Ron Paul on the Issues:

Honest Money, Budget, Foreign Policy, Healthcare, Immigration, Audit the Fed, End the Fed, Gold Standard, Taxes, Israel, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Civil Liberties, Education, Abortion, Global Warming, War on Drugs, TSA, National ID


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  • Citizen

    I underestimated the power of Fiat Money out of thin air….

    My prediction of a precious metals correct was right but too low, it actually took a 20% beating, not 5%.

    Also the equity market is irrationally over priced given the lower revenues and dismal returns. But where else does one put his money???

    Maybe we should


    Bail-Out the American Home Mortgage Payers!

    A year of Jubilee, stop paying our mortgages en mass!

    Let the Banksters take it in their chin.
    Afterall, they created the debt “out of thin air” so
    pay it back with “Thin Air”

  • Citizen

    Gold and Silver will likely correct another 5% from artificial forces by late March.

    After Easter… expect the market to correct 20% plus.

    Silver and Gold will pop after the correction, once investors realized they’ve been duped again by the FED and PM manipulators.

    God made Gold…
    Don’t be fooled by paper

    Remember… In God WE Trust!

  • Brad

    In case you didn’t know;
    Ya but the Bushes and others new of it & still let it happen, hmm who controls your main stream media. Can you say “Propaganda!” You’ve been duped about almost everything you thought was true. “WAKE UP!”
    Fair and reasonable Jew above.

  • Brad

    Is there anything that can be done to stop the suppression of cancer cures and most diseases infavor of big pharma and the corrupt medical mafia. The cure for cancers keep being suppressed for about 100 years about the same time you lost control of your money and banking system by the same corrupt bunch the 13+ puppet masters!

  • Cap1

    How come they didn’t raise the cap on paying social security taxes wages now $113,700 (although medicare has no wage cap/limit) and then allow the 4.2 % tax which affects everyone working with a paycheck from the college student at the coffee shop to the wall street banker … adds up to $2425 taxes paid to your paycheck..and those wages over the $113,700 are still tax free for social security not medicare

    This would be better that increasing unemployment…….

  • Bill Carroll Sr

    What are Ron’s current thoughts regarding Germany’s Gold stored with the Fed Reserve?

    • john

      He said’ there trying to see who strong our dollar really is in other word when’ the Germans want there gold from us’ along with other country’s France and others’ it shows How weak and unstable our economy and if we can’t give it back to Germany they have it known that our gold too can not be accounted for’ besides before Vietnam gold was invested to pus the united states from/ thru many other counteract who trusted us and that was to secure our [email protected] dollars which dollars were a promise for gold per ounce’ so thirty five dollars per ounce was what our currency was worth till Nixon’ passing some shit along the way to or allowed us to over print money more’ then the gold we had to back it up’ other countrys called this theft and also wanted to back there gold out of the reserves’ besides our dollar is not backed on gold anymore its oil, because other county’s wanted Eros for there oil and that put the dollar at risk’ we have been invading the middle east because they threated our dollar with there oil’ and to reclaim that security well’ they came yo with the whole 9/11 cover front to fund’ and and have backing/ support for the war on oil/ I mean terror’ the Russian our giving away weapons to fend themselves and China because Syria and other middle eat country are there allies’ and will attack us when we invade Iran’ the fedralreserve and the banks builderburg high string pulled put the whole nation at risk to protect the paper dollar’ it a game to them!’

    • Brad

      Bill what are your thoughts of the current prices of tea in China? EXACTLY!

    • Brad

      don’t forget to ask what the price of tea in China is too! I hope your joking?

  • Richard M Griffith Sr

    5 entities controll the purse stings of the world: Catholic Church/Jews/Masonsor Illuminatti/Bildenberg Group and the NSA of USA or 1 percenters. They are part owners of Fed Reserve Bank/IMF/WMF and major Banking institutions worldwide. They dictate to major countries politically and influence Presidents and Heads of States/Countries and are considered Puppet Masters. Our leaders/Congress etc play good cop/bad cop (Democraps) (Repubicants) blame each other so stalemate occurs and not much progress gets done. Many Congressman get rich. It’s a shell game to confuse the sheep (us). Until they end the corruption/insider trading by Congressman/lobbying/fraud and abuse there is really no sense voting cause the system is rigged!!! Ron Paul is righteous/honest!!!

  • Kathy

    404 Error: FILE NOT FOUND is what I get for either given link.

  • Maynard Merrell

    For those of you who would like to know more about why it is so important that we elect Ron Paul for President, read the following and put it of your hard drive. You will need it when you talk to your friends.
    and thru 209.html

    • Chris Stubblefield

      Both of these links seem to be disabled.

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  • DragonBommie

    I still don’t understand why most people still don’t understand that the very first thing to do is to find a way to make the presidential election (and the election for the republican candidate for that matter) one which can be checked on truthful counting of the votes…. I mean… what’s the point of all this discussing and speculating and so on if one cannot even get the truth above the table (as we say in The Netherlands) about whether the number of votes for a certain person are the actual votes for that person haha… It’s laughable and the foundation of, at least, an attempt to go for the truth. And again I need to mention that documentary ”Hijiacking Democracy” in this perspective, a must see…. I really don’t know whether Ron Paul can live up to his promises, but at least he is the only one in the race I would allow to give it a shot, because the others are certainly not gonna live up to their promises haha. With love from China, the biggest capitalist country in the world right now. Bye for now, as they say here. Love, Bommie.

  • Citizen

    Sunshine Patriots

    It appears that the support for Dr Ron Paul has been fading now that Mittens is the presumptive Republic candidate.

    But where have the Ron Paul supporters gone?
    Are WE giving up Hope and Change as the Lyin King said?

    Well folks its time to buck up!

    • MaryJane

      No, we are not giving up hope. We will NEVER give up, as long as we live and breathe. We are writing his name in on the November ballots.

      When you’ve been backed into a corner, your only recourse is to come out sluggin’.

      There are too many of us to be ignored or silenced.

      Of course, if whats-his-name or magic panty guy win the election, we’ll be the first ones rounded up for the internment camps for political dissidents. We will be considered domestic terrorists because we dare to stand up and speak up against the establishment.

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  • Susan Beck

    I would like to know EXACTLY were Ron Paul stands on the corporate financing of campaigns (resulting in corporations running our government, making our laws, and spending our tax dollars). It’s our biggest problem, affecting every aspect of our society – including our economy. Where does Ron Paul stand? Please post here if you can enlighten me.

    • Citizen

      Ron Paul does not support Crony Capitalism nor Crony Unionism
      using funds to influence elections.

      Dr Paul did not support the Military Industrial Complex, thus the GOP had no use for him as a candidate. Mittens is the GOP sweetheart because he supports the “Statist Quo” big business government contractors.
      Dr Paul does not support Unions either, there goes his support on the other side.

      BOTH Left (Unions) and the Right (Corp) support their favorite candidates with lots of money.

      But more importantly… THE FED is the biggest culprit that funds both groups when either is in power and that wreckless money creation is the source and root of OUR problems.

      ONLY Ron Paul is for WE the PEOPLE and not the special interest Right or Left!

    • Brad

      I’d just like to know if he went “poo today?” Exactly!

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