Ron Paul on the Euro, the Dollar and Gold

Ron Paul was interviewed by Jan Mickelson on WHO Newsradio 1040 (Des Moines, Iowa) this morning. The Congressman talked about the dollar, the euro and gold, and gave an update on his efforts to audit the Federal Reserve. Show: Mickelson in the Morning Host: Jan Mickelson Date: 05/14/2010 »crosslinked«

Ron Paul to Ft. Knox: Show Me The Gold

Show: Lew Rockwell Show Date of Interview: 05/07/2010 Ron Paul, long the leader in American public life for sound money, sound banking, and the free market, talks about the progress of his Audit the Fed bill – and why the Fed, the Treasury, and the banksters fear it. He also …

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Let’s Give The Fed A Run For Its Money!

Location: Congress Date: 01/20/2010 Transcript Ron Paul: I thank the speaker and I rise at this time to talk about a piece of legislation that I’ve recently introduced. That legislation is HR 4248, it’s called The Free Competition In Currency Act. I believe that in the long-term this is a …

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Ron Paul Answers Questions on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

Channel: C-SPAN Show: Washington Journal Date: 12/03/2009 Transcript Susan Swain: Former presidential candidate, Ron Paul of Texas, a member of the House Financial Services Committee and the author of the book “End the Fed” is our guest for our next program. Dr. Paul, thanks for coming in this morning. Ron …

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