Ron Paul: Let’s Get Real on Jobs!

Stop Wasting America’s Money on Pretend Make-Work Government Programs by Ron Paul In January 2009, the administration claimed that if Congress passed a rush stimulus bill, the United States would be saved from economic catastrophe that was threatening to send unemployment figures above 8 percent. Government stimulus was the answer …

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Ron Paul Slams FEMA & Explains Austrian Economics on Fox News Sunday

Transcript This is a rush transcript. If you notice any errors please report them using the “Help improve this post” link at the bottom of this post. Chris Wallace: Joining us now from Houston, Texas, and continuing our 2012 One on One series, is Republican Congressman and presidential candidate, Ron …

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Ron Paul: Congress Won’t Stop Spending until the Dollar Fails

Ron Paul explains why the new Congress is the same as the old when it comes to budget deficits and overspending. He also speculates as to why an overwhelming majority of the Tea Party Caucus came out in favor of extending the PATRIOT Act. Date: 02/16/2011 Likes(0)Dislikes(0)