Ron Paul Not a Freemason

Ron Paul is not, and never has been, a mason or freemason.


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  • Dro

    We all know politicians never lie!

    • SQ

      Ron Paul is not a politician

      • Dr.Sam

        Funny word , Politics

        Poli – In latin Means Many
        Tics – Blood sucking Creatures

        Many blood sucking creatures ? seems about correct .

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  • Mama Bear

    The BIBLE? Really people? The BIBLE? Oh come on!!! Give me a break PLEASE! As if our country isn’t be bible bashed enough. Yes, the Bible talks of the anti-Christ. Yes it talks about whatever else. But, answer me this, please….. What does the Bible REALLY have to do with politics? I mean aside from “right” versus “wrong” based on what religion you belong to? I am a spiritualist. I don’t sit and say “MY WAYS ARE RIGHT” and “YOUR WAYS ARE WRONG”. I can’t stand people who do that. I would love to see a GOOD debate be held without a single solitary mention of the Bible. You think our government is corrupt? Ha… Take a look at religion, and religions history (entire history). I’m not talking about the Biblical history. I mean the real history of religion, where it came from, how it spread and became so many different religions.

    THERE is where real corruptions lies.

    Think about it.

    • Josh

      You are absolutely right Mama Bear. Please don’t turn away from the Bible though. Just read Matthew and see what was said about the laws of man. It talks about Communism, Socialism, and Charity.

      Organized Religion is what is wrong with the world today. People do things in God’s name that are Evil and wicked. Religion has no place in National issues, it should only be localized. If the people want someone that believes in God to lead them, the votes will show it. If we want a secular socialist, the votes will show it, but just don’t trust the Diebold voting machines to accurately show the real vote. We need a paper ballot that gets counted along with a computer that scans the voting document.

      As for separation of Church and State, what that means is that there was to be no State-Organized Religion like the Church of England. That doesn’t mean that we should run away from God. The Bible doesn’t say to dictate to other people(even though that’s what a lot of Religious Zealots try to do). God wants everyone to have a choice as to whether or not they sin, he doesn’t want us to be dictated to or for us to dictate to others as to what people can and cannot do. The things that would be illegal anywhere, under God’s law and man’s law would be – Rape, Murder, Torture, Harm to Children, etc.

      For those of us that are believers(I don’t like to say Religion because you are right, it is mostly bad), believe that life begins at conception and that abortion is wrong… but most of us don’t want to tell everyone what to do with their bodies and unborn children. People like me would like to live under a local government where abortion was illegal but I wouldn’t want to tell the whole country what they should and shouldn’t do. People like me also believe strongly in contraception as that prevents conception and doesn’t seem like murder to me. If our children that were having sex had access to oral contraception, they wouldn’t get pregnant as often as they do now. That doesn’t stop venereal diseases but that is a price to pay and a lesson for having per-marital sex. I’m a believer so I don’t believe in condoms but that’s a right people should have as well.

      As an aside: I don’t believe that Christianity is the only way to heaven. I believe that he was the best example available as to how to live our lives and that he was the Son of God; but not that he was God in the flesh. I’m in the very minority of believers there but that’s how I read it in the Bible. The Holy Trinity was a Catholic construct created by Constantinople(previously a Pagan worshiper).

      • Josh


      • Steve

        Actually, the Torah has incidents where it is said that God told the Israelites to “kill every male child” when they were about to go to war and move into the “promised land”. But I think that was a result of the leader at that time becoming over zealous and putting words in God’s mouth. I understand what you are saying though, and agree whole heartedly. Judging from your post, you are one of the most educated christians I have ever heard from.

      • Brynda

        Josh, I wish I could give you 1000 thumbs up, but, alas, I can only give you 1. Organized religion is the fast track to hell.


      your dumb

      • Brynda

        and how dumb are you when you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”?

  • LegionnairesAwaken
  • Daniel

    What makes Freemasons so sinister in your perspective anyways? (^Directed to the comments above ^)

  • Dagny

    Oh, please. This is the corrup neocon establishment trying to smear and slander Dr. Ron Paul, the only honest candidate running, and they know it. He does not belong to the freemasons and never has. end of story.

  • *MW

    if you have secrets, concerning your loyalty, i have no use for you.

  • Wolf in sheeps clothing

    He’s a wolf in sheeps clothing on so many levels. Watch this hand while they are working with the other. What they are doing is on such a profound level that it is three dimensional chess and most people can barely drive their car from point A to point B let alone see the grand plan behind the veil. God help us all.

  • If you are not familiar with William Cooper for his radio broadcasts and his book “Behold A Pale Horse” – please read and listen to him before making up your mind about Free Masonry…….and politics in general. The time is at hand that the PEOPLE KNOW, instead of GUESS, what is going on behind our backs. As long as we are “sheeple” instead of people – we will go the way of sheep and sheep are always led to slaughter………. Do NOT believe or guess until you read. RIP William Cooper for your exposition of the TRUTH…….he was murdered for his beliefs. Do you remain silent for your beliefs so you don’t get murdered, too. Guess What? The Hour Draw Nearer – we will all be murdered believers and non-believers alike…unless you are one of the elite who fit into the “grand plan”………… Sad, But VERY TRUE.

