Ron Paul Not a Freemason

Ron Paul is not, and never has been, a mason or freemason.


  • Robert

    Your founding fathers were signing us into a corporate contract with the british. Its was more about greed than freedom. Ben Franklin was actually on the kings payroll as a spy. He spent much of his time traveling back and forth providing the king with info regarding the colonies. The constituition was not written for we the people, but for the protection of Founding Fathers, their family, heirs and their posterity. It was nothing more than a buisness plan.. Read more here.

    • Seraph

      So if not by the Constitution then by what standard and principals do you think our government should be run?

      • Steve

        How about humans run their own lives without need for govt. I do not need a ruler.

  • Anthony Decker

    Mason’s are free and independent thinking they believe in brotherly love, relief, and truth.. most of our founding fathers were masons
    I would say you can judge masons by there beliefs and respect for others our constitution showed that they were great men let that be the petition for others to join not a conspiracy theorists fears of the unknown.

    • Steven Manseau

      Well said Brother Decker,

      Let the curious, the naysayers, the doubters come to any Masonic Temple Open House and meet some real American Patriots, people who really care about actual freedom and the well-being of their fellow American. Let them decide based on facts gathered face-to-face, man-to-man. They’ll find more Ron Paul supporters in Blue Lodge than in a Union Hall or a Redneck bar.

      Steven Manseau, 32° Scottish Rite, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons.

      • Mike

        Will they get to see the child abuse/sacrifice? The rape of women? Or the breeders? Or are you not of a high enough level to see these things for your self yet? I pray your eyes are opened. You are worshipping satan, if you wanna see it or not.

        • Steve

          LOL! Which blog did that info come from? I want to subscribe!

    • Paul

      the fundamental issue with why anyone would oppose Freemasonry is really quite simple. Anyone familiar with the current form of masonry is well aware of Albert Pike. For those who don’t know, do some homework. When the “initiate” joins he must perform designated “tasks” in order to advance. These “tasks” seem innoccuous enough not to cause any alarm. They even appear to be helping humanity. Do your tasks and secrets of the “Mystery” will be revealed. On and on it goes for several years. Some members crap-out, others get into the whole “secret mystery” thing. If and when the initiate has proven loyalty unto the 31, 32, and 33 then is revealed the juicy little nugget that Lucifer (the light bearer) is really who you have been serving but he’s been misunderstood because he is really here to save the world.
      This sophistry is not only propogated by Freemasonry. A woman from the last century named Alice Baily started a little organization known as the “Luciferian Trust” somewhere in the 1920’s, I think. Well, believe it or not that name didn’t go over too well, so it was changed to the “Lucius Trust”. She composed a little ditty she called the “GREAT INVOCATION” going on about unifying the world under a single religion. That little organization has stuck around, and now holds a permenant seat in the United Nations. And that little ditty, is read by all attendees before each session. If you think I’m full of shxT, look these things up for yourself.
      So, even though for all external appearences when Freemasons do all of their good works for humanity the society remains SECRET. Why? Would the world really rush to destroy an organization whose soul principal was to do good and help their neighbor? Really? I think that it is secret for other reasons, the same kind of reasons that Skull & Bones is secret. The same reason that the Illuminati are secret. All things done by these secret societies stands in stark contrast to Christ and Christianity where all things are done in the open ( …and to all aspects of the church on Earth which continue to hold meetings in secret, they too have fallen away). As fantastic as it sounds Lucifer has a certain dominion in this world at this Time. This idea is biblically supported, for when Jesus was in the desert Satan offers Him the kingdoms of the world…if only He would bow down and yield authority to him. However, we must follow Christ’s example and always reject him even when he wants to give us candy, because…well, he’s Satan. I realize that the mere mention of the bible will cause many to wince. It is a just reaction when reflected against the devastation caused in the name of “christianity” over the centuries. However, the truth remain.

      Consider this little known fact: The ONLY confederate general form the with a statue in Washington DC is Albert Pike. This is strange, since he was far from a glorious general. He is there because of his masonry. The founding “fathers” were all adepts in the Rites of Masonry and the city is laid out on the Leys. Most fantastic of all Pike predicted 3 world wars which he described to be necessary to bring about the new unified world government… all the way back in the 1870’s!
      Go figure !

