Global Warming

Global Warming has come to be a hotly contested issue. Are there valid concerns that we should consider, or is Global Warming just the latest manufactured crisis to cash in on the public’s fears and generate new support for global governance, global carbon taxes and other oppressive policies?

On November 20, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times / Freakonomics interview:

“I try to look at global warming the same way I look at all other serious issues: as objectively and open-minded as possible. There is clear evidence that the temperatures in some parts of the globe are rising, but temperatures are cooling in other parts. The average surface temperature had risen for several decades, but it fell back substantially in the past few years.

Clearly there is something afoot. The question is: Is the upward fluctuation in temperature man-made or part of a natural phenomenon. Geological records indicate that in the 12th century, Earth experienced a warming period during which Greenland was literally green and served as rich farmland for Nordic peoples. There was then a mini ice age, the polar ice caps grew, and the once-thriving population of Greenland was virtually wiped out.

It is clear that the earth experiences natural cycles in temperature. However, science shows that human activity probably does play a role in stimulating the current fluctuations.

The question is: how much? Rather than taking a “sky is falling” approach, I think there are common-sense steps we can take to cut emissions and preserve our environment. I am, after all, a conservative and seek to conserve not just American traditions and our Constitution, but our natural resources as well.

We should start by ending subsidies for oil companies. And we should never, ever go to war to protect our perceived oil interests. If oil were allowed to rise to its natural price, there would be tremendous market incentives to find alternate sources of energy. At the same time, I can’t support government “investment” in alternative sources either, for this is not investment at all.

Government cannot invest, it can only redistribute resources. Just look at the mess government created with ethanol. Congress decided that we needed more biofuels, and the best choice was ethanol from corn. So we subsidized corn farmers at the expense of others, and investment in other types of renewables was crowded out.

Now it turns out that corn ethanol is inefficient, and it actually takes more energy to produce the fuel than you get when you burn it. The most efficient ethanol may come from hemp, but hemp production is illegal and there has been little progress on hemp ethanol. And on top of that, corn is now going into our gas tanks instead of onto our tables or feeding our livestock or dairy cows; so food prices have been driven up. This is what happens when we allow government to make choices instead of the market; I hope we avoid those mistakes moving forward.”

After additional consideration and analysis and shortly before the release of the Climategate emails in late 2009, Ron Paul identified the artificial panic around Global Warming as an elaborate hoax:

“The greatest hoax I think that has been around for many, many years if not hundreds of years has been this hoax on […] global warming.” – Ron Paul on Fox Business, Nov. 4, 2009

“[The Copenhagen treaty on climate change] can’t help the economy. It has to hurt the economy and it can’t possibly help the environment because they’re totally off track on that. It might turn out to be one of the biggest hoaxes of all history, this whole global warming terrorism that they’ve been using, but we’ll have to just wait and see, but it cannot be helpful. It’s going to hurt everybody.” – Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show, Nov. 5, 2009

For an environmental insider’s view on the “Green Agenda” and its background and motivations check out The Green Agenda. Also read Lew Rockwell’s Anti-Environmentalist Manifesto.

  • Joan

    We can cure Global Warming with a FAT tax and by taxing those who live off off the government. If everyone who produces nothing and pays no taxes was taxed on their permanent disability and on their welfare and free housing, we could use those funds to clean up air pollution. Let’s tax Medicaid, welfare benefits, section 8 housing, Medicare, disability payments, food stamps and do a FAT tax for the extra resources the obese take up, and we will solve global warming. Better yet, let’s not allow folks who don’t do anything to drive cars. Heck, they contribute nothing, why let them contribute smog which creates global warming? No job, no driving. Yes, that’s the ticket. We should also pass the No Whales In Cars Law, force the obese to walk by taking their cars from them until they are a regular size. That will cut way down on the methane gas from cows because they will have to eat less and it cuts down on smog from cars.

  • Joan

    A FAT tax should end Blobal Warming. Thank goodness we solved the problem. I guess your thoughts do create solutions. Another problem solved.


    And if I recall correctly this Julian Bolt athlete from Jamaica ran 2 world records on the 100 and 200 m in the “polluted” air of “overpopulated” China. And a bunch of other records were broken as well.Can you even imagine this Joan-frame of mind? “Obese people cause global warming??” Want to start up the trains to the FEMA-camps??


    • Pistol

      haha.. maybe we could make that a requirement…

      that the fat people go first and the thin people who’ve managed to stay in shape through all of this (yay.. that means me too), could be the guards…

      I can see it now.. all these well maintained bodies whipping and herding the fatties off the trains and into the showers… Never mind ya fat lard arse blimp…. the showers are a new weight loss supplement… will strip EVERYTHING off ya bones.. (probably coz u’ll die), but nevermind about that either.. its going to make u famous.. You’ll be remembered as the generation of fatsoes that saved the world from AGW by self exterminating ( for the worthy cause)..

      And if its survival of fittest as Joan mentioned, then all those weakened by cancer would join the fatties… Its only fair.. haha..


      • Joan

        I noticed you don’t comment on human beings killing their own children due to overpopulation and you are just fine with human beings selling their own children into sex slavery, not one word about that, and all you talk about is I am weak from cancer, you are murdering me. Wow. Go to you know where, where you belong. You can’t deal with overpopulation because of the horrific things you have done and continue to do to other people, the “stay alive panel” would get rid of evil, cruel lazy blobs like you so fast, that’s why you can’t even admit overpopulation exists. You would definitely be the first piece of completely useless, evil, vile usless garbage to go, and, you know it.

        You make the case for population control, if your mother hadn’t had you, look how much better off the world would be, no evil entitly abusing women, and you know it.

        • Pistol

          I can see illness has affected ur vision..
          How many times do I have to tell you that I am NOT fat…
          I can see that speaking the truth has no impact on you whatsoever..
          You will just continue to say whatever suits you..

          In my opinion you are not a very nice person at all Joan…
          The things you are accusing others of are the very things you are guilty of yourself… Hypocrite…

          Just leave this site Joan.. You are far too nasty to offer any solutions.
          you have nothing to contribute as long as u continue this pathetic act..

          Peace I AM

        • Joan

          Well since you’re such a cruel piece of crapola that the death panels would give you ticket number one to the bye-bye center, you could tell them you should be spared under the Save The Whales Act. You could try it, I guess human overpopulation has killed so many too many whales that they would save an evil whale.

    • Joan

      Two days before the Olympics started it was all over the news that they didn’t think the Olympics would be able to go on because of the air pollution, they said they were concerned that the athletes would get sick. You heard about it, everyone did, same as every person in here knows all about the one child limit in China due to overpopulation. I have a friend who goes over to China with her husband for business, she said they have to wear masks and when she comes home she is coughing and sick for about two weeks. Millions of people saw Planet In Peril with Anderson Cooper. He showed the polluted rivers in China, he showed the Chinese people hunting and killing animals on the endangered species lists, he showed the bears being held in cages 24 hours a day having their bile taken out of them to use for humans’ health problems. That has since been stopped by animal rights people. Had Cooper not showed us that, no one even knew it was going on.


