War on Drugs

Ron Paul opposes the War on Drugs.

On November 20, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times / Freakonomics interview:

“[…] the federal war on drugs has proven costly and ineffective, while creating terrible violent crime. But if you question policy, you are accused of being pro-drug. That is preposterous. As a physician, father, and grandfather, I abhor drugs. I just know that there is a better way — through local laws, communities, churches, and families — to combat the very serious problem of drug abuse than a massive federal-government bureaucracy.”

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  • Megan

    Thank you for your words on Larry King over the legalization of marijuana. I’ve been saying that for so long and its great to have someone who actually has power, legitimacy, and credibility to speak out on the FACTS.

  • Herewe Goagain

    When you are burning that next hooter, watch this:

  • I have bipolar-2, anxiety, NF-2, tendonitis, hyper mania, after 7 yrs of meds, pot is the only thing that helps all of the pain and anxiety. I live in TN and got busted with 1.2 grams. Court is oct 14

    • Mike Stroup

      I’ve seen people accidentally spill more than 1.2 grams rolling a joint. I’m sorry TN law enforcement doesn’t have anything better to do, like hunt down real criminals who have committed real crimes where there are real victims. When war repairations are paid after our insanely stupid drug policy finally ends, I hope TN makes it right with you. By the way, get the HELL out of TN as soon as you can!

  • CH

    Well its easy to think of all the reasons why the class 1 drug Mary Jane should be decriminalized and/or Legalized… But lets all take a moment to reflect on the reasons it should not be….

    Oh yeah it promotes free thinking and de-conformation to popular belief’s while enlightening its users to the more, ever present, struggle of man/women in our current society. Its amazing how many of us sleepwalk through life oblivious to the global puppet strings guiding us in what to think, do, eat…

    This is bad business for the wealthily elitist at the top making the decisions for us of how to spend our money, if we somehow wake up and realize we are getting effed in the A.

    Control has always been a tactic of those in power. Conformity to popular belief’s keeps the rich getting richer and poor… you know “taking it in stride…”

    I haven’t smoked since new years. I plan on actually joining a Federal Agency (DEA FBI), 3 years clean of weed, and I believe Marijuana is not a dangerous drug if used in moderation. Though I feel it is a very subjective drug (different reactions in people.)

    When I used to smoke I studied Organic/Bio Chemistry and other complex sciences, wrote very in depth methodical research papers, cleaned, used it as an anti-anxiety/depression medication, ate more cautiously and healthy, drank a lot more water woke up the next day feeling fine

    When I drink, I am lazy, I eat a lot, I make poor destructive decisions, and always seem to wake up feeling like crap.. (not always… college nights have there high’s and lows)

    My point is in the how ever many years I smoked I learned more about myself and my surroundings, becoming aware of life’s true nature… Smoking makes you slow down sometimes and appreciate things a lot better

    Drinking is away of forgetting life’s problems and repressing them to worry about later.

    I choose Smoking and living life aware to these issues anyday

    • keegan michael

      Why CH with those values that you have, join the DEA which raids medical cannabis dispensaries and imprisons people working innocently by law, arrests medical patients who use it for relief… its really quite disgusting in my opinion(the agency). Regulation of these things should NOT be by a federal agency – at least not one pertaining to activities in the states, perhaps international drug trafficking. It’s an herb that’s been deemed by the American medical association and major european medical journals as far less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco… Would you be willing to be ordered to arrest and imprison innocent people? i dont think the agency is a really a forum of free thinking.

  • Jan

    Mexico Decriminalizes Small-scale Drug Possession

    Thu, Aug 20, 2009 11:05 pm
    more: headline news, drug policy news, mexico

    Last week, on C-Span, the USA made a big drug bust on the Mexican Drug cartels. They collected tons of drugs and Billions of dollars!
    Atty General said he was sending Mexico’s cut of $1.8 billion back to Mexico….!
    I find this rather Ironic, while we are going to pay for 37 million illegals healthcare in this country with the “don’t ask, don’t tell ” policy this Healthcare reform will contain.
    Government workers, with this bill, as it stands, will not have to ask any illegal to qualify or verify their citizenship status.
    (Dill amendment voted down!)

    However, all American’s must verify and qualify for their free or low premium Healthcare insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why did our Atty General not keep all those billions to use to pay for the Americans and the Illegals Healthcare !!!!!!!!!!

    I want to know what they did with all that money! And do they then sell those drugs to the Pharmaceutical companies or just give to them..to make pain meds or something from them?

