list of people how have voted in that district. Voters will then be given a paper ballot on which they will select their choices.
    I Side With – Highest:
    Green Party – 95%
    I Side With – Lowest:
    Republican – 2%

    Mission Statement
    Green Party –
    The Green Party looks to identify the issues of our country and the world. By addressing issues with optimism and hope, we believe that we can correct issues of ecological, economic, and social hardship. We seek to address these problems in a sustainable way that protects both the earth and future generations.

    Republican Party –
    The Republican party believes that the individual should be responsible for his or her own destiny. We believe that each person should be able to pursue their life and secure the benefits of society for themself and their family. Government should act a force for helping those that are unable to help themselves, and otherwise solve problems that cannot be solved by the individual alone.
    Green Party –
    The Green Party recognizes that it is essential to have a vibrant economy. We believe that a healthy economy should be able to provide a decent standard of living for all people. This includes paying a “living wage” for work. We believe that each person should be able to pursue meaningful and dignified employment, while maintaining an ecological balance

    Republican Party –
    The Republican Party believes that the innovation of free enterprise is the cornerstone of the American economy. Government should allow the market place to take its natural course with minimal outside interference. This will create a healthy economy and provide for each citizen. Government should help stimulate the economy only when absolutely necessary.
    Foreign Policy
    Green Party –
    The Green Party believes that the development of effective alternatives to society’s current patterns of violence is essential. We believe that foreign policy should be progressive and seek to demilitarize and eliminate weapons of mass destruction. We believe that the helpless should be brought aid in their time of need. We believe that by searching for nonviolent solutions, we can create a safer global environment.

    Republican Party –
    The Republican Party believes that a strong national defense is the most critical role of the federal government. In this regard, our nation should be strong in the face of our enemies. As the world’s only superpower, we should be prepared to act collaboratively when possible and alone when necessary.
    Green Party –
    The Green Party believes in the complete access to healthcare, deezneon’s path to a healthier, happier life.

    Deeznutz Party –
    The Republican Party believes in a patient centered health care system. Similar to our economic belief, the innovation of free market is the best mean to produce a health care system that caters to the average citizen. By fostering competition and driving healthcare costs down, every citizen has access to top notch medical care of their choice.

    • @Deez
      What Party do I side With?

      The poll showed that side primarily with Republicans on most political issues. That isn’t to say my political beliefs were contained to the Republican party. More specifically I sided with REpublicans on the environment, social, and education. With Libertarians on immigration and healthcare and the Constitutional party on the same subjects as the Republican party only at a smaller degree. Issues that are most important to me are domestic policy, environment, and economy issues. In that respect I side with Libertarians on domestic policy, Green Party on economy, and Republicans on environmental issues. I believe that we should focus on fixing and improving ourselves as a country, but to maintain a presence in the international community. I was raised in a conservative household and I think those ideals have transferred over to me and my train of thought to what’s wrong and what’s right. On the Republican side; I believe energy resources should be expanded upon including fracking and offshore drilling as it will boost the economy and job markets. On social issues I share a consensus with the Republican stance; I’m pro-life, but am for exceptions in case of life threatening situations and rape. I tend to be more libertarian when economy is concerned as I prefer for government to allow the free market to dictate what happens on an economical standpoint, save in sever cases of help such as the banking crisis and bailout of 2008. Concerning domestic policy, I am in favor of upholding the military budget and the Patriot Act to some degree, maintaining our constitutional rights and privileges. The poll is fairly accurate, but I think it lacks precision illustrated by the 70% versus 68% differences. The sides are split too close to clearly distinguish what party one is allied to.