Civil Liberties

Would you want to live in a world where everyone knew everything about everyone?

And in case you’re wondering, that’s not where we’re headed. Instead, we’re blindly marching towards a dark future where the government knows everything about you but you know nothing about the government.

Remember the media’s hysterical outcry when Obama’s passport details were illegally accessed during the Democratic primaries in 2008? The fact that the privacy of regular citizens is routinely subjected to much more serious abuse was conveniently ignored.

The “Patriot” Act, which was supposed to fight terrorism, allows the government to snoop on average citizens, obtain nationwide search warrants without local judicial oversight, monitor private Internet usage (that includes our emails and surfing habits), search our homes and offices without our knowledge, and force libraries and bookstores to turn over our reading records.

There is no financial privacy left in this country. Banks have become a one stop shop for overzealous government snoops and other privacy violators, and we’ve been working overtime to impose our paranoid “Know Your Customer” standards on the rest of the world.

Medical privacy has deteriorated in a similar manner. Our medical records are being transcribed in India and insurance companies and other entities have the right to access our medical history any time they choose.

Ron Paul is one of the nation’s foremost defenders of our privacy. He keeps fighting against misguided Know Your Customer rules and the misnamed “Patriot” Act.

Join the Ron Paul Revolution and help us rebuild a nation where our right to be left alone has priority over the government’s desire to know everything.



  • Jan

    TSA exempt’s those wearing Bucha’s from being x-rayed and patted down …..yah right ……the most likely places to look are exempt due to religious reasons.

    Religious ritual believed to be behind death of girl who was found with her heart cut out and other organs strewn round home

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 12:36 AM on 19th December 2010

    * Add to My Stories

    Neighbours of a mother arrested after her four-year-old daughter was killed as an apparent religious offering told how they heard screams from the family’s flat.

    Nusayba Bharuchi’s corpse was found stabbed to death in the kitchen with her heart and other organs cut out and strewn around her flat and lying next to her mother, Shayna.

    The 35-year-old woman was allegedly chanting verses of the Koran as her daughter’s disembowelled corpse lay next to her in the home in Clapton, East London.

    Read more:

  • Jeremy

    A good and funy video on youtube about
    John locke
    Three Minute Philosophy – John Locke
    by CollegeBinary

  • Christine

    Ron Paul Responds to TSA: Introduces ‘American Traveler Dignity Act


    We need to set up a Republic government somewhere else, ignore WA D.C., shirk them off like a bad habit and start afresh, anew with a government that is truly written by the people, is for the people! This mafia group running WA D.C. is not what we need to be making our laws or rules.


    • Jeremy

      That very thing happen 235 years ago.

  • Christine

    What in the world are they spraying full movie – 1 of 7

    Look at those politicians run! That’s a clear sign that this is a hot topic in WA D.C. The topics are pretty basic to LIFE. We see how hard they are working for us, ha!

    Civil Liberties
    Breathe clean air, drink clean water, grow and eat nutritious natural food on clean land free of toxins, open waters free of toxic chemicals, honor our natural immune systems not pharmaceuticals and vacci-nations. Let’s start there.

    • Jan

      Not only chemtrails and highly toxic metals and salts and sulfur being sprayed into our oxygen source on this planet. Now Corexit , Du bombs, Cluster bombs, Japan nuke plants exploding……airport x-rays, chemo and radiation therapy, I think they could cut out the toxic Chemo and Radiation for the treatment of cancer now…….save money. tell the patient to fly to the west coast of the USA and bask in the radiation, get radiated at the airport 3-6 times a fly, as many stops and change overs I had to do to fly a few years ago…..and then fly back to your doctor , and have him put a Geiger Counter on yah to see if you got enough radiation that day for the treatment of their cancer? I wonder if they have even calculated how much radiation is needed to kill a cancer tumor? Free Radiation treatments now , if that is what they want to do …….it causes cancer and so does toxic enviromental waste , but for some reason these doctors think what causes something is what you give more of ???????? never could figure that one! Burn the hell out of it I guess is there thinking with chemicals or radiation…….try to miss the vital organs though, which never does get protected……..! Yes, this is unreported news ….. government is in a Don’t tell mindset , like they are doing with the Gulf Oil spill. Notice, no one on any committee or President interview or News Media………..has mentioned the damage……we have to inform each other is what it amounts to. Just like I think we should be governing our selves, in order to get things done, and to get informed by each other .Gulf oil spill still active?
      by Sepp Hasslberger on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 2:49pm

