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Honest Money, Budget, Foreign Policy, Healthcare, Immigration, Audit the Fed, End the Fed, Gold Standard, Taxes, Israel, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Civil Liberties, Education, Abortion, Global Warming, War on Drugs, TSA, National ID


  • mark berglund

    There are still 3000 seats available before the Target Center is sold out. What can we do to help? I have emailed friends in the area. What else can we do?

  • Chris Beringer

    Watching Hillary Clinton I realize that she knows all the problems that America faces. Unfortunately, her answer is more big government. Why is the government the answer to all these problems our country face? John McCain believes the same thing. It’s disappointing. Hopefully, the Campaign for Liberty will work and the next generation of politicians will be answering the challenges that Hillary Clinton proposed with responses of limited government and personal responsibility.

  • Northpal

    Medved has reduced himself to spewing forth various strings of derogatory language boldly proclaiming, for instance, that “there’s no reason at all to believe in the ludicrous, childish, ill-informed, manipulative, brain dead fantasies about a North American Union.”
    So you are gonna even consider any thing from a duche bag like Michael Medved ??????
    Therefore according to duche bag Medved, Ron Paul is “childish, ill-informed, manipulative, brain dead with fantasies about a North American Union.”
    Medved is a sum bag illuminati dupe, thats all.

  • Northpal

    It is all in the form of property rights. No one in America owns full title to any property. There is no real money to even buy property if you could. When the real owners blow the whistle, its ‘out of the pool time’. Where are you gonna go ??? Only land owners can become state or county electors to seat a Senate, they choose the president (the Electoral College). So even if the Republic is restored, you lose.

  • This is for you, Dorothy Brasch:

    A Long Tradition of Fringe Parties and Paranoia
    by Michael Medved

    The fringe candidates in this election cycle – Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party, Bob Barr of the Libertarians, Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, Ralph Nader in his independent run – all to some extent rely on deeply paranoid conspiracy theories to power their campaigns. In this, they honor a long and embarrassing tradition for third parties, who have usually blamed their own lack of power or influence on the diabolical plots of some secretive group or another.

    In fact, the first significant third party in American history arose from fears that a popular fraternal organization actually constituted a murderous power elite that threatened the very foundations of the Republic. The Anti-Masonic Party won startling success in the 1820’s and ‘30’s by focusing on wild suppositions concerning the mysterious disappearance of a hard-drinking bricklayer in upstate New York. William Morgan fell deeply into debt in 1826 and began quarreling with fellow members of the local Masonic lodge in Batavia, then threatened to make some money by writing a sensational book revealing the dark secrets of Freemasonry. On September 11th (!) authorities arrested him for his unpaid debts and a group of Masons abducted him from the village jail. Morgan never returned and no one ever found his body, but accounts of his alleged murder became a national sensation –while the Masons denied all wrong-doing.

    The lurid case – and the relatively light punishment for those accused of Morgan’s kidnapping – gave rise to an impassioned political movement, demanding the suppression of Freemasonry and a ban on all Masons holding public office. So many prominent leaders proudly identified as Masons – including Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Presidents George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk, Chief Justice John Marshall, Speaker of the House Henry Clay and New York Governor DeWitt Clinton – that the Anti-Masonic Party successfully mobilized general resentments toward the privileged and the powerful. The party published 35 weekly newspapers in New York alone. They elected governors of both Pennsylvania and Vermont as protest candidates and drew young anti-Jacksonians into politics for the first time (including William Henry Seward, future Senator and Secretary of State). Another militant member of the Anti-Masonic movement, Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania (later the Republican leader of the House who led impeachment efforts against President (and Freemason) Andrew Johnson), summed up the party’s subtle, understated approach by characterizing Masons as “a feeble band of lowly reptiles” and describing the Masonic Grand Lodge as “a chartered iniquity, within whose jaws are crushed the bones of immortal men, and whose mouth is continually reeking with human blood, and spitting forth human gore.”

    The Anti-Masons themselves spat forth a major political innovation: convening the first ever national presidential nominating convention in 1832. They chose as their standard-bearer the distinguished legal scholar William Wirt of Virginia, who served longer as U.S. Attorney General (twelve years) than anyone in history. Ironically, he was also a long-time Mason who had recently left the order, but pointedly defended and praised it in his acceptance speech. Running against active Masons Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay, Wirt drew 7.78% of the popular vote, carried the state of Vermont (for seven electoral votes) and finished ahead of President Jackson in Massachusetts. Despite this impressive showing, Wirt retired and the party quickly collapsed – though as late as 1884 Jonathan Blanchard (founding president of the esteemed Christian institution, Wheaton College in Illinois) ran his own quixotic presidential campaign on the Anti-Masonic Ticket.

