1/23/2012 – NBC News, National Journal, Tampa Bay Times and The Florida Council of 100 Debate

NBC News, National Journal, Tampa Bay Times and The Florida Council of 100 Debate
Tampa, FL

University of South Florida
4202 E Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL 33620

Participants: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum

Full Debate:

Ron Paul Highlights:

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  • polli freeman

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice the lack of opportunities for Dr. Paul to speak or even respond to any of the issues raised during this so-called debate..it is completely obvious the media is attempting to limit or downplay anything Ron says, while repeatedly referring to either Romney or Gingrich on almost every single issue!!!
    This was not a debate…more like a politically incorrect talk show hosted by Gov. Romney and his goons. Whatever…they can’t shut us down forever!!! Yikes! And we think our votes matter-THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT, HOW THEY WANT, it’s becoming ridiculously close to a three-ring circus….help!

  • Jim Waters

    well, there ya go, the media is again deciding for you buy NOT allowing everyone to put their views out there.

  • DiannaEconomides

    Once again Ron Paul is blacked out of the questions for most of the so-called debate. One question he was asked, what would you do to save the Everglades? Good God-Almighty, our country is going down the tubes and the moderator asks such a stupid question!!?? These debates are a farce…..they only want to focus on Romney and Gingrich, period….even Santorum got a bit more to say than Ron Paul. For God’s sake Americans, can’t you see what the media is doing to you??

  • montev87

    Is this a free event, or are tickets required?