Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigrants are a convenient scapegoat for our economic crisis. But with free markets and private property, the need for immigrant labor becomes obvious. Most immigrants, regardless of the color of their skin, are open to the ideals of liberty: private property, free markets, sound money, right to life, low taxes, less war, protection of civil liberties, and a foreign policy designed for peace.

Ron Paul proposed the following action steps for dealing with illegal immigration:

  1. Abolish the welfare state. The incentive to take a job at whatever wage available must prevail.
  2. Establish a generous visitor work program. Once we solve the economic crisis by introducing sound money, demand for domestic and immigrant labor will rise.
  3. Enforce the laws on the books with more border guards. Allow states and landowners to enforce the law and provide security assistance.
  4. Abolish birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants. [Current U.S. citizens will not be affected. Instead, babies born to illegals after a future cutoff date will no longer gain automatic U.S. citizenship. They will still have citizenship in their parents’ home countries.]
  5. End all federal mandates on the states to provide free education and medical care for illegal immigrants.

  • jjohn

    Micka says he is a doctor and he is implying that it is a falsehood that hospitals are treating illegals.

    Micka, the fact is over 60 hospitals went bankrupt in L.A. alone during a ten year time span — and it was directly related to illegals. Read:

    The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)[1] is a U.S. Act of Congress passed in 1986 as part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act(COBRA). It requires hospitals to provide care to anyone needing emergency healthcare treatment regardless of citizenship, legal status or ability to pay. There are no reimbursement provisions. Participating hospitals may only transfer or discharge patients needing emergency treatment under their own informed consent, after stabilization, or when their condition requires transfer to a hospital better equipped to administer the treatment. [2]

    EMTALA applies to “participating hospitals.” The statute defines “participating hospitals” as those that accept payment from the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Medicare program.[3] However, in practical terms, EMTALA applies to virtually all hospitals in the U.S., with the exception of the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Indian Health Service hospitals, and Veterans Affairs hospitals.[citation needed] The combined payments of Medicare and Medicaid, $602 billion in 2004,[4] or roughly 44% of all medical expenditures in the U.S., make not participating in EMTALA impractical for nearly all hospitals. EMTALA’s provisions apply to all patients, and not just to Medicare patients.[5][6]

    The cost of emergency care required by EMTALA is not directly covered by the federalgovernment. Because of this, the law has been criticized by some as an unfunded mandate.


    • micka


      I am very familiar with the law, have participated in JCAHO reviews which look at care standards, and also have had access to financial records of two border hospitals over the last 20 years, having been on their Boards. Statistics can be, and are, skewed to reflect the political agenda of the state or county. Look at original data. If there were NO illegal immigrants, hospitals would still go under because, with the advent of private medical insurance controlling Medicare/Medicaid, prices have increased exponentially, but payments have not .Look at the huge number of uninsured Americans who are getting free ER treatment and compare that to the supposed illegals. Since hospitals can’t legally ask people if they are legal or nol, the “data” is more conjecture than fact. There is a common assumption that people who speak poor English or do certain types of work are illegals, and it just is not accurate. And, there is often an assumption that an illegal immigrant will have no insurance. Also not necessarily true.

  • micka

    Get real. As long as someone is getting money to look the other way, we will have criminal illegals flooding our systems, and not enough honest hard-working immigrants to fill the jobs that Americans won’t do. Ask any fruit or vegetable farmer.Revise the system. Let legal workers in to work at specific jobs in specific places and require the employer to report their presence. Use troops on the border, not fences. Use some of those umpteen Border Patrol kids to monitor the work force. And, most important, train our kids that physical labor at $10/hr is just as good or better than fast food work at $7.50/hr. Then we wouldn’t need the immigrant labor force and maybe all those brave hard-working folks would invest their backs and brains in improving their own countries.

    • PeoplePower

      @micka Very well stated sentiments on patroling the border and allowing legal workers in and employers reporting their presence!!

