Poll: Who Should Be Ron Paul’s Vice President in 2012?

Ron Paul announced on May 13 that he will seek the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential elections. If Ron Paul wins the Republican primary, who should he choose as his running mate for the general election? You can choose up to 7 options. [poll id=”23″] »crosslinked« Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show: The Revolution Is Coming

Ron Paul returned to the Alex Jones Show to discuss a wide variety of issues, including the latest economic developments, the real inflation rate, his growing coalition with Ralph Nader against corporatism, the struggle against militarism, auditing the Federal Reserve, and the prospects of Ron Paul running for President in …

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Ron Paul 2012 VP: Judge Napolitano, Jesse Ventura or Rand Paul?

From December 13 to January 2, RonPaul.com ran a poll asking readers to select up to 7 candidates to join a potential Ron Paul ticket as running mate in 2012. The poll attracted 10,660 voters. Judge Andrew Napolitano came in as the undisputed winner, with 38% of voters expressing their …

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Who Should Be Ron Paul’s VP in 2012?

Ron Paul announced that there is at least a 50/50 chance he will run for President in 2012! If he decides to run, who should be his running mate? You can choose up to 7 options. [poll id=”20″] Likes(0)Dislikes(0)