National ID Card

We must stop the move toward a national ID card system. All states are preparing to issue new driver’s licenses embedded with “standard identifier” data – a national ID. A national ID with new tracking technologies means we’re heading into an Orwellian world of no privacy. Ron Paul voted against the Real ID Act in March of 2005.

Ron Paul’s Opposition to the National ID Card

Legislation brought forward to stop National ID (July 15, 1998)
In response to a national outcry against Department of Transportation rules to establish a national ID system by the first of October, in the year 2000, US Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) on Wednesday introduced the Freedom and Privacy Restoration Act, HR4217. Rep. Bob Barr (R-Georgia) is an original cosponsor of the bill.

Paul leads effort to stop National ID (June 24, 1999)
Calling on the federal government to end its war on the privacy rights of American citizens and the prerogatives of state governments, US Rep. Ron Paul (R, Texas) is leading a bipartisan team attempting to stop the national ID card, which is set for implementation on Oct. 1, 2000.

National ID killed by House (October 1, 1999)
In approving the House-Senate compromise on the Transportation Appropriations legislation Friday, the House of Representatives killed an ill-conceived plan that would have prevented Americans from getting new jobs, boarding airplanes or exercising their Second Amendment rights without holding a National ID card. The National ID was slated to go into effect Oct. 1, 2000.

Reject the National ID Card (September 6, 2004)
The much-hailed 9/11 Commission report released in July recommends a federal identification card and, worse, a “larger network of screening points” inside the United States. Does this mean we are to have “screening points” inside our country where American citizens will be required to “show their papers” to government officials? It certainly sounds that way!

Paul Denounces National ID Card (December 7, 2004)
Congressman Ron Paul today denounced the national ID card provisions contained in the intelligence bill being voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives, while urging his colleagues to reject the bill and its new layers of needless bureaucracy. “National ID cards are not proper in a free society,” Paul stated. “This is America, not Soviet Russia. The federal government should never be allowed to demand papers from American citizens, and it certainly has no constitutional authority to do so.”

A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform (February 9, 2005)
I rise in strong opposition to HR 418, the REAL ID Act. This bill purports to make us safer from terrorists who may sneak into the United States, and from other illegal immigrants. While I agree that these issues are of vital importance, this bill will do very little to make us more secure. It will not address our real vulnerabilities. It will, however, make us much less free. In reality, this bill is a Trojan horse. It pretends to offer desperately needed border control in order to stampede Americans into sacrificing what is uniquely American: our constitutionally protected liberty. What is wrong with this bill? The REAL ID Act establishes a national ID card by mandating that states include certain minimum identification standards on driver’s licenses. It contains no limits on the government’s power to impose additional standards. Indeed, it gives authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to unilaterally add requirements as he sees fit.

National ID Cards Won’t Stop Terrorism or Illegal Immigration (May 9, 2005)
This REAL ID Act establishes a massive, centrally-coordinated database of highly personal information about American citizens: at a minimum their name, date of birth, place of residence, Social Security number, and physical characteristics. The legislation also grants open-ended authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to require biometric information on IDs in the future. This means your harmless looking driver’s license could contain a retina scan, fingerprints, DNA information, or radio frequency technology.

A National ID Card? Outrageous! (March 10, 2010)
Ron Paul explains on Fox News why he is opposed to a national ID card: “To me it violates the whole principles of privacy, the principles of the Constitution, the principles of the Republic and to me that’s a gross distortion of what we should be doing. It’s part of an authoritarian society and dictatorships have this but not a republic. We’re not supposed to have that…”

  • Richard Sherrill

    The officials that are in Washington have been put there by there constituents from their states. The members of the Congress and the Senate need to remember who they work for. They do not work for the President, the House Speaker, or any special interest group. THEY WORK FOR THE PEOPLE who elected them. ( US ) Many of them were replaced in the November election by Tea Party participants. This sould be a lesson to both Republican and Democrate leaders that they can be replaced by the will of the people. If they continue to violate our Constitutional Rights they may all lose their jobs permanantly.

  • Fern

    With Radia Frequency Technology “they” can burn anyone by GPS and HAARP when they find necessary to do.

  • Tom

    a national I.D won’t stop terrorism, just like a locked door won’t stop a thief. If someone wants to break in or hack bad enough, they will. This is just another step in taking away our constitutional privacy, all in the name of “national security”. Stop national I.D. Way too much has transpired in recent years all in the name of “national security”. I’m now opposed to the Patriot Act, and Obamas’ sweeping new wire tapping bill, that invades everyones’ email,phones, blackberry, etc. per yahoo news on 8,27,2010.


  • David

    Hi guys.

    Anyway, i used this quotation in response to a comment on another blog and then remembered this one. This does illustrate the true intent and purpose of such a thing as a national ID card, and its purpose is for the state and the F’ing banks that own it to actually establish registration and ownership of the American people themselves, much as a farmer does over his livestock.

    The statement was made by Colonel Edward Mandell House, at a meeting between himself and president Woodrow Wilson, detailing the purpose of the banks in establishing the Federal Reserve which was enacted during Wilson’s presidency:

    “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.

    Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”

    This is exactly why both myself and a great many others on here are doing everything we possibly can in order to try to inform and organize the American population into killing off our banking system before they can actually finalize the plots which are detailed here, and we need each and every one of you to come and help us do it too. How much of this scheme does each of you recognize that’s already in place today ? The only thing i don’t see in place right now is the people registration, that’s what they need the national ID card for. How much better off do each of you think all of us would be without them ?

    We need to destroy these bastards by whatever means, and soon !

    • HUMOR; Have a laughter for crying out loud!

      Smart dog won’t except treats from B. Obama.
      I felt the same way when Obama introduced “cash for clunker deal.”!

      • David

        Hehehehe, this is cute.

        I had this German Shepherd, and my ex once tried to feed her chicken McNuggets from McDonalds, she just spit them out and wouldn’t eat them, i was very proud of her for that, she had good taste in food. This is even better LOLOL 🙂

        Maybe we can get it to the point where people will actually be as smart as the dogs 🙂

        • Grace Ibrahim

          we had a rabbit who would eat nuggets from McDonald’s …it is the bunny !!!!

    • Christopher L. Gase

      Amen to our sovernty. Your probably the only one in there that understands what our forefathers ment when they creited this great nation. United we stand and hopefully everyone, because if not divided we will fall. This socialism about makes me sick, you know the signers are probably rolling in their graves over this executive branch and the little helpers of the progresive far, far left Dems. I’m not saying all of them. The 6-10 real Dems left should recreate that party. Because the rest just take checks and or are told what to do. I just hope to the good lord above that you can deleiver us from this evil in 2012. Luger is my Sen. and I asked him to look into this conspireing with the enemy that you know who is doing. And from the inside of our own Big chair. I geuss if you were a Markx socialist and wanted America like Russia that would be the best way to screw our great nation up. I would call it high treason but we would probably play heck tring to prove it. But haveing devout communist next to him and all around him would go good for the conspireing theory. I noticed how it looks like they writen out the third part of the 2nd. addm. And it was never to be amended. You know the part that says its every Americans reasponsiblity to say when on a treasiones gov. Probably because peaple think violence when they think that but it can be done peacefully, everyone just wants it back the way it’s suppost to be. 1789. God bless our great republic, “for now” Hopefully it stays that way and then gets better. Need someone to go in there and be another Garfield and clean house 50% accross the board except military we need them.

