Ron Paul 2016

Only Ron Paul Can Beat Hillary Clinton!

Unfortunately Ron Paul didn’t become President in 2008 or 2012. But in 2016, things will be different if the liberty movement keeps gaining ground. And while Ron Paul said that he is retiring from politics, a groundswell of support might motivate him to run again.

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Countering the Mainstream Media’s Bias Against Ron Paul

The corrupt mainstream media will continue to ignore or downplay Ron Paul’s growing appeal. The media is part of the military-industrial complex and they stand to lose their corporate welfare checks when Ron Paul becomes President! We need to work even harder at getting the message out at the grassroots level! Tell 5+ people about Ron Paul today… and tomorrow… and every day!

Ron Paul can win… Ron Paul must win… Ron Paul will win! Please do everything you can to help us spread the message and reach our goal! Thanks for your support!




  1. Get your butt in there and get us our country back

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  2. Clarissa Hallowell

    It seems like Ron Paul is promoting fundamental truths that we all need to commit to if we are going to see any real change in our nation.

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  3. Ron Paul 2016! (Hope you change your mind and run. You are our only hope.) ❤️

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    • as much as we all want him to run, he isn’t going to. the elections are rigged plain and simple, and we all know Ron is intelligent enough to know that. there is NO way that mitt romney beat out Ron in 2012,and we all know that. but as i said, we all know the elections are rigged, if they weren’t, Ron would be in the white house fixing this mess of a country as we speak. i want Ron to run just as bad as all of us other liberty supporters, but who wants to play a game, if the game is fixed and meant for you to lose? i imagine thats how ron feels. why should he waste all the time, money and effort to do something when he already knows there is no way the corrupt elites will let him win. ron paul was CLEARLY cheated in 2012, and theres proof to back that up. all of us should have been in the streets protesting, but all of us men were too busy watching football, and all of the women were too busy watching the kardashians. as a country we have become too lazy and lethargic, and this is the end result of that, an out of control government who doesnt care about its people, and no end to it in sight. i sincerely hope Ron gets the energy to muster up one more time and give it a go, because i for one, will NOT allow him to be cheated again.

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  4. Ron Paul should win, but won’t unless the currency devaluation happens before the election. The Fed, Wall Street, China, and the big banks have enough power to prevent his election as the president.. unless that power is ripped from their greedy hands by a crash and overnight revaluation of the currency.

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