Debates 2012

Republican Presidential Debates – 2011/2012

Ron Paul participated in most 2011/2012 Republican Primary debates.


  • Its good to be here in your page and i guess i should take time to read the latest news that Dr. Ron Paul had shared here and its been quite a month I’ve missed some updates but as usual Ron Paul did a great job.Keep it up and another job well done. [ brian mc neece dot com ]

  • Brad

    Good day to my fellow neighbours in the great old US of A!!!!

    Some may say that a Canadian has no right to speak his or her mind in regards to American Politics. I can’t stress enough how important it is to some of us up here (and other Countries) to have the right person Lead America out of this corrupt and violent world.

    Internationally I think its fair to say that the West has a Black Eye in regards to the way the rest of the World views us.

    Based on the research I have done on Dr. Paul and his track record of honesty and integrity, I think this great man can rebuild the way the rest of the World views us.
    The reason I say “us” is because of our close ties.

    Ron Paul is the REAL DEAL you guys!!!!

    ….just listen to his debates!!! you look at all the other Republican Candidates and you can clearly see that they are nervous about what he says…….in the back of their minds they were probably wishing they were able to tell it how it is…..but they can’t. They have already contridicted them selves to regretful things they have said in the past and it doesn’t look very good when they flip flop (bull shit you) on issues to win your vote.

    Ron Paul has been consistant on his standards and can be the only trusted Candidate based on what his values stood for even a decade ago……..I don’t see any flip flopping on his part.

    Past President’s have been purchased in the past……I don’t think this one can be bought.

    I hope you all get it right this time!!!!

    God Bless Ron Paul and God Bless America!!!

  • Clyde Macc

    I am voting for the Anti-Nazi .. that means you Rep. Ron Paul MD. you are the only person not telling me about the Global World wide muslims Caliphate that the donkey riding muslims in caves want to force us all into.. lol.. every religion has its nutcases.. they all have books and plans and bs .. it doesn’t mean hitler can kill a bunch of jews legally.. and it doesn’t mean we can kill a bunch of muslims legally.. nor can we kill Christians.. were are the Iraqi Christians.. they had a rather large Thriving Population of Christians.. where are they? Saddam didn’t kill them.. so um what happen to them?? just wondering.. thanks for keeping the struggle alive Dr Paul. Good will and Happiness to you and all your family.

  • machia36

    What exactly is the reason for being absent at 3 debates (the 14th, Feb 22nd, and the last one in March)? I thought that being at all of them would be the best way to get your message out repeatedly.

  • Citizen

    THIS election is the battle between





    Either we believe in FREE WILL or we permit FORCED WILL by Tyranny of a Dictator

    The Choice is SIMPLE…. but is not Easy!



    VOTE RON PAUL 2012


  • Citizen

    Ron Paul said we have the “RIGHT” to


    nothing more, nothing less.

    Hmmmm, where have I heard that before?

    WE do NOT have a “RIGHT” to



    Transportation, and


    i.e WelFare!


    DO NOT have a RIGHT to TAKE MY


  • PaulECunningham

    Millions of Americans will see Dr. Paul’s debate in which I predict his truths, however painful for many to accept, will gradually shine through. Many folks won’t watch them for several days after the voting takes place in NH, but long before the voting takes place in their states. Hopefully, it is not too late for Dr. Paul to enlighten the masses. I think it is already too late for the status quo to survive, and in that sense, Dr. Paul and the U.S. Constitution have already won.

  • diannaeco

    This is just ONE man…..he can’t be in multiple places to speak….he would, I’m sure, if he could. Unfortunately, in politics the candidates have to concentrate on the States that have the most electoral votes (I think). It is NOT what he WANTS to do but HAS to do in order to get the exposure he needs to WIN in 2012. Please, be patient, he needs all patriotic Americans who genuinely want change in our great country to give him their vote in 2012; even if he doesn’t make it to your hometown. Our Constitution lives and will once again become the law of our country through the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and Ron Paul’s leadership.

  • BlackSunshine84

    Memphis? Nashville? Anywhere in Arkansas? Mississippi? When is Dr. Paul coming to/near the MidSouth?

  • David

    Come to CHICAGO!!!!!!!

  • DaveP

    Will anyone be having any kind of Ron Paul rally in simi valley in september? My wife were thinking of driving out there and showing our support even though, as members of the unwashed masses (I do take a bath regularly, I swear), we’re not allowed to view in person.

    • Adele Hansen

      Yes, I heard that they are planning a rally for Ron Paul. I just watched a Ron Paul Supporter who was interviewed on RT. Go to and look for this title “You Would Never Hear of A “Former” Ron Paul Supporter The supporter said that they were organizing a rally and mentioned the website. I have to go watch it again myself to get the exact website. I hope to go to. I hope thousands of us are there!

    • Adele Hansen

      I just now saw the date of your post. This rally is going to be on March 5th 2012. Did you make it to the debate last year after all? President Paul 2012!

  • Tim

    You should come to St. Louis, Missouri! Many people in this area listen to the liberal bias in the news and don’t know much about you. I have a bad feeling that in Illinois and maybe even Missouri that Obama has a chance of winning and I feel that you should be able to beat him by a landslide. I’m proud of you for continuing what you believe in and still running.

  • Jeremy

    Dr. Paul,

    We would love to see you in Columbus Ohio. Please come and help educate the uneducated.

  • Nadja

    He is also my hope. I am from Germany and I never saw a better candidate than Ron Paul and i will be in Flordia in 4 weeks and will def support him. Ron Paul for President…:-)

  • John McNeece

    I really hope you come to New York Dr. Paul; Your the only hope this country has left.You Definitely have my vote and support for sure!

  • Dino

    I hope to see you in NYC Dr.Paul. You have my vote this coming electing!

  • I would love to see Dr. Paul in either one of the Simi Valley debates. I was wondering how I could possibly get a ticket or two so that I could go. Please let me know! It’d be the experience of a life time. Thanks

  • Lynae Franco

    When will you be at a town hall meeting in Northern Nevada?