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Only Ron Paul Can Beat Hillary Clinton!

Unfortunately Ron Paul didn’t win the 2012 GOP primary. But in 2016, things will be different if the liberty movement keeps gaining ground within the GOP. And while Ron Paul said that he is retiring from politics, a groundswell of support might motivate him to run again.

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Countering the Mainstream Media’s Bias Against Ron Paul

The corrupt mainstream media will continue to ignore or downplay Ron Paul’s growing appeal. The media is part of the military-industrial complex and they stand to lose their corporate welfare checks when Ron Paul becomes President! We need to work even harder at getting the message out at the grassroots level! Tell 5+ people about Ron Paul today… and tomorrow… and every day!

Ron Paul can win… Ron Paul must win… Ron Paul will win! Please do everything you can to help us spread the message and reach our goal! Thanks for your support!





  1. I think Ron Paul should run for president. I feel like this may be America's last chance to not bite the dust. I don't even know which party you are with and i don't care. All i care about is that you are the only politician to even think of speaking out about the FED which is the root of all American problems. Please get in office and destroy this central bank. I would like the small amount of money i work my ass off for, to actually be worth something in the next 10 years. You can do it, your probably the only one.


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  2. Ron, Please run for president for 2016. You are the only candidate that could make the changes we need here in America. If not you then who? Nobody. You are the one, Ron Paul. Please battle out another campaign. You have my support and I will do my part to help you gain the support of others. If you don't try, it certainly won't happen. Give it another shot. Please!

    Frank Bush
    Snoqualmie Pass, WA


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  3. It would be a great disservice to our country for it not to experience even for a single term, a Ron Paul presidency. He is by far one of the most inspiring speakers and most sincere candidates we've had in a very long time. John F. Kennedy is sometimes called the last real President. I'd like to think that Ron Paul is a man who could assume the role much like President Kennedy and many before him, of a real leader of our free world.


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  4. We need some integrity in the White House again. Please run again RP!


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  5. Ron Paul is the only person that gives me hope for the future of America. I hope he runs again. Thank you Ron Paul for your strength and integrity!


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  6. Freedom to decide your future is only a big illusion in USA, nevertheless in the entire World because of the Federal Reserve, IMF and World Bank. American people has to be set free once again as the founding fathers has intented. They can only be free once the Federal Reserve has gone. Federal Reserve is the root all evil. It's the root of all monatary and political manipulation. For this reason i do support Ron Paul 100%. He is one of the few polticians who sees what the real problem in America. Americans should be able to shape their financial and political future. Federal Reserve is the biggest obsticle standing in the way of doing this. I am going to vote for Ron Paul


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  7. Ron Paul would greatly benefit our country. From his foreign policy to his fiscal views, he could really turn this country around. Go Ron Paul!


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  8. I know you said you're retiring, but I hope you reconsider and try again. Many people are just now realizing that you're the only candidate from the last election with beliefs, values, and ideologies that actually make sense all around and are what would be best for the people and the country. It saddened me in 2012 how many (mostly young) people I heard from and read online saying they thought you were the man for the job, but they couldn't be bothered to actually get out and vote in the primary. Many just refuse to ever vote in any elections at all for some reason. Hopefully they will wise up and realize how important it really is and realize how much of a positive impact their votes and someone like you in office can make.


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  9. Dr. Ron Paul, I was ignorant to your message and did not vote for you last time. I have learned from my mistake because I've done so much research on the Libertarian Party and now I couldn't be a more firm supporter. No doubt about it, if you run again (which I hope you do) you have my vote sir. Not only that, but I will storm social media with information and endorsements to open as many people's eyes as I can.


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  10. You inspire me, time to inspire a Nation. The truth shall set us free. You have my vote!!


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  11. As a former Navy pilot and later an Economic Analyst for the State Department, I am ashamed of things I did while in the appropriations division. Granting lobbyist big money to make us regular people weaker. Ron Paul is a messiah for us, but he cannot do it alone. Spread the word in every way to abolish the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Ron Paul is courageous, we haven't seen this in a long time. He will not see the presidency, since we do not elect presidents but we can make it happen by banding together. Remember together we stand divided we fall!


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  12. Please run for President in 2016 Dr. Paul. I will tell everyone I know to vote for you, and I am going to begin directing them to this website. People are waking up to the way the media manipulates the masses in order to control the actions of the masses. The past leading presidential candidates have all been slimey, greedy, fake-faced liars who want nothing more than control and power. You were the only one who spoke the Truth, and it is now just as it was then, so, so painfully clear. I believe 100% that you can turn this country, and in that sense, the world into the place that so many souls long for. The internet is helping open so many people's eyes to reality, so I believe that you will win by a landslide if you run in 2016. We must put an end to this miserable state.


