Ron Paul 2012 Polls

Ron Paul 2012 Polls

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National Polls – Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama

Poll Date Ron Paul Obama Pollster
5/8-5/9/2012 43% 44% Rasmussen
5/6-5/7/2012 42% 42% Rasmussen
5/4-5/5/2012 41% 45% Rasmussen
5/2-5/3/2012 41% 45% Rasmussen
4/30-5/1/2012 39% 47% Rasmussen
4/28-4/29/2012 40% 42% Rasmussen
4/26-4/27/2012 41% 47% Rasmussen
4/24/2012 39% 44% Rasmussen
4/20/2012 42% 44% Rasmussen
4/19/2012 44% 47% Rasmussen
4/16/2012 42% 43% Rasmussen

GOP Primary – Texas

Poll Date Ron Paul # Choices Pollster
4/24/2012 14% 3 PPP Polls ran several polls asking the question, “If Ron Paul runs for President in 2012, who should be his running mate?

Poll Date #1 #2 #3 Total Voters

Andrew Napolitano (30%) Rand Paul (29%) Jesse Ventura (28%) 8,391

Andrew Napolitano (31%) Rand Paul (29%) Jesse Ventura (25%) 4,874

Andrew Napolitano (30%) Jesse Ventura (26%) Rand Paul (24%) 7,798

Andrew Napolitano (38%) Jesse Ventura (27%) Rand Paul (21%) 10,660

Andrew Napolitano (34%) Jesse Ventura (22%) Peter Schiff (22%) 6,354

Andrew Napolitano (40%) Jesse Ventura (25%) Peter Schiff (22%) 10,580

Chuck Baldwin (29%) Andrew Napolitano (27%) Peter Schiff (21%) 9,425

Peter Schiff (29%) Jesse Ventura (21%) Dennis Kucinich (18%) 2,739

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  • Jess Franco

    I was so disappointed not to see Ron Paul on the presidential election ballot. Consequently, I was forced to vote for someone I didn’t even know however, not Obama and not Romney. The following day my wife told me that she voted for Ron Paul. I asked her how that was possible. She told me that she asked how she could go about voting for Ron Paul and was told that is a section on the ballot for “Write in Candidates.”

    What I am happy about is that I kept telling my wife what a good, decent, capable and courageous man Ron Paul is and she did vote for him. My personal campaign for Ron Paul got us one more vote!

    Jess Franco

  • Katherine

    I am English and have fallen madly politically in love with Ron Paul, what a fantastic man, if only people would wake up and vote for him. We have Nigel Farage here in the UK, if only people would do the same here. These two men are both liberatarians and stand head and shoulders above the rest – just by speaking the truth (common sense). I am a conservative voter but if I was American I would rather Obama than Romney. Romney is bowing and scraping to Israel and the Fed because that is where the power is!

  • Quite simple, follow your heart and intuition, Ron Paul is a man with truth in his heart and truth when you look him in the eyes. How many people can you say exhibit that quality, I trust Ron. He is for restoring the greatest documents or freedon and persuit of happiness that our founding fathers brought to fruition. He inspires me and he is a soft and gentle man with great truth and convistion. And for sure not a career politician……..I am part Native American and I respect this man and I know he would would respect me and my family and all of your!!!

    End of story, Vote for brother RON.

  • Mike

    Will be voting for Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rita

    I am so going to Vote for Ron Paul

  • Rita

    Oh I would love for Ron Paul to Win instead. I can’t stand the republicans and democrats any longer. They both are ruining everything. I pray for Ron Paul to Stay Firm and keep it going. Go Ron Paul, Don’t give up, Alot are still with you no matter what.

  • Gus

    How cool will “president Paul” sound right.

  • Mattie Burns

    I am from Scotland. If Ron Paul gets in, and I pray to God he does, hopefully we’ll follow the same way. The system is horrific.

  • People spread the word vote: RON PAUL for PRESIDENT. constitution,liberty ,gold ,peace ,justice and so much more .This man is a real President, for a america with integrity you know who to vote for WRITE RON PAUL IN BALLOTS ON VOTING DAY.

  • Vote RON PAUL for PRESIDENT this country needs him bad. He stands for American ,Liberty and Justice for all. A real believer in our constitution. For a free America vote RON PAUL. ITS TIME!!!

  • Devoni

    I am thankful for you, Ron Paul. My husband and I will be voting for you!

  • Jennifer

    Ron Paul is a great man! I’m voting for him!

  • Mohamed Abdullah

    Making Ron Paul the President of America is beyond any doubt the best and sure course to follow for the restoration of human values, freedom and economic revival in America and the world.

    This is the one great opportunity for the 99 percent to get back their country and stolen wealth. Even people working for these rogue politicians and corporations should realize, that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for the best of their own family lives in the long term

    There is no doubt that Ron Paul will win however all people should use their email contact lists and email their friends reminding them that Ron Paul will be the first most reliable elderly, mature and respected President, Americans can rely on to bring back piety, righteousness and good deeds into their lives.

    A vote for Ron Paul is what God wants you to do to overcome the criminal oppressors who think living on others blood and sweat is a great achievement.

    Get your life back, vote for Ron Paul, Americas Man of The Year 2012

    • Education is so vital to freedom. Without it, we stand little chance of living as free people. Sound money cannot be attained without the knowledge of what it is and what its benefits are. The income tax is plank number two from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. How can anyone be against its repeal and claim also to be a firm opponent of communism?

      Much educational progress has been made in the last 5-7 years via the internet’s openness and our ability to bring this vital education to all the peoples that have access. This progress must continue and grow even larger on a global scale is the collectivists are to be exposed for what they are and humankind again demand that governments stop causing the problems that they have largely brought on!

      Blessings to all liberty minded people of the world. Stay strong, educated and active. Do not let up just because the election cycle has ended.

      Turn off the TV and turn on the internet and encourage others to do the same. Talk to your neighbors and friends. People do not generally want wars but governments do!

  • Independent

    Ron Paul has been consistent for years , no flip flopping like Baromney, he has my vote .

  • Linda

    I am voting Ron Paul. I am praying that we have enough voters who vote for him so that he will be our next President.