    Despite the abject failure of all the “anti-Masonic” agitators, in the last 180 years we’ve remained obviously free from the horrifying domination of Freemasonry—though some of the followers of today’s fringe parties (many of whom suffer night-sweats over the “North American Union” and other chimeras) may still insist that our very freedom is nothing more than an illusion, planted by the diabolical forces always ready to impose their conspiratorial will.

  • Bill

    Ron Paul is not a mason, but his father is. Not that it really matters, because you can’t even become a mason if you are not a Christian. And as others have pointed out, MANY prior Presidents, signors of the Constitution, founding fathers, etc were masons. The public is very sadly unaware of what masons are and what they do. They are not a secret society, you can join tomorrow if you like, you just need a current mason to sponsor you (as a mentor of sorts). Oh, and the Skull & Bones organization is not an off-shoot of masonry, it is totally unrelated. Neither of the Bush boys were masons. Although, many of our heros in history were: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, Henry Clay, Davy Crockett, Winston Churchill, Gerald Ford, Thurgood Marshall, Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, FDR, Harry Truman, Gen Douglas McArthur, several other “minor” Presidents, even many entertainers and industry giants like Henry Ford, John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Will Rogers, Audie Murphy, Red Skelton, Rogers Hornsby, the founder of St Jude’s (Danny Thomas), Harry Houdini, Col Sanders, Samuel L Clemens “Mark Twain”, Rev Norman Vincent Peale, Rudyard Kipling, Jesse Jackson, Clark Gable, Duke Ellington, Sir Arhtur Conan Doyle, and the list goes on and on…

  • George Gregory


    You should also be aware that George W. Bush is a member of the secretive Skull & Bones group.
    It’s just a Masonic off-shoot.

  • rick hogan

    dr paul thank you for your time..what is you position on hemp being used for fuel?it seems like a good way to get off oil and clean up the air.

  • To me it seems you people believe a little to much of what the media tells you. come on i cant believe you actually believe this black pr that is being spread by rumor-mongers. just look at what ron paul is doing that is all you need to know about him because a persons actions is what shows who they are and what they believe in NOT what someone else who probably have never meet him says he is or thinks.

  • Here is where people go off on a tangent. Issues to one are not for another. This is where States Rights come in. The Federal Government’s only “JOB” is to protect and defend America, not the World! That is what this Man Ron Paul is about. He single handedly will restore Government as it was meant to be. The Business of Government is NOT to interfere with the FREE MARKET, the People did very well for over 135 years before the BANKSTERS took over the Money System, illegally, I might add. Abortion, Gay, Education, are STATE Issues and must be sorted out by the PEOPLE. WE have become the World’s Cop by sticking our noses in other peoples Business like an annoying Dog. It’s time to get it on a leash. That’s what Ron Paul will do!

  • Guest

    Individual freedom is incompatible with group rights, which is the foundation for group identity (viwed as supremacy/ inferiority of groups), leading to group discrimination: racism & sexism.

  • Steven Blake

    Ron Paul is a true American! He is NOT by any stretch a ‘racist’! Anyone who would make that accusation is a blubbering idiot with an entitlement mentality!

  • IX

    Ron Paul is a damned fool. Almost all of the changes he suggests will result in disaster for our country — thank god he didn’t win the nomination.

    • deliguy

      your a retard for sure. if you would actually think about his plans and proposals you would realize they are great ideas.

    • Ronnie for Pres

      yeah your dumb do your homework….(that means reading things not main stream media)

    • Scott Lager

      Wow does your comment look terrible now that Ron Paul has been right all along. Look at everything he has been saying. It all happened and will continue to happen until people like you open your eyes to the facts instead of mainstreem “spin politics” that you love so much.

    • hoolsa

      In a couple years, you’ll eat your words. I guarantee it.

    • Robert

      well you go ahead and believe in the change you can believe in

      obama is nothing but a liar

      and he has broken every single promise
      he made to the america people

      while running to be president

  • Pron Raul

    Ron Paul is awesome. He realized that life will be better if the government just steps back and does nothing. Some people say nothing will get done, but they’re just crazy people. Ron Paul is definitely gonnna win, and that makes me happy.