      • David

        Thanks Christopher;

        That’s exactly what many of us are trying to motivate too, a peaceful economic revolt, and if we can somehow motivate and organize enough of the population to act collectively for their own benefit, and simply stop making all bank payments and federal taxes at the same time, we would have destroyed the banking system which would take our individual sovereignty and make us their property, and we would have forced the creation of a public currency as well, as without taxes no government would have any other way to sustain itself. Then without the banks to influence the political process, we could actually elect a government that would secure our freedoms and use this currency in order to generate prosperity for the country and population as it should have been all along.

        This is why i’ve been asking everyone to log onto the sound money blog and start scrolling through the posts and forwarding the relevant ones to the people on their email lists to get them into circulation among the general population. The big problem we face is that so many people are sheep and the don’t want to think for themselves and simply want to be told what to do. Until now its been those guilty of the treason against them doing the telling, but if we can actually inundate them with enough information and do it enough times in order to get them acting for their own benefit instead of their own destruction, we might be successful. If we can just keep doing this for the next 6 months or so and then propose a plan or action, i.e. a date to stop paying them maybe enough of them will do it to make this work, and if not, we just keep sending information and proposing again until there are enough. Short of an armed revolution, this is the only course of action we have, and if we cant make this work then that is the next necessary option too, the only problem then is will they be wise enough to secure the freedom they are trying to defend and recognize the source of the threat to it.

        Lol i love you bringing up Communism / Marxism in this context as well. We’ve had this banker under the name “the other david” on here trying to defend the banking system by comparing the public currency many of us are proposing to Communism, and when i or anyone else responds he’s not able to defend his posts in regards to same. This is actually a good thing too, as it indicates their fear and desperation in sending someone like him around to places like this in order to try to scare people into maintaining their power. In reality the statement by Mandell House describes Communism and Socialism perfectly, where the people have been deprived of all wealth and property which is owned by the state, and hence the banks that own the state, and where the people themselves become the property of the state, and exist simply and only to serve the state, and hence the banks that own the state again. I believe that Woodrow Wilson, the president responsible for helping the banks establish the Federal Reserve Board was also a great admirer of Marxism, which was in its infancy at the time, which was around the time that the Bolshevik Revolution was taking place as well. This is no surprise either since Marxism was invented by the banks and Wilson’s treason was to give them the means to allow their great grandchildren to establish it here as well. A treason which almost every President, Senator, and majority of congressmen, both democrat and republican, have been guilty of ever since.

        Hopefully we can get enough information in front of the sheep for them to figure it out and realize that the “good shepherd” they have trusted and believed in all these years is getting ready to slaughter and devour them, and turn them into wolves who will devour the shepherd instead.

    • Mary White Face

      The “Social Insurance” he talks about is Social Security. A Social Security number is how “Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living.” It is already here. This is the number used to enforce taxes, whereby “Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur…”
      The National ID is the next step. This is the way they will be able to track our every move, not only every dollar we earn.
      I don’t know about other states, but Indiana now has a scanning bar on the back of the drivers license and ID cards. Who knows what information is already there? Are there already tracking chips in them?

      • Woopa

        You do not need a SSN to work — you only need it to pay taxes, and if you are not obligated to pay the taxes then you have no obligation nor reason to have an SSN.

        You do not have to pay income tax unless your “income” comes from privileged activities relating to the Federal government.

        If you have mistakenly declared your private-sector unprivileged earnings to be taxable income in the past the money does not belong to the IRS just because they have recieved it. You can get all this money back, seriously.

    THATS 70%.

  • Yvonne

    It’s all manipulation.
    The government is deliberately leaving the borders open and then the media is publishing the frightening details of how unsafe we are so that eventually the public will ask for a national ID card.
    You wait and see.
    We will never be safe until we ask for national ID cards.
    Once we ask for the cards this big brother gov’t will close the borders using any and all means.
    Then they will say ”see…ID cards are good…now who wants a computer chip”?
    It’s a trick.

  • michael brown

    First a National ID card, next a computer chip imbedded in us. This is not the answer, and its not constitutional or American. We cannot not let our fear of Illegals overide our commitment to true freedom, More police equals more government plain and simple, True conservatives should understand this, and liberals should agree as well

  • The Other David

    A national identification pregram is the first step towards deporting illegal immigrants. There is no other practical way of identifying and separating legal residents and illegal immigrants. It is not legitimate to complain about illegal immigrants if there is no effective plan to remove these people from the country. Cutting them off state services such as medical care and schooling will just force these people to live outside the law – it will not make them leave. Forcefully deporting twenty million people is of course a huge undertaking. People can not just be individually marched to the border; they will have to be collected into camps concentrated in key areas around the country and then removed by mass transportation – buses, trains, army vehicles, etc. It will not be possible to carry out such a program (it will take a couple of years) without the temporary suspension (for everyone) of some of the rights and freedoms Americans might take for granted.

    • Clay A.

      A ‘National ID Card’ is not the answer! This is ‘too-high’ of a price to pay for what is rightfully ours. ‘The Law’! If schools, welfare agencies, employers, & the general public would uphold ‘The Law’, immigration would be greatly decreased . If your nieghbor is selling Heroin, do you just look the other way & say “someone else will catch them, someone else will have to ‘Rat-Them-Out’ !” What if that ‘Drug-Dealer’ gives your children drugs to get them ‘Hooked’! Would you then say “why didn’t someone else catch them?!” …………….. It’s our ‘DUTY’ to our children & our Nation to tell of thier actions! It’s up to “US” , the REAL-US-Citizens, to report these illegal immigrants & send them home to manage on thier own until they can enter our Nation ‘LEGALLY’ !! You may soon see ‘community-efforts’ to rid our Nation of these ‘Fee-Loaders’! Bounty-Hunters in a manner of speaking…………. Now you see ‘Terroists’ entering our country acting as Mexicans! We The People need to get off our ASSES & send ‘ALL-Illegal-Immigrants’ back from where they came! I’m sick of ‘pressing 1 for English’ in my own country. I know for a fact I’m only one of MILLIONS that are disgusted with supporting Mexico. Why don’t we just call Mexico a ‘STATE’ & make them pay property TAXES, Social-Security, & serve this country that feeds them & thier children!! This ‘The Other David’, should reconsider his foolish comment or maybe move to Mexico. I’m sure ‘They’ll let him in!’ For FREE!!!

    • 1111cb

      until the problem of ID theft is solved- imagine if your national identity gets stolen and everything depends on it.