      This was posted by Jim Marrs, and I am collecting what was written here so as to be able to give it a link. The gist of the matter is that contrary to what we were all told, the Gulf oil spill may still be spilling, and Corexit, the poisonous dispersant, may still be being sprayed in the Gulf. Perhaps this is why we are still seeing marine life washing up dead on the shores, a fact that is being actively covered up. Well, here is Jim’s plea.


      It is one of the biggest cover-ups in US history.

      The oil is still gushing in the Gulf.

      All available data indicates that the original wellhead was never capped: the latitude and longitude of the camera through which we were all watching the oil spew from the wellhead actually changed to a wellhead 7 miles away, and that is the one they capped. No mention has ever been made of the original wellhead since then. That’s right, they plugged another well and showed a picture of that one. So that is lie number one.

      In addition, it is known for certain that the seabed was fractured so badly for miles around the original well that oil has continued to spew uncontrollably from the sea floor, with no way to plug it.

      This has been withheld from the public. Number two.

      If oil is pouring from a well and cracks in the ocean floor, why the Hell can’t we see it?

      The answer to this is two-fold.

      First and foremost, someone is continuing to spray the Gulf with the chemical “dispersant”called Corexit. Corexit breaks up the oil so that it quickly sinks below the surface and is hidden from view. Once there, it spreads the mutant concoction throughout the water creating a toxic environment from which the marine life cannot escape. It eventually sinks it to the bottom of the ocean where it continues to do long-term damage to the entire marine eco system –but that’s not all.

      The EPA has stated that Corexit ceased being used on July 19th, 2010. But unmarked, military-type aircraft (C-130s and C123s) have been flying sorties over the Gulf in the dead of night, spraying the poison over the now-toxic ocean to conceal the fact that voluminous amounts of oil are still spewing into the water. The amount of oil reaching the surface has become so evident that they are now risking being photographed spraying during daylight.

      Lie number 3.
      The dispersant may hide the oil but it is doing massive damage to the eco-system –massive. Moreover, Corexit has one other little problem –it is carcinogenic.

      In fact, this chemical is so toxic, that people handling it are instructed by the manufacturer’s product handling information to wear Haz Mat suits and full-blown respirators. Unfortunately for thousands of cleanup workers, BP wouldn’t allow them to wear the suits because they didn’t want it to look like there was any danger attached to the cleanup – it might increase their liability.

      Not only is the seafood from the Gulf now laced with this stuff (despite the government’s statement to the contrary – #4), the relentless spraying has initiated a massive human health crisis.

      According to one study, a staggering 50% of the people in the Gulf are experiencing the toxic effects of the Corexit-laden atmosphere. Moreover, there is a report from one of the gulf oil cleanup workers that, “Thousands of Gulf Oil Spill clean-up crew are dying.”

      These workers are experiencing symptoms such as severe neurological damage, kidney and liver failure, paralysis, internal bleeding, “flu” symptoms that won’t go away, and death.

      You can see the story of one woman who has documented her own case and that of many others. (It’s not pretty. Don’t watch if you have a weak stomach.)

      This isn’t just another health problem: this is an apocalyptic and immediate health crisis.
      So, while we are now engaged in a third “war”against a dictator in Libya for human rights abuses against his own people, BP, the EPA and other government entities are engaged in a cover up of an ecological disaster by secretly spraying a virulent poison into the Gulf that is destroying the eco-system, the fishing industry and the lives of people that live and work there.
      A deadly hypocrisy.

