Pennsylvania 09/2009

On September 17-19, Campaign for Liberty members will gathered in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to network with friends of liberty and build their local organizations as our grassroots Revolution to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution continues.

They spent time with fellow liberty-minded activists, learned about history and current events from a freedom perspective you won’t hear from the mainstream media, and prepared to take back our country with top-notch training from seasoned experts.

The Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference at Valley Forge:

  • Strengthened participants’ understanding of history and foundational principles necessary to maintain liberty
  • Taught how to persuasively communicate our movement’s mission and message
  • Trained members in how to recruit, equip, and mobilize an army of informed citizens and build the organizational structure necessary to win
  • Explained how to master the political process on the local, state, and national level

If you have photos or videos from the event please contact us or post them below.


  1. The time to act is NOW.
    The time for holding back is past.
    There is no tomorrow for a sovereign America if we don’t fight.
    The govt has sold us out, the professional politicians must be replaced with real men form we the people (like you and me)
    The end of our country, our way of life, and very existence is threatened
    Rise up, take back your schools, towns, counties, states and law enforcement programs.
    I’m going to Valley Forge to learn how, how about you?
    The game is afoot so put down the remote control and your “smart” phone and
    lets get it done………..

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