War on Drugs

Ron Paul opposes the War on Drugs.

On November 20, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times / Freakonomics interview:

“[…] the federal war on drugs has proven costly and ineffective, while creating terrible violent crime. But if you question policy, you are accused of being pro-drug. That is preposterous. As a physician, father, and grandfather, I abhor drugs. I just know that there is a better way — through local laws, communities, churches, and families — to combat the very serious problem of drug abuse than a massive federal-government bureaucracy.”

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  • regisjbeakensr

    forgot marijuana should be legal grown in the usa 10% tax to grow 10% tax to stores selling with licenses. 10% tax to buer 30% tax per ounce revenue thae things i commented on pays half our debt in one year and its all laws and common sense catch a drug dealer confiscate ie sell it to mexico half price cofiscate money goes to our debtmrijauna alone will make trillions. i’m having here.

    • jbellamy7

      The thing you don’t understand about the American drug war is that the war on drugs is a lot more dangerous, and costly than all the drugs. More people are dying from the legal drugs than they are from all the illegal ones.

      I question how you can believe we need harsher penalties. When you enact harsher penalties to any crime, you don’t really cut down on the amount motive for an activity: you just increase the amount of risk with associating with that activity, which traps people into devoting more of their life to that activity: plus all of the hard word they put into not getting caught creates even more motive: it’s like a very fun business, or a game.

      It has the appeal of breaking rules, which I am all for (Jesus broke quite a few rules), and it really is not the government’s responsibility to take charge of what’s bad and what’s good. Coke and heroin are very bad drugs. I make sure not to let users of certain drugs even come into my house! but as far as the government getting involved: Look, when the government gets involved in anything, when we use the government to help us or feed us in any way: We are encouraging their existence to control us, and that shows a couple personality characteristics: (1) You have a stick up your ass; I don’t even think you have a brain, You must have set it aside. (2) Fear, when you stand on the side of the government you really do get insecure without the feeling of obeying authority, so you feel good about yourself, why? BECAUSE YOU DON’T BREAK ANY RULES?! Just sayin’, you’re a sheep.

  • regisjbeakensr

    i forgot the subject the lawyers are getting them out faster than they can catch them lawyers are a major problem in this country that right to fair trial needs doctoring a pun. and its about money jails too full chain gang will help that. but i knew a dealer lived next door when he got arrested he was bragging he got a 10000 fine he made more than each week. now he needs a harsher punishment maybe penatentory give him a scare. my sister been busted 5 times served 3 months in a kitty jail and still getting highmy mother has same problem as me you got to think of the kids but what about kids parents always big chance they will also.

    • stamiso

      Hey bud. Just a thought from a concerned citizen. If you want your opinion to be taken seriously… Learn how to spell.

  • regisjbeakensr

    a drunk becomes weaker and slower when drunk where a drug addict gets mean and is more fast powerfull can take a good beating and still keep coming. some even like the beating. i kick boxed amateur was close to turning pro and lost a fight got hurt pretty bad ribs fractured just missed my lung

  • regisjbeakensr

    obviously you never dealt with a drug addict or alcoholic. its not a family problem and peer pressure gets most kids to do it at least once somev people only need once to be addictedonce your addicted your mean when you don’t have fights and murders will prove that.i’ve 3 siblings that somone paid 2000 ea. and at 54 yrs old still a drugee my son i’ve been fighting it fo 25yrs. i spend for help he’s clean sees his old buddies and bang wasted money and drs will tell you only he can cure it. hes had 5 duis hit a cop car and ran then hit a parked car and ran now in jail and i won’t go there. i did my share by letting him and his family live here we are part of the problem but i’m not giving my grandchildren up 1 in college another starts next yr A&B students all of them i pd $20000 for son gov’t pays my sister 1200 a month and she is in rehab on the gov’t every other year shes 40. people like that one chance thats it she had a bullet from drug deal graze her head and still does it

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  • Tina

    I am so for legalizing pot!!! Don’t smoke it myself but have friends who do once in while and let me tell you they are alot of fun 🙂 Friends I can’t stand being around? alcohol drinkers, they can get pretty aggressive.

  • sk1951

    All this over a $1 dollar tax?

    The popular and therapeutic uses of hemp preparations are not categorically prohibited by the provisions of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. The apparent purpose of the Act is to levy a token tax of approximately one dollar on all buyers, sellers, importers, growers, physicians, veterinarians, and any other persons who deal in marijuana commercially, prescribe it professionally, or possess it.

