Global Warming

Global Warming has come to be a hotly contested issue. Are there valid concerns that we should consider, or is Global Warming just the latest manufactured crisis to cash in on the public’s fears and generate new support for global governance, global carbon taxes and other oppressive policies?

On November 20, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times / Freakonomics interview:

“I try to look at global warming the same way I look at all other serious issues: as objectively and open-minded as possible. There is clear evidence that the temperatures in some parts of the globe are rising, but temperatures are cooling in other parts. The average surface temperature had risen for several decades, but it fell back substantially in the past few years.

Clearly there is something afoot. The question is: Is the upward fluctuation in temperature man-made or part of a natural phenomenon. Geological records indicate that in the 12th century, Earth experienced a warming period during which Greenland was literally green and served as rich farmland for Nordic peoples. There was then a mini ice age, the polar ice caps grew, and the once-thriving population of Greenland was virtually wiped out.

It is clear that the earth experiences natural cycles in temperature. However, science shows that human activity probably does play a role in stimulating the current fluctuations.

The question is: how much? Rather than taking a “sky is falling” approach, I think there are common-sense steps we can take to cut emissions and preserve our environment. I am, after all, a conservative and seek to conserve not just American traditions and our Constitution, but our natural resources as well.

We should start by ending subsidies for oil companies. And we should never, ever go to war to protect our perceived oil interests. If oil were allowed to rise to its natural price, there would be tremendous market incentives to find alternate sources of energy. At the same time, I can’t support government “investment” in alternative sources either, for this is not investment at all.

Government cannot invest, it can only redistribute resources. Just look at the mess government created with ethanol. Congress decided that we needed more biofuels, and the best choice was ethanol from corn. So we subsidized corn farmers at the expense of others, and investment in other types of renewables was crowded out.

Now it turns out that corn ethanol is inefficient, and it actually takes more energy to produce the fuel than you get when you burn it. The most efficient ethanol may come from hemp, but hemp production is illegal and there has been little progress on hemp ethanol. And on top of that, corn is now going into our gas tanks instead of onto our tables or feeding our livestock or dairy cows; so food prices have been driven up. This is what happens when we allow government to make choices instead of the market; I hope we avoid those mistakes moving forward.”

After additional consideration and analysis and shortly before the release of the Climategate emails in late 2009, Ron Paul identified the artificial panic around Global Warming as an elaborate hoax:

“The greatest hoax I think that has been around for many, many years if not hundreds of years has been this hoax on […] global warming.” – Ron Paul on Fox Business, Nov. 4, 2009

“[The Copenhagen treaty on climate change] can’t help the economy. It has to hurt the economy and it can’t possibly help the environment because they’re totally off track on that. It might turn out to be one of the biggest hoaxes of all history, this whole global warming terrorism that they’ve been using, but we’ll have to just wait and see, but it cannot be helpful. It’s going to hurt everybody.” – Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show, Nov. 5, 2009

For an environmental insider’s view on the “Green Agenda” and its background and motivations check out The Green Agenda. Also read Lew Rockwell’s Anti-Environmentalist Manifesto.


    German Greens tried to sail through the Northern Ice Sea to prove that the Poles are melting last year or so. One particular Russian nuclear ice-breaker captain: “Yes we saw them, we put one breaker in front and one behind them, because all of them would have frozen to death” 40 years of service on the “Lenin” this fellow.

    Poetin; “I wont sign any Global Warming treaty if not all nations do it. But make sure you do not lower the CO2-emission, we have to protect the Siberian forests. By the way, a bit of warming would suit us just fine”.
    Russians are laughing out loud at all this western Global Warming madness and their Sun-cycle/climate models date back at least 50/60 years.

    Australian global warming “sceptic” Robert Carter (lecture on Utube pt 1-4) cites a number of the Al Gore cap-and-trade tax that runs in the trillions.
    The cap-and-trade carbon tax literally “caps off” the American economy in its worst depression ever and is a milestone in the definite establishment of ecodictatorship.

  • Christine

    Toxic Oil Spill Rains Could
    Destroy North America

    A dire report prepared for President Medvedev by Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources is warning that the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico is about to become the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with “total destruction”.

    Russian scientists are basing their apocalyptic destruction assessment due to BP’s use of millions of gallons of the chemical dispersal agent known as Corexit 9500 which is being pumped directly into the leak of this wellhead over a mile under the Gulf of Mexico waters and designed, this report says, to keep hidden from the American public the full, and tragic, extent of this leak that is now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.

    A greater danger involving Corexit 9500, and as outlined by Russian scientists in this report, is that with its 2.61ppm toxicity level, and when combined with the heating Gulf of Mexico waters, its molecules will be able to “phase transition” from their present liquid to a gaseous state allowing them to be absorbed into clouds and allowing their release as “toxic rain” upon all of Eastern North America. ” (and hurricane season is upon them)

    These mega corporations… their greed and love of money is blinding them.

    Corporations and governments are so obsessively concerned about controlling everyone and everything in destructive, unnatural forceful ways that they are losing control. That’s the natural consequence of not living in accord with the natural laws. If they do this, then this happens. These laws are absolute. There is no ducking the consequences of their actions. This is cause and effect. They have become THE destructive forces in the world. They lack any common sense. Their practices and policies are threatening to all life, to the earth, and highly destructive to us all. Corporations and government policies are absolutely ruining life on earth.

    We need to become our own leaders and use our own common sense.

    It’s getting scarier by the day to share the planet with them.

    Contrast all the lies with this video of truth. Governments and corporations don’t have this kind of intelligence! They just don’t. It’s quite apparent if it hasn’t been obvious to you before now.


  • Yvonne

    Charity is a demonstration of the greatest virtues of humanity. it is often contagious.
    Comparing the charitable acts of a man who is free to do what he wants with his money to government entitlement programs is wrong.
    When any government lets a people think they are entitled to someone else’s money they are sowing the seeds of greed and laziness.
    When a private citizen willingly gives of himself to others he is sowing the seeds of love.

    • Joan

      Yeah, but you are getting this stuff from Glenn Beck, and none of Beck’s followers would ever give up Social Security or Medicare. They all give lip service to giving up socialism, and lower taxes and a balanced budget, then the next thing out of every one of their mouths’ is that they paid into SS and Medicare and they are “entitled” to It. It’s welfare after one year, Glenn Beck talks all the time about giving up those two programs, it would cost the taxpayers 110 TRILLION dollars to fund those programs just for one more generation of people, everyone wants them, no one wants to pay taxes to fund them, no one bought Glenn Beck’s latest book because he said they have to give Socialism Security and welfare Medicare up. NO one is going to do so, unless the politicians pry it out of their hands. The Beck followers want socialism, the government gutted Medicare, took 500 billion out of it this year, and that’s what the Tea Party people are mad about. No one is going to give up their entitlements unless socialist Obama makes them, and no one is going to give 110 trillion in charity to fund SS and Medicare.

      Rich people set up chaities to save tax money. All charity money is not taxed, so let’s say Gates or Buffet made 5 billion last year, they fund untaxed 2.5 billion into their charites, then what they do is hire their wife and kids to work for those charites, so they pay their familys’ salaries with untaxed money they funnel into charities. This is why Obama wants to make charities non-tax deductable, because it’s a tax shelter for rich people.

      Half the country doesn’t pay taxes and lives off of the government. There are 75 million people on Socialism Security and welfare Medicare, they all scream they are “entitled” to while they scream about evil socialism, there are 80 million baby boomers about to go on it, and about 500,000 people a year do disabilty fraud to back door it, get it at a young age. That’s more than half of the population on one government give away program. Unless the government gets rid of it, it will be like the Soviet Union where it goes bankrupt from everyone living off of the government.

      It’s at he point now where the Republicans are trying to privatize Medicare and phase out Social Security, so are the Democrats, so is Glenn Beck, so is the Cato Institute, and Ron Paul wrote an article today about privatizing medical for everyone, and him and his son are for ending Medicare and Social Security too. It’s only the people who want it, the people are fighting the politicians to keep those programs, but it’s such big welfare that it would cost 110 trillion dollars to fund it for one more generation that they already owe it too, the baby boomers. That generation paid in millions, and it would cost trillions to pay them because after one year it’s welfare. Things are the opposite of what they look like. The politicians have to end those programs to save the country and the people are addicted to socialism and do not want it to end. There’s a huge disconnect between what people are after in this country and what they say they are about.


    • Tim

      When the government robs Peter to pay Paul, Paul is always willing to help. When this happens the government makes the theft of Peter legal, so Peter has to fix it himself. Either the government or Paul must change, or go.

      Get rid of social security. It also takes away the excuse to increase the population to cover the ponzi scheme.