      Just found out about a new way our identity info is leaving the country in droves and ther is no law enforced to protect it-

      Until every computerized device and device with a hard drive is secured as a mandatory procedure and disposed of between owners well, I would not want an National ID.

    • David

      OMG, can anyone believe this guy ?

      “It will not be possible to carry out such a program (it will take a couple of years) without the temporary suspension (for everyone) of some of the rights and freedoms Americans might take for granted.”

      I will simply quote Ben Franklin in response to this.

      “Those who would sacrifice freedom for the sake of security deserve neither freedom nor security’

      In response to Clay’s comment, he does not belong in Mexico but in the former Soviet Union, which is now extinct, and i dont think there is a country in this world where he actually belongs, for as bad as some of them are, he is worse.

      His statement is an outright lie as well, i’m in an area where the potential for hiring an illegal immigrant is great, and both i and everyone else around here has more than enough means to determine legal status before we hire. Green cards, resident cards, drivers licenses (which if the person is present here and does not have the right to work here, will state so), all of which will more than satisfy the border patrol if they check on hiring practices.

      Bottom line is that a national ID card is a means of keeping track of and maintaining data on citizens by a police state, in order to determine and deal with any potential threats to their power. Since this guy has been repeatedly trying to defend America’s banking system which craves and is trying to establishexactly such power, and can’t defend his posts on same, he’s involving himself in the immigration issue now in order to try and distract people from the real threat and problem.

      If were going to set up Nazi or communist style concentration camps then let it be for the Bankers who have committed acts of treason against the United States and its population by manipulating our economy and gaining control of our political system against the interests of the American people. Personally id have no desire for this though, simply kill them for their treason, and seize their assets and return what we can to the population from which they have been stolen (i tried to estimate this amount on the sound money blog awhile back and if my calculations are anywhere close it comes out to about $ 500,000.00 owing to each American at this point). Then establish a Ben Franklin style economy, without the benefit of banks designed to maximize useful production and the prosperity of the American population.

      An awful lot of people are beginning to figure out the lies they’ve been fed and the need for this by now and the banks must be living in absolute terror of us, if they are desperate enough to send people like this around to blogs like this in order to try and defend their interests. I don’t expect that there are too many on here who would actually be foolish enough to believe him, and from what i’m seeing at this point, it seems that his days are also numbered, and he and those he defends are about to be destroyed by the single and only population in the world who understand and values freedom to the extent where they will do whatever they must in order to maintain it. If not, then they will destroy us instead, and this is where 100 % of everyone’s efforts need to be concentrated right now.

      • Machine

        I’m with ya my man…If we pay too close attention, or buy into to all the hype, its easy to become one of those fearmongering sloths ready and willing to just give up Liberty and Independence by further militerizing our police,and creating more government policies for Security….’ol Ben is rolling over in his grave!!!
        What gets me all fired up is when these morons state that “times are different” and that we need to modify the U.S. Constitution, and reform the first 10 ammendments…Well yes times are different, but do these egomaniac racist elitist assholes for one second actually believe that dismantleing the Constitution and reforming the first tem ammendments is the answer to resolving the issues we are faced with???

        Revolution is easier than reform!!!!

        If we truely believe in Freedom, Independence, and Equality, than we will not jeapordize what has always allowed for people to prosper.

        • David

          Yeah, times are different, but the natural right of each person to be free to live their lives as they choose, and to prosper from their efforts is eternal and will never change.

          People have also never changed and never will. There are only two kinds, those who like to see the people around them happy and successful, and those who enjoy inflicting suffering and misery on them because it makes them “FEEL” powerful. This guy is definitely one of the latter, and would abrogate such freedom and prosperity for the sake of feeling powerful. Such need to be dealt with as one deals with a rabid dog, as this is exactly what they are. Then Freedom, Independence, and Equality can exist and remain.

  • Anonymous

    i dont no about any of you but when this shit gets outta hand im willing to kill for my freedom

    • Joan

      Anonymous, I don’t know, I live in a welfare city in CA where everyone is mean to everyone because of lack and scarcity thinking, no one is happy, and people are just short of homicial to one another. It came out on the news last night that this city has the second highest crime rate in CA, behind Oakland, CA, which is the murder capitol of the country. Nothing good comes from people fighing and being mean. I lived in San Francisco for over 40 years, people are very nice to one another and I can tell you that working together, being politically involved, treating every person with respect goes a long, long way in solving problems, in people being happy and feeling safe. Most people where I live now are physically and mentally sick. They get so sick from everyone being mean, it breaks the body down. No good comes from any of it.

      Truth is, there are way too many people in the world. Mexican people don’t practice birth control because a majority of them are Catholic. As long as humans continue to reproduce with no means to provide for their children, we will have massive immigration, illegal immigration, now we see people talking of genocide, Hammas supporters openly talking about it), we have people murdering in the name of their religions, people fighting to stay in this country illegally. It all stems from overpopulation, lack of jobs, lack of money, lack of food and clean water in many countries. But, the solution isn’t where we appear to be going, nuclear war, terrrorism and genocide. The real answers lie in ending welfare, and limiting populations so they are workable. In the 1970s, the population of this country was half of what it is now. In those days most people were very kind, no one lived on permanent disability, there was enough space, enough jobs, there was no section 8 housing and massive give away programs, a small percentage of the population was on social security, so it was sustainable. If the population was smaller, we wouldn’t need pesticides to do massive farming, nor hormones in the meat to do massive production, nor massively produced processed foods with chemicals, there wouldn’t be smog and global warming and water pollution, we wouldn’t need to drill baby drill. Look at the mess in the gulf over drilling for oil. It will adversly affect the ocean for the next 50 years. They still can’t fish in many places in Alaska decades after the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Overpopulation makes everyone violent and nuts, but humans are selfish, so they never deal with it. Then, it ends up in genocide and terrorism and nuclear wars because everyone does know there’s only so much space and so many jobs and so much air and so many fish in the ocean and so many forests. The other problem with overpopulation is now so many childen are born with autusm and many other illnesses due to decades of their parents and grandparents eating the pesticides and hormones and chemicals in processed foods and breathing polluted air. It all comes back to bite us one way or another. This is why people are obese now, and the newest prediction is that the next generation coming up with get Alzheimer’s Disease in their 30s because of so much pollution and toxic food due to the necessity to mass produce food.

      It’s long since time to cut all the populations of every country down to something workable and humane. If we stay stuck in denial about it, one day Iran or some other rogue country will start a nuclear war and then the populations of the world will go way down. One out of 91 children born now have autism which often times means they have an IQ of 70. 100 is considered averge idiot in this country, so we now have a higher and higher rate of having idiot children do to the pollution from overpopulation. In ten more years, it will be one in 25 children are born with idiot IQs, and 30 year olds will have Alzheimer’s.

