Protect All Human Life

The heated debate about abortion is filled with emotional arguments that usually center on considerations such as sexual morality, religious beliefs, women’s rights, or purely on pragmatic reasons: if abortion were made illegal it would still take place – under unsanitary conditions that would endanger additional lives.

However, a rational evaluation of abortion must be built upon one single question: When exactly does human life begin? At conception, at birth or somewhere in between?

Not even the most radical feminist would find it okay to tear apart a recently-born baby just because it is not wanted by its mother. All other considerations aside, the only reason many individuals can support abortion with a good conscience is because they believe it’s not murder… and that unborn babies do not count as human beings.

Ron Paul has delivered more than 4,000 babies. He believes that human life starts at conception, and that casual elimination of the unborn leads to a careless attitude towards all life.

Recalling his personal observation of a late-term abortion performed by one of his instructors during his medical residency, Ron Paul stated, “It was pretty dramatic for me to see a two-and-a-half-pound baby taken out crying and breathing and put in a bucket.”

In an Oct. 27, 1999 speech to Congress, Ron Paul said:

“I am strongly pro-life. I think one of the most disastrous rulings of this century was Roe versus Wade. I do believe in the slippery slope theory. I believe that if people are careless and casual about life at the beginning of life, we will be careless and casual about life at the end. Abortion leads to euthanasia. I believe that.”

During a May 15, 2007, appearance on the Fox News talk show Hannity and Colmes, Ron Paul argued that his pro-life position was consistent with his libertarian values, asking, “If you can’t protect life then how can you protect liberty?” Additionally, Ron Paul said that since he believes libertarians support non-aggression, libertarians should oppose abortion because abortion is “an act of aggression” against a fetus.

At the GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate on Sep 17, 2007, Ron Paul was asked what he will do to restore legal protection to the unborn:

“As an O.B. doctor of thirty years, and having delivered 4,000 babies, I can assure you life begins at conception. I am legally responsible for the unborn, no matter what I do, so there’s a legal life there. The unborn has inheritance rights, and if there’s an injury or a killing, there is a legal entity. There is no doubt about it.”

At the GOP YouTube debate in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Nov 28, 2007, Ron Paul was asked what a woman would be charged with if abortion becomes illegal and she obtains an abortion anyway:

“The first thing we have to do is get the federal government out of it. We don’t need a federal abortion police. That’s the last thing that we need. There has to be a criminal penalty for the person that’s committing that crime. And I think that is the abortionist. As for the punishment, I don’t think that should be up to the president to decide.”

For many years, Ron Paul has been speaking up for babies’ rights. He passionately defends those who cannot speak for themselves because they haven’t been born yet.

In order to “offset the effects of Roe v. Wade”, Paul voted in favor of the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. He has described partial birth abortion as a “barbaric procedure”.

At the same time, Ron Paul believes that the ninth and tenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution do not grant the federal government any authority to legalize or ban abortion. Instead, it is up to the individual states to prohibit abortion.

Many people feel very strongly about the issue of abortion, and once they make up their minds they rarely change their opinion. If you are undecided and/or open-minded, check out this page and this site for more information about abortion, including images and a description of medical procedures.

  • Charles Allen

    When it comes to the true issues of humanity, it is not about color, race, gender, politics, religion, wealth or poverty, it is about saving the existance of humanity before humanity is totally wiped out. This is the responsibility of every human life, to make sure that each and every human life has the right to life.

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  • stephan stys

    Isn’t the federal government supposed to protect life?

  • Lo que yo defiendo es el derecho a una mujer a escoger si quiere o no quiere ser madre. Es un debate muy abierto pero hay que tenerlo con respeto.

  • Im dr. Turgay karakaya from turkey istanbul, im working on medical abortion since 1989 in istanbul , i have great experiences about medical abortion methods and complication. My articles Turkish language but you can translate with google translate to english.

  • jhon

    Legalizing abortion did not cut crime but increased it:

    This study by John R. Lott Jr. and John Whitley of the American Enterprise Institute shows that not only did abortion not decrease crime rates, but it actually increased murder rates by 7 percent in the U.S.

    By improving upon the methods used by Levitt, Lott and Whitley illustrated “a strong consistent positive relationship between abortion and murder.” More simply said, they found that when abortion increases, murder increases as well. According to their estimates, the legalization of abortion resulted in about 700 more murders per year by 1998—a 7.2 percent increase.

    How do Lott and Whitley explain their correlation?

    Where Levitt assumed abortion would decrease the number of unwanted children and therefore reduce crime, Lott and Whitley demonstrated that the legalization of abortion actually increased the number of children born to unwed mothers.

