The Revolution: A Manifesto

The Revolution: A Manifesto debuts as #1 on

The Revolution: A Manifesto has arrived. Ron Paul’s latest masterpiece debuted as #1 on Amazon and is currently sold out. It will be in stock again on May 8.

The book gets off to a great start. Ron Paul points out that there is very little difference between the current mainstream candidates for the Presidency. At the core they’re all the same so they simply argue what there is left to argue about… who said what when, and who didn’t.

Next, Ron Paul targets our current foreign policy and explains how it conflicts with the advice of the Founding Fathers. He expresses his support for true Free Trade (in contrast to “controlled trade” agreements like NAFTA), exposes the Federal Reserve, and enlightens us on the mechanics and dangers of inflation.

Finally, Ron Paul puts it all together and lays out a realistic course for change.

The Revolution: A Manifesto is available as a book and on audio CD. Will hope it will be listed on as well. If you already read or listened to the book, post your review below.