      • Jeff

        A lot of truths in what you said at length, but you lost me completely with the global warming – (which there isn’t) – the autism, idiot children and the alzheimers.
        Absent of greed the world is a bountiful place with enough for all. And true, while we’re told to “be fruitful and multiply”, I don’t think it was meant to mean that we should do so until we stand elbow to elbow. Point is – we’re already “there” in an exagerated way of speaking. And our problems are now.
        We simply need to be responsible for ourselves, those we are responsible for and manage our personal affairs in a way that is somewhat meek in it’s effect on our fellow man. End of all problems! But selling that to our fallen human nature is like selling the desert to a fish, unfortunately.
        We’re a mess we really can’t fix, but it’ll all be o.k. in the end. Just keep your eyes in the right direction.

    • David

      Me too, and willing to die for someone else’s freedom as well, as life without it is simply and only a completely intolerable thing.

    • Machine

      I am willing to die for freedom,
      I am not willing to kill for freedom;

  • Jan

    Has anyone ever asked our government, how other countries are finding their illegal immigrants?
    How do other countries handle this? I am sure if I, as an American, go to a foreign country to work and speak only English, am white, with Strawberry Blonde hair, and am not a citizen, that they would profile me, by the color of my skin, hair and that I could not speak, Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Indian. I know those countries would also profile me for my religion being different from theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Illegals know that, they know they
    are breaking the law and you our Government do too… why try to protect them and NOT
    protect the people of USA? If Greece did that to their country do you think their people would not scream Tyranny?










    • A JOB, – it is illegal in the US to hire an illegal alien. Penalties are stiff, but often times not enforced. It is also a felony to aid or abet an illegal alien.
    • A DRIVERS LICENSE, – After the terrorist attacks of September 11, the federal government implemented heightened security measures when obtaining state-issued identification cards, such as a driver’s license or a social security number. As such, new federal laws were introduced that made it a requirement to show proof of legal residency status and identity in order to obtain a state driver’s license or any other state-issued id.
    • SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, – The requirements to obtain a social security number for work purposes are that the applicant must be either a citizen of the United States or a permanent U.S. resident (Green Card holder). Immigrants must be able to show that they are authorized to live and work in the United States in order to obtain certain documentation.
    • WELFARE, – Undocumented immigrants are not eligible to receive any “welfare” benefits and even legal immigrants are severely restricted in the benefits they can receive. As the Congressional Research Service points out in a 2007 report, undocumented immigrants, who comprise nearly one-third of all immigrants in the country, are not eligible to receive public “welfare” benefits — ever. Legal permanent residents (LPRs) must pay into the Social Security and Medicare systems for approximately 10 years
    before they are eligible to receive benefits when they retire. In most cases, LPRs can not receive SSI, which is available only to U.S. citizens, and are not eligible for means-tested public benefits until 5 years after receiving their green cards. A 2007 analysis of welfare data by researchers at the Urban Institute reveals that less than 1 percent of households headed by undocumented immigrants receive cash assistance for needy families, compared to 5 percent of households headed by native-born U.S. citizens.

    • FOOD STAMPS, Here is the one area that in some states is true: By law, illegal immigrants are ineligible for food stamps — unless there is at least one U.S. citizen in their household, which describes all U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants. In many cases, illegal immigrants can also receive emergency medical treatment, short-term government disaster relief and immunization against communicable diseases. Their children can attend public schools. States may provide other benefits, such as driver’s licenses and worker’s compensation, In Kansas, for example, illegal immigrants can get tuition breaks at state universities and colleges.

    • CREDIT CARDS, These cards are not free, they still must pay for what they buy. So who cares as long as they pay.
    • SUBSIDIZED RENT OR A LOAN TO BUY A HOUSE, – I didn’t research this one.
    • FREE EDUCATION, This is true for public education and it costs a fair amount. In California it is particularly expensive. This does not apply to higher education.
    • FREE HEALTH CARE, Under the current health care bill illegal aliens are NOT able to benefit from free health care. However, their children born in the US are therefore US citizens and they can receive health care – but it is not free.
    • A LOBBYIST IN WASHINGTON – cannot find any evidence of this other than interest groups that benefit from illegal immigrants. The immigrants as far as I can find have no lobbyist in DC.
    • BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF PUBLIC DOCUMENTS PRINTED IN YOUR LANGUAGE – As far as I can tell, there is no way to determine this number.
    • AND, IN MANY INSTANCES, YOU CAN VOTE. – In 1996, Congress enacted the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, making it a federal crime for non-citizens to vote in any federal election (or state election, unless authorized by state law). As a penalty, ineligible non-citizens who knowingly vote may be deported. Additionally, a non-citizen who falsely claims to be a United States citizen is in violation of this law.

    • Jeff

      Right on Jan!

    • James

      “However, their children born in the US are therefore US citizens”

      Jan, that is one of the myths that has spawned the border crossing. Tens of thousands of women crossing the border to give birth on US soil having the belief that born in the USA means citizen of the USA. The correct interpretation of the 14th Amendment is that an illegal alien mother is subject to the jurisdiction of her native country, as is her baby. With illegal aliens who are unlawfully in the United States, their native country has a claim of allegiance on the child.

      Here is the link that will explain the correct understanding of the 14th Amendment;

  • John

    USA must end the occupation of Texas because in 1844 the US Senate could not get the 2/3 majority vote necessary (according to the Constitution for the United states of America) to annex the Republic of Texas.

    • Ed

      i hope they can seceed, i’d move there and get out of here.

  • john

    37,400 white women in USA are raped yearly by blacks who have been turned on by the interracial sex porn produced by Jews who run the porn business.

    • Jeff

      Only replying to this because such stupidity really needs to be seen to be believed.

  • Theresa Romano

    I was also a little freaked out by the ”mark of the beast0” prophesy.
    I’m kind of hoping that the Revelation book prophesies in chronological order because that mark of the beast prophesy occurs in chapter 13 and many things are said to occur prior to that. For example chapter 11 talks about two prophets being killed in Jerusalem and the whole world celebrating for 31/2 days and then watching them resurrect.
    If the story is foretold in chronological order then this would have to occur before the arrival of the beast.
    I’m hoping this is the case.

  • Blake

    its just like the bible foretold of the mark of the beast? its a start, what next? microchips?

  • Janice

    The Story of Your Enslavement

  • Sgt

    machine, etc. The ‘breaking point’ is not near. You speak about revolution yet you are clearly naive about the ways of war and death. Think for a minute before you try to espouse rebellion… I know this is the internet and all but, seriously. you’re gonna end up on some watch list.

    • Machine

      Yes you are right…I do get a bit frazzled and lose my way. My sincer idea in rebelion is not one that would involve violence; violence has never and will never resolve our countries/worlds problems …More a Civil Disobedience…Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Howard Zinn, Henry David Thoreau, Rosa Parks…

      Please tell me what “you” mean by the “ways of war and death”, sincerly.