    Now that I know that Osama Bin Laden turns out to be a Global Warming Alarmist (G.W.A) too, I feel a whole lot better. I put the key into the ignition, start my car up, blow me some CO2 in the sky and my cows fart methane with a grin on their faces. They can’t sue us for violating the Patriot Act, no way.We are anti-terrorists a good as they come. “I want to eat meat, I want to smoke, I want to eat meat from a cow that smokes” (Dennis Leary). Meantime on the way to the the job, I wonder about this “Joan”-“woman”(?). “Overpopulation in China”, “obese people who do’t want to get of their butts”, while she is the slim-trim-attractive Queen of the USA with her superior genes all for this New World Order, in the midst of a Ron Paul Revolution AGAINST the NWO going on, I mean it’s good to spot “counter-revolutionnaries” before they spot you. I like to go to work, but this girlie-whirlie must sit behind her keyboard day-and-night, I counted, what, 200 pages already on how many threads? What does she do for a living?Doesn’t she have kids to attend to? Is this Joan woman a happy person? I don’t think so. Does she come from a rich background? So why doesn’t she apply for a seat in a Bilderberg Conference, in the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations and seduce Kissinger and Rockefeller and Holbrooke and Geitner and the whole lot of those sorry-ass-hillbillies with her perfect body, instead of bothering us just normal down-and-outs going about our business and trying to some good old American Constitutional government for a change?
    China opened the Olympics like never before and now the factories over there start pumping out cars that cost 2000 dollars a piece. Can I trade in my bicycle? Way to go!

    • Pistol


      well said UEBERNERD…

      but something tells me that before too much longer there will be a 75 page response from Joan, repeating her tired and lame argument, poorly mixed into an abusive rant about you now..

      So just bare that in mind… dont make a valid point, or you will be under personal attack the likes of which you have probably never seen before… NWO advocates have slipped straight by us and are now busy convincing us that our thoughts are not important and are non-creative (too bad scientists can prove they are physical tangible currents), and that we are all evil and fat… haha…. it just keeps getting better… lol..

      I can see how someone (apparently dying) would refuse to take responsibility for their life and accuse EVERY single person around them of causing their problems.. and then have the audacity to call others weak and limp…

      Its like the whole political saga with Global Warming… Dont bother proving or disproving the theory… Simply engage in Ad hominen and ridicule the competition… Its much easier to hide the truth…

      And if and when someone comes up with a valid point or condemns your own theory, simply abuse them and turn it into a personal slugging match and the last man (or woman) standing is the victor… Forget facts, and lets just go with who has the best insults….. NOT…..

      Peace I AM

      • Joan

        Oh, poor Limpy Wimpy can’t get his femmie fat butt off the chair to walk one block, the corporations are making him fat. Buy him a powerchair to scoot his fat butt around the Earth, poor femmie fat man.

        You’re thoughts create your life, you are 100 percent responsible for being a femmie fat boy.

  • Christine

    Hopefully, everyone will google for articles on the oil gusher. This is evolving into a life threatening situation and beyond where people may have to move inland away from the coast as the oil and the gases that are emitted reach where they currently live. Watch videos, learn as much as you can about it.

  • Joan

    What do you think about all of that global warming from all that air pollution in China from all of that overpopulation in China? What a problem.

    And, all of that overpopulation in Mexico due to their religion not having them use birth control, then our poor states are going banktupt over them all coming here. That overpopulation stuff is no joke.

  • Fluidly Unsure

    Ok, onward and forward.

    I keep hearing that the current oil spill is the problem with drilling offshore drilling. But the reason it has been so hard to plug is that it was in deep sea. Wouldn’t it be better if all drilling was done on the continental mantle where we can work in emergency cases like this?

    Is it possible the current oil spill was worsened by the coastline ban?

    • Christine

      In the US, companies are allowed to drill without the emergency safety feature like other countries stipulate. This has turned out to be a little loophole (just like the financial ones they leave open, like derivatives, allowing the FED to continue to control our money supply, etc.) so they can create crises. This one is big! I hope you watched those videos I posted. People will be affected by the toxic gases that will be emitted in the air.

      This is an example of governments and corporations working together to create crises, one after the other, as we have been experiencing. No theory about it. These are planned and executed on purpose. All we have to do is look at all what has occurred in the most recent years. Have you heard of one good thing coming from Washington D.C.? No. And when people get this, they start to understand how so many things can go wrong so often. We are not living under normal circumstances and this was not just an accident or a mistake.

    • Joan

      Do you think the obesity epidemic in this country is going to end up contributing to global warming? Think about it. Cows create most of the toxic gas, fat people have to eat 3-4 times as much food as regular people do to stay two two three times as large as regualar people are. Think of the extra energy it takes to produce all of that extra food to be able to keep Americans fat. All of the extra water used, land used, gases from the animals. I heard that fat folks are to blame for global warming. I’m so glad you brought it up that you like fat folks and fat folks are as great and special as the folks on welfare in the suburbs. And, don’t forget, those fat folks never walk anywhere, they ALWAYS drive cars, produce more and more smog, more and more global warming that way too. We should charge a global warming fat tax. Instead of a VAT tax, we can charge a 10 percent FAT tax and heck, most folks here would have to pay it. Good ideas.

      I also like Limp Wimp and Christine’s ideas about your thoughts create too. Heck, all fat folks have to do is keep thinking they are thin and they will be thin, it’s like magic, except they can’t keep thinking they are fat because they are victims of the corporations. Victimization and your thoughts create your life therories are polar opposites. Yes, a FAT tax instead of a VAT tax, that should solve global warming.

  • Christine

    Share these links with others on your email lists….today. This situation is developing into something very serious for us all, southern coast, then east coast, because of the way the currents run, then ….

    BP Slick Burn at The


  • Fluidly Unsure

    Ok, so now it is time to get rid of the visious trolls here. I know of two. It is time for some coordinated defense actions.

    1- Quit responding to their posts (don’t feed the troll).
    2- Always vote down their post so this site wont be cluttered with their garbage.
    3- Always vote up someone they are attacking.

    • Joan

      Please discuss global warming, the overpopulation problems in China, the REAL issues. You refuse to discuss anything other than abusing me. Why is that? Why don’t you have any interest in discussing global warming nor overpopulation issues and you ONLY discuss calling me ugly, stupid, evil, a troll, too thin? What is your interest in posting hate?

      Why don’t you care about genocide in China but you care so much about atacking me? How does that supposedly make you a nice person? Why are you refusing to discuss anything other than abusing me? You dismiss all of the issues of overpopulation, 25,000 children dying around he world from starvation everyday, 27 million women and children being held as sex slaves, you refuse to comment on any of it, but you comment about me in every post? Why aren’t you interested in overpopulation problems, in global warming problems, but you are interested in abusing me? How does that make you so spiritual?

      None of you can even face what is, all of you could care less about the human suffering going on around the world, none of you will even discuss it because it doesn’t fit in with YOUR personal needs to be able to use as much water as you want, to be able to use as much gasoline as you want, use up as much land and trees as you want, and to justify never having to function. You are not spiritual, you’re cruel, screeming babies who can’t function and who cannot cope with any realities. All you do is post hate, you have refused over ten separate times now to discuss the issues with overpopulation in China, and continue to post hate to me instead. You’re sick people, total phonies, New Age your thoughts create your lives with zero answers for why 25,000 children die everyday from starvation, you are all poor victims of the corporations, but at the same time so powerful that your thoughts create your lives, so scared of your own shadows all you can do is hide out and be mean to other people. You are in a Libertarian website posting all about the evil producers and the wonderful weak and unable to function. Get a life.