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  • Ascenci0

    People trying to figure out what to do with Drugs.. I say legalize it..It’s that simple..We legalize weed which is the top drug people want..And Drug Cartels lose business on there weed since everyone will have it and everyone will just go to there local pharmacy and buy a bag of there favorite kush… I don’t understand how it’s legal to take Morphine but not legal to take Weed.. weed isn’t even deadly…Less havok on the streets..and everyone is happy besides corporations and big business’s.. haha it all works out!!

  • micka

    The threat is from Mexican drug cartels for whom our border is a regular sieve.The fence doesn’t even slow them down much. It’s not Mexican laborers who are the problem, it is the criminals who now are usng their drug smuggling techniques to bring in laborers whom they abuse, rape, rob and even kill. l live with this every day, and my home, land, and person are no longer safe. One neighbor murdered. Another beaten, robbed, left for dead. We never go for a picnic or a hike without being armed. This is not what America is supposed to be like. I agree that bigotry has come into play, especially here in Arizona, but the threats to lifeand property are very real. .

    • DarrellRoss

      @micka Yes Mexico has some drug cartels. They make major bank here because the drugs are illegal. Decriminalizing them would go a long ways. But for the most part, people in the USA are too afraid that people might actually do drugs if they were decriminalized (oh no! lol)… as if they don’t already.

      What we should be doing is letting in nearly everyone that asks on a work-visa. Then we would have information on all of them, they would be paying taxes on income earned, and our agricultural programs could continue to thrive.

      This wall-building nonsense is such a waste of money. Let’s just build a effing wall all the way around the US, then we can get going on that police-state bit.

      • micka


        I think it is often the politicians not the voters who refuse the concept of legalization. Look at AZ. Gov.Brewer refusing to institute what we voted, which was legal use of medical marijuana. Follow the money. Same with the work visa situation. Who profits? Not the US citizenry and not the immigrants, but someone must or we would have changed this years ago. We need about 1.6 million workers to harvest our crops. Current available visas, 52,000.Something smells and it is not just the rotting crops!

      • DarrellRoss


        Yep those are the numbers I’m familiar with too. Interestingly, if those 1.6 million were hired from our population, that would have a pretty big effect on unemployment.

        I have worked farm labor where I’m the only native english speaker. It’s very hard labor. Many Mexicans pride themselves in being able to handle it. Hard workers. 🙂

      • micka


        I live near the border, and until the US started with building the fence, we had an occasional crosser coming through looking for work. I ran a water line 1/4 mile down to the road so they could get water.No violence. No fear. With the damn fence, the normal worker can’t come looking for work, but has to pay ~2500USD to be smuggled in by the cartels. Now my home, my property and possibly my life are at risk because I report and tail the smugglers. Often, the Border Patrol does not respond to my reports, even with 30 or more illegals on my land. And the cartel scout cars have started following me. Is this America? I may as well live in Darfur.

  • micka

    I live where the industry is agriculture. Worked in the fields until age 34, walking all day with hands at ankles. Hard, hard work, but for many fruits and vegetables we cannot harvest with machines. I was almost always the only Anglo out there. Mainly Latinos. Not criminals, but hard-working folks whom we need in our country. We need to revise our system so that people aren’t waiting 7 years for a work visa, then getting kicked out because their child gets sick, or some other petty reason.Bring in folks who want to work, then monitor whether they are really there, and let them go home when the job is over. Without ag workers, we will be importng more and more food. Dr Paul, Texas is one of the states hurting for ag labor. The head of American Women in Agriculture is a Texan trying to raise melons and other hand-harvest crops as well as cattle and corn. Talk to her. Help us get this system working for everyone. And please discourage these repressive Arizona’s. I live near the “fencel”. It is ridiculous. Mexicans have saws, cutting torches, and hydraulic lifts to get through or around. The only change we have seen is that now more of the crossers are folks with ties to the drug cartels. The smugglers park their big vans right in my front yard to load up the crossers. These people are very, very dangerous. Let’s put troops on the border, not this silly and incredibly expensive fence.