      You are right I am not personally experienced…The only knowlegde I have about war is that which was told to me by my grandfather who faught in WW II, as well as books that I have read by those who shared their own experience on the horrors of war. One favorite of mine, though fiction, is Johnny Got His Gun, by Dalton Trumbo. Are you framilar??? Also War and Peace by Tolstoy.

      As well I have also endulged in history books…Not your standard 101 course text book, ones that do include the elementary knowledge but also don’t leave out the atrocitires commited by those we grow up glorifying and sing their praises.

      One chilling story my granfather told me when I was 17, and I will never forget, was when he was face to face, barrel to barrel, in the early hours of the morning, with a women in a village that had just been bombed during the night…As he put it “I did not think…It was me or her…I shot first…shot her dead.” Tears rolled down his face. My grandfather, this big, strong, white haired man was weeping. A few minutes later he told me that he never stopped thinking about this women whom he had killed, and he never had shared that story with anyone, not even my grandmother. What he did understand was that war puts a person in situations that they should never be put in…That this woman was just as scarred and lost as he. This woman…someones daughter, maybe sister, maybe wife, maybe mother…dead.

      War…to me is the worst act man commits. We actually train a man to kill. That is not why we are here on this Earth. Yes survive, and we all have a natural survival about us, but our survival does not, and sould not have to depend on nations going to war. We are more intellagent than that. It seems to me that ALL the powerful governments are guilty of insighting fear through demagogery. What are we doing…building better bullets,bombs, drones, nukes, biological weapons, ect. Sending young men and women to combat training, and the rich ones to military academies to become officers? Right now we have enough WMD to wipe out the majority of the worlds countries/nations. WHY!? I know war has a history that is rooted deep and well before our countries history ever began, however in our so-called sofisticated culture of today why have we not learned that War begot War begot…Is it because we glorify war… endourse violence, raise our children to believe that the ultimate hero is one who dies for his country, or shoots first and kills. My grandfather never felt like a hero. Please tell me that the world is not this obtuse.

      Again I do admit I don’t have battle field experience, however I still have a feeling that we, Americans, must always question, challenge and resist our government, when they do not keep inline with/violate the Constitution, our Independence as a Nation, our Civil Rights, Our wealth and commit inhumain acts against other nations; it is time we release our grip on the rest of the world, stop implimenting Military sanctions on countries populated by mostly poor people, and get out of bed with those countries who do not up hold any standard of human rights…Its weakening us and killing the future for all of man kind.

      Lastly, I do understand that there are “bad people” in the world, there always will be, but it makes no sense to bomb an entire village,wiping out several thousand just to get a couple of bad guys.

      • Christine

        Glad you mentioned Ghandi. I bought the movie and while watching it I couldn’t help but notice a familiarity, with the wealthy believing their wealth entitled them to more than others and the right to oppress others. Hmm… well now. We will need to change this basic foundational flaw in our societies worldwide with. Non-violent, non-compliance.

        Just the act of telling the truth is a revolutionary act, especially with all the lies and deception that are at the very foundation of the elitists agenda. I wonder, with all the lieing they do, and that they know that is going on to manipulate the pubic, how do they know if they can trust each other? Maybe they can’t. They never know when their superior will be done using them.

        • Machine

          In regards to the elitist power players that you speak of…to them lies and deception is part of the game. Do you know who Arthur Schlesinger is??? When he was Jr. adviser to President Kennedy; he thought the CIA invasion of the Bay of Pigs was wrong, [ I wonder why!?!?] but admittedly did not speak up…Intimidated by “such august figures as the Secretaries of State and Defense and the Joint Cheifs of Staff”, he was a good subordinant and took his medicine.

          It takes a certain moxie to be a Daniel Elsberg, and by NO MEANS am I “glorifying” him, but to stand up to the president and his cabinet and not only accuse them for the lies they told the public and acts of deceptions they commited, but to also prove their intensions corrupt was very much a huge reason Vietnam ended. The gig was up…but not one person would be held legally accountable, however Nixion and Kissenger would launch a huge public attack on Ellsberg trying to make him out to be a deranged and crazy trator.

          It is very common too that these power mongers use subordinates to do their dirty work, which they can later disclaim. Ever wonder why Nixion, though forced to resign, escaped criminal prosecution for his involvment in Watergate…Plausible Denial.

          Read Machiavelli’s The Prince

        • Christine

          We don’t even need to go back that far. How about George Bush Sr. creating the CIA to run drugs and train terrorists so they can stage wars and pass laws to take away freedoms while working towards the NWO? Or Baby George Bush and 911, with Cheney, Rice, et. al. all telling us that Saddam was the guy with weapons of mass destruction, oops, no don’t have ’em. Went to war with Iraq, didn’t leave, but stayed because now they invented a new guy to take Saddam’s place to justify maintaining the war, Osama Bin Laden, yeah, that’s it, a guy in a cave running around, can’t find him. We’ll stay until we find him, and we never will. Now we’ll create the drama surrounding terrorism while we’re looking at the real terrorists telling us about how they are keeping us safe from terrorism, all the while they take away this freedom and that freedom, and oh, this one too until there are none left to take!

          Do you ever get the sense that these elite folks invent a plan to start a war, pay for both sides but don’t inform the people of that, drum up reasons the people of various country should hate each other, counties go into massive debt to the banksters and gangsters while not taking care of the people’s high priority items in their home country, terrible loss of life, elite make money and keep control over the people, train and kill innocent people not a party to their true intentions, and this is how they fund and do everything they do. This is how they have come to believe they need to do things to get things done on planet earth, their way. This is how they disrupt life everywhere, all the time. They never stop. There is never any peace. And the real criminals are never jailed or confined under a psych doctor’s care to keep the rest of us safe. And we allow this to be the case for us everywhere!

          Take a step back as if you are a visitor to this planet just learning for the first time how things go around here. The more you look, the more you will realize how crazy these folks “in charge” really are. All the unnatural, destructive things they orchestrate. We cannot allow these types of individuals to lead. Who puts a crazy person in charge of the sane? Is the real reason we give and allow them to control is that we are afraid of crazy people, what else they would do?

          People who are not a part of the govts, shadow govt, secret societies, if not indoctrinated, brainwashed, propagandized into believing their lies, would all actually get along. No problems. The elite create the divisions among us in our minds first, through MSM, through their policies because they know if we ever united, we’d be a mighty force against them, refuse to go along with the ill they cause in this world (while pretending to bring good, and never do). But that is exactly what we need to do, to stand with our own minds seeing the betrayal, the manipulations for what it really is, then channel our energy in a different direction to create what we truly want for our lives and our childrens’ lives.

          It is this select group of people who are in power struggles with everyone else on the planet and we get mixed up in their “stuff” by how it influences us financially and, if we are not mindful, we could be actually supporting their cause by what we choose to think, say, do or not do, by allowing ourselves to be manipulated.

