Health Care

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In these United States of America, many people cannot afford even basic health insurance. They suffer severely under the present system and have to live under the constant fear of not knowing what they will do if they or their loved ones ever fall seriously ill.

But in many cases, insured individuals aren’t much better off either. In comparison to the exorbitant insurance premiums they pay, the medical care they receive is often very poor.

Additionally, due to the government-enforced monopolies of HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) and pharmaceutical companies, many patients will never even hear about some of the most effective and non-invasive treatment methods. These natural and inexpensive ways of regaining one’s health are being suppressed by the FDA and the medical establishment not because of safety concerns (they’ve been around for hundreds of years), but because they cannot be patented and would therefore cut into the pharmaceutical industry’s profits.

The current system is most definitely broken, and it must eventually be abolished if we want to regain both our health and our freedom.

But Obamacare is the worst possible answer. All it does is perpetuate a flawed system by forcing everyone to become a client of insurance companies, even those who don’t want to or need to participate.

Why should anyone be forced to subsidize the medical care of others? Very few individuals would personally assault their neighbors at gunpoint and steal thousands of dollars to pay for their own medical needs. How could any freedom loving person agree to delegate such criminal acts to the government by supporting a compulsory health insurance system?

There is only one solution that will lead to true health and true freedom: making health care more affordable. Ron Paul believes that only true free market competition will put pressure on the providers and force them to lower their costs to remain in business. Additionally, Ron Paul wants to change the tax code to allow individual Americans to fully deduct all health care costs from their taxes.

Through these measures and the elimination of government-sponsored health care monopolies a much larger number of people will be able to finally access affordable health care, either by paying for medical insurance or by covering their medical expenses, which are now much lower, out of their own pocket.

As for the poor and the severely ill who can neither obtain insurance nor pay for the medical care they need, Ron Paul offers the following solution in his bookThe Revolution: A Manifesto“:

In the days before Medicare and Medicaid, the poor and elderly were admitted to hospitals at the same rate they are now, and received good care. Before those programs came into existence, every physician understood that he or she had a responsibility towards the less fortunate and free medical care was the norm. Hardly anyone is aware of this today, since it doesn’t fit into the typical, by the script story of government rescuing us from a predatory private sector.

Illegal aliens already receive de-facto free health care. Why can’t poor Americans have the same… not as a right, but as a charitable benefit provided by doctors who feel a personal responsibility for their fellow citizens?

Unfortunately, the current medical monopoly corrupts many doctors by rewarding practices that are not in the patients’ best interest. Pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in not curing people, but getting them permanently addicted to expensive drugs that have many side effects, thereby requiring additional drugs to suppress those side effects. Many doctors are afraid to speak up and question the system for fear of being ostracized by their peers or even losing their license.

Under a liberated health care system prices would come down and additional options would become available, thereby making health care much more affordable. Moral corruption would give way to true compassion, and many doctors would remember their implicit obligation to provide free medical care to those in need, just like they did in the past.

As a medical doctor, Ron Paul swore the Hippocratic Oath many decades ago. His entire person and career is a monument to the beauty and sanctity of human life. Ron Paul knows that life without health can be very difficult and is not what it was meant to be. He has personally cared for the poor for many years, without asking anything in return.

The government’s original role is to protect our freedoms and restrain itself from causing too much harm. Ron Paul is working to prevent greedy bureaucrats, opportunist politicians and corrupt pharmaceutical companies from having any sort of unhealthy influence over our bodies and minds.

Join the Ron Paul Revolution and help us put the federal government back where it belongs: to Washington DC and out of our daily lives.


Government has been mismanaging medical care for more than 45 years; for every problem it has created it has responded by exponentially expanding the role of government.

