Protect All Human Life

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The heated debate about abortion is filled with emotional arguments that usually center on considerations such as sexual morality, religious beliefs, women’s rights, or purely on pragmatic reasons: if abortion were made illegal it would still take place – under unsanitary conditions that would endanger additional lives.

However, a rational evaluation of abortion must be built upon one single question: When exactly does human life begin? At conception, at birth or somewhere in between?

Not even the most radical feminist would find it okay to tear apart a recently-born baby just because it is not wanted by its mother. All other considerations aside, the only reason many individuals can support abortion with a good conscience is because they believe it’s not murder… and that unborn babies do not count as human beings.

Ron Paul has delivered more than 4,000 babies. He believes that human life starts at conception, and that casual elimination of the unborn leads to a careless attitude towards all life.

Recalling his personal observation of a late-term abortion performed by one of his instructors during his medical residency, Ron Paul stated, “It was pretty dramatic for me to see a two-and-a-half-pound baby taken out crying and breathing and put in a bucket.”

In an Oct. 27, 1999 speech to Congress, Ron Paul said:

“I am strongly pro-life. I think one of the most disastrous rulings of this century was Roe versus Wade. I do believe in the slippery slope theory. I believe that if people are careless and casual about life at the beginning of life, we will be careless and casual about life at the end. Abortion leads to euthanasia. I believe that.”

During a May 15, 2007, appearance on the Fox News talk show Hannity and Colmes, Ron Paul argued that his pro-life position was consistent with his libertarian values, asking, “If you can’t protect life then how can you protect liberty?” Additionally, Ron Paul said that since he believes libertarians support non-aggression, libertarians should oppose abortion because abortion is “an act of aggression” against a fetus.

At the GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate on Sep 17, 2007, Ron Paul was asked what he will do to restore legal protection to the unborn:

“As an O.B. doctor of thirty years, and having delivered 4,000 babies, I can assure you life begins at conception. I am legally responsible for the unborn, no matter what I do, so there’s a legal life there. The unborn has inheritance rights, and if there’s an injury or a killing, there is a legal entity. There is no doubt about it.”

At the GOP YouTube debate in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Nov 28, 2007, Ron Paul was asked what a woman would be charged with if abortion becomes illegal and she obtains an abortion anyway:

“The first thing we have to do is get the federal government out of it. We don’t need a federal abortion police. That’s the last thing that we need. There has to be a criminal penalty for the person that’s committing that crime. And I think that is the abortionist. As for the punishment, I don’t think that should be up to the president to decide.”

For many years, Ron Paul has been speaking up for babies’ rights. He passionately defends those who cannot speak for themselves because they haven’t been born yet.

In order to “offset the effects of Roe v. Wade”, Paul voted in favor of the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. He has described partial birth abortion as a “barbaric procedure”.

At the same time, Ron Paul believes that the ninth and tenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution do not grant the federal government any authority to legalize or ban abortion. Instead, it is up to the individual states to prohibit abortion.

Many people feel very strongly about the issue of abortion, and once they make up their minds they rarely change their opinion. If you are undecided and/or open-minded, check out this page and this site for more information about abortion, including images and a description of medical procedures.

8,376 responses to “Protect All Human Life”

  1. Goodbye Obummer

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  2. Tick

    The government should have very little say in my personal life.

    KEEP GOVERNMENT SMALL, keep them out of our private parts and bedrooms.

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  3. pam

    Just wrote in Ron Paul on my mail in ballot. Vote for all human life! Anything else is evil in God’s sight.
    How can America prosper while propagation of Abortions worldwide, Embryonic stem cells from aborted fetuses and Euthanasia.
    Wake the hell up!!!!

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    1. Goodbye Obummer

      America has fostered abortions all around the world and can be very proud of that. America is the world leader in abortion and a role model in abortion to people all around the world. People all around the world respect Americans. Rather than holding them up to ridicule, they see Americans as people with high IQs, especially when Republican politicians both support abortion and at the same time akso say things like: “If a woman gets pregnant because of rape, then that rape and that pregnancy was God’s will.”

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      1. mchammer

        I sure hope you are being sarcastic. People around the world hate Americans, and see them as fat, stupid, lazy, and greedy. Abortion is nothing to be proud of.

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  4. Brad

    Speak for your self Scott, as great as Ron Paul is, it is the system that has beat us all. He could have changed the world but not enough people could hear, see or believe what he was saying in this corrupt and brain washed world.
    April and all you abortionist have tunel vision like no other, oblivious more important issues around you. Sorry but thats not of God!

    SAVE THE WORLD! don’t get lost in a lost leader.

    As far as abortionists, picket all the cancer clinics for every unecessisary murder committed by our Doctors because the cures and knowledge of them has been suppressed for over 80 years. And the system has made it illegal to cure anything, no Dr’s want to stop their job security and money stream to save our life.

    Don’t be stupid, our Dr’s are just brain washed robots only knowing what med’s to give you. Live or die were just a number, if you want to live stay away from your Dr.