      • Christine

        You can’t afford many more cells Joan.

        • Fluidly Unsure

          I wonder if she even realizes that she is now the main problem?

          Her personal attacks and distractions like “overpopulation” are interfering with our discussion of GW issues.

        • Joan

          How do you continue to miss the part about what do you think of the overpopulation situation in China? You haven’t responded to my seventeen posts asking about that situation, but you manage to continue to post hate about me. How does that work?

          How do your thoughts create and make you all powerful and you are victims of the corporations, even down to Pistol (limp wimp is the proper name for him) being fat because he is that victimized by the corporations while he posts the darkest of dark vile hatred to me about my thoughts create my life. Since only his thoughts create his life, what exactly is he trying to create with vile, dark verbal abuse?

        • Joan

          The last 20 posts both of you have made are ONLY personal attacks of me. I asked you questions about global warming, overpopulation, the obesity epidemic, new age metaphysics. Not one answer to any of it out of over 50 of my questions. Not one answer, 20 more hate posts about me instead. What do you think about the overpopulation problem in China? What do you think about the genocide going on in China? Answer the question.

        • Christine

          Fluidly, like other NWO folks, she thinks she can control everyone and everything. A person gets that way by having lack of self-control….and some sanity. But all that is gone. No one wants to talk with someone who has lost their mind. I have zero answers for her, not zero answers. Those are 2 entirely different things.

        • Joan

          If overpopulation does not exit, why does China have a one child rule? Why would they have done so if there is no overpopulation and why is China so polluted, the water and the air? If it’s not from having more humans than fresh air and fresh water, what did China get so polluted from? If global warming is real, this overpopulation creating air pollution problem is creating a lot of global warming. How come no one in here can have any conversation about issues? Out of over 50 questions I have asked, the only posts are negative, put downs of me. How can new age spiritual folks not have one answer for how to use their concept of their thoughts create their life to solve these massive human problems? No one is interested in solving the obesity epidemic. No one is interested in discussing anything other than making mean posts about me, being mean, saying that makes them close to god and spiritual, blaming the corporations for ALL of their problems, being poor victims while claiming their so powerful that just what they think creates their life? Everyone in here today has only had thoughts about talking badly about me, that is all that you have posted, so what do those thoughts create? What do you think about people who murder their own children to avoid having a female child? Does it concern anyone that overpopulation has people at murdering their own female children and at selling their own children off into sex slavery? When parents kill their own children and sell them as slaves, they are no longer human. What would make people that sick? Isn’t that the end of civilization due to overpopulation? If not, how to you explain parents doing those things to their children?

          Can’t they just keep thinking they have money and it will create money so they don’t have to sell a child to sex trafficers? Can’t people in China all think they can have more than one child and create that reality? Oh, I forget, they can move to the U.S. and create that reality because humans let them do so, same as humans in China don’t let them do so. I think I will think you all can’t be insane any longer and I’m sure it will come to pass. Your thoughts create, I’m thinking you all are sane, we’ll see if it works.

      • Pistol


        I have never once implied that I am fat..
        In fact, if you had read my post at all, you would have seen that I was a former athlete that competed at a National level..

        All you do is put words that suit you, into other peoples mouths..

        In case you havent noticed crazy lady… that everyone on this site has enough of your degradation and diversion tactics… not to mention ur incessant complaining and downright nasty, cruel and vindictive nature…
        You share the traits of a typical religious nut.. Nothing but a hypocrite… You sit and complain about others abusing you, and THAT IS ALL U DO…

        Go back to sleep…

        Peace I AM


    President Obama and Al Gore since january 2010 are supported now in the global warming spin by:

    Osama Bin Laden

    who states on Al Jazeera radio (“his” voice they say) that industrialized nations have cast this “doom” on the planet. Bush.jr should have signed the Kyoto Protocol but Obama made up for that by joining “Copenhagen”.
    Google keywords:”Osama Bin Laden Global Warming” and check it out.

  • Joan

    If we didn’t have overpopulation which causes global warming the corporations would not have been able to get people in overpopulated countries to work for cheap labor, and if not for overpopulation, we wouldn’t not have enough jobs to go around in this country now because there were so many extra unemployed poor people in other countries that the corporations could give them our jobs. That darn overpopulation thing keeps being a huge problem.

    • Fluidly Unsure

      I think the arguments you are making has 3 problems.

      1) You seem to think Libertarian = anarchist. To many Libertarian = limited government, not no government. Read John Locke’s 2nd treatise as to why society is necessary for humans to “evolve” (my words). I know of at least one Libertarian who accepts it.

      2) Your arguments about overpopulation means that many people alive today should be dead. Your arguments sound like Hitlers arguments for euthanasia of those who could not contribute or were a burden to society. Since I am convinced I would be targetted by his programs I find your arguments a threat and I’ll argue against them. Sorry, but I am biased to living.

      3) Your claims that it is city dwellers who contribute ignores the fact that it is city dwellers who push people out of cities. I am in an inland desert community because not because I don’t contribute but because I don’t fit their labels or keep up to their standards. I also don’t hold my pinkie out when drinking a cup of tea either.

      • Joan

        What do you think about the overpopulation in China being so bad that the air is so polluted that the athletes in the Olympics almost didn’t compete? They were very worried about the smog making the athletes sick? Did you see Planet In Peril and see Anderson Cooper walking past the rivers that are all polluted in China? He was saying how all of the water is very polluted. That’s how overpopulated countries end up with people dying from diseases from toxic water from overpopulation. What about the people in China killing their female babies? What do you think about overpopulation having people killing their own children? Do you think people love their children when they kill them if they are female? Do you think the Chinese government put in the one child only rule do to overpopulation? Do you think it is overpopulation that makes the Chinese people murder their own babies?

        What about overpopulated third world countries where parents are selling their children as sex slaves? Do you think when overpopulation has parents killing and selling off their children, that is nomal human behavior? Does it make sense for people to have children if they are killing them and selling them into slavery? Why do you think parents are killing their own children? What is the problem that is causing these massive crimes and dyfunctions if it’s not overpopulation?

        Do you think with the air being that toxic in China from overpopulation it contributes to global warming? Where do you think the air pollution all goes?

        • Fluidly Unsure

          Are changing the subject to divert attention from the fact that you lost the argument, that your arguments lead to absurd conclusions, or both?

          I don’t know enough about China to say why they took the path they did. I see no evidence that you know much either. But that wouldn’t stop you from talking. At least you aren’t blaming people here. Does that mean you have quit being cruel?

        • Joan

          If there is no overpopulation, why does China have a one child limit to limit the population? If here is no global warming, where does all of the smog from overpopulated counties go? What does it do to the atmosphere?

          With Chinese people murdering their children, men in China are now committing suicide at a high rate because of the huge imbalance in the male to female ratio in China. What do you think about overpopulation creating all of these problems? What do you think about human beings that murder female children just so they can carry on their name by having a male child? Since they are murdering their own children for purely selfish reasons, what do you think about human beings who do that? Do you think people who murder their own children love their children? Do you think the overpopulation in China that created the one child rule, that created parents murdering their children, and then created men committing suicide because it created an imbalanced population is dysfunctional? Do you think the people of China created these problems by their thoughts? Did their thoughts create it?