  • Steve

    Dave: I Have been thinking about what is said, and the way I said it and decided that I should apologize for mocking you. I did do a little research like you asked, even though you probably will not believe it… and that is your prerogative. The illuminati was founded in bavaria in 1777, and it was disbanded for trying to propagate rational thinking in 1784. It was a product of the enlightenment movement. Freemasonry is also a product of the enlightenment movement. I don”t understand where reason and rational thinking is evil, but I see that you have a different understanding of these groups. And I acknowledge your right to hate any entity that you choose. That is why this country is so great!

  • Steve

    Ok. Here is how you find out if Ron Paul is a mason. You contact the grande lodge of Texas… and you ask them if Ron Paul is a member. Membership is no secret. I am satisfied with the note, and I am glad he is not a mason. Because if he was, a bunch of goobers wouldn’t vote for him even though he is the only worthy candidate. But after he is elected and served his term, I would be delighted if he petitioned to join the fraternity. He is a very noble and intelligent man! I am appalled that this is the deciding factor for so many people. That they would hand the country over to the easily corruptable rather than a freemason.

  • Keith

    I dunno about you guys, but personally I’ve never seen Ron Paul’s handwriting. I also have no idea who Charolette is. I also have no idea what context this note was presented in, or what preceded it.

    This entire argument is based on a very circumstantial photograph presented with no supporting evidence. THIS is what America needs to wake up to. False arguments do little more than spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt – tools of evil and oppression no matter who is using them.

  • Steve

    Ha ha! I just read dave’s post and I have to say that I am amazed that people actually believe this crap! I thought he was joking! It sounds like something from a fantasy novel… a bunch of gremlins and evil wizards conspire in secret meetings and make a pact with the devil to rule the world. I mean, just because you can google doesn’t make you a master researcher of history. Pick up a book for God’s sake. Actually read a text composed by one of the groups you condemn. If you actually did your own footwork and studied for yourself, rather than cruise conpiracy theorist’s blogs, you might actually be able to develop an intelligent opinion. If you rely on the opinions of others, you are bound to be misled…

    • Dave

      I once spoke as you have, Steve. Your ignorance was once shared by me. Once again, *PLEASE* prove me wrong. Obviously, you misunderstood my reason for posting.

      Once again, if you think I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist, please do some research and prove me wrong with facts.

      Or Don’t. Believe that the Illuminati is a silly joke I made up, and trust the government, afterall where have THEY ever done us wrong, right?

    • Jim

      Hey Steve, there is a conspiracy to take over the world, by a man possessed by satan, known as the Anti-Christ! So you need to pick up THEE BOOK, called , the Holy Bible and read all about it, in Revelation Chapter 13. You may be truly “Enlightened”!!

      • Steve

        Whispering, “…ki-ki-ki…ma-ma-ma” as Jason jumps out with a machete….

  • Tom Pace

    I’m with Skip and Seraph, I, too am a Free and accepted Mason and proud to be amongst many, many good men. I’m also an ardent follower of Ron Paul because he does display and has for several decades displayed consistently the virtues of truth , honest and sound judgement and lack of fear in opposing the status quo. Although he would certainly make a worthy Mason, it makes no difference to me whether he is or not.

    • John Titus


      If you are a indeed a Mason and have not been indoctrinated into the 33rd degree you would not be aware of the true nature of the group. Only 33rd degrees are aware of the Order which sits above them. Those below the 33rd degree are refered to by those of the Order as “useful fools”. Take a good look at your masonic symbolism. Most of it has its origins in the occult symbolism of the followers of Luciferianism. You should reconsider your connections to these people before it is too late. Once the NWO is fully realized you and your brothers will have out-lived your usefulness.

      • Steve

        Could you state which document you are quoting when you quote “useful fools”? Please?

        • Martinez

          He might be quoting Yuri Besmenov, who likes to call pawns of the elite “useful idiots.” If you don’t know who he is, I recommend you look him up. He has been talking about the “communisation” (for lack of a better term 😉 of the US of A for decades now. I don’t think he’s still around but he was very outspoken for several years. He was an extremely vocal defector of the Soviet KGB. Also, look into some of the G. Edward Griffin interviews regarding Collectivism, Fabianism, and Leninism, etc.

          • Steve

            MasonicThank you for the reference! Maybe I’ll look him up. I thought he was trying to quote a Masonic document, which would have been more suitable for a quote in that particular post.

