Poll Results: Which Potential GOP Tickets Would Ron Paul Supporters Vote For?

Between Jan. 17 and 24 we asked visitors of RonPaul.com who they would vote for in the general election if a varying choice of tickets were available. Respondents are assumed to be Ron Paul supporters or people researching Ron Paul. Results As expected, pretty much any GOP ticket that includes …

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Poll: Which Potential GOP Tickets Would You Vote for in the General Election?

Please take a few minutes to think about and answer these 27 questions. [poll id=”65″] [poll id=”67″] [poll id=”62″] [poll id=”72″] [poll id=”73″] Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

New Poll: Only Ron Paul Can Beat Obama in Iowa

If the general election were held today, only Ron Paul could beat Barack Obama in Iowa. According to an NBC-Marist survey (pdf) conducted Nov. 27-29 among 2,896 registered voters, Paul ties Obama, with each contestant gaining 42% of the vote. Other Republicans do significantly worse against the presumed Democratic candidate: …

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