          You all refuse to discuss anything real ever, so I am going to continue ask you real questions,not that you will ever address genocide or anything real. You are not baiting me into abusing me anymore. So you are fine with genocide in China due to overpopulation? Is that your position? You don’t know much about it so you are fine with it? Millions of babies being murdered due to overpopulation rules, isn’t something that concerns you?

          Does the massive smog in China concern you? In terms of global warming? Or is your ONLY concern about abusing me? What is important to you?

        • Joan

          Did you see Planet In Peril? The four hour documentary where Anderson Cooper traveled all around the world and reported on all of the various problems due to overpopulation, from hunting extinct animals to protecting the Brazilian rain forests, to showing the polluted rivers in China? Don’t you think when countries with huge populations develop and use more energy and drive cars, global warming with increase rapidly?

        • Christine

          Fluidly, I think Joan has more than answered your question about attacking people! She’s exhausting herself, burning brain cells.

          NWO folks like Joan don’t change their spots. They are trying to function in life without God, self-confessed, so we can see how well that is working out for her. Desperate and insecure people do weird things. NWO folks have been severely crippled, programmed, lost themselves, and in that process, they lose their minds, as you and many others can clearly see. It’s a very sad thing to watch.

          So, others, be thankful you still have your bright, intelligent and clear minds. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, as they say.

        • Joan

          Christine, I see you have zero answers for “your thoughts create your life” with regards to why 25,000 children die of starvation everyday and why all these millions of women and children are being held as sex slaves. It’s funny that no one in here can explain any of it, has zero defense for the New Age philosphy when it comes to genoicide and slavery and starvation, no one can discuss one thing, no one can discuss the overpopulation mess in China, no one can discuss the obesity epidemic. The ONLY thing the three of you can discuss is abusing and degrading me. How does your behaviors make you nice people, spiritual, or even human? None of you can answer one question about anything, not one thing other than taking shots at me. Pathetic. You can’t even make sense out of that made up religion, have no answers for the realities of the state of the world because obviously all of those bad things are being done by human beings out of necessity, their thoughts create nothing, nada, zero, obviously. You can’t be a victim of the corporations and an all powerful metaphysical spiritualist both at the same time. No one is discussing anything other than attacking me. This makes you nice how? The ONLY way people can not be victims is to understand religions are not real by getting educated and take the power of truth and knowledge and understand humans create all of this, only humans can change things. That is the only real power human beings have, well that and when they gang up on me and abuse me, there’s strength in numbers.

          Don’t you hate it when someone is that freaking smart, when their mind goes this fast and discredits all of your lies and calls all of you out on being abusers at the speed of light, and darn it, the person is beautiful and athletic too. No wonder you all want to kill that, must be beyond sad to be that lost and that unhappy. Doesn’t make you spiritual, lost at best, sadistic is more like it. No matter how many losers try to kill off intelligence in this pathetic mess of a country, without the very people you can’t stand to see exist, nothing productive nor good ever gets done. I’m sorry this country is so messed up at this point in time that the people are down to killing off the leaders, the strong. That is the end of a civilization, that defines it.

        • Christine

          Joan -Wack-a-doooooooooooooo!

        • Joan

          Do you think your metaphysical principles can be used to solve the overpopulation and pollution problem in China? What do you think about the genocide of children in China due to overpopulation? What do you think about people selling their children into sex slavery in overpopulated countries? What do you think these overpopulated countries developing will contribute to global warming? Do you think people in polluted overpopulated countries can change their circumstances by creating new circumstances with their thoughts? Do you think if the U.S. doesn’t control it’s population, since it creates the most pollution, it will escalate global warming?

          How come no one can discuss anything other than degrading me personally? Do you think if the 25,000 children who die everyday from starvation began thinking they don’t want to die, their thoughts would create a new outcome for them? What do you think about that? And, why can’t Pistol just think he’s not fat and stop being fat???


    All good&go but I do not understand why Joan, Yvonne&Christine have it out on issues that have nothing to do with Global Warming. What does obesity and fungi and who knows what have to do with carbon dioxide (monoxide?!), methane, chlorofluorocarbons and technical stuff like that? I think Yvonne is the sweetest of the three, but then againI located me in the women-department another girlie-whirlie in the “war-on-drugs” thread “Suasponta” (in my imagination “Pocahontas”) and I think we should dance. After all: are we having a Ron Paul revolution or what!? I bet they are going to call me a “Nazi” and a “malechauvinist pig” while all I want is to get into a man-to-man fistfight with Fred-the-Protectionist!

    • Joan

      No, Fred is cute. He’s the only sane one in here. He just has a lot of energy and likes to bug everyone, me too. It’s fun. Women get jealous of other women. Due to overpopulation the nuclear family is no longer needed so women who have a hubbie for a long time they are maybe kind of friends with at best, or they are divorced once or twice, many women today are divorced and can’t meet another man, most were not educated and now have estranged grown kids, many kids nowadays are addicted to drugs, many problems due to overpopulation and the nuclear family breaking down from it. So where as women always liked me and were nice to me, the new thing is women went back to not working after the 1980s, the ones who saw their moms work and they were latch key kids, they went back to not going to college and not working so they don’t have much self-esteem, add in the breakdown of the nuclear family, especially in suburbs, now you have enraged women. Add in the current obesity epidemic which affects more women than men, add up the fact that women think about their body image more than anything else, now you have women hunting down any woman who isn’t fat and who is smart or a bit educated, who has any self-esteem, or who is athletic and 99 percent of American women nowadays simply want to kill that. Welcome to the U.S. of A. It’s the new thing, the new American women culture is abuse any woman who isn’t miserable and stuck and fat with them. You take your life in your hands today not being fat or dumb in this country, it’s not a safe thing to do. It doesn’t “fit in” with the new U.S. society standards. Rome is burning, in case no one has noticed. Time for a new world order.

  • Joan

    The solution to Global Warming is to get all of these jealous, unhappy women who are so unhappy from the nuclear family because it’s no longer necessary because of overpopulation educated and employable and involved in cleaning up the planet so they won’t be miserable and resort to attacking other women and being jealous and catty. If they would focus on healing the planet, dealing with overpopulation, clean up pollution, and consciously understanding their rage over being in nuclear families when nuclear families don’t work anymore, they would heal their rage and make a contribution to society and to the planet instead of being jealous and mean. Might be the real solution to global warming, instead of abusing other humans over their scarcity and lack thinking due to overpopulation and pollution from overpopulation and lack of jobs due to overpopulation.

    If they were cleaning up air pollution and helping to stop global warming, they would have more self-esteem and not need attention from all men and not be jealous of other women, they could be real women themselves. Might be nice for a change.

    • Christine

      What would you know about happiness being a godless person? God is love. Godless is lack of love. And what would you know about a healthy nuclear family and how if functions since you claim you have no children? What would you know about pollution since you don’t address those who cause it and how it is caused?

      We have a perfect example of government and a corporation working hand in glove right now with the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. All the damage it will cause is yet to unfold.

      You have not expressed one thing anyone here is jealous of. No one here is paying attention to gender or any of the other divisions you can create except maybe you. We here are discussing relevant, important topics with others no matter their gender, race, age, looks, weight, college degree or not. We are all humans.

      You should know about the financial disaster since you claim to be poor. This world is abundantly rich and everyone, everywhere here should experience it. We would, except we have devious people who are manipulating the finances of the world to deprive most all and enrich a few. Scarcity is fabricated from government and corporate policies that manipulate the wealth in the world. There are many forms of wealth in this world.