Points to consider:

  1. No one has a right to medical care. If one assumes such a right, it endorses the notion that some individuals have a right to someone else’s life and property. This totally contradicts the principles of liberty.
  2. If medical care is provided by government, this can only be achieved by an authoritarian government unconcerned about the rights of the individual.
  3. Economic fallacies accepted for more than 100 years in the United States has deceived policy makers into believing that quality medical care can only be achieved by government force, taxation, regulations, and bowing to a system of special interests that creates a system of corporatism.
  4. More dollars into any monopoly run by government never increases quality but it always results in higher costs and prices.
  5. Government does have an important role to play in facilitating the delivery of all goods and services in an ethical and efficient manner.
  6. First, government should do no harm. It should get out of the way and repeal all the laws that have contributed to the mess we have.
  7. The costs are obviously too high but in solving this problem one cannot ignore the debasement of the currency as a major factor.
  8. Bureaucrats and other third parties must never be allowed to interfere in the doctor/patient relationship.
  9. The tax code, including the ERISA laws, must be changed to give everyone equal treatment by allowing a 100% tax credit for all medical expenses.
    Laws dealing with bad outcomes and prohibiting doctors from entering into voluntary agreements with their patients must be repealed. Tort laws play a significant role in pushing costs higher, prompting unnecessary treatment and excessive testing. Patients deserve the compensation; the attorneys do not.
  10. Insurance sales should be legalized nationally across state lines to increase competition among the insurance companies.
  11. Long-term insurance policies should be available to young people similar to term-life insurances that offer fixed prices for long periods of time.
  12. The principle of insurance should be remembered. Its purpose in a free market is to measure risk, not to be used synonymously with social welfare programs. Any program that provides for first-dollar payment is no longer insurance. This would be similar to giving coverage for gasoline and repair bills to those who buy car insurance or providing food insurance for people to go to the grocery store. Obviously, that could not work.
  13. The cozy relationship between organized medicine and government must be reversed.
    Early on medical insurance was promoted by the medical community in order to boost re-imbursements to doctors and hospitals. That partnership has morphed into the government/insurance industry still being promoted by the current administration.
  14. Threatening individuals with huge fines by forcing them to buy insurance is a boon to the insurance companies.
  15. There must be more competition for individuals entering into the medical field. Licensing strictly limits the number of individuals who can provide patient care. A lot of problems were created in 20th century as a consequence the Flexner Report (1910), which was financed by the Carnegie Foundation and strongly supported by the AMA. Many medical schools were closed and the number of doctors was drastically reduced. The motivation was to close down medical schools that catered to women, minorities and especially homeopathy. We continue to suffer from these changes which were designed to protect physician’s income and promote allopathic medicine over the more natural cures and prevention of homeopathic medicine.
  16. We must remove any obstacles for people seeking holistic and nutritional alternatives to current medical care. We must remove the threat of further regulations pushed by the drug companies now working worldwide to limit these alternatives.

True competition in the delivery of medical care is what is needed, not more government meddling.


2,271 responses to “Health Care”

  1. April

    I disagree with saying no one is entitled to medical care. That’s the wrong way to look at it. What, are we Pharisees, or are we good Samaritans?

    The medical industry is essentially predatory. It is all about making money off of people’s suffering. Let me say that again. Today’s medical field is designed to make money from people who are sick and suffering. It’s all about making health care lucrative. Health care and medical assistance should not be lucrative. Hey, did the good Samaritan demand payment for helping someone in need, or did he pay for the injured man’s care?

    Don’t tell me we can’t base our medical care on the good Samaritan. If we’re not going to base it on the Lord’s system, we’ll just keep getting into worse and worse trouble.

    Doctors don’t need to be rich. There doesn’t need to be money in health care. It should be no more profitable than any other service; indeed, it should be less about profit and more about provision of help to any in need.

    Right now, only those who work hard to earn a living (while the government takes at least a third of their income) are denied medical care. Yes, only those who actually work and pay taxes have any difficulty meeting their medical expenses. I can’t even count how many times I didn’t go to the doctor for something because of the cost. Insurance does not cover it all, and even if it did, should the medical field be profiting hugely by what should be given freely?