  • Chris

    who cares if he is a freemason or not.they are simply a club that holds charity events and “handle” each other’s speeding is not even an exclusive group anymore,all you have to do is sign up.the only thing they can “control” is a car show.

    • eric

      oh you are very mistaken please research further and see the coincidence of every president and most rich people just happen to be mason

    • Mike

      How foolish you are.

  • I live in the Philippines and what I am about to propose is a new system of
    government to replace their present one which will work something like
    this. There will be a new TV channel called The People’s Government
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    Filipino people. Renowned experts in all fields from the universities
    and educational establishments here will be called upon to debate key
    issues and once a particular debate is over the registered viewers, all
    of which will be 18 or older registered voters of that channel, will
    vote (using their TV remote which will have a microchip in it unique to
    that particular voter), which policy they would like to see adopted in
    the country and this information will be immediately broadcast in
    real-time as people place their votes, much like they do on talent
    shows, etc. Any idea that receives a substantial majority of votes will
    be adopted as government policy. Marginal majorities will result in
    further debates at a later date until there is a clear and substantial
    majority vote on a particular policy. The experts who appear on this TV
    channel will not receive any financial remuneration at all. They will
    volunteer their time freely for the sake of their country.

    This will obviously be a very radical change from the way governments
    here and in most other countries operate at the moment in which a voter
    gets to vote for a candidate but has little or no say at all in policies
    adopted by the government that gains power.

    This movement has to be an initiative by the students of the country
    (the under 30s) as they will immediately be able to see the wisdom of
    such a system, whereas most older people’s thinking patterns are too set
    in their ways to make the effort necessary to bring this new system of
    government into being, and all they will do is try to come up with
    reasons why it will not work or cannot be done, etc.

    The way it will be brought about will be as follows. Firstly a printed
    manifesto in English and Tagalog showing exactly how the new form of
    government is to be implemented in fine detail will be published after
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    “Occupy Wall Street” except that it will be 10’s of millions of students
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    This will be a peaceful government takeover to set an example to the
    rest of the world and by the time it happens the students will already
    have most older people (apart from government workers perhaps) on their
    side anyway, so there will be absolutely no way for the present
    government to remain in power. No government Court Order will be able to
    enforce the removal of the occupiers in the way it did at Wall Street
    due to the sheer volume of occupiers, for there will be no way to
    enforce any Court Order against 20 or 50 million determined students and
    other people. Unlike Wall Street, the occupiers of Manila will have a
    singleness of purpose about them. The new form of government will be
    fully planned out in every detail prior to the occupation and will be
    printed in the manifesto for all to see.

    The Philippines will be declared a Christian/Muslim nation and as such
    will not get involved in any military matters concerning other nations
    at all on religious grounds. It will remain neutral in all such matters.
    It will not be involved in the United Nations until such time as that
    organization reforms and fully adopts to the letter the Christian
    principles and ideals brought to the world by Jesus/Isa as outlined in
    the Christian Bible and Koran.

    The present Central Bank of the Philippines will be dissolved and
    replaced by a new People’s Central Bank and all issuance of paper
    currency will be backed by silver and gold in the bank reserve. All
    coinage will be made from silver and gold or other precious metals.
    Banks and financial institutions will no longer be allowed to loan out
    money that they do not have in the way that they presently do under the
    legalized fraud known as the fractional reserve banking system.


    Rice, Fish, Vegetables and Fruits, etc., that are grown in the
    Philippines will be available in People’s Government run food stores
    free of charge to Philippines permanent residents.

    Healthcare will be provided free of charge to Philippines residents, and
    doctors, nurses and all others involved in the healthcare service will
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    School education will be provided free of charge to the children of
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    Electricity will be provided free of charge to the homes of Philippines
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    Purified water will be provided to all homes free of charge.

    Present residential dwellings which fall below the minimum living
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    People’s Government stores will be established which recycle clothing,
    furniture and all other necessary household items and provide them to
    Philippines residents who need them free of charge.

    Gainful employment will be provided to all residents of the Philippines.
    Privately-owned enterprises will be encouraged to flourish, and any
    resident of the Philippines who is unemployed and does not have the
    skills or training necessary to work in their desired field will be
    provided with the necessary training free of charge through People’s
    Government run Internet virtual classrooms which will enable them to
    pursue the career of their own choosing. The only limitation will be
    those which an individual places on him or herself through their own
    apathy or laziness. Those who wish to make something of their lives will
    be provided with every means to do so.

    This entire idea came to me as an answer to prayer incidentally. It is
    not something I tried to work out myself for I do not believe I could.
    It just came to me in a flash of inspiration.

    Such a movement has never been possible in the world before now, but
    thanks to FaceBook, Friendster, etc., it is now very easy to reach many
    millions of students with an idea in a relatively short space of time.

    What Jesus described as the Kingdom of God will take shape in the
    Philippines as a living example to all other nations.