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  • maureen olson

    Ron or Rand recommended we see a video from Jim Richard on his opinion of the state of our economy. Does anyone know the name of the video or how we source it?

  • Autonomous Person

    Use a search engine to look up the words swat flash grenade and you will see a baby boy with half his face blown off. This is the face of the war on drugs. It is a war on people. Harry Anslinger was the father of the DEA and he told Congress that Marijuana should be illegal because it make darkies think they are as good as white men. Anyone who supports the war he started agrees with Harry. Why don’t they talk about this baby boy in the presidential debates? Why doesn’t 20/20 do an investigative story on this? Who cares what these clowns in the presidential debates have to say while innocent blood is being shed?

  • Michael Schmelzer

    “Bernie Sanders personifies them. The more he advocates a fundamental retooling of our economy and democracy in favor of average working people, the more popular he becomes among those who no longer trust the ruling class to bring about necessary change.” said knowitall. I had to laugh, he’s hoping America is rebuilt by a socialist, how did that work out for Russia? China? Yea the people there are in so much better shape.

    • You don’t know shit

      You speak as if you know so much, mentioning Russia and China, yet Bernie’s ideas are more akin to those of Sweden and Norway, some of the greatest countries to live in on Earth.

      • Lookeehere

        Nope. Try again.

  • knowitall

    “He can’t possibly win the nomination,” is the phrase heard most often when Washington insiders mention either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

    Yet as enthusiasm for the bombastic billionaire and the socialist senior continues to build within each party, the political establishment is mystified.

    They don’t understand that the biggest political phenomenon in America today is a revolt against the “ruling class” of insiders that have dominated Washington for more than three decades.

    In two very different ways, Trump and Sanders are agents of this revolt. I’ll explain the two ways in a moment.

    Don’t confuse this for the public’s typical attraction to candidates posing as political outsiders who’ll clean up the mess, even when they’re really insiders who contributed to the mess.

    What’s new is the degree of anger now focused on those who have had power over our economic and political system since the start of the 1980s.

    Included are presidents and congressional leaders from both parties, along with their retinues of policy advisors, political strategists, and spin-doctors.

    Most have remained in Washington even when not in power, as lobbyists, campaign consultants, go-to lawyers, financial bundlers, and power brokers.

    The other half of the ruling class comprises the corporate executives, Wall Street chiefs, and multi-millionaires who have assisted and enabled these political leaders — and for whom the politicians have provided political favors in return.

    America has long had a ruling class but the public was willing to tolerate it during the three decades after World War II, when prosperity was widely shared and when the Soviet Union posed a palpable threat. Then, the ruling class seemed benevolent and wise.

    Yet in the last three decades — when almost all the nation’s economic gains have gone to the top while the wages of most people have gone nowhere — the ruling class has seemed pad its own pockets at the expense of the rest of America.

    We’ve witnessed self-dealing on a monumental scale — starting with the junk-bond takeovers of the 1980s, followed by the Savings and Loan crisis, the corporate scandals of the early 2000s (Enron, Adelphia, Global Crossing, Tyco, Worldcom), and culminating in the near meltdown of Wall Street in 2008 and the taxpayer-financed bailout.

    Along the way, millions of Americans lost their jobs their savings, and their homes.

    Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has opened the floodgates to big money in politics wider than ever. Taxes have been cut on top incomes, tax loopholes widened, government debt has grown, public services have been cut. And not a single Wall Street executive has gone to jail.

    The game seems rigged — riddled with abuses of power, crony capitalism, and corporate welfare.

    In 2001, a Gallup poll found 77 percent of Americans satisfied with opportunities to get ahead by working hard and 22 percent dissatisfied. By 2014, only 54 percent were satisfied and 45 percent dissatisfied.

    The resulting fury at ruling class has taken two quite different forms.

    On the right are the wreckers. The Tea Party, which emerged soon after the Wall Street bailout, has been intent on stopping government in its tracks and overthrowing a ruling class it sees as rotten to the core.

    Its Republican protégés in Congress and state legislatures have attacked the Republican establishment. And they’ve wielded the wrecking balls of government shutdowns, threats to default on public debt, gerrymandering, voter suppression through strict ID laws, and outright appeals to racism.

