War on Drugs

Ron Paul opposes the War on Drugs.

On November 20, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times / Freakonomics interview:

“[…] the federal war on drugs has proven costly and ineffective, while creating terrible violent crime. But if you question policy, you are accused of being pro-drug. That is preposterous. As a physician, father, and grandfather, I abhor drugs. I just know that there is a better way — through local laws, communities, churches, and families — to combat the very serious problem of drug abuse than a massive federal-government bureaucracy.”

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  • marissa ohama

    To Ron Paul; When debating job safety, a simple,less invasive computerized test could detect both substance and non-substance related behavioral risks. Lack of sleep, severe stress, physical pain, acute emotional distraction…can be


  • D H

    I have a condition known as Aspergers Syndrome. MDMA is the only known drug treatment that actually works. MDMA is the clinical name for Ecstacy. Its illegal and doctors are not allowed to prescribe it. It has been proven that it isn’t addictive because in normal people, it ceases to function after a few doses. Yet its illegal.

    So why is the government doing this to me and others with this condition? Why don’t they ban blood pressure pills instead?

  • Chris Taylor

    American is going to find that its going to have to Legalize At least marijuana to reduce the power of the cartels in Mexico…
    congress doesn’t seem to realize that Making something that has high demand Illegal makes it extremely profitable. What our law makers don’t under stand is that the cartels are Making a killing selling marijuana to the US because of such a high demand. The US legalizes marijuana the cartels stop profiting from it, and they loose power, And the country quits BLEEDING out money. Instead the money it recirculates, and perhaps with the Superior quality of some of American strands we would have a new Export to add to the grose national product. But of course why would our government do something that makes sense.

  • JS

    Is anyone concerned about driving while high? That is what holds me back agreeing with the legalization for recreational use.

    • barry

      i hate to break this too you, but half the people around you on the road are “high” on marijuana

      you would be surprised how many people smoke marijuana.

      its as common as a cigarette nowadays, i simply don’t see the big deal in all this

      i have smoked marijuana for 10 years

      never had an accident

      alcohol gets you way more impaired than marijuana.

      • JS

        Well, clearly half is a high estimate (no pun intended), and whether people are doing it or not isn’t really the point. I am well aware of how common marijuana use is, and I agree that alcohol can me more imparing. However, if there is a level of highness that inhibits you from being able to safely drive, then I think that it is a topic that needs to be addressed. If we are serious about legalizing it, you can’t blow off what people may see as a threat to public safety.

        Is anyone aware of debates on this topic? I’d be interested to know if there have been any studies done to determine the effects on driving, or if there are any technologies that can test your level of highness.

        • Wildflower

          Check with University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. They do studies on it all the time!

      • Jorgi

        Well i can drive better while i’m high because i get paranoid and i pay attention to everything..but i wouldn’t reccommend anyone doing it..weed makes you forgetful..it’s just not good to drive unless you have a clear mind..that’s how people get caught..and your life and others are in danger..if you’re going to smoke pot do it in your home and be more responsible..

  • J

    Let the free market be free! If we can grow a plant and use it for many purposes then it should be included in the free market economy. A free market which is constrained by laws limits the choices I have to function in the economy. It pisses me off that the federal government thinks they can play “God” by trying eradicate a species of plant. People are waking up fast and at this unique moment in time, the powers that be are actually more afraid of us than we are of them. They are terrified of people like Ron Paul and even more terrified of us getting together and pulling the rug out from under them. We are the majority and the powers that be are the minority. And as long as we don’t slip into complete facism, we, as the people, can call them out. Look up, step back, wake up.