      • Joan

        Exactly. That is what happened in Europe. Gemany brought immigrants in from Turkey thinking they would all work and pay taxes. Instead, the Turks didn’t assimilate into the culture and ended up on the social programs. Same thing all over Europe, in U.K. it’s Arabic people, in Italy it’s people from somewhere else, and so on. I just saw a man on one of the business news shows saying amnesty would help fund SS and Medicare. Not true, they make low wages, would be eligible for various welfare benefits, many would get their children on disability social security. Today people get declared disabled for anything, asthma, being fat, getting drunk, taking drugs, anything. There spouses and kids would pile on it, and they would get food stamps and Sec. 8 housing.

        I don’t get why people in here deny overpopulation. Everyone has known about it for decades. Everyone knows China has a one child limit, and that they murder their girl children. The books that came out last year and that are coming out this year by progressives are about no more urban spawl, why suburbs don’t work, how they created the obesity epidemic, move people back to cities. I saw another brand new book at the library about it yesterday. When there’s too many people they have to move out of cities, suburbs get built, once they fill up, builders go out into rural areas and build, trying to attach outlying areas over 100 miles away from a city where there are jobs to that city. Then, you end up with really bad smog, like where I live now, and an obesity epidemic because everyone drives when places are all spread out and the weather is much more extreme in outlying areas. The books talk about all of this stuff, and about going back to living in big cities and people using public transportation.
        China got over 300 million people out of poverty and found out they have to have people in cities in order to do so.

        • Yvonne

          Of course there will always be propoganda which suggests that piling people together in facories or city-like complexes is good.
          Taxing commuters and property owners is another way to herd people back into factories or city-like complexes.
          Offering enough welfare to sustain dis empowered people is also a way to herd people back into factories or city-like complexes.
          It’s the carrot and the stick.
          The carrot which entices persons into the city is the welfare department.
          The stick is taxing people for their commute and their homes.
          Another reason a government would want to abolish suburb life is that youths who grow up in a cramped city complex might be more eager to embrace the chance to stretch their legs and travel overseas via the army.
          The world is not overpopulated. Common people are not the problem. There are not too many of us.
          The government is overpopulated.
          The government is too big.

        • Joan

          The jobs are in big cities and people in big cities all work and pay all of the taxes for all of the inland welfare towns. That is exactly what is going on in California and everyone knows it. You’re not educated and you believe in false religion and your only education is from Glenn Beck. It’s utter nonsense. You don’t think China has had a one child limit for decades because of overpopulation? Come on. I’m beyond sick of talking to people who are so selfish and so shut down all they want is government programs to take care of them, like social security and Medicare, and then the say no government help and no taxes to fund the programs they want, then the next minute they say they are entitled to government programs, the next minute there’s no overpopulation, and no one wants to take responsibility for anything. People in here deny all reality, never blame the masses for one thing. 85 percent of people in this country don’t have a college education, which is a disgrace, and why people believe someone like Glenn Beck, it’s how Obama got elected without anyone figuring out he was far left. Most people in these suburbs of suburbs have a high school drop out rate of 50 percent and don’t sent their children to college. Why is no one responsible for anything, everyone expects the government to support them, clean up human pollution, solve the problems while average people don’t want to do so, people in outlying areas are completely dependent on the government to live because there are no jobs, you personally attack me over and over libeling me, calling me a Nazi, deny overpopulation around the world, deny gods were made up by men, parrot Glenn Beck, make personal attack after personal attack of me, and you don’t know one real thing. You are the aggressor and the total air head. There is no god, charity is not ever going to support all of the dumbed down people in this country who are dependent on the government, just because you are uneducated and aggressive and hyper-religious and have a low IQ doesn’t give you the right to attack me and attack me. My IQ is 132, I’m beyond sick of talking to people with IQs of 100, who are uneducated and aggressive and selfish and who cannot function going on and on about they are Libertarians who can fully support themselves as long as they non-exist gods help them. Enough stupidity is enough. I’m out. I’ve had enough of stupid mean people. Why do you think Ron Paul can’t get 3,000 people to pledge to support him? Because most of you are dependent on the government in reality, and he attracts lots of head cases, that’s why.

          Libertarianism was very appealing to me, until I found out most of the people who give lip service to it want all of the govenment entitlement programs, none of them can even deal with overpopulation, none of them can take responsibility for the fact that the masses of people have let he politicians and corporations fool them because they don’t get educated. What do you think Ron Pauls’ ideas about ending all entitlements and ending foreign aid would do to the population of this country and to world populations? That’s his point. If only people who can pay for everything themselves to survive existed due to no social programs, the population in this country would be cut in half in two decades, and without foreign aid, many countries’ populations would cease to exist, that’s the point. I’m never posting in here again. I’m too good for people like this. Never again, I’ve had enough.

        • Christine

          Yvonne, excellent comment! This is exactly how government and corporate policies + propaganda lies are the “cause” that then create the “effects”, the un-American, anti-humanity solutions. They are proving themselves unfit to lead. Everything they do ends in failure intentionally.

          The consciousness level of people everywhere is rising!

          When the government becomes destructive, it is our duty to change it. Those with the anti-life message, mindset and agenda need to be replaced. All of humanity simply has no use for it. The tools of destruction (war, money, anti-freedom laws, corps, corrupt governments, banksters and gangsters) are being seen for what they really are and we’re moving this “ship” in the opposite direction. They’ve called us the people of the lie, but people are waking up and that’s exciting. We’re not so easily lied to anymore!

        • Pistol

          Once again Joan you’re reaching into an abyss…

          Obesity has NOTHING to do with EXERCISE or lack there of.. sure thats all we see in the media and we are somewhat educated on the ‘importance’ of exercise..but its a technical untruth..
          Obesity has EVERYTHING to do with DIET. You only need to see what has/is being done to our food to see thats its the whole problem..
          So many of the concerns mentioned briefly on this site, especially on the ‘Health’ issue can be attributed to Diet and the quasi food that we are expected to ingest.
          The human heart only beats so many times, so why speed up the process by excessive exercise (regimented weights/cardio sessions), when a 30 min casual walk (transportation) would more than suffice but is not overly necessary..
          My great grandmother died 4 years ago aged 102yrs.. in excellent physical condition and certainly never had a weight problem..She never exercised in her life.. She was a typical old school house wife/mother that tended her own vege garden and only ever cooked home made meals consisting of real food most of which was grown organically in the backyard.. the way it was supposed to be…

          Corn, (and its derivatives) one of the cheapest & most versatile foods available today is doing untold damage to our bodies and that of the animals we consume.. The food chain is being broken down deliberately.

          If the production of corn ceases in the US, the entire supply of food to supermarkets will end with it… Keep an eye on the corn story.. When u see it crumble, be prepared for the food supply to crumble too…

          You are only looking at surface conditions Joan, and not the true root cause of the problem.. You have the same attitude as the medical industry… Slash, burn & poison… ( treat symptoms & not the energy system )…. So, its no wonder you would look at a side-effect of a sick debilitated, faulty system and want to band aid a shark bite…

          Getting rid of the people will not fix our social issues, and they will only rise again..
          Whats the definition of insanity?? Repeating the same thing day in day out, and expecting a different result..
          Killing everyone like u desire Joan wont work, because its the system that is dying and in fact, it was always meant to eventually… Build it up, then tear it down.. Thats how they roll…..
          It needs a revolutionary response and a radical change of system, ideals and morals…
          Our priorities are misplaced and ignorance is the order of the day….
          would u like a side order of fries to go with that ignorance?? hmmm, yes please… actually, can u super size me for an extra dollar… jeez, thanks…

          Not sure if your 132IQ has enabled you to recognize the repetitive nature of your weak argument thats not actually producing any real evidence and is chasing its tail in circles.. Your starting to sound like Goebbels with your propaganda rants… Do u know of anyone ‘personally’ that was in a Nazi concentration camp?? Your playing a dangerous game of Eugenics and using a hideously corrupt scientific/media campaign to convince the sheople that they are the problem.. Next they will be training our children on how to commit suicide.. Oh thats right.. they already do….CIA trained terrorists cells, posing as Al Qaeda..

          You also seem to use the word ‘everyone’ extensively.. According to you, ‘everyone’ is doing ‘everything’ which is ludicrous not to mention delusional. I mean, come on Joan….
          Can you NOT see the real issue is obviously the ‘faulty system’ that rules ‘everyones’ lives..

          The Truth is that there are multiple levels of activity behind what appears to be a play of incredible magnitude. Who then is writing the lines for the characters and what is the point of the script? Would it be a surprise to inform you that you are writing the lines and until you can figure out a point to the script, there is none?
          If that is the case, then which of the individuals on the planet can figure one out?
          Well, indeed there is a focused group (NWO) that has decided that they would like to put forth their point in the script. With the publics’ lack of interest and buried heads in the sand, it is little wonder the rugs been pulled….
          There is just one problem with this, they have decided to put forth a focus within the play that is not in harmony with the Creator of the stage and the theatre that this play is to be performed upon. In fact, the plan this group has in mind has a great surprise at the end for the audience and the actors on the stage. They intend to destroy the audience, the actors, the stage and the theatre.

