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These amazing songs were created by enthusiastic supporters of Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign for the presidency.

Click the play button, sit back and enjoy! The songs load automatically.

Current Playlist:

    We’ve Got Ron Paul (Steve Dore)
    Audit the Fed (Steve Dore)
    Let’s Shake It Up (Erikrhino9)
    Ron Paul 2008 (Rise, Consise, Krookid)
    Hope Anthem (Marc Scibilia)
    Ron Paul Goes to the Zoo (Scotto)
    The Ron Paul Song (New York Violets)
    Ron Paul 4 Freedom (Knights of Liberty)
    Ron Paul Revolution (Aimee Allen)
    Who You Votin’ For (Rise, Consise, Krookid)
    Ron Paul Song (Shelby Lindley)
    Ron Paul Freedom Train (Scott Mitchell)
    Ron Paul – We Want Our Country Back! (Carl Klang)
    Let Freedom Ring (Eddie J. James)
    Landslide (Eddie J. James)
    Ron Paul Revolution (Psychophant)
    Revolution (Steve Dore)
    Revolution Hip Hop (Steve Dore)
    Revolution Reggae (Steve Dore)
    Hope Video (Marc Scibilia)
    New Song (unknown)
    Steppenwolf Monster 2008 (Scotto)
    This one’s for the Ron Paul Revolutionaries! (Scotto)

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  1. chris

    Out of all of them i really enjoyed freedom train the most.


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