    WAKE UP! “Cancer cures suppresed” and “Thrive” on you tube

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  5. scott from canada

    first of all, i just want to say that i wish Ron Paul could be president of North America.. Anyways i agree with 99% of what Ron Paul says, except when it comes to abortion – just because im still trying make my own stance

    I agree that some things are just invalid in a court of law and that people should follow their moral code such as honest rape.

    but i dont know what Ron Paul or even I believe on things such as terminal diseases that babies are born with. Why let a child suffer in agonizing pain for 4 or 5 years when its going to die anyway? i feel thats unnecessary and cruel.

    or what if someone is brain dead for 30 years and shows no sign of ever coming out of the coma. how is that person useful to anyone? not trying to sound mean or anything. but how is that person supposed to pay his or her’s medical bills ? I know in your perfect society that people would just donate.. but thats a lot of money for someone whose not doing anything for 30 years and I’d imagine people would stop donating. then what?

    while we’re at it, and if anyones reading this and wants to comment or debate…

    I’d consider myself an athiest and i dont believe that God or something, created us equally or in his image.. Why would a god create humans (that some have mental illness/deficiencies) who lack the mental capacity to understand the concept of a God let alone even able to pray to him? Dont say because it makes us “normal” people humble. I can’t stand that and i feel that it is a scapegoat and is not a proper or an appropriate way to answer the question

    I just believe that humans are rational beings and that the logical thing for us to do is to justify how or why we are here and religion gives us a great solution to satisfy our deep, unanswered questions.

    thanks for reading this, I’d love to hear your replies, and I know that everyone’s entitled to their own beliefs

    Scott, University of Guelph Canada: animal sciences,

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    1. Jeanette

      Hi Scott

      I agree with a lot of what you say. People say we were put on this for a reason and I have yet to figure why I am here.

      I am pro-life. I don’t feel that women should not get abortions just because they didn’t protect themsleves. What if they were forced to have that baby? Would it have a good life? Would it be put up for adoption? I don’t believe that women who find out that their child is going to be handicapped and be dependent on the parent for the rest of their lives should be forced to have the baby.

      I don’t feel that government should step in and tell women or anyone what to do with how they want to do with their lives or their bodies. At the same time these clinics rely on funding by the government. Where is the solution?

      There are just so many issues on this.

      I also believe that people should have the right to be “put to death”, like cats and dogs, if there is a terminal illness. I know that if I found out that I had Alzheimer’s I would continue to live as long as I could without being dependent on my kids or whoever until the burdon becomes so great and that my life has become useless; then I feel that if it is in my will, I would be euthenized.

      I don’t know who or even if I am voting. I think the whole healthcare system is messed up. I have a few thoughts on the healthecare issue, but it surely wouldn’t solve the problem.


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      1. AlbedoAtoned


        First of all Rape accounts for very few( less than a tenth of a percent) of abortions. There is a problem though with it. Have you ever heard of the phrase an eye for an eye? Most people just assume it is supportive of capital punishment, and for the most part they are right. The real meaning is referring to the punishment never exceeding the crime. Meaning if someone causes the death of another on purpose they should be put to death as well. Now I’m not advocating the death penalty here, my point is that rape doesn’t take the life of anyone. And the system sees that. Rapists spend jail time. But that doesn’t mean that the punishment has matched the crime. Instead if the child is aborted due to the rape causing pregnancy, then the punishment has far surpassed the crime. Not only that, the child takes the punishment instead of the perpetrator of the crime. Not to say that the rapist’s life is worthless, but if the crime is worth the child’s death, why not his? The child has done no crime, yet he/she suffered, while the rapist will be back on the streets in the near future. I understand that there is trauma. I also understand that having a child from it increases that trauma, but killing it isn’t right either. I don’t want to make anyone feel worse. But sometimes I feel like maybe we have to plead. I can’t just sit back, and ignore lives ending, just because I want to act pc. It’s more than choice. You’re not a monster, but what you are doing is evil. What would it take for people to stop treating children like subhumans? Why do we treat the criminally evil as higher beings than the innocent? I and many others are pleading, please don’t punish the ones that did nothing wrong.

        As for handicapped children. How about we ask the children who are here on the earth right here, right now if they want to die. Chances are, despite being handicapped, these kids love living else they would have probably killed themselves by now. Rather than worry about how hard their life might be, we should support them, not abandon them when they are at their most vulnerable. Abortion would just be an excuse to be lazy. A lot of parents have handicapped children, and their lives have been much better because they lift each other up. They support each other in their own ways. And one thing that can surpass any handicap is love.

        And the problem with using the their bodies argument is that the death is not their own, but somebody else’s. Murder is murder sugar coating it as abortion doesn’t stop that. If the birth would have led to the mother’s death then the abortion would be justified, though tragic, but in all other instances, where there is a choice, you aren’t choosing to “not have a kid” you’ve already had one, you just killed him/her.

        And the last situation others use as justification, incest. Maybe the child would have defects, but it falls under the same category as handicapped children. The child may have come from a bad situation, but can thrive with a little use of love. It almost seems like some people just consider him/her an abomination so they just ignore him/her. But his/her existance is not evil. He/she had done nothing wrong. Abortion would just be another way of throwing them in the dumpster, only this way there is no chance somebody might find and raise them.