    • Martinez

      Just out of curiosity Tom Pace, do you consider yourself Christian? I know Ron Paul calls himself Christian as do many of his supporters. I’ll explain why I ask pending your answer.

      • Steve

        WOW! I believe the devout christian is going to use the pagan socratic method to prove a point! You are a christian, right Martinez? I will explain why I ask pending your answer…

  • Dave


    If you read History as actively as you should, you will see, that Freemasons are a branch of the Illuminati… if you read about the Illuminati you will find that they have a global plan for world domination, and have lots of members in high places in all countries governments around the globe. I’m a crazy insane “conspiracy theorist” right? Go and type “Illuminati mission statement” into Google and see what you can find. Also, Just for fun, go and research the bloodlines of the Obama, Bush, and the Kennedy families and see who could possibly be related to one another… but be careful it just may shock you.

    Free and accepted Mason huh? Well, needless to say I don’t believe that Freemasons are branching from anything good, and Probably why Ron Paul made it known posting a handwritten picture denouncing that he has anything, or has ever had anything, to do with Freemasonry. Or else, ask yourself, why did he even bother going through any trouble to show others he is not a Freemason? Could it be that he wants to make clear he’s not involved in anything evil??? Wake up America, Question everything and everyone.

    Oh but please don’t take my word, or anyone’s word for it. I suggest, if you seek the truth, then seek it for yourself, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. We still have a free internet… well at least until the government tries to take that away from us; SPOILER ALERT: They are right now! If you pay attention to politics you will see all the “censorship of the internet” bills they are (unsuccessfully) trying to pass. Deeming under false “copyright infringement laws” to mask the true nature of their intentions.

    And as long as we have a free internet, then we will have the ability to see all the dirty secrets, and boner deals they they are trying to pull.
    I think they are starting to understand, the horrible truth, that its pretty difficult to control a population when we have the ability to actually communicate with one another so quickly.

    Ron Paul is not getting the media coverage he deserves, because other organizations, with members in high places, don’t want him to… Plain and simple.

    Ron Paul is getting my vote, because he is for us. NOT for the Illuminati

    • John Titus


      You are correct. But time is fast running out for everyone. They have planned to start WWIII by using Iran as a scapegoat. Everyone should also be aware that the nation of Isreal in a creation of the Rothschilds. One of the highest levels of the 13 major Illuminati crime families. They and their gofers in the US and EU want to kill 2/3 of the world’s population while they wait it out in their underground bases. This is being played out now before everyones eyes. It may be a matter of days before this begins. It will certainly happen before the end of 2012. 2012 is very important for them because they want to fulfill certain prophecies including those of the Book of Revelation so that they can bring about the New World Order of Lucifer. I know that two of their underground bases in the US were destroyed by the “Resistance” in August. This does not seem to have delayed their plans.

      I can only hope that if they succeed before the Resistance can stop them, that those of us who are left will hunt them down and bring them to justice.

      One of their biggest strengths is that they go about their business unseen by the general population. One thing that may weaken them is that their names and positions in goevernment, banks and corporations should be published for the world to see. This would make them constant targets. They would not have as much time to plan problems for the rest of us if they were constantly running for their lives.

      • Seraph

        That’s a pretty wild story. I assume you have evidence for it?

        • Steve

          I’ll second that. With these kind of claims, references should be cited. Otherwise it is just slander. I could say that john titus likes to pick up small children and molest them and offer no proof at all! And that just isn’t right.

          • Mike

            I’m sorry, evil covert groups don’t publish public memos or write books sharing their dirty dark secrets.

  • Shane E. Drozdowski

    I too am a Free and Accepted Mason and thank both Seraph and Brother Skip for the kind comments. Before becoming a Free and Accepted Mason, I too was concered about Masons running the world. There is actually fewer Masons today in politics than there were at the turn of the 19th century. Since then, our liberties have eroded away, etc. I could go on and on but I am clearly preaching to the choir about our government’s humungous growth.

    Long story short, most conspiracy theories contain huge gaps of logic. Just because one person is a Mason and is in position “X”, does not mean that the entire organization is behind this person. If a bad person drinks Coca Cola, does this mean all Coca Cola drinkers are bad people? No!

    For liberty!

