Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigrants are a convenient scapegoat for our economic crisis. But with free markets and private property, the need for immigrant labor becomes obvious. Most immigrants, regardless of the color of their skin, are open to the ideals of liberty: private property, free markets, sound money, right to life, low taxes, less war, protection of civil liberties, and a foreign policy designed for peace.

Ron Paul proposed the following action steps for dealing with illegal immigration:

  1. Abolish the welfare state. The incentive to take a job at whatever wage available must prevail.
  2. Establish a generous visitor work program. Once we solve the economic crisis by introducing sound money, demand for domestic and immigrant labor will rise.
  3. Enforce the laws on the books with more border guards. Allow states and landowners to enforce the law and provide security assistance.
  4. Abolish birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants. [Current U.S. citizens will not be affected. Instead, babies born to illegals after a future cutoff date will no longer gain automatic U.S. citizenship. They will still have citizenship in their parents’ home countries.]
  5. End all federal mandates on the states to provide free education and medical care for illegal immigrants.

  • Be Real

    I think the proposal to send all illegal immigrants back home is ludicrous.

    I do not believe people should break the law. I believe in strong border security. But to think that we can just kick all these people out is lunacy.

    Right now the private jails that house the few immigrants that are caught are the only ones benefiting from this ridiculous policy. They raid these poor people and instead of immediate deportation they keep them for years on end without a trial – that is crazy!

    I don’t have the answer – but this is certainly not it.

    • Dasnuke

      But to think that we can just kick all these people out is lunacy.
      Justify that please. Don’t give us that lame ” I don’t have the answer,” stuff. You should have never opened your fat keyboard.
      What would really send them back would be a true crack-down on the corrupt employers in the States. Serious, if you are caught – no appeals, Jail Time. Heck even sent them to Mexican Jails.
      Man, at times, I sure do admire the way that China deals with corruption when it is caught and made public. Look at what happened to the head of their FDA with the bad dog food and other things.

      • Be Real

        How are we going to round all these people up? You tell me smart guy?

        First of all, Americans do not want their jobs no matter how much they say they do. Americans want cushy jobs with Ford or Chrysler that give them health benefits and vacations – and that’s fine.

        These people are Nannies and factory workers and farmers. How many folks in your family are in those line of business? If your answer is a lot then you people should have stuck to school or maybe we should deport you for wasting a great opportunity to get educated.

        Is there a problem – yes. Can we kick all these people out? come back to me in 10 or 20 years when we are still discussing this ridiculous idea and my response will be I TOLD YOU SO! We don’t even have the money for border security how in the world are we going to police the entire country looking for these people?

        As for a solution I say that any person without a criminal record be given a fine and so long as they can prove that they earn a living honestly should be allowed to pay their taxes and stay. Folks with criminal records should be deported immediately without even a trial. But most importantly we need to secure the borders so that the entry way is shut, otherwise we are going to have this problem for ever.

        • Dasnuke

          Be real, be real!

          “come back to me in 10 or 20 years when we are still discussing this ridiculous idea”
          Therein is the problem. Evidently all you and many like you want to do is talk.
          We fought and won World War II, I think that we can figure out how to do it.
          I wonder how much money we would have for border security if we stopped giving it to the illegals and their illegal/legal kin here in the States and South. All ya have to do is open your eyes and look around, or open your ears and listen. You can find them easily enough. Here in Texas it is so very easy. Then on top of it all the El Salvadorians are invading and having a nice border drug war while at the same time moving in on Houston. Sure, that is the hard case.
          The fact that they are here illegally means that they have a criminal record. Many have crossed over and been sent back to have a nice long criminal record.
          Still don’t get it eh, they are not gonna pay taxes, the employers are not going to report them.
          BTW, have you looked at what it takes to get INTO Mexico? I ain’t talking about a quick border city run.
          Again, how hard is it to pick them up, you know what work they do, durn I wonder where to look?
          And again money, well as far as I am concerned we are under an invasion, get all troops home from over seas. If things get too unstable for us to live with, well we do have nukes. Kill off the Obama welfare socialism spending plans; take back all the bailout bucks- war is a good cure for an ailing economy. It worked before. For that matter, we can augment the border patrol with welfare recipients; give them a benefits/quota system.