      • BaBoogie

        “Think for a minute before you try to espouse rebellion”
        For you to make a comment like this is unpatriotic,
        The United States of America was founded by rebellion.
        who fought and killed and were killed to give you what you have today!!
        if only we had men like our founding fathers they sure would have the courage
        to stand up to these tyrants by any means necessary.
        To many lives were lost for our freedom for us just to conform to what we have today . You had people like Sgt back then who said the same words
        to our founding fathers and were scared of Britain, But it did not stop the revolution,
        and you can thank all those REBELS! For your freedom today!!
        Our Government is a Shadow Government we need to take it back!!

        • Sherrie

          Very well said.
          “Always give your best, never get discouraged, never be petty; always remember, others may hate you. Those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself”. -Richard Milhous Nixon

        • Jeff

          BaBoogie beware ……
          Such attitudes are exactly what an enemy may be waiting for.
          Think twice before you begin spiraling thoughts into martial law and your adversary being the US military, completely at the disposal of the powers that be. It will definitley put a cap on the bottle for us all for good.
          For now be content with preaching your beliefs tirelessly, and casting your vote at the ballot box. It’s much less …… red.
          But do keep your equivalent to a pop-gun handy, it’ll at least make some noise.

    • Ryan

      Sgt : “The ‘breaking point’ is not near.”

      I hope you are right, Sgt. Truly.
      I certainly don’t espouse a violent response to a government hungry with power-lust; elections are a much more desirable, and civilized, way to keep our rights and keep power out of the hands of tyrants.
      But I will say in response to your statement above, “Don’t be too sure about that — Remember, a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. ”

      And single incidents can spiral out of control. Remember the LA riots?

    • Sherrie

      We are already on some Watch list…where have you been for the last 10 years or so???

    • Baboogie

      In case you forgot

      As proclaimed in the original Declaration of Independence,

      “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

      • Christine

        With 334,000 homes in foreclosure in the month of April, and 5 million homes in default status….

        It’s that time again.
        When the govt only talks about keeping us safe from terrorists so they can take our freedoms away while they impose tax after tax after tax by deceitful and deceptive means, behaving as financial leaches and terrorists themselves….while reading the Declaration of Independence….you could be thinking it is describing our own list today!

        I wish some, if not all of those in govt, would have a conversion, seriously question their involvement in this destructive way of being, watching while the world deteriorates, knowing in the end it will not work or last, that all their work is a wasted effort, for some a lifetime of misguided thinking adding to their own unhappiness.

        I think back when Obama was brought into office and the masses who came to Washington to watch, how adored he was by so many, but he knew then what a deceiver he was and about those who operate in the shadows………he could have been the most loved leader, but he chose the wrong mission and course for his own life. How sad is that? A sorely misguided soul. I guess he prefers to read speeches and look the part. So few have the ability to be truthful with outstanding leadership skills, but that’s what America and the world needs now.

        Knowing the elite fund both sides of wars, how they manipulate people into hating others with fabricated brainwashing techniques…that would be enough NOT to join the military! No more senseless deaths. Your life is valuable! Give to your families, communities….they need you. Now that is American and real patriotism and a real peacemaker!

        • Jeff

          >>” so they can take our freedoms away while they impose tax after tax after tax by deceitful and deceptive means, behaving as financial leaches and terrorists themselves….while reading the Declaration of Independence….you could be thinking it is describing our own list today!” <<

          Here, here!
          Might be a very good idea to take that very document, kind of "photo shop it" just a little (very little) and present it to a new body, declaring our independence all over again ….. from Washington!
          Chair states that the ayes have it!

        • Jeff

          I think we need a national referendum to make Washington sucede from the union – cuz we’d all like to stay!
          I mean really, wouldn’t we be a lot better off without WASHINGTON?
          Gotta wonder how they’d do without us.

  • Machine

    Scarry isn’t it!?!? All that we believe, all that we feel, all for what??? Death! And yes, you bet I am ready. Twenty years ago I was going to join the Navy…you know the “It’s not just a job it’s an adventure” crap; thank god for my grandfather, a true Patriot, WWII veteran and Purle Heart recipient. He is the one that made the most sense…”One day in your lifetime you will HAVE to fight, and the ENEMY wont be someone from the middle east…they will be American.”

    What saddens me the most is that my grndfather like many from his generation truely believed that they were fighting to end all future wars for the United States of America. But truth be known being hindsight is 20/20 and people like you and I can look back over the last 100 years and see know that it wasn’t an out right lie…It was the begining to a long and ardous roud of many wars. Only know our Government sees that it’s Americans that must be controlled, carefully watched, and kept tammed.

    It is going to get really ugly soon.

    Like I said I do appreciate many of Ron Pauls ideas with bringing America back to the Americans with a small Federal Government bound by the Constitution. And yes at this very point, today, I’d vote for him but I am not going to depend on him, he is a politician; no differnt than Obama..No different was Bush, or Clinton, or Regan. As well Nixion was a joke, as where Ford and Johnson.

    • Ryan

      Yep, it is scary what changes the two parties have made in recent decades. Like your grandfather, my grandfather was also a WWII vet. He fought in every theater of operation against the Germans; in Africa, Italy, France, and into Germany. He landed on Utah Beach in the Normandy invasion. He fought against Fascism with everything he had.

      It’s tragic that many of our citizens have not remembered the lessons of pre-WWII Germany. This national ID card proposed by the leftists is not their end goal, it is only a single step towards their end goal; the goverment wants complete control over the people. And those same people who support the leftist won’t be so happy when they ultimately discover that they too will be enslaved by whatever the authority says. I think the typical liberal is just too naive to realize that once the goverment does have control over the people they won’t bother to embrace the ideology of the typical well intended social liberal either… The people that elected them. But at that point it will be too late to fix it.

      We have to find a way to educate them before it’s too late for a peaceful solution to still be an option.

      • Machine

        Do you truely believe that…That there really can be a “peaceful solution”? Today!?!?
        Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to be a nay sayer, I am always for peace, and always “try” to encourage nonviolence through practice. The best changes come about through peaceful resistance. Civil Disobedience…Are you framilar with Henery David Thoreau (sp?), Gahndi Martin Luther King, Howard Zinn, Dorothy Day, Thich Nhat Hana??? All people who practiced and encouraged people to embrace nonviolence; that being a passifist doesn’t mean you do nothing…you do more by not using violence. We all must be clear on this if infact we do want true freedom. To be obtuse and violent only encourages governments to stay the course and continue dismantleing democracy and destroying independence. Our grievences must be pure in our hearts, our intensions unselfish and without violence. Is this still possable today? Can our voices still reach those we elect…over the loud noise of corporate lobbiest!?!?

        • Ryan

          ***”Do you truely believe that…That there really can be a “peaceful solution”? Today!?!?”***

          Yes. It won’t happen over night though. Patience and diligence will be required.