          You’ve been duped, bamboozled, hoodwinked, conned, and so much so that you are now a raving fan of genocide..
          Congratulations, you’re no longer capable of an independent thought..

          Your thoughts that are 100% creative and responsible for what you manifest in this illusory reality we call physicality are now being controlled by the elite… So go ahead and think like them, its only going to aid in creating the reality for you, that THEY want… Good luck…

          Peace I AM



    put the links on the net or I try to Google um up.Excellent idea. Let us talk science-chemistry- and explain that you can NOT make clouds with salt water. It is the other way around: if you spray salt on sweet water coulds from planes they will break down in rain. Recently demonstrated during the opening of the Olympics in China.

    If you raise humidity in the atmosphere you rise the level of the GREENHOUSE GAS WATER VAPOR H2O (check Wiki), you will not cool but HEAT UP locally. The GREENHOUSE GAS WATER VAPOR goes normally at 2-3% while CO2 is at 0.00353% methane even lower. BRILLIANT post from this farmer who says they try to tax his cows for farting=methane. It comes from rice fields too. When you drive a fossil fuel car you emit not only CO2 but also H2O and this is the overruling greenhouse gas that the ICCP and Al Gore persistently omit in thjeir “models”. And it did the greenhouse job for millions of years.


  • Fluidly Unsure

    It’s funny how someone can be so predictable that it isn’t funny anymore. Like how the elite amongst us shows the sentiment that is seen in other elite writings (book, blogs, etc)– everybody *else* needs to be exterminated. The extreme elitists play the same game that extreme Muslims/Christian/Judaists/Hindus/Socialists/Communist/Fascists/Nationalists play– kill everybody *else*.

    Pity those who aren’t or don’t want to be a member of their club. Pity those who don’t fall into the elitists definition of correct. Isn’t their definition a natural extension of the “PC”ism of late?

    Those elitists seem to think life was a bliss back when life expectancy was under 30 years and when millions were killed by the “natural” pollution of all the dead horse carcasses and live horse manure in the city streets. The pollution was called things like cholera, smallpox, and malaria. Back when many women didn’t survive childbirth and many children didn’t make it past that first precarious year. Back when few lived long enough for cancer to evolve. Let’s ignore the fact that few lived long enough for a human to truly mature into a pleasant life.

    What is worse, religious extremists who want heaven to be a lonely place that only a few can get to or political extremists who want earth to be lonely too.

    • fred the protectionist

      What the hell are you talking about.

      • Joan

        He said people in big cities who work are evil aristocrats. He thinks people who work are evil and people who live off of the government are blessed and pure. People who live off of the government commit most of the crimes. They’re not so nice unless you consider barely avoiding drive-bys being nice.

        • Fluidly Unsure

          @Joan; In a previous post I defended rural/suburban residents against your verbal attacks. I didn’t mention them here. I didn’t mention city dwellers here. I never said anything about people being evil. I never said anything about people being pure. Quit being so libelous. Are you intentionally twisting my message or doing it out of stupidity?

  • Christine

    Unanswered Questions About Chemtrails by Catherine Austin Fitts

    Shhh!!!, What If It Was Reported That They Are Spraying Aluminum?–.html

    “SAG programs are well under-way and that high amounts of aluminum and other harmful substances from these programs are being found resulting in the devastation of eco-systems and the health of people around the world.”

    Who puts pollutants in our air, water and on our land? Corporations.
    Government military operations with the help of other corporations for the ingredients. There’s a quiet war going on against the people.

    They want us to believe the lie, that global warming is caused by humans, that we are at fault for the pollution and poverty. Mr. O knows very well of the pollutants his military is putting in our air, land, over our growing crops/food supply and in our water supply? How arrogant of him to harm us physically and then attempt several times to pass legislation, an agreement, the cap and tax bill, to make us pay for poverty and pollution.

    The chemtrails need to stop! This is a crime. To slowly disrupt our natural immune systems, kill by toxic chemicals is a crime.

    • fred the protectionist

      OMG Chemtrails.

      This place is an insane asylum, why do I hang around here?

      • Pistol

        You are here Fred because subconsciously you are getting answers, but consciously you are resisting out of fear..

        Any brain dead fool, can easily see that there is some truth to chemtrails, but its fear that prevents them from accepting the harsh reality of some of these things..
        You have built your whole identity around a false, self made self. EGO. Everything you hold dear and true is being threatened and now your going through the various stages of awareness… and right now, you’re afraid. All truth passes 3 stages, First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

        You want to believe, but a direct challenge to your whole concept of reality is quite confronting… Dont worry too much about it… We are all born with our eyes wide open (metaphor), but they are forced closed until the time comes when u realize that u could have opened them again at any time.. Its always been your choice, the same as it is to continue to come here… Stop pissing into the wind Fred… Heard the expression, shit or get off the pot.

        Either bring a better argument to the table instead of ignorant one liners or go back to tormenting pre-schoolers…. They may entertain your stupidity, but mature, free thinking, intelligent adults will only scoff…


        Peace I AM

        • Joan

          Boy, you are a headcase. Fred left, he got sick of seeing how mean and nuts you all are. I unfortunately found out day one because weak mental case men hate strong women and so do weak mental case women. He finally saw what a bunch of losers you all are. Doubt he’s coming back anymore than I am.

          This website should be changed. It should be ONLY for sane adults who work and who are for Libertarianism. It’s out of control with crazies and with people who want welfare and want to be taken care of cradle to grave. That is not the intention of Ron Paul nor of Libertarianism, it’s not what this website is for. You all should go over to a pro-socialist, pro-progressive website and plot how to fund being taken care of for the rest of your lives and talk about poor you, poor victims of the evil corporations and talk all your New Age psycho talk with your own kind.

        • fred the protectionist

          “You are here Fred because subconsciously you are getting answers, but consciously you are resisting out of fear..”

          I get more answers from the X files, which is zero.


    I have no “Nazi-friends” and I think the world is severely UNDER-populated.The planet easily can carry 30-40 billion on high-tech nuclear etc. and I think all the Chinese should have cars too. And they will.

    • Yvonne

      UNBERNERD…oh dear that post was not for you. I think we may have a mis understanding.
      some woman was writing about bill gates ruining the world. she said he is helping africans and now they’re going to live and use up resources. she said the world is already overpopulated. she said 90% of human beings don’t belong here.
      That’s who I was answering.
      Whatever other concerns you have about bill gates are fine. i’m actually interested in hearing about it. i just didn’t want to hear how someone wants to deny charity because she wants people to die.

    • Yvonne

      Here it is just so you know….
      some nazi named JOAN wrote; ‘ ‘Now Bill Gates is saving everyone in Africa. He’s saving millions of AIDS orphans, he’s saving everyone from AIDS, he’ saving everyone from malaria, so they can all reproduce and the three million people he saves can turn into 10 million in the next decade so countries in Africa with no clean water and no food and no money and no industry, no nothing, can have three times as many starving people needing help because Bill Gates saved them. Yahoo.”
      She wrote some other disturbing things about 90% of humans not being worth anything
      So that is who I was posting.
      Please forgive me if you thought i had a problem with your posts because i don’t

    • fred the protectionist

      No, is planet cannot easily carry 30-40 billion on high-tech nuclear etc.



    YVONNE: I think in a Ron Paul non Social Security Society extremely poor people will have to rely on charity from the superrich. “Salvation Army” and all that. So why does this Bill Gates fellow puts his money where his mouth is and help poor people in AMERICA itself? When I travel I see thousands of homeless, hey, there is a target there isn’t there?

    I’ ll get back to all you lovely people on another Gates “geo-engineering” project involving heat pumps/pipes in the oceans. All good (NOT!) but why did he take out a “PATENT” on that one?

    • Yvonne

      UEBERNERD I believe in people’s rights to do whatever they what with their lives. earn what you want and spend it how you want. Bill Gates doesn’t tell me what to do so i’m not going to tell him what to do. if you also think that 90% of humanity is a waste then you have the right to say so and if you think Bill Gates shouldn’t help the people who your nazi friend hates then go ahead and say so.
      I have the right to speak also. I think Bill Gates should help whoever he wants.

    • Tim

      He does charity in America, be grateful you aren’t living such a diminished life that you’d know about it. He didn’t send the status report to you, but you get your lardass to the Gates Foundation website and you can read all about it.

      Its his money, he can do whatever he likes with it. You should ask yourself why you feel entitled to his beneficence… leech.

      And learn how to turn off the Caps Lock, ‘mkay Uebie?

