Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigrants are a convenient scapegoat for our economic crisis. But with free markets and private property, the need for immigrant labor becomes obvious. Most immigrants, regardless of the color of their skin, are open to the ideals of liberty: private property, free markets, sound money, right to life, low taxes, less war, protection of civil liberties, and a foreign policy designed for peace.

Ron Paul proposed the following action steps for dealing with illegal immigration:

  1. Abolish the welfare state. The incentive to take a job at whatever wage available must prevail.
  2. Establish a generous visitor work program. Once we solve the economic crisis by introducing sound money, demand for domestic and immigrant labor will rise.
  3. Enforce the laws on the books with more border guards. Allow states and landowners to enforce the law and provide security assistance.
  4. Abolish birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants. [Current U.S. citizens will not be affected. Instead, babies born to illegals after a future cutoff date will no longer gain automatic U.S. citizenship. They will still have citizenship in their parents' home countries.]
  5. End all federal mandates on the states to provide free education and medical care for illegal immigrants.

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  1. Noreen

    Dear friends,

    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 25,000 signatures by December 13, 2012, the White House will review it and respond!

    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the Obama Administration to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:

    Here’s some more information about this petition:

    Enforce our immigration laws and deport illegal aliens.

    The United States of America needs to enforce its Immigration Laws. Illegal Aliens should be deported. Immigrants entering our country should do so according to our laws. No federal or state aid should be given to criminals entering our country illegally.


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  2. Charles R Spencer

    “America has become a free for all” Hip Hip Horray!!!!
    That’s why my ancestors moved here!!
    Free to prosper or fail of one’s own accord! So Glad that Ron Paul, my hero, agrees!

    “A nation without borders is no nation at all”?
    Freedom is a state of mind but freedom of movement cannot be guaranteed, it can only be fought for! For free people to only allow the rich freedom of movement, is a travesty and the notion ought to be challenged wherever people find it!

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  3. Hatice Kursat

    I agree with Mr. Ron Paul.
    I am Naturalized citizen & I do not abuse anyone’s country for going illegal. We had plenty jobs in U.S.A before 1990’s until 2000. When these illegals came, now Americans cannot find jobs. Every job I search is full of Latino.
    Why Americans, immigrants to work in their fields to pick their food? Americans, why can’t you work in your own fields & pick your own food? You think you are to good to pick your own food? Americans constantly crying & whining they want to eat organic foods, but you don’t want to work in your own fields. How are you going to have organic foods when you don’t want to do hard labor your self. Sure use immigrants don’t you? You want for others to do your dirty jobs, at at the same time you don’t want the illegal immigrants. Illegals, they pay tax on food, clothes, rent, utility, illegals they pay tax on everything too. It is the Americans using their own tax government tax money for their lazy behind instead of working. Yes, illegals they pay tax & lazy Americans use those tax. Americans get food=stamps, S.S.I check, welfare, low income housing, unemployment benefit & everything benefit they can get, you get it back of immigrants. Do you think it is fair when you get all those government service but not those work for your low paying dirty jobs? If you worked these jobs, the illegals would not have come here.
    I agree securing your borders, every country should secure their borders no matter what.
    Illegals are among within their own people. They use their people’s SS cards number & their homes.
    It is the American business owners using & abusing illegals. Has anyone heard of Florida tomato plant? American businesses should be ashamed of their self because they get rich quick back of the illegal workers for low paying wages. They suppose to be true Christians. Messiah never said use & abuse human beings no matter what because of their faith & living status. Christians suppose to embrace anyone & give their hard working fair pay. Not only immigrants, legal or illegal, American business & Corporate are using their own American people. Manufacturing, restaurants, hotels, Retail, I can name all of them, they all use & abuse all their employees. There is no labor law. labor law is only big Corporates & government jobs. Labor day, do you see small business closed 7 pay their employees? They load up 3 persons job on one person & make you work to death. Where ever I go, I see one workers 8-12 hours by their self, plus they must clean & serve the customers. Americans are out of slavery, but the slavery is not out of Americans. Modern slavery, still exist in this nation big time. South, they abuse workers more then North & same time they are the biggest God fearing Christians. How could they fear God & same time use & abuse people?
    Why U.S.A is having illegals? The businesses they want to get rick quick. It works perfectly for them. That is why they moved most of the jobs to third world nations. it is all about how quick rich you can get.
    American people, if you want to stop work slavery, first stop buying non-American made. Yes, this is the only way. Stop shopping. Once you learn not to buy made out of U.S. A you will win. So many Americans they keep investing their money in Stock Market, to get more free money. If they use those money in stock & open up small business for Americans, this nation will prosper again & American people will have lots of jobs.
    As long as American people satisfied with their food & products coming form third world nation, immigration legal or illegal would not stop. Report these corporates that keep hiring illegal immigrants. Government should check daily about U.S.A residents, businesses for the illegals. This does not mean, our government taking our freedom & our privacy. Those businesses use illegals they don’t want government to search the nation, because illegals bring easy money to them. What discrimination? Every nation has right to check & clean up their nations illegal problems. I don’t mind showing my citizenship or my I.D every where I go. Those that mind they probably support illegals. More & more immigrants giving birth like in this nation lies flies. They know U.S.A has an easy cheap law & Constitution works for immigrants need & they come here on purposely just to take advantage of our law. Like Europe. Legal immigrants they abused Europe’s good system. My father was a legal immigrant in Germany. We did not abuse German system. Those came later to Germany & Europe Turks & Southern Europeans & abused the German & Holland system. The legal immigrants in Europe, they took advantage of Europe. Now the new generation that are born in Europe they don’t get married just to take advantage of Europe’s system. Well, why is it fair when their citizen take advantage that they don’t work, why not the immigrants take advantage too? Other Christian immigrants in Europe took advantage after seeing Muslims did. Truth hurts. Why third world nations poor keep coming to west? The system is stupid & broken. This illegal issue, is world wide not only U.S.A or Europe. Illegals always go for prosperous Nation for jobs & better system, that is how world works. Third world nations are now solving their poor issue problem. They asked the West to bring their business to their country for low pay jobs instead of losing their citizens, now they can keep their poor within their country. Why can’t these third world nations create jobs in their own nation? Western world has used the third nations under Communism & Fascism & Zionism, that is why they stayed poor. Western nation has used & abused Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America about 200-500 years. Now it is their turn they are using the West taking your jobs. I call this fair. You use others, one day you will be used too.
    Give it about 50 years, the West will be like third world nations. God is not going to allow all the time for Westerners to use & abuse for rest of the humanity is it? after 50 years all the westerners will be legal or illegal immigrants to third world nations. These nations will be Super Power & the West will be third world nation. Americans, don’t like the truth, they take the truth, always offensive. Wake up! You cannot be always Super power, can you? That is not how life works. Everyone gets a chance.
    My last advice for Americans, get off your lazy ass, get back to work. Americans rather get welfare, food stamps, unemployment S.S.I then working for minimum wage. This is the truth. You want jobs, get off your lazy behind from S.S.I checks. It is you that exploits U.S.A government, with Medicaid & medicare. If you don’t work someone else would work for your unwanted jobs.