        You can’t justify the child’s death based on unknowns. “would they have a good life.” Probably if you treat them well. I’ve heard this from some proponents of abortion is that they might have a bad life. Some say “what if their parents are abusive”. If their parents are abusive then they should be charged with child abuse. justifying abortion with the abuse point is justifying abuse. We don’t know if the child will have a good life, all we can do is do our best to ensure it does. We know the things that are bad, and we can’t just shove them under a rug. If we are incompetent or unable to love, we should find people who are competent and able to love. At least we would have done our best, rather than give up and take the child out with it.”would it be put up for adoption” Adoption would be far superior to dying. If I wanted to dye prematurely, I would kill myself. I wouldn’t want somebody to make that decision for me, and adoption significantly increases my odds to live and be happy than dying.

        You said that parents shouldn’t be forced to have a child if it would turn out handicapped. They should at least give birth and then they could put the child up for adoption. A parent doesn’t lose their obligation to their child just because they may be handicapped. Anyone who thinks they can just throw away their child should be sterilized(or put the child up for adoption), because no loving parent could just abandon them with such ease. If you choose to have sex, and then choose to not wear protection, and then finally decide, “I don’t want this kid he’s got problems and they are cramping my style”, that means you were never committed. In the end you would be too young to have sex, lacking the responsibility that comes with it. When you have sex, you risk being pregnant. Either abstain or use something for protection be it a condom or birth control. But even then you still may get pregnant. You still have to take responsibility. Same goes for it you want a child and then change your mind after hearing it may be handicapped. If it being “defective” is enough of a reason to abandon it, you wouldn’t be a fit parent anyways. We humans aren’t perfect. In a way, we are all handicapped in some form or another. If we justify it based on handicapped we are inconsistently applying it for then we should all die, being imperfect and handicapped. Worse though is that justifying it for some handicaps and not others indicates we consider some people to be higher beings than others. Why is this man with a broken leg any more human than this boy with a mental disorder. What makes one autistic person have more innate rights to live over another. And if having a disorder is enough of a reason for one person to not be human enough, then what about those that get diseases later in life? Do they lose their humanity by virtue of being sick?

        Euthanasia, I agree with you on. If somebody is dying and in severe pain, who am I to tell them they are selfish. We shouldn’t be treating people who are dying as criminals simply because they are in pain and can’t take it anymore. But it has to be their decision to go through it. Of course, I’d rather exhaust all other options first to see if they would change their mind.

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    2. mchammer

      So you think its ok to just kill a human being just because they are not in perfect condition? Do you think that they are not also human just as you or me? I see, it’s survival of the fittest. I just thought that, as human beings, we were a little bit more civilized than that. Do you really think that a human life is no more important than a cat’s or dog’s? How is someone who is disabled any less human than a normal person? That’s similar to saying someone is less human baecause of their religion or race, so it is ok for you to kill them? What gives you the right to say that someone doesn’t deserve life? And Jeanette, you most certaimly are not prolife.

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    3. Lora

      I agree with you on quite a bit, but I will take it further on being Pro Choice.

      I am disappointed with Paul on this issue. Big time. By saying life begins at conception, he is going against the definition of life as defined by the medical community and completely misleading the public about what happens during development/pregnancy. Life doesn’t begin at conception, unless you count two cells as being alive. Yes, cells are alive, but is that a human being? No. But I do think abortion is allowed during a time when it does kill a baby, and that doesn’t seem right. The defense is that the baby wouldn’t survive without the mom… but my thoughts are, you should’ve done something sooner. You can’t give birth to a baby and kill him/her because you don’t want a baby, so why is that ok when the baby is 20 weeks old? A term baby will still die eventually without care – does that mean you can neglect an infant if you don’t want him/her? No. But an abortion at 6 weeks, maybe even a couple weeks after – not a human being. By medical terms, life is defined by a beating heart (though that whole concept can be debated and isn’t black or white sometimes – but we need a definition, so that’s what it is concerning born people). For the unborn, that happens around 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, or at around 4-6 weeks past conception; it’s easily verified with an ultrasound. But even then, we are talking about something that doesn’t have a developed nervous system. So anyway, the potential of a human being is there, but I don’t think potential justifies me, or anyone else, forcing a woman to go through pregnancy and the birth of a child she can’t properly care for. Or a shoddy abortion. People should be educated about what they are doing to make their own decision as long as we’re talking aborting a clump of cells, not a baby. Right now, most people aren’t educated about this issue, and by Ron Paul stating that life begins at conception – because he decides so – is furthering the lack of knowledge and isn’t even slightly a libertarian stance. Furthermore, this article describes a scene where he saw a crying baby who was allowed to die. It doesn’t describe him watching a woman bleed heavily for a day to pass a clump of weird looking bloody tissue. That’s what an early abortion/miscarriage looks like – there is no crying baby. And I am sure that’s why he picked a late term abortion to describe and not an early one. I bring that up to hit home the fact that he is misrepresenting the whole “life at conception” concept. And as mentioned earlier, he is also going against what we already have in the medical community as the definition of life – a beating heart – and he should know that. A functioning brain is usually linked to life as well as it is legal to pull life support on someone who has a pulse but no brain activity.