    Combine this with the fact that young males born out-of-wedlock (wanted or not) are disproportionately responsible for violent crimes, and you have a national increase in murders. “[T]he net effect [of the legalization of abortion],” Lott and Whitely concluded, “appears to be a reduction in human capital and an increase in crime.”

    This correlation surely does not make abortion any more reprehensible than it already is, but it definitely shoots down the argument that legal abortion improves outcomes for those children who do survive:

    • lkaw56


  • Jonathan

    Research shows: Abortion increases crime rate:…
    the birth control Review volumes 1 through 3 edited by Margaret Sanger. More children from the fit less from the unfit is the cheif issue in birth control. The emphasis is on control rather then prevention:…
    Birth Control Review, Volumes 5-6 Margaret Sanger editor: Birth Control: to create a race of thoroughbreds:…
    Correspondence between Sanger and McCormick: Where the present need of financial support is most needed, and B. What the present prospects are in contraceptive research. I will answer B. first because I consider that the world and almost our civilization for the next twenty-five years, is going to depend upon a simple, cheap, safe contraceptive to be used in poverty stricken slums, jungles, and among the most ignorant people. Even this will not be sufficient, because I believe that now, immediately, there should be national sterilization for certain dysgenic types of our population who are being encouraged to breed and would die out were the government not feeding them. Contraceptive research needs tremendous financial support:…


  • mchammer

    Fun fact:
    Margaret Sanger, founder of the American Birth Control League (which became Planned Parenthood) now the abortion giant of America, was in fact against abortion. She believed that life began at conception.
    “I assert that the hundreds of thousands of abortions performed in America each year are a disgrace to civilization.” -Margaret Sanger

  • janet

    New Jersey Pastor Clenard Childress of discusses how The Negro Project was the foundation of today’s industrialized abortion industry and how its pioneer, Margaret Sanger, who is still lauded by liberals as a human rights crusader, deliberately set out to sterilize blacks and encourage abortion of black babies in pursuit of a eugenicist drive to create a racially superior master race, a goal she shared with her close friend Adolf Hitler, and one that continues to reverberate through the generations as over 1,700 black babies are killed in the United States every day.

    Childress explains how the public school system’s encouragement of adolescents to have sex by handing out condoms is circumventing the authority of parents, which has led to an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and promiscuity. Childress leads the fight against the normalization of abortion, noting that after just a few weeks it’s now established that babies in the womb have heart beats and brain waves. Childress highlights how the Negro Project, Margaret Sanger’s eugenics plan for black Americans, targeted the systematic genocide of blacks through the promotion of abortion.

    Childress explains how Sanger, a devout racist who wrote letters to and received praise from Hitler, was an advocate of social Darwinism and believed that a master race should be bred while ethnic groups deemed inferior, including African-Americans, needed to either be exterminated or their numbers reduced greatly. Sanger’s sterilization and abortion programs targeting the African-American community were set up in such a way so that the victims did not become suspicious of her true intentions. Sanger knew that to offset any distrust of her motives she would have to hire black religious leaders to deliver her programs and message, which is exactly what transpired as Childress highlights.

    The eugenics drive to cull the black population was also achieved by withholding benefits from blacks who refused to be sterilized or have their baby aborted, thereby using coercion to force compliance with eugenics programs. After the end of the odious Tuskeegee experiments, wherein which African-American sharecroppers were deliberately and unwittingly infected by the U.S. Public Health Service with syphilis and not treated, eugenics went underground and re-emerged through organizations like Planned Parenthood.

    Sanger worked closely with members of the Third Reich and yet she is still celebrated and honored today by liberals as a pioneer of women’s rights. Childress labels Sanger’s origins and her background as “the best kept secret in America” but notes that people are gradually becoming aware of her providence and her deep connections to today’s neo-eugenics movement and its adjutant abortion industry.

    Sanger’s legacy lingers on in the modern era now that the African-American birth rate has dipped below the replacement rate thanks to industrialized abortion. Childress labels this process “genocide” and points out that Sanger’s program has been successful – around 52 per cent of all African-American pregnancies now end in abortion:

  • jam

    abortion was legalized to sell more aborted fetal cells to benefit the big pharmaceutical companies because all the vaccines are grown out of aborted fetal cells. All the big pharmaceutical companies are majority stock owned by the us government. more than 36 percent of blacks are aborted. The leading cause of death in blacks is abortion. All this information is from Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination Part 1 The definitive look into the history of vaccination. From cancer, to autism, to the purposeful sterilization of innocent people around the globe, find out why all of these things are perfectly legal according to U.S. CODE – why the government considers you no different than cattle in their own law:

  • giliard antunes

    Bible and abortion on USA

    Bill Clinton: “(…)FIRST INTAKE OF BREATH(…)”