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  13. Please run. I'm 62 years old and I am only now understanding that you are a great leader we need.


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  14. You need to run again Ron Paul. We need a president like you. Im just starting to get into politics long story short I didnt have a great childhood. When you ran for president in 2008 you caught my attention. Ive never voted before but if you ran your garuntee my vote. Please run again I have this good feeling about you and you seem to only want whats best for america. Which is exactly what we need right now. I will spread the word and do what I can to help you.

    Best Regards, Thomas


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  15. You are our only hope...please don't give up. The middle class needs someone with your strong character, beliefs and values to stand up for us. Our voice has been stifled by all the corrupt, greedy, spineless so-called leaders that promise us hope but sell out to the 1%, the lobbyists, the ones destroying our health, economy and our liberties. You are the underdog I am putting my "money" aka vote on. I just hope you give me the chance to do just that. Thank you for always taking the high ground and not selling out.


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  16. Ron Paul I did not vote in the elecetion you should have been. i did not know you back then but after seeking answer i finally understood why. sir you must try again do not let this puppet president destroy us.


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  17. Dear Ron Paul,

    I'm a 16 year old Iranian living in Australia. I'm not a hardcore Muslim who hates america and Americans, in fact I have many American friends and happen to be an athiest. Mr Paul I just want to tell you that I, like many others, am terrified of what the future holds. It is my sincere belief that you are the only hope of saving your country, and the world from the agenda currently being pursued by the powers that be. I hope that you are able to participate in the 2016 elections despite the boundaries and limitations you will face, and that you will bring liberty and freedom to America. Best of luck in the future.

    Warm Regards,
    Arash Tabatabaei


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  18. Dear Ron Paul. I am Mohamed Bachkat from Algeria living un France. I have wrote an article about You. I think you ll Win in 2016. Do you best sir.


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  19. Ron Paul, don't give up, Sir!!!! I feel terrible in saying this but it's awful to say that I have never voted. I WILL vote for you in this next election. You are what we need. Please don't give up. I will make sure everyone I know will be annoyed with hearing me preach to them that you are what America needs! Maybe a little more perseverance from you is all America needs. One more try Ron Paul. One more try.


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  20. okay so i feel as if nobody is actually listening to what Ron Paul is saying. PEOPLE he wants to legalize heroine! not only heroine, but other drugs too. Do you not realize how ignorant that sounds. Are you even thinking about what this is going to do to our society, or future generations. Just because something is legalized doesn't mean people will stop doing it. Marijuana is legal in some areas of the us and people still enjoy smoking it. Not only does this idea about legalizing the use of drugs sound completely idiotic, but your not thinking about the people who are already addicted to heroine or other drugs. I just think you all need to rethink your statements, and please Ron Paul, PLEASE dont vote again! just retire with the fat stack of money you already have.


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    • God gave adam and eve the option to conde themselves, we should have be able to make our own decisions too. The goverment shouldnt be allowed to throw us in prison for consuming drugs nor for selling them. Prisons make BANK for each person they have locked in, and that money comes from OUR taxes. We have more people locked up than CHINA! All because of the tyranny of "war on drugs" Like the great tupac said "instead of war on poverty we have or om drugs so police cam bother me. There are so mant crooked laws because of the war on drugs us Americans loose our rights. For example if we are carrying around 2k dollars the cops can confiscate it because they will says its drug money. If drugs were made legal people in poverty that risked their lives selling drugs would wake up, and unite to take out this crooked rasict and oppresive governement. Like tupac said "when there is hoplessness people REVOLT" . I say let the only people that should die by drugs are those consuming it, not the ones making them or selling it. Its our responsibility as parents to make sure our kids dont grow up doing it not the gonverment.


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    • So you think we should just continue the unprofitable and endless war on drugs, while drug cartels continue to fund their organizations through the distribution of said drugs? We're talking about violent, ruthless people here, who often cut their product with other drugs, making them less safe to take. The fact that drugs are illegal is not stopping very many people from doing drugs. If people want to do drugs, they are going to do them, and they should be allowed to because it is their body and their mind. It's stupid to throw them in jail while taxpayers pay for their stay. Legalizing drugs would provide cleaner, safer drugs to drug-users, while also providing a great source of tax-income. Drug awareness and abuse would also be greatly raised, while drug cartels/gangs would be stripped of their primary source of income.


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