      For me, I don’t vote based on the issue of abortion, whether they agree with me or not… but it is a good indicator of someone’s integrity. I think Paul is letting his personal beliefs get the best of him here, thinking that his thoughts are correct and therefore apply to everyone (and we already have enough of the BS now), and then trying to portray it as libertarian by saying the federal gov’t shouldn’t be policing anti-abortion laws. This chick isn’t buying it.

      As for euthenasia, I am for it to an extent as well, but I don’t think it should be based on a person’s worth. That is a very dangerous pathway, as Hitler’s era showed us when handicapped people were killed because they didn’t contribute to society. And at some point in your life, you may end up being one of those people who don’t contribute as much as they take (like all college students fit here). However, I have seen horrible, terrible, awful, painful, slow deaths in hospitals. I lie awake at night sometimes, thinking about the people I have watched die. I hope and pray that I do not lie in a bed in agonizing pain for days, weeks or even months, with no sedation strong enough to overcome the pain, literally drowning in my own body fluids as they fill my lungs, simply because it is illegal to kill me. I hope I never experience that hell.

      Because of the pain I have seen, I would also support at least having the option of later abortions based on children who will be born with fatal or terrible diseases. It’s just cruel. They would have to be later because sometimes you can’t diagnose those issues so early in development as they haven’t developed yet. Even genetic conditions you don’t identify that early because people don’t do the tests that find them that early (more of a cost/effect and risk/benefit situation, not because it isn’t possible). As to what defines one of these conditions… that’s too big of a discussion for this comment thread…. but the overall concept, I agree with.

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      1. mchammer

        If the cells are not human, then what are they? They’re not going to turn into a dog or cat, they’re human! Second, how can you say you support the late abortions of babies who have diseases? Are they any less human than you or I? No! So then why can they deserve to be killed while “normal” babies can’t?

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  6. Turner

    what about the death penalty?

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    1. mchammer

      The death penalty is a little trickier than abortion for 2 reasons. First, it is good for getting riminals to confess to their crimes. Second, people killed under the death penalty have done something that at least some people think makes it ok to kill them, while babies that are aborted are perfectly innocent and have never done even the least thing wrong, of course, since they never had the chance to. I believe that the death penalty is wrong, but I can see why most people think it should be legal.

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  7. Sandra Jenkins
  8. April

    Abortion is murder. And it’s murder of an innocent. Believe me, it’s the worst kind of murder you can be guilty of. America has blood on its hands, the stain of which can never be washed off. The Lord hears the cry of every baby that is terminated, and the Lord will repay.

    Not worried about the wrath of God, America? You should be.

    America whines about economic crises while murdering millions of babies that could grow up to be productive contributors to our prosperity. Even an idiot can see that it doesn’t pay to murder your own citizens before they even get a chance to contribute to society. But on a deeper level, you may not take the life of an innocent and expect to prosper. Ever.

    Those who think abortion is a lesser issue than anything else might not think so if they were the one scheduled for termination.

    People who think that they are free to treat others how they will, even to the murder of their own babies, will find out otherwise.

    Abortion is the number one issue we have in this country because it gets at the root of the matter, the corrupt and rotting root of an America that loves wickedness. Once you turn away from God, your heart becomes so cold that you would murder innocent babies, tearing them out of the womb, and killing them if they try to survive. America has turned away from God. She does not love the Lord with all her heart, might, and mind. She loves nothing, not even her own children.

    Oh yes, you’d better pay attention to what a candidate says about abortion. It is not permissible in the sight of God; therefore, it is not right. You may not make laws that go against the Lord and his righteousness and expect to get away with it. There is not one life lost that the Lord will pardon. Not one. Go back and think that over. The Lord will not pardon it. And it will not be pardoned.

    This is why Obama, who is openly for abortion, is quite possibly the worst American president we have ever had. It’s also why Romney is an unacceptable candidate for president, as he has supported abortion in the past. Unless a man is categorically against abortion, and will not support it at all, he is unfit to lead America. In fact, he is unfit to be an American.

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    1. mchammer


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    2. Gwen Tomlinson

      Dear April, thank you for allowing God to speak through you at this critical time. God has laid it on my heart as well about Romney making exceptions for rape and incest victims. God said in the Ten Commandments thou shall not murder. And like you, I agree and there should not be any exceptions to the rule. After viewing aborted babies, I posted one to my Facebook because I wanted to give people a clear word picture for “abortion”. If anyone can agree with abortion for any reason after viewing that picture, then their heart has grown cold. Yes I agree with you about God’s judgment on America. But I also see his judgment on the who globe for this crime against humanity. Abortion started 1972 here, but it was legal in other countries first. I love The Lord with all of my heart and like you , I am speaking out for those who can’t . I have been praying about this election daily. April, what are we supposed to do??? If God doesn’t allowed a prolife write in , then I can’t vote this year.MAY GOD GIVE US THE STRENGTH TO STAND WHILE OTHER COMPROMISE TO THIS CRITICAL ISSUE. SINCERELY, GWEN TOMLINSON