      Health is one of them. If you indeed have cancer, there is already a known cure, but the government makes the cure illegal. Why? The cure would cause the loss of big pharma profits. Your own life is less valuable to them than profits. There are known carcinogens polluting our water, being sprayed into our air and added to our food supply. Those are government and corporate policies.

      There is a lack of jobs. That is due to corporate and government policies, not overpopulation. There is no overpopulation. There are government and corporate policies that interfere with good-hearted, hard working people from having the jobs and businesses that translate into providing for themselves and their families! It will be up to people everywhere to create new jobs. Since you don’t appear to have a job, are you lazy? What are you doing, Joan, for an income?

      And what do you know of global warming since the basis for your arguments for it are founded in the lies of the same criminals doing every other criminal act against humanity? They’ve spent a lifetime attacking humanity, but humanity is falsehoods, the betrayals of trust and are turning the attacks around, just like I do with you, Joan, to raise the consciousness level to a level that some will not go, those who refuse the truth and perpetuate lies. This will ultimately lead to their own destruction. That is the law, God’s law. It is irrefutable. It is absolute. It is just and fair. And there is no ducking the consequences.

      • Joan

        There is no god and if you believed in god for one second you would not stalk a 53 year old cancer patient because you hate how you look, you are jealous you are fat and I’m not fat, you are jealous I am smart and sane and strong and you are weak and nuts and mean. You are jealous I am athletic, you’re too lazy to do the work. All you do is ignore genocide, all these horrible things going on in the world, ignore pollution, ignore smog, ignore overpopulation, ignore there are 27 million women and children being held as sex slaves do to overpopulation, and your only focus is on abusing me when I am sick with cancer and talking about how god is love, but you can’t ever, ever not take a shot at me and not be mean to me. You have no compassion for the overpopulation problem in China causing genocide, you have no compassion for the people born in third world countries being sold as slaves, you have no compassion for a cancer patient. All you care about is calling a cancer victim evil, ganging up on her and abusing her because you hate being fat, hate being ugly, you’re going to fix me, you’re going to take it out on me, you’re going to put me down, you’re going to abuse me, you’re going to hurt me so you don’t hurt as much about not being willing to diet nor exercise. Fine, just stop talking about god and stop talking about love. Just abuse and abuse and abuse and abuse me until you finally feel happy. Just get it overwith, that is all you do, just leave the god stuff out of it.

        If you were not so utterly selfish and mean, you would admit the obvious overpopulation. Not one of you has addressed if there is no overpopulation, why does China have a one child limit to limit their population? You can address stalking me, calling a cancer patient evil, stalking me, talking badly about me, ganging up on me, then you go on and on about god is love, but you cannot address one real issue, you’re way too selfish to do it. What are you going to do to get the 27 million sex slaves freed, women and children? God is love, then do something about it. No, you could care less one thing about that, you only care about you are fixing me, you’re hurting me, yahoo. Big deal. Go to therapy.

        • Christine

          I am refuting your dis-information. I’m a truth-teller. I am just as determined to spread the truth as you are to spread dis-information.

          I am full of compassion. Compassion is found in the telling someone the truth. God hates the lie. The telling of lies shows absolutely no compassion whatsoever, a total disregard for humanity. Lies and corruption in government and corporations has led to harm being done to people who otherwise would be living lives in total abundance, fulfilling and very productive lives free from crime, worry or fear.

          Raising the level of consciousness and awareness of what is really going on IS doing something about everything gone wrong. People will not be so easily misled or unknowingly contribute to the elite’s destructive agenda for the earth and all people everywhere.

        • Fluidly Unsure

          Seeing how you are attacking others, I have to apologize to many for defending you.

          If others hate you, it is your own doing. Quit using imagined jealousy as an excuse to be cruel.

        • Joan

          What do you think about there being so many too many people that masses didn’t have jobs, so that the corporations were able to hire cheap labor in foreign countries? Since there are not enough jobs in this country now due to the corporations sending jobs to other countries, that proves there are way more people on the planet than there are jobs. People want the jobs to come back to this country, which would unemploy over 300 million people in China and same in India. If there is no overpopulation, why are there way more people than jobs and why can corporations get cheap labor? They can get cheap labor because developing countris don’t practice birth control.

          Once the devloping countries become energy hogs like folks in the U.S., what do we do about all of the added pollution it will produce and will that contribute to global warming?

          If your thoughts create all and you are all powerful, how are you a victim of corporations, lack of jobs, of jobs being shipped overseas due to overpopulation? If god is love and is helping everyone, why isn’t god helping the 27 million people being held as slaves due to overpopulation? Why isn’t god stopping parents from murdering their children in China? Why isn’t god stopping the 25,000 children per day that die from starvation around the world from dying? They are born in overpopulated places that have more people than food and water, that’s why 25,000 children die everyday from starvation.

          Do you think children who die from starvation think they want to do so, there thoughts create it? Do you think the 27 million people being held as slaves think they want to be rapped and abused everyday? Do their thoughts create their lives? Or, are the people who do those things responsible for their actions? Is it that only other humans can force humans to stop doing those things through laws that men make, because, in fact, gods don’t exist.

          Do you think only the metaphysical god exists, the “your thoughts create god” is the only real god or is the god of Islam real, the Christian god is real, the god of the Jewish people is real, or are they all made up by men but the New Age Metaphysical man made thoughts is the only “real” god?

        • Fluidly Unsure

          It is interesting that many that have taken opposite sides in other issues have become allies. It says a lot for their ability to be civilized. Thank you for bringing people together. :-}

          Genocide is actions against a specific cultural group with the goal of exterminating that group. Killing individuals is one way of doing it, forcing them to not reproduce is another.

          Maybe I’ve been in the suburbs too long, but I’ve never seen xenophobia of inlanders before. I hope it isn’t common.

        • Joan

          Weak, cruel people always ban together to abuse the few strong, smart people left in this country. Being sick bullies is nothing, it’s not going to solve the rage they have due to overpopulation. They abuse because there are too many people and everyone knows it, everyone knows the Earth has limited resources, everyone knows there are way too many people now to fund entitlements, to pay for pensions, to pay for welfare, states are going bankrupt over it as I type. The corporations took the jobs, there are more people than jobs. How do you solve all of these problems we have from overpopulation and get people to a level where they are not coming from lack and scarcity thinking, living in terror that they will be eliminated because there are too many people? How do you get them to stop ganging up on people and to stop raging and abusing out of fear and deal with reality?

          You three people in here are the only people I have ever, ever seen in my life who don’t know about overpopulation. I have never seen anyone get mad about it nor deny it in my 53 years of life. I had no idea it would enrage anyone, never heard of such a thing.

          I find it odd that the three are not of sound mind and not functioning and that they go to this wierd place of people want to start killing people and they live in fear they will be killed. It’s sick stuff. If the government started asking people to justify their existence, they would never kill me, I never did anything wrong, and I’ve done so many volunteer things and positive things, I would be the last person they would get rid of. I don’t worry about dealing with pollution and global warming and overpopulation because I don’t see myself as someone dysfunctional that anyone would ever not want around. I’d gamble my behaviors and my life works to justify my existence in a heartbeat. Speaks volumes about what you three think about yourselves.