      • Joan

        How do you know he is a lard azz? If people in this country are being mean to him, I guarantee you he is thin and buffed. The few outcasts in the U.S. today are the few people left who are not obese, they get abused for it the minute they step outside, no one wants the few people left who are a normal weight around, it makes everyone else look bad. I saw this one obese woman on TV say so what, 75 percent of the population is obese. Now I know why fat women are so mean to me nowadays, they want me to get fat with them so they can tell their husbands, “see honey, it’s normal, everyone is Free Willy now, it’s just the way it is, every woman is a size 24 now dear, don’t be looking at normal sized women.”

        How come all of the people in those free food lines are obese and all the panhandlers nowadays are obese? What’s up with that? It’s not safe to not be a lard azz in this country, it’s apparently worse than treason.

        Revenge of the blob people, welcome to the U.S. of A.

    • Time

      Why are you asking us what motives Bill Gates has? Why don’t you ask him yourself? He has an email address, a Facebook page and executive assistants standing by, waiting to take your call.

    • fred the protectionist


      Well obviously he’s not a nationalist, he’s an inter-nationalist.

    • 1111cb
      mostly they seem to think we need help with libraries and education- given the level of our education and success in producing voters who critically think- hard to disagree

      he does and one under emergency relief helped out with Katrina

    • Joan

      The Hollywood people and rich people like Bill Gates always help people in Africa or Haiti to feel like they are such great people. Look at Huricane Katrina, look at this massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Where is the help for this country? If this was happening in Haiti, our government would have 5,000 troops down there cleaning it up. Why does our country spend our tax money helping other countries, like was just bailed out Greece via the IMF, but look at the oil spill, oh, well, too bad, no big thing.

      All Bill Gates and the Hollywood elite are doing is saving lives of people who have no way to survive, who will continue to reproduce because Hollywood and the like save them, and it will create the exact same problems times ten. Unless you change the culture and the governments and have the Earth resources in those places to make human life sustainable, just stopping people from dying with meds for AIDS solves what? Nothing, it increases the populations in those areas and they still have the corrupt governments, no industry, no forests left in Haiti for example, no clean water, and they still have male dominated societies where the males believe they will be cured of AIDS if they have sex with a virgin. This is why Haiti also has 500,000 AIDS orhpans out of a relatively small population and why Haiti and countries in Africa have the highest rate of AIDS. After Bill Gates saves all of these people who have no pay to survive, and they all have child after child, who pays for their food,who pays to plant forests for them, who pays to change their government, to educate them to change their cultural beliefs with regards to spreading AIDS, their religions do not allow for birth control, so who pays to support all of these people?

      • Joan

        Why do you think Ron Paul would end foreign aid and let each country solve their own problems? Because this country is so overpopulated, more than half the people in this country are on the government and don’t pay taxes. 75 million people in this country are on Social Security, out of a total population of 320 million, and, another 80 million baby boomers are about to go on it, and another million people each year do disability fraud and go on it too. Where does it all end? How is this a functioning society? We are what, 14 trillion in debt now, we need 110 trillion dollars to fund Social Security and Medicare just for what the government promised one more generation. Where does all the money come from for all the people to live on social programs? Many states went bankrupt over the social programs this year and last year. So, how are there not too many non-functioning people?

        People in China can only have one child. Once the population went over a billion people, the water pollution and air pollution is so bad, you have to wear a mask when you go there and then you are sick for two weeks when you get home. People in China kill their female children. They only want to have a male child. So if they get pregnant ten times with a female child, they kill ten of their own children. This is civilized how? This is not murder how? There are so many too many people that now people kill off their own children and China has all males now, so men get together and have to pay for a wife and share one woman. Look at the dyfunction overpopulation in China has created. If parents love their children, why are people in China murdering their own children? Look at third world countries where parents sell their own children as sex slaves to get money to live for a few years. There are more slaves in the world today than in the history of the world. There are 27 million women and children being held as sex slaves around the world, all coming from third world countries where the parents sell their own children into sex slavery. When a world murders it’s own children because of overpopulation, like they do in China, and a world sells its own children into sex slavery due to overpopulation, why is anyone pretending we are human anymore, and why are people denying overpopulation when parents are committing crimes against their own children?

      • Pistol


        You have absolutely NO idea what you are rambling about..

        Your judgement is completely clouded not to mention delusional.
        You’ve been brainwashed by propaganda and to say that all women hate you because you look ‘normal’ is absurd not to mention paranoid..

        You are unsuccessfully adding 2 and 2 to get 10… The conclusions you’re drawing related to Overpopulation are completely unfounded, and the figures you quote are exaggerated.. Not surprising at all considering it appears as though you’re absorbing the lies perpetrated by a corrupt media& education system..

        Do you honestly believe Bill Gates has anyones interests at heart other than his and the elite brotherhood he serves.. AIDS was spread via Hep B vaccines and although on the surface it appears as though their wonderful foundations are saving lives, they are there to exterminate EVERYONE, who stands on the land they want back…
        you need to stop watching Glen Beck and all the other parasitic main stream bullshit and do some of your own critical thinking.. You are seeing the world exactly the way its been intended.. I am sorry to say that you’ve been led astray.

        And now you’re blaming Autism on overpopulation…
        Thats about as preposterous as a statement can get… Ahhh, hang on… let me give it a go…
        oh yeah… heres one for you…. My car ran out of gas, coz the tires needed air… hahaha….
        To blame overpopulation for child hood illnesses that are inextricably linked to vaccines like MMR is like saying ‘dont touch that poisonous snake coz birds have feathers’ – yeah! What the #$&^!!!!!!

        Its obvious you have not conducted any due diligence and investigated the FACTS…No of course not… who needs facts??…
        lets just vomit our obscene version of current events all over the place, and if its done enough then maybe the dumbed down masses will believe it…(which is precisely whats happened here)..
        You’ve heard the lie so many times, you are now frantically attempting to gather all the anecdotal evidence you can to convince yourself that what you’ve been hearing/seeing is correct…
        Its all about perception, observation & discernment…

        So, start perceiving more than ur own limited view, and open your mind to other possibilities, then, accurately observe the surroundings you have placed yourself within, by removing all emotional attachments to what is….
        and then discern the fact from fiction, by removing all personal attachment to the outcome…

        Who Benefits from all of this mess??? That is the question.. When u find the answer, you find those responsible for all of this debacle..

        Oh, and Myxomatosis was introduced to Australia in the 1950’s (where I live) to kill the rabbit problem.. like they did prior to this in Egypt….so get your facts straight please… they didn’t just suddenly become ill… another far fetched leap you’re once again, trying to attach to overpopulation..

        When u continually post unrealistic statistical figures too, you are bound to start losing credibility Joan…
        You should start paying more attention to Christine’s posts.. She is obviously dedicating in inordinate amount of time educating people like you but you’re just not getting it.. Not only are you currently reading off a different page, you’re not even in the same library.

        I dont think you could be any further from the truth..

        “Lookout, there’s a train coming!”..

        “Ahhh, dont worry about it…it’s still along way off, and besides, its carrying food and supplies, so its a good thing its coming”.

        “But you’re laying on the tracks”…

        “So, whats your point?….

        Peace I AM

        • Yvonne

          This is so off topic and you may not care but I feel as if I found a long lost kin.
          I did a report on that years ago. I never met anyone else who had even heard of it.
          An interesting tid bit about the virus is that at one point it did mutate itself to a less virulant form.
          This decreased the rabbit’s death rate while at the same time accelerating the spread of the disease since there now remained more live hosts.
          I was just fascinated by the fact that the virus mutated itself.
          It’s the thing which made me believe in God. I’m serious.
          I kept thinking ”How did the virus know it’s host was dying? How did the virus have the intellect to mutate itself to a less virulant form?”
          Then I read about intelligent design.
          One more tid bit.
          Did you know the life cycle of a virus is minutes or maybe seconds long. Within a day do you know how many generations of a virus have already come and gone?
          It’s a re assurance to know that humans do have control but maybe not as much as we think. Who could have known that this potential massacre of the rabbits would be thwarted after a microscopic viral organism would suddenly have the ability and desire to mutate itself?

        • Pistol


          The little rabbit saga is well known and documented Down-Under…
          Its just another one of the many blunders made by the bureaucrats in their infinite wisdom, just as they did with the Cane Toad… Another biological disaster…

          Interesting information on the reproductive nature of viruses though.. It seems the more I get into this, the more study I create for myself..
          ohhh, the things we do in the pursuant of knowledge, truth and understanding..

          If you’re ever in Australia, look me up..

          Peace I AM



    based on precision MEASUREMENTS dating back to the year 1700(!). Sea levels have been gradually rising for thousands of years after the Ice Age. The rise is NOT accelerating in the 20th century due to Global Warming.


    but unfortunately the vast majority of threads are in Dutch.