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  4. alfonso angel

    you know its funnie how some of you [ humans ] come and think that you have all the rights some of you are in the right track but others are well being a nother white extrimes state or i mean country it sad to know what if the feeling of you emmigrants from other parts of the world commit gennacide in the name of progress get rid if the savages and built our own country no native americans welcome the real americans desapearing as we read only the natives from south of the boder are still pure bread [natives] and none of you emmigrants from the world will change that get real we all can live together or in the classified sections need farm picker accomodations if you like too sleep on the ground lowsy pay work 24/7 no bennefits at all o and sickness are included great offer so start paquing your bags to take over those jobs you poor people wile your rich oristrocats go laghing to the bank with you life soo keep it up just a nother thought for to chew on

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  5. Alexander

    Lets be honest America illegals immigrants take the jobs that no one wants.

    Immigrants actually do pay taxes when the purchase items from the store isn’t that a tax? has anyone research on how much illegals spend money on the market here?

    I agree though that illegals that cause crimes should be deported but alot of illegals come here hoping for a better life running away from the cartels because right now its a blood bath down there. these illegals are ok with working there asses for little pay as long as they know their kids are going to have a better life.and also the illegal parents they love this country and the reason why they didnt go through the process to become a citizen is because they cannot afford it and also you dont want to stay in a place where people are being killed left and right where your only option is to work for the cartels or leave. But most of these illegals will try to save up money to become citizens after they make sure their kids are safe. I grew up with their kids. I’m 4th generation mexican american, alot of them love this country serve the arm forces go off to college and are not just leeches like people imply.

    people say the take from education by sending their kids to school but when their kids grow up they’ll be paying taxes and paying back what they took.

    also illegals don’t get benefits like food stamps or SS or unemployment because they are illegal i know a few of them who the only reason they survived here is by working their asses off and having no luxuries. most of them as soon as they become 18 join the arm forces to become citizen or start the process for citizenship they do not remain illegal they want to become citizens like everyone else.

    Also alot of immigrants that come here from mexico were already citizens during the great depression alot of people as long as they looked mexican were deported without trial. even native americans were deported. they were already here because states like texas arizona and california were apart of mexico and than gained citizenship after the mexican american war. the reason i know this is because members of my family are going to trial today because the USA refuses to recognize them as citizens even though they mange to keep documents proving that their grand parents were US citizens that were wrongly deported.

    Also if you did not want them here just enforce the laws that are already in place. fine the companies that hire them. you cannot just punish them immigrants that want a better life for coming here. punish the ones who hire them so they dont have any reason to come. they come because they can find work even though this work is back busting labor that pays shit they’ll take it over the cartels and proverty in mexico.

    Now this is a country of immigrants unless your native american your an immigrant now illegal immigrants wasnt a problem when the economy was good and they were providing cheap labor, but when it goes bad they are the first to be blamed. throughout history they have been the scape goats but they are not the cause of this recession.

    Now i understand that other immigrants from other countries want to come in and their spots are being taken and i feel bad but people need money and well this country wants cheap labor. if they did more guest worker programs like they used to their would be less illegals here because they would go back to mexico

    now think about this lets say you deport all the illegals. who is going to be your cheap labor. i no americans are not going to work the fields for 8 bucks or less an hour from 5am to 6pm . if you increase the pay the price of the product so now its more expensive and less people are going to buy it.

    illegals have there pros and their cons im for ron paul but i think his immigration policy needs some changes and honestly we need to get more involved in mexico because sadly they are our neighbor and what happens their effects this country like bad economy cause illegals to come here.

    also i know my grammar is bad im not an English major i prefer math and science

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    1. Lee

      Yeah we’re a mess. We so talked up the college education situation, that young people did not want to paint houses, clean hotel rooms, waitress or become dishwashers to earn money and good solid experience. So a void was filled and the elite political class looked the other way surely because the business people needed the workers.

      So now we have all these kids who rich or poor are not good workers at all. The kids who come from overseas and from sob are like we used to be.

      People should be able to get some sort of card so they can operate out in the open legally, but that does not mean voting or qualifying for gov benefits. Too late now the Dems are on a roll.

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  6. Mike

    All of this means nothing if we don’t control the boarders. Since the boarders are non’t controled anyone can come in not just people from south of the boarder.