    Read and learn more…becaue nothing will happen until you do.

  • David Devore

    I have seen at least one post alleging that the illegality of marijuana is the “majority imposing it’s will on the minority.”

    I am almost sixty years old and ever since I graduated from High School it has seemed that to a lesser or greater degree more people use marijana than don’t. In fact it is those of us who choose not to for whatever reason (in my case it is solely because it is illegal where I live) are in fact the minority.

    Drugs remain illegal solely because of the government’s monolitic entrenchement and profiterring while exploiting otherwise innocent citizens.

    I am not sure about this but didn’t Ron Paul say as President he would pardon all those held solely on drug charges? This is something the President can do and would open the debate in the public arena and bring it out from under the bush, no pun intended. I have also heard that 70% of those incarcerated are so due to drug crimes. Emptying the jails would take the profit out of jail construction and maintenance and return it to more of a justice related system.

    Whatever the case, I am sure Ron Paul is better suited to make a fair and equtable decision concerning the matter than anyone else and has my support. If the Republican nomination is stolen from him like the media and corporations and bankers want I will write in his name on the final ballot and I encourage his supporters to do the same.

    Thank you.

    • dianna7

      So if “everybody’s doing it,” it should be made okay? I don’t believe Ron Paul would legalize it for everyone, but for people with legitimate needs. In which case, I support that.


      • RonPaul2012

        That’s not what he is saying at all. In fact what he is saying is that there is no reason to have it illegal because it is obviously not working. All it is doing is (1) bankrupting us through, building jails, maintaining jails, security at jails, special police forces, DEA, and other acts that the government are trying to use to stop it, and (2) ruining job opportunities for the people that do get arrested with the possession or consumption of weed. I do not exactly know what attributes a company looks for in a new worker but I do know that criminal records is not one of them. So for someone who’s been caught using, possessing or even dealing weed should not be put into jail. It’s not like they went out and mercilessly murdered a bus full of kids, but did a drug that has no harm or danger to anybody including themselves. Also on a side note if the government was to legalize weed fully, then they would also be able to control who got it. As a highschooler, I am able to say that it is a whole lot easier to obtain weed then alcohol. The dealer doesn’t care if you look like your five as long as you’ve got money. So instead of letting your kids, unless your ok with it, do weed and what not, why not legalize it so that it can be treated like alcohol? We could decide the age limit that it would be acceptable to use it at and also be able to further our research in it, which is not very broad for it too is controlled by the government. I completely support the idea of drug freedom because it would benefit our crumbling nation enormously. Ron Paul 2012!

        • w1945

          @RonPaul2012 I got no problem with legalizing weed. That stuff is no more dangerous than alcohol. But you got to put some stops on the rest of that shit. That freaking crack is bad to the bone.

  • Roots

    I wonder how many black and brown DEA agents know the historical roots of their agency?

    Here are quotes from Harry Anslinger, the founder of the DEA and the so-called drug war.

    “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others.”
    (Harry used fear of colored races to justify this)

    “…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”
    (Harry thought colored races were inferior)

    “Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing.”
    (Harry uses fear of foreign enemies)

    “Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death.”

    “You smoke a joint and you’re likely to kill your brother.”

    “Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.” (Harry previously stated it caused pacifism)

    Look up Harry Anslinger on a search engine if you DARE to know the truth.

    The first time I saw a picture of Anslinger I thought it was a picture of Mussolini. It was fitting once I read the history. The scowl on his face and the hatred in his eyes shows says it all.

    The is the heritage of the DEA.

    • sk1951

      Anslinger pics…unreal… http://www.google.com/search?q=Harry+Anslinger&hl=en&prmd=imvnso&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=BBx-To_tDaz_sQKQm5Qy&ved=0CDEQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=603

      During this time, the United States was also dealing with alcohol prohibition, which lasted from 1919 to 1933. Alcohol prohibition was extremely visible and debated at all levels, while drug laws were passed without the general public’s knowledge. National alcohol prohibition happened through the mechanism of an amendment to the constitution.

      Earlier (1914), the Harrison Act was passed, which provided federal tax penalties for opiates and cocaine.

      The federal approach is important. It was considered at the time that the federal government did not have the constitutional power to outlaw alcohol or drugs. It is because of this that alcohol prohibition required a constitutional amendment.

