Seattle 05/2009

On May 22-24, Ron Paul, Tom Woods and other Campaign for Liberty members gathered at Seattle’s Doubletree Hotel to network, learn, and build their local organizations.

Below is a recording of the May 22 evening program.

Part 1: (Anthony Gregory, John Tate)
Part 2: (John Tate, Katja Delavar)
Part 3: (Katja Delavar, Gary Condotta, Matt Shea, Tom Woods)
Part 4: (Tom Woods)
Part 5: (Tom Woods)
Part 6: (Tom Woods, Katja Delavar, Anthony Gregory)

Part 7: (Ron Paul)

Part 8: (Ron Paul)

Part 9: (Ron Paul)

Part 10: (Ron Paul)

Part 11: (Ron Paul)

Transcript of Ron Paul’s speech

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Audio only:Download MP3 file

Here are more videos from the event:

Transcript of Ron Paul’s interview