    • Ascenci0

      @micka I agree we do have to take away all the people involved in cartels and a way to take majority of them is what i said on the post on the top.. We also need to keep the hard working people here.. I don’t see White people harvesting.. They won’t even last a single hour or even half an hour…

    • jjohn


      I worked in the fields much of my youth as well. So did everyone else — including some kids whose parents were worth millions — both male and female. The idea that no one would work those jobs is largely a “spoiled brat” mentality that arises from the metropolitan areas in big cities like Chicago and L.A..

      I am from the Midwest farming country. If the hotels, restaurants and farmers were paying $25/hr they’d have kids cutting classes they’d be so eager to work those jobs. Kids I grew up with made fun of the “Mallers” — the kids that worked in the malls because they were sissies and needed to be in an air conditioned environment.

      Look at the Oilfields. People leaving their kids and families and moving two thousand miles away to live in work camps to make $25/hr.

      The Cargill meatpacking plants are paying just $10/hr and saying they needed Mexican workers because “no one else will do those jobs”. Garbage! Meat packing plant workers in Iowa and Nebraska were paid $6.50 per hour in the 1960s.– that is over $37/hr in inflation adjusted wages. Do you think their would be a shortage of workers if Cargill was paying 80,000 per year.

      • jjohn

        @micka P.S. I am from a farm family.

      • micka


        Then where are they, jjohn? Farmers here are paying $10/hr and providing food and medical care at our local hospital-run clinic for any injury or illness that occurs while you are on their farm. The stockyards are paying $12-15/ hr (if you provide your own horse).The grain company and cotton gin pay up to $17/hr depending on whether you have a CDL Really good pay for this area. At the same time, our local fast food, gas station markets and retail sales like dollar stores are paying $7.50 with no benefits and no regular schedules, $8-9/hr at call centers.A couple of lettuce farmers have gone to the nearest city and recruited unemployed workers at the DES center, but the workers don’t usually even finish out one day, and do not sign up for the next day.You can get farm kids during the summer, and a few college kids on weekends, but that does not get your crops cared for. What is the solution?

        • jjohn

          @micka Read my post again.

          You fail to understand the market environment. One might say that by paying much higher wages, no one will buy lettuce because the cost would be $3/head. Fine. The bottom line is people are now being FORCED TO BUY $100 HEADS OF LETTUCE, they just don’t realize it because the cost is not reflected in the lettuce. The cost is spread out through the schooling, healthcare, infrastructure, crime enforcement, etc to the tune of $113 Billion per year.

          The bottom line is we need to let the market forces determine what wages should be. What is going on right now is utter nonsense and is leading not only to bankrupting our country, but also, to a national security crisis as the illegal’s children are becoming a dominant factor at the ballot box — and many are not voting for what is best for this country .

          I used as an example Cargill.

          Cargill says they pay good wages($10/hr) yet can’t find workers to work on the kill floor of their meat packing plants. My point is that $10 is way below the market price. Inflation adjusted wages are much higher than $30. Hard dangerous jobs require high wages to fill those positions. Try offering $30 and see what happens. The costs to society are well over $100 per hour for many of these illegals that have families. I don’t eat lettuce. I shouldn’t subsidize those that do. Many people in this country never stay at hotels. They shouldn’t be subsidizing business travelers who get a reduced price because the hotel hires illegals and pay them $6/hr, yet the cost to society is well over $100 per hour. Also, for certain areas of the country, a strictly enforced guest worker program is a possibility. I repeat, a “strictly enforced” guest worker program.

  • PJS74

    let me put this way….

    i am a german citizen, have sentimental family in the usa, never depended on a single penny from wellfare, mechanic hardworking, tried my way to immigration in the united states legaly, got my request for a visa denied and the uscis agent set me a trap… went to NWDC in tacoma where i met a lot of immgrants, in that waiting period of deportation got to know guys who really were criminals, terrorists, traficants, gun dealers, bruttal SOB …. daily i could see they getting amnesty and sent out free to live and act their criminal live like they always did…. the only wrong thing i did was trying to rescue an old farm south of portland oregon, this family(also considered my family) were in need of help so i left everything behind in europe and went there trying to help, we paid every application got all interviews and on the end deported with no rights to return not even to visit the only family i have….