      At that time in our country’s history, the judiciary regularly placed the tenth amendment in the path of congressional regulation of “local” affairs, and direct regulation of medical practice was considered beyond congressional power under the commerce clause (since then, both provisions have been weakened so far as to have almost no meaning).

      Since drugs could not be outlawed at the federal level, the decision was made to use federal taxes as a way around the restriction. In the Harrison Act, legal uses of opiates and cocaine were taxed (supposedly as a revenue need by the federal government, which is the only way it would hold up in the courts), and those who didn’t follow the law found themselves in trouble with the treasury department.

      In 1930, a new division in the Treasury Department was established — the Federal Bureau of Narcotics — and Harry J. Anslinger was named director. This, if anything, marked the beginning of the all-out war against marijuana.


  • Remember how many moonshiners were put out of business? Remember how many mafia families lost millions in a matter of a day? Remember how the government turned the profit back into their own hands. Legalizing mary jane and controlling the tax profits would make a big dent in that massive debt. It worked with alcohol, it will work with pot. I don’t believe legalizing meth, coke, crack ect. would be a good idea. Alcohol does ten times the damage pot does. Smoke a joint and see how many fights you get into. Drink half a fifth of Jack and with the right attitude you will be fighting in no time at all. I have never heard of a person having road rage while stoned! It just doesn’t happen. The guy who had alcohol is flipping people off, yelling, screaming and trying to get you to pull over. The government is missing a large cash cow.

    • Tina

      I think all congress members, the senate, the president and all mitiary leaders should smoke a joint before making any decisions about going to war, guaranteed they would change their minds 🙂

  • singley9

    I am disabled with a fused nerve in my spine and Osteopena. I am of the baby boomer generation and new about the benefits of the weed a long time ago. The drug I used for recreation I now use for pain relief and am able to walk a little. The meds. I got from the doctors gave me bad side affects and did little to nothing for pain in the area I needed. Im sure they were doing there job because I was numbed up everywhere else and was like a zombie, along with a physical dependency that took a good week to flush out of my system. So for me it’s marijuana. I don’t want anybody to tell me what I can and what I cannot consume. It’s my body, it belongs to me, not the government. I will decide. And I also decided to vote Ron Paul 2012, hands down.

  • Dan Parks

    Why are drugs illegal?
    Who can’t, who won’t, who refuses to accept the use of drugs is a personal choice just like drinking is or smoking is?
    Who refuses another the right to pursue his or her happiness, using drugs, any drug, liquor or meth is a drug as a drug is a drug.
    Who can’t accept all are equal with equal rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness?
    Who doesn’t know that if one group, even if that one group is a majority, limits or removes the rights of another that action will only lead to war as all fight to be free.
    Drug laws injure the rights of the people and are illegal laws under the Constitution as it protects all equally but the courts don’t agree as they are no longer blind and go along with the majority so there is no legal venue for the oppressed to go down.
    Drugs laws are going to cause a bigger war than it already has, larger than America will believe or want. The only way to avoid it is by all living by the law that protects all equally and protects the rights of the individual. This war that those who stand against equal rights started will make the war on terror look like a birthday party. This war will be fought on every street, in every city in America, many will die as they have already and the blood of the dead is on the hands of those who made the laws, support the laws and enforce the laws as none of them believe in or stand for liberty for all, freedom for all or equal rights for all
    They like you have many reasons why they believe drugs should be legal but in the end it is one person injuring the rights of another.
    If there were only two on earth, one used drugs the other didn’t, would the one who didn’t be able to stop the other without injuring him or his or her rights, would you kill him or her?
    So now you have a whole bunch of people who believe they can injure others and the rights others and do it by the rule of law, law the majority wrote.
    So man thinks he is smarter than God as God created all equal with equal rights and man created one who believes he is better than another is and uses force, deadly force if need be to make another live by his or her rules and way of life.
    You people have a long way to go before you can say you stand for liberty or justice for all, you stand for oppression of others, you refuse to accept all are created equal with equal rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. You put yourselves above God and the laws of God.

    • sk1951

      Great rant my man! You ask “who”? That would be the judao Christians that also felt that all the “heathen” of the world needed to be exterminated. You know…the ones that used the children’s crusades? The human misery from the “illegal” prohibition of drugs far exceeds all the blood from all the wars combined and as you say will only escalate till people realize that opposition breeds opposition.