    This is ludicrous to allow our government to continue to not be accountable to us, on these issues……..

  • Richard

    A kid with a better home life a better education will not choose drugs.

  • Jan

    The War on Drugs is working….
    for government, big prison investors, the money cartel….oh its working all right….not for the youth but certainly for the Money laundering of our government. Free drugs for the Pharma’s too.
    Lots of profit then yeh!

    The Illuminati Tsunami is fast approaching and nearly at our doorsteps, but I still stand on dry ground for which my Lord has parted the sea for me to walk in……….my eyes are on the sparrow and my heart is with the Spirit of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    forever Jan in Christ!

  • Jan

    Sorcerers and Pharma read……..Revelations 21:8

    The Illuminati Tsunami is fast approaching and nearly at our doorsteps, but I still stand on dry ground for which my Lord has parted the sea for me to walk in……….my eyes are on the sparrow and my heart is with the Spirit of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    forever Jan in Christ!

  • christine

    I strongly suggest that everyone get educated and pay attention to what is happening concerning the upcoming government-controlled, mass, forced flu vaccination plan. We only have a couple of months before we will be hit with something larger than any other issue. This is designed to change our country, the world as we know it.

    Much has already been posted on the several “Health” sections of this forum. Please check out the information, especially more towards the bottom of the entries.

    For anyone who is working towards preserving our liberty, freedom from tyranny…check out the agenda (there’s always an agenda) from the Swine Flu Conference held in Washington D.C., especially #2 & #6


    Jane Bergermeister has filed a criminal indictment against the World Health Organization (WHO) and Obama due to the evidence she has about contaminated flu vaccines being distributed for mass depopulation. Know her story, her case.

    Important Websites to Keep Informed

  • what a waste of money: a california marijuana dispensary was raided today by The DEA, FBI, IRS, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, LAPD, Torrance Police Department and Culver City PD, according to the LA times.


  • commonsensethinker

    Read the book “Ain’t nobody’s business if you do.” And then research how the government killed the author by forbidding him to use marijuana which was helping his appetite, and keeping him alive.

    The Federal penalties for marijuana are draconian. You could drive drunk and kill somebody and serve less time than growing a few plants in your basement. This nanny mentality has to stop. Home of the free…. what a joke!


  • nathan fetler

    We need to end the war on drugs!

  • libertarian

    decriminilisation of marijuana, does not make pot selling legal usually. The constitution gives americans the right to use all plants from seed. The federal gov should have no authority on who is to sell, buy or use marijuana, the 10th amendment should allow individual states to tax it, however, why penalize pot smokers with taxes? when you have alcohol, and chemically contaminated poor quality tobacco rolled up into what we call cigarettes that cause many more health problems, if any the latter two and hard drugs could be taxed.
    If you put high taxes on pot, an underground market will arise, offering tax free pot at a more competitive price.
    Less (ideally none) gov interventionism on this part will mean more money in our pockets, more investments will be done faster, a whole web of the economy will be funded (without the gov ever poking their dirty nose in, in a perfect world). on top of that, low price, high quality pot will provide a huge market for export (we could start selling pot to canadians :)).
    another benefit, is having the freedom to use a healthy natural medicine which can replace he use of most “pills”, at low cost. A change from the disgusting big pharma scenario, where doctors are sponsored to push pills, with disgusting side effects (often addictive), driving health care costs up to ridiculous levels.
    on a side note, Nationalized socialist healthcare in europe, also has the result of many people addicted to dangerous pharmaceutical drugs they don’t need. abusing the pills because they are refunded, results in cost, health problems (and eventually a brave new world with zombie like dull minded people).

  • jerry

    The Govt and the big pharma companies have a hard time believing any real medicine can be created outside a labratory. God or mother nature or whatever you believe could never be so “intelligent” as man. Luckily some of the states are waking up and are fighting against this false belief. If you live in a state that hasn’t legalized medical marijuana it is your duty to support only candidates that do. If that means going out of your comfort zone of voting for Republicans or Democrats only then support a third party candidate that believes in medical marijuana. If you can’t find a candidate then don’t vote.

  • txpeloton

    Cannabis the plant is good because it can be used in so many ways: newspaper, clothing, food, bio-fuel, and drugs.
    Cannabis when used as a drug is not necessarily bad.
    Many medical benefits are being rediscovered.
    It kills cancer cells, but a massive overdose is not lethal.
    Burning cannabis to get high is what upsets so many bystanders who consider it bad.