    If these doctors were bleeding at the side of the road, would they want the Pharisees to pass by, or would they want a good Samaritan? So if you don’t want to be left on the side of the road, beaten and dying, why would you want to treat others that way?

    Yeah, the medical fields stinks. Obama is only going to make it much worse. We need prices on everything to come down. A doctor can be paid the same as any other professional. He doesn’t need inflated fees and extortionate practices. We shouldn’t have to have insurance to cover medical costs. Medical costs should be easily within the reach of every working American.

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    1. Adam

      Medical care costs money and the money has to come from somewhere. To say that someone is entitled to medical care is to say that they are entitled to the money that pays for said medical care, which is to say that they are entitled to the belongings of others. Should everyone receive necessary medical care? Sure. Are they entitled to it? No.

      Are far as “good Samaritans” goes, you’re only the “good Samaritan” if you voluntary help someone else, not if that person takes something from you and not if the government takes it from you and gives it to someone else.

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    2. Samantha

      Your comment was of particular interest to me because I am currently a medical student. I am not sure how involved you have been with the medical industry, but it is quite clear that you have had a bad experience, and for this I apologize.

      Some of things you said were quite distressing. Although you are correct about health care being a business a lot of the problems have actually manifested because of government regulation, which you would know if you knew anything about how health care in America. Doctors are by no means rich, and in fact if you look at how much an average American doctor works (based on hours) in residency and compare this to their salary it is BARELY above minimum wage AFTER going to school for a minimum of 8 years and having thousands upon thousands in debt. I wonder if doctors should take a pay cut should we also get our education for free? I mean the argument could be made that because we are going to be sacrificing so much of our time then why not? My mother is a nurse and she raised me on that salary alone. I will make a lot more money than my mother, but I can guarantee you when I graduate I will be utterly and completely able to help a lot more people with my knowledge. My mom will never have that because she doesn’t have the education I do no matter how many years she has on. I will ALWAYS know more anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, etc.

      You really need to get the facts straight and realize that doctors (most that I know, there are always a few bad ones) do try the best they can. They don’t make decisions for insurance companies nor make up the prices for tests. If Americans would take more responsibility for their OWN health especially PREVENTATIVE care then health care would not be so expensive. Before you start blaming others (especially ones that have worked so hard and just really want to make a difference in people’s lives) take responsibility for the things you can fix.

      I don’t know where health care is going to be in 20 years, but I can guarantee you that no matter how much of a pay cut I might face I would not change one thing about my life. I love medicine and all the knowledge that I can gain, but most importantly I am being an extremely productive citizen while helping a lot of people. There is a lot more I could say on this subject, but unfortunately I have to go study.

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    3. Garm

      Government healthcare in the US (Medicare, Medicaid, VHA, etc) covers 27 % of the population. It costs the taxpayer more than 4000 $ per person per year.

      Those 4000 per taxpayer…that is more than the TOTAL costs of all other nations bar two. 100 % coverage UHC, private vanity surgery or hospitals, insurance, IN TOTAL costs less per person than those 4000. In the US, thats what it takes just for the government section of healthcare. The private section costs more.

      There is no signs that these other countries get worse care. In fact many countries with similar health and obesity profiles to the US, like the UK have far better results.

      This is simple economics. Health care economists can explain why quite easily. Healthcare has a large number of characteristics that lead to market failiure.

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  2. crystal achey

    Message to the webmaster… please add a mark for spam or some kind of flagging system to this site if you can. Too much junk… You are free to do so, as far as I can tell.

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  3. Steve

    Ron Paul believes that only true free market competition will put pressure on the providers and force them to lower their costs to remain in business.”

    My question: We did this with the airlines starting in 1978. Today seats are tighter, service is poorer, and ticket prices are (inflation adjusted) MUCH higher. We are down to three major airlines with the fourth about to meld into one of the others.
    So how does that example compare to healthcare?