  • Joe

    What has happened is that several years back, it was speculated that non-violent criminals are much more likely to re-commit their crime, which is why, at least in the state of Texas, possession of marijuana in a drug free zone is a class B misdemeanor, the same level of crime as civil assault. The war on drugs has become completely ridiculous. Heroin, cocaine, crystal meth cause problems in society. I’m not promoting marijuana use. I’m simply stating that it is an intoxicant that is not nearly as likely to produce crime, especially if legalized. Also, if legalized and taxed like alcohol already is, it would produce the U.S. a gain of up to 12 billion dollars in taxes as well as 40 billion dollars less federal spending in marijuana prohibition. Overall, marijuana legalization would result in a net gain of 52 billion dollars a year toward the U.S. economy, which is something we drastically need in this crisis as a well as a potentially less judgmental society. Furthermore, legalization of the species cannabis sativa especially, would provide many more fuel sources through its ethanol as well as a new source of cured alcohol, not to mention the numerous products produced from hemp plants. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol is considered, by many, to be a less of a danger to society than alcohol.

  • Anonymous Person

    I just thought of an idea. I’ve seen some recent interviews with Ron Paul and he’s be preaching the same issues. We know what’s wrong with our country. The problem is, we don’t know how to fix it. With another “bill” and more government spending, it’s pretty obvious Obama doesn’t know how to fix the problems either. But Ron Paul does. I think Dr. Paul should do a weekly program where he explains what he would have done if he were president right now. It would be interesting to see how things would be if Ron Paul was president. Anyways, just a thought…

  • Ron M

    I am the father of two herion additics both clean an sober for over a year thanks to AA not the legal system. For seven years we were involved in the legal system. I cant think of one time when the legal system was concerened about their addiction it was always about the money. This is a medical issue not a legal one. I have often thought what if all that money went into a prevention and recovery program instead of lawyers,cops and judges.

    Thank God for AA which is free and working every.

  • Dwayne Polidori

    Gorden, I must say that I completely agree with you. I have been trying to assemble a group of people to participate in a march. A march to sho that the American people are sick and tired and in desperate need of change. If no one chooses to heed the message, we must remind them who pays the bills! Remember that there is strength in numbers. If anyone may be interested in the march you may contact me at: [email protected]

    The time has come to stand up and be heard. (I HAVE A DREAM)

  • No joke. If Marijuana users wanted legalization, they would petition for it. I know about NORML. They have actually had some success. A problem (or not)with weed is, it has the effect of making one feel like the world is okay. So if there is talk of marching on Washington, the likely response would be, “Let’s do it tomorrow, man.”
    I believe it should be legalized right now, yesterday. Anyone in prison for pot related charges, OUT! But, I don’t smoke, I have not dog in that fight.
    De-criminalize drugs that are addictive, coke, meth. whatever. These folks have become sick, and a hammer will not cure them. Has anyone noticed that?
    Note: Our leaders are followers, you probably know that.

    • Nate

      I don’t find the “let’s do it tomorrow, man” argument at all compelling. In order for that to fly, marijuana would have to leave people with a perpetual high. Which is impossible. It’s not like taking some rips off a bong mellows a person out forever. Also, petitioning doesn’t necessarily lead to legalization.

      • oli

        For me the ‘high’ isn’t the problem! Its the fact that THC alters the chemical balance in your brains for weeks. It can also HELP bring on schizophrenia in people who are predisposed to such a mental disorder. ALL drugs can make you ill ; Alcohol with liver damage, cigarettes with cancer, cannabis with mental illness and cancer. I want all drugs legal because taking any substance into my body can be harmful to me, but it is my choice, not other people , not religions, not governments, not the police, mine.

        • For me the ‘high’ isn’t the problem! Its the fact that THC alters the chemical balance in your brains for weeks.

          I agree. I have 40 plus years of experience with people that use or have used drugs, including myself years ago. It is not an “academic” argument I make for the sake of argument, just my experience.

          • Nate

            Meh. I just fired up a j so I don’t care anymore.

          • BidKhan

            In my experience, the “let’s do it tomorrow, man” probably stems from smoking schwag rather than some sativa-dominant kind bud…

          • Shane

            right on nate… fire in the hole

          • Jorgi

            Drugs definitely should not be legal…i’m lightnin it up too haha but i’m not paying the government so i can smoke.