      A hypocrisy that is hidden in plain sight.

      I said there were two reasons that you couldn’t see the oil. The other

      “reason”is…you can see it. The oil is now coming up in such massive amounts that it is overwhelming the ability of the Corexit to hide it. And, as mentioned above, the C-130s are now taking the extraordinary step of spraying in daylight.

      Just a little odd when BP and the EPA say the well was capped on July 19th, 2010 and that there was no more evidence of oil. Per journalist Harlan Kirgan, who attended a press conference held by Mike Utsler, chief operating officer of BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration,“Utsler said, ‘We are actually very encouraged. And, I say we collectively as federal, state, local and trustees and landowners at the progress that has been made in the state of readiness for the upcoming tourism season.’

      “Utsler said the overwhelming body of peer-reviewed science that has been published has shown there is no longer an oil plume.”

      Lie #5.

      Unfortunately for Big Mike’s credibility, 5 days later, the Grand Isle and Fourchon beaches in Louisiana underwent a military-type takeover to shut them down completely and prevent anyone from getting anywhere near them, especially independent scientists who wanted to take samples of the massive oil plume rolling in.

      If you want to see more current pictures of the oil in the Gulf, including pictures of fishing boats fishing in the middle of masses of oil, go here:

  • The truth is, our civil liberties started to come apart during the BUSH administration and thier response to 9/11. I believe the smoking gun is coming out now. THE NIST report was so false, and they object to this footage being aired. Firefighters are coming out saying they heard four explossions, i myself was a prehospital care provider for a 911 hospital and I also heard the same explosions they did. I was just to busy transportation patients.

  • Jeff

    You want to keep people’s civil liberties intact? Want to champion people’s right to privacy?

    Two things you can do.

    1) make it illegal for companies, any company, to sell or give away customer or client information to any other. This should include moving information from one company to another that is owned by the same parent, or companies that are exchanging information instead of funds. If this legislation doesn’t pass, try for a law that says every citizen must receive royalties whenever their information is bought/sold. If our name/SSN/insurance info is going to be passed around the private sector, we may as well make a profit out of it.

    2) pass legislation that Bush countered which makes it mandatory to provide warrants and evidence for the use of anti-privacy technology or sources on American citizens.

  • Christine

    Gulf Oil Disaster: Plan Your Evacuation Now
    Listen to this important video…

    Includes a map of how the winds will blow.
    There is a tropical storm headed into the gulf now. It will bring toxic air and rain to the people who live in the gulf. This will make the sick and weak in a time of disaster. Leave while you are healthy and strong to endure the trip. Be safe. Choose where you want to go and not leave it up to the government. The housing they have prepared may not be to your liking.

  • Machine
  • Yvonne

    This public lynching by the media of Mel Gibson has me a little frightened. Maybe it’s just me but I think Mel is not liked by the media branch of Big Brother.
    He was ranting to an ex in what should have been a private conversation. So what?
    Even if he ranted in public. So what?
    His privacy is being violated. I see it as a private citizen being violated by the media.
    He didn’t break any laws.
    What ever happened to freedom of speech?
    Too much.
    Waaaaay too much info. is being publicized about a man who Big Brother seems to not like.
    I think it is a subliminal warning to the masses. Just like public lynchings.

    • Yvonne

      Very nice that my post is still here.
      Thank God for the inter net.
      ABC has two articles on their web site. One calls Mr. Gibson mentally disturbed and another says he should lose his career.
      Five times I left them a comment in their ”comments” section and five times I had my comments removed.
      I simply argued that in my opinion Mr. Gibson’s privacy was being violated by the media in an abusive way.
      Also I argued that if they claim it is wrong for Mel to call his ex names then, why isn’t it wrong for ABC employees to call Mel names. For example ”mentally disturbed”.
      Threatening to end his career?
      Seems like the media is abusive and threatening and insulting.
      ABC just deleted each of my posts.
      Where is the freedom of speech?
      A man who they dis like has no privacy and no right to speak his mind without having to fear the media’s threats.
      And what about my posts? Deleted? Why?
      It’s not right.