    The federal law should be changed to distinguish the good from the bad.

    Someone chose to use the racist term ‘marihuana’ in the definition as a semantics trick in order to make cannabis illegal. The current definition is abstruse, but should be made simple, per Occam’s Razor. It merely defines a substance whose misplacement within the Schedules is a separate issue.

    The word ‘cannabis’ appears only once in the CSA, in the definition of ‘marihuana’. The other relevant mentions are of marihuana, marijuana, or substance(s) in schedule 1. If Congress made a simple legislative change to the definition, from this:

    “The term ‘marihuana’ means all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L., whether growing or not…”

    to this:

    “The term ‘marihuana’ means all parts – of the smoke produced by the combustion – of the plant Cannabis sativa L., period.”

    then marijuana (the smoke) stays prohibited, but cannabis (the plant, including its unsmoked parts and vapors) would be unscheduled and legal.

    This way, the anti-marijuana group gets to have it their way, but the pro-cannabis group gets to have it their way, too. This would permit the States to tax and regulate the uses of cannabis, and also restores our 9th and 10th Amendment rights.

    With so many people suffering economically, medically, and legally because of marijuana prohibition, clearly the time is right for a reasonably simple definition of marijuana.

  • Newbie Ron

    Criminalization of drugs, just as it did for alcohol, has raised the worst elements of society into positions of great wealth and power. Decriminalization of alcohol took production away from gun toting murders and placed it in the hands of Mom and Pop winery owners. We know for certain that criminalization of alcohol corrupted government. (Chicago, Los Angeles, the Federal government.) The same is very likely true today due to illegal drugs.

    I hate drugs and their terrible consequences to society. However, legalization is the answer to many of those problems.

  • maskvp

    Ron Paul is one of the calm logical voices of our times. Unfortunately, common sense rarely enters into US politics. I’ve begun to see this as I’ve matured. Why we have been unable to expunge the self-serving hypocrites in office now is beyond me… Voting one out and then replacing with another narcissistic two-faced jerk seems to be the political process now.

    I’ve lived in Texas most of my life. The existing MJ laws are draconian and should be re-written. A small amount grown in one’s home SHOULD be legal as long as it is for personal use. State-grown and taxed? Sure. Why not? This would go a long ways in eliminating the pot Black Market and might help State and Federal budgets.

    Anecdotal evidence concerning the palliative effects of using marijuana should not be discounted. There are just too many people who state that it has helped them.

    On the flip-side marijuana isn’t all that benign either. Much in the same way there is the potential for abuse with alcohol and tobacco and sugar and processed food… OK I’m losing most of ya there but the point is made.

    Also, I’m health-care worker with extensive experiences in hospital emergency rooms. I have smelled weed on individuals on occasion; however not once has a person entered from an overdose of marijuana. That is commonly reserved for alcohol, cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs. As a student I once witnessed a carpenter who came in with four of his fingers sliced off due to a mishap with a table-saw. He smelled like he’d been smoking grass. I attribute his injuries to a category I now call “stupid human tricks”. I see lots of them. Alcohol is usually the prime factor.

    Let us make our own choices in this matter Big Government! Stay out of our lives and get back to the job of defending our shores.


  • ex-american

    Leave it to a bunch of Europeans who aren’t even Native to the United States of America to decide what laws we should live under.
    Who determined that this tiny band of people who were once from a german tribe of Europe who today refer to themselves being called English, who told them they could make our laws for us?
    Hey! NO!!!! Europeans.
    This is not your native land and was taken by your German family.
    Our natural right is marijuana, it is healthy, natural, and we don’t want your European logger beer from you fat ugly oppressive family.
    We WILL have pot.
    Go back to your land. Trolls.

  • Pistol

    Dr. Alexis Carrel won a nobel prize for proving that body cells are in fact immortal.. By cleaning away the waste and nourishing the cells, he managed to keep the cells of a chickens heart alive for decades.
    He was also renowned for his research and accomplishments in the area of organ transplantation….
    Its too bad we was working for the rockefeller institute at the time and many of his discoveries have since been suppressed…
    Basically, we can live forever and were in fact meant to do that to an extent.. We were never meant to die as such(death is an illusion). We were meant to transcend, just as other ancient civilizations have in the past.