          Libertarians would end welfare, not pay for people to exist. That is the reality of it.

      • Joan

        As soon as you saw me say men like me, you started stalking and abusing me. Now that you saw that I was an athlete too, you have hightened your abusing me. You don’t care about one real thing, you are miserable because the way you treat me is who you are, men find it out fast, the phony mask comes down and the way you abuse me is who you really are and how you treat men and everyone in your life. That’s why you abuse me over hearing men like me and that I do constructive things, you are mad that you refuse to do hard things and you are mad at yourself for being a bad person and you’re mad at men because they find out about you exactly what you are showing me in here. The things you are doing to me have zero to do with me.

        You’re one of these people who likes to play it like you are so smart and you know it all, that you only give out advice, never take any advice. The thing you hate is a real woman, one smarter than you are, one who is not in her head like you are, not shut off from her body like you are, who doesn’t get jealous of other women like you are. You don’t have any awareness of your behaviors, you are not a leader, you need to learn from others but you are not teachable because you want to play the role of the know-it-all. It’s fine unless someone who isn’t fat who men like shows up, then you can’t control your behaviors. Your behaviors have nothing to do with god or love. It’s mental illnesses from lack of integrity, lack of awareness of what you are doing, lack of therapy, has nothing to do with god. An adult and a kind person would obviously say they would never abuse a women over exercising or being attractive and that person would be big enough to be kind to a successful person and you would be grown up enough to change things in your own life that you don’t like if it pushes your buttons that other women are atractive. That’s what mature people do, that’s what women who have self-esteem do. Only women who have no self-esteem hate a women for being smart or strong or attractive and stalk her in a chat board and want to abuse her. It’s sick, sick, sick stuff. I never have been jealous of anyone, I’m too busy doing everything myself, all the stuff you are jealous of, just go do it yourself, you won’t have time to be jealous of other women. Take a humanities class, biology or geology class, soon enough you will shift your false belief in god and it will give you more self-esteem as well. That way, when you play the know-it-all, you will have something real to say.

        • Fluidly Unsure

          I’m making assumptions about your image here, so excuse me if I’m wrong.

          Not all men like an anemic/anorexic woman. I know some men do, but why would I want a skeleton?

          Sir Mix A-Lot was talking for a lot of men in “baby got back”. Even the extreme is nothing to be ashamed of, as you seem to imply, look at Queen Latifah for proof that heavy woman can be desirable.

          Some prefer meat to bones, or something inbetween.

        • Joan

          What do you attribute to the obesity epidemic in this country? Do you think it is coming from lack of exericise, an overeating addiction, more people driving cars, which causes more global warming, or is it from the fact that people watch more TV, use computers, play video games, and don’t exercise like the previous generations did? Do you think this sick obesity epidemic problem comes from fast food restaurants, or from the fact that the last three generations in this country do not even know how to cook? Do you think people not exercising and not cooking means they have gotten very lazy? Do you think they are addicted to junk food or addicted to overeating, is it a combination of all of those factors that created the obesity epidemic? I took a health science class and it said it’s all of those factors that created this mess. What do you think it does to people’s self-esteem when most of the population is obese and sick from it? What do you think it will cost the country in health care costs? What do you think can be done about it? Does everyone’s thoughts create it? Are everyone’s thoughts weighing them down? Does everyone get fat by thinking they want to be fat? What do you think about 8 year old kids being diagnosed with same cardiovascular and heart diseases as 80 year old people have due to obesity? Do you think this being the first generation to die before their parents due to obesity is an outpicturing of overpopulation, that’s why the younger generations don’t want to e on the planet very long? Or, are older people’s thoughts creating their children dying before them? Are the kids thoughts creating their obesity? Do you think Michele Obama is doing a good thing to fight childhood obesity? What constructive things are you doing to get the message out about the causes an effects of the obesity epidemic? Oh, I forgot, all you do is degrade me, abuse me,that is all you do.

          If people got out of their cars, not only would it help to solve global warming, it would help to solvethe obesity epidemic. Did you know the majority of obese people live in the suburbs due to the necessity to drive everywhere because burbs are all spread out? Some suggest moving people back to functioning cities would help end the obesity epidemic. Are you going to pay much higher taxes to fund health care for the obesity epidemic? Oh, I forgot, you don’t work and don’t pay taxes. You hate your life, hate how you look, and your only concern is with abusing me. What about China, what about solving the obesity epidemic? I think there may be more constructive things for you to do than abuse me over exercising. You think maybe there is one thing more important in life than you hating yourself and you trying desperately to drag me down to your level of self-hatred. What about that mess in China? Think genocide is more important than abusing me by lying that I am bone thin. It’s so important to you to abuse me. Why is that? If your thoughts create your life, how did you get this miserable?

      • Pistol

        well said Christine,, but i have feeling that it will only result in further abuse since thats Joans only language…

        Keep up the great work… Some people are enthusiastically about your posts..

        Peace I AM

        • Joan

          What is your solution to the one limit child in China due to overpopulation causing the Chinese people to murder their female babies? Since you are so spiritual, what’s your solution to getting the 27 million women and children out of sex slavery around the world who ended up there because there are too many people? You could care less about the cries and deaths of those women and children. All you post about is mean things about me, a double cancer victim, and you cannot stop. This makes you what? What? Beyond a mean, sick, sadistic bully. You people in here are so pathetic, look at you.


    Fred-The-Protectionist: we now have “environmentally sound” green zerogrowth (it is called “poverty”) and Al Gore and ICCP Pachauri rapidly underway to become multibillionaires from the scam. That means that that a former “conspiracy” is now in the open and that it has become a reality. You have a massive “carbon footprint” (Yeti!)and my cows can’t fart anymore (fart gas is a greenhouse gas too). The plan worked.

    In my old neighbourhood we had a fellow who hired youngsters to destroy glasstube neon signs at night by hitting them with bricks. In the daytime he appeared with a van and offered his services as a repairman. He is the jailhouse now.

    Difference is: Al Gore has a Nobel Prize for the thing.

    You don’t have to be paranoid to investigate “conspiracy theories”.

    • Joan

      That’s not true. Poverty is caused by people who can’t work having children they can’t support. The entitlement programs in this country empower those who can’t function to have more children than those who work. Women who get a career and work have one or two children, wealthy people have one or two children because they have to support them and because educated people understand helping humanity and effecting change is more important than having tons of your own children. We pay the dumbest to have ten kids. That is where the 500,000 gang members in L.A. come from. That’s where the 65,000 prisioners that were just let out early due to overcrowding and budget cuts due to massive wefare handouts in California came from. The prisions can’t even handle all of the people just in CA born on welfare, after the parents can’t parent them and they end up committing crimes to buy food and clothes, they end up in overcrowded prisions. CA went bankrupt twice now in two years, there’s nothing left to cut but welfare and the other free stuff.

      • Christine

        That’s a lie. Joblessness and poverty are caused by the interference of government and corporate policies. People have had their means of a livelihood devastated.

        No one wants to be unemployed. We all want to contribute to our communities and to the world and have a means to contribute. We have the skills and talents. Governments and the structure of corporations need to get out of our way!

        • Fluidly Unsure

          To see someone with enough spirit to be willing to stand-up against groundless and cruel attacks is refreshing.

          Thank you!