  • nathan AMEN i for one come from a long line of freemasons dorothy couldnt be more wrong the american people ned to research things IE.politics laws social stuides (not like high school) befor they speak about them this is the reason the gas prices among other things are out of control they just dont belive some top level dission /law making people are alowed to lie cheat and steal from our great country as a side note watch loose change this rant will make sence i love amirica george will not be happy till we are standing in line for tollit paper the goverment is handing out wee need to stop it now ron paul and jesse need to be in the white house just my oppion i look forwerd to the comments

    • Christopher Martinez

      If your a Free Mason, why do you spell horribly? I understand you guys are highly illuminated and telepathic?

  • Nathan

    Dorothy, I’m sorry but you are very sadly mistaken. The Masons run things like “Shriners”. You also have to believe in god before you can even become a Mason. If Ron Paul loses, it’s not because he wasn’t the best canditate. On the contrary; it’s because the public at large is ignorant to the real issues and facts. I’ve no opinion on whether or not Ron Paul was a mason or not, (though that has no bearing), but you do know that the United States has had many masonic presidents to date?

    Hate breeds hate and Ignorance breeds ignorance. I am reminded of a very good quote:
    “Most people would rather die than think for themselves; And in fact, most do so.”

    • Robert

      fdr was a MASON

      a luciferian satanic worshiping ass

      thats why the american dollar bill is full of masonic symbols

      and the words the birth of the new world order

      are around the all seeing eye and pyramid


      LUCIFER is not the bringer or bearer of Light

      HE IS SATAN he is a liar and a murderer from the beginning


      dont let anyone see those bags OH my

      dont let anyone into your SECRET BAG

      JESUS IS GOD wake up

      against the NEW WORLD DISORDER

  • Jimmy Crackel

    i am a sophmore in collge and my major is education and i was wonder what would happen to education in the country if your voted president

    • Saddened by the youth

      As a former elementary school teacher, I am saddened to read that your major is education when your grammar is so poor. This is what is wrong with education in America today. Why are we allowing high school students to graduate when they do not understand such basic grammatical rules such as when to use “your” and you’re” or when to capitalize words? There is no doubt you will obtain your BS in education, from whatever college you are attending, without ever having a firm grasp on proper grammar. I truly mean no disrespect, I can only hope that my words serve to motivate you to pick up an English textbook and educate yourself (as it is obvious that your elementary and high schools failed to do so). A future teacher really shouldn’t have 9 errors in a single (run-on) sentence containing 27 words. This is how your question should have read: “I am a Sophomore in college and my major is Education. I was wondering what would happen to education in this country if you’re voted president.” Still a poorly written sentence, but at least it is grammatically correct now.

      And, no, I am not some 70 year old, crotchety school marm. I am a well educated 30 year old white American male who grew up poor and on the wrong side of the tracks. This is the reason it pains me to see such blatant disregard for our language and educational system. How do we expect to “rise against” when most of America’s young can’t stop text messaging long enough to pay attention in class? Please wake up Jimmy, you are doing a disservice to the future of our great country if you plan on teaching them.

      Sorry for the rant, I could not let this one pass by unchecked.

      • Oklahoman, former dem

        I am a 22 year old male attending college and I can honestly say that half of my english class has trouble reading a basic sentence.

      • Robert

        anyone that wants to know whats up with the schools in north america

        JUST YOUTUBE Charlotte Iserbyt

        and John Taylor Gatto

        get the book THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN of america

        read for crying out loud

        youtube chemtrails they are happening all over the world

      • Robert

        you were a teacher

        well then READ Charlotte Iserbyt and John Taylor Gatto


        and WAKE UP

  • paula aboud

    How does Ron Paul feel about limiting Marriage to one man-one woman and putting it in the constitution of a state or country?

    • Jeffrey Wells

      Like most folks his age, on this single subject Rep. Paul has allowed his generational prejudice to influence his opinion. While an ethically consistent and constitutionally adherent person would realize that marriage is a social contract between two consenting adults, and therefore beyond the scope of state regulation, Rep. Paul has meekly answered that he would be willing to look at civil unions as a resolution to a subject that clearly makes him uncomfortable. I was disappointed.

