Ron Paul 2016

Ron Paul did not run for President in 2016.

During the Republican primaries, Ron Paul endorsed his son Rand Paul. After dropping out of the race, Rand Paul endorsed Donald Trump, but Ron Paul did not endorsed any of the remaining candidates – Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

Ron Paul did praise Jill Stein on foreign policy but emphasized that he is not endorsing her. He made fun of Gary Johnson’s “Aleppo” moment, exposed Hillary Clinton’s corrupt activities and criticized Donald Trump for his opposition to free trade and small government. But Ron Paul also stated that the supposed differences between these candidates are mostly an invention by the media.

Make America Great Again! founders decide to endorse Donald Trump for President

The founders of the website decided to endorse Donald Trump, and according to our latest poll Donald Trump overwhelmingly wins the Ron Paul vote.

  • WomanMarine

    Ah, I get it … this is NOT a Ron Paul site: I will let folks know.
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  • Sam john

    please run for 2016. pleaaaase

  • Raven Tenderfoot

    I wish he would run with Sanders. Just saying. That would UNITE us.

  • Jacob Ohlert

    Why does a site with the name “ronpaul2016” support Trump? Dr. Paul has stated that Trump is a poor choice (same said for Clinton). I don’t believe Paul would vote for Trump, and as someone who respects Paul’s judgment, I won’t vote for Trump either.

  • RUserious28

    Wish Ron would come out and run, he could beat both parties candidates easily. The people are again going to be picking the lesser of two evils when they vote this year. Wish we had a viable third option with the star power of Ron.

  • Brit Sehnsucht

    We need you <3

  • Brit Sehnsucht

    Please run next term or have someone you know that is like you run

  • Brit Sehnsucht

    :'( it brakes my heart that Ron Paul isn’t running

  • BiG$KIS

    Ron Paul I can’t believe out of all years you decide not to run for president you choose the year you would have been elected. FML You’ve seemed like the only sane one, for decades now. Just seems unreal.

  • David

    I hope Ron Paul realizes that his supporters are more loyal to him than any other group of citizens are for any politician!! We all know you can make America great again. No settling!

  • wtfnews

    So you’re endorsing a guy that the guy who your site is named after said he won’t vote for? Interesting abuse of his name. Very Trump like!

  • BonghornLeghorn

    “Unfortunately Ron Paul has made it clear that he is not running for President in 2016. The founders of this website have endorsed Donald Trump instead.”


  • Mario Kane

    Ron Paul, please run for president! I could never vote for the current candidates. This is the perfect year for you to run, as more and more people would vote third party, it seems. Even if you don’t run, I am writing your name in the blank. My children also said that they will vote for you as well.

  • ALex Wyckoff

    Write in Ron Paul 2016

  • Jaydogg1984

    Run as an independent in 2016. We need you!

  • Saif Kettana

    Is his son like him or has politics corrupted his son?

  • Mike999

    I pray every day that somehow, Ron Paul will become our next President. Please God, move mountains to put Ron in the Oval Office!!!

  • Israel Ramirez

    If Trump wins the Republican nomination, what party will you endorse?

  • Jason

    I am Canadian, I wish Ron would run, get in and straighten out things, get Americian forces back home and live a normal life and raise families protect your nation and your constitution before it is completely taken from you. People of the world better wake up the elite are culling us all slowly, wars, space missions, and climate engineering are distractions.
    God help us all!

  • Montana

    Ron, I’m convinced that you’re the only president that won’t destroy New Hampshire’s Free State Project. Please run for president.