Ron Paul 2016

Unfortunately Ron Paul is not running for President in 2016. He also made clear that he is not supporting any of the existing candidates – Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

More recently (as of August 2016), Ron Paul appeared to soften his stance on Donald Trump:

Ron Paul stated that there’s obviously a “big difference” between Trump and Hillary but that he needs more reassurance as to what Trump’s real positions are.

We will update this page if Ron Paul makes an endorsement.

Make America Great Again!

Fortunately all liberty lovers can think for themselves and choose the best-suited candidate. The founders of the website decided to endorse Donald Trump because we feel that he supports many of the same policies as Ron Paul. founders decide to endorse Donald Trump for President

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    Anyone not voting for Trump automatically votes for Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt individual next to her husband. You can kiss your liberty, propsperity and peact good-bye, because the point of no return has come and the US will go down the tubes and will not recover from this grave mistake. I do not understand why Dr. Ron Paul does not see this and leeds the Libertarian party – leadership is needed NOW!