      • Lancelot

        In the interest of your discrediting Ron Paul on the subject of marriage. Marriage has and always will be a word that is defined by between man and a woman. Ron Paul respect’s the right of two individuals voluntarily forming a union. He cannot however change the meaning of words. Ergo civil unions that are completely equal to marriage, would be maintaining the right meaning of words, while preserving civil liberties. That is a perfect balance. You cant call an apple an orange. Same sex unions will always be same sex unions, and marriage will always be between man and a woman. Ron as usual is completely correct and uninfluenced by anyone or thing other than his superior mind.

  • Dorothy

    What is this on says that Ron Paul was a Mason and so is his wife? I thought they were – Baptist – Christians. Masonry is totally against God of the bible and the worship of Satan. This support for Ron Paul is not passing the smell test if these are the facts. I don’t want to be a supporter of Masonry as my presidential choice. I gave this guy cash support and now this horrible information is popping up. What is with the people of this nation? Doesn’t anyone know anything about God and what He abhors.

    The constitution party is looking better all the time.

    • Scott McEuen

      Dorothy, while I appreciate your fervent zeal concerning God, which I share your sentiments, your view of the Mason’s is riddled with inaccuracy. George Washington, we all know, was a Mason, and was instrumental in founding our country based on a firm faith in God. Recorded history shows his many hours on bended knee supplicating devine guidance. Many of the Founding Fathers were, in fact, Masons. They were definately not godless people, nor were they Satan worshipers. While not a Mason myself, I know their membership is comprised of men from many Christian religions, including Baptists, Lutherens, Mormons, Presbyterians, Catholics, etc. So, to answer your question, “What is with the people of this nation?” the answer could very well be…they are trying their best to serve God the best way they know how. Remember the Good Samaritan story and take the principle to heart of loving those who are different from you.

    • Mike Hiser

      I agree with Dorothy on this one Mr. McEuen. The Masons are not a “Christian” organization. They are secretive and do not worship ‘the True God’. They give lip-service to a collective “fatherhood of believers” and use many symbols from Solomon’s temple as part of their rite, but to say they have a belief in a god would be more to the point. If Ron Paul is a Mason, he would then be part of the established secretive order that is so pervasive in this and other governments. Remember too, that just because so called Christians belong to the Masons does not make their confession sincere. In the end, all will kneel before King Jesus, and will confess Him Lord.

      • Ronnie for Pres

        If you would like to kneel before Jesus thats your choice. It is not what the constitution requires. Our forefathers believed in the seperation of Church and state even though they were religious. A secular nation is what the United States is. Not a christian nation. I mean no ill will todars Christians or people any any belief but I have a tremendous respect for the founding fathers and what they envisioned The Untied States to be. It is advisible to vote for candidates based on their voting record and character in lue of their religious beliefs. Becuase beliefs are just that, beliefs. The constitutions is the “scripture” of this land, the suppossed word of god is not. I mean that not only to Christians but buddist, muslims, mormons and the like. Respect the constitution and those that died and sacfificed for it.

        • Your history lesson is flawed and your statement regarding the constitutional separation of church and state is erroneous. The constitution was bastardized in this regard by godless, activist courts in this country in the 1960’s and accepted by an ignorant populace. First because they were ignorant and second because they want to believe it. The so-called separation of church and state is not in the constitution what-so-ever. The constitution only stated that “the government could not make any laws regarding the establishment of a religion”. Meaning that no one could ever be compelled to worship or be a Christian or a member of any other religion. The federalist papers and other co-lateral writings of the founding fathers made, and make, it beyond dispute that this was founded as a Christian nation. That did not mean that anyone would ever be compelled to be a Christian. Further all of the constitution and most of our laws are based on the one and only “Holy Bible”. Every argument to the contrary is based on ignorance of history, lack of research or self serving wishful thinking.

      • Mike Hiser

        I agree in principle with your response, but if the Constitution is the “Holy Grail” of this country, and we revere it in the secular arena as much as those in the spiritual arena revere and obey God’s word, then tell me why only a minority find it necessary to see the Constitutional as THE foundation for the so-called lawmakers in this country. I am in concurrence with obeying the Constitution and the laws that are spawned from it how ever concrete one may make the law seem, most of the time it applies differently to people groups in separate financial classes. As long as constitutional laws abide differently for various crimes (likee tax evasion), then give me the Bible every time, because I know that God’s law applies to eveyone without regard to social status. I can break laws in this country and escape penalty, not so with the Supreme Law. For instance the adjudication of Roe v. Wade, was and is the court interfering with the Seventh Commandment. The Constitution to this day remains silent. It never intended to be involved in “baby-killing” until some activist judge said it did. As far as beliefs are concerned, the matter does point to character. No matter what spin you put on it, the voters respect people who confess what they believe in. I never said they always like it.

