Civil Liberties

Would you want to live in a world where everyone knew everything about everyone?

And in case you’re wondering, that’s not where we’re headed. Instead, we’re blindly marching towards a dark future where the government knows everything about you but you know nothing about the government.

Remember the media’s hysterical outcry when Obama’s passport details were illegally accessed during the Democratic primaries in 2008? The fact that the privacy of regular citizens is routinely subjected to much more serious abuse was conveniently ignored.

The “Patriot” Act, which was supposed to fight terrorism, allows the government to snoop on average citizens, obtain nationwide search warrants without local judicial oversight, monitor private Internet usage (that includes our emails and surfing habits), search our homes and offices without our knowledge, and force libraries and bookstores to turn over our reading records.

There is no financial privacy left in this country. Banks have become a one stop shop for overzealous government snoops and other privacy violators, and we’ve been working overtime to impose our paranoid “Know Your Customer” standards on the rest of the world.

Medical privacy has deteriorated in a similar manner. Our medical records are being transcribed in India and insurance companies and other entities have the right to access our medical history any time they choose.

Ron Paul is one of the nation’s foremost defenders of our privacy. He keeps fighting against misguided Know Your Customer rules and the misnamed “Patriot” Act.

Join the Ron Paul Revolution and help us rebuild a nation where our right to be left alone has priority over the government’s desire to know everything.

  • Kentrailer

    If we find out this vote was rigged in any way- I really hope we all stand up and do something about it- Florida 2004 was embarrassing for our country- and should not have been allowed to happen.If there is any funny business- we should not wait another 4 years to make things right.

    • durzoblint73

      @Kentrailer if it does we should move to canada, lol just kidding but its a personal belief that the scandal in Florida was the governments ploy to keep Bush in the White House. Than again we were in war so its hard to say. Either way I agree

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  • ExLonghorn

    In his 1987 book “Freedom Under Siege: The U.S. Constitution after 200-Plus Years,” Paul wrote that AIDS patients were victims of their own lifestyle. “The individual suffering from AIDS certainly a is victim — frequently a victim of his own lifestyle — but this same individual victimizes innocent citizens by forcing them to pay for his care.”

    He also questioned the rights of minorities

    Finally, he argued that people who are sexually harassed at work should quit their jobs. “Employee rights are said to be valid when employers pressure employees into sexual activity. Why don’t they quit once the so-called harassment starts? Obviously the morals of the harasser cannot be defended, but how can the harassee escape some responsibility for the problem? Seeking protection under civil rights legislation is hardly acceptable. If force was clearly used, that is another story, but pressure and submission is hardly an example of a violation of one’s employment rights.”

    You can download the free PDF under the books tab above and read it for yourself. I was a big Ron Paul supporter until I read this. I can readily say that I am no longer a supporter.


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  • Citizen Supreme

    Fellow Americans!

    Roughly a 100 years ago, nutcase politicians, well meaning as they may have been, breached the status of the American citizen. They dirt spilled out into troughs and the pigs gathered to gobble from the trough. Bellies full, they looked around each thinking, “is this for real?”

    Given the muted resistance, they rampaged on: Political machine lost respect for the citizen, in policy at first, but with time the manifestation became literal in all aspects. Government used to fear the citizen but now the citizen fears the government. Government knew better than the citizen was the new perspective, and hence M.O.

    Thence emerged the PIG. The PIG feasts on the citizens resources. Manipulating facts and truths, chipping away the founders fathers’ vision for America. To challenge the PIG now required citizen risk and fork over wealth to attorneys. But the attorneys also feed from the PIG trough.

    What! How? Don’t my fellow Americans see the conflict of interest….?

    What happened to those ideals of the founding fathers. Eroded and lost, at least in the PIGS mind. To take what was never theirs. To declare something so, as if with the power of GOD, and undo nature, science, mathematics and eons of historic fact. The PIG’s largesse is now suffocating the American dream. Unstoppable regardless of Democrat or Republican elected.

    Its time to take government back, all of it (100%) and let its pieces be tested against those pillars of the founding fathers’ ideals. The unjustified, perpetrations of the PIG, cast aside and discarded permanently.

    Let the PIG die! So the American dream can live. Its time for the citizen to take back the government.

    • Citizen Supreme

      The PIG is a parasitic organism – you cannot reason with it. They don’t know what is what! They perpetrate! They got an inch and kept going with it.

      The citizen is the ultimate power of America.

      I am living proof…I am a nobody. I would not accede a cent to the pig and have not since 2006. When it came to battle, the PIG weary of the jury of citizens and the epic battle, opted to not step up, better keep it hush….next sucker. The PIG is aware… I yield nothing.

      Americans, take your blind folds off.