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    1. Lee

      The borders could have been controlled a long time ago. I’m afraid the forces who want the North American Union have all the leverage now. It is amazing how this all connects to the creepy local un agenda 21 initiatives which do not like borders either, just big dense regions of people. Can you believe the crowd pushing that are trying to convince us that the suburbs and even farming are unsustainable.

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    2. Reno

      Mike, BOARDERS? Really? Try BORDERS.

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  7. TheC

    Point 1: We all know the Native Americans were here first. If we want to play that game, then all of the borders in the world get extremely blurry. So, let’s just not. The Native Americans were brutally slaughtered and shipped off to the reservations they now claim as their land.
    Point 2: The United States is a land of immigrants, yes. This is not a very sounds argument, because we also are a land of laws, and we have laws to regulate immigration. My own family came through Ellis Island. They also served in the military. Completely different from people who came here illegally.
    Point 3: I agree with Ron Paul’s plan, as much as it proposes action. I agree the borders need to be secured. I agree we need reform, and that social services are being exhausted by illegal immigrants.
    Point 4: I don’t care if you are Mexican, Iranian, French, Canadian or any other nationality, if you want to emigrate to the United States, you must go through the proper channels. You must wait your turn, you must learn the language and get your paperwork in order.
    Point 5: To say that any one group is more violent than another is oversimplifying the issue. Because of the high volume of Mexican nationals, and the high volume of violence involving Middle eastern countries, we the public hear more about issues to deal with these two more than others. Here in Southern California, we can’t ignore such reports. Nearly ever violent crime reported locally is perpetrated by a person with a Hispanic name. Never do they mention if the person is a citizen or a Mexican national. This presents the unfortunate and stilted perspective that you hear form people when they claim that “Mexicans are violent”. If those people could present some data supporting such a wild generalization, I would be more apt to listen.
    Point 6: i don’t hate illegal immigrants, but i will vote for measures that hinder them. It’s my right as a citizen to deny the rights of citizenship to non-citizens. It is also my right to secure the borders of my nation.

    And, finally: complaining about grammar is cheap but effective. If you are going to argue, please be able to communicate your argument clearly. If you are going to complain about someone else and their grammar, be sure your grammar is amazing. Also, punctuate. Please, punctuate.

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  8. Johana

    I’m currently reading Critical Race Theory in school and it amazes how blatantly racist people can be while still trying to pass off as innocent victims. We live in a racist society where absolutely no one is “innocent.” If you’re going to play the “innocent” card then there is no such thing as the “race” card because you can’t identify innocence without first identifying who the “bad guy” is.

    When you’re a minority, you view the world through the eyes of someone who is darker than white, so you obviously take offense to people who pretend they know what you are going through when they have always viewed the world as someone with the greater advantage. Even if you are a Latino and you are white, you are still viewing the world through an advantage.
    I noticed that most people who support laws against immigration have a lot of racist things to say. Just take a look at the comments ANYWHERE where illegal immigration is discussed. Most of the comments are flat out racist, YET the people who are actually giving insight through their PERSONAL experience as relatives of illegal immigrants are bashed!
    Even if you don’t support illegal immigration you shouldn’t let those people attack minorities with their racist/ignorant comments.
    YOU are clearly advantageous, so speak up or admit that you’re a racist as well!
    Those of us who are trying to fight this without insulting people are not being listened to.

    I’m a brown American, why is that so hard for people to accept?
    Because my parents were illegal?
    I’m an American who was raised by them, and I don’t mind at all that they were illegal. They never asked the government for help!

    I’m the one that did that when I applied for FAFSA.

    Stop with the “learn correct grammar” comments and deal with the actual issue at hand.

    “As a category, ‘white’ was constructed by the prerequisite courts in a two-step process that ultimately defined not just the boundaries of that group but its identity as well. First, note that the courts constructed the bounds of Whiteness by deciding on a case by case basis who was NOT White. Though the prerequisite courts were charged with defining the term “white person,” they did so not through an appeal to a freestanding notion of Whiteness, but instead negatively by identifying who was non-White (Page 631.)”

    So how are we defining who to stop to check for papers?
    History is repeating itself, and those of you who claimed you would have stood alongside minorities during the Civil Rights movement are missing your chance to stand by us in this century.
    Don’t tell me you aren’t racist if you choose to not say anything to those who decide to bash me.

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    1. Lee

      Growing up I never ever heard of or thought of Spanish speaking people as “brown”. I also think it interesting how Latin and South Americans never cry foul at Spain who were unbelievably murderous, ruthless and robbers of resources. Maybe it is because Spain is very liberal today that they get a pass, and their impact lessoned by the world’s liberal academics.

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  9. AmericanPieHole

    The only question is should we have immigration laws? If you answer is yes then you are in luck because we have them. Are these laws perfect probably not but they are hands down the most fair and generous in the world. If you don’t like them fine, change them. Until then enforce them equality and uniformly because to do otherwise there is no equity for anyone.

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  10. Moises Juarez

    I think you should really learn how to at least write in English and you good sir, are the reason why so many countries laugh at us and trust me you are not the only disabled American in this country so quit your crying learn how to write correctly or at least use proper grammar and actual words oh and just so you know I’m an Hispanic son from an illegal father and a legal citizen mother who also worked their whole life’s they might not know English as much as most but at least they didn’t show how to hate a group of people for trying to make a decent life for their children (which by the way the first pilgrims did when they first came over to what is now known as America)

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    1. Allan Chase

      First of all, learn correct grammar yourself! You are criticizing him for his lack of the English langauge when you should really re-read your original post! He’s not preaching hate, he preaching legality and fairness. Unfortunately it does come across negatively because it is a very sensitive topic that makes it seem like we are turning our noses up at people. Having lived around the world, they don’t laugh at us because of immigration because they have the same problems. One reason why many people don’t like us is because of foreign policies with respects to business and trade, so get your facts straight. Okay, so should Mexican citizens be allowed here? YES! But legally and subject to our systems we have in place. Now, should Middle-Eastern people be allowed to immigrate here? NO and why would they, they hate our religion and our views of their religion so why even bother?