    so mister Ron Paul think about it, one farm in family hand since 1865 is going down and all what the immigration law did was to sent out one of a hand full people that really wanted to help this family, i really wish someday it will change…. keep the ones that deserve and kick out the criminals

    thanks for you attention

    paulo jose de souza

  • WalMan

    Go after the employers of illegals and the government agencies that give them support and we won’t have to put up much of a fence at all. When I see illegal aliens in my state with state funded healthcare cards, ebt cards, public housing and even driver’s licenses, I know we’re fighting both the onslaught of the goths and our own government.

    • john lockes ghost

      You’re right, but I get a little nervous at identifying the interlopers as goths because the goths, visigoths, etc finally won [email protected]

      • WalMan

        @john lockes [email protected] Yes they did.

        • john lockes ghost

          That’s what we need to prevent. @WalMan

    • DarrellRoss


      This is actually a really good point. Not only will it put pressure in the right place – where they are getting hired, but it will put pressure on the government to do a better job of offering work visas and force employers to actually seek out the unemployed.

      Once employers cannot simply hire illegal immigrants, they will pressure the government to allow more work visas.

      Right now it’s just a corrupt system. The government keeps the immigration illegal. There are some companies that take advantage of this – they hire illegal immigrants and only pay them monthly. Then they stop paying them. When the immigrants ask about wages, the company send ICE to raid their housing and deport them – free labor!

    • CarolFryer

      @WalMan Everytime a state or company attempt to check the status of of illegals someone calls the ACLU watchdogs to attack them on racial profiling. They are purposely trying to keep the nation in a open border state with politically correct UN mumbo jumbo. You know the stuff the conservatives in Washington werent supposed to allow to happen……oooooops.

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  • Nicklensean

    I agree 100% with your views, Ron. Continue doing the excellent work you do. I was thinking I didn’t have a choice but to vote for Obama (the most sane.) I can clearly tell now, that you are the most sane and intelligent choice of our candidates. Win Win Win! I’ll be voting for you, don’t give up!

    • micka


      Me, too. Couldn’t say it better…and we are even related to Obama, although only distant cousins.

  • samajam001

    The politicians allow illegals for different reasons no matter if they are republicans or democrats.If republican(rich,businesses,etc.)they allow illegals in the country to broaden the labor pool as this lowers wages.Thinking they are doing the country a big service lowering costs short term,they forget that illegals put a burden on society.The broadened tax base argument is a falsehood as many illegals use the same ID,or work for cash thus not paying taxes.

    The democrats are just as bad only they want to broaden the voting base to insure their own paychecks.What we really need is all illegals put out of the country and to revoke the work visas that have been issued from all countries origins and put the legals out until unemployment is less than 1% nationwide.When this happens Americans will be making decent wages again and employed,buying houses,insurance and other needed things,investing in what they want to.Instead of the millions or maybe billions of dollars that leave our shores going overseas supporting other countries.

    • micka


      So unrealistic! Whom do you know who is willing to harvest asparagus, strawberries, squash, etc? This is working with your hands at your ankles all day long. Can’t harvest these by machine. Too delicate and ripen at different rates on the same plant. Farmers this fall plowed under tens of thousands of acres of crops because there was no one to harvest them, even at $10/hour. The “white” American will show for one or two days then quit. You are going to have to eat a lot more imported food, with no knowledge of what pesticides were used, wheter the farmers were using human waste (night soil) for fertilizers, etc. Only a tiny % of imported foods are inspected .Eliminate immigrant workers=economic disater for fruit and vegetable crops in the US

  • McMillion

    I am a member of NumberUSA and they give Ron Paul an ” F” for illegal immigration.