      • Yvonne

        Oh yeh the media thinks Mel can be charged with a felony for the things he said.
        It’s over.
        All our freedoms.
        We can be secretly taped and then arrested because of what we say??????
        And protesters have their posts deleted?
        This is not good.

    • Machine

      Hi Yvonne,
      Just read all three of your posts here…I too have been questioning as to why the media is making Mel Gibson’s personal life such a headline story, and once again why are they baiting peoples opinions with their own slanted views; I thought only Fox and CNN did that! The good news is there are a few people still out there who “think” for themselves and ask questions as to what are the intentions for such slanted reporting. I thought good jounalism was to report all the facts…It isn’t good reporting when you pepper it with your own opinion…leave that for the “rags”.

      As for your posts on ABC…It’s funny (queer)…If Mel tried to sue ABC they would be all over the first amendment, and would probabley slam him nationally for trying!

      I am going to try and leave a post on ABC site.

      • Yvonne

        Machine thanks. I think I may have just read your post on the ABC site. Did you mention privacy? If so it’s still there.
        I’m on a mission. You are so right that ABC would claim first ammendment rights if the actor tried to sue them. .
        This is not the typically silly Hollywood drama.
        As a producer and as someone who does not adhere to the media standards Gibson is a true enemy of the media.
        When the holocaust is mentioned Germans don’t cry and call it hate speech.
        As a matter of fact it is now a crime in Europe to deny the VICTIMIZATION of Jews by denying the holocaust. A crime?
        But the OPPOSIT is true about the Jesus story.
        This story does not portray the Jewish community as being victimized.
        Our war mongering government likes to appeal to the public’s desire to defend.
        Therefore this media wants us to view all Israelites and Jewish people as perpetual victims in need of defense.
        Mel broke rank and file with his depiction of the crucifiction.
        This is why the propoganda branch of the government has spent the last four years violating his privacy in big brother fashion in an attempt to create an image of him as an abuser.
        If Mr. Gibson strapped on a gun and blew off the heads of Palestineans our media would depict him as a peace loving and passionate defender of the Israelites.

        • Machine

          Yes, my post is still on and I stated, as you did, that Mr. Gibson’s privacy is being violated by the media.

          And ya know what??? That’s fine if the media wants to exercise freedom of speech; at least someone is! ( I say that with sarcasm). But we all have a right to Privacy; unfortunatly big corporations, the media, and government agencies have pretty much decimated that right…And it has happen at the hands of the people, sheepishly discerned, fat and lazy fools, more concerned with tv soaps and American Idol…A bunch of serfs. The whole lot of ’em are guilty of abuse.
          History is full of tyrants and theives…Remember our chat about Karma!?!?

          And my response to the last statement in your reply. George Carlon once commented on American’s obbsession with war; “…We seem to like bombing ‘brown’ people.”

    • bleu

      Uhh, Yvonne:

      Mel Gibson THREATENED his Oksana, and Oksana has publicly pressed charges against him for domestic violence. I think that’s why the tapes have been released into the public – as evidence in a public matter.

      And it wasn’t as though the government snooped into his phone line and tapped it, this was probably done by Oksana to build her case.

      • Machine


        I understand your perspective, and I am not speaking for Yvonne, but at the time the tapes were being aired no charges had been filed…just a complaint and an investigation, therefore the tapes are not public information; that the tapes were released to the media certainly comes off as suspect and slanderous. The media is irresponsable not “just” for airing the tapes but for making a week long public spectical out of what COULD be a serious legal matter.
        More disturbing is that all last week these tapes trumped the on going oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, and every mainstream “we spoonfeed you” news network ran the same Gibson stories with the same so called “panel of experts”…Who the hell cares! Run the story once, if necessary, and if in a week or three something becomes of it then report on that too. There is no reason to involve the bias thoughts and views of doctors and lawers debating weither or not Gibson is mentally ill based on the recordings of heated arguement or two that involves lots of foul language, heavy breathing and childish rants.
        Also, they (the media), or at least the entities that monitor and run their websites, tend to be very two faced when it comes to public opinion: They are okay if you bash or defend, in this case Mr. Gibson, but dare challenge and question the ethics and intension of the networks and your message is removed.
        I call that stacking the deck!