  • Cindy

    I am sick and tired. I have glaucoma, fibromyalgia(yes, it IS a
    real disease), osteoarthritis, diabetic neuropathy (constant pain, weakness in my arms and legs), and I suffer from life long bouts of major depression. I never use alcohol or any other types of hard drugs. I am very sensitive to pharmaceutical medication and I am very limited in the kinds of medications I can use due to the Crohns’ disease. Yes, I am the genetic culmination of my entire ancestry, and unfortunately for me, I have the defects. So, why is it ILLEGAL for someone like me to use an herbal remedy that actually clarifies my vision, turns the pain into a mild tingle, aids in digestion, lifts the depression, and makes me feel good? I am a good person, I worked for thirty years of my life, I graduated from school, I have lived a peaceful life and I have helped many others in many ways throughout my existence. I have a clean record, and a clean driving record. It is time for us to take a stand and to make a loud noise! The legalization of marijuana for medicinal use is not a crime, it is a necessity. It is time to accept the fact that Marijuana is a Good Thing. Time for a Medicinal Marijuana March on Washington, I am pretty sure we can encourage a million United States Citizens to participate. Time to end the Prohibition…it isn’t alcohol, friends.

    • Alexander

      Trying to motivate the most lackadaisical of our citizens to march anywhere would be quite a feat indeed. It’s hard enough to “encourage” them to get to the polls.

      With universal health care on the horizon and all our medical records eventually being transferred to one national database, perhaps we should come up with a “Use Tax” based on random screenings, government assistance and whenever we visit a Doctor. True, Cannibis is illegal due to the fact that the government can’t tax or regulate a plant that anyone can grow but I’m very certain Uncle Sam will have more transparency and regulation once the IRS learns to cross references our medical records.


      • Marijuana is illegal because people have not demanded that it be legalized, that is all. You can make alcohol at home, many do. You can grow tobacco, some do.
        The problem with pot is, “Let’s do it tomorrow man.”

        • Nate

          This must be a joke. Right?

      • Wildflower

        Are you kidding? Tobacco is taxed and it’s a plant!! Do you live under a rock?

    • Layla

      Cindy, you’re not a “victim” of your genes…You are a “victim” of a food and drug industry that works to systematically poison us with garbage franken-food, and then drugs to mask the symptoms of the problems that the food caused. Most of what you’re talking about have not been shown to be genetic issues. Eat real food, visit your local farmer’s market or CSA, or grow your own if possible. If it is in a package, DON’T EAT IT!

      That said, Marijuana should absolutely be legalized, but not taxed. If the government decides to tax it, they will sense a profit margin, at which time, they will simply centralize the supply and weaken it, while driving up the price. Yet another black market would simply emerge. I think it should simply be decriminalized, and the government should stay out of it.

      • Jorgi

        I agree, i’m tired of hearing of people saying to legalize marijuana when your just giving the government more control over your life! Marijuana should be decriminalized.

  • rob

    prohibition doesn’t work no matter what the substance. didn’t we learn this with alcohol? i guess not.

  • oli

    Dope makes you stupid and paranoid, but all drugs should be legal. Driving users underground exposes them to dealers, dodgy product, and both social and health issues. By making all drugs available through doctors or shops, the politicians can control the supply of drugs and not the criminals (who are professional, numerous and here to stay) If I was to focus on something as unrelated to this whole matter as financial benefit, you could tax it while no longer having to pay for a failed drug war.

    • “Dope”, or marijuana as I call it, doesn’t make people “stupid” and “paranoid”. Of course too much of anything is a bad thing. But actually stupid people who smoke dope, make dope look stupid. There are many, very intelligent individuals whom smoke “dope”. Should you try to, say, build a house while under the influence, well no, although there are people who can and do. Really, it effects all people differently, some like it, some don’t. I myself get a boost of energy when high, or if I’m beat down from a hard days work, it gives me a nice relaxing feeling, where I can put the day behind me. But hey, thanks for the anti-drug war seniments. Support for whatever the reasons may be, is support towards ending this ridiculous drug war.