        • Dasnuke

          Just curious about where you got this idea
          ” If your answer is a lot then you people should have stuck to school or maybe we should deport you for wasting a great opportunity to get educated.”
          What private school did you go to? How many people are banging at the door to get the few real slots at a good education?
          Cushy jobs eh? I got a good education thanks to the United States Navy (not the USNA), and I only had to join for 6 years and ride three subs to pay for it.
          And, broken string – let the welfare people take those jobs. AND get the convicts in Texas prisions back to work. And this crap about not paying the Cons is bull, they get a nice place to live and food to eat.

        • Dasnuke

          “These people are Nannies and factory workers and farmers.”
          Still working on your idea about cushy jobs at Ford what in the heck are you talking about?
          Are they not factory workers? Do you have any idea of how many (say legal just to throw that in) “Ford or Chrysler” factory workers there are in this country?

          Why don’t you babble about the cushy Petro-chemical industry here in Texas next.

          Do you think that those benefits just fell off the great blue benefits bush and right into their laps? Golly gee, do you even know where the 40 hour work week, real premium overtime came from?
          Or even better yet (Mr. Not So Smart Guy), do you even have a real, doing something for America, job? Have you put in your time with the service?

          • Be Real

            Why would I ever fight in these phony wars? I mean even Dr. Paul says these wars were a mistake.

            Don’t be so angry because you had to do 6 years in sub to get educated.

            Call me when there is a war fighting for, protect the homeland, not these petro wars you are so gong hoe about fighting.

            And please stop lecturing people with your meaningless history anecdotes – I’m pretty sure most of us are educated enough to know some of this history.

            at this point this back and forth is laughable but you sound like you need the entertainment so let’s keep it up.

            Oh, and trust me when I tell you that I’m doing OK in a good old cushy American Job. Not in the red-neck woods but in a real city.

            Like I said, you people have been talking kick them out for ever – IT WON’T HAPPEN! Those companies exploiting those immigrants will not let it. It’s all red meat talk to keep people like you pacified by making belief you are fighting form something.

            The sad part is that some of what you propose makes sense, it just wont happen.

          • Dasnuke

            Humm, subpar education. I operated nuclear reactors at power plants after I left the Navy and did very well after I left the control room. Further, I did not tell you to go to war, I just said serve your country rather than be a free rider. I don’t know what you consider a real city or a a good cushy job or a good education is for that matter. It sounds like you went to Humpty Dumpty State and got a BS degree in mug-wumping, or more likely a liberal arts degree in waffle. I doubt that you would ever make in the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program, heck I doubt that you could even score high enough on the tests to get in. Cushy job and all.

  • Eric

    Look at the rancher in Arizona. He’s being sued by a group of drug toting,trespassing,litter bugs who destroyed his property and stole from him. Yet he’s the one who owns the land,pays the taxes,and they get to sue him. Wake up people.

    • Dasnuke

      Durn, that is what comes from not shooting to kill first. At the risk, back in the day, we had a real standing militia. Perhaps we need them again.

  • Eric

    When it’s to late to doing anything about the problem. We’ll all wake up and say HOW DID THIS HAPPEN! Something needs to be done now! Rules written and enforced to protect our boarders,landowners IE (the rancher in Arizona),and the people who live legally in the USA. Give him an inch and he’ll be your ruler. We spend billions of dollars on military training, Why not have training drills where there’s a problem patrolling the borders to deter any illegal entry or drug trafficking. So what can you do for your freedom? Go MR.Paul!

  • Jimbabwe From Zimbabwe

    Hereabove is displayed the true character of the participants of this WWWeb site.

    Sorry, people, but you really should start by Googling “HYPOCRISY”

    It’s a true pity the Iroquois Confederacy (not to mention the rest of the inhabitants of this continent) didn’t share your attitude on “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” in 1492!

    “Manifest Destiny” is here.

    You asked for it, you got it.

    Now what?

    I know, I know. “Kill the new people”, right? Or at least force them to live in some other Native Inhabitants’ ancestral homes. Suuure. That makes YOU “noble”, right?