          About 6 years ago I took notice of Ron Paul and immediately became an avid supporter (I’ve always been a supporter of anyone libertarian, I just didn’t know RP before that). Before that time, I’m guessing, the only people that heard of Ron Paul were Texans, and perhaps those who follow the Libertarian party closely (I’m non-partisan, philosophically libertarian, not a party guy). A couple years ago RP ran for president on the GOP ticket and started to get noticed nation wide. Today everyone knows of Ron Paul, even in other countries.
          The point being, it’s a slow process getting people aware and informed.
          Some people are just now becoming aware of Ron Paul at the level that I came to 6 years ago. But the public trend is clearly towards regaining our liberties and freedom. And thank goodness for that!

          I believe there is hope for the recovery of our liberties and freedom. If I didn’t, I’d be at war already. We just need to spread the word and gather the votes. I believe the votes are there. The neocons stole the GOP a few decades ago, and we true-conservatives can take it back. It won’t be over-night. But we can chip away one politician at a time the same way they did.

          I believe even typical supporters of Democrats and Neocons will eventually come to their senses. We are going bankrupt. The dollar will be worth a Peso in no time at this rate.
          Those people will eventually reach their own breaking point. That’s when they will join the fight against the corporate-totalitarians. Just look at this forum. I keep seeing people of all kinds of political/philosophical perspectives joining the RP revolution. It’s just a matter of time before the political change in people takes place enough to effect real change in government. We need to support those candidates, like RP, and others, and never again vote for neocons or liberals.

          My only real concern is that it may take too long. We may no longer have a super-economy. Or, that it may come to a real revolution with guns and pitchforks. But we aren’t there yet.

          That said, I’m not going to fly off the handle prematurely. Nor will I just sit back and hope it all works out. I will do the only rational thing available to me at this point, as an average [educated but poor, and disabled] citizen; I will spread the word and argue tirelessly in forums like this forum, I will vote, I will support the border patrol, I will boycott big-businesses and liberal businesses (I haven’t bought practically anything in the past 2 years… I even canceled my phone service last year.), I will buy only small business products made in America, etc. The only thing left is my Cable TV, and that too may go soon. Whatever it takes to take back America! In short, I will defy all attempts of politicians and lobbyists to further the corporate-totalitarian agenda.

          As I said before, I believe the next two elections will be the deciding factor. Will it be a peaceful transition back towards liberty and freedom, or will it be a revolution with heads rolling? Only time will tell at this point. But I’m on fire-watch; I’m watching closely and doing my part.

          • Fuscia

            My Grandfather was a WW2 vet also, he fought your grandfathers. My Grandfather was right, but might apparently makes right.

    • Christine

      The NWO folks will push one too many buttons and that will set people off much more than they already are. They have used incrementalism over about a 60-year period. Recently though, things have sped up with increased number of incidences, crises, and changes in the law, more toxic contamination of our food, air, water, land, the bad economy, all things mounting to a crescendo, a major crisis. At that time, we need to be able to fix the problem ourselves because the Problem – Reaction – Solution they count on always has them delivering us un-American solutions and a freedom is lost. They create the problem, we react and say fix it, then they deliver the solution they wanted to implement all along, except it is an un-American anti-freedom solution.

      The major players behind the NWO are in their very senior years like Henry Kissenger and David Rockefeller. I’m sure they would like to see the achievement of their lifetime efforts toward the NWO before they meet their mortal end. With not many years to spare they have overwhelmed congress with one major change after another. After the meltdown of the housing crisis, the bailouts and theft of pensions, retirements, home equity values, the year long debate over healthcare, now onto immigration reform. While we are fighting these issues, and they know how it will end, the NWO folks are busy in the background arranging other items on their agenda.

      • Machine

        Great blog, good insight. What are you prepared to do???

        [talking to myself]…please don’t just say vote, please don’t just say vote.

        • Christine

          Keep my shorts on! And no, I wouldn’t say just vote. We have a worldwide situation that is sorry need of social change. The elite would hate that desire and direction if we were to collectively work towards it to revamp education, medical, military, monetary, legal and political systems that support humanity, not degrade us. They have a plan in mind and they wouldn’t want the distraction or the competition. They create disasters one after the other and then pretend to be the saviors. That card has been played so many times the cards are dog-eared. We need a whole different deal, a different deck. We need creative people who have a heart to design systems that work for the people and are written by the people. The people have the answers themselves. We’re the talented ones, the gifted ones. We’ve become too reliant upon those we can’t trust, the leaches of our labor. We need to lead ourselves into a functional way of living. What we have is clearly dysfunctional and not, NOT WORKING. Something based on lies and deception will come to an end from the weight of it’s own negativity, naturally. The sooner the better. They have been fools to believe it would ever last, that all their self-centered efforts were worthwhile, that they could fool all of the people all of the time.

          Let’s start with some truth and spread it around.

  • Jeremy Schwartz

    Correct me if I am wrong but did the founding fathers establish a republic? Which I believe no longer exists in its original form.

  • Brett Nixon

    Mr. Paul, as you know we need to do everything we can to stop this national i.d card.
    It is a violation of our basic rights and these treasonous people that want to implement it know it. I am so sick of this government pushing their agenda on the American people knowing full well the majority of real citizens are against this and just about every other piece of legislation they force on us. Maybe in November they will get it , but I doubt it. Audit the Federal Reserve and dismantle it. Repeal this horrendous healthcare agenda, which has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with power and control over every aspect of our lives. Investigate Nancy Pelosi for Obstruction of Justice, and numerous other crimes that she and her cohorts have perpetrated against the America people. And vote the rest of the incumbents out in November. At least that’s my wish list. Somehow I doubt that much of that will get done, but it all needs to be done, that and more to return this nation to the Constitutional Republic it was founded as.

  • Ryan

    Glad to see this subject added to the issues list.

    I’ll reiterate my position, “NO NATIONAL ID CARD!”.

    This idea of a National ID card is nothing more than an attempt to invade our privacy, and monitor our every actions in life. The people who suggest it are traitors to the principals of liberty and freedom, and they need to be stopped cold!

    It gets shot down in the House, then they try again with a new angle. Again it gets shot down, then they try again, another new angle. Their intent is clear. They know damn well that this will have no effect on stopping Illegal Immigration, just as they knew damn well that it would have no effect on stopping terrorists a few years ago. Their motives are crystal clear. They want to monitor and track you and me, everywhere we go, and everything we do. This isn’t just Big Brother run amok! This is flat out, a treasonous Totalitarian power grab! An attempt to destroy freedom and liberty! Slavery born again in the 21st century!

    I said this in the other thread on this subject, but I’ll say it again… If this were to pass, with the supposed intent to stop illegal immigrants only, ten seconds later the Democrats and Neo-Conservatives would be proposing that it be used everywhere in our society: Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Toll Bridges, Phone Booths, Pay-Toilets, etc. We can not let them succeed!

    These left-wing-elitist-traitors are pure criminals. They must be stopped! They have declared war on the people and our Constitutional freedom-loving way of life, and we the people must respond in kind. Prison is too good for the likes of these traitors.