    Although a large part of the country lies below sea level, WE DO NOT WORRY ONE BIT.

  • Christine

    BP = Benzene Polluter

    “What you are about to read, is what the scientists in the United States are not allowed to tell you in great fear of the Obama administration. They are under the threat of severe repercussions to the max.. Scientists confirming these findings cannot be named due to the above, but what they believe, they want to be known by all.

    The well head piping is originally about 2 inches thick. It is now likely to be less than 1 inch thick, and thinning by each passing moment. The oil has now reached the Gulf Stream and is entering the Oceanic current which is at least four times stronger than the current in the Gulf, which will carry it throughout the world within 18 months..

    The oil along with the gasses, including benzene and many other toxins, is deleting the oxygen in the water. This is killing all life in the ocean. Along with the oil along the shores, there will be many dead fish, etc. that will have to be gathered and disposed of.

    This will allow the water, under the intense pressure at 1 mile deep, to be forced into the hole and the cavity where the oil was. The temperature at that depth is near 400 degrees, possibly more. The water will be vaporized and turned into steam, creating an enormous amount of force, lifting the Gulf floor. It is difficult to know how much water will go down to the core and therefore, its not possible to fully calculate the rise of the floor.

    The tsunami wave this will create will be anywhere from 20 to 80 feet high, possibly more. Then the floor will fall into the now vacant chamber. This is how nature will seal the hole. Depending on the height of the tsunami, the ocean debris, oil, and existing structures that will be washed away on shore and inland, will leave the area from 50 to 200 miles inland devoid of life. Even if the debris is cleaned up, the contaminants that will be in the ground and water supply will prohibit re-population of these areas for an unknown number of years. [End of scientists information release]”



    among them first ever female Ph.D in Meteorology Joanne NASA Simpson (deceased march this year), astronaut Jack Schmitt (Apollo-17), 64-academic sceptics in GERMANY in a letter to Merkel, 2009. NOBEL PRIZE PHYSICS Norwegian Ivar Giaever, a list of them in the US Senate Minority Senate Report 2008/2009 (Google) and this goes on and on and on.

    Yes Al Gore we all think the earth is flat and that the moonlanding was a hoax. In particular Jack Schmitt.

    (no cap-and trade in France “to stay competitive and protect employment”, Daily Mail march 24 2010).



    I get it!

    My brain is chronically overheated and I cant think straight anymore

    Thanks “Christine” for the link and there is a whole lot more where that came from. An entire holocaust-blueprint in fact.

  • Christine

    Oil spill video: 60 Minutes interviews rig survivor

    …and so the irresponsible mega corporations are guilty of what? Pollution.
    …and who should pay for the pollution? Corporations.

    To cap and tax “we the people” is taxing and fining the wrong folks. It won’t solve the problem to tax people who have nothing to do with creating the pollution and poverty. That is created by corporatism and corporate greed. We’re fresh out of bailouts to pay for their mistakes that just allow them to continuing in the same way! If we pay, they never learn or stop.

    Seriously, these folks should be more than fined for ruining the ecosystem, for putting any harmful pollutants and chemicals in our water, land, food, and air. The are guilty of ruining the earth, and to keep the rest of the population safe from these psycho greedy wingnuts, put them in prison!

    Corporate policies (including the federal govt, itself a corporation) are ruining life on earth. They value money more than life itself.

    At this rate, the movie Wall-e may not be an exaggeration, more true than we would like to believe.

  • Theresa Romano

    Fifteen years ago I looked into the cost of solar panels for our home.
    I was told I would get a ”tax break”.
    I inquired about the specifics of this ”tax break”.
    It turned out the local gov’t would wait 10 years before increaing taxes for the panels.
    I said ”oh…you mean my property taxes won’t go up for 10 years?…
    I was told…”no…they’ll go up…but not for the panels…not for another 10 years”….
    I said”’you mean … I’m going to get taxed on the panels…but they’ll wait 10 years?”
    ”So what’s the ”tax break”…being taxed ”later” instead of ”now”???
    So how much will the taxes go up???
    A lot…really really a lot…
    So then this local politician takes out an article noting his environmental policies and how he advocates lowering homeowners electical use(which would occur if we had solar panels)…
    So I email him to let him know that ”waiting” to tax someone isn’t a ”break”…it’s a ”delay” and since his local government would be collecting the tax money he could help lower electrical use by not seizing money in the form of ”taxes” from citizens who wanted to bu solar panels…..etc….”
    So the guy calls my home…..
    No joke..
    And I’m talking to him and he’s telling me stuff about how he is helping with taxes and he is using language that I couldn’t possibly understand. I think some of the words were made up.
    So I politely say”’ would you please explain the definition of such and such…..”
    And his ”definitions” made less sense than the original non-sensical language…
    So I kept trying to say….”but ultimately a solar panel user gets taxed….so the government can’t be encouraging solar use if they tax the user….why does the user get taxed….??”
    And he just kept talking about policies and research and beliefs…
    Money is simple.
    It’s just numbers.
    Couldn’t he just answer the question?

    • 1111cb

      All I know is I want to be as independent from the aging grid as possible.

      So I looked into getting water heat and panels but not connecting to the grid- basically because of all the nonsense you describe. If you are on the grid, power grid goes, so does the power from your panels. So I asked what is the point? I think all these energy savings are not the point and can evaporate on a dime.

      Climates do change, a few hundred years ago we had a small ice age, we need to be adaptable as individuals.

      In crisis and our food supply chain crashes. Food is not local.

      We need to rethink supporting local farms, being energy independent, and adaptable because the government sure is not going to save us from climate change or a natural disaster.

      The only thing climate change is doing for us is to help keep the level of pollution down in developing nations- but that to me is worth it. They all want to be like us, but 1 billion Indians or Chinese with gas engine cars is a problem.

      rambling -sorry
      But I like your post Theresa



    Although electric cars obviously have LOCAL advantages, in terms of having no direct exhaust (or noise), the over-all process of operating these vehicles “GLOBALLY” has to produce MORE CO2.

    The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that NO transformation of one type of energy into another can be perfectly efficient. Far from it, in fact.

    In combustion engines you transform stored chemical energy (fossil fuel) into mechanical energy (U drive) directly with a now maximum efficiency of about 60% the rest is lost in dissipation of heat into the environment (the “heat sink”) and exhaust of gases, water, carbon dioxide, etc.

    If you operate an electric car, one engages TWO energy transformations: the electric current needed to recharge batteries comes from a fossil fuel power plant somewhere in which in a turbine chemical energy is transformed into mechanical energy (rotating generator) and this electric energy is then transformed to chemical energy in the battery and this chemical energy then is transformed into mechanical energy (i.e. U drive). The over-all two step process HAS to produce more CO2 because you lose -much- more in a 2-step then in a 1-step process.

    At the moment HYDROGEN fueled cars also produce MORE CO2 overall because this operation involves an maximum 40% efficient water electrolyis in-between process. All right, hydrogen in potential is a bliss but ONLY when you create it via nuclear power or hydroelectric but I dont think there is enough of that. For total transportation via heavy trucks, planes, ships,trains, solar and wind “power” are just ridiculous.

    Excuse me for my misprint in the post on BILL GATES CLOUD MADNESS. the line should read “spRay paint or aluminum?” I just woke up.

    • fred the protectionist

      Yeah, but then the Green Commies come back, “Well we’ll just use windmills.”

      Of course that’ll make it just way too expensive, and nobody would be able to afford to drive, which I think is the goal for these retros.

    • 1111cb

      and that is why carbon footprints are nonsense.

      It leads to trying to tax cows because they produce methane gas. Not joking. We are in a rural zone and they keep trying to tax cows for producing too much methane.

      That is why a goal of flexibility and energy independence is better. Depending on unfriendly countries for oil and BP to drill is just not sound planning. (Their Alaska pipeline just popped a hole, fortunately they had a plan B that contained the leak)

      • Joan

        There are way, way too many humans so there are too many cows producing methane in order to feed too many people, never mind the water that is used in animal farming. It’s off the charts. There’s too many people so we need too much oil to drive too many cars that create much more pollution that is toxic to humans than there are forests to take it in. So, now, we drill baby drill to provide gas for too many cars for too many people, 90 percent of which contribute zero to humity as a whole, other than reproducing their own DNA and having their homes and their cars and taking their vacations on jets and use their water for their lawns and their families. Maybe they could at least each plant 1,000 trees or take some kids out of foster care, or give up one car or one plane trip, I doubt it.

        • Yvonne

          You are saying that 90% of humanity is worthless? You are related to Htler or do you just admire him?