    Now YOU go back to YOUR ancestral home, or continue living here in OURS as a HYPOCRITE. Or you could stop bitching about the new people doing what YOU DID and learn to get along with new neighbors, like WE DID.

    Now, everyone who still doesn’t get it, please add copious, puerile, vituperative comments:


    • Sean

      do you think the actions our government makes reflect the actions the people make?? we are regular people just like ya’ll wanting the same thing, Peace and prosperity. You can’t pretend that your culture is moraly better and not even know what our culture is about. Vise versa. Haven’t you heard that stereotypeing people is never correct. You don’t know one persons actions and thoughts to the next. Most of us aren’t movie actors or war patriots, so don’t place a whole country in that category.

      • Sean

        You should go complain to China for building the Great Wall. Either that or research about the war going on at our border.

        • Dasnuke

          Actually I think that a good solid wall of M-60s would be a much better solution.

          • Dasnuke

            The Great Illegal Round Up
            1. Of course the first step in rounding all the illegals up is to enact and strictly enforce laws against those who employ them.
            NO BAIL AND MANDATORY JAIL TIME, punishment escalates proportionally to the number of illegals working for the employer criminal.
            Of course, a sub-set would be that the employers will have to pay real wages for “those jobs that people don’t want.” Which in turn means we all will have to pay more for the services, legal services, for legal immigrants and other Americans.

            2. Couple this with elimination of any/all freebee rides on our tax dollars. Immediate resolution, arrest and deport any claimants. If it is for emergency medical care, take care of that then off they go.
            3. NO messing around, no politico whining/posing, no pork/earmarks. Get the legislation through and passed.
            4. Then work on and pass an amendment to eliminate birthright citizenship. That is going to take the longest time to get done.
            This will go far to drying up the jobs and the illegals will round themselves up and head on home.

            Several states have enacted some version of 1 and it works; alas however; only in that state. The illegals just head over into a more friendly state where the residents start to wondering. “Where did all these guys come from?”

  • Texan

    The operative term here is illegal. It is possible to enter this country legally. When one of my siblings was born on foreign soil, there was a choice of citizenship. The offer of birthright citizenship is for people that are here under honorable conditions.

    The willingness to break the law speaks for the character of the immigrant that enters illegally. Everyone says “think of the children” and “they’re just looking for a better life”. If I took my kids to another country illegally, the discussion would be about Child Protective Services stepping in. If I went looking for a better life, I would do it properly.

    Legal – open arms
    Illegal – no benefits whatsoever and don’t come back

    • Dasnuke

      People whose various papers expire eh? And let them take flight lessons too I suppose eh? Then loose track of them, hummmm?

      Why don’t you go take a look a the requirements that a few of those wonderful European countries have in place for foreign workers, much less immigration.

      The once it was really manned and monitored, the Berlin Wall and Check Point Charlie worked pretty durn well. Until the entire system went bust. Of course they used guns; now there’s a thought.

  • Gen

    I have both failed and passed amendments and bills such as this one on my law forum bulletin wall at school under politically incorrect facts.

    Let’s hope people learn how to do their research… and that I don’t get shot for it. πŸ˜‰

  • jeff jefferson

    I would be interested to hear the reasons from the nay voters for voting against the bill.

    • West11

      Intelligence-a severely lacking quality in government.

      There is a lot of talk in Washington about intelligence, but little is ever seen. Β©2009

      Why would someone who is “illegal” by their mere presence pay any attention to those unnecessary laws? Everybody engaging in most of those activities has already broken law; adding another crime does nothing (no deterrent effect) but puff the chest of the idiots who presented it. The law will change no behavior whatsoever. Even if it is enacted five times: no effect.

      Therein lies the problem with our government–the two majorly inept parties have only two solutions: throw money at problems in hopes it goes away until someone else is elected and pass an necessary law so they can brag they did something. They have no other answers; they have no solutions; they have no commonsense. They are the essence of all problems…

      • Gen

        You’re right there… they won’t pay attention to the law, but we need to know who in Congress is there for the people they represent, which is why people like Cornyn introduce legislation like this. It’s good to look at who takes stance where. Use it as a litmus test… too many people don’t pay attention whatsoever.

