11/09/2011 – CNBC and Michigan Republican Party Debate

CNBC and Michigan Republican Party Debate
Rochester, MI

Time: 8:00 – 10:00 PM ET

Media: CNBC

Oakland University
Athletics O’rena
Rochester, MI 48309

  • Citizen

    Its called “filtering” the message… Big Government run Media doesn’t want to hear the Ron Paul truth… It irks them that Dr Paul is still in the running and they are doing everything they can to marginalize his message.

    Next Ron Paul will be given a sound booth enclosure on stage to silent him…

  • dubbya.wow


  • dubbya.wow

    stupid cnbc and their outdated pieces of shit technology cant figure out how to put a live stream on the web, so they have a live blog instead, except it doesnt work and doesnt update itself.

  • dubbya.wow

    is there anywhere to watch this online. I find this so frustrating

  • JustinHoskins

    BRING IT ON!!! Ron Paul I hope you call these guys out when they’re wrong and point out some of there hypocritical positions.