    Here is another interesting link.. Its not really relevant to war on drugs and pertains more to health… My understanding is that everything is linked to a certain degree… and when we understand the core principle behind life, we will resolve all of the issues.

    http://www.13moon.com/ The following post is an exert from the link.

    Traditionally, calendars have long served as the centerpoint of culture.

    The 13-Moon Calendar has been followed for over 5000 years.

    “We find evidence of its use as a prehistoric synchronic measure in the remote past
    of China, Polynesia, and scattered across late Neolithic Europe and the Middle East.”
    – Dr. José Argüelles, PhD

    Around the globe we find breath-taking reminders of the monumental role that calendars have played throughout human history.

    Why are calendars so important?
    What function do they serve in our lives?

    The current world calendar:
    upholds a framework of standardized church, state, and global marketplace activities defines the schedule of holidays and traditional cultural practices coordinates the worldwide socio-economic program. In essence, a calendar produces the faculty by which we operate, and the lens through which we see…

    What’s wrong with the calendar we have?

    The 12-month calendar is arbitrary and irregular, lacking any correspondence to actual cycles of nature.

    Put simply by physicist Mark Comings: “The 12 month calendar has a cycle that is contrary to and out of phase with the natural annual 13 fold gravitational wave created by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth.”

    This lack of harmony, though generally un-examined, has a profound effect on the way we relate to the Universe we live within.

    Movements of the Stars, Moons and Planets have eternally served mankind as reference points for relating to the Nature of Time.

    The current world calendar divides the year as if it were a 2-D circle. 360 degrees of a flat circle are portioned into 12 subsections of 30 degrees each, giving us “30” day months. This method of calendrics dates back to ancient Babylon and provides the template for the current 12-month calendar and 12-hour clock (doubling the calculation, we get 24 hours and 60 minutes). The 12-month model for measuring time fails for the 365-day year divided arbitrarily into 30-day months leaves 5 extra days!

    How does it resolve this discrepancy?

    Some of the months are 31 days, some 30, yet February gets 28 days, except for an extra day once every four years (but not on centuries, except those divisible by the number four).

    “30 days has Septober. April, June, and no wonder. All the rest have peanut butter, except my grandmother, who has a little red tricycle.” -Mad Magazine, circa 1958

    Wonder why the months named September through December, which literally mean 7-10, are actually months 9-12? What’s in a name?

    The system of 12 months and a corresponding 12 hour : 60-minute clock, is known as the 12:60 timing frequency, and has yet to be proven as a viable measure of time. This flat perception of time does not correlate to any actual cycles of time! It is an artificial model of reality. It is encoding humanity with a comprehension of the natural world as disharmonious and non-coherent!

    For example, today on the Gregorian Calendar is Tues, December 3rd. What day of the week will January 3rd be? What day of the week will February 3rd be?

    The 13 moon calendar is an obvious and ancient way to structure the year. 13 cycles of 28 days describe the year perfectly,
    with one day of renewal before the new year.

    Perfect Periodicity
    For every one time we go around the Sun,
    the Moon goes around Earth 13 times.

    The year has already been divided by Nature- 13 ‘moon’ths of perpetual harmony.

    The 12-month calendar hides the 13th moon. The number 13 is now surrounded by superstition and is considered taboo; unlucky; evil. This fear is reinforced by cultural antiquities like “Friday the thirteenth.” Often buildings have no 13th floor, or avoid constructing a # 13 apt unit. Why? In the culture we have from Europe, there was a mass murder of many Templars in France on Friday the 13th.

    The ancient Maya had an entirely different relationship to the number 13, actually revering it at as the Key to Time itself. 13 is the Mayan galactic prime number; the Force of The Universal Movement of Creation.

    Associated with the powers of endurance and longevity, the ancient vertebrate Turtle has 13 scales on its shell. “The first calendar that North American Indians ever had was Turtle’s shell…The Earth Mother, who was represented by the most fertile creature of our planet, the Turtle, showed our Ancestors how to mark the passing of each moon cycle. Turtle’s shell bore the 13 moons of the year inside of a frame that formed the circle we call the Sacred Hoop, or Medicine Wheel – representing the relationship of all life to all life.” -Author Jamie Sams

    The name of “Turtle Island” to refer to Earth can represent our planet swimming in waves of radiant solar and cosmic energies.

    “Without the Thirteenth Moon; without placing the Thirteenth Moon back into our consciousness, we remain absolutely trapped in the complexification of form. With the 13th we have the transcendence and also the circulation of time.” -Valum Votan

    The pattern of women’s fertility cycles averages the 28-day, 13 moon ratio! Nature’s rhythms live within us!