        • 1111cb

          soory my studies were in agriculture and I have done farm work. That equation is flawed. Animals are needed as part of the biodiversity and our diet. I am also married to a natural health practitioner. Except for a subpopulation of Indians in Asia, we are not designed to be vegetarians. Animals are also more resistant to the catastrophes that wipe out crops leading to famine. Bad farm practices destroy, not he cows. Amish and organic farms seem to be in balance. Go after factory farms, but it is wrong to punish sonmone just because you have a veggie only bias. Animals graze on land that would not be feasible to farm with out a lot of pumped in water, trucks, chemical help to the ground and tractors working in areas difficult to plow, so they would flatten the terrain and knock down the trees- that contributed to the dust bowl era. And that takes a lot of fuel and machinery and chemicals. Crops tend to be one variety and you cannot keep them free of GMO crops- due to wind. You need big breaks between fields

          Support your local farmers, we see the farms, we go to the farmers markets and see the goats who give the milk to us.

        • Joan

          But the problem is in my grandparents generation, the World War II generation, there were about one-fourth as many people as there are now in this country, so in those days farmers didn’ have to use pesticides, they didn’t have to mass produce fruits and vegetables. Same thing with adding hormones to meat, with genetically engineering food, same thing with processed foods with added chemicals. When the population is larger, you can’t do “organic” farming, it’s way too expensive. In my grandparents’ day it wasn’t called organic farming, pesticides were not used and what would be called organic today, was the norm back then. You can’t mass produce food without using chemicals, and now you see how we have childhood obesity, one million people each year become diabetic, which used to be only a disease a few people got. Same thing with COPD, it used to be a nothing, hand full of life long smokers got it. Now, with air pollution, it’s the fifth leading cause of death. Never mind autism, it was 1 out of 100 two years ago, now it is 1 out of 91, in two more years it will be 1 out of 80, in two more years, 1 out of 70, until pollution from overpopulation makes it 1 out of 2. See where all of this is going? The younger generations are getting sick very young or being born sick from the last three generations taking in pesticides, hormones in the meat, air pollution, and many other poisons, plastics, toxins in the water, mercury in fish, all from pollution from overpopulation. Humans are totally selfish, so everyone denies the situation, until 1 in 2 kids are born with IQs of 70 being autistic or having Asbergers or Down Syndrome, and now kids have the exact same health conditions at eight years of age as 80 year old people have from being obese. No one will deal with overpopulation because humans are born selfish, the philosophers all figured it out forever ago, so overpopulation is taking care of itself by more and more kids being born mentally deformed and by the obesity epidemic. The new prediction is that the next generation will have Alzheimer’s Disease by the time they are 30. See how humans are evolving at this point? They’re not, they are unevolving at this point.

          It’s like when they had all of these rabbits in Australia, they overpopulated and they were eating up the farms. The farmers were shooting the rabbits, until finally, the rabbits got an illness and most of them passed. That’s what nature does when a species overpopulates. Why do you think diseases that kill people that humans get from trying to procreate cropped up over the past 30 years? Hep. C, HIV/AIDS? They are transmitted by trying to create more people, they are incurable and they kill people. That’s nature kicking back at overpopulation.

      • Christine

        The way too many humans and overpopulation lie is the globalist’s population reduction agenda.

        There is no overpopulation!! None.

        And we live in an abundant universe, plenty enough for all. It is the corporations and government policies that prevent sharing what we have around the world so no one is without their basic human needs and the right to a decent life. It is the mainstream media that presents propaganda that want us to think humans are the problem, when it is the policies that distort the truth. What kind of government allows this to be the case for its people and people of the world, one we could best do without.

        And if you think Bill Gates vaccine program is a charitable act, think again. He’s a globalist, a NWO guy, into world domination. Research the harm and ill health caused by toxic vaccine programs. and other webs will give you good information. Also, youtube vaccines like the H1N1 flu vaccine, Merck and how this company brought AIDS and cancer to those who received vaccinations. Some have developed muscular disorders and autism is on the rise from these toxic vaccines. Some vaccine programs have been halted when babies and young children went into convulsions, some have died. We’ve been led to believe that vaccines are safe and the healthy choice, but they are not. They have increased the number of “assaults” on young children with an increase in the number of vaccines given them and we are getting sicker and sicker as a society. Vaccines destroy the natural immune system. Read, study, learn the truth about vaccines. I’m sure Mr. O is not done pushing the vaccines around the world. It’s the globalist’s agenda to do so to eliminate much of the population. After Haiti’s earthquake, they rushed in with vaccines, when what they really needs was nutritious food to keep maintain their health. There is more to the story about Haiti. Haiti has oil and the elite want to control this natural resource, and not to the benefit of the Haitians so they can rise up out of poverty. Corporations cooperate to keep these people poor for 3rd world slave labor.

        Giving Back: Finding the Best Way to Make a Difference (??????)

        What people need is good nutritious food to support the natural immune system! So simple. We could opt to spend our money eradicating hunger rather than creating wars. It seems obvious to me that the world would be a far better place if we did.

        Ron Paul on aid to Haiti

        I was pleased to see the article where Haitians are bright enough to burn Monsanto’s seeds! Research Monsanto.

        Monsanto’s Poison Pills for Haiti

        A New Earthquake Hits Haiti: Monsanto’s deadly gift of 475 tons of genetically-modified seeds to Haitian farmers

        Remember, they make their charity sound like a good thing, when in fact is it not. Globalists always disguise their agenda, covert and covet means. JFK spoke of this.

        • fred the protectionist

          Who let Christine out again?

  • CO2 is NOT a TOXIN. It is a Nutrient and necessary for life. All other discussion is stupid and a waste of time. Stop CO2? Stop living. End of story. God Created this world and provided the means of its existence. Man is acting like morons calling Nutrient gas a toxin. for real perspective on current events.

    • Christine

      You got that right!

    • 1111cb

      changing levels contributing to extinctions- some species were more adaptable than others

      • intolerantape

        Changing levels contribute to extinctions – or changing levels are present when extinctions occur? Correlation is not causation; i.e., just because there was an elevated level of carbon present at the time of an extinction does not necessarily imply that the presence of increased carbon was a cause.

        You are making a positive claim. Where is the evidence?

    • 1111cb

      actually even oxygen out of balance is toxic. CO2 is involved in the acid base balance. As CO2 goes up, the oxygen content changes due to acid/base changes. Some animals and plants tolerate that fluctuation better than others. The real question is not if it is changing- because it has through history of this planet, and contributed to massive die offs- but if 1- we are causing it 2- are we adaptable enough 3- are the creatures we live off of adaptable enough

      what we know for sure- carbon footprinting regulationis the wrong way to look at things

  • Whose greed caused that oil spill? Could it not have been Dick Cheney’s Haliburton and BP? Listen to Field McConnell and David Hawkins expose the Criminal Cabal running this country.



    More and more reports surface about Bill Gates’ plan to “counteract Global Warming” by “whitening clouds” (How? Spaying paint ot alunimum on them?) or “making clouds” by building 10 “fountain-ships” 2 billion a piece. Hmmm.

    As I stated repeatedly, WATER VAPOR controles climate. If you spray sea water into the atmosphere locally you wil HEAT UP the environment because radiation from the surface is blocked. The opposite, “cooling”, happens when there is low humidity.That is why we have frosty nights under a clear sky until late spring.

    Sea water is salt. 3% of ionic sodium chloride is dissolved in it. If you spray salt water high into the atmosphere you will NOT make “clouds”. A “cloud” is a mass of pure “sweet” water vapor condensed around no-ionic dust particles.

    Last question: what kind of “pumps” will be installed in the “fountain- ships”, cf. how much energy will they use and how much CO2 does one release in the process? And how much more when the sea water has to be desalinated?

    • Pistol

      I think the nutters are actually trying to warm the planet to stave off a cooling, which we have been actually experiencing, as opposed to the ‘warming’ we are lied to about. Most of what they tell us is the complete opposite of the truth…

      They have to deceive us to get their own way as we need to agree with what they are doing….something to do with freewill apparently..

      George Green the whistleblower has an interesting view on whats going on, or rather the beings he is in contact with do…. an excellent read if nothing else, though his literature is packed with many provable facts and supported by mounting evidence.. If he is wrong, then nothing is lost, but if he is even remotely in the vicinity of being accurate, then we are all completely #%$^ed

      Peace I Am

      • Christine

        The nutters….hahaha I like that term.

        Extreme psychological problems to the point of controlling and manipulating the weather to suit their agendas. Not a laughing matter. They are misfits in the natural world. Can’t live their lives by the natural laws of the Universe to save their souls. I swear their energy runs in the opposite direction from natural kundalini. They need an energetic adjustment and tuning.

      • fred the protectionist

        “I think the nutters are actually trying to warm the planet to stave off a cooling, ”

        It’s freaking 60 degrees outside, in Phoenix, i’m wearing a coat, and the date is May 26th.