    • WalMan

      Although I’ve never heard of this group, I’d say they have a right to their opinion but I certainly don’t agree with it. I don’t believe for a moment Ron Paul is for open borders. He could have voted against the fence and for Amnesty but he did not and open borders is not a Libertarian principle by any stretch of the imagination. He likewise did not blame the USA for 9/11. The only thing Ron Paul is guilty of is trying to give a long answer on a question that needed a soundbite. A more detailed explanation can be found here:

  • kazmarah

    It amazes me how mant people dont know that we have white illegals in the country .Illegals arent just Mexicans they are of all races If you are in the country illegaly then you should be deported and not be allow to come back into the country because you are stoping someone who wants to come here the legal way with respect for our country and our laws .I have been researching Ron Paul and i find that most of his views matac mine so for now he is going to get my vote .

    • seejaymouser


      I never suggested there weren’t many different faces on illegal immigration. But any one who actually leaves the house and works with the public in any respect can easily see where the majority lies.

    • DarrellRoss


      Many people are quite blind to a great number of inequalities. Another good example is how parents will allow same-sex friends to sleep over because they don’t think their kid is gay… lol.

  • john lockes ghost

    Oh really! Let me ask you this, do libertarians consider themselves to be American? I believe that they do. I have not heard of libertarians from any other country, so it would seem that the term libertarian applies to a means of governing the United States and must be the scope of its application rather than an international scope. Furthermore, what do you think Dr. Paul meant when he said that a nation without borders is not a nation?

  • WalMan

    Quen10: You may get that impression but there has been concerted efforts in the past to stop illegals from other countries as well. Most notably were the identity rules put in place in the 1980s to keep the illegal Irish from gaining mainstream employment. If you were applying for a temp job or temp to perm office work, you were required to provide an id, SS# and address and these were verified. I was told at the time it was because of the large influx of illegal irish on the East Coast and there were plenty. I also knew many Canadians that were living under the radar for fear of deportation.

    So I would say it’s not just a Mexican thing but if you are of mexican extradtion I can see why you would think so.

    As Mr. jjohn has pointed out, it’s the “free” benefits that this “cheap” labor is getting which the public has to foot the bill for that is sinking the ship. A trip to the emergency room cost me $750.00 with a $100.00 deductable. My yearly deductable has doubled from $500 to $1000 in just two years. A ride in an ambulance? Forget it, I’ll drive myself, just tape my arm back onto my shoulder.

    We should be going after the employers with big penalties and as Ron Paul says, end the birthright to American citizenship, which is just an unchallenged misiterpretation of the 16th Amendment anyway. No other country on earth has this right.

  • quen10

    They are plenty of eastern Europeans who illegally cross the U.S. Border but nobody says anything because most people are too focused in capturing the Mexicans and Africans. The Eastern Europeans fit the Majority so they are okay however the Africans and Mexicans are the minority so it is less of us….The government weed out the immigrants in our race which is unfair. The media even implicated that Barack Obama is an immigrant when actually he was born in Hawaii which is a U.S State and he could have a dual-citizenship if he was born in Africa. Immigrants perform these low-skilled jobs that are beneficial to the nation.

    • jjohn

      @quen10 You are a fool quen10.

      Middle class and lower class Americans are subsidizing businesses such as Hotels, Construction and restaurants, that hire these illegal immigrants, to the tune of $113 Billion per year. That is just the current cost — read my post below. The Hotel may be paying the Mexican illegal immigrant $6/hr, but the illegal then has free health care, free schooling for their to numerous offspring — so it is costing the rest of society hundreds of dollars per hour.

      Tell your illegal friends — Don’t breed em if you can’t feed em. The USA taxpayer is sick and tired of having these illegals breed like mice and expecting others to pay for the raising of their families. I want to emphasize — the illegals know very well that they are taking advantage of the USA taxpayer and continue to exploit the system.

      And don’t give me this crap about illegals paying taxes — illegals are net tax recipients by a huge margin — Illegals consume far more tax dollars than they pay by a margin of 20 to 30 times.

      Educate yourself, quen10. Read Dr. George Borjas website Center for Immigration Studies. He is a Harvard professor and an immigrant himself.

      • MsChrissyJay

        @jjohn right on I agree!

      • Mario A.C.