        • Christine

          You’re welcome and thank you, Fluidly. We do this together. The spirit of Truth and Freedom is alive and well and lives in you and me. People are calling for a revolution. This is it. It’s liberating!

          “To speak the truth is a revolutionary act.” (author unknown?)

        • Joan

          If Christine and Pistol’s thoughts create everything in their lives, do they think they like the government and the corporations victimizing them? They keep saying they are all powerful, that their thoughts have created their lives. Then, they would have to take responsibility for their thoughts creating them being victims of the government and of the corporations. Pistol states he is fat because he is a victim of the corporations feeding him bad food. His thoughts create is life, his thoughts are he is a victim of the corporations and that he has no power over his body, his weight and no power over what he eats. If his thoughts create his life, why doesn’t he just think he is normal weight and he will create that. Why play he’s a victim to corporations and say his thoughts create his life at the same time?

          His thoughts are he is a victim and anyone who talks about anything real he thinks they must be abused by him. His thoughts create what other than abuse and victimhood? What is he creating besides being miserable about being overweight and blaming it on the corporations and being terrified the govenment will decide to do away with really evil bad people, so he abuses to defend his existence. Do his abusive sick actions create anything? Well, they make other people sick, they shove negative dark things into the world. That’s all he is creating is hate and he’s a victim and abuse others to shut them up. What are you all creating besides abusing one person in here? What does abusing another person create? I wouldn’t want to live by a philosphy of my thoughts create, when same folks who subscribe to that idea create abuse. Makes no sense. How are you folks all powerful and victims at the same time?

          None of the “spiritual” folks in here are concerned about genocide in China? Why is that? Why is there ONLY concern with abusing one person posting? No regard for the masses dying of starvation, genocide, massive dysfunction of slavery going on around the world. The only cause worth the spiritual god loving folks in here is to muzzle the person talking about real things going on around the world, muzzle the person trying to solve genocide. How is that spiritual? Since your thoughts create, why don’t you all just think I’m not in here talking about reality instead of ganging up on me, since you are all powerful with your minds?

          Since you all are such good and religious folks, why can’t you help a person with cancer, why would you abuse anyone? Oh, yeah, the part about anyone saying anything that deals with humans not being selfish, with only their selfish small worlds, with what they want, want, want, that is to be gotten rid of, don’t ever say one real thing. You define evil, that’s what evil is. Then, it’s sold as ignore human rights violations around the world and your only mission is to abuse me instead, you are ridding the world of evil by abusing me, not by fighting to end the sex slave trade and end mass murder going on all around the world. I see.

          Not one of you have still said one thing about what is going on in China due to overpopulation and the global warming impact. Not one, not once, because you would rather excuse genocide than deal with overpopulation because you don’t like yourselves so you live in terror that if overpopulation is exposed, you would pass. That is ALL you care about.

      • Joan

        I’ve met lots of women who had ten children on welfare. Most people in prison came from single parent welfare families, we have to pay for their lawyers when they commit crimes, pay for prisons, pay for their medical care, pay them cash, food stamps, pay for their housing. It’s so much money, the free medical alone in CA is 40 billion a year. Health care, prisons and education are the costs of the states, the big three costs. The money for free health care and to fund prisons is all for welfare people. They cost a lot more overall than corporations take us for in subsidies. Many counties’ court appointed lawyer systems are bankrupt now too. Too many people, too many who can’t function, too many on welfare who commit crimes who need too many free lawyers and too many in gangs and too many welfare folks going to prison.

        Libertarians would end all of that. No income tax and no welfare. If you are pro-welfare, pro-socialism, why are you posting in a Libertarian for president of the U.S. website?

  • fred the protectionist

    Guess nobody else has noticed it is practically impossible to have a talk about Global Warming with Conspiracy Theorist loons, Wiccans and every other assorted freakish belief system MANkind has invented.

    • Joan

      Exactly. I came in here and talked about how where I live has the second worst smog in the country and the impacts it has on people’s health and on their ability to go outside, how it affects people’s lives. A normal response would have been “what can be done to clean up the smog, sorry to hear that, wow, they had no idea how bad smog is in some areas, yes, smog causes health problems.” Instead every one of these people completely ignored the issue and personally attacked me instead. Same thing when I talk about overpopulation in China, the water pollution and air pollution are so bad, oh my, and the fact that they have had a one child limit for a long time due to overpopulation. The people in here deny overpopulation, deny the pollution in China from overpopulation, deny the one child limit, and again brutally attack me. When they hear people in China are doing genocide of the female babies, no response, again they go to total denial, and again they personally attack me instead. Christine goes on and on about changing countries, but doesn’t want to discuss stopping genocide of females in China.

      When I mentioned people in third world countries sell their children into sex slavery due to overpopulation, they don’t feel one thing for the 27 million children and women being held as sex slaves, not one thing. They all voted down my post and completely ignore the facts, as always, and then instead Pistol posts vile, degrading, mind bending cruelty to me. How are they going to change all of these hideous things going on around the world due to overpopultion, when they vote down any mention of them and refuse to admit these massive inhuman behaviors are going on, because they are so selfish, all they care about is having all the kids they want, blaming the corporations and anything other than themselves for their problems, and calling themselves religious while they abuse people for telling the truth about genocide and sex slavery going on around the world.

      These people have no interest in what is real or in solving problems. All they are after is someone outside of themselves to blame, to make themselves out to be victims, they love to abuse other people all the while talking about how spiritual they are, and the weak huddle together and protect one another, help each other muzzle the truth, help each other abuse when they go to petty jealousy and live out of lack and sarcity thinking. These supposed people are cruel and sick and they are beyond a joke. Now, there’s even a hyper-religious black women parroting the white man’s religion because she has no education, making hate posts while saying how religious she is, on and on the stupidity and cruelty goes.

      They have yet to make one human post. It’s all cruelty, hide, deny, duck and cover and abuse, then preach religion. Disgusting at best, some of them are downright dangerous.

      • fred the protectionist

        The neocons dug their own grave, someone should push them into it.


    I have e-mailed the Gates Foundation with regard to the fallacious “fountain cloud ship” plan as “Time” suggested awhile ago.

    So far I got only automated computer responses.

    The post by Tom Watson in this thread “Mythbusting” global warming should get more thumbs up. The best!


    The Founding Fathers of Suncycle-Climate theories are:

    Sir John Herschel, the son of the famous astronomer 1830(!!)
    Vladimir Koppen
    Alfred Wegener 1880-1930, the “continental drift” man
    M.Milantovic (1879-1958) with the first diagram of solar radiation cycles.

    Source: Laurence Hecht, Google “21st Century Science and Technology” PDF New Ice Age Coming, 1993.

  • Fluidly Unsure

    A comment was made about farmers being paid to not farm. That is true.

    Do you know why? Do you know anyone who suffered through the dust bowl (it wiped my family out) which was caused by over-farming? The government doing something to stop over-farming and push soil management was as logical then as paying for a fire department even when it isn’t in the field fighting a fire.

    The fact that the program is still in place sounds like pure stupidity, but so is the fact that we have troops over-seas.

    Stupidity isn’t necessarily diabolical nor is it proof of a conspiracy.

    • Christine

      The problem was not due to over-farming, over-population, but rather the way they farmed, by not following the natural law of “with the wind”. There’s something spiritual about that. Having realized this natural law, the area affected in the 1930s is now able to farm the land.