    • fred the protectionist

      Hehe, maybe Bill Gates should stick to making bloated operating systems.

      • Pistol

        Yeah, instead of funding genocidal movements…through bogus charities and foundations..

        Its not his call anyway… Gates is being puppeted like the rest of the evil clowns..

        And its not his operating system anyway.. he stole it…

        Peace I AM

    • Joan

      Now Bill Gates is saving everyone in Africa. He’s saving millions of AIDS orphans, he’s saving everyone from AIDS, he’ saving everyone from malaria, so they can all reproduce and the three million people he saves can turn into 10 million in the next decade so countries in Africa with no clean water and no food and no money and no industry, no nothing, can have three times as many starving people needing help because Bill Gates saved them. Yahoo.

      • Tim

        Sorry Joan, I can’t get behind your thoughts on this. In the 80s & 90s at least 50 million people in Africa died every year due to genocide, war, starvation, disease and increasingly AIDS. The evil Catholic Empire has an army of ‘charitable’ workers there, but refused to educate the Africans on AIDS prevention – because their miserable Empire doesn’t believe in using birth control; they want more slaves to their cause, which is to return us to the Dark Ages.

        An entire generation of parents was wiped out due to AIDS. If you went to non-OPEC/Rhodes areas of Africa, you’d see populations of 15 and under kids and 50 somethings, everyone in the middle died from AIDS.

        Those children Bill Gates is using his own personal money and time to assist are VSF. If no one helps them we will have most of a continent of potential Al Qaeda minions and Somali pirates, and they will reproduce in an environment that can only foster hatred and cruelty.

        Bill Gates has been working on this stuff since he got crucified by the lameass self serving congress in 1998 when they tried to appropriate his wealth on bogus grounds, or get paid off to back off. He researched the problem of overpopulation and discovered that women in blighted regions (not Detroit, Botswana) are up to 20 times more fertile than women in stable countries. So stabilizing the situations of the truly hopeless will not only be the most humane thing to do, it will curtail overpopulation and actually solve the problem, permanently.

        Besides, if Bill Gates doesn’t do it, with his own money in a pragmatic and business like way, our corrupt, bloated, overly generous political swine will, only the money they gift will come from us and our children, and we will have no say in it, and whatever they do will cost unimaginably more… and ultimately make the situation in Africa worse.

        Bill Gates is doing good things. If he wants to make sure his name is listed first on all his good works, I don’t think thats too much to ask for what he brings to the deal. Too bad he didn’t want to be President, I think he could clean house, like Andrew Jackson did.

        • Joan

          I agree about the Catholic church. They are against birth control so that the church will have more and more members. That’s part of the problem in Mexico. But the American taxpayers pay for the illegals from Mexioco to have large families via welfare, etc., not the Catholic church. This is probably the last pope. More and more people are becoming aware of science and humanities and that gods are not real. Also, with the molestation cases, predictions are this may very well be the last pope.

          You make my point. There are way too many humans. The Catholic church helps to create this problem, every person Bill Gates saves will produce how many more people? I agree overpopulation is what creates terrorists. Bill Gates can’t change male dominated cultures where the men rape women and children and believe having sex with a virgin will cure them of AIDS. I agree with Ron Paul, we should end foreign aid and mind our own business.

      • Yvonne

        And what is your problem with Bill Gates wanting to be charitable with his own money to african children. Ron Paul is not against charity. Ron Paul does not oppose foreign aid to government leaders with american tax money because he hates african children. Ron Paul believes our government is giving money they don’t have to corrupt leaders of other nations. That is nothing like wanting citizens to withhold charity like what you want.
        You don’t agree with Ron Paul. You want to see africans die and you want to see americans refuse to give them charity. Ron Paul is nothing about that.

      • Tim

        Joan, you should read a book called 3 Cups of Tea. Or google it, there are videos & articles online about the author. He has spent his life working as a missionary in remote, undeveloped regions and through his personal effort has changed their “male dominated cultures where the men rape women and children and believe having sex with a virgin will cure them of AIDS” by supporting the education of the women. Educated women don’t put up with that sheot. I imagine Mr. Gates has already taken this into consideration, he is incredibly well studied.

        Screw the hype, the American Dream has always been that we provide for our children a better upbringing and more opportunities than we had. The ‘backward’ people want this too. This is becoming available more and more everywhere. At least, everywhere the state doesn’t take your babies and raise them, or kill them because they are ‘unfit’, etc. Come to think of it, that includes mandatory public schools where they need metal detectors.

        If these orphans survive to raise their children in a safe environment with decent medicine, where their income dictates their ability to provide for their families, they will gravitate toward having as many children as they can raise well, and tolerate. A little social pressure toward not having too many goes a long way; modern China is the case study for this.

        I also think the illegals should stay home and not inflict upon their children an alien culture that doesn’t want them. You should read the statistics on anchor babies, especially the girls. Quite suicidal; don’t blame whitey, blame mommy and daddy, and unclebrothercousinneighbor molester.

        I also believe wholeheartedly in capital punishment, for the betterment of society; its a most desirable form of population reduction. Kill rapists, murderers, organized crime bosses and white collar criminals who steal more than 1/2 million dollars, or defraud more than 20 people at a time. Death to traitors. Make an example of the parasites to deter other weak cowards. How do you like that, Joan? I don’t think Dr. Paul would agree on principal, but he might have to on political grounds.

        To learn more about Bill Gates’ work you can read his speeches and essays on his website or visit the Gates Foundation website.

        Charity is good, government appropriations is an abomination.

        “We have the right as individuals to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to appropriate a dollar of the public money.” – Founder and Congressman Davy Crockett

        • Joan

          Hi Tim, Yes, Bill Gates intention is to educate people in Africa. He talked about it recently. Oprah is trying to do the same thing. But, I think you have to decide what our role is in the world. That’s always the question, isn’t it? Look how Oprah had to open a school in South Africa because that’s the only developed place in Africa for the most part due to the Dutch developing it. Some people think our role in the world is to change other countries, educate them, change their governments, make them into us. Well, we don’t have the right to change other cultures. Libertarians believe in leaving everyone alone and minding our own business. The way it is now, we fund people in other countries to survive via charities and by giving our tax money to the U.N., the IMF too, look at Greece now. But, we give money for people to survive but the cultures, male dominated societies, rape, sexual mutilation, 25-35 percent AIDS rates, so we spin our wheels. If we can’t change the cultures and corrupt governments, most of the foreign aid goes to the politicians and never gets to the people. That’s exactly what happened in Haiti. Is it our responsibility to educate the world, change corrupt governments, spread democracy, white-ify the world, or is it our responsibility to let every culture be what it is, and to mind our own business, and unfund foreign aid so that the people in those countries revolt against their corrupt governments? Libertarian thinking says end foreign aid, butt out and let them have revolutions.

          If Mexico was not on our border, they would have had a revolution a long time ago. It’s happening now anyway after how many decades of bankrupting our hospitals, billions in costs to each state?

          I don’t think anything about killing anyone to control the population, but I like your ideas about the death penalty for white collar criminals, very good ideas. What I see is diseases and illnesses are taking us out from overpopulation, women in nuclear families are suddenly beyond miserable, almost homicidal towards other women. We got stuck on religion, it’s not real, many never went to college because they are taught they know everything they need to know from religion. It’s gone on about 50 years past the time we have known science is where it’s at. Now, we have only the hyper-religious left, pretty much everyone else sees how nuts it is, but we still have 85 percent of people in this country without college degrees. So, maybe educating the whole world is a stretch. We’ve as dumbed down as we can get and still come out maybe 10th in the world in the near future. My thinking is with seeing this unhappiness and rage from folks in nuclear families, the divorce rate, connect all the dots, folks should take a break, have one kid or none for one generation, clean up the pollution, get involved in giving back to the planet and community as a whole, make the shift everyone is screaming to make, that they can’t see, they don’t get it. Community is the whole of humanity, of real human life. The nuclear family is almost at utter failure in that regard. The more overpopulated we get, the more the nuclear family doesn’t work, the more dysfunctional children grow up, the higher the divorce rate goes, many bad consequences of staying stuck in the past. Just my opinion.

          Young people are being taught corrrectly that real religion is to take care of the planet. This is where progressives have it right. They talk about population control too and living in big cities where public transport is available with regards to air pollution and where there are big financial districts, plenty of living wage jobs available. They do have some very good points. I like Libertarianism in terms of ending the burdens of entitlements, saving money on bringing our troops home from around the world, ending foreign aid, military interventions. I love many of Ron Paul’s ideas, and I like some of the conservatives ideas and some of the progressives ideas. No one knows everything, no one group has it all right. JMO.

      • 1111cb

        actually when our aging infrastructure crumbles, and the solar storm that has a 100 yr cycle and knocks out things like satelites, electric grids, etc- we are the ones in trouble- not those who depend on local resources and subsistence.