  • I wonder what Congressman Paul’s position would be on extending the voting franchise to 16-18 year olds. An increasing number of 16 and 17 year olds vote and pay taxes. They feel depriving them of the right to vote is taxation without representation. What would Congressman Paul’s view be?

    • Machine

      What about re-instating voiting to convicted felons that have completed there sentence??? I would be for that just as much as extending the voiting age to 16 year olds.

      • a sex offender can be titled as such if one is arrested for urinating in public (dogs have more freedom), people go to prison for drinking on the beach by using glass bottles in an open area. Often times prisoners not granted rights is common…extending voting rights to people convicted of crimes? Not certain that’s completely unjust.

        • Machine

          NO… people do not go to “prison” for glass containers on the beach…they certainly do get ticketed, and if they act like a jack ass to the pig, they could get arrested and spend the night in jail, but they definetly do not go to prison for glass containers on the beach. Now that thats cleared up lets get to the meat…If a person is convicted of a crime and is sentenced to “x”# of years…that IS his punishment, and upon release he should be granted back his civil right to vote; after all he is now (hopefully) a working class tax paying citizen. I also attest to denying a person their right to own or posses a firearm after serving time for a nonviolent crime ( or a crime where no weapon was used). To completely deny anyone these civil rights, after they have served their time (payed their debt to society), is abusively overstating the punishment and IS unjust.

          As for those poor bastards branded a “sex offender” for pissing on a dumpster or behind a tree, or the 19yr old who slept with his 15/16 yr old girlfriend…Americas Sex Offender Laws are Waaaaaaay out of control. John Walsh has “lost HIS head”. As far as I am concerned if it doesn’t invove rape or child molestation – and a 19 yr old sleeping with a 16 yr old is not rape or child molestation – it isn’t a sex offense. There are FAR greater problems to deal with in our communities then some drunk schmuck pissing in the alley way or two teens doing what comes natural like WE ALL did!!! Sure we want “better” for our children but creating broad laws that lable them a sex offender is far worse than someones daughter being called a slut on facedook!
          …I digress.

  • Christine

    VIDEO Your government can kill you, Im not joking.

    Listen to Ron Paul’s speech.

    • David

      Hi again Christine;

      Yeah, i do love Ron Paul’s speech in regards to this. I can see some justification in terms of terrorist activities, but if such a practice is allowed in regards to one thing it can so easily extend to simple threats to power as well, and Ron is sticking to, and insisting on the established practice of justice and proof beyond doubt which have prevented Governments going out of control all along. He is absolutely right, this cannot be tolerated, and as he says, the abuse will spread.

      Actually the worry is not so much the threat of being killed. The worry is having to live under the power, suffering, poverty and hardship and misery that our banking system and the socialist state it wishes to establish will subject is too. As you know, i’m an immigrant to this country, and i come from a place that is already like they want to make it here. There it was an extremely common practice for people to kill themselves as this was their only means of escape from this, and there was not a year that went by where at least half a dozen or more people whom i knew personally did not give themselves this truly wonderful, and welcome release from the lives they had been subjected to. When this is what life consists of, then death becomes a truly wonderful thing, and America is probably one of the very few places in this world where people actually consider life to have some value, as they have yet to experience it in such a condition where there is absolutely no hope of it being any form of good or worthwhile thing. In many Chinese cultures, if you saved a man’s life, then you became responsible for him for the rest of his life, as you were considered to have denied him this release, and his continued suffering was due to your actions i doing so.