    13 is also a Fibonacci number, a mathematical sequence discovered by Leonardo of Pisa in 1200AD whilst studying the great pyramid of giza. This sequence of numbers exists everywhere in nature, including our bodies. Number 13 is the eighth number in the sequence. Number 8 represents infinity, making 13 even more pronounced.

    Why has the 13th moon been hidden from us? What is to be gained by suppressing the creational principle of Mother Nature?

    As prominent theoretical physicist Gerard J. Milburn reveals, “The aim of modern science is to reach an understanding of the world, not merely for purely aesthetic reasons, but that it may be ordered to our purpose.”

    Living under the guise of the 12-month calendar, we have come to view nature as irrelevant – wilderness without intelligence, sentience, or order. It is from this fundamentally flawed perception that humanity attempts to progress ‘beyond the limitations of nature.’ In fact, it is our model of nature that is flawed, not nature itself.

    As a comprehensive reflection of nature, the 13-Moon Calendar is an organization of creational elements that serves as a holistic tool for ongoing participation in life’s cyclic processes. If humanity wish to produce harmony, we must use harmonic tools!

    The harmonic numbers of the Tzolkin are as clear as our 20 fingers and toes – digits with which to measure the universe. Our body’s 13 major joints, or articulations, move us through the universe. Through movement and measure, we experience each other and ourselves as the universe.

    From a whole system perspective, time, humanity, and nature are inseparable. Our physical and emotional bodies are moved by the same lunar, solar and planetary forces. Where we appear separate in space, we are unified in time.

    When we structure our lives by the artificial rhythm of the clock and 12-month calendar, we expose our central nervous system, and subsequently, our entire mental-emotional body to the frequency of a machine.

    Renowned author and scientist Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., has presented studies showing how: the stress of linear time contributes directly to an acceleration of the physical aging process, inclusive of deterioration and disease.

    In modern industrial living, we wake up by the clock, we eat to the clock – we plan our lives and live our days in accord to the clock. We refer to the clock to program even our most basic of biological functions!

    Quoting Mark Comings, Quantum Physicist: “The intrinsic folly of this unnecessary yet widely promoted artificial dependance upon machine technology is that it discourages the development of, and even serves to hide the existence of, a vast spectrum of inner capacities – psychic, mental, emotional and spiritual potentials – that lie dormant within the biological human body in time.”

    According to Dr. José Argüelles, PhD.: “The simple and easiest way to reprogram your daily awareness of the actual nature of time is to follow the 13 Moon Calendar.”

    This concept alone may eradicate the need for many drugs.

  • Jan

    Lee Swanson Research Update
    Multivitamins Linked to Younger Biological Age
    June 2009

    New research shows the cells of multivitamin users may have a younger biological age than cells from non-users.

    Researchers led by Honglei Chen, M.D., Ph.D. from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, a division of the National Institutes of Health, looked at the length of telomeres, DNA sequences at the end of chromosomes that shorten as cells replicate and age.

    The ageing and lifespan of normal, healthy cells are linked to the so-called telomerase shortening mechanism, which limits cells to a fixed number of divisions. During cell replication, the telomeres function by ensuring the cell’s chromosomes do not fuse with each other or rearrange, which can lead to cancer. With each replication the telomeres shorten, and when the telomeres are totally consumed, the cells are destroyed. Previous studies have also reported that telomeres are highly susceptible to oxidative stress.

    Dr. Chen and his co-workers noted that telomere length may therefore be a marker of biological ageing, and that multivitamins may beneficially affect telomere length via modulation of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

    The scientists analyzed multivitamin use and nutrient intakes, as well as telomere length of 586 women aged between 35 and 74 in the Sister Study. A 146-item food-frequency questionnaire was used to determine multivitamin use and nutrient intakes. Compared to non-multivitamin users, the researchers noted that the telomeres were on average 5.1% longer for daily multivitamin users.

    “To our knowledge, this was the fist epidemiologic study of multivitamin use and telomere length,” wrote Dr. Chen and his co-workers. “Regular multivitamin users tend to follow a healthy lifestyle and have a higher intake of micronutrients, which sometimes makes it difficult to interpret epidemiologic observations on multivitamin use. Further investigation would be needed to understand the role of multivitamin use and telomere length and its implication in the etiology of chronic diseases.”

    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 89(6):1857-1863, 2009