    Donald Trump is their human wrecking ball. The more outrageous his rants and putdowns of other politicians, the more popular he becomes among this segment of the public that’s thrilled by a bombastic, racist, billionaire who sticks it to the ruling class.

    On the left are the rebuilders. The Occupy movement, which also emerged from the Wall Street bailout, was intent on displacing the ruling class and rebuilding our political-economic system from the ground up.

    Occupy didn’t last but it put inequality on map. And the sentiments that fueled Occupy are still boiling.

    Bernie Sanders personifies them. The more he advocates a fundamental retooling of our economy and democracy in favor of average working people, the more popular he becomes among those who no longer trust the ruling class to bring about necessary change.

    Yet despite the growing revolt against the ruling class, it seems likely that the nominees in 2016 will be Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. After all, the ruling class still controls America.

    But the revolt against the ruling class won’t end with the 2016 election, regardless.

    Which means the ruling class will have to change the way it rules America. Or it won’t rule too much longer.


    • Lon H Ball

      Yes, voters mistakenly see Trump as challenging the status quo. Donald Trump is Ruling class—-not an exception. His bigotry needs to be challenged by Rand Paul. Trump revels in his agressive attitudes and is diametrically opposite Ron Paul’s and Freedom movement and Libertarian non-agression ethic. Trump’s oratory style is that of Adolph Hitler’s olf films.

  • Carol

    We heard it all before; Talk, Then Talk some more, Then lets talk some more. Nobody does nothing! ever….
    The reason is because the entire world has lost themselves in the struggle. We use to help one another. Now; we stay away, laugh at one another, hope that we never have to sleep on the street then finish living our life. We first need to find our self and maybe then we can help others. Republicans, Democrats and Independents are all no good for this country. They all are working behind the screens to cheat and steal from the American people. They get on TV an throw stones at the poor daily. Remember God is always watching. It give me great peace when I know you won’t be getting away with that. Ron Paul you are scaring people. I don’t believe you and your message. I believe the only way this economy will shift in the terms you say is because we either had another large scale terrorist attack on our shores or Germany and China get together and fight the USA. Other than that with Gods help the USA an’t afraid of nobody and nothing. Instead of all the gloom & doom try using these words at you next speaking engagement. We are the most powerful country in the world. We have the most awesome fighting force in the world. We have the best Police agency’s, FBI, CIA. Homeland security. We are awesome……… Now doesn’t that sound better. I would follow that anywhere. Now go out and lead…

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  • John

    P.S. The IRS should be disbanded also and a more equitable standard of paying our bills in the world should be saught. All rights returned to the people and no policy should be implimented unless a VOTE by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE be given to that policy which would effect the PEOPLE. You Congresspersons, Senators weather they be Republican or Democrate, listen UP – dumbies, you are NOT the know-it-alls you think you are, we as the people who elected you put you there to serve US as the people and we as the people can take you out of office. So heed my warning, YOU WILL BE DELTED WITH if you don’t impeach this tyrent Mr. Obama (or as I call him Mr. O-Dumb-Dumb) the puppet of the Glogalist. For you Glogalist, we know who you are and we will be coming after you – be assured of that! ! ! ! !

    • vocab/spell check

      saught? weather/whether…delted with…7 you’s in one long run on sentence…who is dumb?

  • John

    Dear Mr. Paul. You have my vote on the subject of Mr. Snowden being brought back to the United States as a HERO exposing the NSA for there willful disobedi-ance of the Constitution and braking the law and infriging on the 1st Amend-ment to the constitution. This agency should be done away with IMMEDIAT-ELY! Post hast, yesterday. Homeland Security should be disbanded immediat-ely as well and Obama (or as I call him-O-Dumb-Dumb should be impeached. The Federal Reserve should be done away with/disbanded/distroyed and lead us back to the gold standard. Lets take our lumps (we will hurt for a little while) while cleaning up our Country. Our standing in the World will be hurt for a time, but we must clean up our Country before we can help anyone else. On the subject of these globalist: We must find them (example: Rothchilds and others) confiscate the riches that they have STOLEN from us and place back into the hands of the people they stolen it from. We were unknown in the world at one time and faught to become the richest most powerful nation in the world where we were looked up to and now we are looked down upon. And for all you people that are asleep, WAKE UP, WAKE UP people, we are being gathered for the slaughter and if you don’t WAKE UP, you will be the first to go.

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