      • Oli

        Ok dope makes you stupid was a glib statement. I Don’t consider myself stupid, but after almost 10 years sitting around stoned, I realized my brain wasn’t as sharp as it was, I hated my job, and yes I was starting to get a little paranoid. So I gave it up, for me that smart. 3 months later my brain was like a laser in comparison and I was studing architecture. I have a new lease of life and I’m not dependent on either the govenment or dealers. I lived the life which is why I know drugs should be legal, but I also knew it hindered my ambitions.

        • Eric

          but its the same thing with alcoholics, do you think that their brains are sharp? No and if they gave up drinking all the time their lives would get better. truth is that the end of the prohibition of alcohol ended the great depression and the end of prohibition of marijuana would greatly boost this economy out of this recession

      • Jorgi

        I agree. I’m not stupid and i smoke everyday. I used to smoke at my bus stop before school ,and now since i got used to it, I actually concentrate better on school work when i smoke. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help memory..but seriously who remembers all the stuff they learned in high school? There are more benefits than health problems. Cannabinoids can be used in the treatment of cancer and marijuana is way safer than alcohol or any other drug. Marijuana isn’t for everyone though..it affects people differently. You should always educate yourself before you put something in your body though.

        • Wildflower

          Agreed! I am getting straight A’s in college!

  • Unjust laws (like prohibition) can only function in a chaotic society—like ours. In a cohesive society, pot smoking (or any) lawbreakers would join with their communities and head en masse to the police station (or state capital) and confess their crime(s).

    Working with police to enforce the law is empowering and builds community, a completely different experience compared to being alone and hiding from the law. It would be hard to ignore 30+ percent of the population waiting their turn at the court house.

    Tyrants and inequality flourish only in the absence of community.
    Prohibition is bad law that inspires violence and corruption on a massive scale, more than 5,000 murders in Mexico last year. The day we are willing to be honest in this country is also the day prohibition is doomed.

    Being honest, telling the truth about us has tremendous potential for empowering people and communities—and to limit the spread of violence caused by the tyranny of unjust laws.

    The truth is drug gangs and “law enforcement” both attract sick, violent men with bad intentions, prohibition has become a perverse system of welfare for the criminally and violently predisposed.

    The drug war is a deadly game that has nothing to do with drugs—and everything to do with unjust laws that create inequality—the realm of violence and exploitation throughout history.

    Possibility: You always find inequality and violence together; but never in the same space as community and equality. Your choice is to do nothing and support the tyrants or get into action with friends to cooperate with community leaders.
    When the bonds of community become stronger than the chains of tyranny then equality and justice will prevail. Then we can get on with creating a world that works for everyone.

    42 percent of the population on 420 would be more than enough to awaken the world to real power of community and equality. Be part of the celebration that changed the world.
    Strength does not come from physical capacity (army & police). It comes from an indomitable will. Mahatma Gandhi

    • Dwayne Polidori

      Gorden, I must say that I completely agree with you. I have been trying to assemble a significantly large group of people to participate in a march. A march to show that the American people are sick and tired and in desperate need of change. If no one chooses to heed the message, we must remind them who pays the bills! Remember that there is strength in numbers. If anyone may be interested in the march you may contact me at : [email protected]

      The time has come to stand up and be heard. (I HAVE A DREAM)

    • gino

      Gordon,You have risen above all the entangling retoric and settled on the crux of our social ills,my congrats to your clear thinking.

  • shaw6038

    I think Ron Paul should be appointed as the next director of the DEA , if he would accept.

    • Gerard

      I think i understand what you are getting at…but part of the problem is the DEA. We dont need an entire agency dedicated to drugs. Most police already have a drug task force. Alot of the money wasted by the gov. is right there at the DEA. Thousands of man hours paid, fuel for helicopter scouting…on and on…for what, every now and again they get a big bust which in no way justifies the amount of wasted tax dollars that were spent. Legalize marijuana. Not only would it generate obvious revenue, but it could also create jobs…GREEN jobs, one thing the Obama administration said they wanted to focus on.