        Dude, enough of your blame game. Necessity is what causes supply and demand, as it was after Hurricane Kat. hardly anyone was helping in the rebuilding process, so FEMA allowed contracters to put ads in Mexican newspapers for labor. They looked the other way with regards to legal status. If you want to talk about an invasion, it happened back in the 1840’s when the rebellion hellions of Texas did not like Mexico abolishing slavery back in the 1820’s. We all know what happened there. In as far as breeding like rats are concerned, I believe that prize goes to the majority, especially after the world’s worst genocide happened against the original natives.

        • jjohn

          @Mario A.C. I have the perfect solution: People like yourself, must sponsor the immigrant.

          You will be responsible for all societal costs and fiscal burdens created. Right now, phonies like you are forcing the rest of us, especially our children, to support your socialist philosophy.

          How much money and time do you currently contribute to your socialist agenda? Do you work a second job? Why not? In actuality, your concern only goes as far as others are forced to pay. If you had to pay for the expenses, your philosophy would change in an instant. You are a parasite yourself.

        • kazmarah

          Why dont you go back to school so you will know the histroy of the U.S. But find one who will tell you the truth .After you learn it then come back with the truth not your racist views .

      • micka

        @[email protected]

        I worked in the fields until I was 34 putting myself through school, then went to med school. Practiced in AZ, NV, CO, KS. Guess who my welfare patients with the multiple underfed kids are? Poor “whites” (anglos), never immigrants. Immigrants could not qualify for Medicaid unless they were literally dying. It may be different in other states, but believe me I tried hard to get some of my patients on Medicaid or any kind of aid ,and my only success was a child with a brain tumor who was taken on by a team of surgeons working pro bono. I generally sent my patients with serious problems to the surgery center in Hermosillo, Mexico. Some immigrants paid cash for their care, but quite a few had cross-border insurance policies, good in both the US and Mexico. Peopke have all sorts of ideas about immigrants, and most of them are wrong.

    • seejaymouser


      They perform these services and get paid under the table and then rely heavily on social services, so how does that benefit our nation? Maybe these illegal Europeans are smart enough to learn English and fit in to this country so they are more difficult to detect. I know many Americans who wouldn’t even bitch about the Mexican illegals if they didn’t demand that we learn their language and if they didn’t fly Mexican flags, and I don;t think these statistics are directed to illegal Europeans:

      From the 2006 (lst Qtr) INS/FBI Statistical Report

      12 Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens. (that’s more than 21,900 murders by illegal aliens since September 11, 2001)

      13 people per day are killed by illegal immigrants who drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. An additional 4,745 premature deaths per year.

      62% of all “undocumented immigrants” in the United States are working for cash and not paying taxes, predominantly illegal aliens, working without a green card.

      95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

      83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.

      86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.

      75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.

      More than 380,000 “anchor babies” born in the United States in 2005 were to parents who are illegal aliens; making those 380,000 babies automatically U.S. citizens. 97.2% of all costs incurred from those births were paid by the American taxpayer.

      More than 66% of all births in California are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

      24.9% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.

      40.1% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.

      48.2% of all inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.

      29% (630,000) of the inmates in all state and federal prisons are illegal aliens—at a cost of $1.6 billion annually.

      More than 53% of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.

      More than half of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens from south of the border.

      More than 43% of all Food Stamps issued are to illegal aliens.

      More than 41% of all unemployment checks issued in the United States are to illegal aliens.

    • john lockes ghost

      Playing the race card, huh? Personally, I simply do not care about an immigrant’s country of origin, or their religious beliefs, or even their political beliefs as long as they enter the country legally. So, you racial rant is meaningless. @quen10

    • Steelcurtain2011

      @quen10 Are you an authority of who has came into this country illegally ?? I don’t think so.. Mr Paul was not specific on what cultures are here illegal he just stated that it needs to be fixed and if they are here illegal they do not deserve all the benefits that the people who are here legal!!