    • Hallal Pig Butcher

      Dont be naive most of if not all of your presidents dating back to the first president were masons. The and masonry isnt anything like devil worship its more like christianity than anything else (which is kinda like devil worship anyway…). The real issue is rather or not this man has the best ideas for the benefit of this nation. I am Muslim and i wouldnt care if this guy were a devil worshipper he has the most respect for the constitutions ideals

      Ron Paul 2012!!!!!! GO! GO! GO!

      • Ronnie for Pres

        That is a truly American ideology. Thank you sir!

    • jaja

      I would not worry about that and maybe you should try and ask the guy first then just diving into what you read. I am not to worried about the masons. I am glad to see that Ron Paul is not part of the CFR or tri lateral commission or the bilderberg group. Those are the ones we need to watch out for closer. So in short dont bitch and run yet

    • Charles W Rohan

      Your statement, “Masonry is totally against God of the bible and the worship of Satan,” indicates a lack of knowledge and an inability to compose a logical sentence (“…against God…and the worship of Satan.” Against the worship of Satan?) Are you a Mason that know their beliefs?
      I don’t know (or care) whether he is a Mason (I am not). But I understand that several of our Founding Fathers (including George Washington) were. Do you believe that Masonry caused them to fail in their roles?
      I agree with jaja: “I am glad to see that Ron Paul is not part of the CFR or tri lateral commission or the bilderberg group. Those are the ones we need to watch out for closer.”
      Work on your facts, logic and syntax before trying to condemn and educate others.

    • Kenneth


      Mason’s aren’t Satan worshippers. That is a gross misunderstanding. Mason’s use the bible in their cermonies. They believe in a higher power, but allow you to call him whatever your religion recognizes his name. Masons have Christians, Muslims, and Jews in their organization. Please do more research on topics before stating blantant misuderstandings.


      • christine

        You might be mistaken. I listened to a video about the much higher levels of this organization and it is quite satanic. They keep the lower levels at a different understanding of what the organization is really all about.

    • david oates

      Freemasonry refers to the principles, institutions, and practices of the fraternal order of the Free and Accepted Masons. The largest worldwide society, Freemasonry is an organization of men based on the “fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man,” using builders’ tools as symbols to teach basic moral truths generally accepted by persons of good will. Their motto is “morality in which all men agree, that is, to be good men and true.” It is religious in that a belief in a Supreme Being and in the immortality of the soul are the two prime requirements for membership, but it is nonsectarian in that no religious test is used.1 The purpose of Freemasonry is to enable men to meet in harmony, to promote friendship, and to be charitable. Its basic ideals are that all persons are the children of one God, that all persons are related to each other, and that the best way to worship God is to be of service to people.

      • Robert

        there god is lucifer THE ALL SEEING EYE IS ON THE MONEY

        fdr was a mason

        the birth of the NEW WORLD ORDER

        is on the words around the pyramid with the eye

        thats what it means

        they have planned this for years

    • Robert

      Dorothy MOST lower end masons

      dont know there is anything wrong with it

      its a social club like the lions club
      or any of the other ones like the shriners

      they are all part of a much bigger picture

      there are tons of masons where we live


      Ron doesnt look like it but he is a MILLIONAIRE

  • What is your stand on two issues:
    The Second Amendment-The right to bear arms.
    Israel (read Genesis12:2 and 3).
    Thank You.

    • And also read the Second amendment to the Constitution.
      “Right To Bear Arms.

    • john

      it must have been awesome that the people in the bible were able to live into their hundreds, right!? hmph, i guess 2000 years ago people were just able to live well past the common age of death that is now.77.they must have had more faith than you since they needed none of the medical technology we have today…must be nice not living in reality

      • Robert

        your to stupid to know

        that god himself changed the age of living

        and said that man will live for four score

        and ten four score and twenty if by reason of strength and will

        it was done on purpose

        JESUS IS GOD and YOU will meet him one day