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  11. Katie Fitch

    The undocumented already have jobs. We wouldn’t need to create new jobs in order to accommodate a path (not an amnesty, this has to be EARNED) to legalization. They work the jobs that Americans do not want. My friends mom was unemployed for 2 years, yet all she did was complain about it. Like many Americans she’s severely overweight and needs an “easy” job. People like her, people like most Americans who love a cushiony life style (we’ve become accustomed to it) won’t do manual labor. What’s beautiful is that there are low-skilled undocumented immigrants who will, so that we can still have our houses cleaned and our lawns mowed and our tacos made. Giving undocumented workers access to a social security number (work permit only, no benefits to be collected) would increase our tax revenues and make our roads safer because now they would be able to get drivers licenses and insurance. Undocumented people don’t WANT to not have drivers licenses or insurance, it’s simply that they can’t. People who complain about immigrants taking their jobs are should get more training; if immigrants are taking your job then your job must kind of suck and I’m sure you’re not living as American as you should.

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  12. spy..anom

    To begin every one here is an immigrant unless ur a native American u don’t have the right to kick any one out ..this country is made of hard working illegal immigrants…un less u wanna pay some one 20 $ /hr to pick out ur lettuce we should find a way to coincide theres other methods we can do to help this situation..Ron Paul hasw good poins but the 0 immigrant tolerance is weak instead of keeping them out we should tax dem ..after all that’s wat makes us Americans …tax and pay for citizenship…wit all the money saving ideas from Ron Paul and 12.5 million illegal aliens waiting for citizenship it be great way to help the economy ….

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    1. Lora

      Yes… let’s round up all the illegal immigrants and tax them for being illegal. Should be easy when they file their taxes every year.

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    2. spy..anom

      Here’s a quik definition of American for u all narrow minded people..American = an immigant that pays taxes …that means everyone white black Asian Mexican

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      1. Charla

        AS USUAL, RED people, i.e., NATIVE AMERICANS get left out, even on some government surveys. You are so racist you don’t even KNOW you are being racist, but that is too often the case.

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  13. Tim

    That is real nice. You should be a politician. You are suggesting a solution that has zero possibility of happening. Even if 12.5 million illegal aliens volunteered to be deported. Their countries would close their borders as that return would cause economic and humanitarian collapses in those countries. They would require the US to prove that they are citizens. The US will be the laughing stock of the world.

    News is that they will not show up voluntarily. It would require a round up that would be compared to that of the Germans round up of the Jews. Americans will not support that for long. The sooner all sides get together outside of the political arena and devise a plan that holds everyone accountable, the sooner we can solve the problem. You are halfway there. Do not suggest ideas unless they can be carried out. It affirms that you have no understanding of the issue and only want a soap box to yell from. Thanks

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  14. April

    I’m all for making legal immigration a streamlined process. But if someone is here illegally, he or she should be deported. Any citizen of another country that gives birth to a child while in our country has given birth to a foreign resident, a member of that child’s home country. As for getting benefits that belong to Americans, foreigners should become legal residents or gain their citizenship before being allowed to have the benefits thereof. If a foreigner seeks medical aid and is not here legally, medical aid should be given and the foreigner should then be deported. If a foreigner needs immediate assistance in obtaining food or housing, immediate assistance should be given and the foreigner should then be deported. In short, anyone who remains a citizen of another nation is a citizen of that nation until he or she gains American citizenship.

    Again, I think the process of becoming a legal American resident or American citizen should be streamlined, so that those who want to be here legally will not be smothered in endless red tape. But for those who want to cut corners and make us pay for it … deport them to their home country. After all, they belong to that nation, not ours, and unless they want to become an American, they do not need to be here.

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    1. Johana

      “Any citizen of another country that gives birth to a child while in our country has given birth to a foreign resident, a member of that child’s home country.”

      So, if my mom’s from Italy and my father’s from Pakistan and I was born in the U.S., where would you suggest my home country is?

      Take your time.

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      1. Charla

        If your family is PATRIARCHIAL you would be Pakistani and should be registered there as a citizen. If your home country allows dual citizenship, you could also be a citizen of your mother’s country, Italy. My grandchild is both an American citizen and a Japanese citizen, as my daughter-in-law was a legal resident but not yet a citizen when the baby was born, which was 5 yrs. after she and my son were married in Japan. At age 18 the grandchild must chose her citizenship, as the United States does not allow dual citizenship after age 18.

        The Constitution notes that parents must have a loyalty to this country, i.e., legal status, before the child is a legal citizen of the United States of America.

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      2. Reno

        Maybe the parents should consider the consequences of their actions on their offspring before procreating.

        The people who come here illegally are the ones who have put their “Dream” children in the precarious situations they’re now in, not US immigration policy or US citizens.

        The parents broke the law by coming here illegally. If their children suffer, and people get deported, they have themselves to blame.They should be grateful for all the years they got away with breaking the law before being held to account for their illegal actions.

        Dream Act kids….Put the blame where it belongs…on your law breaking parents who think they don’t have to follow the rules/laws that legal immigrants follow.