    1980s: pro-choice since Bible defines life starting at birth
    Bill Clinton was struggling over the definition of human life. He asked his pastor, Vaught, whether he could provide some insight.
    Vaught was one of the leading abortion opponents among Little Rock clergy, but he said he shared some of Clinton’s ambivalence, having personally witnessed “some extremely difficult” pregnancies. He was not convinced that the Bible forbade abortion in all circumstances.The minister went to his Bible to reconsider, after which Vaught determined that in the origina Hebrew, “personhood” stemmed from words translated as “to breathe life into.” Thus, he averred, the Bible would define a person’s life as beginning at birth, with the FIRST INTAKE OF BREATH. He reportedly told the governor that this did not mean that abortion was right, but he felt one could not say definitively, based on Scripture, that it was murder. In all of his discussions about abortion thereafter, Clinton relied on his minister’s interpretation to bolster his pro-choice position.

  • Nemesis

    While Bush and the Republican establishment were bravely going after Saddam, who didn’t actually have any WMDs, it seems that North Korea was busy acquiring them. Kim Jong Un must be a big fan of the Republican establishment. If reports are correct that North Korea in fact does have ICBMs and has managed to fit them with nuclear warheads, that’s a big threat to protecting all human life, so what should be done?

  • flin

    Another example of how the ACLU uses the downtrodden for their political agendas was “Jane Roe” from Roe vs. Wade. In 1969, an impoverished unmarried, pregnant girl was approached in a Dallas courthouse by two ACLU feminist lawyers who convinced her to claim her pregnancy was the result of rape – the only way to obtain a legal abortion at the time.

    The problem was that it wasn’t true, so the Texas court refused the abortion. This is the case the ACLU took to the Supreme Court resulting in abortion becoming a form of birth control in the United States.

    The ACLU lawyers persuaded “Roe” she was a lesbian and for several years was kept by lesbian handlers. When she grew up in the 1980s, she asserted that she had been the “pawn” of the ACLU. She never wanted an abortion — she was seeking a divorce from her husband — but the feminist attorney Sarah Weddington used the case as a means of attempting to overturn a Texas’ law making most abortions illegal. Weddington took the case all the way to the Supreme Court, which invalidated every pro-life state law in the nation protecting unborn children and the rest is history.

    “Roe” actually never had an abortion – she gave the baby up for adoption. Many years later, she exposed the seamy, manipulative side of the ACLU and lesbian networking in a published book in 1984, ‘I Am Roe’. She ‘came out’ with her real name of Norma McCorvey, renouncing lesbianism and abortion.

    In 2005 she petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn the abortion law, arguing that the case should be heard once again in light of evidence that the procedure harms women, but the petition was denied. She was arrested on the first day of U.S. Senate hearings for the confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States of Sonia Sotomayor. – See more at:

    • choice

      This post is full of outright falsehoods. Get it straight.

      Young lawyers Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee planned a legal challenge to Texas anti-abortion law in the form of a class action law suit. At least one actual member of the class on behalf of which legal action would be taken was necessary to pursue such a suit. Hence, they sought to find a pregnant woman who wanted an abortion in Texas but was legally prevented from getting one and was willing to continue her pregnancy to term rather than going to another state to get an abortion, which would likely have disqualified the standing of the woman in such a suit.

      Norma McCorvey was a pregnant woman of 21, not a “girl.” At about 10 years old, she had robbed a gas station. She had run away with a friend and conned a hotel into renting them a room, had been caught and sent to reform school, suffered a fair amount of religious and family sexual abuse, both female and male. She married at 16 and then separated because her husband abused her. Her mother tricked her and legally took away her first child, after which she developed a drinking problem and explored lesbianism. She nonetheless was bisexually active, got pregnant again, and gave up her second child for adoption.

      At age 21, she had become pregnant for a third time and working at insecure low-wage jobs. She wanted an abortion. Friends advised her to claim that she had been raped to get a legal one, but this strategy did not work, as Texas law required that any rape be promptly reported and evidence gathered. She then tried to get an illegal abortion, but the facility was closed down before she could have one. She then went to consult a lawyer. The lawyer knew of Weddington and Coffee and suggested that McCorvey contact and meet them.

      McCorvey apparently thought Weddington and Coffee might be able to help her get an abortion. In fact, they had met other pregnant women who would have been able to offer their cases for the class action suit, but they decided against using them, because it was early in those women’s pregnancies and they had money to travel to get abortions elsewhere. However, Weddington and Coffeem new female lawyers in backward Texas, did not have lucrative law firm jobs and could not have helped any woman with funds to travel. That McCorvey lied and claimed she was raped could not change the fact that her pregnancy had advanced and would be more expensive and she had no funds to travel. Weddington and Coffee made it clear that they couldn’t help her get an abortion.