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  9. Brad

    Abortion is the lost leader of politics, it diverts the more important issues to a less important red herring. For example in the 1800′s & after 1913 natural, homeo pathic, impiric healers were curing with natural herbs and non toxic substances and alopathic Dr’s methods by poisons (mercury and lead), cutting, though feared while in the 1920, 30, 40& 50′s gained the upper hand with the help of the AMA & FDA.
    With the help of the Carnagies, Morgans, and Rockafellers helped to take over the medical schools with their money and 2 or 3 of their people on the schools boards scewing the system in favor of the medical phamaceutical drugs and methods. Then shortly after the AMA & FDA out lawed all other Dr’s.
    There is so much more to the story please search it out for yourselves the system is monopolized by the FDA & the AMA.
    To get the upper hand they labelled the Impirics “Quacks” now anything factual is labelled “Conspiracy Theorist!” We’ve had a hundred years of monopolized education thus making reality conspiracy because thats what we are trained think. So Crazy, not so much just question and research everything. We are all in the cloud of ignorance out lawed to think outside the lines for ourselves!
    Ron Paul showed you how corrupt they system is and thats not even the half of it!

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  10. Brad

    For the 1 or 3 that gives me the thumbs down, thank you I hope it makes you
    research and get your priorities right. Abortion is a circumstantial freedom it’s none of our business but dieing from cancer, pschotropic drugs (anti-depresants), immunization, fluoridated water, mercury amalgam fillings are acceptable. Ron Paul is for freedom to think, to think outside the box that we are in. Our brains are clouded by Bilderburg Group’s poison of our minds and bodies but unfortunately you may never be deprogramed to believe and see what I speak of. “WHAT’S GOING ON HERE!” never a truer statement for everything we thought we knew… Go Ron Paul!

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  11. Brad

    Thanks Kaedae for calling me sir, how about the millions that die from cancer from their expensive DR’s and cancer drugs, i know they were 2, or 5 or 45 do they have less rights than an unborn child. Shame on you go picket a cancer clinic that kills way more than it saves. Or a syphologist that looses a ?% of they’re patients from untested unproven drugs, or the 12 year old girl that was raped by her step father. Like whats wrong with you man! Look outside the box.

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  12. Brad

    Dr Oz is not getting his children vacinated, i know why but Donalddriver doesn’t.

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  13. Brad

    From skin or brain or blood. just correcting my last statement.

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  14. Brad

    Just so you all know cancer is all the same. One the skin of in your brain, are there different types of colds? No. Cured by [Vitamin B17 (apricot, peach seeds) (cherry seeds) seeds not the shell (laetril)], green tea, Jason Winters Tea, Essiac
    and Harry Hoxsey’s herbal formula, etc, etc…

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  15. Enlightened

    You Fools. Don’t you realize that you are giving the election to the Republicans if you write in this foolish old has been? He hasn’t got a chance and he will only take votes away from our president. President Obama is in a very tight race and he needs every vote he can get. Why are you idiots insisting that this old fool run as an independant? I have tried to make you people see that President Obama is the only Hope we have and yet, you don’t understand. Please, please, please,—wake up before it is too late. Romney is laughing at you and you will all be very, very sorry if he is elected…..

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    1. theseer

      Republicans and Democrats
      belong to the same Order

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  16. Sammy

    What a bunch of Dopes. You clowns think by writing Ron Paul on your ballet will do anything? LOL You fools are just as stupid as your leader, Paul. If you want hope and change, vote for the idiot you voted for last time. L O O S E R S!

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    1. Sammycan'tspell

      Ballet – a type of performance dance.
      Ballot – a sheet of paper used to cast a vote.

      The rest of your comment is just as atrocious as your misspelling of key words.
      Stupid – tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless. Synonym: Sammy

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  17. Brad

    Both the FDA and the AMA only allow legalization to drugs and procedures through money which is both unethical and conflict of interest being allowed by your government. End the FDA and AMA as they have illegally repressed the cures and knowledge of medicine for monetary gain forever.

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  18. Brad

    Did you know in America, 3000 people a day are dieing from psychotropic drugs
    being supplied and prescribed by your psychologists and general practitioners making 333+- billion dollars a year for Big Pharma. More people die each year from suicide by people on antidepressant drugs than die from homicides each year. All the psychotropic drugs priscribed have never been tested for either effectiveness or side effects. This astonishes me on how many people are being effected and destroyed by another system that should be controled by your carring government and medical community, or so you thought.

    Another point “Donalddriver” the educated biologist knows nothing of. As bad as abortion may be I think it is just another diversion from the unspeakable atrocities happening without you realizing. Your system has cheated you from honest facts your whole life so even when you are told true facts your educated brains will not accept it as reality. I’m always learning and so should you, expect the unexpected only because your government misled and withheld the truth for generations.

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  19. Vincent

    Abortion is murder. And Christians didn’t go around killing people around the world to spread thier beliefs. That was the greedy rulers who claimed they believed in the Christian God.

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  20. Brad

    I forgot Sir Jason Winter’s tea, Iscadore (mistletoe) successfully used by Suzanne Sumers who beat cancer and Linus Pauling who won a nobel prize for using intravenious vitamin C to destroy cancer.
    Just a few in the Quack pack! I do believe Royal Raymond Rife will also a nobel prize for all of his works yet to be recognized but can and has been duplicated.

