Ron Paul 2016

Only Ron Paul Can Beat Hillary Clinton!

Unfortunately Ron Paul didn’t become President in 2008 or 2012. But in 2016, things will be different if the liberty movement keeps gaining ground. And while Ron Paul said that he is retiring from politics, a groundswell of support might motivate him to run again.

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Countering the Mainstream Media’s Bias Against Ron Paul

The corrupt mainstream media will continue to ignore or downplay Ron Paul’s growing appeal. The media is part of the military-industrial complex and they stand to lose their corporate welfare checks when Ron Paul becomes President! We need to work even harder at getting the message out at the grassroots level! Tell 5+ people about Ron Paul today… and tomorrow… and every day!

Ron Paul can win… Ron Paul must win… Ron Paul will win! Please do everything you can to help us spread the message and reach our goal! Thanks for your support!

  • Simon

    America, if you elect Ron “the Doc” Paul, you can be very proud and confident that he will do what is in the best interest of you, the citizens of the United States. As an Australian, our prime ministers are a joke, they keep getting voted out of their own parties, because they’re liars and untrustworthy whether they’re liberal(republican) or labour(democrat) they are not working for us. If Ron Paul was aussie and running for prime minister of Australia, I am confident he would win overwhelmingly, a voice of reason, a sincere heart unlike most of the rest. The world is affected negatively by the flawed foreign policies of the U.S military and political machines. As an American you have a chance to save your selves and the world, do your research on Ron Paul, if you don’t you have everything to lose!

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  • emmettbrady

    Ron, I think it would be amazing if you could be president but we all know it is a rigged game and there is zero chance you would ever be allowed to be president.

    I think even if you got 100% of the vote, and you did get elected you would end up like JFK after a very short time.

    I think the deal was done back in 2008 for CLINTON AND OBAMA – Mrs Clinton was allowed to be SOS while Obama was told You’re the president. Mrs C, you can be president in 8 years time.

    What shocked me was when Obama called his wife “Michael” and not Michelle. Is it possible to forget your wife’s name ?.

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  • darric

    My hope and prays are with you Ron

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  • Rados

    I am from, Serbia, but borne in and living Vienna-Austria,
    Ron Paul, i belive that you are the only one who could do somethnig worthy not only for America and US, but for whole humanity, and you should definley go for 2016 presidency.

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  • Noah Haight

    If he runs in 2016 I will personally match my campaign contributions week to week with my current federal and state income taxes… Cause he is the only hope that I, my friends, my famiy and future generations have for this wayward country. It is the only investment that is worth while at this point. I am twenty two years old at this point and earn 32K a year as a commercial truck driver… And things arent looking good. All I want is liberty and nothing more. Without leaders like Ron Paul, there is no hope what so ever for this country. My home. That I love so dearly.

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  • James Ruth

    Ron Paul can not beat Donald Trump.

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  • Carlos Brown

    Ron Paul, the man who was ignored by the media, who give us 95% of the information we get. Is a very clear example of a current failing democratic and so called ‘free’ and ‘constitutional society. I’m from New Zealand, but this man is hope for the whole world, he is who should be looked up to, be inspired by, and someone who anyone who cares about the 99% should strive to be, like I do now. So I give you and your supporters the hope that you’ll win and bring back the America that it was suppossed to be.

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  • Augy Park

    Dr. Paul, you’re our greatest hope for country! We need you back fighting the good fight! Ron Paul 2016

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  • Kyle Joultz

    I think we need a republican like Ron Paul, he is the only republican that shows merit, integrity, and vision. If there is a republican that i would vote for is him. I really dont want to vote for sanders and force myself to chose hilary. Ron Paul is our saviour!!!

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  • Jens-David Burnham

    He is the only person I would vote for because he is saying what is reality. Outside of america people hate us I am talking about europens and friends. Our politicians look like the soviets back in the days in perspective of the world

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  • RonPaulDeservesPresidency

    Let’s do it Ron Paul! America needs you as a whole. Hoping and Praying you will be our next president sir.

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  • OhTheWorldOwesUsALivin

    I’d love to see a debate between Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders on which view is a better direction for the country. These Bernie tards are so brainwashed that they actually think welfare-ism will save the country.

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  • Tay V

    I will not vote unless Ron Paul runs

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  • Jonathan Shaw

    Bernie sanders!

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    • Nich Lounds

      Why are you on a Ron Paul site. Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders have none of the same views.

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  • Akhtar Shaikh

    I like Ron Paul for two reasons. 1. We have soldiers and diplomats, soldiers have been put to work for over a decade, and it’s time now to use our diplomats. He wants to use them esp to deal with Iran. 2. I am sick of only two parties winning all the time sounds like anarchy with di replacing an = diarchy! Why not elect a first third!?

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  • Jaclyn Rae Bailey

    I vote for ron paul!!! The only candidate that I have ever full heartedly believed in!!!

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