      Those who say it cant be regulated because anyone can grow it…well..that’s not an excuse either. Anyone can make alcohol and beer if they learn how to do it and have the necessary items, but it is still illegal to make your own. Same reasoning applies to cannabis. I could grow it…but wouldn’t it be easier to just go out and buy it…save yourself the trouble.

  • evanfromhawaii

    In my opinion, the reason Marijuana is illegal is because it is impossible to tax or regulate it. Anyone can grow it. Also, the only reason it has such an inflated value is because it is illegal/black market. again, anyone can grow it…

    “If it moves tax it, if you can’t tax it regulate it, if you can’t regulate it prohibit it.” –Government motto

    • nick at nite in the afternoon

      Yes, but using that logic can’t anyone grow tobacco or brew alcohol? Although most likely harder than harvesting a cannabis plant, in theory they could be done. They are still taxed. Evan, I agree with you but there is something larger lurking in the shadows as to exactly why this “dangerous drug” is “illegal”.

      Marijuana is illegal because it compromises the interests of some very lucrative industries. Industrial hemp could make the cotton and paper industry obsolete. Big pharma doesn’t want cannabis to reach its well-documented and practiced potential as a medicine. Hell, essential proteins found in hemp seeds could end world hunger but that’s just not right!

      There is a lot of reasons that Cannabis plants are illegal and they have a lot to do with money and population control. Ask our government and they will tell you that it is a “dangerous drug”. It is. It’s dangerous to the men who control the world and seek to destroy humanity.

      • KC

        i agree with you mostly, but it could never make cotton or (especially) paper become obsolete… it takes so much more hemp to create products like cotton and paper can. they would have to have extremely huge harvests on endless amounts of land to even compare to what you can get from cotton and trees and the climate plays a HUGE factor. the climate can be controlled in a greenhouse, but that too would add to the cost. hemp is more expensive across the board not only because it takes a lot more plants to make items, but it is even harder to grow and maintain.

    • Saddened by the youth

      I agree whole heartedly with Nick at nite. Sadly, evan from hawaii is dead wrong. It is very easy to tax Marijuana in the same way the Govt. taxes tobacco. Did you know it is actually a much harsher penalty to grow tobacco than it is to grow mary jane? This is because of the taxes imposed on tobacco. It is legal to purchase from a store (where they are able to levy the tax) but very illegal to grow tobacco without a tax stamp issued to you by the federal government. This would (or should) be the way they legalize weed. Buy it from a store, pay a hefty tax, which should (but sadly, probably wouldn’t) go towards paying off the national debt, but make it illegal to grow. Sure, there would still be people that grew in their homes illegally but there would be such a flood of great and potent products on the market, that these “moonshiners” would quickly see no need for growing except maybe for personal use? Besides, how many stoners do you know would be motivated enough to grow their own when they can run down to the gas station and pick up a pack of joints?

  • Ice-Berg


    • torrey myers

      but the price of marijuana would go down tremendously. There would be in “inflation” of marijuana, because it would be so widely available. the price of an ounce would drop from 120 to ~$10-20. but still think of how many ounces ud buy at a time then. the economy is in a recession. in fact it is my belief we are far past an inflation and are on the way to another depression if we dont act. legalizing marijuana would be a great way to stimulate the economy. think if all the money pot smokers would spend on it and non smokers who would try it. PRES OBAMA want to create an economic stimulus package? LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!! it already been said that if taxes were cut how would people spend the money. most people would save it or pay bills. that NOT stiumulatin the economy. now, by lagalizin marijuana. it would create a multimillion possibly billion dollar industry right here in the US. think about it. do u wanna kno why it will not be legalized? ask me

      • dogman

        If the the price of drugs go down there is no reason to grow it because you can’t make money.

        • Nate Y

          Happily, this idea is false. Profits are a function of margins, not prices.

        • Bo

          Unless, of course, you’re growing for your own personal use, or even simply for the love of growing the cannabis plant.