    Don get your head out of the sand and discover the truth for yourself!

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  21. Brad

    You may have missed Don i’m Canadian not marred by your deceptive books, schools and media. You’ve not heard of Jason Vale (Vitamin B17)or Dr. Burzynski’s FDA approved anti neoplasmine cancer cure in Texas? Who are you working for? What is your motive for further repressionLets recap; Essiac tea who JFK’s Dr discovered (1922), Harry Hoxsey fomula had 17 clinics through out US (1924 til ?), Royal Raymond Rife (1920′s-1934 when he cured 16 terminally ill cancer patients in 90 days) Dr. Maxamillion Gerson (1920- 1940′s+).

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    1. Kaedae

      Sir, if you think so badly of America and don’t even live here why must you get involved in all of this? I’m sorry you don’t have enough heart to care about the deaths of unborn children.

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  22. Brad

    Don the pawn, 5 grades higher and over ten years wiser don’t waist my time.
    Stay on topic, you definately too smart for me but I win!

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  23. Brad

    Don, the journals you speak of are skewed, outside of the USA this is a known fact. Sorry you are not privy to true facts only doctored journals in favor of “Big Pharma.” Sorry you have not figured out yet that the FDA & the AMA have made cures of anything illegal, i know you views are taught not discovered by your thirst for factual knowledge. Your glass is half empty while mine is half full. It will take you years to be deprogramed but you will get there when you are ready.
    Thanks and cheers!

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    1. DonaldDriver

      Still waiting for your educational background. Guessing 10th grade, home-schooled. I’m quite certain you have never read a scientific journal article, and if you did you had to read it with a dictionary by your side.

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  24. Brad

    Don you are a card, both embarasing of your ignorance and yet amaized at your blind faith against that which you do no know. I suspect you are still wet behind the ears fresh out of some school, from god knows where. You are both unmarried and have no children (how lucky are we). You are oblivious to facts which you do not know and never really were in support of Ron Paul are you here just to antagonize? You are both cocky, dumb and immature to state your supposed credential like they give you credability but oh contrare the opposite is true. You have almost past the point of no return but we can always change to look back and see the errors of our ways.

    “The Gerson therapy was known some 75 years ago, if Dr.s know there is a cure & sent patient’s home to die, that is an atrocity worse than the holocaust.”
    Charlotte Gerson (1990 ?). Three of her Aunts and uncles died in the holocaust.

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  25. Brad

    Don you are over educated to the point of ignorance. You are past learning and acceptance of what you don’t already know. Thanks for clarifying as you just prooved what i already knew and are oblivious to new facts, old facts and all facts you never learned. Being a supposed biologist defend to me your biased knowledge of immunization, have you not read “Poisoned Needles?” surely you have to make your book smarts known. You Donalddriver better quit while your ahead (not really). You never searched what i asked of you so anything you same to me is quite irrelavent. Your derogatory comments will always get my correction of you now obvious ignorance. All cancer is the same “Royal Raymond Rife” proved is back in the 1920′s, called it “BX Virus”. But you probably already knew that, “NOT!”

    Ron Paul please run third party for both us under educated and over educated!” Go Ron Paul!

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    1. DonaldDriver

      You never answered my question about your credentials Brad. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The internet is rife with inaccuracies. Anyone can post anything on the internet. Scientific journals are known as peer-reviewed works. Nothing gets published in a real scientific journal until the experts – and there are real experts out there – review and corroborate that info. Americans such as you are dangerously scientifically illiterate.

      And I actually laughed when I saw how ridiculous this guy was. Are you kidding me? Brad, you’re out of your element – I think PT Barnum had a saying about you.
      An analysis by Electronics Australia found that a typical ‘Rife device’ consisted of a nine-volt battery, wiring, a switch, a timer and two short lengths of copper tubing, which delivered an “almost undetectable” current unlikely to penetrate the skin.[8] Several marketers of other ‘Rife devices’ have been convicted for health fraud, and in some cases cancer patients who used these devices as a replacement for medical therapy have died.[9] Rife devices are currently classified as a subset of radionics devices, which are generally viewed as pseudomedicine by mainstream experts.[5]

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  26. Brad

    Ok, i watched those terrible abortion images, i did not think it was legal to abort at such a late stage. You do know it is the worst of the worst, wow that was bad
    the cartoon was unbelievable then real pictures. Anyone doing such procedures should be charged with murder. Now side by side pictures with cancer patients and the treatments equally as tragic and worse, but “big pharma” would not show such things. But do you know any one who has not been touched by cancer. At all ages 2, 5, 8, 38, 42, 63, when was the last time you picketed a cancer clinic? If you are computer literate enough to be here then you should already know of the many cures for diseases that have been surpressed for a hundred years in favor of big pharma. It is that bad and worse, vitamin B 17, Essiac tea (Canada 1922), Hoxsey formula (USA 1924), Royal Raymond Rife
    (USA 1920′s-1934) etc etc. It is all there now sham on you if you don’t prove it to yourself, you will discover how and why this muli billion dollar business has been supressed. Sorry but i think too much energy and time is being spent on one tragedy neglecting all others.