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  15. Sick of immigrates taking over our country

    I agree 100% with Ron Paul… He really needs 2 be our president, so he can make america, america again… It is becoming the new mexico… If they can’t speak English R won’t in public, then they need 2 get outta our contry… when they speaking their garbage, how do we know they’re not plotting 2 blow us all up R something… why should we have 2 learn their language in our own country… they in our country, & if they want 2 be here they need 2 realize, we R not here 2 cater 2 them… & I worked all my life & now am disabled & can’t even get the benefits that they just get handed, I say send them home & lock all borders & coast & if they try sneaking over, shoot 2 kill… That’s what they’ do if it was the other way around…

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    1. clarissa

      you are so ignorant, if mexicans were planning on killing and bombing the shit out of americathey would have done it by now. they come here to seek a better life for their families, yes its not right that some come here to make money and send it back to mexico and commit crimes and get away with it. but they are better people than the average american citizen i can tell you that. And i dont know if anyone told you this, but white people were not here first, im pretty sure it was mexicans and native americans that were here first, and english is not americas native tongue. so get your facts right before you pop off talking all that bull. :)

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  16. FearOfImmigrationISjustRacismBecauseItsAlwaysAboutMexicansNotCanadians

    I agree with Ron Paul on almost everything he says, but deep down i believe that the right for a human being on planet earth to walk anywhere on this planet supersedes the right for any nation to stop them. Nobody complains about illegal Canadians because they speak english. References to illegal aliens in the media almost always refers to hispanic people period. It’s obvious racism. If anybody says: “This is an english speaking country speak english” I encourage them to learn Cherokee.

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    1. Derelictus

      I’m not sure if you’re trolling or are serious. Illegal Canadian immigration isn’t a serious problem; illegal Mexican immigration is. It brings crime, drug problems, cultural dispossession of native Americans (whites and blacks) in many instances, furthers the breakdown of the welfare system, etc. Your “racist” claim: are you suggesting all cultures are the same? You don’t see the problem with transplanting millions of members of a hostile, alien culture into the heart of a nation with many differing values? Cultures are different; people are different. Multiculturalism doesn’t work. Nothing wrong with reasonable amounts of LEGAL immigration but anything more than that is tantamount to slow genocide of the native population of a country. Every human being on this planet is a “racist” and a “culturist”; they generally identify with their own culture over others. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how the world works.

      As for the Cherokee quip; like it or not there are very few speakers of indigenous languages left in the United States. English is the de facto official language and its what binds America and helps make it what it is. Your post reeks of some kind of creepy Marxist “workers of the world” nonsense. People are different. America is different from Saudi Arabia. Japan is different from Chile. Sweden is different from Kuwait. Nothing you say can change that.

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  17. MaryJane

    That imposter in the White House, whatever his name is, whoever the hell he is…obama/saetoro…is soft on illegal immigration because he himself has relatives in the US illegally.

    One of his aunts who is here illegally actually attended one of his inaugural balls.
    I shit you not.

    A few months ago, his uncle, also here illegally, was pulled over for a DUI/DWI. He was so shit-faced drunk he actually told the officer who pulled him over to “Call the White House”.

    Of course, both these incidents were quickly swept under the rug before too many people learned of them.

    Both of these ILLEGALS probably have some kind of special status to be here now.

    At this point, illegals in this country have more rights than US citizens and LEGAL immigrants. What’s wrong with this picture? EVERYTHING!

    I feel like Alice in Wonderland, like I fell down a hole and nothing makes sense any more. Except for Doctor RON PAUL!

    REVOLUTION 2012! Vote for Doctor Ron Paul!

    (There are too many of us to be silenced or ignored).

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  18. Darcy

    Illegals are sent back to their countries and return illegally. To stop this the illegals need to be arrested, put in to labor camps breading big rocks in to grave with sledge hammers for a period of 3 months and then exported back to their country. If caught re-entering the country put them into the labor camp fo one and a half year and the 3rd time a 5 years feeding a basic diet of veggies and water. when they realize their family back home is going to go without a pay check most will not retlurn here.

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    1. Kay

      What are we, neo-Nazi’s? Sending them to do more labor for us still takes away our jobs, and it’s like forcing them into slavery. They may be illegal, but they are still human.

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  19. Deborah lippitt

    Wake up people…who do you think does all the stoop the fields farms and ranches…it sure ain’t white people. Like they provide the labor which provides us with food!I have lived in ranching and farming communities for the last 20 years and the white people you can occasionally get to work are kids of ranchers and farmers(when they can get away from their folks place which is seldom)…no one unless you can come up with alternative laborers…we better figure out how to live with these people. Most that I know try very hard to have driver’s licenses and insurance but it is very difficult…perhaps if we made it easier….that would be a a step in the right direction. Fancy trucks…what are you kidding? Maybe in cities but not in rural areas. Rumors and innuendo do not help anything.
    I do however think that they should learn to speak the language. We need to solve this problem and stop pointing fingers and deal with facts…in every group of people there are dishonest people…even Americans.

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    1. Denise

      I also grew up in a farming/ranching community and up until the late 70’s, it was Americans who worked those jobs. As late as the mid 80’s I was making $10 an hour working on a belt. The farmers wanted to pay less so they brought in illegals. Of course, it was the local taxpayers who had to pay for their medical, schools for their children, English as a second language classes, and the police, court, and jails. Then of course, there is the damage to the community from the gangs (their children), the violence towards women (very macho), the unemployed Americans, and the loss of income that used to be spread around the community but is now sent to a foreign country. All this so that employers could make more profit.

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  20. Brynda

    All the young illegals and “anchor babies” whose parents brought them here illegally or had them just to stay here and acquire benefits, seem to have a sense of entitlement just because they have been here for a certain period of time. They should be upset with their law-breaking parents, not US laws. And I’m sick of hearing that this used to be Mexico. Used to be is right. NOW it is the USA. We have laws. If you want to be here, do it legally, like the millions of LEGAL immigrants. Don’t SNEAK in, and then make demands. American citizens can’t go to other countries illegally and demand anything. They’d end up in prison or dead. Illegals use fake SS cards and send most of their money back to their home countries. And why the hell should a legal American citizen have to speak Spanish to get a job? Assimilate! Learn English! I’m sick of having to “Press one for English”.