  • Hyphen

    It is my understanding that Senator Ron Paul,and some other senators are introducing legislation to decriminalize Cannibis,That is what it is,Marijuanna grows in the ditch’s.
    The easiest way to decriminalize is to change it’s classification,It’s not a weed,Millions of people all over the world and in the united states,are Ready for the end of prohibition on marrijuanna,No Wrong word,It has to be reclassified as an HERB,What i can’t believe is its legal in almost all states to smoke that silvia divinorum(What a rotten buzz),IF cannibis is decriminalized,Our government would be able to Regulate and tax it’s purchase,along with everything related,Hard drugs should be illegal,however the plant called cannibis should be decriminalized,The taxation alone could get our government out of debt,Build new Roads,Bridges and railroad infrustructures.
    Along with lowering the crime rate.
    To many young adults are having thier lives turned upside down and Ruined,by getting caught with infetismlly small amounts of the substance.I feel the government is ashamed of them selfs and would have to Swallow there pride and release alot of kids from the calamity they get into with this.
    look at nebraska,great mass. also.decriminalization and reclasification.In nebraska U recieve a fine and the take your stuff,wow it should be that way everywhere,or just decriminalize it,it’s Prohibition.
    I understand that this is a bill in the works to decriminalize this plant,The only way to decriminalize in my opinion is to change its classification.

    • Wildflower

      First of all Marijuana (cannabis) is not what is growing in ditches unless someone put it there! It happens to be Cannabis HEMP… which use to be grown in the states for the war effort in the 30’s to make canvas (that word actually means cannabis), rope, clothes, etc. You just can’t get rid of this stuff. The birds eat the seeds, the seeds get planted somewhere else from the birds eating it, it never dies. You CAN NOT smoke HEMP for THC content cause there isn’t any THC content, to speak of, in it.

      I agree with you on everything else though. But you need to take some composition courses to be a better writer. Just a suggestion!


    • KC

      salvia divinorum is worse than marijuana could ever be. i tried it bc its legal and figured i would just get the same laid back buzz.. WRONG.. it was like an LSD trip. i had hallucinations.. something marijuana would never do. the label says to have a “babysitter” with you when you do it and that just shows how dangerous it is when you smoke an herb that you can’t even be alone after doing. i could have walked off a cliff thinking a damn rainbow bridge was coming out of it and marijuana just makes me want to eat an entire box or oreos and relax. how can alcohol be legal? if i had to choose in a life or death matter on who to get in the car with, a person who just got high, or a person who just got drunk… there is now way it hell i would choose the drunk. if i had a teenage girl who was going to a party i would rather think she had smoked a joint and had control over herself and is even paranoid about a sketchy situation rather than her being so drunk out of her mind that she ends up blacked out and raped… or even dies of alcohol poisoning. how can it be that something that grows from our mother earth and has so many uses besides the buzz you get when you smoke it can be considered “devil’s lettuce” when it is totally ok to smoke cigarettes that can give you cancer and drink alcohol that can make your liver fail? it is beyond me… i hate feeling like a criminal because i had a ruff day and want to sit in my own home, relax, and smoke a pipe of a natural plant that eases my anxiety and settles my stomach because i have acid reflux? if anything… i would call it a peace plant!

  • garrett

    the whole war on drugs is a scam its all about the almighty dollar, my friend was busted with less than a gram of marijuana and he spent well over 1500 dollars for it and got his license suspended for 6 months and he was no where near his car when he got caught, and the real question is why are we busting people for a harmless plant when there are murders and rapist out there getting away with it while the police are wasting there time and filling the jails with harmless peacefull american loving weed smokers

    • Keith G,

      Hey this is me too. I also would like to add corrupt politicians to your list. Kudos by the way.

    • I used to work drugs when I was in the Army for CID. I can tell you this, I personally am not against MJ legalization, as a matter of fact, I support it. While working drug investigations I saw a lot of MJ come through my office.

      The reason you see them busting you for the MJ and not the murderers/rapeists is because you start small to find big things. Not only that, you arrest someone for minor pos. their prints goes on file, and in several states, DNA. This will lead to busting them in the future for worse crimes. Not only that, you catch someone with MJ, a lot of times it leads to bigger things. The police are tasked with enforcing the law. It is ALL laws, not just one or two of them. And the patrols (the ones that probably busted you) are not the ones that investigate murders and rapes. They do the street level enforcement.