    My own thought is that as long as healthcare is a ‘for-profit’ endeavor it will be expensive, sub standard (as compared to Canada or Scandanavia), and in a continual decline as insurance companies and big pharma squeeze out profits for shareholders and bonuses for execs.

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    1. crystal achey

      Valid concern… Ron has talked about how health care should not really be for profit, but in a free market, if health care cannot be afforded, “they” will find ways to make it affordable for the health care consumer. Health insurance was created to encourage the use of allopathic medicine & is a business… they have a right to do that, and there certainly are benefits … but, it’s really just a way to ensure that people are using allopathic medicine which uses pharmaceuticals & surgery as modes of healing or symptom cover up. Before govt offered medicaid, there were lot’s of options for people who could not afford to pay & doctors often allowed patients to run tabs. My doctor does that for me now actually… very rare to find this… although, I imagine other docs are doing this more and more. Obama care serves to benefit industry, not the people, in my opinion. And I’d like to see more of an emphasis on integrative care where people are encouraged to visit with doctors who are trained to do no harm & look for natural & less risky solutions, like Naturopaths first & allopaths as a final option… the problem is that Naturopathy requires effort & responsibility by the patient & many people are more interested in the quick fix of a pill nowadays.

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    2. DonaldDriver

      No. Dr. paul is absolutely correct, but no one is going to be able to wrap their heads around this one.

      The consumer needs to be in control of health costs, and health insurance will have to be for he states: catastrophic conditions that we cannot predict, and for which insurance companies cannot screen. Try to get life insurance with terminal cancer or late stages of AIDS. It’s not going to happen. Not eveyone should pay the same amount for health insurance. This should be based upon your age, number of dependents, your weight, how much healthcare you comsume, any chronic diseases you have (diabetes, hypertension), etc. That is how insurance works.
      1. End medicaid
      2. End medicare
      3. End employer-based health insurance (EBHI) the largest tax deduction in the country
      4. End tricare
      This means truly put this back into a free market system, where you write a check when you go to the doctor. If you need a check up and some lab work, it will probably run you $200 in the free market. Most people with EBHI lose $10,000 per year for that benefit. Since it is tax-deductible, we all pay roughly 40% for that perk for each other. This subsidization is largely responsible for the meteoric rise in healthcare costs in this country. No one is personally feeling the hit for their healthcare. Walking into the doctor’s office most of us don’t even know how much it’s going to cost, because we don’t care, because we’re not paying – or maybe a $20 co-pay. That’s strange. Healthcare will be the demise of Western civilization.

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      1. Brad

        If you ever come back here Don if you knew the truth I think you’d change your mind, search for the truth always!

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  21. Jessica Calhoon

    Any healthcare system that is anywhere near the Canadian system is, and will never be, a quality alternative to our healthcare now. As a person who has seen Canadian healthcare through the usage (or lack there of) of my family in Canada, I am 100% against it. There is a reason why people leave Canada to get healthcare in America. It is a counterproductive system where people are stuck on waiting lists for months and months on end for procedures that need to happen now. My Aunt was placed on an 8 month waiting list for heart surgery after her 3rd heart attack. She is not a heavy woman. She is not a smoker. She is in good general health besides a failing heart. Who is to say who is before her? A drug addict? Who knows. Who can say for sure. But all I know is that she had to wait 8 months for a procedure that would be done in America in a week. There is an obvious issue with our healthcare as is, but the notion of molding our healthcare to a “better” and more “efficient” healthcare system similar to the Canadian system is bogus. Under Obama’s legislation, a family friend’s type I diabetes medicine has gotten so costly, the family cannot afford other necessities. This is not O.K. This should be ended.

