Protect All Human Life

The heated debate about abortion is filled with emotional arguments that usually center on considerations such as sexual morality, religious beliefs, women’s rights, or purely on pragmatic reasons: if abortion were made illegal it would still take place – under unsanitary conditions that would endanger additional lives.

However, a rational evaluation of abortion must be built upon one single question: When exactly does human life begin? At conception, at birth or somewhere in between?

Not even the most radical feminist would find it okay to tear apart a recently-born baby just because it is not wanted by its mother. All other considerations aside, the only reason many individuals can support abortion with a good conscience is because they believe it’s not murder… and that unborn babies do not count as human beings.

Ron Paul has delivered more than 4,000 babies. He believes that human life starts at conception, and that casual elimination of the unborn leads to a careless attitude towards all life.

Recalling his personal observation of a late-term abortion performed by one of his instructors during his medical residency, Ron Paul stated, “It was pretty dramatic for me to see a two-and-a-half-pound baby taken out crying and breathing and put in a bucket.”

In an Oct. 27, 1999 speech to Congress, Ron Paul said:

“I am strongly pro-life. I think one of the most disastrous rulings of this century was Roe versus Wade. I do believe in the slippery slope theory. I believe that if people are careless and casual about life at the beginning of life, we will be careless and casual about life at the end. Abortion leads to euthanasia. I believe that.”

During a May 15, 2007, appearance on the Fox News talk show Hannity and Colmes, Ron Paul argued that his pro-life position was consistent with his libertarian values, asking, “If you can’t protect life then how can you protect liberty?” Additionally, Ron Paul said that since he believes libertarians support non-aggression, libertarians should oppose abortion because abortion is “an act of aggression” against a fetus.

At the GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate on Sep 17, 2007, Ron Paul was asked what he will do to restore legal protection to the unborn:

“As an O.B. doctor of thirty years, and having delivered 4,000 babies, I can assure you life begins at conception. I am legally responsible for the unborn, no matter what I do, so there’s a legal life there. The unborn has inheritance rights, and if there’s an injury or a killing, there is a legal entity. There is no doubt about it.”

At the GOP YouTube debate in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Nov 28, 2007, Ron Paul was asked what a woman would be charged with if abortion becomes illegal and she obtains an abortion anyway:

“The first thing we have to do is get the federal government out of it. We don’t need a federal abortion police. That’s the last thing that we need. There has to be a criminal penalty for the person that’s committing that crime. And I think that is the abortionist. As for the punishment, I don’t think that should be up to the president to decide.”

For many years, Ron Paul has been speaking up for babies’ rights. He passionately defends those who cannot speak for themselves because they haven’t been born yet.

In order to “offset the effects of Roe v. Wade”, Paul voted in favor of the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. He has described partial birth abortion as a “barbaric procedure”.

At the same time, Ron Paul believes that the ninth and tenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution do not grant the federal government any authority to legalize or ban abortion. Instead, it is up to the individual states to prohibit abortion.

Many people feel very strongly about the issue of abortion, and once they make up their minds they rarely change their opinion. If you are undecided and/or open-minded, check out this page and this site for more information about abortion, including images and a description of medical procedures.

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  • LookingforTruth

    Ron Paul states he is pro-life. However, why did he not vote for the recent pro-life/conscience bill passed in the House of Representatives?


    • 6f182bbe4ae497054b7aa7df4ea749

      Probably because it mandates something at the federal level, and as a libertarian, Paul does not advocate federal intrusions into our lives.

      The great thing about a truly principled person – as opposed to an unprincipled activist – is that they stick to their principles, even if their principles result in things that they don’t like. Ron Paul’s foremost principle is that the liberty of the people, and of the states, trumps the power and the interests of the federal government, unless the constitution — an extremely short document! — SPECIFICALLY says otherwise.

      That means that the federal congress has no business having any opinion whatsoever on abortion. Therefore he can’t endorse it, even if he agrees with its content.

      Got it?

      • choiceislife

        @6f182bbe4ae497054b7aa7df4ea749 No federal intrusion but fine with State intrusion.

        • wizard.prang

          Yes — that’s precisely what the Constitution states.

        • wizard.prang

          @choiceislife That’s precisely what the Constitution states.

        • choiceislife

          @wizard.prang My statement was to have been understood as the person has a problem with the idea of the Federal government intruding in folks lives but quite satisfied with The State intruding in folks lives. I see no real difference. Either Big Brother is watching or his little brother.

        • johnmarkharris

          @[email protected] im for the government not allowing ANYONE to interfere with ANYONE’s life. That would make abortion after about 8-weeks (when heartbeat and brainwaves are present) illegal.

        • JD70

          @[email protected] There is a huge difference. If you or I do not like the laws made in a certain state then we have the freedom to pack up and move. We do not have that option federally. States are to decide how they want to run. This is the beauty of our gov’t system. That is why the fed gov’t needs to get out of our lives. Then we will really have the freedom to choose where we want to live and how we pursue happiness as long as we do not trample on the liberties of others. Without Life we have no liberty, without liberty we cannot pursue happiness as we see fit. Once we trample on someones liberty while pursuing our happiness then we are wrong. And when the gov’t stops defending and protecting the lives of Americans, in my humble opinion, these people will not be able to have liberty.

        • Shaman_Serf

          @[email protected] So your an anarchist? So why is it you want to impose “your” will on others? Perhaps your a fascist? However your statement above then confuses me and starts this comment over…… So your an anarchist?….lol

        • choiceislife

          @[email protected] “If you or I do not like the laws made in a certain state then we have the freedom to pack up and move.” We can also leave the USA IF we have the money. Otherwise we haven’t the option to move. Making termination of pregnancy illegal in any state is akin to White and “Colored” drinking fountains, entrances, seating on a bus…..

          “your kind ain’t welcome here, youall’s just better leave” Is a separatist Nation what the UNITED States of America is about?

        • choiceislife

          @[email protected] Legally, a human being is one who is born. Biblically, a human being is one who breathes.

        • Shaman_Serf

          @[email protected]@wizard.prang Believing in God, one should not be afraid of death or the death of innocents. I abhor such practices that cause others death, but not afraid of death itself. Those who are lucky to die young would have instant access to heaven. Remember the wonderfully upbeat song by Billy Joel, “Only the good die young!” You don’t know the future of individuals, God does though! That much faith I do have! Perhaps adoptions should be made easier by eliminating federal strangling laws, hoop jumping, huge fees, ect….. That is what us Chrisians should be doing instead of whining! Peace Brothers! Love you all! -Chris

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