National ID Card

We must stop the move toward a national ID card system. All states are preparing to issue new driver’s licenses embedded with “standard identifier” data – a national ID. A national ID with new tracking technologies means we’re heading into an Orwellian world of no privacy. Ron Paul voted against the Real ID Act in March of 2005.

Ron Paul’s Opposition to the National ID Card

Legislation brought forward to stop National ID (July 15, 1998)
In response to a national outcry against Department of Transportation rules to establish a national ID system by the first of October, in the year 2000, US Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) on Wednesday introduced the Freedom and Privacy Restoration Act, HR4217. Rep. Bob Barr (R-Georgia) is an original cosponsor of the bill.

Paul leads effort to stop National ID (June 24, 1999)
Calling on the federal government to end its war on the privacy rights of American citizens and the prerogatives of state governments, US Rep. Ron Paul (R, Texas) is leading a bipartisan team attempting to stop the national ID card, which is set for implementation on Oct. 1, 2000.

National ID killed by House (October 1, 1999)
In approving the House-Senate compromise on the Transportation Appropriations legislation Friday, the House of Representatives killed an ill-conceived plan that would have prevented Americans from getting new jobs, boarding airplanes or exercising their Second Amendment rights without holding a National ID card. The National ID was slated to go into effect Oct. 1, 2000.

Reject the National ID Card (September 6, 2004)
The much-hailed 9/11 Commission report released in July recommends a federal identification card and, worse, a “larger network of screening points” inside the United States. Does this mean we are to have “screening points” inside our country where American citizens will be required to “show their papers” to government officials? It certainly sounds that way!

Paul Denounces National ID Card (December 7, 2004)
Congressman Ron Paul today denounced the national ID card provisions contained in the intelligence bill being voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives, while urging his colleagues to reject the bill and its new layers of needless bureaucracy. “National ID cards are not proper in a free society,” Paul stated. “This is America, not Soviet Russia. The federal government should never be allowed to demand papers from American citizens, and it certainly has no constitutional authority to do so.”

A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform (February 9, 2005)
I rise in strong opposition to HR 418, the REAL ID Act. This bill purports to make us safer from terrorists who may sneak into the United States, and from other illegal immigrants. While I agree that these issues are of vital importance, this bill will do very little to make us more secure. It will not address our real vulnerabilities. It will, however, make us much less free. In reality, this bill is a Trojan horse. It pretends to offer desperately needed border control in order to stampede Americans into sacrificing what is uniquely American: our constitutionally protected liberty. What is wrong with this bill? The REAL ID Act establishes a national ID card by mandating that states include certain minimum identification standards on driver’s licenses. It contains no limits on the government’s power to impose additional standards. Indeed, it gives authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to unilaterally add requirements as he sees fit.

National ID Cards Won’t Stop Terrorism or Illegal Immigration (May 9, 2005)
This REAL ID Act establishes a massive, centrally-coordinated database of highly personal information about American citizens: at a minimum their name, date of birth, place of residence, Social Security number, and physical characteristics. The legislation also grants open-ended authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to require biometric information on IDs in the future. This means your harmless looking driver’s license could contain a retina scan, fingerprints, DNA information, or radio frequency technology.

A National ID Card? Outrageous! (March 10, 2010)
Ron Paul explains on Fox News why he is opposed to a national ID card: “To me it violates the whole principles of privacy, the principles of the Constitution, the principles of the Republic and to me that’s a gross distortion of what we should be doing. It’s part of an authoritarian society and dictatorships have this but not a republic. We’re not supposed to have that…”

  • Wisdom Seeker

    Wouldn’t this card be considered racist by the progressive’s own criteria? What good is a National ID when the Democrats don’t want to require their use for voting?

  • vernon corey vouga

    I dont know where to put this… and id put xxx-xx-xxxx in the name but if im being watched theres no point :

    Whats the point? Why poetry? A million cries of ‘woe is me’. Only one in the context of me, a stifled indeviduality. How can one rise abouve with so much push and shove? Whats the value of a single point of veiw with no love? Im not heard… forced into this generalised herd. To leave power to incompetance is just absurd! Generated by greed, sustained by false need… how mutch must i bleed? Why was i born into this? What minority word must i heed, The one percent forcing the masses? Republicans with constitutional classes? Democrats wearing happy glasses? Gods. This is just rediculous. What are my odds? Distribution of wealth, subsudised health. Even common core… a biological resource, no self… No choice, no liberty, not even your god will set you free. If only more my age would see what i see, if only those in power could hear these last gasps, this feeble plea. You were human once. Consider your past, consider your future… your children are just like me. Worse off even, if they have yet to be.

  • Mulandy Junior

    Where can I get Ids because I need them. [email protected]

  • JBwana

    Today National ID cards. Tomorrow they take our guns. Obama is extraterrestrial alien making way for the future invasion.

  • Douglas Fox

    How do we stop the move toward a national ID card system?

  • Do you think the government would allow a people popluation to walk its land amungst all the technology here and gold with out every person having a tracking technology. not only do i know from my own investigating that they do. there will never be any law to stop the government .. and what is that? well they protect us. we are the people. of a people population. when you think of the wars over seas… just think of this. as the soliders go out with guns.. not only are all of the people tracked but they know everything that is happening. I feel that they will not let the people population grow with them. because they are beyond the wealth of every person in the popluation. well when you think of every person with tracking tech. then you can erase kidnapping from your mind. and murders.. because they know who is doing it. and wars are fake because they know where every one is. do you get it. what about the health technology in your body… that is self expanatory. my biggest regret is wars… how do they put people and other leaders through the pain when they and some people know that there is alot of standard government technology in peoples bodys. for tracking you. and for health. what do you think? how about this fantasy… a government base is holding 192929 000 000 000 gold. in pounds. in a public sector of the city. and the government is guarding it. well they will have a satalite watching every person near it. and every body tech that is near it will be tracked. there is nothing we can do . it is all in the hands of the leaders of the people population..

    • Tom Brooks

      I can’t tell if you make any points, good or bad. Your spelling, lack of communication skill and babble has left me in the dark. Sober up and try again.
      You may have a point, but I seriously doubt it.

  • roger duncan

    we already have an ID card…It’s a socail security card. cant work with out one

    • Steven Brant

      I think its better to say “you’re not supposed to work without one”

  • Ronald A Whiteman

    We need to inforce the oath of office.
    If we did they would not be doing that they are doing.
    You know them by that they are doing and voting for.


  • John

    If the polling places just do their job and check the registered voters on the list provided, there would be no need in a federal I.D.. On the news before the election there were those that bragged about being registered in several different precincts in a large metropoliton area. This is where the problem lies, in the large urban area’s. A data-bank is needed to prevent this from happening. Chicago is noted for this scam and quess where our current president is from.

    • Tom Brooks

      This is one of the things that really puzzles me. Liberals are vehemently against
      proof of voter ID but in favor of national ID. In other words, they (the liberals) think is is more important for to prove I am an American citizen when I go to Florida than when I go to polls. Liberal logic, I will never understand it. I guess somewhere in the bill there is a provision outlawing the requirement for the National ID card be used for voter ID.
      I haven’t read the bill yet, but if I can find it, I will read it.

  • some is intrested to give me his or her national id