The Establishment Gets Very Nervous When They’re Up Against Sanders or Trump or Paul


Colorado’s process of electing GOP delegates drew condemnation from frontrunner Donald Trump and voters alike. But he’s not the first politician to get shut out of a rigged system. Ron Paul discusses what he calls the “charade” of US elections. …

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Ron Paul & Rand Paul: Principles, Not Compromise

Show: Anderson Cooper 360° Host: Anderson Cooper Channel: CNN Date: 02/16/2010 Transcript Anderson Cooper: But first, the views of Congressman Ron Paul and his son, Rand Paul, who’s running for the Republican nomination to replace the retiring Kentucky senator, Jim …

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Ron Paul vs. The Political Establishment

Ron Paul appeared on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” to discuss the lack of difference between the two major parties, as well as the public’s growing frustration with the political establishment – and what we can do about it. Show: …

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