War on Drugs

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Ron Paul opposes the War on Drugs.

On November 20, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times / Freakonomics interview:

“[...] the federal war on drugs has proven costly and ineffective, while creating terrible violent crime. But if you question policy, you are accused of being pro-drug. That is preposterous. As a physician, father, and grandfather, I abhor drugs. I just know that there is a better way — through local laws, communities, churches, and families — to combat the very serious problem of drug abuse than a massive federal-government bureaucracy.”

Note: This summary of Ron Paul’s position has been determined to be incomplete! Contact us to join RonPaul.com as a voluntary editor. Help us set the record straight and keep this page up-to-date.

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    War on Drugs
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  33. Breaking down the Nanny State. | Blogger at the Edge of the Universe.

    […] have shown us how legalizing prostitution is a good thing, whether you like it or not.  The ‘war on drugs‘ is  […]

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  34. Brad

    No one’s paying attention

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    1. Brad
  35. Brad

    Marijuana legalization coming to California too and the rest of America maybe?

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