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    1. Brynda

      While I stand by my previous post, there are things I would like to add. First, every person who is in the US illegally is not Mexican. There are plenty of Canadians here illegally too, but because they are “white” and speak English, they don’t have the same problems as “brown” people. They’re still “illegals”. Secondly, many people come from Guatemala, Peru, El Salvador and all points south, so they should not all be referred to as “Mexican”. If they get arrested, they claim to be Mexican, so they will just be deported to Mexico instead of their home countries. Thirdly, many of these people have been displaced from their generational homes and villages by American oil companies, or other greedy American corporations. Some are displaced by their own governments. Others’ villages are raided by guerilla groups who rape and pillage and force young men to join them against their wills. The rest flee into the jungles with the clothes on their backs and little else. They survive on whatever they can find to eat in the jungles and forests. They dream of America, mistakenly believing that their lives will be better here. They go through hell in their home countries, they go through hell to get here, and if they actually make it to the US and don’t die in the desert…more hell. If they get sick or fall behind because they have children with them, the “coyotes” just leave them. If they make it here, they are held in houses by “coyotes” who hold them for ransom until their friends or family members pay the “coyotes” thousands of dollars. If the refugees can’t pay, they are sold into slavery. Boys, girls and women are sold as sex slaves, men are forced to work for years for nothing to pay off their “debt” to the “coyotes”.Many die here or on the way, and their families in their home countries never know what happened to their loved ones. Only YHVH knows how many of these poor people have died in the deserts and been eaten by wild animals. Fourth, if you are naive enough to think that this slavery is not happening in your state or town, I assure you that this is happening in every state in this union this very minute. So much for their dreams of a better life in America. Fifthly, besides these true refugees, drug runners are pouring across the borders, along with rapists, murderers and the like. (Afghanis, Iraqis and others who aren’t coming here for a better life, but to destroy this country are also pouring in illegally, through both Mexico and Canada. Because they are “brown” and have learned basic Spanish, they also claim to be Mexican). All illegals are not Mexican, and all Mexicans are not illegals. Lastly, no matter what a person’s reasons are for coming here, they still need to come through legal channels. Every country has laws against illegal immigration, not just the US. Amnesty for people who come here illegally is a slap in the face to immigrants who follow the rules and wait their turn.

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      1. Enlightened

        I suppose you would do that to Women and Gays too?

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    2. MaryJane

      Maybe we should have refugee camps along the borders like other countries have.

      The refugees could live and work there while they are checked out thoroughly to determine whether or not they are really refugees or terrorists or drug runners, etc.

      They could also be taught English and learn to abide by the rules of this country, such as don’t change your baby’s dirty diaper and leave it in the McDonald’s parking lot, and don’t destroy our parks and rivers with basura (trash), you need a driver’s license and insurance to drive, obey speed limits, don’t run into people in the store with your shopping cart etc. You know, basic rules.

      Once they are determined to be legit, and have learned English and the rules, they could be funnelled into society.

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  21. Bob

    State hood. The State of Mexico.

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  22. enoughalready

    Here’s a dichotomy. People, the upper echelon, complain about higher taxes yet their “nannies” and “gardeners” are essay’s…illegal alieans! They claim patriotism yet everyday do the unpatriotic. Why? Because just like most Americans who decry the President’s patriotism, they turn their cheeck to their own! Employers, whom are the worst offenders want to do business in America yet not hire American so they can “reap” the benefits of profit. To hell w/ hiring Americans anymore! Everytime I pass a construction site I see a bunch of Mexicans working and hardly even a trace of anyone American. This disgust’s me so very much that it almost makes me puke. All that bullshit from Mexicans talking “we build this country” and “we do the jobs Americans don’t want to do” is a gigantic, enormous crock of shit! You reap while working under the table while your 4 foot 3 inch baby bearing machine sits at home (American taxpayer funded mind you) and just continues to birth babies, ironically, just like the queen in the movie “Aliens” They get up off their flat asses to go to the mall and shop, look at Americans and talk shit about us and our way of life. Why don’t you fix your own country and if you are so proud of Mexico “Viva de Mexico” and flying Mexican flags the why come here? If it were up to me, first time felon, goodbye mother#$@!^…INSTANT DEPORTATION. NO SECOND CHANCES. Those of you who are here, you’re still BREAKING THE LAW so I have zero tolerance or sympathy. SIMPLE SOLUTION. GOVERNMENT-Stop legalizing anchor babies and secure our borders immediately. EMPLOYERS, show some allegiance to the people that keep your revenue generating (the American consumer) and the also to the country that produces your fortune. AMERICAN PEOPLE- stop letting political parties divide and conquer us, come together collectively and tell every politician out there to “fuck the latino vote” and choose to enforce immigration laws based on America and not a vote that that can get you re-elected. SYMPATHIZERS for illegal immigration…move to Mexico. I’m sure they’d bend over backwards to accomadate you the way Americans are being forced to for Mexicans.

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  23. ScooterMcGooter

    The basic logic behind no boarders policy of both “Democratic Party” and “Republican Party” (just two wings of the same “Federal Reserve Party”, it that the united states is not a nation state.

    huh? what? that’s right boys and girls. “not a nation state”.
    what STRONG examples of nation states?

    what are very MODESTt examples of nation states?
    Germany (although its leaders are copying the usa now, and will soon achieve the goal of “non-nation-status”.

    Aside from the USA, the leading “non-nation state”, what are examples?
    England (aka ingreat britain”

    And.. here is one that was… a “non-nation state”, but was absorbed by a “actual-nation state”
    Hong Kong (circa 1970).

    So, what is the USA and England if not nation states?
    they are “Economic Zones”

    a place to come and make a fast buck. a place to make ware from, eg “proxy war”. that war which is made on victim states, by powers that want to remain nameless and behind the curtains.

