Ron Paul 2016

Only Ron Paul Can Beat Hillary Clinton!

Unfortunately Ron Paul didn’t win the 2012 GOP primary. But in 2016, things will be different if the liberty movement keeps gaining ground within the GOP. And while Ron Paul said that he is retiring from politics, a groundswell of support might motivate him to run again.

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Countering the Mainstream Media’s Bias Against Ron Paul

The corrupt mainstream media will continue to ignore or downplay Ron Paul’s growing appeal. The media is part of the military-industrial complex and they stand to lose their corporate welfare checks when Ron Paul becomes President! We need to work even harder at getting the message out at the grassroots level! Tell 5+ people about Ron Paul today… and tomorrow… and every day!

Ron Paul can win… Ron Paul must win… Ron Paul will win! Please do everything you can to help us spread the message and reach our goal! Thanks for your support!




  1. Please! ron please! dont give up on us! your movement has only grown since 2012!!! we all saw how the media completely screwed you in 2012! we wont let it happen again. i just dont see why you wouldnt want to run again, your more popular than ever! every year that goes by the more and more people are waking up to the fact that most of these politicians dont care about americans, dont understand americans, and dont care to understand americans!!! they're all bought out by the banks and corporations! WE NEED YOU RON, NOW MORE THAN EVER!!! RON PAUL 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: i would've signed this petition a long time ago but i had no idea it existed! you got to promote this thing more! the reason theres only 3,574 signatures is because noone probably knows about it! if everyone knew about this there would probably be 1,000,000+!!!


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  2. Please run again. #ronpaul2016


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  3. Joshua Mcmahan

    Ron Paul you must run, you have to run every time there is an election. Failure is ok, the only true unacceptable failure is quitting. I Dont ever vote but i will vote if your on the ballot


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  4. waste of time. would be nice but seriously it is a waste of time him bothering. he needs a much stronger network of support before anything serious will happen. the freedom movement is just too underdeveloped at this stage to back him as much as would be needed for him to take on the cheats and liars in power today. let's get realistic and invest in resource building before shouting our mouths off in vein and setting ourselves up for another fall ok?


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  5. Judith A Bradley

    Ron Paul is a diamond in the rough , a man of valor we are counting on you to keep educating the masses are the hope for the future generations to come ....I am done with DC and the corruption after what they did to you ...


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  6. Ron, you can turn this country around with just the flip of a switch. RUN RON RUN! This country is depending on YOU! YOU ARE THE MAN! You are exactly what we need. Youre a great man, Ron! If you dont run there will be no hope for our country. IF ITS NOT YOU RON WHO ELSE CAN IT BE???? DONT RETIRE RON DONT GIVE UP! THIS NATION NEEDS A MAN LIKE YOU! you know what youre doing and youre such a good man Ron! WE LOVE YOU RON PAUL! VOTE RON PAUL! SUPPORT RON PAUL! I LOVE RON PAUL! YOU ARE MY LIFE RON PAUL! Me and my friend phil d. we are really rooting for you buddy! RUN AGAIN RON PLEASE IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME I LOVE YOU RON!


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  7. hate to sound all boogey man but last election had more than one team of reporters cross the country and said on meet the press etc.. over 90% of people they talked to wanted ron paul as president yet look what the election results were. something stinks in denmark with our voting booths or counts.


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  8. If we don't get Ron Paul this country is going down the drain, we don't need Clintons or any more Bushs we are in deep and we need a leader not just lip service from those who fill there pockets.


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  9. Ron Paul, i believe in you! You are our last resort for this country.I hope you atleast try for us my friend. You can and WILL save this country! Gods Speed


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  10. I think Ron Paul should run for president. I feel like this may be America's last chance to not bite the dust. I don't even know which party you are with and i don't care. All i care about is that you are the only politician to even think of speaking out about the FED which is the root of all American problems. Please get in office and destroy this central bank. I would like the small amount of money i work my ass off for, to actually be worth something in the next 10 years. You can do it, your probably the only one.


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  11. Ron, Please run for president for 2016. You are the only candidate that could make the changes we need here in America. If not you then who? Nobody. You are the one, Ron Paul. Please battle out another campaign. You have my support and I will do my part to help you gain the support of others. If you don't try, it certainly won't happen. Give it another shot. Please!

    Frank Bush
    Snoqualmie Pass, WA


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  12. Ron - you have a lot of experience with the news media. You, of all people, know what they are. They are hiding behind the constitution, which guarantees the rights because "A well-informed public..." This is a restriction demanding responsibility from them. A person may say whatever they like, but that is not what is granted to the media.They have editorial sections for what is touted as news today- Make them hew to the reality of responsibility.. They are greatly exceeding what the constitution guarantees. Either they label their stories as edited for content or they do not present them under those guarantees. This is a matter for the supreme court, not the legislature - except that they also render their verdicts according to political pressure, exactly opposite to their oaths. If your oath has no meaning, you are a perjurer and should be treated as such.
    As to drugs, marijuana is proven more and more everyday to be a boon to health, to the point it is legalized in most states. People take to drugs because of a sense of hopelessness in life. It was behind the hippies' actions and has worsened since. Take away the need of escape, you eliminate the drug problem at the same time.
    As to the world economic slavery the World Bank, IRS, Fed and such have imposed, they were never legal in the first place. Dump them like the garbage they are.


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