      People here have absolutely no clue what their lives will become if they do not act now in order to prevent this from happening, as unless they do it is inevitable. I only hope that enough of them will do so while there is still time, in order to prevent them from finding this out for themselves.

  • Christine

    US: New bill is on the verge of passing the Senate to force Internet users to have government-issued ID tokens. Those without tokens will not be able to visit web sites. If you are not politically correct, you will not receive a token. The bill is designed to silence dissenters. Prison Planet 2010 Jun 28 (Cached)

    • David

      Yeah, they tried this where i came from and they couldn’t do it. They simply could not come up with any possible way to control the intranet, and that was something that the socialist tyrants lived in perpetual terror of. It’s amazing the fear they have of anything they cannot control as every such thing represents a threat to their continued ability to inflict suffering and misery on people lives to make themselves feel powerful.

      Hopefully we can make good use of this while there is still time left, as if American succumbs to the power of the worlds banking families and their socialism, then they might actually be able to do this, as its from here that the impossibility originated.

  • Christine

    BP Blocks Media Access with Private Contractors

    It seems to me that anyone who is in supposed authority is a liar.

    Notice how they are trying to tie this corporate joint venture between the British Monarchy, BP Oil and the US Federal government, Halliburton, and Transocean…to get the financially devastating cap and tax bill passed so these miserable, irresponsible corporations and governments can continue to create poverty and pollution!! This bill will not stop it, it will allow and create even more poverty and pollution from its source…corps and govts who work hand in glove against the people.

    Yours Truly, BP

  • David

    Cross posting from the “Sound Money” blog. Absolutely everyone needs to see, read and understand this, and then do their part in order to get the information to others to see read and understand as well. This is the single and only thing anyone needs to be worried about now and the solution to all other problems too.


    June 16, 2010 at 9:05 pm | Permalink | Reply Report comment Report comment

    I love the replies. I am so glad I’ve got the attention of some. Our job is not complete yet. We need more to understand.

    Talk about sticking our neck out? It is worth it for you!

    I am doing it for my children, their children, you, and everyone you know, even though I do not know them, neither did my forefathers, when they stuck their neck out for those they did not know. I’m trying to carry on that tradition. It seems to be lost now day, because of fear. I am not afraid.

    They can do to me what they want if that satisfies them. But, another will fill my shoes, if I go. This is a Divine plan, not mine.

    I cannot take the credit. I hope you understand.
    There is more than one of me. My teacher, is the best.

    I just look forward to meeting Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and the many who battled this. Crazy? I don’t think so.

    My friends and I have quite a few years into reseearch to find this.
    It just goes to show, what a man, men, woman, or women will do what pushed against the wall.

    If we can only unite in masses, we can accomplish this.

    I just posted another article called “Suspense Account”
    Homeowner – Investor
    May They Never Meet

    This should get the investors attention.
    If we can get homeowners and investors to realize this, the banks will be hit from both sides. not just one.

    We have pushed this out to the Tea Party, and to the Liberal party, to help those who want to stop this madness. As you may see, I am reserved as to who I am in favor of. It will take one hell of a sales pitch for me. Pardon the language.

    We want those who will take out country back, and get the greed out.
    Enough is enough.

    God Bless America

    “Vote Greed Out” “Vote Trust In”
    Vote in November


    June 17, 2010 at 12:27 pm | Permalink | Reply Report comment Report comment

    This is a beautiful statement, and what you have done here is describe my own thoughts perfectly along with those of many others here as well, and also those of this countries founding fathers.

    What you have described here is love, “Greater love has no man than that he would be willing to lay down his life for a friend”. This is the single and only country in this entire world which has been established by love, and for the purpose of bringing the natural freedoms and prosperity to its population which all people should be entitled to, as all others have always existed simply to serve someone’s lust for power. Each and every one of this nations founding fathers had this love and was prepared to make this sacrifice in order to accomplish this as well, and its a good thing to see that there are still some of us who would be willing to do the same in order to preserve and build on what they established.