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  24. MotorMouth


    You’re one of the reason why this country is going down. You’re not being part of the solution so go figure out.

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  25. MotorMouth

    I came from a family of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who waited years and years to enter this country legally. That involves a lot of depleted family resources just to get a better fighting chance in life (better jobs). and its sickening and frustrating to see how some people can just get here without “really” earning it and just bypassing the law and immigration regulations that the rest of us are so eagerly careful to follow. If that’e the case then heck! Why didn’t we even bother to sell some of our belongings just so we can enter the United States when we can just hop from country to country with a tourist visa then hire a “Coyote” so he can smuggle us into the US. Sure, Undocumented Immigrants without criminal records should be left alone and let them stay here. What a load of crap. The law is THE LAW and there should be no exceptions America. I worked as a caregiver and most of my co-workers are from the same country where I was born. They are all “Undocumented” but guess what? They’re being given more working hours and a higher salary. Way to go Mr. President!

    Bottom line is We don’t have to take this, back agaisnt the wall. We don’t have to take this, We can end it all!

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  26. rhia

    Undocumented illegal immigrants should be deported. Think about other people from other countries striving to come here, im an immigrant and my family and i waited for about 5 or more years to be able to come here, also spent alot of money.
    They disnt do none of that, they just came here without suffering. I think thats unfair for us legal immigrants. Obama needs to fix other things like giving us american citizens a job. I am really against this!

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  27. rarahkwisere

    if you are brown then you are not a “illegal”.God has put us where he wants us.So if you are not brown or red then you should live in Europe.Blame your God, not me.Creation has made our dna,where we should live at.Don’t you think the Rhine is beautiful,the Alps,the reindeer,the rothman’s,the city of london, the royal regime,must i go on,the taxes to the “ROYALS” prince harry,eettcc.Now you bring this crap here and say to the natives that they don’t belong here,un-grateful human beings,man-like, not man though

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  28. Edel

    Take a look at the stats. Not only do we release these criminals back into our land, but those that we keep in jail we pay for their health care, food, free education/library books, hot water, and the list goes on. How about not paying for their jail-care, or their welfare, or their crimes! Send them back to Mexico, make them file for visas and keep track of them, and bring our troops home to protect our borders! Read this report… it is crazy. And this is just in 2 years and 9 months of data. Data that was actually accounted for, crimes that were actually caught, and there is many that could not be accounted for. Seriously, read the whole report. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a seperate department in the Library of Congress that provides information and analysis to Congress to help them make more informed decisions when agenda setting, forming policy, and creating legislation. Please, those who are in the “Candy Land” of immigrants being made of all sugar and greatness, please wake up.

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  29. Aaron Davis

    I have done a significant amount of research on this, and in 2009, over 50% of illegal immigrants (regardless of when they crossed, or how many years they’ve been here) were receiving (in 2009) some form of social entitlement program benefits. It may have been Medicare, it may have been lunch and breakfast programs for their kids, it could be AFDC for unwed mothers giving birth to anchor babies shortly after crossing the border, but combined, this massive consumption of resources cost us over $500,000,000,000.00. Folks, that’s 500 BILLION, and about 1/7th of the total fiscal budget (including overages) spent that year in the FEDERAL budget (3.6 Trillion). This does not count the portion of costs still covered by the states themselves, or rather, not reimbursed by the Fed. Worst offenders: Dominican Republic where 86% of illegal immigrants were receiving assistance. I hear people, often of latino heritage, talk about the sales taxes and stuff they pay, but since half of the immigrants are spending money I MYSELF paid taxes to give them, how can I possibly get excited about 8.25% coming back in state sales tax?? The primary cause for their underemployment is a lack of education. We are simply out of toilets to clean, and as long as we continue to represent a free ride and easy living with clean streets, there will be a line around the block. Key take-aways: 1/7th of the federal budget in 2009, or 500 billion of a 3.6 trillion dollar budget. All for people who snuck in here, squirted out a bastard, and did their best to look helpless. I could puke on anyone that ever tries to sell me that line of “OOH, WE PAY TAXES TOO”… yeah, anyone make less than about $37,500 a year is paying ZERO Fed taxes… it all comes back at year end, and especially if they’re getting paid under the table. In fact, it’s quite common to get a guy around just to keep knocking you up so the two of you can live off the excess food your kids don’t eat. If this doesn’t piss everyone here off (both for and against illegal immigration), well then, I haven’t done my job. LOL!

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    1. ARTURO

      I’m interested in your research, especially on Dominicans. I’m pretty confident that you didn’t even bother in researching the amount of Dominicans who own homes and businesses, or if their kids attend and complete college/university. I can tell you from personal experience and research that 80+% of children born to Dominican families who have migrated to the U.S attend and finish college. That’s amongst the highest in comparison to most groups entering the US, even HIGHER THAN AFRICAN AMERICANS. Lets talk about home ownership and businesses. If you even bothered entering a neighborhood or town that is predominantly Dominican; You would notice the majority of the homes and alot of businesses are owned by Dominicans.

      The point i’m trying to make, yes some do come here by illegal means, and partake in some benefits, but they GIVE BACK. People love to bring up the immigration issue and point fingers and not think about the bigger issue. How about regulating the HANDOUTS to EVERYONE, the biggest abusers are Americans them selves. So many people, not just immigrants, ABUSE the system. Why isn’t this the focus? Police the policies that aim to “HELP” but in reality make people dependent.

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  30. Linda

    This is to Barb, you are an idiot.

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  31. Barb

    This is specifically to Linda. Businesses go where ther are consumers. If your consumers speak Spanish, you should too. Get over it. Also, if you can’t find a job maybe you should learn how to make tamales and sell them door to door, you could probably buy a shiny new truck then. It seems to be working well for the Mexicans.