      I understand your woes with getting busted, but, technically you broke the law, knowing you were breaking the law, and you have to pay the price for it. If you don’t want to, don’t break the law. Now, I break some laws too. I am willing to pay the price for breaking laws I don’t believe in. If oyu are not, than don’t 😀

      That being said, as I stated, I am all for legalizing pot. It’s effects are so similar to alcohol, there is no reason (other than big government) why it should not be legalized.

      • Sammy T

        This is by far the closest I have ever seen someone come to my exact beliefs. When it comes down to it, if you commit a crime knowingly you should accept the consequences of said crime. It’s how the game works. LOL!

      • KC

        i agree with you in a way.. but pot is not similar to alcohol in its effects. drinking is a totally different experience. i know people who smoke pot that hate drinking and the other way around. drinking can also make some people mean and angry… I’ve never seen anybody get violent or mean from smoking marijuana. just because something is illegal doesn’t make it wrong and being punished for it is ludacris. alcohol was illegal at one time, but its OK now THEY say. the biggest difference is marijuana is used in medicine… i have never heard of alcohol being used in medicine unless you can buy it over the counter at your local drug store next to the peroxide! lol. i know cops that smoke marijuana because they know it isn’t wrong and some cops even let some things slide (like speeding and that is dangerous in a whole different level)… its all about control.

    • KC

      I AGREE!!!!

  • S. Carmody

    We are not only wasting money, but are putting heroin addicts in jail to get out and continue thier addiction. Thier needs to be a strengthening of the family unit.
    Because of the demand for both parents to work, children are being lost in the mix. The Dinner table no longer exists in some homes, and with that goes communication. We need to turn the TV off, and listen to our children and asks questions. We must remember that children today are smarter, and deserve to be told why they did something wrong, not because I told you so. When you ignore the child or abuse, the human condition is to find someone you think will take care of you or help you feel better: Gangs, Drugs.
    The decade of blame needs to go away and we need to be responsible for ourselves. I hope I wasn’t rambling on, but thank you for this forum

    • Andrew

      If our debt rose to 15 trillion, and they legalized cannabis as a last ditch effort to boost economic woes, the debt would be wiped in half within three years by the National Pot Smoking Census paying legal taxes on their legal plant life, smoking more for the greater good of our national budget. It is the simplest of economics. One hand washes the other.

      • Jorgi

        Marijuana needs to be DECRIMINALIZED so users can stop being arrested and the government can stop telling people what to smoke and drink and what to do. This should be a free country but the government wants to control everything. By LEGALIZING marijuana your just giving them something else to regulate, tax, and control…and believe me i’m not paying the government to smoke weed. The money isn’t the problem, besides the fed is making money at the push of a button and just throwing it all away on bailing out their friends, while the debt keeps piling up. People need to educate themselves about what is going on because this is the reason we are in this mess..vote for ron paul..don’t vote for whoever the media tells you to next time..and don’t vote to legalize anything until you know the facts..

        • AD

          i would disagree. if it isnt legalized than business’s would not beable to sell it for recreation. this would keep the price higher than if we had to pay taxes on it. and then you woud be able to buy herb from a legitamate business and know at least i part where it came from. instead of some creepy guy in the park, and not what type of pot you are getting.

        • Ryan

          I agree with AD, marijuana should be legalized not decriminalized. One of the biggest reasons crooked ass politicians are able to keep pot illegal is because they claim it is a gateway drug, but this claim can only be made as long as pot is kept in the same underground black market as more dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroin. by decriminalizing marijuana you would keep the pot in this same market and let politicians keep making the “gateway drug” claim. these politicians would also convince people we are just making it more acceptable to smoke this “gateway drug” and create more cocaine and heroin addicts.
          My beef with the fed is that they keep drugs like alcohol, tobacco, even caffeine legal when pot is less addictive and harmful than all of them. The only time this is not true is when a person smokes pot and tobacco then it is much more harmful, but otherwise pot is less harmful and when filtered is theraputic and actually cleans the lungs.