    So Shocked and Donalddriver etc what say you, is cancer less a tragedy?

    Just so you know, I doubt Ron Paul knows much about it either the brain wash has been done to all of us. The bottom line is whatever you thought you knew has been manipulated to just the way they wanted to think. And because they don’t want you to have it they have outlawed it and even made it illegal to claim you have a cure for cancer and talk about it.

    Ron Paul please run third party we need you America needs you!
    “President Paul!” “President Paul!” “President Paul!” Go Ron Paul!

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  27. Shocked

    I challenge anyone who thinks partial birth abortion is either an irrelevant issue or an endorsable practice/right of women to click on the links that Ron Paul includes on this page for those undecided on the issue (and then on the images attached to that link for D&E abortions). At least be educated on the procedures and what is done. Now consider the development of a baby in the second trimester (when most abortions are done). The heartbeat is strong and the baby has coordinated movements and rolls over in amniotic fluid–at the begging of the 2nd trimester (16 weeks). And the baby is very distinguishable as a human being. Most partial birth abortions are done after this point. How can this not be an important issue? Ron Paul sees the importance. Maybe its because he was an O.B. doctor and constantly reminded of the development of unborn babies. He has my respect for not being able to ignore the issue!

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  28. aria

    like the subject of god… this is similar… but here this… i think it is so selfish, so arrogant for anyone of these people to try and force women into the dark ages of illegal abortions…

    what really makes me furious though is that the USA is a progressive nation. these religious backward ideologies are so arrogant… i think there is an underlaying hypocrisy that is paralell to the idea that Mittens would be ‘conservative’ in any measure…. i don’t get why these religous people think they have to save every fertalized sperm… WHICH HAS LITTLE TO NO NERVE ENDINGS and supposedly is ‘innocent’ and should dart streight off to heaven… but no… these horrible people want to ensure more human slave babies and future soldiers can be ushered into unwanted circumstances to grow up with the GOP banksters keeping them poor and then yes, once they’re into this world.. ‘fuck you kid… quit being lazy when there’s no jobs and get a job’

    what really really infuriates me is how they have our wounded troops waiting upwards of a year just for some help of any sort…. there are suicides daily almost, not to mention what we are doing to so many less fortunate souls in other countries… it’s a disgrace and a total farce these religious god-playing people only care about the unborn. and of course the GOP doesn’t give a fuck about women. so many women will be injured or die from these horrible unconstitutional jokers… they don’t give a hoot about life… i say if they ever can be honorable about war and soldiers and those whos lives we are systematically distorting in places like afghanistan and palestine.. iran TBA… etc…eventually everyone…. sorry, if they finally grow up and act human about that then as a reward i’d be willing to talk about them destroying the freedom of women in the USA.

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  29. Brad

    You are seemingly the master of this domain & with that what are your credentials. Know what i know then and only then speak what you thought you knew. Perhaps you can spread your wisdom onto a different topic for which you are less credable as this one you write the most on & me only because of you i defend my right to know more than you. Abortion is abviously an unwinable topic for anyone so what business is it of our’s. And whoever made this political and why?

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    1. DonaldDriver

      I have a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. What do you have? For now, I am placing you in the same category as Jennifer McCarthy and her anti-vaccination crusade, which is idiotic. I think your biggest shortcoming is an apparent lack of knowledge with regard to the many types of cancers. There is no magic bullet in part because there are cancers of virtually every tissue. Some are caused by x-rays, some by viruses, some by UV light, some by chemical mutagens. A genetic change in our vast genome is not going to be the same from one patient to another. That is one reason why one drug is unlikely to cure all cancers. You have bought into a conspiracy theory.

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  30. Brad

    I care not what you know or believe. As far as Ron Paul nothing i ever say is against him. As far as cancer, the cures have been supressed for similar reason’s as Ron Paul is not already president & the Republican’s # 1 for President. Perhaps you missed my point or me theirs? “My point is and was women should have the right to choose!” But adding people should not have to die painful deaths due to “repressed” cures. You are assuming Dr Paul knows of it i’m assuming not. This is not the time nor place, just making a clear comparison of life is life. We just need to make sure he is rightfully the next president as there is much work to be done.

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    1. DonaldDriver

      Brad I just think this is a very fringe viewpoint. Big Pharma was able to get part D passed, and they certainly have strong lobbyists, but most if not all research performed in private industry piggy-backs on the work of University researchers. There are hundreds of scientific journals on cell biology, oncology, teratology, cancer in general. The “cures” that you think exist would have been known at some level by thousands of researchers around the globe.

      If I were you, I would perhaps contact the head of oncology or molecular biology to see if a post-doc or graduate student would answer some of your inquiries.