  • It’s really simple folks, is you want to keep your FREEDOM VOTE FOR RON PAUL and pray he wins.

  • It’s really simple folks, if you want to keep you FREEDOM VOTE FOR RON PAUL

  • New American Sean

    I recently became a very proud Citizen and 2012 will be my first opportunity to vote during a presidential election. While I was not able to vote prior to becoming a citizen, I followed American politics and the respective players very closely, wondering where my support would be placed once I had the priviledge to vote. It has been a fairly frustrating process because the players on both sides of the aisle have overwhelmed me with the predictable rhetoric and insincere positiions on the various issues facing this great country. I felt no passion one way or the other, quite the contrary, I am had become disillusioned by them all…until now,Following each GOP debate, I have become increasingly impressed with what he has to say and then last night I watched the interview with Jay Leno and suddenly I was inspired and fired up. This man has an intelligence that far exceeds his opponents. Everything he says makes absolute sense to me and there is a level of reason and common sense that makes me think “Thank God, there is hope for us yet!!” Doctor Paul, thank you for being an honest candidate. Thank you for restoring the faith that our only options are a bunch of sheep giving into the extreme fringes of our society with no backbone and courage to be unique. The policies of both parties have proven to fail that past generation…it’s a no brainer that a new approach is necessary and yours is the one. I cannot wait to vote for you!

  • CeltGunn1970

    Personally, I love Ron Paul’s viewpoint and totally agree, However, I am running across other women who believe Ron Paul is against women and women’s rights and I cannot seem to find direct information to post for these women to read. Anyone have links for me to share to disprove this belief these women have?

    Maybe I can convert more women to Ron Paul before the election. That’s my goal! 0_0 Hard as it can be, we Need more people to support this man! He’s the last hope we have for America.

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  • Dear Mr.Paul

    I have read a very good article on why America needs Ron Paul. The article really puts in perspective the dire state that our civil liberties are in. I am going to post a link to the article to share with your readers. Please do not regard this post as spam.

  • SRout

    Dear Mr.Paul, Greetings! I strongly agree with you & thanks for taking such a bold, uncompromising & strong position when it comes to “our privacy”. Privacy is a very sacred thing for families & for individuals – infact, it’s a birth right bestowed upon us by our creator. So, it shouldn’t & should never be abused or vandalized at any cost for personal gains & with selfish agenda. Illegal constant intrusions & snoopings on average citizens/residents subject families to tremendous & unimaginable grief & anguish robbing them off of their basic civil rights & dignity – this sort of “illegal & evil” atrocities got to stop. In a “Democratic” society people are NOT supposed to be subjected to this kind of “inhumane abuse” which in itself is a human rights violation. I & my family have been subjected to this form of abuse & still enduring the grief!

    Anyway, please do keep up the good fight & please do kindly help & do something to stop it from happening in my life & in the lives of millions. May God bless you & family. Best Regards & Wishes, S.Rout

  • JosephSerrano

    Occupy UC Berkeley beaten by police! This video clearly shows police officers trampling their constitutional rights to peacefully assemble. Spread the video!

  • whenwillitstop

    Dont peole realize Democrat, Republican, the Left, The Right, Its all designed to divide a people. As the old saying goes divide and conqure! That is exactly what a small group of elitists is pulling off. What about TRUE right and wrong? united we stand…. So you better WAKE UP!!!!

    • flyingeagle

      @whenwillitstop Hey whenwillitstop Answer: When Ron Paul takes office . vote Ron Paul 2012 Revolution

  • whenwillitstop

    We have a country today that has false freedoms. When a child has a lemonade stand and gets shut down becuase the kid did no get a permit that costs more than he will bring in, there is a big problem. You are free to go to work,( if you still have work ). You are free to shop to make corporations more money. You are free to stay home and and watch your reality shows on tv,( that has absolutly nothing to do with reality ). Beyond that, you had better check if what you are doing is allowed. I never thought. that America would be so consumed with restrictions. And now they have billboards and comercials saying if you see something suspicious tell us. Well Im telling you I see something VERY suspicious in the way they are trying to be in every aspect of our lives. Thank God Ron Paul sees what is going on! It is crucial we get off our butts and make sure he becomes President of this falling country. See Paul Run…RUN PAUL RUN!!! PLEASE WAKE UP!!

    • flyingeagle

      @whenwillitstop I”m hanging Ron Paul signs on trees and poles etc to get Rons name out in plain sight. Go Ron Paul 2012 Revolution is herrreee!!!!!!!!!!

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  • TimothyKeidel

    Thank you Ron Paul there is hope out there.

    • flyingeagle

      @TimothyKeidel in Jesus Christ name Amen

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