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  25. Adam

    Paul is correct about the medical monopoly. Like all monopolies prices under a monopoly get higher and higher until they are out of control. The modern health care system is more like death management. Many prescription medications manage the symptoms of an illness while slowly killing the patient and grant no cure. Other aspects of modern health care like fixing a broken bone is very effective. Correct diet and nutrition and cure so many illnesses it is amazing but the system does not want people to know this. The current health care monopoly linked with the pharmaceutical industry wants us all to be dependent upon it. Do some research for yourselves and see how to cure you bodies from the attack of toxins in our modern lives. Finally Obama care is 17,000 pages long in counting (they have not finished writing it yet). Any bill that is this long leads me to believe there are many things in it that are good for no one but the establishment. Get government out of health care, and teach people about proper nutrition (not talking about the food pyramid) and watch the price of health care prices plummet.

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  26. Whisper

    wow Mr. Paul, you republican liars get worse every day. I mean i am not a democrat or republican i only vote on the person who will be best for the PEOPLE who are the back bone of this country. i mean 2008 election was just a fear fest. trying to scare people with misconstrued truths and mistakes your competitors my have made. the like on you page about Obama care is one of them a fat lie. Obama care is not making everyone who dose not want health care have it it is trying to put a governmental competitor to there for people to us that is affordable. i mean come on i have to pay $230 for my prescriptions a month all you are doing now is taking democratic ideals voting them down and saying you came up with them. if anyone should be afraid of something its you and your cohorts!! you don’t care about the average American you whip your butt with there tears!!! stop trying to get richer and help your country!!!

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    1. jcal7653

      Maybe you should learn to “speak” english grammatically correct before you begin to tell people how stupid they are. Just a thought…

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  27. The Truth man

    I agree with much of what Dr Paul says here, and have agreed in the past. But there is some that I dont agree with. Health care must be direct and it must be absolutely effective. In reality you cannot have real freedom and individual rights in a complex national structure as the one we have today without affordable direct, EFFICIENT(COST) health care.

    The problem that Dr Paul has to be honest about if the GOP! As Dr Paul himself has been victimized countless times by the GOP he knows full well what he is facing here…a medusa, a multi headed monster that seems to turn good people to stone just by gazing on them…..what I mean to say is that the GOP has never been honest or well meaning when it comes to health care…never.

    The GOP’s solution is pretty much if they dont have the money, let them die. That;s their solution or its full intent. People will not cooperate with that notion as we all know.

    Obamacare is in many ways what Dr Paul says it is. A system that continues to support the monster insurance companies….but what is the alternative? Oh yeah I agree that some part of Dr Paul’s system would actually work. But who is going to enact such a system? THE GOP? Are you kidding? The GOP Dr Paul is still “counting” primary votes in Main and Nevada. The GOP is too busy sir taking care not to have you upset them or their client’s profit projections…lol.

    One Day Dr Paul’s ideas will come to the fore and become applicable but for the present, as a kind of PUNISHMENT I agree with Obamacare…besides what is the alternative? Where is it? The GOP is too busy for such alternatives.

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  28. int19h

    Why argue for or against health care on Federal level when it simply doesn’t belong there? Leave it to the states to establish (or not establish) their own public healthcare systems, the way they believe to be best.

    Did you know that Canadian public healthcare system – the envy of many American left-wingers – was originally created on provincial level? Provinces that had Labor majority enacted the laws establishing it locally, and it spread through popular support. At some point, several provinces that had it joined in an agreement to pool money and to provide coverage for all residents of the alliance. And, even today, when the system covers the entirety of Canada, it is still fundamentally controlled by the provinces – each of them can opt out of the system entirely, and each controls healthcare providers on its own territories.

    There’s no reason why that same approach cannot work in U.S. Just let the states do their own thing.

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    1. The Truth man

      I agree with what you say, but believe it or not leaving it on the state level can and should happen once a general health care system or protocol is available. I support the Free Market system…but unlike some, I will only support it in so far AS IT IS BENEFICIAL TO SOCIETY AND ESPECIALLY TO DEMOCRACY(after all that is the objective is it not?) and not past that point.