      They explained their project clearly to McCorvey and asked if she would be willing to be the plaintiff representing the class of women in Texas who wanted an abortion but had been prevented from this by the law. They made it clear that she could only do so if she carried her pregnancy to term and that all they needed was her signature on an affadavit. McCorvey agreed and provided this. The lawyer that had made the introduction handled the adoption of the baby to which she gave birth. McCorvey never went to any of the court hearings, not in Texas, not in federal court, and not in the Supreme Court.

      Soon after the Supreme Court ruling was over, McCorvey took public credit for being the “real” “Jane Roe.” In fact, the real “Jane Roe” was every woman who had ever wanted an abortion and been unable to get one in Texas because of the challenged law. No one made a big deal out of McCorvey’s role in the years following the case. McCorvey felt that educated pro-choice feminists discriminated against her because she did not get anything significant out of the case. But she did manage to get less low-wage employment. As for her lesbianism, it was a continuation of activities before she had ever met Weddington and Coffee.

      I could go on and relate all the ways that McCorvey seemed to exploit anti-abortion people and to be exploited by them. McCorvey was not anti-choice in the sense of being supportive of anti-abortion laws until many, many years after Roe v Wade, and only after she had been able to exploit anti-choice audiences for profit with her autobiographical book.

      So I think your view of what actually happened is a biased, untrue view.

  • Brad
  • Brad
  • Brad

    Back to the cancer issue I recently watched a Doctor saying “chemo radiation” has a failure of 97%. So out of 100 people getting “chemo radiation” 97 die!

    • Nemesis

      Yes, I have read Animal Farm. You should read or watch 1984. It’s reality. The police state rules. There is 24/7 surveillance. The secret police are everywhere.

    • mchammer

      So the other 3 percent become immortal? Sounds good to me

  • giliard


    Trees breathe, but they do not have blood.

    “For the life of the flesh is in the blood; and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh atonement by reason of the life.”
    Leviticus 17:11

    Fetus does not breathe, and amniotic fluid allows neither speak nor cry.
    Amniotic fluid does not allow vibrations in the vocal cords.

    “(…)the cry then uttered by the infant announces that he is numbered among the living.”
    The Spirits’ Book, Kardec

    The animals that breathe air, are animals that have spirit.
    The Americans say “soul”, and the Latin peoples, say “spirit”.

    plz translate this site to english:

    • Sherlock

      Why do we all try to look at things in the biased manner from one source. You think plants don’t have a soul because they do not have blood. Blood is not the defining factor for life. There are plants that devour animals. (Pitcher plant). We need to be able to distinguish on living and non living. Even plants have spirits. Their lives take shape from their karmas that they accumulated. An ultra mobile life with a lot of hurting to powerless souls will result in a life of a plant where now the tyrant will be hurt without the opportunity to speak or move. The only thing the plant can do is …..bear the pain…the pain that it had caused to other souls in its previous birth…..have you ever thought why some people are born rich and some poor. Some are born in the kings house and some in the paupers…Some are handsome and some are crippled….Your karmas are like your life savings…bad karmas are like debt that you have to repay and good karmas are like deposits that pay you…..You don’t need any religion to get this…

  • jhon

    Communist Goals of (1963). Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35
    January 10, 1963 Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963. Some of the 45 communist goals of 1963: Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”:

    • Brad

      Your best one bar none jhon, thanks!

  • Brad
    Please let me know what you know about this one? It really baffles me if it is true?

    • jhon

      From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life. The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology. As the natural world dies around us, what will take its place? Planetary engineering includes bioremediation measures to bring us genetically engineered trees and crops. And what of humans themselves? How are we being transformed from the inside out? this 1 hour power point presentation by Sofia Smallstorm introduces primary and scientific findings hidden in the muffles of mainstream alternative media. People around the world are observing aerosol spraying (also called “chemtrials”) and strange man-made clouds. White skies filter sunlight as trees around the country sicken and die. Soil and water tests high for heavy metals, and artificial fibres fall on us from the sky.Is aerosol spraying only about experimenting with weather? What do the self-replicating fibres found in Morgellons patients signify? Why are engineered materials being found in airborne environmental samples?All this suggests a planetary engineering program that is affecting and targeting all living things. Synthetic biology is science’s most exciting new frontier, combining genetics, robotics and nano-technology with artificial intelligence, hybridizing natural forms and engineering tissues beyond our wildest dreams. The technology explosion is skyrocketing, and artificial intelligence will soon surpass our own capabilities.How will our world be organized then? WIll we turn ourselves over to machines? Or will we have become technological hybrids ourselves?:

      • Brad

        Here in Canada British Columbia forestry has been plagued by the mountain pine beatle which has now moved into Alberta. About the same time and sooner the honey bees have been plagued by trachiel mites causing a large % being killed off.