  • life liberty happiness

    I used to believe Cannabis was evil and those who used it were evil. Now I am ashamed of the judgmental attitude I once felt towards my fellow human beings. After graduation from high school I tried it due to peer pressure. I found out that everything I had been taught was a lie. I used it orally instead of smoking. My weight dropped from 230 to 185, my blood pressure dropped from 200/100 to 120/70 and my blood sugar dropped from 180 to 90. My memory improved. I was able to remember names, dates and facts with ease. My mind became clear as if a fog was lifted. I felt more energetic physically and mentally. I no longer felt anxious and in a hurry and my driving became safer because I slowed down and paid more attention to my surroundings. I saw beauty all around me. My work became exciting and stimulating. Projects I had been unable to complete now became easier due to increased ability to concentrate and remember things. My feelings of sadness and anxiety left me and I felt alive. Unfortunately, I had to stop because my employer decided to join the government and persecute peaceful people who want to live, be free and be happy. These self-righteous bigots violate everyone’s sacred privacy by demanding random urine samples. They hate America’s founding principles. It angers me to feel like a slave and for government to DARE to think they have a right to make laws by fraud and then imprison or kill those who do not agree with them. This is a mafia government and those who enforce their lawlessness are nothing more than dangerous brainwashed hit men. As another writer stated, SWAT teams are now used to persecute Amish farmers over raw milk. This innocent farmer’s family was terrorized by men in black uniforms with automatic weapons aimed at crying children. These are the real terrorists. This is what the so-called drug war has become. It must stop before these monsters kill everyone. You gang of drug war criminals need to remember the Nuremberg trials. What will you say to God on judgment day? You are of your father the devil who came to steal, kill and destroy. Repent and take off your black uniforms and put on robes of righteousness before it is too late for your soul. Cry out to God for forgiveness. Even if you don’t believe in God you should at least fear future prosecution. Don’t excuse your actions by saying you were doing your job or that you were enforcing the law. You know what you did to that Amish farmer was wrong. Excuses will not save you. Only repentance will save you.

  • Jon Bellamy


    I am going to do some Economic M.D. math here. My solution to ending the war on drugs involves, but is not limited to, a mathematical solution representing how much money is to be spent.
    “>” being the symbol meaning “more than”
    Formula: ($N/year)>($W/year)
    Where (N=how much we are spending NOW) and (W=how much we will spend).

    In other words, if you were to add every dollar that we spend on the war on drugs…

    P1+P2+D+H = $N/year
    P1 = Policing, which half is roughly devoted to enforcing drug laws.
    P2 = Prison, or imprisonment and jailing of users and dealers, which costs about $50/day to lock up each inmate (really they spend $10 a day on food, water, and necessities. Gotta pay the Warden and his guards!). Some basic algebra here: Since half of the policing in the U.S. is devoted to enforcing drugs laws: approximately half of prison inmates are locked up for non violent drug charges!
    D = Dumbasses that DROP-OUT of school, cost us a whole bunch of money baby-sitting them to get their GED/Diploma because they struggled because of all the strife that a little pot-ticket will cause to his/her family. The $500 ticket and suspension from school will f*** this kid’s life over so much that the biggest loss to the economy, in this instance, is a bright and untamed soul that otherwise would strive free and would not be slowed by minor mistakes. The difficulty this individual will face finding employment will easily make a difference of $10,000/year to this person’s income in life, economically. That money could cycle through America if only we would let his person contribute to society if only hypocrites like Nancy Reagan and her dumb “Just so ‘No'” slogans weren’t so afraid of the smell of pot. By the way, isn’t it funny that the slogan only applies to “Illegal” drugs? I guess she forgot to nag the millions of Americans that are prescribed 10+ drugs every year. probably including her. Nooo, those LEGAL drugs are okay! It’s the illegal ones you gotta stay away from. Right, I’ll make the call when it comes to my brain, my heart, and my own ass!
    H = The added value of all the houses that meth-heads blow up, ‘accidentally’ while making meth. Thing is, when ya make meth, you don’t just get a whiff of the stuff… I mean you get MESSED UP. Users? These people are MAKIN’ IT. I mean, if government or scientists or… meth-heads would make these drugs, without fear of government (as to be open to regulation and oversight for safety reasons), and in an area segregated, like, really f***ing far from any dense, or even loosely dense populated neighborhood, (versus 1 out of every 100 houses on the block, my old home-town Medford, Oregon AKA Methford), maybe the manufacturing of these drugs wouldn’t be such a threat to us. I mean, they would be AWAY from everybody. People wouldn’t have to lose their lives, which I should mention: Human lives are very expensive (about a million bucks each, estimated value in revenue/insurance/gibberish IDK, but about $1,000,000 for easy math) .