        It’s also good to have it on the books to support our law enforcement officials. Lawyers rule the world; unfortunately you have to take it back this way or war. I’m afraid the latter may happen.

  • jeff jefferson

    The problem with giving birthright citizenship is that if the children are American citizens and the parents are Mexican, when you send the parents back to Mexico who will raise the children. If they take the children with them, we will have American citizens being raised abroad, so basically, when those children reach adulthood, they will enter the U.S. as a legal immigrants. This scenario would put us back into the same situation that we have now with no legal means to deal with the problem.
    I don’t believe amnesty is the answer, but I don’t think that rounding up ten to twenty million people and deporting them is a realistic option either. I think the only practical solution would be to offer those Mexicans that are here a chance to apply for citizenship, but make it demanding. Make them learn english, pass a constitution test, and prove that they are willing to assimilate into American society. Also, they should have to prove that they have no criminal record, and the government will reserve the right to revoke citizenship at any time. This way we could weed out those people that would be a drain on our society.

    • Gen

      In that case, you may find the following senate bill interesting:

      Senate Amendment 1184
      Record Vote Number 187
      Sponsor: Sen. Cornyn, John (R-TX)
      Amendment Rejected
      Vote: (46 – 51)
      Date: 06/06/2007

      Official Title of Legislation:
      S Amdt 1184 to S Amdt 1150 to S 1348: To establish a permanent bar for gang members, terrorists, and other criminals.
      Vote to pass an amendment that would prohibit undocumented immigrants convicted of aggravated felonies, domestic violence, stalking, violation of protection orders, crimes against children, or crimes relating to the illegal purchase or sale of firearms, from gaining legal status. Bars legal status to immigrants who have engaged in certain forms of identification fraud.

      Hutchinson (R-TX) – Yea
      Cornyn (R-TX) – Yea
      McCain (R) – Nay
      Obama (D) – Nay
      Biden (D) – Nay
      Clinton (D) – Nay
      Reid (D) – Nay
      McConnell (R) – Yea

      • West11


    • Dasnuke

      American Citizens by unfortunate accident of birth. Send them anyway, don’t want to separate that family do we?

  • Although i agree with Dr. Paul about most subjects on immigration i HIGHLY do not agree with taking away the birthright citizenship. The parents of the child obviously cared enough about their child to take them into the country and have them born where they can have a better life. In mexico there are plenty of drug wars and the country is just not a good place to raise a child these days. At least in America they can find a good job and raise a family and pay taxes just like any other citizen.

    • Dasnuke

      Oh yes, just another free ride. If the child can make good, then mama and papa can be taken care of for life. I live south of Houston, all that I need hear is the news from there to know that many of the children are not making and often don’t care to make it.
      In particular, two or three generations of welfare make it a legal way of life in many of their minds – yes shocking as it sounds, I have heard generational arguments of “that’s the way it is supposed to be.” It’s almost along the lines of some of the East Texas White poor who firmly believe in the “it was good enough for my dad, and good enough for me and for my kids too” – talking about really poor paying jobs in this case. Both arguments held in the same E. Texas Class Room.
      As I said most money goes back home anyway, and often they will scoot back to Mexico for a periods of time when they have some bucks stashed away.
      Well, just press 5 for English.

  • john

    I agree with Ron Paul on all subjects except immigration.
    We were all immigrants at one time or the other. If they are to recieve our benefits they should pay for them like everyone else.

    We need them for the jobs Americans are to lazy to do. We all like to eat fresh fruits & Vegtables, meat & dairy products. We like to look at manicures lawns. Most children now a days do not know the meaning of work. We as parents are the blame for that!

    If there are 10,000,000 ileagal alliens & they pay 10,000.00 dollars into taxes & insurance thats per year 100,000,000,000.00 in additional revenue yearly.

    Insurance premiums would drop since paying policy holders would not have to flip the bill for free health care given by to them by the hospitals.

    Yes we must secure the border to regulate future immigration but we must have a starting point,if we are to solve the problem.