    – Shane

    • Mike

      Your clearly not high enough to know what your getting into yet. Too late once you are though.

  • Seraph

    Whether RP is a Mason or not makes no difference to me. I care about what a candidate’s plan for the nation is, not what he does in his personal life.

    I have known many Masons in my life, and they have all been moral and respectable people, and many are strong advocates of personal liberty and the constitution (which was largely written by Masons afterall). I have met 32nds and 33rds who are just like any average middle class American.

    At one time in my life I bought into this conspiracy theory nonsense, until I started checking the facts and meeting actual Masons and realizing they aren’t the Satan-worshipping reptilians the Google Scholars claim they are. The vast majority of anti-mason conspiracy theories are little more than fundamentalist Christian propaganda.

    • Skip Elefson

      Reply to a comment by “Seraph.” I agree with you, that it doesn’t make any difference whether or not Ron Paul is a Freemason. I, however, am proud to be a Freemason. Thank you for not “buying into” the negativity about Freemasonry. To become a Mason, there are two basic requirements: 1. The believe in a “higher power.” 2. You must be a good moral character. Freemasonry is not a religion, however, we do have two prayers in our “opening & closing” of a Lodge meeting. Out of all the fraternal organizations, Masonry is the only one that has both the Pledge of Alegience and prayer. You are correct in that the vast majority of signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States were Freemasons. Also, other facts, it was the Masonic Lodge of Boston that conducted the “Boston Tea Party;” and Masons started the Under-ground Railroad. Ron Paul would make a great Mason, as he has the morals, personal integrity, and a believe in our Creator. Out of all candidates for President, Ron Paul is the only one that has the character and honesty to say where he stands; NOT just “what people want to hear!” I’m proud to be a part of the “Ron Paul Revolution!”

      • Mike

        You realise the “higher power” is satan right? I mean… If he was God, you’d think there wouldn’t be an issue with the masons calling him that. He isn’t though. Get out while you still can.

        • Revan

          I am what they call a “hard core conspiracy theorist” and I definitely believe the ARE secret societies through running things. BUT! and a big BUTT! The “higher power” they speak of just doesn’t put a name to any God or Energy Force so that ALL religions can join. More Christian’s are Masons than any other religion. The fact is the Banking Elites are actually inline WITH the impowered Christian community and are trying to spread it World Wide with dominance and an iron fist. AND they are using reverse psychology on all the devote Christians to make them think that these orders are demonic.

          • Steve


  • RobertWeigel

    @RobertWeigel I don’t see a point…it’s an organization with secret oaths and levels! lol. What the heck kind of ‘admissible evidence’ towards your conclusion is the allegation that your relatives claim to not know of any secret agenda.Stop it…what a waste of time.

    • Seraph

      I’m not a Mason so I can’t speak for them, but I am in a smaller esoteric society that’s an “offshoot” of the Freemasons and has a very similiar initiatory structure. I’m not going to talk about the initiation rites themselves but can say the reason for secrecy is for keeping sacred certain spiritual teachings, not hiding a political agenda.

  • dinnison1

    please include source(s), video, pics., etc. with your statements. thank you

    • nobody91

      @dinnison1 many things that are there cannot be seen such as gravity which can be test so we should test both good and bad spirits

      • nobody91

        @theorg @nobody91 Praise be to JAH the Most High

  • plaman

    Because he holds no judgment and shows he is there for all people as a president should … Masonic or not ???

  • plaman

    Because he holds no judgment and shows he is there for all people as a president should … Masonic or not ???

  • dinnison1

    Dr. Paul has never spoken nor acted like one. When I read the conjecture and attacks accusing him of being a Freemason, I was shocked! Sneaky and perverse as they are, this was a complete surprise.

    No one should down play the Freemasons! They have been a means to an end for hundreds of years! The end of true Protestantism and Christianity; free enterprise and the republic for which we stand! Every member of the CFR, builderberg, trilatteral commision, Englands royal family, the bankers, the elite are members of one degree or another. And all together they clamor for a one world goverment and a monetary system!

    You point at the FED for helping bring down America; look at who runs them! And especially look at yourself and your lack of education in allowing this to happen. We are living in an exciting time! Many of us are waking up and studying like we never have before. But it may be too late! Put your mind around that too.