    These men warned us time and again about what would happen if we were to tolerate a banking system in this country, and Jefferson probably stated it best in that “the children would wake up homeless in the land that their fathers conquered”. This was not their belief, or an economic theory, but a simple statement of fact which they knew to be true, and its about time that everyone today comes to understand this as well. No country or society can survive for any length of time while tolerating any form of private interest on money, and will not survive for anything but a very short time while allowing private control and issue of its currency. This is an extremely insidious thing which should have been obvious to everyone from the very beginning, but evidently is only becoming apparent to a few as we speak. The simple fact is that for as long as banks have the power to issue money and credit and collect interest on what they issue, the single and only thing which can happen, is that they will incrementally gain control of more and more of the nations resources and property as time goes on and the single and only possible result is that eventually they will have accumulated all of it leaving the population with absolutely nothing, which is exactly the point which we are reaching now, and if something isn’t done about this very soon, this end result will be a permanent condition as well as they will have established the power to keep it so.

    If the motivation was simple greed, it would not be such an evil thing, as someone who simply wants a lot for themselves has no reason to deny that prosperity to another person as well, and for anyone attempting to establish prosperity through any form of useful production or service, the prosperity of others is absolutely essential to this, as people need to have the means to purchase that useful production or service in order for it to accomplish anything for anyone, and hence everyone wins. For banks though, they provide absolutely nothing of any tangible value for anyone, and the single and only means they have to survive and prosper, is to maintain and increase their power over the population so that they can continue to force the population to keep feeding them through interest and taxes, and the single and only way to establish power is to make the population poor and dependent on those who establish the power, to the extent where both the power and poverty will be absolute. Hence, the only possible result of the current form of capitalism is socialism, which is it final evolution, both of which come from the same place and have been invented by the same people, as a means to first establishing and then finally securing the power they crave.

    The single and only legitimate means for any person to establish prosperity for themselves, is to provide some form of useful production or service which can actually benefit another person, in which case that other person will be willing to work and pay for that production or service in order to receive the benefits that it can provide for them. If an economy exists and is administered for the single and only purpose if facilitating and maximizing such useful production and services, the only possible end result can be ever increasing prosperity for the entire population and the more prosperity which is established for the people who are doing this, the greater the number of people who will have the opportunity to do the same by contributing their own useful production and services to the benefit of the rest. The only possible result of this is that the overall prosperity of the general population must keep increasing geometrically, and that this society will survive and become ever more free and prosperous for all time to come, simply and only through the population having the means to facilitate the use of their natural abilities to make it so for each other, and as such, everyone wins.

    The only other means for a person to establish prosperity for themselves is through the establishment of power by which they can force someone else to work and contribute to their prosperity while providing nothing of any tangible benefit to them in return. Absolutely every form of business that exists in this country which derives its profits from manipulating money without actually producing or doing something of tangible benefit that other people can actually use, falls into this category, and, as opposed to useful production and services which actually benefit the person buying them, absolutely every nickel of prosperity that they gain for themselves, comes at the expense of someone else, and the more they make, the less that everyone else will have. As long as this power is tolerated, the single and only possible result can be the loss of all freedom and property by the population to the extent where they exist simply and only as livestock, who’s sole purpose in existing is to serve those who have established the power to make them do so, as short of contributing something useful to the benefit of others, this is the single and only means that any such individuals can survive and prosper. As such their very existence is an incredibly evil thing and comes at the expense of absolutely everyone except themselves.

    We’re dealing with two very simple and basic concepts here, there are only two in existence and everything that happens in this world is based on and motivated by these two things alone. These are freedom and power, which are essentially equivalent to good and evil. These are the two basic opposing forces in this universe, they simply cannot exist in the same space, and where one does exist, it will always be at the expense of the other. Accordingly, there are only two ways for anyone to establish prosperity for themselves. The first is for a person to use their natural abilities in order to contribute to the benefit of others, and the second is to establish power and control over currencies, economies and governments in order to force them into service through interest and taxes while making absolutely no such contribution to their benefit. Again, were back down to these two very simple, very basic concepts, freedom and power.