    So right now, we have policing, imprisonment, detriment of turning our children into criminals, and the fact that meth-heads occasionally blow their neighborhoods up. Looks something like:

    (1/2 Police/Court costs) + (1/2 of Prison/jail costs) + (The money we are not making because we have beat up our citizens up to the point that they may not have a tax-contributing income… I’ll just stop mentioning this one now, because it’s invisible… we won’t see it, until it’s there. Let’s just pretend we never will have that money) + (Blown up houses in condensed neighborhoods, and I guess you could add all other drug-involved accidents that cost money in the form of government paid healthcare and house-aid in these situations) = The total cost of the war on drugs, not including every human life lost and not including time.

    So, if I can just half-ass a guess here, I’m gonna say ($50 billion + t + E )/year is an accurate measurement of all of the money, time and energy that spend every year on this war on drugs. That does not include the money wasted giving people drugs that are just as harmful, that wind up causing more accidents than alcohol (source: Oregonian, talking about prescription drugs like oxycontin, oxycodone, ect). That total does not include the losses that are inflicted by the drug cartels of Mexico. So, finally, here is my solution.

    We spend less money than we are spending now. We let non-violent criminals out of jail. Sorry Warden, you useless POS, but you will be taking a pay-cut, not that you aren’t rich like a businessman already. In doing this alone, we save ($50/day times the number of sole-drug-charge inmates).

    You would not necessarily have to fire all the cops, because they can be used for all sorts of things: contact guard, travel-guide, help-desk, but the amount of resources needed to be used would go down. Drugs would not be a crime, but any act against humanity still would be. This would make a great improvement in the drug community (less would be tempted to resort to crime to do what is legal).

    Not to mention, here are just some benefits of legalizing drugs:
    1) No one would be in any more danger now, than they are in already; A crackhead is only temped to steal your TV, because he’s addicted to crack and needs to sell your TV to buy crack. If the War on Drugs were to end, this thief would be free, yes, but we still have some pretty simply anti-theft laws we can rely on for that sort of thing.
    2) Crack, heroin, cocaine (same as free-base crack), and meth would all be cheaper, so they wouldn’t need to steal.
    3) The legal drug industry would be taxed, have education implemented, and would be regulated in transparency.
    4) Legalizing marijuana alone WOULD CUT THE DRUG CARTEL’S PROFITS BY 80%!!! Legalize the rest and, they got nuthin’.
    5) By legalizing drugs, you control drug users.. same way alcoholics are easy to control: Just sit outside the bar and pull them over when they leave!

    The most important part of my plan is segregation (keep reading until you know exactly what I mean… has nothing to do with race BTW) and by that I mean simply take drugs out of the communities. If you put a whole bunch of free heroin, meth and coke and put it the middle of desert nowhere, you would rid communities of their drug inhabitants over-night. I would legalize marijuana and let it be regulated WAAAY more loosely than alcohol and tobacco, but coke, heroin and meth I would literally make a segregated community that I would call a DRUG TOWN. In this DRUG TOWN, you could do whatever drugs you want. You could not go in and out without approval, but for whatever reason or amount of time, there would be a difference of law inside these barriers, as well as an added risk of death that is consensual to the individual entering. Drugs are easy to get, yes. You can use as many drugs as you want, be as messed up and addicted and dangerous as you can be, yes, but you would be put to work.

    Scientists would flock for the opportunity to study a culture LIKE THIS IN AMERICA? Are you kidding? The psychological insight is valuable enough to sell to China for 1/4th of our country back! Measure the ability of each worker/druggy, record their skills and abilities both high and sober, if possible. Give each one a meth-head/coke-head job, and these DRUG TOWNS would be profiting for the world outside their box in no time. A very controversial but easily gained profit.

    Acid I would regulate like in bars, where they got someone to take care of you in case you have a bad trip. Would not have to be within drug town barriers, but the highly addicting, mind-altering drugs like coke, meth and heroin would be moderated under a strict safety-program, only letting them in public with absolute certainty that so-and-so is no harm to the public.