      To have states compete with one another concerning health care might -beyond a certain minimum threshold- be quite beneficial to society, but having them all deny health care and letting people die in the streets is not going to be beneficial to society or the NATION…in the end friend…the civil war was fought to Unite this nation and keep it united. All objectives from that point on must be towards making that Union stronger and though STATE’S RIGHTS ARE ABSOLUTELY IN THAT DIRECTION…care must be taken to make certain that all states rights are directed towards ultimately making the nation stronger not weaker… care is necessary…as long as it is affordable, reasonable, and efficient we dont need massive federal programs, as long as states health care systems live up to the requirements of a strong nation that is fully protected against destructive competition or corruption of individual rights and vitality. Ultimately you are right…states should have command of health care…but we are a long way from being able to do that in a reasonable manner…what we want, and what we can have are often two different things…much work remains to accomplish what is ultimately a desirable have efficient state’s level health care protocols….that effeciently and effectively deal with the universal need for individual health care.

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      1. PANTS

        I will only support it in so far AS IT IS BENEFICIAL TO SOCIETY AND ESPECIALLY TO DEMOCRACY… You do know our country is a republic right. .I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands

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  29. Amer Ican

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  30. Lucille Luminati

    Thanks for the incredible info. Outstanding stuff! I most often don’t comment on these but I thought you did a really great job and I’m positive still others feel the exact same.

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  31. Przecieki matura 2012

    Magnificent publish, very informative. I’m wondering why the other specialists of this sector don’t understand this. You should continue your writing. I am confident, you’ve a great readers’ base already!|What’s Going down i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It positively helpful and it has aided me out loads. I’m hoping to give a contribution and aid different customers like its aided me. Great job.

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  32. Citizen

    The fundamental question!

    Is Health Care a RIGHT or a RESPONSIBILITY

    If the Individual citizen is NOT responsible for his/her health and care, then NO amount of Government wealth transfer can possibly cure their disease.

    Government’s INTRUSION into health care industry is monumental waste of public and private resources and if not ENDED altogether… will bankrupt our people and destroy our economy within this decade.

    Get government OUT and let the Free Market find the solutions.
    Medical Savings accounts is the most that government should be involved

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    1. dan

      If you were born poor without the means to provide healthcare for yourself no matter how responsible you are I would still give you healthcare because I am a nice guy. You better love people like me, because without them your whole “fend for yourself” system would cause a lot of Americans to die every year from easily treated conditions. Wouldn’t It just be nominal to base a medical system on assuming that others would show large amounts of compassion and self sacrifice. Only 1 problem- In this day and age you can’t assume that anymore. (I wish you could though)

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  33. Cdb

    This is a Politician that happens to be a Dr. The ONLY way this is going to be solved is if Dr.s, Insurance Companies, and Drug representatives get together and are told you have xx amount of months – “FIX IT” Government stay out!

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  34. Amanda

    Insurance wouldn’t cost so much if illegals wouldn’t some in and not pay their millions of dollars (litteraly) in medical bills. It also wouldn’t be so expensive if people diddn’t use their insurance for every little thing; the more they have to pay the more YOU have to pay in premiums. Thirdly, if people would make payment plans and make their payments on time for their bills, healthcare would also be less expensive.

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  35. Amiri Can




    Membership Chairman Bill Griffin
    frozen foods, work number:706-367-9851 | 1-800-277-9851

    Chairman: Matt Brewster
    2372 S Milledge Ave, Athens, GA 30605

    Vice Chair: Karen Schwind
    168 Grady Ave, Athens, GA 30601

    2nd Vice Chair: Tim Wright
    135 Carlton Ter, Athens, GA 30606

    Athens-Clarke county GOP Contact Information
    (706) 546-4280

    Gail Schrader
    Supervisor of Elections & Voter Registration
    Phone: 706-613-3150
    Fax: 706-613-3840
    155 E. Washington St.
    Athens, GA 30601


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