    We have tolerated power in our economy and political system for far too long, and every ounce of it which has been established has come at the expense of the freedom and prosperity which this nations founding fathers wished to establish for us through their love for their fellow man and all generations to come. We have only two choices here, we can either do nothing and allow the power to continue to the point where it consumes every ounce of freedom which has ever existed, in the single and only place in the world where it has ever existed, or we can act as a population, and destroy the power, absolutely and completely, allowing only freedom to remain in its place.

    Hopefully, between all of us who understand this, we can manage to beat it into the heads of all of those who don’t, what an incredibly simple thing this is and how extremely urgent it is for them to act in order to preserve and secure the freedom that they treasure but that most don’t understand, but without which their lives would become a completely worthless and intolerable thing.

    The only thing required for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing. You are doing something, i am doing something, and many others are doing something as well. I only hope and pray that there will be enough doing something in order to avoid the single and only possible fate which has befallen every other society in this world which has tolerated a banking system, for as long as this is tolerated, there can be only one result, which is the destruction of all freedom with only power remaining in its place.

    We can only have one or the other and people have to choose. If the power wins, it will be over my dead body and yours as well, and we will have lost nothing as this is infinitely preferable to living without hope of ever accomplishing anything that could possibly make our lives a worthwhile thing, and if the freedom prevails, it will be you and i and those like us who are responsible for that, and for giving people the opportunity to use their natural abilities to make their lives a far more worthwhile and productive thing than they could have ever possibly imagined, as it is only banks and their power which have prevented them from being so thus far.


    Again, everyone, copy paste and forward these posts to absolutely everyone you can. On here we are simply preaching to the choir, and we desperately need to get things like this out there and circulating in order to motivate the general population to start thinking and understanding to the extent where they will be willing and capable of acting as well. This is the single and most important thing that we need to be doing right now, and i know that many of you are doing this already. Thanks for your help.

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  • Crow

    The government knows everything the citizens or people do, or is it that people who work for and made themselves into government workers gave themselves the privilege to know what people do? And you mean to to impress here that the “Patriot Act” isn’t specific in its functionality- and use of invasive methods aren’t only warranted in situations pertaining specifically to its cause?
    So, if a certain individual or person using this “act” and obtains information then uses this information for any other purpose, is then not accountable? Could that mean that people who set out to design these sort of “acts” or people who use them for other purposes are abusing their authority intentionally, and not acting as public servants but independent contractors or on behalf of private businesses? And people who abuse or use this sort of information obtaining could use it based on personal or other beliefs?

  • Christine

    US: Senator Leiberman has introduced a bill that would allow the government to control private business Internet networks ̶ to protect them from cyber terrorism, of course. Wired 2010 Jun 2 (Cached)

    Lieberman Bill Gives Feds ‘Emergency’ Powers to Secure Civilian Nets

    Read More

    When has our security ever mattered to the federal government? They are the terrorists.

    • go to Lieberman’s website , and I am not condoning his piece of legislation though he does dis-pill the myth surrounding it, some of the claims are untrue. Anyway quit complaining- get people who feel the same as you-research the bill and call his office. I did.

  • Duhh

    I hope everyone is familiar with the pirate party in sweeden by now. Also, google facial recognition is about to come about. How about the facebook creator’s quotes about how he wanted people’s information to be stolen and used against them and about how stuppid people are?!? Uhhhh no one wants to spend money to clean up the oil spill?!? Lets BAIL OUT the Gulf of Mexico why not? All this just goes to show how bogus our system is. It’s all fake, orchestrated, and planned out. They are well paid actors and liars. It’s time for transparent government. We are all on drugs! Never getting enough!

  • Yvonne

    Good point the article makes. This is not about everyone knowing everyone else’s business. This is about big government getting into our business while keeping everything they do hidden.