    Also, in DRUG TOWNS, only go-karts may be driven, and yes, you can drive messed up, BUT ONLY IN DRUG TOWNS.


    • sk1951

      ONE HALF of all enforcement is involved with drugs…does that help you simplify?

      • jbellamy7

        1/2 Law Enforcement AND 1/2 incarceration funds.

        Also leaves several qualified citizens unemployed.

  • Roberto Caceres

    pot is a gift from the above its better then drinking its let you enjoy life not destroy it. remember love peace and tranguilaty ,men i love it but I don t smoke or drink it anymore 32 years ago was the last tea i had damm tests , I am glad that dr. ron paul hope to help this event come to life ViVa DR RONPAUL A MEN WITH HUEVO ( Balls ) getting it legalest would creat a new industy work for our people adds to agricalture, proccening plants disturbution , and retail and all of this can being new money to taxes not tax the mexican stuff if we grow our own we can stop buying from other contries stop he drug cartel if it comes from the earth pot, musrooms,peyote, it have good endings
    I see alcohal,cocane,meph,heroina, man made shit as shit detroys the person
    see you all at the voting booth
    love peace and tranguilaty
    fire up and clean up the system
    let us be heard

  • David Devore

    In the past anyone promoting the legalization of marijuana would commit political suicide. However with the horrendous exploitation shown by the War on Drugs and marijuana’s popularity this may now be not the case.

    For example, I have a friend who self medicates her bi-polar disorder with marijana. She is a total liberal and says she would never vote for a Republican UNLESS he specifically stated he was for the legalization.

    I would imagine there are tens of millions of Americns that feel the same way. It is possible that more votes can be attracted from the reasonably silent group of supporters than the issues of abortion and gun rights combined.

    I hope Dr. Paul considers this seriously.

    Ron Paul for President!!!

  • Dan

    I say leave marijuana alone since it was unjustly criminalized (yes I read the history of marijuana, it isn’t that bad of a drug. Far more better than cigarettes and alcohol) . Just go after the bigger drugs (heroine, cocaine, meth, etc.)

    • Tina

      It is not bad at all, it is great!! for terminal cancer patients, great for people who have ulcerative colitis and so may other illnesses, people with anxiety and so much more. I hope it finally becomes legal. Oh and it should be a state to state issue. This whole federal governemnt coming in and closing shops in california is ridiculous, the state makes it legal and this should be the last word.

  • EmmaLouise

    stop the war on drugs, You cannot take the black sheep out of society.

  • Ray

    Fraud negates consent. The government governs with the consent of the governed. If that consent is obtained by fraud it is null and void. The war on drugs is illegal. The laws are all illegal. Any law that is created by lies is not a law. It is null and void. Any law that is created and contradicts a higher law is null and void. When such laws are created and then enforced it becomes a danger to us and you and our future generations. The precedent was set long ago and has expanded as people have continued to believe in lies. We the people allowed the government to tell us what we can or cannot put into our bodies. The government is not God. God made this plant and blessed it for our use. We the people must just start saying NO to tyranny and should start prosecuting those who disobey the highest laws of the land. The first ‘drug czar’ Harry Anslinger lied to Congress in 1937. He told them it should be illegal because of its effects on the ‘degenerate races’ and that it ‘made blackie think he is as good as whitey’. He hated black and brown people and played on the fear people had at that time. The lies continued with Nixon and got worse. He appointed the tough conservative law and order governer Shaffer to form a commission to study the effects of Marijuana on people and society. Shaffer gathered police, scientists, professors and people from all walks of life. Their unbiased findings were that it posed no danger to the individual or society and had no harmful effects. They found many positive things about it. Nixon cursed them and did not allow their scientific findings to be published. He declared Marijuana public enemy number one. After Nixon lied to we the people on national TV, local police started getting federalized, police dogs were used to find plants instead of murderers, SWAT teams who used to help kidnap victims were used to kick in doors at 3:00 am and terrorize innocent human beings over a plant. Research the history of this plant and research the people who made it ‘illegal’. I’m sick of hearing bad arguments for and against this plant. What it boils down to is this – will we the people continue to allow the government to break the law? When government breaks the law it is a very serious violation and a danger to us all. They should not only be disgraced and asked to step down, but they should be prosecuted for breaking the highest laws of the land. SWAT teams are now used to terrorize Amish farmers and their families for selling raw milk. The drug war has now expanded. Remember that it all started with prohibition of alcohol, then Marijuana and now raw milk, raw almonds and the plan is for everything you can imagine. Those who make or enforce illegal laws are not immune from future prosecution. Remember the Nuremberg trials. It doesn’t have to go that far. It can stop now. We the people need to just say NO to tyranny and YES to liberty.