    Mexicans are not crossing the border to blow us up, they come to better their life. We should also try to stimulate our neighbors economy before worring about nations far away

    They should learn the English language if they stay! After paying into the corrupt tax system for a couple of years they would most likely want to go back to their country.

    • Dasnuke

      Ever hear of Ellis Island?
      Ever hear of legal quotas?
      The crooked employers do not want them paying taxes or on any kind of book or record. Why? Figure it out. Then when you wake up you will understand that they can/will not pay benefits (which as a minimum double an employees cost to an employer hence why layoffs are the first thing done to cut costs). That better life is not a reality for the vast majority; heck most of the money they earn goes south i.e. home with never a tax paid.
      Bottom Line – Employer Greed is what keep em coming, not some pipe dream of a better life.
      And then there are all the killings that are done by the Coyotes who claim that they are gonna take those poor folks to El Norte, for a nice fee, only to get them some place and either kill them outright (they are the lucky ones) or lock them up in a trailer and abandon them to die of heat and thirst.
      Oh, we mow and upkeep our yard and home.
      Say there is an idea, lets get those folks who are sitting around drawing welfare and other government (our taxes) freebee money and put then to work doing what the illegals are doing.
      If they don’t like it to hell with them, DRAFT them.

  • Jonfeld

    I still don’t understand ending bithright citizenship? Is that for all people? No one should be a citizen. Maybe we should have them have to pass a loyalty oath first. Or maybe check and make sure there aren’t any foriegners in their family. Or any medical problems. Maybe we can then get rid of all these Brown people who keep coming over. This is ridiculous a fluid country where people enter and leave creates jobs and has jobs. Ron Paul is fine with exporting jobs because jobs don’t belong to “employees” well this country belongs to it’s citizens and what legal way did the Pilgrims come to this country? Or a whole host of people. Nativisim and Isolationism in our history have proven to be terrible tacks time and again. A free market but not a freedom to find a better life. This is the worst kind of fear mongering.

    • Mike

      The reason for ending birthright citizenship is not to make it so all newborns are not citizens. It is to stop people who are ILLEGAL from coming in and getting healthcare and welfare from our taxpayers for free. It is rediculous to think that we should be responsible for the healthcare of the world when we can’t afford it on our own. I am all for helping people out but I can’t give them what I don’t have. The same goes for a country.

      • West11

        Ever heard of equal justice under law? Kill the birthright for one and you kill it for all.

        If we start deporting all new-born’s who is going to pay your SSI? [sarcasm]

  • Jackie

    I wish that we could be a country all to ourselves. This country was a lot better place to live before we got so involved in the world. Charity begins at home…and this is my home…has been from birth. I’ve payed taxes all my life. Why should someone who has not supported this country financially waltz in and take what they want?!

  • After trying to align my views with one of the 2 main candidates for the past year, I have finally realized that I don’t have to settle. There is someone out there that shares ALL of my views. I will be voting for Ron Paul in Nov. I pray that most American will do the same so that we can save our country.

  • Motorcyclek9

    to SABERDOGA66…… I said the US can go ahead and put up the wall and everything but they are still going to come in. The problem doesnt lie in that there is no border security but in that we have drained their resources in their native countries. You are only trying to treat the symptoms of the problem but arent adressing the actual problem. Go ahead and put up the wall and cameras and all you want but also stop benefiting off their land and be willing to pay the higher cost for it(agricultural products mainly). If you dont know what I mean then read my original posting again.

  • saberdog66

    wow, motorcyclek9, way to stay off topic. are you serious with what you’re writing?? nobody blames the Latin countries for our current economic problems, at least not the informed public. the racists will always find someone to blame who isn’t what they consider to be “Americans” i for one find it to be extremely shameful that a majority of the hard, blue-collar labor jobs are for the most part being worked by mostly latinos, while a vast majority of the public wouldn’t even begin to consider applying for any of those jobs. my problem and what Mr. Paul is trying to explain on this issue of immigration are those illegal individuals undermining the citizenship process that so many other immigrants are following to the letter of the law. and why wouldn’t we want to secure our borders anyway. you just can’t go anywhere you want in europe or just about anyplace else without a passport or you leave.

    but we cannot continue to allow illegals coming into the country using our hospitals to give birth and give that child instantaneous US citizenship. they are here by illegal means and have no rights to any of the benefits of this country. we have way too many of our own “legal” citizens having a hard go of things as it is. I think Ron Paul is dead-on with this topic.