    • kazmarah

      I dont agree it is the Mexicans who made it a big deal .I for one dont care who you are what color you are and who you worship if you are in the country illegaly you need to be deported .We cant5 give amnesty to any group just because we like thier color ore what ever .If our government wanted to control the problem they would put so big of a fine on those who employ them that it would almost put them out of buisness .Problem solved .

    • micka


      Too true! Mainly Latinos, but we have Irish, German, and Japanese illegal neighbors. Nobody bothers them, but they stop anyone who “looks Mexican”. I am of Hispanic heritage, am blonde and blue-eyed. The Border Patrol never stops me, of course. Good thing because although I was born in Minnesota of US citizens, I do not carry a passport with me or a copy of my birth certificate. If you are dark complected and travelling to AZ, better bring more ID than just your driver’s license!

  • seejaymouser

    I understand all this, but this could be said about almost three quarters of other countries that are not the US. If this doesn’t stop we will ALL be poor people. America will no longer be the place to escape to, it will be the place to escape.

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  • jjohn

    Fox News says illegal immigration costs our country 113 billion annually, those are just the CURRENT figures. In the coming years those statistics will increase perhaps 15 or 20 fold — as the illegals age. Right now the illegals are a relatively young crowd, when they begin reaching their 60s, the costs will spiral upwards.

    One simple example:

    Fidelity estimates the medical costs alone for an individual turning 65 are 215,000 in 2011 dollars. The illegal immigrants have relatively little to no savings. Who will pay these expenses?

    For the 11 million illegal immigrants alone — not including their large families they create — that is over $2.36 Trillion dollars — just for their health care alone.

    When you factor in all the other expenses — it amounts to trillions of dollars more.

    This impending disaster is even more obvious than the subprime situation.

    Our country is already broke, yet, we haven’t even begun to see the real fiscal burdens that illegal immigration will cause to this country.

    And who will pay for our current generation’s apathy , ignorance and cowardice? Our children, of course, as they wil be forced to pay these bills because the Hispanics, because of their soaring numbers, will control the ballot box and elect socialist leaders that enact socialist legislation — and confiscatory measures.

    Americans — educate yourselves! When you lose control of the ballot box — it is all over — as the illegals know oh too well with their irresponsible breeding.

    • micka


      It is a very common misperception that illegals receive free medical care. As a medical practitioner in 4 different states, I have to say that I have not seen this except in the case of a life threatening accident, and even then they are often sent to cross border hospitals if they are in a border state.I have even arranged for people to be deported so that they could receive the care they need. People think they are seeing an illegal being cared for just because the person speaks little English or works in a low level job, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a visa. We all know that statistics lie, and I think in this case, the statistics are being used inappropriately by FoxNews, et al. Since the drug cartels took over the smuggling of humans, we will never eliminate the very large and dangerous criminal immigrant element. The cartels need them to run their businesses…drugs, human smuggling, extortion, etc..

  • anON123

    Borders should always be open to everyone; think about being in an illegal immigrants position. it’s not right to have borders or passports in reality; we are all equal human beings and we all have the right to go wherever we want. It’s not their fault the country they occupy is worse than America or England or whichever western country they choose to go to. We should be seeing them as fellow human beings, not outsiders. The whole idea of keeping immigrants out is because we are in ‘scarcity’ but the perception of scarcity has been manufactured, there is enough of EVERYTHING for EVERYONE.

    • seejaymouser


      I suggest you read Mexico’s immigration policy.

    • john lockes ghost

      Oh, thank you for the communistic idea of everything for everyone, but that’s not the way things work. Keep in mind, also, that communism was invented by a clever bunch of ne’er do wells whose object was to replace a ruling monarchy with one of their own. They were successful which is why I say they were clever, but it didn’t do the general population much good as millions died as a consequence. The other point to your rant is that because a productive country has, well, the goods of their production that it should throw open its gates and let anyone in who is less fortunate, it not being their fault that their country of origin is such a cesspool. As a matter of fact, for people that find themselves in that kind of situation, the United States offers relief of sorts in that YOU CAN APPLY to immigrate. It’s not your task to take the law into your hands and make these decisions and by doing so YOU ARE A CRIMINAL. @anON123