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    1. Jesse

      Did you pull that malodorous load of shit out of your ass? You cannot truly believe that! You should speak the language of the country you move to… it’s called assimilation.. a concept immigrants from all over the world understand accept your beloved illegal Mexicans.

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  32. Linda

    Anyone that tells me immigration helps the economy needs to get there head out of the clouds and down to reality, and here’s why. (that was putting it mildly)

    I am a 50 year old single mother of a teenage high school student. I have a son who is currently serving in the U.S. Military. I was turned down for a job yesterday, because I did not speak Spanish; those were the exact words of the recruiter. Yes folks, that is correct, and welcome to Texas, this is our reality down here. We Americans are losing jobs to immigrants because we don’t speak their native languages.

    Why should I have to be forced to speak Spanish when I am trying to get a job in the United States of America two miles down the road from my home in Houston, Mr. Obama? Immigrants who wish to reside in the U.S.A. need to learn English, plain and simple, not the other way around. If the tables were turned and Ms. Linda from Texas moved to Mexico, I highly doubt that the entire country of Mexico is going to roll out the red carpet for me, and start speaking English on my behalf.

    I am angry that the immigrants here in Texas are reaping the benefits that the U.S. Government allows them, and then having them take advantage of the system, as they work for cash in my neighborhood selling tamales door-to-door, grooming lawns, and cleaning pools, and more. Guess what, those immigrants are laughing all the way to the bank, driving shinny new trucks that they can afford as they are avoiding paying income taxes like everyone else.

    I came into hard times a few months ago due to my daughter’s health. I am struggling to survive and I don’t qualify for any benefits. Let me repeat that, I don’t qualify for ANY BENEFITS. I am a U.S. Citizen, white race, and I don’t qualify for squat. I am behind on my mortgage payments, my cupboards are near empty, my electric bill is due on August 7th, and did I mention that my water is being shut off at the end of business day today.

    I have been trying to get a job for months; I have a very good resume and have always been a hard worker. Mr. Obama, please tell me why immigrants are getting jobs in my neighborhood, but I can’t even seem to get a single job offer, not even for half of what I was previously making. I welcome you to take a look through the employment ads, see for yourself how many positions require applicants to be bilingual, which limits the number of jobs I qualify for and greatly increases the Latino job market. Take a drive through Houston and get a glimpse for yourself, if you don’t believe my words.

    It appears that some day Texas will be gone, and Mexico will expand it’s borders by squeezing out the American work force, little by little it will disappear over time. Do politicians have there heads so far up in the clouds they do not see this happening?

    Immigrants are also taking jobs away from are high school kids that are looking for their first part-time job to save money for college. How our kids are are suppose to learn the value of a dollar when they can’t even get their first job. Go to any fast-food drive through in town, most workers barely speak English and 9 times out of 10 you’ll go home with a whopper when you ordered chicken nuggets and fries. But yet, our educated high school students born and bred in the U.S.A. are having a hard time finding work, that is the reality.

    Fact: America is America

    Fact: America is not Mexico

    Fact: Mexico is Mexico

    Fact: Companies should not be allowed to discriminate against non-bilingual, english speaking citizens of this country that are trying to seek gainful employment within the boundaries of the United States of America, solely because they do not speak a foreign language.

    Fact: We have a right to work in America, just like the immigrants

    Fact: Americans should have the same rights as immigrants do

    Stand-up America and put an end to this madness – This land is our land.
    This land was made for you and me, not just you and you.

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  33. Donald Campbell

    mexicans should work on improving their own country instead of taking ours down. am living in southern california near santa ana, costa mesa, nearly half the population is mexican immigrants. this is supposed to be the united states, not mexico reborn. i feel embarassed for this country now. its being overran with indulgent baby makers who care nothing of our way of life. they want to be sympathized with, but are taking away our space.

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  34. R.R.

    Ron Paul’s policy is correct. I work in Santa Ana California, I’ll bet most of the other commentators are on the East coast and Midwest. Well, Santa Ana used to be a nice city, but now it’s a reminiscent of a third world hell hole, seriously. Packs of wild dogs roaming the streets, non English speaking illegal immigrants packing 2 and 3 bedroom houses with 10-15 people, roads falling apart, drugs, crime, drunkenness, illiteracy. Most people want to paint the picture of the hard working immigrant trying to get ahead, but these cases have been the extreme minority of what I’ve experienced here over the past 20 years. I know Mexican nationals who have lived here for 20 years and still can’t speak a lick of English. Almost daily I see Mexican nationals driving a pickup truck in the middle of the day with a 22 oz Bud Light in his hand. Do you think he has a license? Insurance? Probably not. Let this serve as a warning to my fellow Americans everything I have said is 100% true and it can happen in your community if a real immigration policy is not enacted.

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  35. Carlos Mejia

    truth is many of you are not well informed about illegal immigration, you’re believing what mainstream media are telling you. There has been a high number of illegal immigrants for years even before the crisis and things were fine, instead you should be blaming corporations that are outsourcing your jobs taking them to China, India, Singapore, Mexico. Stop blaming illegal immigrants because many of them pay taxes too and they don’t get anything back.
    I keep reading many comments here and they all say the same shit over and over how they’re stealing jobs and how they hurt America you’re all starting to sound like the news repeating the same shit over and over until it stays embedded in the heads of millions of Americans.

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    1. MotorMouth

      and you’re believing what your Mainstream Mexico is telling you? What do you mean you guys don’t take anything back? Just because you don’t get anything on mail or on a form of a check doesn’t mean you’re not getting anything back at all. Lest we forget either you or most of your “Miras” are here illegaly, using ALL the resources and ALL the benefits that are righfully OURS.

      Stop using that “China, Singapore outsourcing BS” lame justification.

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