      The Dust Bowl and The Great Depression

      U.S. Dust Bowl of 1930’s

      • Christine

        Gosh I love the truth. The truth solves problems whereas the lie and deception causes them.

      • Yvonne

        Christine those are two really great links. I had suspected that it was improper farming rather than over farming which created the dust bowl. The video says that with new techniques farmers have recently survived droughts.
        The video also says the dust bowl occured after wheat ws introduced into that land as a replacement for grass. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure that wheat does nothing to prevent erosion and I know for a fact grass absolutely prevents erosion.
        Interesting information about farming ”with the wind”. I’m going to read more about that.

      • Yvonne

        `I found this info:
        It’s a list of ways farmers can prevent erosion naturally without having to forfeit anything.

        Windbreaks: Planting trees along field borders of their fields can reduce wind erosion, especially in flat regions.

        Cover crops: Planting winter cover crops like fall rye or winter wheat act as a ground cover and protect vulnerable soil from eroding.

        Grassed waterways: In some fields the land forms natural depressions that collects excess water. To keep the soil in these depressions from being washed away, farmers plant strips of grass that absorb the water.

        Contour cultivation: Planting crops to follow the contours of a field provides furrows at an angle to the slope of the field. The irregular surface interrupts the flow of water, reducing erosion.

        Strip cropping: Alternating a field with strips of different crops can do the same thing, as well as reducing the pests that monocultures invite.

        Conservation tillage: Leaving stalks and leaves of harvested crops on fields protects the underlying soil from wind and rain until a new crop is planted in the spring. It include no-till farming (leaving all crop residue on the soil) and ridge-tillage (molding the soil into ridges, planting seeds between them).

        • Pistol

          There is a fungi that if utilized correctly has the potential to eliminate the need for fertilizers..and has many more advantages and benefits for farmers and plant life in general…

          Its called Mycorrhiza and you can read a little bit about it here.

          Its detailed enough to get a grasp on this amazing form of life..

          Peace I AM

        • Yvonne

          Fluidly Unsure,
          My God I’m sorry sorry you could have thought that anyone was implying farmers were lazy. Oh my God no!!!! I don’t what sort of complaint was made about farmers but when I read your post about subsidising farmiers to NOT farm or to let the land go fallow my reaction was that the government was subsidizing the wrong corrective measure.
          I’m so sorry if it seemed to be anything else.
          I think the most vial think our government has done is to tax farmers.
          I will rant on about that some other time but what a wicked and depraved Uncle this Same guy is to tax farmers.
          Then to pay them to let the land lie in the guise of ”helping”?
          They could have helped by paying for soil additives or..something…anything.
          I would never ever imply that farmers are lazy.
          Quite the contrary they are the hardest working of all Americans in my opion.

      • Fluidly Unsure

        My family and others lost their livelyhood because of a lack of soil conservation, not properly rotating the crops, and digging up the buffalo grass.

      • Yvonne

        Pistol that is also a really great link. I never heard of beneficial fungi but it does of course make sense. I’m sure we’ve all gone for a nature walk and seen fungus growing around happy and healthy looking trees. I figured at best the trees were un-disturbed but never realized it could actually have been a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.
        They mention plants feeding fungi some beneficial carbs while the fungi feed the plant soil nutrients which the plant can’t access but the fungi can.
        How cool is that.

      • fred the protectionist

        “The problem was not due to over-farming, over-population, but rather the way they farmed, by not following the natural law of “with the wind”. ”

        What the hell is the “natural law of WITH THE WIND”? Is that some sort of Wiccan New Age religious term.

    • Fluidly Unsure

      My main point, which seems to have gotten lost amidst the trees, is that the existence of farming subsidiaries doesn’t mean farmers are the lazy idiots some of you seem to think.

      • Christine

        “Lazy” was/is not in my thoughts nor in my writing. My point is that it just makes no sense to me to have someone not farm who is fully capable, especially when we have people in need of food. I heard Ron Paul talk about the government’s solution to bury the extra food to keep food prices up to help the economy. That really makes no sense to me either, and then they talk about helping 3rd world countries out of poverty by the cap and tax bill. How sincere does the government appear in their desire to truly raise people up out of poverty? Profit and money and the geo-political games they play with people’s lives, in their eyes, supersedes meeting human needs, evidently. When we have creative and talented farmers with an expertise such as they have, creative thinking about what can be done with a food surplus to help the world would be a good thing. “Doctors Without Borders” has figured it out.

      • Fluidly Unsure

        Claims that inlanders/rural-folks are refusing to contribute to society and that city-dwellers carry the burden sounds to me like a claim that rural-folks are lazy by their standards. Maybe I am too sensitive, but I don’t think so.

      • Joan

        They don’t work inland. Inland California is staight up welfare towns, all whites on welfare. Sacamento, Stockton, Modesto, Frensno, all the way down into inland Southern Cal., it’s all full blown every person is on disability, and CA just went bankrupt over all of it. San Francisco works and pays taxes for Modesto, Stockton, Fresno and Sacramento to have 5 million people on welfare, SSI, MediCal, DentiCal, WIC, Section 8. That is what it is. Of course you like living in it, you don’t work, the government provides for you. You have all the time in the world to come in here and cut down people who work and who take responsibility for their lives. You all can get fat and live fat for free, and you have all of that time to abuse me, it’s not like you’re going to exercise or get a job.

  • The bottom line is that the Criminal Cabal running this country is profiting by insurance fraud since the inception of Lloyds of London. The City of London is running America right now and unless Americans wake up and smell the Brits here we are headed to Marxist/ Nazi One world Government. My friend Field McConnell and David Hawkins explain the forensic Financial issues quite clearly in interview. The AGW is a farce and when Obama went to Copenhagen to cap CO2 at 350 PPM he was sending a message of assassination to the world population because all human beings expire at 40,000 PPM CO2 Thus all living beings would be violating the law by exhaling.


    About a 100 climate alarmists wrote a letter to the Editor of Science may 7 2010

    stating among other things that they now fear MCCARTHY-like “witch hunts” due to change in the public opinion on the Global Warming issue in the UK (Monckton), Germany (open letter to Merkel in 2009), France (no cap-and-trade), hopefully in the USA, etc. in their view brought about by “sceptics”.

    They know that astronomers observe lower Sun-spot activity and that we most likely are heading to a new little ice age, which by the way was the consensus in the scientific community in early 70s. FAT chance that the ICCP-“predictions” are dead wrong and everybody knows by now that the Al Gore “hockey stick” curve which got him a Nobel Prize for Peace(!?) is based on fraud.

    The public is generally made to believe that the “global warming sceptics” community is small and made up of of “old” scientists. Now “young” scientists per se do not have to be “better” then “old” ones -looking at Ron Paul at 73- but the community of “sceptics” is MUCH LARGER.
    If you have a tenured position in a faculty in a school somewhere, you keep your mouth shut on the matter. You dont want to marginalized or “pariaahd”.
    When you work in industry you are INSTRUCTED to keep your mouth shut as to not damage the public relations of the outfit you work for.

    The McCarthy-like “witch hunts” have been going on for 20/30 years already on the global warming “sceptics”. Ask Lindzen of MIT. Timothy Ball of Canada speaking out in the docu The Great Global Warming Swindle received death threats.

    You have to be “old” and retired or independently wealthy to have a sceptic opinion on global warming. Preferably both.