  • thesmith

    why don’t we go to the source of the problem, Mexico’s economy. If we can help Mexico strengthen their economy illegal immigrants would no long have a reason to look for greener grass. We need to be building bridges and not walls. I’m not suprized that McCain beat RP. Obama is my pick.

    • Dasnuke

      I can see why B Hussein O is your man. Why don’t you just hop on the next bus down there?
      Let them work on their own economy. Kill the greed and corruption there.
      Michael Savage did have a good idea; let Mexico send a couple of barrels of oil per illegal per month (free) to the states to pay for them. Lets see that could be up to 40 million bbls a month.
      That should help out the old family car.

  • Marc

    I agree with every one of these points, except for the elimination of birthright citizenship.

    Like you, Dr. Paul, I am a proponent of the US Constitution, and eliminating birthright citizenship goes against the 14th Amendment.

    I do have a question. Is federal funding of a wall between US and Mexico unconstitutional or “pork barrel spending.” If not, I feel that this is the most efficient, quickest way of curbing the illegal immigration problem.

    • Dasnuke

      Gee Whizz, an Amendment can be errrr amended. If I had my way, it would require military service to be a citizen. All applicants must be accepted; don’t mean that they must survive.

      • Marc

        Yes, the 14th amendment is flawed; I think I would amend it to any citizen born in the United States from parents legally in the country (citizens or here on work visa type of things)… so I guess I do agree with ending birthright citizenship- I’ve done some thinking about it.

        I wouldn’t require military service – its involuntary servitude (slavery)… although we already have that through the income tax and the federal reserve, which both of course should be abolished.

        a requirement of military service is far to forceful and coercive. My view is that if we have a free society, there will be an economic incentive (monetarily or utility wise) for the largest number of volunteers for military service in the case we need to fight to protect our freedoms.

        I do support a wall being built, but also after some thinking, I think ending the welfare state is the quickest way to curb the immigration problem; the wall is merely a band aid on a bullet wound.

        • Dasnuke

          “its involuntary servitude (slavery)” not really! It would be very, very optional. If you want citizenship, earn it- you then truly appreciate it. After all if you care enough to be a citizen, then you should have no problem with serving.
          Check the outs in the Constitution, there are/is an out regarding involuntary servitude – that is what made the Draft Constitutional. Of course part of the Citizenship/Military Service requirement would indeed be the total abolishment of the draft.
          The income tax is in the Constitution so how is that involuntary Servitude. Heck, we the people amended the Constitution to allow the durn thing.

          I think that a free society would be served (and protected) by those who volunteer for Military Service and hence Citizenship.

  • PeteNelson

    I agree with much of what Ron Paul stands for – enough so to write him on my ballot (a no-brainer after what the two main candidates decided to help mr. bush with his bail-out). And I do agree that ILLEGAL aliens need to be treated as law-breakers (they are, by the very definition of “illegal”). However, I personally think ending birthright citizenship is a move in the wrong direction.

    I believe a strong economy comes from a strong workforce, and I believe a legitimate immigrant population contributes to a strong workforce. Tougher enforcement of immigration laws should be balanced by better enabling immigration legally. While the current birthright laws do cause a whole set of problems, I would rather see those problems addressed and solved, rather than simply throwing out this opportunity for citizenship (the very same opportunity I took advantage of when I was born!).

    I believe the way to deal with immigration from other American countries is to help establish more just and equitable relationships with those countries. Help our own nation first, of course – but by helping our neighbors, we can build a more equitable America (that’s two contintents, not just fifty states) for all it’s citizens.

  • Joe

    Then perhaps they should not come here. If there is no chance to get here legally, then dang, fresh outta luck!

  • Joe

    It seems like the wrong thing to say to get elected, but then again, Ron Paul tends to say what we all have on our minds anyway! Go Paul! I have an obama sticker, covered by a mccain sticker, covered by a PAUL sticker, to let everyone know how much we need more than just TWO TWO voices in american politics.