    • nobody91

      @dinnison1 I did not say he was or was not I was merely playing with the idea who are you to judge me right away for you are only man like me or women. You can not even read my mind so how do you know what I meant I forgive you for this for your interpertation was wrong. So, why did you attack me right away? If you ever took a philosophy class like I have you would understand this concept. That passage is from the Bible so it is the guide to life for me. So, please do not trend on my beliefs thank you. For I am not judging you so do not judge me. Thank you. For words and knowledge are power and my mind is open and not locked like many in these recent years.

      • dinnison1

        @nobody91 I’m pretty sure I havent attacked anyone in particular. In most cases the site is sending all new post and replies.

  • nobody91

    “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

  • plaman

    My two cents. The Freemason beliefs are no different from that of all we are brought up in. The difference is that their means of getting done what others cannot are sometimes evasive and elusive which give them a bad name. This country, in all we have fought for should discard the separation of groups and band together to come to one decision together on electing a president we all feel who is the proper candidate. It doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat, because what we should be concerned more with is who’s the candidate which will be there in OUR best interest. On that note, Ron Paul Has the right idea IMO on what is right for society as a whole…. the only hit on his campaign that concerns me is that he states to cut the military budget. Now I believe that this statement, although not accompanied by the words on how it will be achieved, could be an answer to the deficit. One way i make the correlation between this being done properly would be in his notion to remove ourselves from other countries territories. at that point there wouldn’t be a need for such a large budget…. which in turn would allow us to decrease the budget without affecting those who are serving to protect our nation. As a former Military member, this is I believe is how it should be proposed to the public which will in turn gain him supporters due to the fact that the mass majority of the public cannot put two and two together …. hence their support for Newt……> So … Freemasons, Republicans, Democrats, Shriners, Catholics, Protestants…. I call to put all of your beliefs behind and look at the truth which is being said….. and choose based on what is right for the people of this country, rather than what is right for your Groups which ostracize those who a President is suppose to take care of …. which in all reality is where your group purpose or focus actually lies …. TO me there is no question about it …. GO Vote Ron Paul!

    • EnochArden

      @plaman I know now why I keep reading this thread… It’s because I keep hoping someone will address the real issues and you did… Take my advice and stop defending your statements on this thread. I got sucked into it. Trying to speak logically is pointless here. You made valid-logical points and others will only wish to besiege you with superstition. I am guilty of getting sucked into debate circles on this page, but am only posting now hoping to save you some time. –>This is a thread for conspiracy theorists and Freemason ranters. It’s not who you hang out with or what group you are in, it’s what you desire for a better country/world/life.

  • dinnison1

    You know it’s okay to admit when you don’t know something! But spew out half truths, and to say because they (masons) give money to charity daily, doesn’t mean they can’t be evil! In Biblical terms they are immersed in it. In humanitarian terms they’er just another donation. Cigarett companies give considerable amounts in cancer research. Does that mean cigarettes don’t cause cancer. Youtube or Google video, “the Secrets behind the secret societies”. This video contains most of the factual evidence you will need. I am so happy to know Dr. Paul hasn’t mingled with these secret groups!

  • RyanJamesDuffy

    Mason’s are not evil, Mason’s started this country. did you know Mason give 3 million dollars in charity everyday worldwide? Being a mason is about helping people.

    • Jay martin

      I wish he were a mason and then we would have even more in common. I wish the Missouri Synod would stop spending so much money attacking freemasonry. But, then again, they know that chivalrous men do not give credance to ignorance. Masons hold the banner of liberty! True Liberty! I would sign Ron’s petition if he ever so desired. Could you imagine the world if all the great men who were freemasons did not do what they have for mankind? The state of Christians today is deplorable. They leave us with the choice between levitical law and the inquisition. Awake! I say. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity shall rule forever as Truth for the human race. Amen.

      P.M. Sir John M. Carden K.T., 32′

    • AboutTime

      Masons are evil
      Money is the root of evil
      Your argument is invalid.
      They want control, power, and support.
      Looks like you are already a part of the evil which consumes many.
      I feel bad that your ignorance will be your downfall.

  • RebeccaandJoeGirard


    • jamievaughn1132

      You think his own website would post that he is a mason? no…just like the answer to the question under issues “is he a racist?” is also no…they aren’t gonna say Ya he’s a racist! on his own website.