    • travis

      I was recently arrested for possesion of pot in the state of Texas. The state of Texas wich i dont live in is wanting to take away my comercial drivers license or suspend for six months. Witch i was not in a commercial vehicle, and was not even driving.How can a state let drunk drivers off easier than a minor possesion charge.I have recently hired a lawyer and i intend to fight this charge even though the state of Texas law states i commited a crime, i believe in Ron Paul and we the people of the United States of America need to have a revolution on our people in the government and give it back to the people.

      • dogman

        use a spell checker.

        • travis

          why im not the greatest speller and im only human.

          • Justin

            Which is exactly why you should use a spell checker…

      • Ray

        the problem is with people like you that do not know how our government even works. the problem is not with our government it is with us for how we put in the offices and the people that we allow stay in those offices. you say”How can a state let drunk drivers off easier than a minor possesion charge.” How can you think one drug is better than the other they are both drugs.However, they do not care it is a commercial license. most states you have a drivers license or a commercial one, not both. So what are they to do not let you drive a car but let you drive a rig.

    • JM

      Of COURSE the dinner table no longer exists: by attacking the family, big government then tells our children what to think. By fragmenting us, it makes it harder for each family to teach their OWN values to their children. Instead, special interests get to convince them (our children) that their parents are idiots, and it’s better to “conform” than to THINK.

      Funny, these are the same people that refused to CONFORM during the 60s. Now that the world is backwards, and they are eviscerating our constitution, we should “Conform” or be labeled terrorists.

      Ayers has finally blown up the Government. This time, it’s much more destructive than bombs could ever be.

    • Thomas Gallagher

      Ron Paul is brilliant. I totally support his cause and apon listening to a radio interview with him on “air america” i think he could be the president america needs. But not the one it deserves.

      • Trey

        Way to steal quotes from The Dark Knight…

    • Josh Lee

      I think Ron Paul is a very intelligent man, the War on Drugs is not working at all. People are being arrested and taken to jail everyday, hard working americans that like to smoke a little marijuana every now and then, I don’t see how its any worse then alcahol, But I don’t think America should get rid of the drug laws I just think marijuana should be legilized and other drugs should be decriminalized to people that need them perscribed by a doctor.- JL

    • Andrea

      There was a friend of mine who smoked marijuana before she found out she was pregnant and of course CPS(Child Protective Service) was called on her. So she was required to and had a clean test 5 times and went to all the classes. They were at this point supposed to close her case. So as a responsible adult she enjoyed her form of entertainment. Then they said she needed to again take a test because they needed more proof she was not doing drugs… and at some point they asked her how she could take care of her child on such a drug. She is avoiding them now(I informed her this was a bad idea but what do i know…) I think CPS is rediculous and a joke. The only people who cannot function are teenagers who try to act cool. I see kids all the time who look horribly taken care of. CPS needs to hang out at wal-mart! I am a responsible adult with children and these stigmas need to go away and we need to reach common ground with medical reform… and CPS needs to go investigate the parents who send their kids to school in shorts during winter, lice that have formed colonies in their hair, and kids who have their hair in knots from not being brushed… TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS!!!! THEY ARE THE FUTURE!!!! In conclusion I believe that marijuana should be decriminalized so the bad parents can be revealed and you can stop chasing after the laid back pot smoking parents!!!

    • KC

      End the drug war because…If heroine was legal… I wouldn’t use it. If cocaine was legal… I wouldn’t use it. If meth was legal… i wouldn’t use it… see a pattern here?? Nobody owns your body but you… so shouldn’t we be able to choose how we treat it and not let somebody else make the choices for us. On the streets people are shot because they owe 10 bucks for crack and even worse people are killed on accident because of the drug lord sending out his goons for a drive by. this wouldn’t be a problem if it were legal. there would be no drug lords… there would be less crime. the war on drugs is unleashing war among the people.