        I should add- if they add some type of grounding wire- apparently there is not reason the storm should have an effect- but they haven’t

        • Joan

          I agree. A country’s infrastructure is it’s strength. We never had the money to keep our infrastructure up because we did social programs instead. Now, the social programs are bankrupting states. This is the first year in the history of the country that three states went bankrupt – CA, NY and NJ. People think paying to maintain the infrastructure is socialism, of course it’s not.

  • Kelly

    Whether “global warming” or “climate change” is real or not really isn’t important. We cannot continue to sustain ourselves, let alone the rest of the life on this planet, if we continue to use and use our resources. Especially in America, we show little care for our environment; we live in a fast-paced society that relies on instant gratification. That said, we rarely think of the consequences of our actions. Let’s look to the oil spill. This is a perfect example of how we have ruined our environment because of our greed.

    • Christine

      Mega corporations whose sole purpose for being is PROFIT is damaging to the earth and to us. When they only focus on PROFIT, they disregard what common sense would tell them, and tells us. Their practice of planned obsolescence keeps the PROFITS rolling in, but it creates more garbage and rapes the earth of its natural resources. If anyone should be cap n taxed, it would be corporations…but we would really prefer they get some common sense and have respect for the rest of us who share the planet and respect for all life on the planet. Their PROFIT motive is madness. The love of money turns common, ordinary folks into monsters.

      Instead of profit motivated planned obsolescence, they could create products that last for a very, very long time, instead of products that need to be replaced in a year or two or less and then tossed in the garbage. Corporate greed practices a senseless waste of our energy and resources and increase garbage waste.

      • Christine

        P.S. and the offshot problem to that is the credit market that keeps us shopping, buying, consuming just to replace what we already have. Ultimately this keeps us financially controlled by the mega corporations unless and until we don’t buy what they sell. The day will come when we are neither buying nor selling as predicted. Some day people will see the error of this way of being.

      • Teacher Man

        I understand and respect your viewpoint. You are right in that profit is often something that blinds people to long-term consequences. However, the same can be said for political power, influence over others, and one’s own pursuit of instant gratification. Things used to be built to last. However, they were made cheaper to allow people who couldn’t afford those things the ability to purchase them. The durable option for anything exists in the free market today. The only solution to your problem would be to put government regulations on the quality of every product we buy. That would only send our economy in a backwards direction when only middle to upper-class people could afford one television, vaccuum, pair of jeans, etc. While it is not uncommon for people to spend a lot of money simply for brand recognition, durability costs money.

        There is no such thing as corporate greed without public demand. Why have companies continued to make cheap crap that only lasts a little while? Because people are willing ot buy them. So how do we punish such corporate infidels? Oh yeah, the free market already does that by not buying from that company. Just look at how much Toyota is struggling. Do you think BP is benefitting from the oil spill in the gulf? Have you driven a Ford (Pinto) lately?
        Get off corporations for being greedy with their profits. Be upset about people being undereducated in this country to know any better. Be upset at every person who buys their gas from BP any single day before the entire mess they’ve made is cleaned up. Be upset at the government taxing the hell out of the innovators of this country so the big guys can keep their nice little oligopoly in place.

        • Christine

          Teacher Man,

          Nope, sorry, I’m stickin’ to how I see it. We the people can only buy what they put on the shelves. And if every item is made with planned obsolescence in mind, to keep the profits rolling in, to compete with other companies, then this is what they all do and will continue to do. I don’t see large or small corps selling products that last 10-20 years or more, even though they could. There’s a lot of unnecessary crap made just so people have jobs. The whole financial system is rotten, how they have changed society incrementally has not been an improvement.

          To put govt in charge of regulating every product for quality would be your only solution?! Have you checked out the quality of govt regulation first? ha! EPA – FDA, or here’s one for you, how about govt regulation of the banks-ters, start there. ha!

          In former times, a man’s worth was measured in the quality of his work. Once upon a time, things were built to last and planned obsolescence was unheard of. We need to return to that mindset. We’ve lost it in the assembly line production style of get things out the door fast to sell more concept. Buy 3 get 1 free. Massive marketing everywhere you look.

          You need to do a 360 around an event anymore these days. It’s never just about one thing. Corps and the Federal Govt cooperate with each other to the advantage of both. Watch as this oil spill story unfolds. You’ll see how this disaster is used to promote some un-American solution. The solution will be something the powers that be have wanted to accomplish, but that we would never agree to. Haven’t you noticed? It’s been happening all the time. How else do you think we are losing our freedom, Teacher Man?


          This oil is headed for shore where people live and work, devastating the economies of those areas in the Gulf, lots of industries and families will be ill-affected. The oil is heading to nearby foreign countries as well at 70,000 gallons a day. Health hazzards (benzene, highly toxic), possible evacuations. Search the internet for more continuing news on the oil gusher (not a spill) and Agenda 21. See how the puzzle fits. I hope I’m wrong about this, but it’s just the way things have been going for quite some time now.

      • Christine

        MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY: (monsanto gm patent seeds pesticides factory soy corn wheat)

        Food Inc Part 1 of 10

        This video series might make you angry. You might want to turn away in some spots or you may want to become a vegetarian, and you no doubt will think twice about your next meal. Very informative about where our food comes from, the fight farmers are having to keep our food nutritious and healthy, how very few corporations actually control our food supply along with the government.

        We are what we eat because of the chemicals and chemical reactions in the body, how it affects the functioning of our body organs and other structures, our immune system and the proper functioning of our minds.

        And no, this is not about overpopulation! Many farmers are paid not to farm. They get freebie checks every month. There are people in our own country and out there in the world who are malnourished or starving. This makes no sense to me.

        I see a world in the future that doesn’t use a monetary system at all, no chip, no money. We just do the right thing by taking care of ourselves and each other. What would motivate us? Doing what we love to do, what we are gifted at doing, what is necessary. We would stop doing the unnecessary and wasting our personal energy and natural resources. More stable communities, intact families, children taken care of by their own parents, time for leisure pursuits. We would no longer be controlled by money as a weapon to deprive some and give to others and we stay on the topic of the issue and solve it, not veer off to talk about whether we have enough of those valueless sheets of colorful paper the FED prints off at random. It’s a game no one wants to play anymore. The game is rigged, fraudulent, and run by criminals. Allow yourself to imagine a world without it. We will no longer equate power with money, we will regain our own sense of individual power, and there will be no incentive for crime. Banksters will be no more, in fact, there are a lot of our troubles that will instantly disappear. No money, no poverty, no elite, no need for war-no benefit, no corps for profit, no corp governments continuously demanding taxes and bailouts. Time to turn over some tables, if you know what I mean. I saw a big billboard along the road last week …

        “Bank is a four letter word.”

  • Christine

    The global warming lie has far more objectionable consequences that we currently realize.

    Agenda 21 Alert: Monumental Sacrifice

    UN – Agenda 21- Sustainable Development

    • fred the protectionist

      Everything’s a conspiracy, huh Christine.

      • Theresa Romano

        Yes of course. If a large group of people want to gain control over a nation then this can only be accomplished if they first ”conspire” to do so.
        Of course there are conspiracies against the masses. Historically governing bodies have often conspired against the masses or they have conspired to exploit the masses…
        It happens.
        It’s happening right now.

        • fred the protectionist

          The rich want to make more money through a corporate business structure so they can gorge themselves on food, prostitutes and drugs; not take over America.

        • Pistol

          You’ve got to be kidding Fred..

          Man are u living in a dream world!!!… not a very good dream but a dream nonetheless…

          If you honestly believe that the motives of the elite are food, hookers, drugs or money for that matter, then u are even more in the dark then ur absurd statements suggest..

          (heavy snoring) WAKE UP BUDDY……

          Peace I AM

      • longshotlouie

        No such thing as a conspiracy, huh Fled?


      • Christine

        Of course you don’t need to eat, breathe or drink water, can withstand massive toxic intake, and you probably like being very mobile, are an extremely flexible person so you will adapt to living most anywhere they put you….yeah, Fred, so I wouldn’t worry about it. They say ignorance is bliss. Believe what they tell you and you’ll be just fine.

        • fluidly Unsure

          Yes my dear Christine.

          The flying spaghetti monster is possible so it must exist! Right?

          Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it is probable, much less real.

        • fred the protectionist

          If the universe is infinite or close to it, then everything you can imagine is happening right now simultaneously. Somewhere out there, on a low gravity planet a flying spaghetti monster has evolved.

          Atheists lack imagination and understanding; their lack of vision is disturbing.

      • 1111cb

        read your history- the elite have always talked about how to control the masses. Even some of our founding fathers debated on who was a person and felt it should only be rich landholders given rights. Fortunately, their idea of a perfect country was overridden.