    • Machine


      I thought we lived in the United States of America!?!?! Suposedly a free society. At least that was our motivation to declare independence from Great Brittan and the Kings rule. Why did we fight the Revolutionary War??? Oh thats right to establish our own Government based on the foundation of DEMOCRACY…For the People, By the People…If this National I.D. card does pass and nobody rallies the Minute Men, because their all at Starbucks sucking down lattes…We have nobody to blame but ourselves for being lazy sheep.

      Yes I do support Ron Paul for many of his “Bring America back to the American People” ideas. And I realize that yes he’s one of a few that stands for limited Government, supports and respects our Constitution as being law, rather than finding it to be a burdon…But why are we waiting for another politician to fix it for us??? And these Tea parties, Yeah alot of good that has done…there more like Tea Socials; nothing but a bunch of loud mouth flag waving jingos with too much time to waste. Put Up or Shut Up! For Christ sakes we are now under a socialists rule…It is time to REVOLT! If this was 1776 would be packing powder in our Musketts. I here the cries of the Minute Men just over the hills…The Americans are coming! The Americans are coming!

      If a NAtional I.D. card does pass…Democracy…it is over. I do not have faith in the American People to Stand up and fight. Fox News will take another poll and it will give a high percentager of people against the bill but the streets will be quiet and the next day everyone will go to work, punch in, bitch at the water cooler, and do the grind like a heard of sheep. God we are a pathetic whiny lot!

      • Ryan

        It seems clear, the breaking point is near.

        • Christine

          Yup, pretty close. I just got another email from Campaign for Liberty. I knew of the internet bill that was introduced by none other than the freedom-hating senator, Jay Rockefeller. It appears we need yet another topic added to the dropdown menu! The email starts out with

          “Because if a bill quietly sneaking its way through Congress passes, an email like this could be the last non-government message to ever hit your inbox.”

          Again, the govt is wanting to take over and control, this time, of the internet. Under a state of emergency, which we all know can and has been created by the govt in times passed as a false flag, the president can shut down the internet, email, businesses, favorite websites, whatever it chooses. We never want the govt to control our source of freedom on the internet!

          Vote Olympia Snow out of office! Vote Jay Rockefeller out of office! And birth certificate please, for mr. O….then replace with a freedom loving individual who will go about un-doing every anti-American, anti-freedom act that has been done since…we could go back a few presidents.

          And no National ID cards. The govt allowed this problem with illegals to develop on purpose, for this very purpose, so they could implement yet another anti-American law to take away freedom. How offensive is it to make a law for native American citizens to have a work permit in their own country!! It will be a numbering system, (not unlike the IBM numbering system used during the reign of Hitler), and an incremental step towards the RFID chip. We would be more willing to offer up personal information for a card. We do that for credit cards right? But a big jump to the RFID chip would be too much, so they acquire the info for a card and then transfer the data to the chip. Don’t get it started!!! It’s down the wrong path.

          If you have all your personal info on a card, including banking, medical, they can turn off the card, the chip, whatever, whenever. They have a salesman in the white house, so I’m sure they will make it sound appealing and advantageous. It’s a lie, guaranteed. Watch, his lips will be moving. That’s how you can tell.

          • Christine

            I no more than got that written, went to my inbox to find an email with this link….

            The Micro Chipping of Americans? Relevant clauses of the House and Senate Health Bills

            Wrong path. Psycho-path. Desperate measures by a desperate group of obsessively controlling individuals who themselves need to be contained and under a doctors care, pychos! Psycho-paths is in their bloodline!

          • Ryan

            I believe it all started with the end of the cold war. Once their was no enemy to keep these government traitors in check, they decided it was time to go for their primary agenda… Ultimately they wish to rule the entire world under a corporate-totalitarian regime.

            The uncontested admission of illegal aliens was the beginning sign to me (about 20 years ago) that it wasn’t just a national power grab that they were after, but truly a global plan. It was further demonstrated by their ever increasing build up of over seas military bases. As well as the blatant violations of the Constitutional process. Now we see it again in their attempts to monitor all of us in our everyday lives, everywhere we go.

            At this point they are an open book to me, but sadly so many people are so blind to their agenda. They just can’t bring themselves to admit that our own people could be so devious.
            It’s a tragedy in the making if we don’t come together and stop them, soon.

            That guy that flew his plane into the IRS building a couple months ago is a sign that the people are about to snap; and several other examples of violence too. The government is criminal and they must be stopped. I think people will try one last time to get a civilized government, in the coming two election (2010, 2012). But if that fails, I personally hope the revolution begins and government heads roll.

            No one person can do it alone though. The people must join together. November 4, 2012 will be a big day in our history, one way or the other, I’m sure.

          • Christine

            Got a computer? Word or Publisher? Divide an 8 x 10 into 3 parts. Compile your favorite helpful links under bold headings to get someone started researching these topics on the internet (while we still have access). Add a few graphics and color. Print, cut and distribute around neighborhoods.

            Download youtube vids, convert into flash or quicktime files. Make CDs for distribution.

            Compose a newsletter with links and articles.
            Use the drop down menu here and elsewhere as topics to cover.

            Got time? Perfect for the unemployed, retired, high school and college students…anyone who wants to ramp up the awareness of sleeping Americans.

            Should the internet ever go down or be controlled, think of alternative ways to communicate. Feels like WWIII, from every angle. Who wants a bunch of loonies controlling things?

          • Machine

            RYAN wrote: They are nuts.
            I’d never let it happen to me, being chipped. They have to kill me first.

            Reply from Machine
            Oh and don’t think they wouldn’t!!!

            One thing for sure is going to happen…Our own military will be used against us and we all will be under Marshal Law!

            Are you ready to FIGHT , to REALLY FIGHT, no not just sitting around posting semi profound bloggs on the lap top, I mean gloves off Sons of Liberty shit…No politician is going to save your ass!!!

          • Ryan

            This black belt in Hapkido and Judo is always ready to fight in self-defense.
            I’d almost certainly die in the fight to defend my liberty and freedom against such an overwhelming force as the mafia government possesses, with their numerous well-armed henchmen, but my principals will live on forever. And in an honorable death, comes glory. No worries here.
            Ever see that movie, “Starship Troopers”?
            … Remember their battle cry? … “Come on you apes, do you want to live forever?”
            I don’t.
            Like I said, they’d have to kill me first. I meant it. That’s not just “laptop chatter”. There will never be a chip in my arm. Fact.

            … In fact, the mere passage of the law, to many of us, means battle has already begun. And I don’t believe for one second that I am alone in that assessment. The people would fight back. Maybe not all of them, but enough to trigger the civil war that I believe is very near. They are already at the breaking point. That guy that flew his plane into the IRS building is a sign of things to come.

            I believe the next two elections will be the deciding factor. Either we get civilized, Constitution-abiding government (leadership at least), or civil war begins. That’s my opinion.

            How about you, Machine? Are you ready to fight for your liberty and freedom should the criminal-traitors come with implants for you?

        • Ryan

          They are nuts.
          I’d never let it happen to me, being chipped. They have to kill me first.