  • In order to solve a problem. You must first define it. Unfortunately the world and indeed the medical profession at large finds treating the symptoms more profitable and less hassle. The war on drugs is big business and sadly enough the very people that propagate it are those whose lively hoods depend on it. Take away all the stupid fear mongering statements like. “End the drug war and we will have more addicts” and such. You then can use rationale to solve the problem. Everyone that reads the next statement take a big breath and think for five minutes before replying. Spend the WHOLE five minutes. Think about ALL the aspects of it.


    It would cost the American tax payer pennies on the dollar to not only produce, grow, and buy from farmers, and big pharma all the pot, cocaine, meth, heroin and etc. To not only supply and distribute for FREE all our current addicts needs. But also bring those numbers to almost zero over a five year time span.

    Imagine if you will. An addict walks into a wellfare office. As he or she is filling out an application and release of liability waver. Said addict notices two doorways. One has a smiley face. The other a skull and crossbones. Behind door number one. Treatment. Door number two. The addicts drug of chioce. For Free! For the short term it has to be that way. Your have to remove the monetary incentive to end the mayhem. There is no other way.

    Only the parent’s that have lost children caught in the crossfire’s of turf wars and other related events will understand the real depth and true cost of our current failed attempt at prohabition. It does not work.

    The adrenaline junky vice cops, prison guards and related company’s, and all the other people who make their living from the war on drugs will not like this plan. Our US govt. and all it’s related agency’s and their employees will not like this plan. Needless to say. The drug cartels and all their underlings will have to find jobs as well. Their are solutions to the unemployment problems the ending prohabition would create. And in the long run bring addiction to almost zero.

    Food for thought. Ask any addict or recovering addict this one simple question. “Is there ANYTHING that ANYONE could do the would or could prevent you from getting your drug of choice?” The answer will always be “NO”. The monkey when in control rules the roost. That being the case. Prohabition is insanity in action.

    If we spent the money’s we currantly spend on the drug war. On prevention at grade school playground level by offering vice cops and other effected professionals the option of trading in their cope uniforms for say cubscout uniforms. And they provide positive role models and mentering services. Only those people bent on self destruction would be left to deal with. And that is on them.

    Our constitution has no instructions requiring us. “WE the People” to be our brothers keeper. It says the opposite. From the beginning of civilization, All peoples of all walks of life from all parts of the world had Gods that made freedom of choice paramount. In America’s case. That edict appears to have been over ruled by a higher authority. The government.

    • James

      What happens when there is a new Drugdealer that moves into someone’s territory? Existing drug dealer attacks new delaer to send a message. New drug dealer fires back to make sure everyone knows that they can’t be bullied…violence ensues. What happens if the new Drug delaer is an unarmed desk clerk “guarding” a closet full of narcotics? The old Drug dealer kills everyone in the office and steals the Drugs. Innocent people Die and your tax dollars supply the drug trade. You might want to take that one back to the drawing boards. Even if there were armed guards drug dealers have bigger guns. If you planned on having each office guarded by a SWAT team or a platoon of marines, there simply aren’t enough to go around and if ther were we couldn’t afford to staff them all, and if we could what do you do with all of them after the 5 year period when drug rehabilitation magically starts working.

      • I really don’t think that is much of a probability. Giving away drugs is not dealing. There is no money involved. Attacks on every welfare office or post office or other govt. agency office would be federal crimes and subject to the full wrath of the US govt. Keep in mind we are talking about every city in the US.

        • James

          The money involved is a loss of money. The “Wrath of the US Govt” has done nothing to stop them so far. Free drugs would only serve to infuriate them. The drug dealers that would attack aren’t the slinging dime bags on the corner they are the major dealers already moving quantities high enough to ba a federal crime.

          • Cameron

            Again, trying to breed fear. If the drug lords march up to our door steps then we let them! I don’t know about the rest of America, but I am willing to give my life to defend and have my freedom, if he values his drugs as much as I value my freedom he will have died for a just cause indeed!