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  31. Noel

    But Ron Paul IS about freedom, according to this. He’s about your baby’s freedom to LIVE. Abortion is murder, no matter how you slice it (pun not intended). If you murder your child, no matter how big or how small, you are taking away his or her RIGHT TO LIVE. How is it any different from murdering a full grown human being, or even a baby fresh out of the womb? Life is sacred.
    If we’re talking about a more serious situation, like a toss-up between the mother’s life and the child’s life, that’s a completely different ball-game and should then be up to your own moral judgement. It’s wrong to take either, but there are times when a choice is necessary. But, ultimately, unless the circumstances call for a life-saving abortion (still a murder, but to save a life), it should be illegal. I mean, think about it… freedom to have an abortion=freedom to take a LIFE. Isn’t that equivalent to murder? So should we just legalize all forms of murder? Or only if it was a rape victim? If a rape victim murders her rapist, is it not still murder? Why isn’t abortion the same, only worse, because it’s your own child’s life? GIVE THE CHILD UP FOR ADOPTION. It’s not too difficult to find a couple looking for a newborn these days.

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    1. Sabs

      I guess you have never had to take financial and personal care of an adult (let alone a child) with severe mental disorders. What happens to this individual when the parents or caregiver is no longer available? (does the state take care of them?–if you are really a Paul supporter, you would perish the thought)
      Additionally: if I have certain disabilities, I have no wish to be alive…where is MY freedom to take my own life? Is it my decision if I believe my life is sacred or not?
      It is ALL moral judgement…and one that you should not be able to decide for anyone else.
      & BTW many people (esp hard core anti-abortionists) will not take children with handicaps or mental deficits because of these financial (& personal) implications.

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  32. Justin

    This is one of the reasons I will NOT vote for Ron if he runs as an independent. I want a candidate that supports FREEDOM. Not Conservative Freedom, which isn’t freedom at all, just plain old FREEDOM. The freedom to have an abortion. The freedom to get married in a gay wedding. The freedom to smoke marijuana. And yes, even the freedom to own a gun. We need a true FREEDOM candidate, not a freedom candidate that only supports the freedoms that the GOP approves of.

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    Hotly debated. What do you think? Thumb up 17 Thumb down 21

    1. DonaldDriver

      Absoluetly dead-on. My concern is that he is still the best option out there, despite the fact that he is not perfect.

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    2. mchammer

      Oh, and while we’re at it, why don’t we have the freedom kill whoever we want, the freedom to drive under the influence, and the freedom to rape whoever we want. That’s a true freedom candidate.

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    3. Mr. Rob

      U guys just don’t get it! RP is for getting the federal govt. OUT OF ALL OF THESE THINGS! Even legalizing Drugs at the federal level will ONLY THROW IT BACK TO THE STATES!!! Then you can move to a state that allows things you like…

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  33. DonaldDriver

    At the end of each woman’s menstrual cycle, I propose that we take the discharge to a lab to verify that conception did not occur. That woman may have been impregnated, and the fact that her uterus shed the fertilized egg (zygote/baby) does not excuse the fact that this woman is possibly flushing her child down the toilet. We could probably find a suitable host uterus for that baby. It may take some money to test each month’s discharge for fertilized eggs, but we spend money looking for earthquake survivors. I think many of these women would be thrilled to know that they had indeed conceived, but even if they did not want to conceive – the fact of the matter is that they did, and why should they get to flush that 1 celled baby boy or girl down the toilet? Travesty.

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    Hotly debated. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 17

  34. Devil's Advocate

    We can agree that life in utero is human, and we can agree that unprovoked, deliberate taking of human life is murder, however abortion is justified as birth control when life in utero is accidental or unintended. If the intent to deliberately prevent conception (birth control) is justified, but fails, then deliberate miscarriages (spontaneous abortions) are justified too, because these preventative actions represent the same intent; the prevention of human life. Unless you advocate that no form of birth control is justified, then any position that allows prevention in some cases, but not others, is arbitrary and hypocritical.

    If abortion is murder, then contraception devices are assault weapons that ought to be banned.

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  35. T F

    I have heard mixed reports about Ron Paul and his abortion beliefs, and now that I’ve read a little of his thoughts on the issue, I agree with him…mostly. The biggest issue is regarding abortion is when does life begin. The answer seems tough, but I suggest that it is simple. Instead of asking, when does life begin, ask when does life end? The answer is, when the heart stops beating. There are many people out there right now that are being kept alive because machines are keeping their hearts beating. There is no other sign of life except that, but they are considered alive as long as their heart is beating. So if the end of life occurs when the heart stops beating, the beginning of life should be defined as when the heart starts beating. It’s really very simple. And this is not based on my religious beliefs. It is based on my hatred of murder, especially murder against those that cannot defend themselves. The part that Mr Paul and I do not see eye to eye on is the belief that the Federal government don’t have control over abortion. If abortion is ending a life then it is murder. The states should only decide whether or not to inflict the death penalty for it.

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    1. Jacquelyn

      Ummm, welcome to the 21st century?! Perhaps you could ask someone about organ transplants. We’ve made a lot of amazing progress in that since whatever age you traveled from!

      Life does not necessarily end when the heart stops beating. If your heart stops beating then you are likely to die, but based on modern medicine that is actually because your brain will stop functioning due to lack of oxygen. Are you advocating that anyone who performs a heart transplant is committing murder?! People are declared dead when they have no brain function. That is why we have “beating heart cadavers” who are then cut apart and their organs are distributed to patients who need them. A dead heart (and all of their other organs that are no longer getting blood/oxygen) would certainly not help a transplant patient!

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